Adam on Chelsea Lately


Last night, after SYTYCD, Adam made another appearance – on E!’s Chelsea Lately. An early commercial had host Chelsea Handler calling Adam ‘a woman’, and she promptly went on to introduce him as ‘the gayest thing to come out of American Idol since Clay Aiken’.. and the first questions dealt with Adam’s redheaded-ness and his weight. Perfectly cliché, hopes for good Adam moments weren’t high at that point.

However, Adam seemed to have a good time dealing with Chelsea’s sarcasm and quick wit – actually added in his own twist when the host invited him to come on her show whenever he felt the need to relive the AMA performance. She brought out a gay staff member who’d be happy to participate – after which Adam swiftly replied ‘Yeah, all gays like all gays, so you know.. Every man is attractive to every gay man, so it should work out!’. Touché. And an extra plus, he looked gorgeous as always!

From there, the conversation covered the album cover, Lady Gaga (He’s turning into her spokesperson. Seriously.), Madonna (‘we had a mutual friend who introduced us..’ Chelsea: ‘Lourdes?’), and what is probably a first for him on television, Adam feeling comfortable enough to discuss drugs – particularly his acid-tripping that led to him auditioning for Idol; yet casually steering away from the topic: ‘Protect the children!’

Overall, he seemed to have a good time, his infectious laughter and giggling apparent throughout the interview. And obviously, Chelsea was smitten with him!



  1. When I read ‘Chelsea’ I was like ‘Oh man..’

    She can be pretty harsh and one of the most sarcastic comedians out there.

    But of course he passed the test.

    because ADAM ROCKS!!



  2. Out of most of the interviews he had to do that dealt with the AMAs and whatnot, I think this one was the most comfortable for him. Plus, she didn’t focus on it and base everything around it. The whole thing was light and in good fun and he seemed to have enjoyed himself. The redhead and fat talk was kind of funny too. Plus Chelsea was wearing one of those “thing on my shoulder” shirts that Adam has become so fond of haha!

  3. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    I enjoyed watching Master ADAM w/ chelsea, & I was very happy to hear the support fom her & the audience on his ama performance. Yes, chelsea is pretty harsh, that’s why I like to watch her sometimes. Only when she is talking about someone of interest to me.
    ADAM looked so goood!! I haven’t had the chance to watch the interview too much been running site to site, taking the kid to school, dealing w/ the hubby.
    I wish she had talked to him more about how well his cd is doing or even the mv, or maybe a new one. But, she is the comedian & he is the victim sitting there in her studio, taking shit from her like everyone else has in the past interviews. I am glad he was able to just laugh everything off & now may we please move on people!!! When’s the new mv coming out? when is the concert tour going to start? MASTER ADAM you were great!!!

    • Kim did you read the part where he says he would like to tour to smaller venues so there can be some ‘audience participation’.? That bodes well for all of us as we will be ‘closer’ to him in many ways… I still think Vegas has some of the best venues for those smaller and mid-sized shows (ex. the Cirque du Soleil shows) you are so very close to the ‘action’!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        OH Terry I ‘ll get to that on the proper thread just hold on, I’m gonna get real excited posting on that subject!!

      • Terry, I am lovin the smaller venues as well. Keeps him within reach like before, for possible meet and greets etc.
        I kind of felt sad at first hearing that (for his sake), thinking maybe he wanted the big arenas to start off with. but then if he is happy, I am too:)

    • Kim did you read the part where he says he would like to tour to smaller venues so there can be some ‘audience participation’.? That bodes well for all of us as we will be ‘closer’ to him in many ways… I still think Vegas has some of the best venues for those smaller and mid-sized shows (ex. the Cirque du Soleil shows) you are so very close to the ‘action’!

  4. When I was first reading about this interview I was thinking who is this witch who’s giving Adam a hard time but when I watched the video my thoughts and feelings changed. This lady is funny and Adam and she had a fun time doing this! A video makes so much more of a difference than just reading the words. Now I know how people can miscontrue things. I loved the way they interacted with each other! Love them both!

  5. Enjoyed this interview. Adam seemed comfortable enough with her. He can certainly handle himself
    in any situation. His laugh is so contagious, always has me smiling and laughing right along with him! So glad she had him on a one on one position. At first I thought he would be sitting between her and Ross. (Ross totally cracks me up) Acid with Paula or Randy, LOL………………Man did he ever look
    so damm good lookin…………………………

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      MARY C , did you notice how manly he has been sitting lately? HEHEHE! Body language, he sure is very comfortable, ready & willing comfortable.

      • kimber, have noticed. he seemed ready last night huh?? I thought he was calling me, haha.LOL

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          MASTER ADAM was calling all of us ! That man has more energy than the energizer bunny!
          Is he looking a little on the thin side? I just noticed weight loss in his legs & then his face, maybe it was the camera.I noticed this from the suit he wore on SYTYCD. I mean he looks hot but I just worry, want him to feel & look healthy, not possible w/ all his appearances tho.

          • he does seem to be looking thinner, leaner and hotter, even tho he was hot already! He did say he
            was loosing weight. I remember awhile ago, he made a comment he has to give up ice cream
            so he can have the Rock Star body…………….

            • Hi Mary, yes he is looking thinner, but OMG he is still on hell of a sexy guy, I love the way he is sitting, that is confidence, he looks so much happier and I am pleased about that, His career will not take off very fast, people love him and this showed in the support he received by the audience at the So you think you can dance and with Chelsea. Love the guy.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              He said on one of his radio interviews, when asked, that he has lost some weight–lifestyle changes he said. The interviewer said something about being buff and Adam just laughed and said, “lost weight yes, but I wouldn’t say buff” and had a good giggle.
              I love when he laughs, he’s like a little kid. So enjoyed him on the show, he looked relaxed and very comfortable with Chelsea.
              Come over to my house, Adam, I’ll make you comfortable. I so want him!! Can I have him please!!!!!!

          • Adam had some chocolate during the Jingle Bell tour, said he couldn’t resist even tho it’s not one his diet, so he is on some regeime. Lookin’ good. as usual. The interviews w The View and Chelsie show how loved he is, and real adults with real minds being his fans, we don’t care is small minds aren’t. Works out.

  6. puteri abdul says:

    never hear of this chelsea woman..
    but heard that she is kinda of sarcastic though witty..

    however, hearing adam being on her show did not worry me at all ..
    because afer the ama’s uproar , I think adam can kill all the giant monsters and hooligans that dare to walk on the path ahead of him..
    especially after the view interview, if he can handle that elizabeth well, he can handle them all ..

    as usual, gorgeous as always..
    what with his spiky hair and that black attire..
    he really look like a rock star all ready to gear up the scene with his confident personality ..
    holding to the fact that honesty is the best policy, he handled the questions well, answering them with grace and charm ..
    love his laugh and his sense of humour ..

  7. Adam is so adorable like always.I said before that his laughing is contagious,it is!!!He laughed for 30 secs,I laugh with him like a minute.He laughed for a minute,I laugh like 2 minutes.If he…ok,you got the point.

    Guys,you have to check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t drool to long for 1 pic,ok?There’s more to drool,so safe your saliva!If you drinking,put that drink down first because either you jaw drop so the drink will spill,what a waste or worse, you can die chocking!!No kidding,look at those pictures,you will die….happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,20312226_20331355,00.html

  8. Great job Adam. What about some acting and lets see you perform more music with your dances?!
    Hey, will you be in San diego?

  9. Adam was great on Chelsea Lately, he wins over absulutly everone who interviews him. cant wait for that episode to reach here, so I can record and keep it.



  11. Hey guys

    I don’t know if you have seen this but I found it on youtube. I think it is a great video to tweet to adam. if anyone knows how to do that someone should send it. I think it will be cool to show his music is being danced to. hopefully the link works

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thanks olivia, that was cool . These young people sure do have a lot of energy, & positive energy for MASTER ADAM!

  12. Also found this article about Jesse McCartney wanting to work with adam. Seems like an unlikely duo. But adam can make anything sound great. 🙂

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thanks Olivia for the link. That is pretty dope that he wants to work w/ MASTER ADAM! Everyone wants a piece of the action! ME TOO! I want a piece of MASTER ADAM!

  13. He handled her very well, I think she was even surprised. She gave him credit for being out there and for intelligence, even though she did not say those words. Good job Adam.

  14. LOVE< LOVE<LOVE this guy more everytime I see him. Chelsea, even dressed up for Adam, loved that… I loved the tear drop Adam had when he sang on YTYCD, he sure knows how to work it. I can hardly wait to see him in concert, he will really work it, he will really get us singing and dancing with him. I am surprised that Ross M didn’t come to see Adam on camera, I’m sure that he wanted to, off camera Ross was probably hanging onto Adam..Hahaha

  15. adam, you got this guesting totally perfect!

  16. waveridergal says:

    What a trip. GREAT interview and I laughed my a…….off!

    ADAM ROCKS!!!!!!

  17. What can I say???? Again, ADAM was his magical, relaxed, charming self! I was hoping that the interview didn’t stay with the sexuality aspect such as Chelsea introducing him as the gayest guy on Idol since C.A. or saying he could do (sexually) whatever he want to do there, or when she introduced him to that guy standing in the wings.

    ADAM handled everything well, and with a sense of humor…loved his laughing and giggling!!!
    I can see abit of a shy side to him at times like this, but he remains poised and honest.

    Now what I really think!!!! ADAM is fk”ing sexy, especially sitting the way he did with his legs all open and inviting!!! Don’t know if I could have sat across from him, and looked into his eyes. I would have been staring at the bulge! And stammering, and drooling from “both ends”!!!!!
    I know that alot of people know what I’m talking about!!!! LOL

    • Dianne Hill says:

      We sure do, you have a one track mind, do you know I think you are worse than me, if that is possible, LOL. You know Jab, I am the king of perverts, now don’t you. “Drooling both ends”, you are so much more of a perv than me, you know you are. LOL.

    • jaberone, you have me LOL. His legs wide open, what was the message? was there one? OMG.
      anyway, he seemed shy to mee too, when he puts his finger up to his mouth, aaahhh.

      now back to the legs* know what u mean, trying to look into those beautiful baby blues or at his GB.
      hee,hee. He loves eye contact, so the eyes, then need to lower my eyes every now and then…..

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Jaberone, Dianne, Mary
        You know what, girls, watching that interview I couldn’t put my finger on it (resist girls, resist, keep on track here) but that’s what it was that I found so endearing, he is a little shy, isn’t he. I love that! What a cutie patutie (sp?)
        And oh, that bulge ~sigh~ he leaves me speechless. (Again, girls, try to resist your impluse here ). LOL

  18. Great Interview . . . lots of fun. Adam looks super gorgeous.

  19. Mt cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

  20. Loved how Chelsea appeared to make a mockery out of those anti-gay remarks and the ABC fiasco etc…Kudos to her. You can see that she loves Adam too…Yep!! she has fallen for his charms, dazzled by his looks and mesmerized by his presence …….totally ‘star struck’. I loved this interview. It was fun and light and of course, another chance to drool over the irresistable adoring Adam. Thank you for the video.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)