Check out Sony’s Exciting Promo Video of Adam Lambert

It is so hard for me to imagine my life without Adam and his music. Can you even believe that people don’t know who he is???
My life the last year has been nothing but all Adam all the time. I have made lifelong friends and have been a part of so many spectacular moments thanks to this ONE man. This website is a huge part of my life now too. I couldn’t be happier than when I wake up in the morning and get to start searching for anything about Adam so that I can then pass it along to you. I love sharing anything I can find because I know if it makes ME happy, then it will make YOU happy too!!
I think i’m going to take some time today and thank my lucky stars that the planets have aligned and Adam is now, and always will be, a part of my life.




  1. I wonder what they are using this promo for? It briefly touches on the brilliance of Adam … obviously Sony didn’t get expert input from his US fans! 😉

    • Micki (Glamb #535) says:

      At the end of the clip, (in fullscreen mode) it says “Showreel being used to introduce Adam Lambert to the UK” — so my guess based on that would be that it’d be aired before any TV interviews he may do over there, &/or played for the TV & radio stations that they want to get to interview Adam… Just speculation though. Do we have anyone in the UK who can tell us if they’ve seen it anywhere publicly?

  2. Glenda #1946 says:

    FAB- U -LOUS !!!! he is becoming our superstar over and over again….the world is taking more & more notice. That video is excellent. He really is the male verson of Lady GaGa and Kesha and Madonna…Sue thank you so much for all the news you give us….CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH OF HIM!!

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      I have a friend who loves Adam who was in Europe on an extended winter vacation. Just last week she said that she saw the Leno show played. She didn’t give me much detail or tell me if she saw this exact comercial, but she said that they were promoting him coming to Europe.

  3. Absolutely fantastic promo video….I would love to have it on my ITouch!! It says it all…..don’t know how anyone could not know who Adam Lambert is by now…..what a mega personality and entertainer!!!! AND a really, really NICE person!!

  4. WELL DONE!! So fun to see a glimpse back at his journey. I can’t remember a time BEFORE Adam anymore. Not that I would want to.

  5. retrogrrrl says:

    World domination here we come!!!

  6. I love it! I wonder what they are using this for, too. I am so addicted to Adam. I just can’t get enough.

  7. Well said Sue!

    Adam is in Singapore now! (where I am) But his schedule is a mystery so we can’t track him down – its really frustrating…. but he just did a couple of radio interviews and sounds like his usual warm, witty and friendly self.

    He is doing an exclusive showcase tomorrow – can’t wait!!

    Singapore loves Adam Lambert

  8. Evette #419 says:

    What an exciting promo! I want to see ADAM live, but I don’t drive so I don’t think its going to be possible to catch his tour when he does one in the states. Poor me : (

  9. jm7sandiego says:

    ANYTHING ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This young MAN (?) is so musically/theatrically gifted! NO ONE has ever moved this fast, this confident, this amazingly melodic in music history! ENJOY the gift from GOD and keep sharing and spreading the word/music of ADAM. What a blessing!

  10. sun-n-stars says:

    Gosh, this was awesome. I think the best that I have ever seen for a promo and I’m not exaggerating (not that I’m biased or anything). Sue you are awesome as well. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  11. Its great to see the world discover what those of us who voted with at least 2 phones knew all along. He is truly a gift to the world. FYE leaves my cd player long enough to cool off and I wonder if its possible to get tired of his beautiful, amazing voice and the beautiful, amazing soul that shines through in each note. Thank you Adam.

  12. earlzagurl4u says:

    Hey Glambs! Just wanted everyone to know that last April when my son was deployed on the USS Stennis w/ the Navy, I asked him if he was getting to watch idol and he said, “No, but I know all about who Adam Lambert is.” Even a yr. ago Adam was loved in Singapore. I’m so thrilled he’s getting to visit there. Heck, I’m just thrilled with everything he does, says, wears, sings, “etcetera.” I’ve loved Adam ever since Ryan said “and then there’s Adam Lambert” when he introduced the contestants. Adam had not even sung yet! But when he did,, I started a journal then. My first entry was, “Who is this dark haired mystery man with the voice of an angel, a smile rivaling the sun and cerulean blue eyes one could take a dip in? Where did he come from? Why is he here?” My whole journal was questions. Questioning why this man entered my life at this particular time. Of course I could ramble on forever about how Adam has become a house hold name and how he is such a part of my and my family’s life, as I know every Adam fan can do. I also do not remember a time B.A. ; Before Adam. There is a totally new vocabulary now. Adamazing, magnilificent fabulosity, glammit, glamstatic. Here’s the realization, even tho I’m old enough to be Adam’s mother, he has taught me to be more self assured, stand for what I feel is right in my heart, one can be opinionated without necessarily hurting others and it’s ok to be different. If Adam was like everyone else what a boring planet we would live on. I know I’ve hit and missed on different topics. I guess I do that too much. I just wanted to share some things w/ my Glamily. Peace, light and Love to all Glambs and ADAM! IJLY

    • 4U:
      I totally feel what you mean about hit and miss on different topics. I am a professional writer in the photo industry but when it comes to expressing what I have to say about Adam I stumble and “rumble.” Remembering how far he’s come and how well he’s handling fame is overwhelming at times. So much to say, so much I feel. He is gifted and a gift. He is a combination of the Little Prince and Superman come to earth to enrich our lives, spread joy, and instill a little love in our hurting lives. WIth a 60s-70s heart and soul he exudes love and compassion. Did you see the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” where people who were “called” by the aliens kept envisioning this rock formation in the desert? And they all have that tune in their heads? I feel that we have been called by Adam and our tune is “What-da-ya-want from me”! Maybe we are the “Sure Fine Winners.”

      • earlzagurl4u says:

        Thank you Ali15 for your compliment. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and have written some articles in school and won contests, nevertheless when I want to write about Adam, when I sit down to do it, it’s as if my brain and can’t tell my hand what it wants to. It’s at the time when I least expect it that words and feelings come to mind and outta my heart and I grab pen and paper I keep close by just for that reason. I’m sure there are many more fans of Adam’s who have this sixth sense, but this morning I looked at the clock. It was 6:42 est, the hair on my forearms rose and I got this warm sensation,,I turned my tv to Vh1! and there was Babyboy, starting to sing WWFM Unplugged! That’s not the first time it’s happened..probably won’t be the last! My family thinks I’m nuts!! lolz Adam, IJLY.

  13. waveridergal says:

    Hey 4u!
    What a nice piece you wrote. What really stands out to me as how the entertainment world really does affect our lives. I wish more entertainers out there remembered this when they act stupid, get arrested etc. I see Adam as a positive role model. Talented, steps out of the “box” , always a gentleman, kind and positive and most importantly, an uplifing attitude. He certainly touches the lives of so many with good stuff!

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      Hey gal! thanx,,I agree more entertainers should remember what sort of role model they are not only to younger people but we adults as well. But no one has affected my life like Adam. When I was younger (much younger) I fell madly in love with David Cassidy. He helped me thru so many difficult times while I was growing up. Now Adam, at the tender age he is, is helping me deal w/ things happening in my life now.Someone told me I’ve always had the ability to solve problms and know just what to do in certain situations but I think Adam has given me more confidence in relying on that instinct. Ooops! There I go again, rambling. Thnx everyone for letting me stand on my soap box for awhile. <3 PLL to all Glambs and Adam!

  14. we’ve not seen a dicky bird of Adams notice of arival here in Britain 🙁
    or prommo tape.No songs on the radio and no news of where he will be.
    We are gasping for news.
    there is word of a competition to meet and greet him in Finland.

  15. OMG! This could be used as a litmus test : if a person dosen’t ‘respond’ to this-she’s dead. Goes for our gay brothers too. Wow! Gosh.

  16. cheryl 334 says:

    Can’t remember ever seeing a promo for an entertainer before, like this. I think given the limited time Sony had to make this ad, it’s exciting. If I had never heard of Adam, and saw this promo, I’d be counting the time until I could see him and hear him! I have played only Adam CDs in my car since the end of idol and got someone to make me a copy of Adam’s every song performance. Then FYE. Yesterday I was driving to a doctor appt. After having a major surgery less than a week ago, I had Adam blasting so loud, I finally have realized how unsafe that is. As I sat waitting for a light to turn green and being in the stratosphere of an Adam Trance, the light turned green as I put my foot on the gas, and a minute later, looked in my rearview mirror and wondered why all the other cars w ere still at the light. Turns out there was an ambulance flying toward me, and of course, all cars were at a standstill except me, trapped in my own mind picturing Adam singing the song that was playing. This sort of thing happened a few times before I got back home. But, I cannot listen to Adam with a ‘normal’ volume. Never will be able to do that!!
    I will certainly be more vigilent, tho. Adam’s voice puts me at peace with the world, or takes me out into space away from this world. Either way, he soothes my soul.

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      Oh i SO AGREE with you… i find myself ignoring traffic, the phone, everything else but the voice that fills the interior of my car AT ALL TIMES… my car has a 6-CD changer, and it’s all loaded with Adam. My friends that don’t like him wont’ even ride in my car because i refuse to turn it off – OR DOWN. I just got this ipod alarm clock thing so i his is the first voice i hear in the morning. I find his loudest screams to be just as soothing as his ballad-voice. So easy to get lost in it…. so damn easy.

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        one of my discs is a continuous playing of the GMA Starlight performance…. and at every redlight, i close my eyes, making the experience even better. Yeah, you could call me crazy. Go right ahead.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          ALLABOUTADAM………………If I called you crazy, then I’d have to call myself crazy. I may be cray, but only “crazy for Adam”, to which I offer no excuses. He is what he is-The Stunning Rock God! So, we can both be crazy along with the rest of his fans! 🙂

  17. thanks Sue for all you do for Adams fans. It seems we are all totally entranced with this young man!!!! He is gorgeous, sings like an angel, and captures hearts with his beautiful smile. I appreciate all of your efforts to bring Adam information to us.

  18. Thanks Sue for posting this. It’s brilliant and we are so proud of Adam.
    Sony is really promoting him well. And, so they should!!

  19. Indeed, we have not seen someone like him. It’s now an Adam’s world. The excitement he brings to entertain us are out of this world! His exquisite!!!