The Early Show CBS Performance on 11.25.09 (Now in High Definition)

As one of our commenter said, this is “THE Adam Lambert Early Show” on 11.25.09

(I’m sure they are appreciating the rating boost)

Ask it early – Adam Lambert answers fans questions (GOOD questions):

– Adam goes to Japan? :
– How he put the band together
– When are you going on tour?



Answering the Critics:


Adam sounds SO GOOD with a live band. Performing “Whataya Want From Me” (High Definition) (AMAZING):

As mentioned by Michael Slezak: “From a lyrical standpoint, [Whataya Want From Me] sounded like it could’ve been written specifically as a response to a nation thrown into a tizzy by Sunday night’s crotch-fondling, beej-simulating hootenanny. The song (co-written by Pink) contains a plea for patience and understanding from a guy still finding his way in the world (“Just don’t give up/ I’m working it out /Please don’t give in/  I won’t let you down”) and a special thanks to the hard-core fans who’ve never questioned his judgment in the first place (“It’s me, I’m a freak/ But thanks for loving me/ ‘Cause you’re doing it perfectly”). I won’t lie: There was a certain poignancy hearing Adam respond to the “too gay”/”not gay enough”/”too racy”/”not well-sung”/”what about the children?” critics with his pitch-perfect refrain of “Whataya want from me?””


Adam’s Mom’s speaks (HD):


Performing ‘Music Again’:

Michael Slezak also commented: “I can’t imagine a more appropriate track through which Adam could send the message “let’s put the focus back on the actual songs, eh?” Adam’s band sounded slightly canned on this number — I’m guessing there was some kind of backing track supplementing the overall sound in the tiny CBS studio — but Adam’s lead vocal was stellar, especially taking into account the song’s rapid-fire wordplay and octave-scaling swoops. There aren’t many artists on the pop chart today capable of pulling that off live. Thanks, Adam, for reminding us you’re a rare bird indeed.”

So can we move on from the AMA performance now? 🙂

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  1. I love interviews with his mom. They’re so honest!

    • You can see where Adam gets his honesty and straight forwardness when they interview his mom. Her love for him is palpable and I’m sure the closeness of his family over the years gave him the confidence to become the man he has.

  2. Lee/Saline says:

    I loved his singing, as well as the interviews with both the newscasters and the public. It was great to see the fan from Japan come so far to see Adam. Next Adam is on Letterman tonight. Somehow I enjoy this kind of performance better because I get to see Adam up close and more personal. He seemed too far away and distant to be appreciated on the AMA’s.

  3. loved seeing adam on your show today he is such beuatiful person inside and out. i adore him. he did such a incredible job answering questions and performing today. thanks so much for having him.

  4. THE Adam Lambert Early Show -they let him have the ENTIRE SHOW. Take that ABC POW -it was so great to get to hear Adam explain things and to see him react to all the LOVE his fans were sending to him. Having his mom there was just the best thing ever -this should go a long way to get the complete Adam out there -like he said he doesn’t want to jut be known as ” nasty’ -he is a complete artist and this showed him that way. Thanks CBS

    • slippy, no sh_t. I loved the airing time CBS gave Adam. This worked out so perfectly. Adam and CBS rocks! Think of the fans that came from Pakistan and Tokyo, OMG if CBS hadnt of picked Adam up to appear, these fans would have been furious. This was the best show ever this morning. He looked like a million bucks. He knew perfectly how to handle all of this hype.
      I so agree w/you about having his Mom with him too. ‘Hearing her say she freaked a bit and then laughed and said its all good” was comforting to a lot of people. Yeh, thanks to CBS


        CBS ROCKS !!!!

        • So true, Dee, and Mary, one thing Adam’s mom has taught him by modelling is to be non judgemental and show unconditional love, like she does for him.

          I think he is still going to be a kind of spearheading pioneer in the field of entertainment in many many ways, the least of which will end up being sexual.

          He looked totally beautiful, sleek, smooth, groomed and sounded clear as a bell. As was said, it’s a rare singer who can pull off such clear true bell-like vocals.

          HIs singular treatment of his fans, his ability to focus on each one, to call them by their names etc… is such a classy graceful style of relating to them.

          • Don’t know if you realized, but he wasn’t singing live. Listen to the recording from the album with this. But no matter, I love looking at him. ha

  5. TexasWannaHoldHim says:

    Adam absolutely couldn’t have presented himself any better on the CBS show – both with his singing and interview responses. He really answered the difficult AMA questions perfectly. Congratulations on this “World Series, walk-off grand slam”, our favorite Wild Idol! Also so happy to hear the great sales projections for Adam’s first week 🙂

    • Texas, wasnt it great they included Adam Lamberts name in so many news issues. Even the weather guy, said Adam should appear on their show Everyday! They did, they promoted him so well!

      • I’ll tell you! I’ve been sitting here at the computer with the TV on and there have been four “entertainment” shows in a row, all with some feature of Adam on them, while I have watched video after video, and article after article on his hotmess!

  6. I watched where Adam sings Whataya Want From Me and Music Again in CBS.Was just me or anyone else here feel sad?That’s weird!But I do feel sad.I feel like he talking to us!Hmm??!!And Kimber,look at his facial expression!I felt it!!Oh,Adam!I love you!I love both his performance.Adam was so excellent.Love him! 🙂 And he looks so damn gorgeous too.LOL!How he looks so great early morning?That’s another mystery!! lol

    • AdamAddict — I agree…he was so beautiful it hurt. I couldn’t look away for a second. The lyrics to Whaddya Want from Me are so intense and he sang them with such feeling. He does put his all into his songs. It sounded like a song about a love relationship, but it almost as well could have been about his relationship with all his fans and how he’s doing the best he can. Tears came to my eyes for sure on that one.

      • AdamA and Cris, love what you are saying. Couldnt have sang a more perfect song in WWFM, his passion is so uplifiting and emotional. He’s so gifted.
        WHATABOUT THEM PANTS? Oh yeh, smokin hot today. His body looked so tall and those long legs of his in those pants and boots. “THUD” Handsome , handsome man.
        We wanted that gorgeous smile of his and he delivered……………

        wonder what that woman was saying to him, she didnt want to let go, when he went outside to do some autographing. He kind of shook his head and laughed???

        • AdamAddict says:

          LMAO Mary C,Pants?You looked at that?I DO TOO!!!!!Hahaha!!!I’m not sure which vid I watched coz I watched to many today,there’s one that I really love.He saids it’s almost 12am,the kids suppose to be sleeping that time.LOL!True tho 0_o LOL, then he said that he used to be in theatre so he forgot that there’s camera and he focus the audience that time and saw his idol so got so excited and got carried away.You know,I believe him coz I heard something almost like that.One of our actress here used to say that.She was theatre actress,se speaks loud so the whole hall can hear her.When she become judge for one talents show,she speak too loud that people say she too strict.She explaied later,she forgot there’s microphone in front of her bcs she used to speak loud whenever she in hall or studio or whatever.I guess it’s hard to change all a sudden.Adam needs time,he did lots of underground(U called that,right)He used to performed like that.BTW,I love it.HOT!!But Adam also said that he tried to do exactly like he rehearsed next time.If he wants to add something,he will do it when rehearsel so if it’s not suitable then people will let him know first.I believe Adam and I love him more after that interview.Can’t remember which one.Too many,and when I watched him I was floating….he so beautiful!! <3<3<3

          • Some of his expressions reminded me of when he sang, “A change is gonna come”. I agree with all that you Glambs has said! Mmmmmmwah

            • AdamAddict says:

              Oh yes,yes!!I love when he performed that.One of my favourite.BRILLIANT!! 🙂 One question,Adam is solo artist but why whenever he go,the band will go with him.I thought he was solo artist like Kris Allen.Did they give Kris band too?Just wondering,coz even in Adam’s MV FYE,I saw Tommy.It’s like Adam and the band.0_o

              • Emili, my understanding of a solo artist is that unlike the lead singer of a band that operates under a name that is the entire bands signature, a solo artist’s signature is his name or stage name. The band in Adam’s case provides the instrumental backing. Does that make sense????

                • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                  WTF! I”m sitting here fucking bawling my eyes out! Somebody call me please, I need to talk! Can’t stand this anymore , I need to hear your voices! (e-mail thru Jeanette ) PLEASE!!
                  I’ve got ADAM on my dvr & recorded on video tape.
                  ADAM is so inspirational. I LOVE YOU ADAM MITCHEL!
                  I’m so happy for him & his family. They are in NY for Thanksgiving, & w/ Leila being Jewish, surely there’s Hanukkah for them, it seems she is traditional.
                  Happy Hanukkah , Happy holidays, everyone!
                  PLL ADAM & GLAMBS!!!!

          • AdamAddict, yes the interview you are talking about was on the Early Show this morning, you know the one with the Pants? Smokin Hot Pants at that! That is cute about him doing his performance as he rehearsed next time. Oh he is to cute for me to keep looking at. No he is not! I gotta look all the time. I’m with you, all these interviews on radio and TV we are sure getting what we wanted. Remember when the tour ended we all thought we’d be lost without Adam for awhile. Not so. YAY!
            Now, let me check out his PANTS again! LOL

            • OH and be sure to check out his new nailpolish and those kinky boots in his interview with Jim Cantiello aka jambajim (links on twitter)

              Jim did a 13 part interview with many areas covered which are in depth or totally new to us, for instance about a couple of songs not on the album and his older fans… but mostly just take in his lusciousness!

        • MARY C,


          • AdamAddict says:

            Speaking of BOOTS,check this BOOTS out!!
            Adam said his fav.part of his body is GLAMBULGE!!!!My fav. of his body is his GLAMBULGE as well.Look,we have something in common!LOL!Who else love GLAMBULGE?Raise your hand?????ME,ME,ME,ME!!! 😛

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              ME TOOO!!! I can’t focus right now, he is making my heart just melt like ice cream. That voice just takes over me, WHY?!!!! I wish I could hug him. I need an ADAMhug or a GLAMBhug. BIGHUG to ya’ll!

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              Thnx AA for the vid! I now know that I do not need a personal thank you on the cd. ADAM loves us!!!!!! He recognizes us as we are like him, intense, passonate, & horny. LOL!

              • kimber, we are the “SURE FIRE HORNY’S”………………Ha, LOL that will be our anthem song to Adam…………….

            • AdamAddict,Thank you for this!!!!!!!! He is intense and loves we are intense. Oh my , the glambulge, he loves it , we love it. WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON.
              Did we invent the glambulge here? does anyone know. He reads our post, doesnt he? I always knew it! IMA RAISING MY HAND FOR LOVIN HIS GLAMBULGE AND I WANNA RAISE HIS GLAMBULGE! This is too much. shake it Adam, thrust it, gyrate for usssssssssssssssss.

          • Dee, Ha, might as well listen to “Soaked” while you are getting everything in your house soaked………………. Then you will need to soak in the shower. hahahahaha

    • dharmalati says:

      I did feel the same feeling as you did. I love Adam. His performance in AMA..? well, just like he said :”It was just one performance”. Adam, we are still here and support you and still looooovvveeee you.

  7. Theresa CALIFORNIA says:

    Adam was awesome this morning.

  8. This was a great seque from FYE to sing to the world WWFM then Music Again, hence the message. Now this should get everyone talking, we sure are at OMRG! – now let’s see what he shines on the pre-taped Letterman tonight, then Ellen on Monday! WooHoo. Tommy tweeted they are already on their way back to LA.

  9. As I said to my dear friend and fellow Glamb this morning, I’m floating on air after watching The Early Show with all the air time they gave Adam. I agree with whoever suggested this yesterday — that we make a point of thanking CBS for picking him today and giving him so much time to talk and give his side of things.

    Wasn’t he DELICIOUS??…..that smile……….that laugh…….that hair……those pants!!!! Is he getting more handsome? Is that possible??? I live right here in the NY area and kept thinking that I should be there instead of on my way to work. What was I doing 20 miles away when I could be in his atmosphere… his presence???? Those lucky, lucky fans, especially those who got to hug or touch him or got his autograph! See? There’s been no magical transformation into a Demonic Lord of S&M! He’s still our dear Adam.

    I think he fielded the questions about the AMA performance in the best possible way; he made his points and stood by his opinion without being defensive or too cocky or overly critical of anyone. He took responsibility without being apologetic.

    And now we have tonight and the Letterman show to look forward to as well. Wonder if he and his Mom are staying in town for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade as well?

    • Cris, He did handle all of the questions so remarkably. He just does things how he knows how to do them. Oh yes Letterman, goody goody! I heard he will be in NY for Thanksgiving Day with his family. All of these interviews ( radio, TV etc) have been so awesome since all the choke ups from Sunday. God love him, he got so caught up in his sexy lyrics he couldnt help it. Hearing him say this, reminds me of a kid @ Christmas. He’s always wanting to have fun and feel good and make everyone else feel so goodddddddddddd.

    • Cris, believe me I feel the same way about not being there, but it was a short day at work today due to holiday. Had it been a full day, I would have so been there and gone to work in the afternoon. My heart was so full of love & appreciation for all the fans who did make it there because I know they lifted Adam’s spirits & made him feel terrific!!! Thanks to you for being a fabulous fan and getting him the way we all do. I have been reading the “fans” who abandoned him after AMA’s, and those who won’t let their teenage daughters go to see him because they’re afraid he will corrupt them. I hope I can afford to bring my 13-year old to his concert–we watched the AMA’s together–no gripe from me.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        JULIE & CHRIS, WTF! You live right there & you didn’t go? I would have called in! Your job will still be there tomorrow!!! ADAM won’t. I know there’s the tour, I didn’t care, I was late for my work on the night of amas, 40 mins late, & they were fine w/ it. But of course, I’m obsessed too, so wtf.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        MY 10 yr old loves ADAM, not as much as me, I took her to the AI concert, & she had a great time, until the end, too many people for her.

    • Well said, Cris! I do hope he gets some family time and even maybe turkey time!

  10. I was in front of the television set for the entire two hours of the Early Show on CBS this morning, digital camera in hand, taking a picture every couple of seconds, taking in Adam frame by frame, in this historic moment when he took back the prize of his fledgling life in show business and his budding career. I have never seen him look so lovely, or be so charming, yet he was also completely himself, and firm in his decision to remain aware of the problems with the AMA show, yet unapologetic. I thought to myself, if Adam is made to apologize for his performance, even though it was admittedly more risque and completely over-the-top than we were all bargaining for, then all the big-name acts, including everyone on that AMA stage that night must also be made to do the same, and not only that, all of music performance art must be completely overhauled and made to conform to a new, more conservative standard across the board. As it was, Adam took the firm middle ground, and in my opinion, more than set things back on a firm and hopeful footing. Everything in this morning’s question and answer session and in his later performance of two of his songs conspired FOR him this time, and he couldn’t have been more wonderful or more beautiful. The fans were especially warm and welcoming, and the Early Show staff were extremely graceful and supportive in their handling of the whole show. I was very impressed with all of them. Also, Adam and his personal behind-the-scenes staff were nothing if not eminently strategic this morning, having Adam wear the same hairstyle as he did at the AMA’s, but more relaxed and more casual in his look, with that classic, insanely beautiful black he wears so well enveloping him in perfect winter splendor. They also gave plenty of time to show Adam interacting joyously with all the assembled fans, embracing many of them, talking and laughing with others, and being accepted by all of them with total acceptance and love. Then, to top the whole thing off, his mother appeared with him on stage, and if that ain’t a coup de etat, I don’t know what is, he might as well have been Alexander conquering the world with his biggest guns, which turned out to be his darling little Mom. I was crying through that whole part, because I felt like his Mom myself, pleading silently for my child. She was standing right there with her son on national television, come what may, and I thought, Mama Bear is saying, “You’ll have to get past me first to get to him”. She also said, in response to a question from one of the Early Show staff, that “Yes, she did see that Adam was an inspiration to many young people”, and obviously, will CONTINUE to be an inspiration to many young people in the future, God willing. And then finally, after endless ads and diversions, CBS got to the real reason we were all there, to hear Adam sing, and begin to redeem himself. He couldn’t have been more beautiful, more perfectly in voice, or more emotionally satisfying than he was this early morning. Personally, I’m standing with Leila Lambert and that kid of hers no matter what happens next. This morning’s show was a masterful piece of healing love all wrapped up in a kind invitation by a fledgling morning show who needed the ratings, and in a beautiful young man who needed to set things right in his own way. Barring anything more unforseen and lurking in the shadows, I think Adam Lambert’s beautiful and adorable face and his searingly lovely voice will be the memory which we will all take away with us this morning, and with which he builds his highly successful and dazzling future as the most beautiful and fascinating performance arts star who ever lived. Long live the burning star of this beautiful man.

    • Lorrin, Set things right in his own way he did! You should send this post to CBS , they would appreciate it , I’m sure. Just like we appreciate them opening their arms to Adam. He did look very charming this morning. My day was set after watching him, so happy, so happy for him and his fans. Kudos to CBS for all the air time they allowed him!

      • Thanking CBS is a great idea but I have been trying to register all morning to do just that and have not been able to. I must be doing something wrong but haven’t figured it out yet. We should all be thanking them for the way they handled this and the terrific show. Adam was able to remind everyone what an amazing person and talent he is. Thank you CBS for having the courage and intelligence to do what they did! He looked AMAZING and sounded just as good. Rock on ADAM!!!

      • Lorrin, absolutely beautiful, true & inspiring words from you!!!

    • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

      Lorrin, I totally agree with you. I am sooooo grateful to CBS for sending Adam a life saver so he could make peace with his fans. I think he was pretty clear that he will be more careful depending on the venue. I think he just had a lapse in maturity. He is learning…as he quoted.
      I feel even more hopeful today about his career. Hang in there Adam…I love you and will always have your back. A loyal fan….

    • Right on Lorrin….Leila is the definition of the “mother tiger” experience that I felt raising my 3 sons. Nobody better even think of hurting him or she will rip out their livers!! (and I think most of us feel the same way about him). I realize sometimes when I sound like I am being critical of what he is doing I am really just wanting to put him in a glass case on the mantle so he can’t be hurt. You just can’t do that with someone made of stardust. You just have to do what she is doing ….. stand beside him.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      THANK YOU Lorrin for all you write. I was touched when his mother said he has been an inspiration. Yes indeed, he is . For me as well. Right now ADAM has brought so much happiness to me, making me feel good inside. But it’s his voice that just takes me away.
      I thanked cbs for having ADAM on their show.
      Any news on tv ratings for earlyshow & letterman?
      Just saw ADAM on letterman, the last 2 mins he performed & he was truly magical! He is so beautiful, voice & all!

      • I’ll bet that the publicity regarding the CBS shows will be short and not well- exposed in the media! After all, this would be good publicity!!!!!! We have to ask for that!!!

    • So well said yet again, Lorrin, sweetie, and Adam made his rebuttal in the best way possible, being his true self and letting us hear his angelic voice yet again!

  11. he’s so adorable with fans…I love him…:) He’s an amazing performer and a great person. Let’s move on, don’t think about the AMA’s Performance…His aim was to be on everyone’s mouth and he successed. Yesterday he was all over the paper and the internet, here in Italy and all over the world… Adam is a marketing genius! Why people don’t understand why he did that at the AMA’s?

    He’s amazing…always, no matter what bigoted people say. It’s entertainment, don’t take it personally -.-” Change the channel!

  12. I am definitely ready to put the AMAs in the rear view mirror. Adam has experienced some natural consequences from all that went down, and that is more than enough punishment – especially since I didn’t think punishment was warranted in the first place. Those still looking for a literal, word for word apology would benefit from moving on as well. There is either a path of forgiveness, or one of censure. The former can heal, the latter just keeps an injury exposed and raw.

    The Early Show was phenomenal! A level-headed interview, and two wonderful live performances! ABC’s loss, CBS’s win. I did think that bringing his mom up to the microphone came across as a little bit of damage control…but the rest of it was spot on perfect.

    Dana, Glamb #6

    • Who cares about what ignorant people say? If they were offended, that is not adam’s problem. Like he told, it was almost 11 pm and lady gaga and janet jackson performances were sexual and bad influnce too. There is a double standard when it comes to gay male…I still think he didn’t win American Idol because he’s gay. Are we judging talent or sexuality? I agree about the simulated oral sex, that was a trash thing to do…But…Why take that seriously?…
      I live in Italy, here if somebody would ever do something like that performance, I don’t know what will happen. Lapidation? …It’s time to stop being so narrowminded.

  13. samanthaluvsadam says:

    the interview was a fing bitch he will never have to apoligive

  14. Even Adam said the AMAs were a learning experience; we just get to go along for the ride! And what a ride it is turning out to be! Yes, many of us are like anxious aunts wanting our favorite nephew to do well and not get hurt – but I suppose we shouldn’t worry so much! Excellent, wonderful performances on CBS today ( his band is super!) and very articulate and honest interview time. (and did I mention how handsome he looked?!). A big thank you to CBS for realizing that Adam is worth every minute they could give him! Looking forward to Letterman tonight!

  15. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!!! I had to leave for work before his songs came on and I was so distraught but, again, you folks on this website never let me down! YOU ARE THE BEST!

  16. puteri abdul says:

    I am so tired..
    I slept only 2 hours last night, and I only took like and hour nap during the day..
    tonight just got back from a friends party, and now 2 am I am still in front of the pc…
    seriously, I need to contemplate about my life..
    but I can’t help it..
    at my friends party, all I can think of is I want to back early as I am pretty sure adam’s appearance in CBS must have been in youtubes already..
    and to my pleasure, they has, and what a lovely sight it was..

    to see so many people cheering for him, and to make it more special, people from pakistan, japan, all around gather to show their enthusiam to adam, all these just touches my heart for adam, as you can see how he glows and he never forgets to thank his fans for coming and supporting him….it was really such sweet, sweet moment after days of turmoils ..
    as usual the first thing that will catch my eye is his adorable face and I just love to see his hair fluttering a little blown by the winds.. isn’t that gorgeous or gorgeous…..
    his dressing, sharp as always, no one can can look so good in days of coldness of fall and winter.. beautiful appearance ..
    it’s good to hear his honesty in answering the question about the ama’s.. he took it well, he answered them wisely, and I know he is shrewd enough to give his thoughts.. it’s all in the name of the entertainment game, and adam knows the risks he has to take, but good enough to hear that he is still learning.. sometimes, lesson learnt are best through experience, and I am sure adam is digesting what he is going through in his new found fame..
    the two songs that he sang was really nothing left to be said.. when he sang the first song, you can almost see the pain in his eye pleading us to understand him, you can feel from his voice how much love, support and understanding he wants from us.. all he wants to say, is that he is trying to give his best to us, he wants to please us, but if his best is not good enough, then, just whatdaya want from him…. music again also brings the best of his voice, infact, I just can find no fault in his performances .. they were all just so beautifully delivered ..

    all in all.. I am just so relieved that adam had the chance to redeem himself to those voices who was ridiculing and questioning his integrity in music.. thank you cbs for making it happen, and adam, may the grass you are walking on are greener than the withering ones that you had to go through a few days ago ..
    and adam’s journey continues .. and may it leads him to glory ..

    • puteri, you are lovely, now hope you can get some shut eye. You are right on, about his fans coming from all over the world! Look at the love here, just awesome. I think his hair was ever so sexy blowing in the wind and then even in the studio while he singing and his hair was flying around, oh my oh my, Adam you know how to do IT ! Just being himself, he still knows how to do IT !

    • Puteri, I know you will have sweet dreams tonight! Mmmmmmwah

  17. This was awesome… Adam getting to explain himself, and damn did the two songs rock my morning, who needed coffee after those two performances?!?! 🙂

    but what’s disappointing to me is that CBS showed the video clip of Adam making out with Tommy, which they blurred it, but yet, they also showed a clip of Madonna and Brittney making out with no blur?!?! WTF!! This is total discrimination! I am so angry! I just don’t get it 🙁

    • Believe me, Adamman, there is already fallout from that double standard. This is not over yet! Adam does not want to be ‘political’ at this stage in his career but just by being ‘himself’ he is lighting that political fire. I don’t think we have heard the end of Adam being somewhat of a trailblazer for how to live openly and honestly.

      Maybe not being American, I don’t understand the culture, but how can outraged viewers from a country which allows its children under 14 to view very violent films and play explicitly violent war games on their Xboxes, Gameboys and computers, be so narrow minded about all things sexual? Then add in all the hiphop, rap, r and b etc videos with women being portrayed as scantily clad submissive or weak sexual objects in many videos (I watch daily, looking for Adam and cannot believe how little videos have evolved in the past ten years), together with soap operas and the “housewives” and reality series filled with foolish and brazen sexual behaviour, and Adam’s act seems comparatively mild.

      I see major hypocracy here!

  18. I thought the interviewer asked some pretty stupid questions that Adam fielded with dignity and humor and a great sense of who he is (which is NOT a babysitter…lmao). Plus, his performance…*muwah*…perfection. And, lastly, HOT DAMN he looked FIIIIIINE!!!! Every time I see him it is overwhelming to me how GORGEOUS he is.

  19. littlegreensnake says:

    I hope the ABC execs who axed him from GMA are writhing in their conservative little seats right now. After his immaculate performances (any one else get goose bumps from those pitch-perfect falsetto notes?) and his articulate and unappologetic interview, they are probably kicking themselves for being so hypocritical and narrow minded. Their loss, Adam’s and our win.
    I’m so proud of him I’m about to burst.
    Glamb #402
    Livin’ and lovin’ Adam out here in the Pacific Northwest

  20. BRAVO!!!!

  21. Did anyone else notice when he sang the part “It’s me, I’m a freak. But thanks for loving me” he did so with almost tears in his eyes? It made me cry.
    I loved both of his performances. Even though his interviewer in the beginning seemed to be digging deep for an apology-which Adam doesn’t need to give!-and his fan questions were pretty much taken out of every other interview or magazine article ever written-except for the band one, which when it was asked I thought “Finally! Someone with an original question!” Did you see how nervous the girl was who asked that as he spoke the answer directly to her? I felt for her.
    I’m so incredibly excited for an Adam tour. I can’t wait to hear these songs live.

    • Yes…noticed that too!


      • AdamAddict says:

        YES!!!!!!!I told you when he sang WWFM it was sad!!!He was like telling us story.He was like asking whataya want …okay,I’m not going to finish that sentence,I sound stupid!LOL!I think U know.He was like telling people to understand him!Awww,that’s why I said I felt it.The song just go through my vein or whatever,I just felt it,my heart aching,it was sad!Yes,I want to cry listen to it especially with that expression.OMG,standing ovation for our Adam,guys!!~applause~

        • AdamAddict, did you have to mention vein? Now I remember watching the vein in his neck pop as he nailed his songs. Love his neck and veins……………..Oh and his smile.

          How do you guys get those little smiley icons on your posts? I would have put one after smile if I knew how to do that?????

    • Allstar, me too. Lets go tour. I noticed all the passion when he sang, “thanks for loving me” oh that whole song was fit for him, for sure.

  22. Adam is the best. Love how he answer the questions. Love the songs, lyrics and his hair @-@

  23. I Love Adam!!!! Love his album! Love his performances! Everything about him!!! I am again at the state of just admiration and adoration. No words needed, just Ahhhhhhhhh!!!


  25. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    It was awesome to see Mama Lambert traveling with her child. I love that he feels so much comfort and love and maturity to travel with his mom. Lots of kids his age and with the exposure he is getting would not do that. And her unconditional love shines through it all. He clearly adores her — see the way he tenderly looked at her? Made my heart burst with maternal love.
    I’m impressed, Adam. No matter what any one says, I’m impressed. You will surely go far.

    In Light & Love!

  26. lisa taylor says:

    Adam was great on the music awards. Can’t stop listening to his CD. He was down to earth on the Today show with two wonderful songs.

  27. Also-did you see the kid who got called out about his hair- “Did you comb your hair like Adam’s?” haha aww

    • AllStarMe, yes I saw that. Cute. God, I wish we could all get together in person and just talk away! Adam being with us would be a must!

      • haha yeah! We should have tour meet ups! Wow I can’t wait until a tour…I’m so impatient.

        Oh yeah, when he sand “damn” in the song all I could think of was “Oh great! The d word! Some angry parent somewhere is gonna get all sorts of ticked off now!” haha

      • Mary C that would be the ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Ugh, one can but dream …………..Mmmmmmwah

  28. Standing by Adam. Even thought wrong place wrong time. He is incredible, extraordiary talent, with a huge heart. REMEMBER HE IS THE ONE WHO RAISE AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR MUSIC AND DRAMA PROGRAMS IN OUR SCHOOL. FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION SHOULD NOT BE SQUELCHED but location of that expression should be weighed. Love ADAM

  29. I was VERY impressed with the show this morning. I also love that he did not apologize for the AMAs; he has nothing to apologize for! Adam is amazing and I am so happy for him!

  30. LibraLamb7 says:

    Def ready to MOVE ON from AMA dust-up! I think Adam has explained all he needs to about what happened…no apology necessary…And I also think he has learned a LOT from this experience that he will use & build upon. The show in NY this morning has shown the world what a fabulous & gifted TALENT Adam is, as well as what a genuinely nice person he is! The fact that his adorable & supportive Mom was right there by his side was totally charming & endearing. Nothing “scary” to worry about (take THAT ABC!!!), just GREAT entertainment from a BORN ENTERTAINER!!! PERFECTION!!!!

  31. AllaboutAdam says:

    I liked Slezack’s comments in the beginning of this post – the first song so poignant, almost as if it were ummmm… planned to follow the AMA stuff? Remember Adam saying on Idol he INTENTIONALLY mixed it up and went to extremes, alternating his persona…. Well, that being said, this Adam on the Early Show is the Adam I love the best…. he’s happy, having fun, smiling, has the twinkle in his eye… I’m sorry, to me, it just suits him perfectly. And for those who dissed us old-Glamb-timers…. we never left him, but we certainly have the right to disagree with him, because we want the best for him…. i think it’s called “love” – highs and lows, better or worse, etc., it’s just not BLIND love!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      I’m not blindly in love with Adam. . . I can see if someone didn’t care for the AMA performance, and their reasons, but to go on and on in post after post about how he should act, what he should say, what he should do. . . it just seems that some feel some weird sense of entitlement that Adam should be just what they want him to be. . . I was just flabbergasted!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • puteri abdul says:

        cindy, I am not ashames to admit, I am blindly in love to adam..
        that is why for the past few days I have lost sleep, and my heart ache in thniking what is happening to adam..
        people should cherish adam and accept him as who he is, not expecting him to be who they want him to be ..

    • AAA I agree, even with my boys it was never ‘blind’ love, if they were out of line, I didnt ignore it. I was not shocked at all but more worried FOR him as I knew what the reaction would be. Maybe he needs a bit of a rocky road now and then in order to grow and develop as an entertainer and a mature adult.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I hope this is a learned lesson for all of the entertainers who perform sexual acts on stage live tv.

  32. Adam is fantastic at interviews, very clever answers, I loved it when he said he is not a babysitter he is an entertainer, and good for him for his honesty. Loved both of his songs, loved it when he rocks out, he has not lost any support infact he has gained more.

  33. There’s just something ethereal about Adam that I can’t put my finger on. He is a spirit like no other.
    The way he makes us feel is incredible.

  34. Tanks to CBS to offer us THE Adam Lambert Early Show.
    It was GREAT.
    Tanks the interviewers, the producers and mainly ADAM who always make us FEEL SO GOOOOOOD.

    Evelize-GLAMB 80

    • OOOOPS, sorry: THANKS and MAKES.

      For me it seemed like he needed all our support and love, he needed to stay near his fans to believe we all love him.

      Do not you think the same?

      Evelize-GLAMB 80

      • Evelize, yes he needed his fans to show all the love and support we know how to showcase to him. I wish he was running into my lovin arms…………………

  35. Adam, I just finished watching your appearance on CBS. You are incredibly talented and one of the most decent people I have ever “known”. I’m here in Escondido and have friends who have known you since your theatre days in Poway. Earlier this year,while you were still on Idol I asked them if you really are as kind and beautiful -and musically/ vocally gifted as you came across on the show. Their response was “with Adam, what you see is what you get. He is talented beyond measure and when you are with him, even when many of us were together with him after performances, he was the only one everyone wanted to listen to and be with because of his amazing personality and friendliness.”
    Even his peers recognized he had the IT factor and the world gets to share it now. Wonderful interviews and singing on CBS. Love and Peace

    • Lorraine, Great words to hear thank you, The songs he sang this morning were truly beautiful, as I have said many times before when he is performing he is a chameleon able to take on the character of the lyrics. which is what the AMAs were all about. Admitedly I wasnt keen on it, not shocked but dissappointed at the theme he chose and he himself said his vocals suffered, But hey today is another day and it is all good. Once again your kind words have reminded me of what I have always

      felt, but maybe forgot for a moment there. Thank you!

    • Thanks for quoting his friends Lorraine. This is so great to hear! Not that we doubted him but it just reinforces what we’ve all observed and intuitively feel about him. He just sends out an incredible vibe of warmth and openness. I envy the people who can call him a friend because I bet there’s no better. He did us all proud today!

    • Lorraine, thanks for sharing what his friends know about him. Loved that! You do get that feeling about Adam even if its talking with him for a few minutes. He exudes into you.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thank you lorraine for sharing. Every second, every syllable, every moment with ADAM is priceless. I understood why he doesn’t like cameras, & lately I really do. I.m so mesmerized by everything he says,sings, or does. ADAM is magical!

  36. THAT IS MY ADAM ! HE DID BEAUTIFULLY on interview and the 2 Songs !!
    LOVE ADAM as usual !!! HE IS an AMAZING creature in the 21st century!!
    Thank you CBS (i did sent my gratitude to CBS early show today)

  37. My Brother, BIL and their kids are here. After working all night, BIL woke me up by shaking me saying “he’s on!”

    Get out of my bedroom, david. lol.

    Oh well, it was worth having no sleep, that’s for sure. Nice performance, he’s handled it much better now (yes, folks were mad and no it’s not about ‘if you don’t like it, you are wrong’ anymore).

    He looked good and sounded good.

  38. Thanks for posting these. I had to leave for work before Adam’s appearance this morning…

    It’s so GOOD to have our Adam back! I was not offended by the sexual content of the AMA appearance. I would have forgiven full frontal nudity, and probably enjoyed it, if the musical performance had been stellar. But the quality of that performance was certainly not what we’re used to hearing from Adam. His vocals on The Early Show were flawless, and the musicians in his band seem very well suited to his style. Looking forward to tonight’s performance on Letterman, and A HEADLINE TOUR IN THE NEAR FUTURE (PLEASE!)

  39. Loved the fact that they blurred out his kiss but kept Madonna and Brittany’s kiss. I’m sure he saw that on the teleprompt and thought “yepper” grrrr

  40. Dianne Hill says:

    I can’t wait to get home today to see the interview, I saw Adam singing the two songs this morningt thanks to dear Emili and I loved it. Adam looked wonderful of course.

    I don’t know this having to work for a living is so damn hard at times, why can’t life be simple, why won’t they let me watch video clips at work – well I already know the answer to that, because I would never get any work done if I could sit here and watch Adam.

    • Dianne, you will love what you see! Oh his smile…… and everything else! I know I want a job like Adams assistant. Wouldnt that be the job of all jobs?

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Mary, that would be the best job in the world I reckon. Oh yeah, baby give me Fever (I am listening to it on my IPod at the moment). I have to say Adam is ALWAYS giving me a fever, every time I look at that beautiful face. Do you know I am supposed to be back at work now, lunch is over, I will get shot if they find me still on this site, but I just want to listen to ADAM. OKay, someone’s coming time to go, catch you later Mary, Love to you. Mwah.

        • Alright, go dont get in trouble! Maybe if you get in trouble you can write Adam and let him know your sob story and whoa-la, you’d be hired! OH yeh Fever……………..

  41. Donna Mendoza Glam#409 says:

    I went to the ABC website today in protest to their cancelling Adam’s appearance. I called them cowardly and stupid and said that I’d be a permanent Early Show watcher from now on until they corrected their error by inviting Adam. If you want to do the same, go to, Contact Us, The Early Show.

  42. I want to wish everyone A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! Love to you all.
    Glamb #338

  43. As always, only the best from Adam Lambert! The Best Male Entertainer!

    Great job Adam. I am so proud of you. More Power! Keep rocking the world.

  44. There is a new poll on about the Early Show…and if you haven’t voted for your favorite FYE song, do that too!!

    Glamb #6

  45. You guys have to see this interview with Adam and Michelle Collins from VH1 its good. They are
    having fun. Wish I was there having a drink with them! watch Adams face when she mentions Diane Sawyer. This is soooo good. Enjoy.

  46. Ditto! Ditto! Ditto everything everyone said. This reeled me back in. The lyrics to WWFM moved me beyond belief. Could this have happened any better? Bravo CBS, Bravo!

  47. waveridergal says:

    Adam, YOU ROCK!
    I watched Adam’s performance today, plus listened to every word he said. He was just awesome. I listen to his CD over ad over again. It seems like it just gets better and better. It is even a bit hard to pick my favorite, although Soaked, just well………. Love it, love, love it….. I also think Time for Miracles is sooooo beautiful and showcases his voice. I was really annoyed when he was singing it, the credits were running and people were leaving! I hope he gets some kind of award for his performance of this song too!!!! I’m sure the album will go platinum.

    LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Your Mom is so adorable too!!!!!!!

  48. I think I just died. This man rips my heart out is right Just like Paula said . I will be a fan forever. It breaks my heart that some people will not open their minds to just experience what we all have. Adam is beautiful and I am addicted for life. He will make an impact on our world. He is an Icon already and so many do not see that. So sad for them. Still wish he did not go that route. And WTF is it with ABC I am so done with them and American Idol.


  50. This is just the second time I’ve posted a comment although I’ve been a fan from the first moment and appreciate everyone’s hard work on this website and overwhelming support and love for Adam. I wanted to say that I don’t believe it’s our place ever to judge Adam. When the comment was made after the AMA performance that no one had ever seen that look on his face at the end of his performance, go back and look at his face at the end of Black or White the night he performed on the big stage for the first time on AI. Somehwere in all of the interviews that Adam has done the last few days (maybe this morning on the Early Show), he mentioned that the only other time he’d lost himself was during that performance at the very beginning of Idol. He said in both instances, adrenalin just overtook him. I think there are similarities that can be drawn between those two performances. Personally, I can’t imagine how much, in Adam’s mind, was riding on the AI performance. His reaction to the favorable comments from the judges brought tears to his eyes — perhaps he felt that night that he’d “blown it,” because that’s the only AI performance he said he would like to have been able to do over — he said he was “too over the top.” Then fast forward to Sunday night at the AMA show. Can you just begin to even fathom what went through his mind when he sat in the audience and looked at all of the stars he’s looked up to and “idolized” and have to be THE LAST ACT that night? Because Adam is so cool, calm and collected doesn’t mean he’s never nervous or on edge about any particular performance. I just cannot imagine being his age, just starting, not even a year away from the AI experience, going on a non-stop tour, recording an album during the tour, having pictures taken during the tour in his “down time,” giving interviews, being featured in magazines, etc., etc., etc……….. I just don’t believe we should ever lose sight of the fact that’s he less than a year out of the “starting gate” of his career, and to me it’s completely believable that he was just overcome by the moment at the AMA show. Nothing he’s done could possibly have prepared him for that moment on that stage — what an incredible amount of pressure was placed on him by his positioning in the show and being on the show itself. (I loved his comment this morning about all his shoulder pads helping him bear the weight of the world’s expectations of him.)
    I just thank God that CBS treated him with such an incredible amount of respect this morning. It wasn’t done just for ratings, I’m sure — if it was just that, he could have done his numbers at the end of the second hour and that would have been that. They embraced him and his mother with love and support and by doing so, embraced all of us, too, and gave us yet another thrilling moment of sharing in Adam’s heart, soul and talent.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you many friends who love and support Adam and the incredible gift he is to all of us.
    Jill (Oregon Coast)

    • love your analysis Jill, you have these two nights pegged. I think we all want so much for him and we know that performance would be a hard one to overcome. We all hated to see any doors close for him. That is why we all freaked because we are all a little too in touch with this Guy. should I say obsessed. I personally was in tears watching the WDYWFM Song after I got home from work spending time at my middle school defending Adam as an artist with a big heart and creative mind. He is so beautifu and talented. What ever fruit he is apples or Oranges i love fruit and I love what feelings the Man can evoke. Passionate and one of a kind. Happy Thanks Giving Ladies!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Jill, that is fantastic. I love everything you have said and you are so right. Thank you.

    • Jill, spot on and well-said! Looking forward to your future posts! Mmmmwah

    • Jill, thank you.:) your post was great! Welcome to our fansite too.

      • Jill, yes, I had thought of that face, being at the end of black or White, also. And I do see how he feels that he went ‘over the top’ then, and now says it is due to adreneline as well. At the time, there was a bit of controversy about if he was gay or not, as that is when the pics of him kissing a guy came out on the internet. The difference between that face and the one during the AMA is what feeling he ahd inside to create it. During the AMA performance, he was giving the finger at the same time. On TV they showed us the close up of his face. But the pic of him giving the finger is at that same moment. He says he was giving the finger to those who do not accept him, were about to censoring him, etc. But see, to me, the face in Black or White was being proud of who he is. The ‘black or white’ theme could mean ‘gay or straight’, etc. The face on the AMA performance was because I think he may have been so full of adreneline it was more an anger thing. He had just gone through the whole thing with the OUT editor, and how he was not being ‘gay enough’, or whatever. All a buch of crap he has got to get past. He says he doens’t care, he is who he is, he is not a politician, etc. But it would be hard for anyone to not internalize that and have a storm going on inside. Once he learns how to control his adreneline a bit more, he will appear more professional on the big stage, in front of big stars, etc.

  51. I think we need to start a petition to get Adam or a record company to RELEASE HIS ALBUM ON VINYL!!!! I think it’d be fitting and I’d love love love to hear it on vinyl. How to go about this….
    Imagine his face staring back at you on a large record cover.

  52. glambertfan Glamb#193 says:

    This was good one.actually was great one.


  54. Adam was just all kinds of delicious this morning on CBS. He is just such a good interview & he is so articulate & quick & witty, something that seems so rare coming from a 27 year old these days. Guh, those gorgeous long, slim legs in those tight, shiny pants…The great hair…Those beautiful eyes….That drop dead gorgeous smile…I just want to lick him like a lollipop!!! And, those vocals! He really brought it this morning The first thing that got me interested from his 1st audition, I thought, who can sing Queen accapella like that? So many past contestants have slaughtered Bohemian Rhapsody!

    According to a tweet: he’s gonna be on Larry King in December.

    Jill, I agree with you regarding the B or W performance & the AMA one. I understand that the “photos” had been found out just prior to his B or W performance, which probably brought about the more angry performance. The “out” reply from that Aaron guy I think really got to him, as well. I also think the misstep on the stage got him rattled in the moment. Poor guy, at times, has a lot coming at him when, I believe, he just really wants to sing & become a Rock star. When the frustration builds, I believe he puts those emotions into his performance. Just my opinion.

  55. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that this song sounds as if it were a response to the AMA fiasco (even though it isn’t really). The song goes so perfectly with everything thats happened. It’s like Jill said, people need to remember that the AMA was his first ever award show performance, and no matter how hyped and amazing he is he is still human, and he’ll make mistakes. It’s all trial and error, he’ll work it out.
    Love his performance here. Good interview, I love how calm he is about things, it makes me feel calmer too. It was really great of cbs to embrace him after abc got to scared to let him on. Maybe they did it for ratings, but it really feels like they’re going all out in support here.

  56. so cool after his last song! great!!!

  57. andrea_jeka says:

    OMG! Hello guys I’m from Indonesia (SE Asia). And I’m going to get my official GLAMB number!!!
    I’m a 15-year-old girl but I have a childish personality =p “AND I LOVE ADAM SO MUCH”
    (wish i could make the sentence bolder hehe =] )

    So, here I am. Well do you want my thoughts on Adam in AMA? Well first, because of the time difference (I want to watch live-streaming cause I don’t have ABC, but it was 6 a.m and I gotta go to school. So SAD!!), I cannot watch ADAM live. When I returned home, I ran to my room, turned my laptop on, and then watched his performance. Wow! I was really thrilled you know. I was shaking all the time with my mouth open. But, there was a time when the camera was really far from ADAM, and I couldn’t figure what happened. I saw ADAM did something with a guy, and I thought he was posing with him. And then before the video nearly ended, he did another thing with a guy too, which i couldn’t figure out.

    After watching his AMA’s performance, i was really satisfied and i jumped around a lot, although in some part of the song his vocals are not good enough. I, then, googled up on ADAM to see comments from the others. WOW, I was really suprised.. I didn’ t know that ADAM did this and that (you know), moreover, if this were to be aired in Indonesia, i think the majority of Indonesians would despise him so much, excluding ADAM’s fans! (as Indonesians have no sexual sense XD ) But, I don’t know why, after reading articles and seeing ADAM’s photos on his AMA’s performance, I felt nothing, really. I was not enraged but I laughed real hard till my big bro smacked my face off XD.
    Oh come on, that was really fun. IT WAS REALLY ENTERTAINING……


    Oh yeah, before i finished these, let me tell you some parts i like from the FYE MV. I like “part 0:45” where ADAM’s face is really clooooooooooose to the camera and then making such a sensual and sexy expressions! LOVE HIM JESUS MUACH!

    Wow, i can’t imagine that i could write these!

    ANDREA , Pontianak,Indonesia =)

    • Welcome future Glamb! Have you already requested your #? If not, let us know and we’ll give you the link so that you can.

    • Welcome Andrea – loved your post! Mmmmmmmmmwah

    • Andrea, welcome honey. My son is 16 yrs old. After the AMA’s he said kids at his school are more into Adam than ever before. They think he is cool and a great entertainer! Some kids are just seeing him for the first time. Never watched American Idol.

  58. PEACE ADAM!……… did’nt owe anyone an apology.. We love you! Keep that zest and spark
    that is YOU! Thant’s what makes you so darn special!

  59. Adam’s performance on The Early Show was amazing!! I regret that I wasn’t able to see it when it was originally broadcast but thanks so must for posting all the videos. I love how honest Adam is and not apologizing for being himself.
    One of the best comments was when he was asked if he would change anything about the AMAs and he said that he would have sang it better. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more from Adam in the future!!!

  60. It does not matter if we love every performance of Adam’s, what matters is the fact that we appreciate his talent and love him for the ability to entertain all ages of male and female viewers.
    Every journey has a little learning experience and in the end, that is what will make Adam our next icon.
    He knows this is a difficult buiness but he has the strength and the unconditional love of family, friends and loyal fans to be on the journey with him. I am sure he does not want everyone on that journey if they are not a positive reinforcement to him.
    We love Adam and he loves to entertain us with all his beautiful energy.
    If thoughts are energy, let’s give Adam all the positive energy we can send him.

  61. Jane Parker says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!
    I am thankful for all you fellow GLAMBS and for our STAR ADAM!!

    I am thankful we are working all of this out so we can SOAR again with our ROCK GOD!!!

    Love you guys!!!

  62. How on such short notice CBS was able to reformat their entire morning showing to be all about Adam Lambert is truly a tribute to his star power! They literally showed him throughout the 2 hours, using his album songs to phase in and out to commercials even! WOW! And fans from Tokoyo and Pakistan in the crowd! Unreal! CBS really out did themselves and we the fans were treated to a beautiful morning wakeup show! Wish I could wake up with Adam every morning! In 2 whole hours he showed America the Adam Lambert we all had fallen in love with many months ago! He was articulate, sweet, honest, polite and stood by his convictions. Did I mention absolutely sexy, gorgeous, and heart melting? How does he look better each time we see him?
    Have seen his FYE video and it is absolutely fabulous! A version of this on AMA would have been icing on the cake for him! Oh well, that’s water under the bridge so to speak. It’s over with and time to move on to much better and brighter things! And as his Mom said “Just go with the flow”.
    All the songs on his new CD are keepers! I have been playing it nonstop! Everywhere I look it’s more Adam! We’ve been waiting for this since the last showing of AI. Sunday was a hiccup so to speak and he has since been shining like the super star we know he is destined to become!
    And now we have a tour to look forward to?!?!?!
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

    Peace! Light! Love! Angie!

  63. What happened to Jeanette? Wasn’t she a die hard fan?

    • That’s my question too. What’s the deal? Anyone know?

      • See her posts after his AMA performance. she was very, very upset with him for that. She felt he compeletely blew it. And so did I, actually. But he will be able to bounce back. Perhaps not completely. And perhaps Jeanette will be one of the ones who he loses as a fan. He may not be as big as he might have been. We will never know what might have been if he had NOT done the things he did in the AMA performance. This was the very first time that many people had ever heard of him, and ever would, and may have bought his album the next morning otherwise and become fans. He really needs to learn how to control his adreneline, and how to react when he feels that flow, that rush. Yes, to some, maybe to Jeanette, he blew it.

    • I believe that Jeanette said that she would be out of town till the end of the month…which would be November!

  64. Rolling Stone just rated the album, 3 stars and said that next time Adam needs to create “from the gut”, that somehow the sound was “stuffy”. By comment, it looks like if they had only rated it on “Music Again” and “Soaked”, it would have been 5 stars. Sounds like ol’ Simon Cowell doesn’t it? – don’t give the kid too high of a mark so he will keep working real hard. They also seem to want him to get into more rock sound and less pop. I’m so glad I’m not a music critic and I can just wrap myself up in that gorgeous voice and swoon like an idiot!!

    • Adam will always be rated more harshly because he is so incredibly talented and more is expected of him. It isn’t fair — I cringe to see an A- for Allison and a B+ for Adam. But anyone with ears can discern for themselves — Adam’s album is the best thing to be produced in the last 20 years — and he is the greatest talent in my lifetime (a lot more than 20 years!!!) Rock on Adam — just keep being true to yourself and we will always be there to support you!!!!
      Glambert 2397

  65. the problem with adam is he is honest and straight forward. he could answer questions in an impromptu way, very smart and talented guy. i do hope adam you solely focus on your vocal talent and ignore those negative comments and people. as you said, you are who you are and we love you for who you are. the more you entertain those people, the more they make up stories against you. silence is the best weapon.

  66. Yes, I love watching these Videos. They are the best!!
    Thanks again Ladies.