Adam Lambert caught on a Date… with a girl (Video)

I can’t believe I’m even looking at this footage. Adam Lambert caught on a date in Hollywood? From TMZ.COM:


  1. Dont know who those girls are… lucky girls
    Adam’s so smart!! His substitution of “Dorothy” realy turned the table!

  2. He is super cute! With two cute friends having a blast!! He deserves to enjoy, eat out, date, and just be normal for God’s sake!!!

  3. OMG!!! Leave the poor guy alone and let him do his thing . . . who cares what he is, gay, bi, straight or otherwise . . . to each their own. . . . he is himself, that’s all that really matters!!!

  4. The girl who was on his arm was at one of his performances on AI. She’s so cute! She was absolutely beaming after Adam performed! Adam is incredible 🙂

  5. mormor says:

    He is smart. Glad he got some time off to have dinner with a friend. He is adorable.

  6. Amanda says:

    He has such great manners, even when a camera is rudely placed in in face on a night out. That girl is so lucky to be on the arm of such a gentleman!

  7. I don’t quite understand why this is viewed as a date? Isn’t there such things as guys being friends with girls anymore? And yea, he may not be completely gay, he may be bi–whatever—leave him alone.

  8. marlis says:

    another website said she is Danielle, his BFF. And yes, she was there at AI one night, I think it was the Black or White performance night (next to a guy that I think is his boyfriend–antoher website said that he was). I think she was in Wicked with him. she looks like she might be in the thearter to me…
    NOTE:’s photog took this footage

  9. marlis says:

    do you see that his shirt says BRAVE on it? which we all know that he is. Paula says he is the bravest ever on AI…someone must have gotten that for him as a gift or a type of joke gift…

  10. Adam shows class as usual, way to go