Caught- Adam Lambert And Jake Shears!!

I am not going to lie, this is a tad bit racy, but completely hilarious as well!!! I can’t even tell you how many times I have watched it, I crack up every time, what is wrong with me????? LOL!


Scissor Sisters News, Sept 2010: Katy Perry watches Adam Lambert make out with Jake Shears
Video via: scissorsisterstv



  1. Did Jake just scream like a girl?! LOL

  2. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    Too funny!!!

  3. My daughter said this was an act by adam and jake…they were playing this up for fun….adam is a riot

  4. Adam is so Hilarious:0)

  5. Well played. So hilarious !! ADAM could be the best movie actor ! He is ! Hope one day he will do movies. He can act so natural and sensous (and funny too)

  6. LOLOol.. I had such a good chuckle over this… Adam is a RIOT. I saw still pics on another site and wondered what was up with the pose and Katie holding the blackeberry with that look on her face.
    I can just hear them all laughing hystrically over this, with their reported whaco senses of humor, and they are frineds.. BUT hollly CRAP… wait & see what kind of flack comes out of it. Can people just get it as the fun spoof it was intended to be.. I mean REALLY… LOOK at that newscaster, c’mon!
    Adam is priceless, emphatically saying no while nodding his head yes… OHHHHH boy when the stiffos with no sense of humor get a load of this…

  7. Cindy is probably right wait for the stiffos with no sense of humor or the homophobes.
    Then again Adam is obvioulsy not skerd again as he is happily sending this out via Twitter.

    My favorite moment is his eyes popping wide open when Lester asks ” Did you Blow him? ”
    Jake could wish…..

  8. Ha ha ha! That was funny and no, Adam was not skerd.

  9. Glamourclamor says:

    Thought the look on Katie’s face priceless. Also, the stunned look on Adam’s face also very funny—like he didn’t know what had just happened and he wasn’t a part of it. This Lester guy is a hoot, whoever he is? Being an Adam fan is opening up new horizons for me!!! It’s becoming quite common for me to think WTF just happened?

  10. Adam is a hoot!!! personality and talent!! I love! love! love!him more each day!!!!!!!!!
    and what he is doing for the kids through is wonderful. I am a teacher and this is so needed. I gave to this because of Adam and how much I know kids deserve it. What giving soul Adam is. Beautiful inside and out.

  11. I really want to view this but I haven’t yet. Is it just an interview or is he really making out with this guy? I am a big fan, and love to see the light side of Adam, but admit I can’t really deal with the kissing. How racy does it get? Is it just verbal rantor? Thanks.

    • This is a spoof. Adam is kissing him but not really The Adam Way….no tongue.
      He then gets interviewed by this wacky looking reporter and there are some funky sexual references with lots of bleeping….. to be honest I think it is actually in reaction to people not liking all the kissing but to me it feels all in good nature if you have a sense of humor.

  12. I am telling you, Adam always cracks me up! He seems to be a natural at anything he puts out there for us….wonder if he can cook!

  13. Hillarious!!

  14. Lee/Saline says:

    Halloween a little early??? I wish Adam would show up at my door!

  15. Way the go Jake !!!

  16. i keep rewinding the kissing 😀

  17. Gabriella says:

    i love u adam and i like every thing u do! i hate your boyfriends …sorry!