Glam Nation-Hong Kong 10/12/2010

Adam Lambert and the Glam Nation took the stage on 10/12/2010 at the Star Hall in Hong Kong!! There are multiples of some of the video’s so sit back and relax and, of course, ENJOY: Arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport/ kit0930hk **Seriously cute** Press Conference/ kit0930hk Opening Medley/ kit0930hk Voodoo/ imeanrun FOR YOUR […]

Glam Nation-Tokyo Day 3, 10/08/2010

This Glam Nation showcase is from their third night in Tokyo on 10/08/10!! If I were you, I would start at the END and work my way up because Whole Lotta Love is S.M.O.K.I.N.G. HOT to say the VERY least… ENJOY: Opening Medley/ riddle601b Fever/ riddle601b Sleepwalker/ riddle601b Broken Open/ riddle601b WWFM/ riddle601b Aftermath/ riddle601b […]

Glam Nation-Manila, Philippines 10/10/10

10/10/10… What a great date for a great concert! The Glam Nation took the stage at the SG Mall of Asia, in Manila, Philippines. From the bits I have seen and heard, it was awesome, once again!! Personally, I think Adam liked saying “Manila!!”. ENJOY: Opening Medley/ suz526 Fever/ suz526 Sleepwalker/ suz526 Soaked/ suz526 WWFM/ […]

Adam Lambert Agrees to ‘Tone Down’ Malaysian Glam Nation Show

Adam Lambert has agreed to tone down the Glam Nation concert, headed to Malaysia on Thursday. There have been calls by the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) to cancel the show, because they feel he is promoting gay culture in a mainly Muslim country. Adam has responded with tweets a few hours ago: While I […]

Adam Lambert’s ZMTV Radio Interview

Here is a short-but-sweet radio interview of Adam, with Polly, from ZMTV New Zealand. VIA: TheLambertFan123 ENJOY: XO~SUE~GLAMB#10

Glam Nation Tour-Rolando’s Summer 2010 Recap

This is the cutest video done to the song, “I’ve had the time of my life!!”. It is THE perfect song AND video to sum up all of our feelings from this summer of GLAM. I just watched it twice because I am addicted to Adam’s cute little face all sparkly and smiley!!! There are […]

Glam Nation- Nagoya AND Osaka, Japan 10/03/2010-10/04/2010

Here is a double dip of Adam and the Glam Nation tour!! On October 3rd, 2010, they played The Bottom Line in Nagoya, Japan. This venue holds 750 people, all of whom were in attendance as it was SOLD OUT! The second night, October 4th, 2010, they played in Osaka, Japan, at the Namba Hutch. […]

Glam Nation-Singapore Day 2, 09/26/2010

Hey everyone, here are a few tidbits of Adam for those in withdrawal, like me!! There are some video’s from Day Two of Singapore, which is during the daytime… kinda weird looking!! Also some cute pics of our pretty boy… ENJOY: Cute Arrival Video At Singapore Airport The following video’s are from Singapore Part 2-09/26/2010: […]

Glam Nation- Singapore Grand Prix

I am telling you what, I cannot believe the craziness of this little jaunt to Singapore!! Lost passports (Tommy), grocery store rants (Neil), twitter rants of sleeplessness (ALL OF THEM), and yet they manage to pull off a fantastic concert!!! Talk about professionals… check these out, ENJOY: Adam Lambert G1 Singapore Grand Prix Opening Medley/ […]

Neil Lambert: Sleepless in Singapore

Adam Lambert and crew have already started on their World Domination, and brother Neil, who is a Production Assistant on the Tour, is thankfully taking to the digital airwaves to give us some more hilarity. That is, if you can laugh at the tragedy that he’s able to make light of! Seems that their hotel […]