Adam Lambert Included on 2011 Grammy CD!!

The rumors have been flying, and now it is confirmed . . . somewhat. Adam Lambert has been included on the 2011 Grammy Nominees CD! The CD is supposedly for sale on Amazon’s UK site, according to a random Facebook page. If it’s true, I’m sure it will be all over the US stores soon. […]

Superstar Adam Lambert Announces Release of LIVE Acoustic EP!

Attention Glambs: December 6, 2010 is the release date for Adam Lambert’s live EP containing the acoustic versions of five of his most popular songs. Brush up on your downloading skills as this will be primarily a digital download, with a limited number of physical CDs being sold. Read on for the start of RCA’s […]

Dancing With The Stars – And Adam Lambert!!

This week was Rock Week on ABC’s hit show – Dancing With the Stars. And whose music should they use, but none other than Adam Lambert’s! Disney star Kyle Massey and partner Lacey Schwimmer did a rocking tango to Adam’s If I Had You. Except for the fact that we’re used to a superior entertainer […]

Glam Nation-Honolulu, Hawaii 10/25/2010

Neil S. Blaisdell Concert Hall, Honolulu, Hawaii was the venue for Adam and the Glam nation gang on October 25, 2010. You will all be happy to know that our favorite videographer, suz526, was on hand as well! She has, once again, taken some fabulous video’s and has shared them all with us! Adam looks […]

Glam Nation- Sydney, Australia 10/20/2010

Enmore Theater, Sydney, Australia, congratulations on being the host to The Glam Nation Tour this past Wednesday, October 20, 2010!! What a show you were able to witness… from hair pulling, to licking the back of necks, to more tongue-diving!! For those that like it HOT, this shows for you!!! Hot tamales… No fear Adam […]

Glam Nation-Melbourne, Australia 10/19/2010

Welcome to the Glam Nation concert at the Palais Theater, in Melbourne, Australia. This show was on October, 19, 2010. I will honestly admit that I have not watched them all the way through, because I also have today’s concert to post as well!! I am totally thinking of you guys here… so leave me […]

Adam Lambert On X Factor

THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO!!! The crowd goes bananas for him especially after the song is done, the host seems genuinely happy to be interviewing him, but the judges… eh maybe not so much. I think he was fantastic, and how awesome for the ENTIRE gang to be a part of it… I LOVE THE […]

Glam Nation-New Zealand 10/17/2010

This show was back to business as usual for the Glam Nation!! YAYAYAY! New Zealand loved on our man, and the absolute favorite part of the show for me???? Watching Adam sing METALLICA, YESSSS! For the encore at this show, Adam and the band surprised Tommy for his birthday, and sang his favorite song, Enter […]

Glam Nation-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 10/14/2010

ADAM LAMBERT+MALAYSIA=LOVE What a great experience for Adam’s fans in Malaysia. Regardless of the rules that had been set, Adam was still his beautiful, glittery self. He put on a show that sent those fans into a frenzy!! To me, Aftermath is always my favorite, but I have to say that Soaked was extremely beautiful. […]

Glam Nation-Hong Kong 10/12/2010

Adam Lambert and the Glam Nation took the stage on 10/12/2010 at the Star Hall in Hong Kong!! There are multiples of some of the video’s so sit back and relax and, of course, ENJOY: Arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport/ kit0930hk **Seriously cute** Press Conference/ kit0930hk Opening Medley/ kit0930hk Voodoo/ imeanrun FOR YOUR […]