Is Project Runway in Adam Lambert’s Future?

Although I can’t confirm it, there are plenty of other sites willing to “confirm” that Adam Lambert will be on an upcoming episode of Project Runway! The man certainly knows his fashion, and this could make for a great episode! From Bridgett P. LaVictoire at It appears that the answer to whether or not […]

Fashionista Adam Lambert Pumps the ‘Medge’ on the Red Carpet

On the Red Carpet for the 2nd day in a row, Adam Lambert told the press at the VH1 Do Something Now Awards, that he’s into a certain kind of men’s shoe right now – the ‘Medge.’ To all us women who’ve been wearing them for decades now, they’re just wedges, but the “M” makes […]

More IIHY Video Shoot Photos

Hello all! Here are some extra pictures that have come out from the IIHY video shoot. There are going to be really BIG but I couldn’t make them small and get them to look good, so ENJOY!!! Credit: Eric Ford; Photos: On Location News Plus, here is a short little article from May 14 […]

Adam Lamberts Full Length FASHIONAIR Video

First of all, I must ask… How excited are all of you about ADAM being the mentor next week on American Idol?????????????? I have had butterflies in my stomach ever since it was confirmed!! I don’t even care what the genre is, IT IS ALL ADAM NEXT WEEK!! The excitement is back from last year […]

Adam Lambert And Fashionair Photo Shoot

Thanks to FASHIONAIR.COM, I have posted their short promo clip from Adams “FASHIONAIR Presents” episode. According to their website, we will be able to view the full length video on Wednesday, April 7th. Watch the clip now and check out Adams cuteness in trying to zip up his zipper… totally “little boy” cute!! Then take […]

Adams Wish for His Tour Costume Designer

Adam Lambert is ready take his over-the-top performance all over the world to promote his album, For Your Entertainment. And as the image-conscious “Idol” runner-up plans a tour for later this year, one big question remains: Who will design his stage outfits? Thanks to Jocelyn Vena, and with reporting by Tim Kash who are both […]

Interview with FOX5 New York from the Blonds Fashion Show

Here is an interview with FOX5 New York from the Blonds Fashion Show. ENJOY!! Adam Lambert Heats Up Fashion Week By ANNE CRAIG/MYFOXNY.COM MYFOXNY.COM EXCLUSIVE – Fox 5 caught up with Adam Lambert at the Blonds show at Fashion Week. The Blonds are rock and roll: They’ve dressed Britney, Beyoncé, Fergie. Lambert’s voice captured America. […]

Fashion Week Photos and Mike Ruiz Photo Shoot Pics

I have come across some great pics from Fashion Week with Adam on the pre-show Red Carpet and sitting front row. I would have been so busy staring at him that i’d have missed the show!! ENJOY: NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 16: Singer Adam Lambert attends G-Star Raw Presents NY Raw Fall/Winter 2010 Collection at […]

Adam Makes Grammy Fashion Predictions

Who better than Adam to be a fashion correspondent? When you have your own style in check like no other celebrity 🙂 , you can take your expertise to the next level.  Honestly, I can’t see Adam really criticizing anyone’s choice of attire for the evening…but he says he will “call them out” if they […]

Adam Declared Fashion Winner at Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

  ***Updated with Video!***  Do we ever tire of seeing the next fashion statement that Adam will make?  We already know he has great style, but it is always nice to see more and more people recognizing it!  Apparently, celebrities feel a little more free to be themselves at this occasion without the scrutiny that […]