It’s A Wrap-IIHY Video

It sounds like last nights video shoot was just one big love-fest, and would we want it any other way? It is so wonderful to see that Adam has not lost sight of who his real friends are, and they know how special he is as well. From the tweets below, it is apparent that […]

Leila Lambert speaks

Woman’s Day interviewed Adam’s mom, Leila. She’s always seemed like such a classy and sweet lady, and this interview only reinforces that impression! Articulate, well-spoken (just like both of her lovely sons), and sharing a bunch of childhood memories with us. (Link: here) An American Idol Mom WD talks to Adam Lambert’s #1 fan—his mom, […]

Adam enjoying the spa

Gossip websites Celebrity and caught Adam going to the Ole Henriksen Skin Care in Los Angeles last sunday. Accompanying him was his best friend, Danielle. They spent the day being pampered and just relaxing! Good thing Adam is keeping his pre-idol friends close and is finally relaxing after a hectic and crazy year. […]

Adam Lambert’s Mom: “He’s Still a Winner”

In what’s been called one of the biggest TV upsets ever, front-runner Adam Lambert lost out on the “Idol” crown. Momlogic spoke with Adam’s mom, Leila, about her son’s loss, his talent, and the advice she has for moms of aspiring singers. Fox/American Idol momlogic: As Adam’s mother, what was going through your mind before […]

Neil Lambert: Introducing Adam’s Brother

Everything related to Adam Lambert’s brother Neil is going to be posted here so keep checking back for more pictures and ‘stuff.’ Before I get a million e-mails asking this question let me just give you the answer: YES, HE IS STRAIGHT. Go get him ladies. He is a very good writer and I’m really digging his […]