Catching Up On Adam Lambert-Foxwood/9:30 Club Photos/Interviews

This is somewhat of a mish mash of things that I had either missed or had not seen before today.

First off, I have FINALLY posted the pictures that our very own Donna W. had taken at her Foxwoods concert!! Poor Donna sent them to me right away, then I couldn’t get them to transfer on to the site, totally my fault I’m sure. Now, she has resent them to me and you guys are going to FLIP OUT when you see these, they are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S…. THANK YOU DONNA!!

Then there are some Washington, D.C. pictures, that I have included, that were taken before and after the show. Take a look at how cute Adam looks all clean and au natural…and so relaxed!! YAYAYAY!

I also have an interview or two for you… I hope you like them!!


pics via: Donna W.

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pic via: @RCAPromo

Adam Lambert Interview:
video via:TyBentli

Jun 29 2010 12:58 PM EDT 2
Adam Lambert Talks Importance Of Rhinestones, Pre-Show ‘Rituals’
‘We get in front of the mirror and kind of play every night,’ Lambert tells MTV News of makeup artist Sutan on Glam Nation Tour.
By Jim Cantiello/

Believe it or not, Adam Lambert does not wake up with rhinestones affixed to his cheekbones. The pop star, currently headlining his in-demand Glam Nation Tour, gets creative with his glittery stage makeup moments before showtime.

“We get in front of the mirror and kind of play every night,” Lambert told MTV News backstage at a recent sold-out New York City tour stop. “We just create and it’s fun. So sometimes there’s like rhinestones stuck all over [the] side of my head. Sometimes we give a little Eastern bindi action. Sometimes there [are] no stones whatsoever,” he added.

The “we” Lambert was referring to includes makeup guru Sutan, who has long been among Lambert’s circle of friends. But fans may know the flamboyant makeup artist from his stint on “America’s Next Top Model.”

“He’s so funny and has such a great energy, and I really like his work,” Lambert gushed.

Rhinestones and face glue, however, aren’t the only tools Adam needs to prep for a show. In order to maintain his powerhouse, octave-jumping voice, Lambert has finally zeroed in on a secret weapon: aerobics.

“I never used to be one to do any sort of ritual before I performed and just recently, at the start of this tour, I decided to start coming up with a routine. And it’s really helped me,” the singer said. “I exercise; I do like a cardio thing. If I’m in a hotel with a treadmill I either run for 20 minutes or I get on a stationary bike,” Lambert continued. “It makes you feel good, it gets the endorphins going. It also kind of helps warm up the voice. And then I do a [proper] vocal warm-up.”

As fun as the face painting is, the “Idol” star knows that ultimately, it’s all about delivering the music. “Those two things — just a little exercise and that vocal warm-up — keep me at my best. With fans “waiting out on the street, people are so dedicated, they deserve the best,” Lambert said.

His Glam Nation Tour continues through September, before heading overseas later this fall.



  1. je t’aime mon amour Adam pour toujours

  2. vous êtes la seule personne qui peut éclairer mon cœur à nouveau parce que tu es mon amour ange pour toujours mon doux bébé a toujours

  3. cheryl 334 says:

    Adam looks so good without all his make-up!!:) Fresh and yummy!

  4. Deb #606 says:

    Simply beautiful photos – what camera/lenses do you use?

  5. I thought Sultan looked familiar. Glad he’s on tour w/Adam–seems like a fun guy. Second streaming video threw me into a coke commercial. But it was good commercial FYI just saw Tom Cruise’s new movie Knight & Day and I loved it. Very Tom Cruise, lots of action and laughs. Go see for yourself.

    • peachie says:

      sutan is the make up artist of america’s next top model. i ;like adam without any make up. he looks so fresh and younger….

  6. Hi!!
    I’m glad you liked the pictures!!! God, is he gorgeous or what….and he’s even better looking in person!!
    What an incredible concert he gave!!!

    I used a Canon Rebel XTi….the lens was 70-200mm with a 1.4x tele-extender!!
    I was nervous they wouldn’t let me in with it, but they never even checked my bag!! Lucky me!!!

    • I still think he looked better when he was on American Idol. I loved his hair then but not now. He is a great entertainer though.

  7. Miss Molly says:

    Love the meet and greet pics. Nice to see Adam being JUST ADAM without all of the makeup. He’s still adorable. I can still see the strawberry blonde kid in there.

  8. Adamisamazing says:

    Those still pictures of him were fantastic. Such a beautiful man; inside and out. He’s so great taking the time with his fans. Loved Adam’s a la natural look. But, I love him any ole’ way. Thanks for the really great pictures and videos.

  9. Darlene says:

    I just love, love his smile!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Margie - Glamb #559 says:

    These candid shots of Adam without the makeup are absolutely wonderful !! I think it must be impossible to get a bad shot of him.

  11. earlzagurl4u says:

    If I should die before I wake it will be because Adam Lambert has taken my breath away,,

  12. Love the pics and interviews. He always looks so handsome. His black, shiny hair…just one of his many attributes. This man is a dream. Loved the relaxed and happy look in the pics and interviews. He just knows how to make people happy whether it is connecting with his fans with autographs, interviews or performances. I may be the only one having this trouble but this post was not in the useful spot on the Web site, so I had to copy/paste it in search. Maybe this is what you meant when you said you had difficulty or maybe it is just my computer. Anyway, thank you for lifting my spirits (I needed it) with these visuals and audios. Adam always makes me happy. Positive energy wherever he goes.

  13. I meant usual not useful. Oops.

  14. why people say hes not original?what does it mean original?

    • Scootersmom says:

      I’ve never heard it said that he’s not original. Perhaps it’s his “smoke and mirrors”(his comment) look, the reddish blonde hair dyed black. Maybe it’s because he is so smokin hot that they are just jealous of his effect on us.

      • The only ‘original’ artist I can think that people feel he’s anything like is Elvis. And while they both exclude unbelievable charm and sex appeal, the voices are different, manner of singing, everything! Of course, The King is no longer with us, I still get a thrill hearing his voice in a store, etc. Can say the very same thing for Adam, The Voice!!!

  15. hey adam i really enjoyed them videos have a good time love

  16. jen johnson says:

    i was at foxwoods & had a wonderful time w/ friends! we gambled for free drinks(lol!!)- & enjoyed the entire show! allison was great too- what a voice- but adam- wow!! he was amazing!! wish i could’ve met him! he seems so down to earth & fun!! 🙂

  17. kat23morg says:

    can not quite figure out how much more creative adam can be to be original to those who say he is not original…omg…..think about it…..he stands out head and shoulders above all current artist right now….no one…no one ….has the pipes to match…has the omg look….has anywhere near the performance quality (95% of artist out now lip sync or use audio voice changer…hate that)…his blend of rock, pop, electronic is very unique….his videos have been amazing…what more can you want…The people who say that are just homophobic and don’t admit it….His tour has been nothing short of outstanding performances….best tour of the summer and I wage of the year…Expect a DVDs and live concert cds….I imagine that is why security is cracking down on videos taken during concerts…If that is the case…his live cds and his videos should sell great…the other issue is these same homophobic people who were cutting adam down after the ama performance…and said he would not be a hit….are eating their words…adam is a star and is destined to be one of the best vocalist and performers we have heard in a long time…go adam!!!! i see him live tomorrow night…am so so so excited….

    • Adam is the most original artist ever. He’s completely unique. He does things his way and made an eclectic CD. Maybe that was just one person’s point if view? Original – absolutely! 🙂

  18. I’d like to know what it feels like standing near him – his physical presence has to be huge if his stage presence is anything to go by!

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      Adam has a special aura about him,,some kind of light,,he glows with positivity, love, warmth, you can feel how humble, grateful, honored he is to be surrounded by those who love him.. I’ve experienced it!!

  19. OMG! Sutan! I LOVE him too! He was so cool on ANTM.

  20. I just read a great new article! “Adam Lambert the Alpha Male:

  21. … I know if I ever met him I would just say “OMG! You’re so gorgeous!” (Like he hasn’t heard that a zillion times!) But I wouldn’t be able to help myself.

    These pics are gorgeous, as they all are. Thanks!

  22. irish139 says:

    I need tickets to Adam’s concert in Tunica.
    Can anyone help me? E-mail me at Thanks loads gals.

  23. Adam’s performance in DC on Jun 28 was out of this world. He rocked the town. My daughter and I went early and managed to secure spots #39 and #40 in line. We met a mother and her 14 year old daughter from Sarasota Springs, FL who had just flown in for the show and planned to fly home that same night. Dedicated fans, for sure. The venue was perfect…not a bad place to be in the club. We had great views and Adam is so beautiful. His voice is unbelieveable. What struck me is his gift of timing…he knows just when to make a move, make eye contact, flash that gorgeous smile. We decided if we were’nt happily married and have families, we’d definitely become Glamb roadies. Heck Adam was like the Pied Piper that night. With just a gesture, the crowd would have followed him anywhere. He’s wicked, wild and wonderful.