**NEW VIDEO ADDED!**Buying Tickets for the GlamNation Tour – Did You Experience Glamxiety??!!

****NEW VIDEO ADDED – 5/6/10******
GlamNation Promo Video – Are you sitting down??

Oh this concert is going to blow everyone out of the water!

I’m just wondering how many of you just went through the hair pulling experience of trying to buy tickets to any one of Adam’s shows that went on pre-sale this morning? I have a new term for this ticket-buying anxiety. I call it “Glamxiety!” By the way, if you haven’t tried to buy tickets yet, VOODOO is the code word for all the shows, and will be active for a day or two more.

I’m sure we all were hitting the “refresh” button on our keyboards this moring at 9:57 AM, making sure we could purchase the best seats the second they went on sale. I was buying the Costa Mesa/July 27 show. At 10:00:01 Ticketmaster was saying the back terrace sections were the best available??? WTF??? After rejecting these I kept trying. Over the next 20 minutes I was able to come up with some better seats, but certainly not front and center I was hoping for. I am really excited knowing that I’ll be seeing Adam on his Glam Nation Tour! I just wanted to be close enough to catch the flying glitter! Rumor has it that the scalper operations have special software that somehow gets into Ticketmaster 1 or 2 minutes early. This would sure explain what happened to everyone I’ve already spoken with, who were also trying like crazy for tickets.

If you have extra seats for any of Adam’s concerts and are willing to post them here, please feel free. This would be a way to make sure the concerts are filled with the Glambs who have become some of your best friends! Please don’t give price info though – just give an email address you feel safe revealing. That way, people who are interested can contact you and the pricing will be a private party issue.

Hopefully more tour dates will be announced and we will all be able to see Adam on his rise to superstar stature. Because once this tour is over, he’ll be there in everyone’s eyes baby eyes!! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!!)

~ Carol, Glamb #7 ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Karla Garner says:

    I just went through trying to get tickets to the Shooting Star Casino and was on redial for 4 hours… you could not buy these tickets on line.. had to be over the phone…so for June 10th,11,12 we have tickets for three shows… it will be a LOT of miles, but my mother who will be 75 on July 6th is happy as a clam… she loves Adam…………. we are soooooooooo looking forward to it….. but getting throuh the phone lines was a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

    • Summer says:

      The request from ALL THE ADAM LAMBERT FAN SITES~~~ PLEASE DO NOT GIVE OUT THE PASSCODES!!! On Planet Fierce and others you will be BANNED from the site for gving out the PASSCODE!! Please join all the fans and keep the passcode Secret… Because the Scalpers are “Hacking” into the ticket sites. Thanks!! Visit Ebay to see what Adam tickets are getting minutes after the sell.

      Yes I did get very BLESSED BY GOD~~ 4th Row center Milwaukee Riverside
      and 5th Row center Mystic Lake Minnesota…… Thank you GOD!!!! Adn we are going to Rockford too!!! YEA!!

      Tickets for both shows were sold out in less then 10 minutes for the fan club. My daughter and i were both trying at the same time and I HAD 2nd ROW CENTER STAGE but was 1 second too late and they said “TIME EXPIRED” YOU LOSE… you had 1 minute 30 seconds to complete the entire transasction… seats, name , address, credit info, passcode….. nerve wracking for sure and the passcode did not take until 10 minutes AFTER 10am, so it appeared that it was not going to work. My daught almost went off the site but I told her “I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU DO.. KEEP TRYING” She did and got 4th row center stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooo HOOO, because I lost my 2nd row and we would NOT HAVE tickets if she had gone off…. Because I went right back in and they were already GONE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      Well, this will be the last year of up close concerts for us all and Adam Lambert, because this time next year he will be selling out STADIUMS AND ARENAS!!!! I wish I would have been at all those up close and personal venues like NYC. Even if Adam prefers smaller venues the $$$$Money Honey$$$ will out weigh desire. So I will soak myself in being so close to this beautiful Man…. for now and enjoy every last second of ADAM making history!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’ve sure had trouble. And it is particularly hard for me because I will be spending most of the summer overseas working with only a few weeks at a time here in the US. So far, I’ve had no luck at any of the 3 shows that I will actually be home for. Just sick. I can’t imagine missing the whole tour….but so far that may just be the case. Still trying….June 22 and 24th would have been the best dates for me…even if it called for a SF to NY plane fare. But so far….nada….getting through with anything. Late August/Sept might work for me too….so if anyone out there can help, I’d sure appreciate one ticket……e3fan205@aol.com
      Sue…and everone….at the site. Thank you so much for keeping us posted. Hope I can open your articles once I hit Ajuba…..OMG…cannot imagine the next 6 weeks without access to Adam updates.

  2. FYI..The Pabst Theater , Riverside Theater…Milw.,Wi. has a policy of not accepting resold tickets for above face value by any one or entity reselling it for above face value by any method, including, without limitation, in person, on an auction website, or otherwise over the internet, and will be subject to legal action. Any ticket found to be offered for resale above face-value will be voided and subject to additional fees. We need more venues like this. I am so pleased to announce that I have purchased 4 tickets for my family for this concert and I know that we didn’t get the best seats but at least we’ll be there cheering on our Adam.

  3. Yes, my daughter got our last set of tickets this morning….for Mehnomen, Mn…We are making the rounds, leaving on Thursday the l0th for Council Bluffs, Ia then after the show we are leaving for Meynomen, mn , get a motel on the way as long as we get to our room about noon…then to Mystic Lake and my brother only lives 25 minutes from there and after the show go to his house….course it is a casino so may stay for a bit…Every one have a good time at the concerts….
    We (9) of us are going to Kansas City July 15th……Should be a lot of fun, as we love to watch Adam….

    • We are going to Mehomen and Mystick lakes too! We should make a caravan with our cars!!!!!
      By the way we might have 1 ticket to Mystic Lakes available. It’s a bad seat, but it’s a ticket!

      • Karla Garner says:

        Sounds like a plan… this should be such a good time…three Adam concerts in one weekend….Mom and I are going to Council Bluffs, Iowa and then head towards Mehomen….but man will it be ALOT OF MILES!!!

  4. This is nuts, checking email for the password for the Royal Oak Theatre this morning. Apparently the email was sent at 9:56am, time of presale was 10am and by the time I checked on it, went into the site 10 minutes later all presale tickets were gone. Then, I had another password for presale from the venue that started sales at noon. I was on it and got tickets, but not the VIP ones I wanted, WTF, how fast do you have to be? Bet the scalpers got them……This venue holds only 1700 people so it should be an increditable concert!! Adam will have a successful tour no doubt!! So Excited!!

    • Lee/Saline says:

      Karen, I got my ticket with the password for RO at 10:20am, and it’s GA. I didn’t think the password would get VIP tickets. Lynne

      • Lee/Saline, I talked with Diana the box office manager when we first got word of the concert and she told me that the first 200 people that book with the online password provided through the venue would get VIP tickets if purchased with the @home or text ticket option. I was trying for these since this would be a separate line going in first before the other GA……..Missed out on these but will be happy to just be there to enjoy the most talented performer on the planet!
        Just checked the ROMT site and the concert sold out. Tickets to general public started at 5pm.
        And Jordin Sparks is there 2 days before and tickets have been for sale for a bit – not sold out.
        Not surprised our Boy is #1!! Lets show Adam a huge WELCOME!! Karen

  5. Daffyd says:

    “Fans are in for a real treat” might be the understatement of all time! Smile at the end was worth the price of admission!!! I’ve watched the promo too many times. No shows in my vinicity–will have to settle for a daily dose of Adam on the Glamnetwork. He really is the total package–looks, sexy, and the “voice” of our times. Also beginning to feel like I know his band–kind of like channeling the Stones again–excitement!!!

  6. Paula T says:

    Carol, any word on San Diego???? I’ve got tix to OC, but is there something about SD that our guy is avoiding??? (I’m asking you, since you’re a fellow Diegan.)

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      We haven’t heard anything, but we’re crossing our fingers!

    • Libraglam says:

      I have read somewhere that it is up to the management. They are in the process of negotiations with many places etc…that s why they said we have to be patient cuz they are working on it and cannot disclose until it is confirmed. , Adam has no control of it. Of course i am sure that Adam wants to be everywhere cuz he is working almost every day from May til Sept anyway. But it helps if we scream “louder” :-)))

      • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE……………fingers, toes, and everything crossed, hoping he comes to San Diego!!!! 🙂

        • AdamsWench says:

          HE HAS TO COME HERE..

          • I’m another one hoping like crazy for a San Diego show! If there is, I’m sure we’ll organize some sort of meet-up before hand!
            P.S. I encourage Glambs in other cities where concerts are being held to use this site to try and organize meet-ups. It’s so much fun to meet each other – it’s amazing how many of you will become really close to each other. After all, we share something identical with each other, that many of us can’t share with many “outsiders.” Even our husbands!!

  7. I’m waiting patiently for tour dates for Texas. I hope us Texans won’t be disappointed!

    • buffy522 says:

      me too Ellie. I am dismayed. I would also go for New Orleans or south LA (that’s Louisiana people) where there are some Casino’s with auditoriums. Come on. But Gosh can his voice hold up with all these concerts?

      • Ima Ramorah says:

        Due to circumstances beyond my control (scheduled surgery) I will NOT be able to attend the HOUSTON concert. If anyone is interested in Orchestra right/Row BB Seat 9, ticket, will sell for cost, no markup other then the taxes and usual ticketmaster crap . 🙁

  8. Sally,Glamb #607 says:

    I was not aware that presale password was going to be given out this morning. I checked my e-mail are 10:30 and after 1 hour on line-was not able to get 2 tickets for the concert at MGM Foxwoods-all sold out. I spoke with the box office and they think they are going to have a few Orchestra tickets available for sale on Friday at 10. I am REALLY disappointed, but will hope for the best. At least I can cancel hotel room,if no tickets come up. NOT a good day!

    • Hey Sally! Sorry about your bad luck getting tickets! Something is very fishy about all this pre-sale stuff. I got an e-mail on May 5th with the password and tried immediately for the Foxwood tickets but it said tickets not available yet, so o the 6th I tried again, said no more available. So on Friday, the 7th, tickets were going on sale at 9 a.m.! I tried at 9 and they showed the available tickets…for the orchestra section but like in row m or somewhere in that area, they were going for over $600! Ridiculous! But to be honest, I would have paid it if I had that kind of money! LOL! But I would want to be able to STRUT with him on stage when that song came up! 🙂 I settled for 2 tickets, my friend is going with me, in the mezzanine section, row A and paid $251 per ticket! Some folks may think I’m nuts but I doubt the people on this site would as we are all die hard Adam fans. I don’t belong to the Glamberts but I should, I love this man! Went to 2 of the tour concerts just because of him! Good luck with the tickets! Hate the scalpers! IT’s BO!

  9. I have an extra ticket for Mystic Lake in MN – let me know if you are interested.

    • Sheila Glamb #500 says:

      Hi Trish, I might want the extra Mystic Lake ticket if you still have it. Where is the seat?

      My daughter is going with me, but had not planned to go, so I only bought two tickets. It would be great if you still have it. Could you email me (listed above) and let me know where and how much.
      Sheila (mahancock@elknet.net)

      • Andrea says:

        I have 2 extra tix for Mystic if anyone needs them….

      • Well it will be a not so good seat or it will be a bad seat. We are still deciding on which one we will give away. But there is definitely one. Since there is a pick up at will call, all parties envolved will just have to come together.

  10. martha says:

    Galmanxiety galore. Pre-sale and still had hard time getting tickets, sold out fast. Lucky I got a couple cuz he has to add another concert and just did.adamazing.

  11. I haven’t posted for a long time, although I read everyone’s comments daily. But tonight I just have to give a shout out to you over my zeal at having seen tour dates and locations added to the Glamnation Tour and guess what? ADAM LAMBERT IS COMING TO LOUISVILLE,, KY! We Southern Belles are gonna see our boy! Thank the universe I have great connections with important people who work at the Performing Arts Center! I am going to cash in the chips! I want to see him, talk to him, touch him, and dream of him the rest of my life!

    OK, that was a bit dramatic…but

    • Pyrenze says:

      Louisville and Knoxville are the shows closest to me in Birmingham but both are the week after July 4th so I can’t make those shows and I’m so bummed! I’ve already planned to go to a 4-day event the week before and I can’t take off work 2 weeks in a row. Hopefully there will be at least one other southern show a little later, Atlanta maybe, or Chattanooga, Huntsville, somewhere I can get to without having to take more than a day off work. I doubt he will have a show in B’ham.

  12. Mo-Ski says:

    Still waiting for some west coast tour dates to be announced…if anyone hears anything give me a heads-up! Thanks guys and congrats to all those who have tickets. You are in for the treats of your life!!

  13. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    I love the promo!!!

  14. Madeline says:

    i just have to say how enjoyable it is to sit here and read the stories about getting tickets. Itried the Borgata and was told tickets were unavailable at 10:10 am when they went on sale. I have just become resigned to the fact that I will not be able to see another concert unless it comes to an area near me. I was at the Fantasy Springs Concert and so I shall relish that until another opportunity comes along. But if it doesn’t, I know I was at his first concert the one he says was really great. I still can’t believe I am so caught up in this admiration society…so not me!!!

  15. Leslie says:

    Trying to get tickets was a GLAMNIGHTMARE!! The presale codes came at 9:40 am to purchase at 10 am for MGM Foxwoods, CT. I thought the codes came really late cause I was on that computer til 9:35 am, then I had to leave for work and of course I was somewhat late. Last time the codes came 45 min to 30 min before they went on sale. Who knew!!!! Wanted 4 tics to take my 3 kids and me for a day of GLAMour. Even reserved a room at Foxwoods cause Im not driving 3 hrs each way. So PLEASE if you have some tics would love them and u so much! It my daughter’s Sweet 16 this month and she loves him too. Will have to cancel room if something doesn’t come up.

    Boo hoo will have to watch him on the computer.

  16. I was very GLAManxious but my wonderful husband managed to get us tickets to two shows. One in our backyard.. Musikfest in Bethlehem PA- we’re longitime patrons of this festival and we got table seats close with dinner and everything!! I’m so pumped!!! I’m hoping since he has nothing else around Aug13th, that he adds a few more dates that week on the east coast.. Can’t wait for June 5th at Starland! Hope to see some of you there!

  17. Shirlee says:


    • hey just curious how did u get the close tickets?

      • Libraglam says:

        Shirlee, tell me how do you get them? any magic tips for all of us?

        I remembered that day, i was all ready and login at 9:01am (cuz they said tickets selling start at 9am for fans ) it returns saying all the front are sold out (i said what?? just after 1min?) i quickly redo all over again all got is SEC 2 (in the middle) row Q, 2 mins later i came back try to buy some more for my friends and i got row T, then 20 min later, sec 2 all sold out ! Darn….

      • Shirlee says:


        • Shirlee,
          Did they have tickets there that weren’t available on TicketMaster? When we went there for the regular General Release for the July 28 show, they said they had no better than TicketMaster, and that they don’t pull tickets to sell there, because what if they “don’t sell and are stuck with them.” They obviously have no idea who they’ve booked!


        • shirlee, can you give me the PacAmp phone number to order tickets? i am trying to get accessible tickets (wheelchair) and couldn’t get good seats online. I don’t know if i should call PacAmp directly or go through Ticketmaster.

  18. retrogrrrl says:

    OK Pacific NW Glambs SEATTLE is finally on the list but so far I am not finding ANYTHING on when these tickets (Showbox SODO July 20th Tuesday) go on sale. I’ve looked all over the internet & called Ticketmaster & emailed the Sodo venue (nothing on their website calendar for Adam YET) & so far nothing but I am all eyes/ears for ANY info! PLEASE email me ASAP if you hear anything about Seattle, & possibly Oregon or Vancouver? Anyway you can reach me at retrogrrrl8@yahoo.com
    Thanks Glambs!

    • Mary H says:

      I’m with you, waiting to hear something about tickets. I have previously been to the venue so hope I am on the venue pre-sale but nothing yet in my email. Also just registered with Adam Official for pre-sale code so hoping my bases are covered. I’ll let you know if I hear ANYTHING at all.

      • Mary H says:

        To answer the question “Are you experiencing Glamxiety??!!!” HELL YES!!!

        • I received the code for the Nokia theatre for June 22nd. It did not work.
          I tried everything. I even called the theatre, as it’s box office is open from Noon until 6pm.
          Never got through. I spent about three hours trying to get tickets.
          I also noticed that the Nokia theatre does not show you the seating arrangement.
          I ended up going to StubHub. I ordered the tickets by phone. I was told it was on a come first basis. I did not know where we were going to be seated. I received the tickets this past Monday and the seat numbers are on each ticket. I still don’t know where we’ll be sitting, as I’ve never been in this theatre.

          Yesterday, I received another pre-sale code. when I went to use it to see what would happen. There wasn’t a section to type in the code
          What the hell is going on?

          I know I paid too much for the tickets, as there was a service fee of over $30.00 on EACH ticket, plus delivery fee. You know what,? That’s okay, I will know never again to get tickets through a pre-sale with a code. It’s not going to work for me and it gives me nothing but aggravation!!
          We are big Adam fans and that’s why I paid the larger amount..

          Oh, then yesterday I received an email from StubHub advising me that the venue had been changed to a different date and time, but my tickets would still be honored.
          ‘The new date and time is: Adam Lambert June 22, 2010 at 8pm in the Nokia theatre..
          I checked my tickets again. They were all correct.
          The price on each ticket says $35.00 I paid $105.00 each, plus the service fee and delivery charge.. This is on 3 tickets.
          They explain why the ticket says one thing, when you know you paid another.


          • I bought VIP tickets for the Fillmore through mycityrocks. I paid above face value also but like you said I chose not wanting to deal with the anxiety and the aggravation. I do understand I am priviliged in being able to afford this but I have a lot of other major stuff going on in my life and this was a way to take care of myself.

      • LvAdam says:

        I’ve been searching too. Can’t find anything yet…….Let’s keep each other in the loop. Here’s my e-mail for faster contact chantill@peak.org. I’m getting EXCITED!!!!!

      • Mary, I’m watching every day, but can’t always check early in the morning, so if you hear about the Seattle tickets going on sale, please, please e-mail me. hkai@aol.com. Thanks!

        • Mary H says:

          I too work early in the am, but have time off starting Friday am through Sunday the 16th so hope tickets will go on sale during that time! I will definitely let you all know if I get any inside info! The suspense is killing me! Getting tickets to ANY of Adam’s concerts is really a challenge, that’s for sure Adam is so HUGE, needs a bigger venue!!! Next time out he’ll be at Key Arena!!!

          • I just went to ticketmaster and updated my account info in case we are supposed to buy through them. It should save time when trying to purchase tickets……it’s worth a try. I want to be ready! Any other ideas?

            • Definitely a good idea to have all credit card info in the system so you don’t have to update at the time. Still, just getting through to Ticketmaster or the venue is really a matter of luck, I think. Took me 15 minutes to get through on the Fantasy Springs website and all good seats were gone by then (still loved it anyway). Couldn’t get through at all for River Rock on two different sale days, so had to do the Stub Hub thing. (Grrrr!) Hope all of us here have luck on our side on the day of the sale! Last year, when I ordered David Cook tickets at the same venue on the pre-sale day, piece of cake!!! By the way, one of the biggest cheers of the night was when he mentioned he had just appeared with Adam in NY at Good Morning America (in August) and teased that Adam was there in Seattle with him. (Didn’t we wish!) The crowd was really enthusiastic for David, and it will be completely, unbelievably crazy when Adam is there.Just watching the promo above is almost more than I can take without sitting down and hyperventilating!!!

      • Mary H says:

        Seattle presale 5-12 according to AO

    • JEANENE says:

      Well, i have been checking out the SHOWBOX SODO IN SEATTLE, THIS VENUE HAS MOSTLY STANDING ROOM, FEW TABLES AND CHAIRS!!!! Short people can;t see anything, people push and shove you around, i was quite shocked. i went to one small place like this in Ballard, got there really early, stood in line along time, then got in, and got one of like 5 tables in the whole place,, i checked out this place has some sitting, bar is in back, guess this was the only place SIMON FULLER can get??? THIS IS HIS BOSS, IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW, THATIS WHAT I READ.
      Maybe short notice? Good for young kiids, to get stabbed in the ribs, neck, etc and shoved around!!!i was so happy, want to see ADAM SO BAD,where I live close too, but OMG.can us glamberts take it?????

      • Mary H says:

        As I said above, saw David Cook there and people were nice enough. The only thing I didn’t like was the standing part, being short and all. But then, I couldn’t see at Fantasy Springs, as I had floor seats, everyone stood up the the whole concert. I do wish they could have come up with a better venue, but I suppose its a matter of timing and availability. Something bigger might have been nice too, but no doubt next time his venue will be huge! With this smaller place, I’m hoping for the possibility of an autograph if I stick around afterwards, who knows?

    • Make sure you’re registered on adamunofficial.com. Sign up for the newsletter, and that way the code will be emailed to you. However, stay glued to your email the morning tickets go on sale. I’m hearing the emails aren’t sent until sometimes very close to the buying hour.

  19. Sophie says:

    Just wondering how do I receive the Fan Club passcode? I’m glamber# 418.
    is it send out from this fan club? or from Adam official?

    thank you

    • Leslie says:

      It is sent out to your email from adamunofficial.com like anywhere from 45 min to moments before it goes on sale. Its crazy!
      Best of luck…….I need tickets 4 tickets to Foxwoods, CT. anyone contact me at lsc1225@optonline.net

  20. When is Dallas, Texas being added?

  21. DKNY64 says:

    I tried all last week to get tickets to the NYC Nokia Theater show on June 22. I was at work in a meeting so I missed the email at 10am announcing the fan club pre-sale. I finally read the email at Noon and immediately went to Ticketmaster and had no luck. I also tried Am Ex pre-sale and the Nokia Theater pre-sale and still nothing. The tickets went on sale to the public on Sat at 10am and I tried online and via phone and still nothing! At 10:30 I gave up and tried Stubhub where “fans sell to other fans” for 3 times the face value of the concert tickets. I was shocked to find over 350 different ticket options for sale for the NYC show alone! Each option had anywhere from 1 to 4 tickets avail so do the math. The theater only holds 2100 people so nearly half the tickets were on sale on Stubhub! Of course I was desperate to see Adam so I bought tickets for A LOT more than the face value (I would pay almost anything to see him anyway!), but was truly disgusted by the ticket brokers buying up all the tickets and profiting off of Adam. I sure hope Adam and his management are aware of what’s going on with this. On the one hand he is selling out, however if brokers do not sell the tickets the venues will not be full, not to mention these brokers are in essence stealing money from Adam by charging so much more than the concert tour price.
    Btw there were tickets available for almost ALL venues on the tour so if anyone is having no luck Stubhub is an option.
    Today I was able to get tickets to the Foxwoods show in CT thru the Fan club pre-sale but it took 30 minutes and the best seats I could get were upper balcony. While I’m THRILLED to see Adam live TWICE, I was surprised and frustrated to not get better seats and paying more than I should have because of these brokers.
    C’est la vie I guess.

    • Leslie says:

      I truly feel your pain!! I was waiting for the presale codes to Foxwoods, CT from 8:00 til 9:35 am cause you never know if they are going on sale at 9 am or 10 am or later. But at 9:35am I had to leave to go to work and be there in 10 min….Yeah I was late about 15 min and was awkward.

      Anybody with 4 tics to Foxwoods email lsc1225@optonline .net
      Will pay above original price but not too crazy. Need to take my 3 kids and for one its her Sweet 16 gift.


    • carrie-lee says:

      I feel all your foxwoods pain, I was in the virtual waiting room for 4 hours and never even got on to buy tickets…. I am hoping to get any type of seats at general sale tomorrow but don’t feel very lucky about it saying I couldn’t even get through yesterday.. It pains me that foxwoods gave out the presalel passwords to all thier followers on twitter, I feel this was soo un fair and now all the tickets that should have gone to fans will be on ebay etc… making money off us unlucky fans who missed out.

  22. I was online trying to get tickets for knoxville presale those bitches were gone in 10 mins:(Needless to say i missed out on them:)But I am still hopeing for Good seats Fri for Reg Sales:)I went on ebay and they had pre sale tick for bidding and within a couple of hrs they were already 180.00 One person has 8 for sale for myrtle beach:)I can’t even get 2 How do these bitches that are not even attending get 8:)As you can tell I am PISSED:)I AM EXPERIENCING MEGA GLAMXIETY:)

  23. Some people that have tick are in California just trying to make money:( It is not FAIR FOR ALL OF ADAMS TRUE FANS TO GET SCREWED!!:(That really want to see Him:) anyone Else going to the Knoxville Show?We can glam it up together:)Sorry Guy’s just Upset:(


  25. Heather says:

    I just got a ticket to Costa Mesa and I was biting my nails! I don’t think I have a great seat, but I cycled through the search function several times trying. I’m surprised at the low ticket prices. Mine is only $30 and I think they could be charging more, although it seems the pricing is very different based on venue. Anyway, I’m one excited cougar!

  26. Patricia Rose1 says:

    I’m from Florida and an avid Adam fan who tried unsuccessfully today to buy out of state tickets at a couple of venues. Then I saw Denver on the list. My daughter and her husband are working out of Denver until August so I’m going to fly out and visit them for two weeks. Now I’m preparing myself for the next ticket purchase – gotta think positively.

    Isn’t it wonderful though that mothers, daughters and sons, are coming together to go to rock concerts together. Who would have thought! Another Adam special!!

  27. Yes, I’m wondering why San Diego is not on the list of venues,as I am a San Diegan too. Adam, please come home-we love you!
    At least I did get tickets for Costa Mesa—but I’d love to see Adam in his hometown as well.

  28. skittle0407 says:

    I did not get the tickets at all, kept saying online for Foxwoods that no seats were available in any section. I am beyond frustrated. It is hard enough being disabled but getting stressed to get tickets was a nightmare. I still dont have any and I have been to many concerts and never experienced this awful frustration when buying online!!!!!

  29. LolaGlamb says:

    I also was at work, and not aware that the pre-sale was today. I found out after work, and by then, of course, everything for Costa Mesa 27th was gone. I have tickets for the 28th, way far back, and was hoping to get one closer and make it a two day event. So I bit the bullet, and like DKNY64, went to StubHub, and paid more than double the face value for the ticket, but got center orchestra, row 16, so it was worth it to me. But I agree, it is maddening that scalpers are profiting off of Adam, and making it so hard for his fans to go see him. His management needs to do something about it.

  30. PaulaGlamb says:

    Hey Everybody you need to see this video that I just found on you tube about Adam’s Nation Glam Tour.
    It’s worth you time……………check it out


  31. PaulaGlamb says:

    I have the same question as Sophie
    Just wondering how do I receive the Fan Club passcode? is it send out from this fan club? or from Adam official?

    Can someone help us?

  32. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    So frustrated; I get the presale emails at home 5 minutes after the sales start. I don’t see them til I get home from work; dialed for an hour, but they are all gone! I did preregister with ticketmaster and sat and hit refresh in order to get Norva tickets. I feel so blessed to get them; I think it is only because it was not advertised too far in advance. I am trying for House of Blues this weekend. Will have to stand for both concerts – but I am going to be dancing anyway!

  33. Lee/Saline says:

    How do you get seats? All three of my tickets are for general admission. I have one extra ticket for The Omni in Toledo, Ohio. Comment here, and I’ll add my email. I’ll check back.

  34. zanner17 says:

    I’m soooo nervous that I won’t get tix! This Glamb# thing is stressing me out, but I hope to get a # before normal ticket sales start. I would have done this earlier, but didn’t know about it. yikes I’ve been too busy! I think the seats are general admission here in Charlotte but I sure hope it doesn’t sell out!

    I never sit down for long at any concert so general admission is fine with em…just get me there!

    • cmhagey says:

      Hi Zanner17,
      Lila, one of our fansite administrators is doing the Glamb # updates weekly. I’ll make sure she sees that you’re waiting!

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      I usually assign numbers on Wednesdays, but I was told you were anxious about it so I went and looked. Before I can assign a number you must follow the appropriate format or I’ll have to delete it. Here is the format as specified in step 3 of the instructions.

      GLAMB # (Leave it blank, we will assign this number for you)

      First Name (Nickname) from Your Current Location

  35. k. morgan says:

    I went to the site…could not get the link to work to order the tickets during pre-sale…kept refreshing….experienced the glamxiety complex….finally at about 10:30 it refreshed to where I could order the tickets…put in the password and wa – la….there we go…got my daughter and I two tickets…could not afford vip…but we are psyched….I am going to book a hotel room…so we can stay late for autographs…(hopefully Allison, Orianthi and of course Sir Adam will oblige us)…we are going to be glammy and glittery….CAN NOT WAIT!!!! I HAVE A FEELING THIS CONCERT TOUR WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST TOURS BY ANY ARTIST….WE ALL KNOW WHAT KIND OF PERFORMANCES ADAM DELIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Smitty says:

    Regarding Royal Oak, MI.. presale tickets for comment above.. I went on presale site yesterday right after it opened and bought 3 tickets … #s of tickets were 853, 854 and 855, which I presume were the # of tickets sold so far for the concert.. Unbelievable! They capacity is only 1700 and probably tickets will be sold out even before they go on general public sale Friday, 5/7..

  37. Smitty says:

    Regarding password and presale tickets in Royal Oak, MI.. I’m on their email list and get emailed passwords from the Music Hall and info on all presale tickets for activities … This is how I got my tickets without problems..

  38. jeanne says:

    FOR SALE: I’ve got 2 pretty good tickets for Costa Mesa July 28. Will sell for what I paid. i bought the first pair that came up, but kept trying & got circle seats!! So excited!!

    • cmhagey says:

      Congrats on your circle seats. I’d pass out if I was lucky enough to have gotten them! I’m really interested in your July 28 tickets. What are the seat numbers?

  39. glamitup says:

    Hey guys! Does anyone know what time the Adam official email comes through? Is it a few min. before tix go on sale or a few hours before? Is everyone just clicking on the ticket link on adam official or is everyone going to ticketmaster. There is a ticket sign next to adam in Louisville but the page is not found and I don’t think they are on sale just yet. My emails are not listing Louisville as being on sale yet! Any advise or info would be greatly appreciated! Love you guys. Loving Adam!

    • carrie-lee says:

      It comes through only minutes before tickets are on sale, I just clicked the link because not all venues sell on ticketmaster… good luck hope you get great seats !!!

  40. LOVE this video Carol, thank you!!!

  41. carrie-lee says:

    I spent 4 hours trying to buy tickets to foxwoods, CT show yesterday, you could only buy them online and I spent all four hours refreshing the page trying to get out of a virtual waiting room and ended up with no tickets… so I am still stressing out !!!!!!!!!! I do not want to go through this again tomorrow when they are on sale to the general public. The mgm grand website has got to be the worst to buy tickets at, you can not even get to the site to buy tickets, you get re routed to a waiting room online, rumor has it people will be camping out the casino tonight to try to get any tickets what so ever for this concert there are only 4000 seats and I need 3 of them…. guess it will be a long night !!!!!! lol wish me lucks glamberts !!

  42. I went through StubHub last week and purchased two circle seats (Costa Mesa). Cost a fortune. I don’t understand why everyone is having such a difficult time. Can someone explain. Thanks

    • Heather says:

      We are trying to get the tickets at the regular price. You are willing to pay a big premium. Money talks!

  43. buffy522 says:

    I don’t know why I found this whole line so fascinating? Not able to go to any listed so far. Getting tickets is a crazy business….not like the old days of standing in line and actually being able to pick your seats. “best available” isn’t always what is sounds like, or what you want. Ticketmasters seems to be trying to deal with some scalping. You can only buy four at a time, can be asked for id to match your ticket. I went to a George Strait concert this weekend (I’m not a big country fan but he is a legend and home town boy) and there was no way to control ids with 55,000 people in attendance. I kept saying.”How did those people get those front row tickets, or even close?1

  44. Hello everyone! I’m from England and I’m flying to LA especially for Adam’s concert on the 28th at Costa Mesa. I spent 3 hours online trying to get tickets…I almost gave up…and at the last moment got up front seats! I am soooo excited! xxx

    • cmhagey says:

      You’re so lucky Helen! It’s hit and miss. Tenacity pays off!!

      • danagram says:

        I have four extra tickets to Costa Mesa on July27. If any one is interested, leave your email and I will contact you.

  45. I am still waiting for sale ticket in St. Petersburg, FL. Anyone can help me how? I went to the official site and only RSVP at this time. New York, Nokia is Sold Out! Is this true?

    • The St. Petersburg concert is part of the Tampa Bay Rays Summer Concert Series which occurs on selected nights about 1/2 hours after the baseball game. In order to purchase tickets, go to the Tampa Bay Rays website and look under Summer Concert Series for Sept 28. You will see Adam and Orianthi listed there. That’s how I got mine. Good luck!

  46. Why on the official site says Page could not be found, when trying to get ticket? Gee, speaking of Glamanxiety attack!!!

  47. SHERIN says:

    Got my Charlotte, NC tickets. Only took 45 minutes and it was worth every minute!!! Love that Adam

  48. Shirlee says:


  49. Heather says:

    Re: Costa Mesa

    This is listed as part of the Orange County Fair concert series. Will we also need to buy a ticket to the county fair – is the Amphitheatre within the fairgrounds?

    • Heather says:

      Oops! Found my own answer at the Amphitheatre’s website. It says, “The Summer Concert Series is geared to provide a premier concert experience at a fan-friendly ticket price and, as always, concert tickets include FREE fair admission to the OC Fair!”

  50. Good News!!Good News!! Got online we were odering tick for two got balcony seats. And they were not all that great. But then I decided to try one tick best available:)!! I ALMOST PASSED OUT WHEN I SAW WHAT WAS AVAILABLE THERE WAS A SEAT ON THE 2ND ROW CENTER STAGE!!:):)I COULD NOT BELIVE IT. I SNATCHED THAT BAD BOY RIGHT UP!!:)I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW:)!! I HAVE BEEN SMILEING ALL DAY:) GUESS THE BROKERS AND SCALPS DID NOT GET THEM ALL:)GOING TO PARTY GLAM STYLE in KNOXVILLE:)! CAN’T WAIT TO BE FACE TO FACE WITH ADAM:):)!!

  51. i hate to give this article any more press but it compares adam lambert to selena gomez. glam tix went on sale this morning and selena’s tickets went on sale in april, so really – talk to me in june! the author has a history of bashing adam and the comments range from flattering to amusing to ignorant. even the examiner picked it up.


    ps bethlehem is about an hour from philly, and 90 min from NYC and there are still VIP packages and way far back tickets available! pick ’em up while you can!!

    and YES i experienced vast glamxiety! i got shut out of starland and nokia – but scored 3 single seats for wilkes barre – opening night!! less than a month away! truly relishing the thought of seeing him in a theater that holds less than 2000 people.

  52. OMG, check out what the scalpers are getting on ebay for sold out concerts this summer. So sad that some of his loyal fans missed out due to them buying these tickets, some just can’t afford it now.
    I thought this out right scalping was illegal, or is that when you are selling right in front of the venue?

  53. runnerkm says:

    I’m not sure about other areas, but in Connecticut where Adam will be on June 24th I couldn’t get tickets through the website or phone either. After calling my husband just about in tears, he checked Craigslist for me and we got two tickets through that. Of course, we are paying just about double what was listed on the Foxwoods website, but I did get tickets and I will be going (yeah). Can’t wait. So for areas that have Craigslist, try that venue.

  54. Lynda Evans says:

    I have 3 extra tickets for the Molson Ampitheatre. If interested email at Lynda Evans@verizon.net
    Only charging what I paid.

  55. After reading most of these posts i kind of feel fortunate now. I ended up getting 2 tickets for the Foxwoods concert. I was desperate, got the tickets at a cost of $251 per ticket but the total was $622. I have never spent this much on a concert! This man is special though. I was getting depressed after buying them though as the seats are in the mezzanine. At least they are row A. The scalpers are viscious! I got a pre-sale e-mail with the password on the 5th. Tried using it immediately and it said tickets weren’t available yet, what was up with that? I tried on the 6th and it said no seats were available! 🙁 So when tickets went on sale at 9 a.m. on the 7th I was right there. Lo and behold, ticket prices were sky high. I saw some tickets in the orchestra section available but besides them being in the areas of row M and further back they were also going for over $600 a ticket and you had to get 2. No thanks! I love this man but even if I did have the money for these I would expect to be able to get up on stage with him and be able to do 2 things….#1) When he sings “For Your Entertainment” I want to be able to help entertaining him …..#2) When he sings “Strut” I want to strut along side of him! 🙂 I feel bad for the ones who couldn’t get Foxwood tickets! Don’t give up though, some may pop up out of the blue!

  56. I have 2 extra tickets to the June 4th Wilkes-Barre show and 2 tickets for the Nokia Theater show in NYC (Wed., June 23). I’m only charging what I paid plus cost of shipping them to you. Please reply with your email if you are interested.