Billboard Top Albums

We already went over the most important end-of-year lists, but this new one is too important to ignore! Billboard Magazine, often considered to be the ‘holy grail’ of the music industry and, not quite unimportantly, music rankings, let its readers decide on the best albums of 2009 as well as of the last decade.

And hey, guess what? For the 2009 rankings, who is coming in 4th, just after Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears? A certain album called ‘For Your Entertainment’ by Mr. Adam Lambert!

Then, after clicking on to the albums of the decade.. 1. Michael Jackson.. 2. Lady Gaga.. 3. Britney Spears.. 4 & 5. Taylor Swift.. 6. Adam Lambert.. OH, HANG ON THERE. Did Billboard magazine’s readers just rank Adam’s For Your Entertainment as being the 6th best album of the last decade? They surely did!

Even though some artists in this list are pretty dubious, and it does not seem very legit.. Still a nice accomplishment, especially since a lot of Adam fans were not aware of this poll (was it even an online poll and not something else?). Nice surprise here 🙂 and well deserved, For Your Entertainment has the potential to be a very, very succesful album. Go Adam!


  1. that is awesome!!! Go adam!!!! love u

    In no time he’ll be no. 1

  3. So very cool..
    Not surprised at all.
    Love it.
    Yeah Yeah Yeah!

  4. Thelma(momopott47) says:

    I wish there was some way we could get people to see how important this young man is to music culture. This guy is epic, and I wouldn’t have seen him if not for my daughter’s persistent insistence that I tune in to AI to see this young man that one of her older co-workers was taken with.
    It was love at first sight, and I will do everything in my power to make sure he gets the recognition he so awesomely deserves. We have to support Adam through miscalculations, and even when he has to crawl, with our support he can get up and walk again. Let’s always have his back, he deserves nothing less!
    Thank you Leslie!(my daughter) for leading me to this exciting young talent.
    Adam, we will always PICK U UP!

    • I so ABSOLUTELY agree with you…i get nervous every once in awhile though when i see things like radio stations refusing to play him. What the heck is that all about…? Don’t they care how much people clamor to hear his songs….electrifying voice….electrifying personality…electrifyingly

  5. Very nice! Congrats to Adam – and to all of US for knowing the BEST when we see it!

    Interesting that Susan Boyle isn’t mentioned.

  6. Hey I just read Rolling Stone has Adam as # 1 of the year above all others even Gaga. Then I read that Adam is working on a Video for WDYWFM. I think the Doors are going to open wide. Can not wait to see the new Video.

  7. PamBiggs Glambert 510 says:

    I knew Adam had it in him to be great from the moment he sang Bohemian Rhapsody on AI. Just can’t get this album out of my mind. I play it all the time and always find myself singing different songs from the album all day long. Extremely addictive!

  8. Not a surprise here – you go Adam – So hey Simon – where is Susan B???????????????????

  9. Judysdancin says:

    This is such fantastic news! Way to go Adam!!! I too am a huge fan of his c.d. Noone else has put together a whole c.d. with such a variety of great songs! I dare anyone to listen to his c.d. and not tap their foot, or bob their head! I love this man and his music!

  10. It is so good as Adam’s fan to be validated, that we knew what we were all excited about, but, can you imagine what Adam is feeling right now, he must be floating in the air,crying tears of joy, shouting from the rooftops.. YEAH FOR ADAM !!!!!!!

  11. Welcome all the newcomers above, and if you want to get a Glamb number just go to and follow the steps..

    Indiechick you are one fast info hunter and we do appreciate it!

    hugs from Terry in Vancouver

  12. I’m so glad Adam is getting the recognition he deserves! FYE is simply the best album I have ever owned! My favorite songs from it keep changing! And I can’t wait to see the video for WDYWFM! GO ADAM!!!!

  13. Congrats. to you Adam. His album is one of the best to come out in several years. I love the mix of the different sounds. So proud of you……………

  14. Great album! Did anyone ever doubt that Adam’s music would not make it to the top??? I can’t wait to see him in concert.

  15. Helen/Canada says:

    Imagine how well he could do if radio was actually giving him the air play that he deserves. No doubt, he would be number 1 in an instant!

  16. Great News! I, too, listen to his album all the time…love it all!! Can’t wait to see a Strut video with his cool moves and devilish smile. Thanks, Adam, for letting us know about Alicia Keys new song. Bought the album today…love her voice.
    Wish I could see him at Gridlock 2010 Hollywood. What a treat that will be for those who can go.

  17. Congrats Adam ! I love your album so much I don’t even play Christmas songs anymore….just your album ! My children are wondering if there are other CDs in the car ..LOL ! This is the best news ever. Thank you Indiechickie for this great update. And to all my fellow Galmbs…. Wishing you all a Very Adamized Christmas and a most Glamorous New Year ! *Mwah* I’m sooooo HAPPY….Love you Adam

    • You are so right, who needs Christmas Music when you can listen to FYE over and over without getting bored.
      I do not even know how anymore how to turn on the radio in my car anymore. Loving my Ipod!

      • Yup, he is in my car, in my Ipod, in my head. He even took over my conscience. Adam, Thank you for showing me how to fight negativity. I will always be grateful to you. My New Years wish for you is that you always be in good health and that you continue to receive tons of good fortune you so richly deserve. Also, I wish Time for Miracles will win the Oscar for Best Song.

    • Was rather late in trimming my tree this year, only did it last Saturday. Traditionally I get out all the Xmas cds and have a Yuletide singalong, this year it was a decidedly un Christmassy FYE blaring away whilst I did my tree trimming. Not a carol in sight, wonder what the neighbours thought??

    • Congrats to Adam!! It is so funny all the music in my house and car is Adam. I forgot about Christmas music this year. I enjoy listening to his album everyday. Everyday I discover something different when I listen to it

  18. Rocker _Girl says:

    I am not surprised and very happy that people appreciate the talent this young man has and his gift for entertaining us!

    I have listened to his CD untold number of times and this evening have been on a “Master Plan” and “Down the Rabbit Hole” music marathon. I got those from the Deluxe download from iTunes for Adam’s FYE Album download plus it had some video behind the scenes.

    Yes, Adam is ear candy and I cannot get enough!

  19. Fabulous news! Adam is picking up one impressive accolade after another! And to think that this -his debut CD- was put together relatively hastily, in between AI tour shows, and whenever he and the other talented people in the music industry could get together and work on it! I haven’t been so captivated by a bunch of songs on a disc since Jeff Buckley — and I think that shows what impeccable taste I have (if I do say so, myself!).

  20. Congrats Adam
    we all know your the best out there and will be massive and take over the world, one day i will walk down the street singing to one of your songs (as i always do ) and see everyone else doing the same thing

  21. That is so freaking sweet. Love him, love the album! This is ONLY the beginning!! CRAZY!!

  22. nikka/argentina says:

    Go Adam ! FYE is amazing ! Can’t stop listening to it…and my kiddos are loving ot too!

  23. AdoringAdam says:

    I am so happy for Adam. This album will be a blockbuster during 2010 as more and more people start to hear about Adam. Lady GaGa’s start was slow and steady. We have to have faith. He is going to be huge for a long long time. The songs on his album are the best I have heard in years.
    What an amazing man, and so sexy. I think women are just absolutely crazy about him. I noticed Ellen gave him her biggest hug when he was on her show. Even Elizabeth H. from the View couldn’t keep her hands off of him. Keep voting in all the polls and make sure you vote on VH.1 for best music video.

  24. So Proud! Love FYE…it’s the best!

  25. I am soo happy for ADAM. He deserves every bit of accolades he’s getting. I always include him in my prayers for his happiness, success and fulfillment. He’s such a sweetheart. Love you ADAM baby.

  26. We didn’t know about the poll, but it’s great news. I’ve “made’ my own CD from songs from U Cabaret & some songs from ‘Idol” . Adam is a wonderful singer. a delightful personality. a good kid.I wish some rich fan would fund videos for some other songs of his, I like watching him as well as listening to him sing. “Soaked’. Pick U Up’ ‘, Fever’, ‘If I Had You’, Strut’ . There are my list of five, although I love all tracks.Okay, Geffen, or someone as successful, fund the kid.He’s an icon.

  27. I made up my own playlist on IPOD, took off Time for Miracles and added Down the Rabbit Hole instead – now the album really is PERFECT!! I feel like I’m at the end of a long period of starvation (for Adam Music) and now, finally, have so much satisfaction. And, it will just get better!! UIMA

  28. whoopee!=) Go Adam!!!

  29. number8gurl says:

    This is fantastic news. I’m so happy for Adam and I’m working constantly (without being a spammer) to get my local DJ to play WWFM. He’s explained to me a little bit about how it works on a local level…there are other things taken into consideration besides billboard ranking. I live in Alabama and it’s a tough market for Adam but I’ll never give up! I love this man and believe in him 100%!

    My daughter recently got her own laptop (and her own iTunes account) so I took over the iTunes on the desktop. It’s not only full of Adam’s music but also other artists that he’s introduced me to. I’m in my 40s and had kind of lost interest in music…Adam truly DID make me want to listen to Music Again! AND my kids are getting me my very first iPod for Christmas! Adam has also opened up my mind and made me feel happier and sexier. He’s truly a gift to the world!

    I wear out my FYE CD every day so it’s a good thing I have multiple copies in case this one dies LOL!

    I love Adam and I’ll support him forever!

    ps: I checked stats on Amazon and iTunes this morning:

    FYE album on Amazon is holding steady at #18.
    WWFM single is #59 in Bestsellers and #37 in Pop singles.

    FYE album on iTunes is at #70
    WWFM is #48 in Top 100 singles
    WWFM is #27 in Pop singles
    FYE is #43 in Pop singles

    Billboard still shows FYE album at #30 in Billboard 200 but it doesn’t appear to be updated yet. WWFM still shows as not having charted but I read on Twitter yesterday that it debuted at #35 so I’m thinking Billboard hasn’t updated their website.

  30. Adam will be #1 for a few decades… just watch this gift from God entertain us and our children and their childred….

  31. bring it on adam- you are the hottest in my years (69) I want you to sing fever and for your entertainment at my funeral – buy everything you do times 5

  32. It just warms my heart seeing all the good things people are saying on here. I think we’re all a little in love with this guy…and his music!!

  33. Adam was the major draw on the idol tour. Adam sells magazines. Adam increases viewership on TV shows. Adam is at the top or on every major list for 2009. He has received wonderful reviews for his album. Everyone wants to see him and talk about him. So what is the problem with radio? They are holding him back. He is doing very well but he could be doing much better. I live in Virginia and I don’t think any radio station in the state is playing him. I have sent requests to my local station but nothing. I hear Kelly, Chris, David C and Kris all the time. Would it really kill them to play Adam once in a while? Yes I have his CD but I really would love to hear him on the radio.

  34. I have listened to all of them and Adam’s is the best of all of them….period. He is simply the best of his generation and has the potential of doing any genre. I hope he uses all of his talents to make records of all different kinds of music for people of all ages and from all genres. The guy just is fantastic. We LOVE ADAM! The best of luck to you baby.

    The lucky companies that sign him are in for a treasure and a gold mine in Adam. But I wish him love and personal happiness as well. God bless you dear Adam. We are sooooo proud of you. keep with the music. keep it reigned in and stay with the voice, the velvety, perfect, stunning voice…..let us hear your voice! No more silliness. Do that with you buddies. But as a professional, we want to hear your best voice; the best of this decade. Go, Adam! Love when you blend your voice with superb orchetras, acousitc guitars. Cut a little back on the noise so we can hear you! Love, love, Love for your entertainment. I play it ten times a day for my clients. Give your Cd to manyo fo them for Christmas and Hanukah.

  35. trebmal aka zsuzsi says:

    as if this is unexpected adam lambert is a STAR and an epic talent his journey worldwide just begun and he is bringing joy and fun and entertainment to tons of people who like us love adam unconditionally and obsess about his success it is as if i and many have this uncanny desire to have justice take place- and have adam get the life he deserves full of joy personal growth and happiness and endless accolades for his art go adam go canada loves you madly and we are with you every step of the way
    suzy victoria canada

  36. I am soooo proud of Adam! I knew he would be huge, I think this is the best album I have ever heard. Of all great musicians he is indeed the most talented!

  37. You are a GREAT singer and should have won American Idoll as it was a singing contest, you by far had the best voice, not to mention your looks (sexy, WOW). I would like to see you put out more Albums… With the right songs you could be another Elvis Presley..
    Love you Adam, All the best.


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