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I just received this from Julie @ Enjoy:

“Hey Fernando!

 Julie here from

Less than a year after the ‘American Idol’ wild child burst onto the scene in an explosion of glitter and leather, Adam Lambert readies his first album and prepares to kick off his first tour. In an exclusive video interview, Adam tells us about 2012, his new album and what to expect from his tour. ‘Costumes, glitter, loud, lights and……..dolphins’ are on that list! He also gave our magazine editors a great cover story interview.

 Adam shared the cover with Season 8 winner Kris Allen. Feel free to check out his interview as well.

 This is a must read for all Adam Lambert fans so please feel free to share with your community.”





  2. Glambertcraze says:

    Adam says he wants his tour to be Theatrical, Fun and Grand. Yeahhhh
    Luv him, Luv his ways, Luv his looks, Oh well I just Luv Him period.
    Sunday cant come soon enough.

  3. he’s so handsome and charming,,,

  4. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    I want it all! ADAM’s concert shows are going to be fun,fun,FUN!
    ADAM, I don’t think your album cover is weird, it’s beautiful!
    Have fun this weekend! we’re all looking forward to seeing you on t.v. again!
    And, thank you for your musc! You’re amazing!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      ADAM, my kid is still singing ROF,lol! I love his TFM, beautiful song ,should win academy or whatever other awards there are.

      • OH kimber, TFM was absolutely magnificent in the large theatre!! But.. people just kept leaving..not the least bit interested in the music or the credits. It reminded me when I had gone to see “Titanic” in the mid nineties, and at the end this wonderful song started. It sounded like someown Irish LOL, and it took a few seconds to realize it was Celine, our own Canadian star, but that song touched my heart immediately. I feel that Adam got somewhat ripped off with this song and video in the media, it just didnt take off… yet now it is here in Canada! I just saw TFM video as #7 on our top 10 lst for this week.

        However he is so much in the media now it took me ove an hour just to follow a few twitter links and read the articles. As well, some of his album booklet pics are leaking out.. gorgeous!

        • Theresa,
          that’s what happened here in NJ too….my girlfriend and I went to “2012” specifically to hear ADAM sing TFM at the end of the movie. We both thought the movie was fantastic…excellent special effects, but we were more excited about waiting for the end to hear ADAM. The theatre was full, but when the movie was over, EVERYONE started leaving EXCEPT my girlfriend and I. We sat there, listened to the entire song, it was great to hear him in a huge theatre and we sang along….then the credits came up and we wanted to see ADAM’s name in print on the big screen….there were tons of credits and we finally saw ADAM’s name near the end!!! The employees of the theatre were sweeping up around us as we sat there.

          I was VERY surprised there were not more ADAM fans in the audience! I think he got “ripped off” somewhat too….they should have shown ADAM’s video with him singing it…maybe it would have drawn more attention!!!!

          But, you are right…..after tonite’s performance on the AMA’s and his album drops on Monday, EVERYONE WILL KNOW WHO ADAM IS !!!! OUR SHINING STAR !!!!

          • Same here,same here,DEE!At least your GF with you.I was alone!My sis and mom waiting outside.They should play “Lonely” by Akon!LOL!And the cleaner came and started to clean things.I was there sitting in front row enjoying the song and left over popcorn besides me,I didn’t eat it though,it’s some strangers popcorn.LOL!But it was beautiful.But I was hoping the song is in the movie.That will kill for sho.Hmm,why didn’t they put the song in the movie?People will pay more attention and sure they will love it.TFM is siiiiick!I love the second I heard the snippet.I can’t comment in vid just yet,it stuck half way! 🙁

          • Dee…what part of NJ…I’m in Vegas now, but originally Cherry Hill????

            • Hi Carolelee,

              I live in Wayne, NJ…north….I’ve lived in NJ all my life…originally from Clifton and I’m headed for Austin, TX where my son and daughter-in-law live….I lost my job last year and can’t find another one….so I’m taking “early” retirement and moving closer to them….cost of living in TX is much less expensive than here in NJ…I can sell my house here and pretty much retire when I move to TX….it will be a BIG change for me….but I’m looking forward to it….I miss my son and daughter-in-law very much….want to live closer to them.

              I’ll have to seek out my TEXAS ADAM GLAMBS !!!!

              • Oh Dee, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE Austin! It is my fave American city! We lived there in the mid seventies for a year and a half and bought a sailboat and kept it on Lake Travis. The universitiy grounds are gorgeous and the downtown is still kinda countercultural, just like my present neighbourhood in Vancouver.

                It has its own atmosphere, partly because of so many foreign students who bring their own flavour to the city… Also Austin City Limits and the local festivals, trips to San Antonio, etc.. and the Gulf, the beautiful warm waters of the Gulf, oh I want to live there too!! WEll I guess I live in Canda’s paradise so I should be satisfied.

                I wish you the very best of luck and hope you meet some great people to hang out with..

                Wonder how much Adam has been heard there? I hope a lot!

                • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

                  I’ve been to Austin,Tx twice. It is very beautiful country there. More countryside to see.

              • Helen/Canada says:

                It sounds like you are starting a new adventure in your life. Good for you, it will be so exciting for you. I know sometimes change is skery and leaving the things you know behind will be hard, but I think you will love it and the fact that you will be closer to your family is wonderful.
                I was in Ausin many years ago and it was a beautiful city and surrounding area. Have always wanted to go back. Heck, I’ve always wanted to see more of Texas, San Antonio, the gulf coast, etc. Road trip anyone!!!!

          • I had the same experience– in Wisconsin I have found only 6 people who like Adam!! This is shocking to me because all the blogs are filled with people like us– in LOVE with ADAM!! Where are all the Adam fans around here?? I can play his music at my counter in a department store- so one day I had FYE playing kinda loud. There was this black male frangrace vendor there for the day selling. He started DANCIN AND GROOVIN to FYE!! I smiled and pointed to him, and he said “This is cool- who is this”? He could not stop groovin and we were laughing!! It was the first time anyone ever said anything or seemed alive to his music. When I told him who it was he remembered Adam from AI and he LOVED Adam. We talked a while about how Adam is going to be HUGE! We were groovin and laughing and that felt soo good. Everyone else around me is just DEAD!! No emotion at all. There are 8 counters around me in clear ear shot of my music I play and NOTHING! I only had 3 customers say they loved Adam after hearing what I was playing. There is a lot of traffic in our store.
            The other day at a market I heard a teen girl employee say she loved Adam as I was checking out. I walked up to her and said “A fellow glambert- Adams rocks” and I high fived her! She was like hell yea!!
            That’s it! I wish there was more excitement! I request his songs a lot on KISS FM and nothing played–YET, that is. People are just comatose around here!!

            • Oh Summer, what a great story! Just give it time, it is happening slowly but surely. I saw his TFM vid on our music channel a grand total of once over two weeks, and I did keep an eye and ear out.. then yesterday, lo and behold! in the Top 10 it is No. 7! How did it get there so fast when it is hardly played? Diehard fans, that’s how, they vote online… I’m gonna vote to get it up to NO.1, and then in a couple of weeks, we’ll get FYE to No. 1, and on and on, we have 14 or more songs to go!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Great story Summer. I can just picture that scene in my mind. It must have been fun. Wish I could blast Adam’s music at my work. We do have the radio playing low but I have yet to hear Adam’s songs on the air waves. I’m really starting to get annoyed. I want to hear him on the radio!!!!!

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Love your story Summer. I guess it is all we can do though is play his music and talk, talk, talk about him. I loved that you high-fived that girl at the checkout – cool.

              Maybe after his appearance at the AMAs tonight people will sit up and taken notice, because I think his appearance is going to be spectacular – well isn’t it always, but then we are already converts.

              Rock on Adam.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Theresa and others
          Same thing happened to me. I went specifically for Adam’s song at the end although I did enjoy the movie. People just got up and started leaving. I felt like shouting out, how can you leave with this incredible voice blasting out on the sound system. Even if you didn’t know anything about Adam, you think you would stop when you heard that voice! Some people are just oblivous I guess. I had to wait too for all the credits on screen, wanted to see Adam’s name up there. God, there were a lot of credits. There were only about 4 of us who stayed, the others ladies were, let’s say, mature, too, LOL. The cleaners were already in sweeping around me, but I didn’t care!
          Theresa I’ve posted this before and asked Songwriter about it since she’s in the music biz but all this radio play and media stuff is way more complicated then we all thought or in my opinion that it should be. I too, think Adam got ripped off here. TFM should have soared to the top, but Songwriter explained how all that stuff works. Maybe, with more exposure it will rise slowly to it’s rightful place, but all us fans want it to go straight to number one, along with FYE.
          Go figure, business sucks!

          • Summer,I like the way you tell story,I can imagine it.Awesome.I never do like you did but one time I play FYE loud,my sis coming down,go to the dinner table looking for something then I saw her dance a bit follow the beat and then dance straight to kitchen.LOL!!I was giggle alone.When she came back,I asked her if she realized she was dancing?And she was “AH?” LOL!!She said she feel like want to limbo after listening to FYE.I said to you guys before I feel like want to do that too.Hmm,we are sister after all.LOL!Limbo,dancing whatever,we are moving,meaning that’s a good sign.Not DEAD,no emotion at all,right, Summer?haha! 🙂

  5. I love that Adam keeps us current. I love the cover, love the music…my CD is en route. The lyrics to his songs are great! Can’t wait for the tour. I’m sure Jeannette will keep us informed. Thank you.

  6. cheryl 334 says:

    ADAM………………….HOW UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS IS HIS VOICE……………………………simply mind-blowing. Just can’t get over his voice.

    His gorgeous looks, well, what is there to say, when one can simply see it for themselves. He needs no adjectives. There aren’t enough. He is just one amazing, fantastic, talented, gorgeous, caring individual.

    His hope for his tour is my hope. I am just waitting for the news of where and when. Can’t be soon enough. Adam is just, …………Adam. A supreme manly-man. As a fan, that can not be stated strongly enough, I love everything Adam. (I would like to say here, that when someone says they love ‘everything’ Adam, I hope that they are in tune enough, to realize that that does not include all things in life unseen or untold at this point in life. Many people, take this statement as ‘literal’ as possible to use in a rant or rave aagainst the original poster, which is NOT it’s purpose.) TFM is so beautiful, and watching Adam sing it again, opposed to just hearing it, just brings back to the mind what the eye cannot deny, and that is of his hottness, coolness, absollute brilliant looks. He certainly, as been said before, had it ALL.

    peace-love-light-truth=joy=happiness 4 ADAM.

  7. cheryl 334 says:

    correction…………………..He certainly, as been said before, HAS it ALL.

  8. WOW! Tour talk…Dolphins! Whoa! it’s my kind of entertainment. Only Adam Lambert can make it possible. So Proud of him. Go! Adam Go! We love you! He looks so fresh and yummy, oh, well he always anyway. My dream is for me to find out how good he smells 😉 and the tour will probably make my dream come true!

    • Oooooooooo….dolphins!!!! Maybe ADAM will wear a skimpy bathing suit and swim with the dophins! How exciting would that be???? yummmmmmm!!! See what my mind does when I think of ADAM!!!!

  9. Magnificant sounding -every track-My CD that I ordered from Adam’s website already arrived. Listening to the real deal CD took my breath away- so beautiful the pleasure was almost unbearable.Outstanding singing. Brillant variety. Some songs have me dancing around the house. Some songs are so vulnerable they make me almost cry. This CD is fantastic. And anyone who loves music will go ape for this album, it will fly. If they diss it, they will lose all credibility (hello washington) I hope 19Entertainment puts this album on vinly-even a limited edition lp -it will be worth it to me. The music on playing this album today has cleared my house better then fung shay and better that sage and candles-it is totally great energy coming from Adam’s singing.

    • It’s a happy..happy day! My CD and bonus book came today too. Gorgeous(of course) photos. Make sure you look inside the cover there are even more photos. The music is incredible. I won’t be listening to anything else for quite awhile. I have 2 more cds coming anytime now. One for every player you know. Is everyone still voting for the peoples choice award? Let’s make him number 1, he certainly deserves it. I’m going to vote again right now. Adam Rocks!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Oh, I’m so jealous, you actually have the cd in your hand. Can’t wait to get mine. I want the deluxe one also, but international orders are not available yet. The website said they’re still working on it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. What an amazing voice, amazing entertainer and amazing human being.

      Yes, people, please keep voting for Adam for peoples choice awards! I think there’s just a few more days left to vote.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MARTHA………..Loved your post. Isn’t it so true, his voice is magical. Know just what you mean about the songs, and so agree! It is almost UNBEARABLE. That is the word that has escaped me. His singing, his voice, and hearing it is almost unbearable to the heart. Makes you feel things that you might have forgot you could feel, doesn’t it? Wonderful explanation. VTY, Cheryl

      • I got my CD’s in the mail TODAY….could you girls here me screaming from there ????
        OMG, I was so excited, I could hardly stand it…..I’ve been playing them all day on my CD player….doing my housework….what a way to do housework !!!!

        The CD’s are soooooooo much better….perfectly clear to hear his glorious VOICE….I’ve been blasting them all day….my neighbors are going to think I’ve lost my mind….but I DON’T CARE !!!! I LUV ADAM !!!

        What a GREAT DAY ~~~~ ADAM-LICIOUS ~~~~

        • LibraLamb7 says:

          Dee…I just walked down to my mailbox…in the RAIN…& THERE IT WAS!!!! ADAM’S CD with the wonderful picture book!!! It IS a GREAT DAY! Now my weekend will be PERFECT, what with ADAM on the AMAs tomorrow night!, too!!! But, Dee…how am I going to bring myself to even break the seal on this work of ART!!! Your description of the sound quality & the FUN you’re having will push me over the edge! I was going to wait the the copies I pre-ordered from Amazon/ Barnes & Noble to arrive so I could keep the “deluxe” version intact….but I’m like a little kid on Christmas Eve here….I cannot wait….I’m about to rip it open…Oh YES, I AM!!!!!



          • Helen/Canada says:

            ….keep the deluxe verson intact…………RIP THE DANG THING OPEN ALREADY!!! LOL,, I still can’t get mine either Terry, boo hoo, but will keep on checking AO for any news.

  10. Dianne Hill says:

    I love watching Adam talk, he is so excited about this and why wouldn’t he be. I am loving every single minute of riding this storm with him, it is the most exciting time, I bet he still has to pinch himself at times to believe that it is all happening for him.

    I can hardly contain myself till Monday (for us on the other side of the world).

  11. I love that everything Adam is FINALLY coming at us fast and furious. He is EVERYWHERE. I am visiting family for the next week and have to find places to hide, reasons to hide so I can catch up every few hours with what is going on. Not being willing to take a chance of missing one second of the AMA’s, since I’m not sure when he will perform, I rented a hotel room and told my hosts that I am going to visit an old friend for the night. I feel like a teenager climbing out a window after her parents have gone to bed !! This is so much fun!!!

    • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

      Carrie J – renting the hotel room is soooo cool! I would’ve done the same thing – we’ve invested too much time and love not to enjoy this AMA moment LIVE with Adam! I also think Adam would want you to remember to bring a little “celebratory drink” for the evening 🙂 Have fun and let’s all visit again on Monday to share our favorite impressions!

    • Carrie,

      I’m with you….I feel like a teenager again too….you’re too funny. My son and daugher-in-law will be visiting me from Texas for Thanksgiving (I live in NJ) and I’ll be playing ADAM’s CD all weekend (I received mine today in the mail)…..they’ll be CONVERTS after this weekend…LOL


    • Helen/Canada says:

      I’m LMAO, renting a hotel room. Now that sounds like something I would do! Nothing is too extreme for our Adam……”nothing can stop me from trying”, hee, hee!

      Yes, can’t wait for tonight! Yes, let’s all meet up on Monday to talk about the show–Adam of course!

  12. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:


    awesome articles glambs…i am so behind with e-thing, trying to catch up tonite. i was already behind from the wedding preps for grandaughters wedding last wk….i fell broke mt wrist, really, i am typing with one hand and on pain….but i don’t have to go back to hospital till monday, for the surgery….i will be home sunday for the ama’s…my daughters say they will hand cuff me to the bed, if i get to rowdy…i said how appropiate…lmao……no way, am i missing this, gala premier…..gawd, he looks smoking hot…..hmf……thanx for all the grt articles….e-one have a wild fn’ wknd….my comments will be sparingly, again….blessings 2 all…
    p.s. posting this on several threads, to painful rite now to leave messages….AND IF YOU SHOULD SEE A BUNCH OF DITTOS, AFTER YOUR COMMENTS, THANX AHEAD OF TIME FOR EXPRESSING MY THOUGHTS…

    • NANCY……………… Feel for you, nancy! Have had so many surgeries on my writst, that I actually cannot remember how many. Very bad and hard surgeries, too. Long time to recover. Years for a couple surgeries before having any feeling back. I was only in my 30s then, too. Rheumatoid Arth.
      Have had over a dozen on fingers, hands, elbows. Nearly 40 surgeries altogether for rheuma. including feet, ankles, 4 back surgeries,and about a dozen others. So, I just feel for anyone who has to go thru that. You will be lucky to have your surgery after the AMAs!!! You would not be up to being able to stay awake afterward, trying to watch tv on Monday!!!! Good luck on your surgery, and know that some of us can relate and wish you well!

      Adam is soo ‘unbearably beautiful’ in every way, I know!!!! I feel your heart in your post!!!! Have a great time Sunday, and your grandaughters are loving you so much! Beautifel.

  13. Adams music is good for the soul. Each song stirs up lots of emotion. Another great video of him
    talking about his album and upcoming tour. He has great visions of his performances on tour and of living life. He inspires so much goodness in his fans. Smokin Hot Adam, thats our dude.
    Love him.

  14. Just saw 2012. Was exciting to hear Time for Miracles on the big sound system. just two more days for the AMA show YES!!

  15. Just checked Amazon and ADAM is number ONE in rock!! Wahoo…..It has begun, hang on everybody it’s gonna be a great ride……….

  16. Marie/Toronto says:


    I’m confused about something. I thought all along that Adam was gonna appear with Kris (together again) on GMA for the Fall Concert Series on Tuesday, the 24th. Now he’s doing a show at the Hudson Theater (for GMA) on Wednesday the 25th. He can’t be on GMA 2 days in a row. Is one televised and one is not? Or is the first appearance with Kris a no go?


    • Marie, I have not heard anything about them peforming together but we were given Nov 24 as a possible date before. I guess they will be separate, but remember there is supposed to be a Kradison concert somewhere, maybe NY? Adam will be on twice on Nov 25, GMA and later at night Letterman.

  17. AdoringAdam says:

    I just saw 2012. The movie was good but Adam was the best part of the movie. I hope everybody stays to listen to him sing. I was hoping they would have played TFM during one of the scenes, but that’s show business. I still think TIME FOR MIRACLES is fanstastic. I thought it would climb higher on the charts, but as my daughter said, more people are buying the album and that is one of the songs included. Can’t wait until tomorrow. I heard d that Adam is closing the show with his performance. WOO WOO GO ADAM!!!!!

    Adam will be GMA alone on November 25th.

  18. Always love his interviews… personal, upfront guidance as to the ride he wants to take us on and OMG, that smile!! I will be happy, however, when they start playing something else other than TFM as his background, signature song ….. its ok but it just does not seem to be most reflective of his sexy, laid back, ragin’, hot, get-it-on-baby, smokin’ Adamazing style. I see it when he talks, smiles, flashes those baby blues, moves his long, slender hands, pulls you in with just the right words and expressions and always wears something that makes you want to ……. well, you know. Just don’t love that song. FEVER gets a whole lot closer and I hope it takes off on the charts and gives him a run at #1. It’s where we all know he BELONGS! LOL, Adam

  19. Saw 2012 last Tuesday in this small town in Finland, and I was the only one who didn´t leave before TFM. So I stood there alone and listened, no Adam fans in this town? I wonder if TFM is promoted in any way, I have heard and seen the video zero times here. Love TFM more and more every day! FYE has now some radioplay here, but not enough yet, in my opinion.

    About the AMAs, can somebody help me about the timing? I see that we here in Finland are 9 hours ahead the time which is showed on this site. For instance when I´m writing this AdorinAdam´s comment is now the latest, and it says 7:47 am, that would be 4:47 pm (16:47) here.
    So, what time compared to Glambs time will the red carpet etc beging? And about what time will AMAs end? Is it also confirmed that Adam will be the closing act? That means probably that I have to be awake whole night. But lucky me, no work on Monday (retired)!

    • Hi. I live in California. It is 12:14am as I write this Sunday morning. You are 10 hours ahead of us. I hear stars start walking the red carpet at 3pm our time, so hopefully live streaming will begin too then. This would be 1am your time. The show doesn’t officially start till 8pm (6am your time). Adam said in one of his interviews that he was at the end. I hope this helps! Stay up all night and sleep after the show…it should last about 3 hours usually. Get ready to screeeeeeaaaaammm!! Go Adam!

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      There’s a wonderful website called “time zone converter”. The AMA’s are in Los Angeles California PST time. I have found it to be a very useful way of working out the time things are on. It lists all the countries. Your will see it at approx 6am on 23rd. Do go and check though for yourself just to be sure.

      • Therese and Lisa, thank you.( My thankyou comment went accidentally to a wrong place, at the bottom. )

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Thanks for that info Lisa. I get so confused sometimes about this time thing. I think I actually told Ofra, lucky girl, she gets to see Adam first, but in actually (?) I think she sees him later–see what I mean, DUH!!!

  20. I can’t wait for the dolphins! Haha. 😛

  21. Adam’s cd arrived in my mailbox yesterday, after a very stressful day at work. What a joy to hear his music. I am lovin’ it!

  22. rhymingrealtor says:

    I got my CD Today – Great day !

  23. Dolphins?Flipper will going with Adam?Awesome!LOL! 😛

  24. Gina Glamb#552 says:

    Just read review of FYE on softpedia under music. Terrific!!!!

  25. Gina Glamb#552 says:
    • Dianne Hill says:

      Gina, thanks for that. Absolutely awesome. I was thinking along the same lines as the reviewer that in 10 years time we are going to look back at this time and think “wow, he changed the music scene forever”. He is going to be so dynamic that he will leave the rest in the dust. The likes of Justin Timberlake better watch out because Adam is going to take over, much like Michael Jackson did when he released his first solo album “Off the Wall”. What a ride it is going to be.

      • Dianne, I am a new here so I thought I’d chime in… you are so right! Even my picky 16 year old son is enjoying Adam’s CD. That says a lot! My friend also has shared a couple of songs with her 17 year old and he REALLY likes what he has heard. Talk about bridging a generation gap…way to reach for the stars Adam…oh wait, right, you ARE THE STAR!!!

        • Therese I am also a “therese” or Theresa.. welcome. Yes the joy of Adam is that the forty somethings, we grannies (sixties) and even the teens like his sounds that bodes very well for his longevity over the decades. Besides that, Adam has so much creative energy he may not stay with music, he may direct, produce, write music, go into fashion, scents, boots (haha), jewellery, or even act in films. I would not put any of this past him!

          Terry in Vancouver

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Welcome Therese, nice to see you hear and Terry is quite right, I think Adam could and will do all those things that she mentioned. He has such a sense of style in everything he does and he is just so darned beautiful as well. We really love Adam on this site, and I am in my fifties, but I have always loved music, old as well as current music and thanks to Adam I am even becoming a fan of Lady Gaga, I can’t get that new song of hers out of my mind and I just love her video clip, she is very cool.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Yes, welcome Therese to the site. Another California gal, there’s quite a few. I’m envious of anybody living that close to Adam. I’m way across the country and up north in Canada.
            Glad to hear that your son and friends like Adam’s music. He transcends all generations with that amazing voice and talent.
            And yes, he has opened us up to a lot of music we normally would not be exposed to. Same as you Dianne, I have a whole new respect for Lady Gaga and her talent. She had a great radio interview. The link was posted on this site a while back. Really gave a good insight as to who she is and her music.
            Rock on, Adam!

  26. DANA…………………to ‘delete’ my response to a extremely personal attack from Lisa, whom I did not even post a comment to, is so totally unfair, it bogles my mind. She took it upon herself, after the 3 or 4 previous women to just out of the blue post to me 3 posts, calling me mentally ill, and worse. One post is almost as long as some threads. Why is that? Why did she do that? I haven’t a freaking idea, but I posted her back a much shorter post and you deleted mine. How in the world is that FAIR???? It is NOT. You should have ‘deleted’ her 3 horrible posts to me, if you ‘deleted’ my reply to someone who comes knocking on my door without porovocation on my side. This is the worst thing I have ever seen done on this blog. If my repoly is going to be ‘deleted’ and the instigater’s hatred is going to be left, then, this is not the kind of website I am interested in. I have put up with all that these few can dish out and try to defend my own person. But this just takes the cake in unfairness and hatefulness to the biggest fan of Adam Lambert on this site. I will not dignify this with any more of my efforts to just be a poster, no better, no worse than the 4 or 5 people who do not like me on this site, and have tried to get rid of me. If you have decided to do what they have not been able to do, then I cannot fight a moderator who chooses to get rid of me, for you have the ability, unlike the others to do just that. You all must be very proud of yourselves. That is too bad. That is too sad. That is unjustifiable.

    • Cheryl, your defense of Lorrin was noble and admirable and we agreed with that but it does not justify attacking someone’s husband by insinuating that he is ugly. Emili, did not turn on you neither did the others. As friends, we need to be honest with each other and what you said wasn’t nice. We have been friends on this site for a long time and I would rather be honest with you, hope that you would reflect on what is been said rather than continue to self-destruct. We are never too old to learn Cheryl. Adam, whom we all love has been a classic example of how to rise above ugliness and bitterness. When I say Adam is beautiful, more than anything else, I refer to his beauty within. Please think about what I am saying! Mmmmmmmmwah

      • AdamAddict says:

        Thank you,Ingrid! Mwah!! 🙂 Enough said!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        INGRID………………The woman invoked the fact that she had a ‘husband’ and questioned if Lorrin did. She made the stupid statement. I replied to her whole statement. Guess you cannot see the forest for the trees, Lorrin. I resent your attitude, and resent your referring to me as self-destructing. I have not self=destructed yet, and I don’t think I am in danger of it, now. Thank you very much.

        You have my email address. If you really was interested in ‘talking’ to me, you would have done it thru email. You have emailed my a hundred times. What is your purpose of going on this site to tell ME how you feel? Or is is that you just want to tell a few others how you feel? You are not interested in anything creative with me. I can see exactly what you are doing. I am not stupid, you should know that. But, you are not the person you portray yourself to be to me in private emails, so you can kindly not email me again, and I won’t email you, although I have only emailed you I think 2-3 sentences in a month, even tho you continue to email me with words of lyour love for me and my friendship. So, let’s just both go our separate ways. I don’t like 2 sided people. I guess Lisa would say you were schizoid. I wouldn’t, but she would or might. I’ll bet she will be able to post another nasty message to me, along with Dianne, Emili, Helen, and a nother I can;’t remember. Out of the hundreds on this site, I guess that if these, and you don’t respond to me and my posts, I’ll be doing just fine. But, to let people post hate filled messages to me, and then delete my response after 3-4 peopole who seem to enjoy each other’s posts, to then delete just me is really incredible. Unreal. Just like you have been to me. I know you are pissed that I have not emailed you back, but, it is what it is, and I alway told you I cannot stand peopole who are 2 sided. Now,k you post a respoonse, and Dana can delete my responses to all who have it out for me, evidently b/c they are just jealous of me for some reason. I have no idea why people hate others. I do not get it. I can state my opinion and move on. Others just are unable to do that. Can’t lhelp that. It is what it is.

        • Cheryl, your response is unfortunate as my post was not out of hate, but friendship!

          • … and I am not pissed off!

            • cheryl 334 says:

              ADDICT…………….Once again you feel the need to ‘pile on’ don’t you? I thought you were goiing to just ignore me? guess that is too much to hope for. I will try my damndest to ignore your hate.

              Just wanted to post under another poster about ME, huh? Guess I really am getting to you without even trying. Why is that Addict?

              I do not give unfortunate responses. I just let unfortunate people have my email address. I made that unfortunate mistake, but will not repeat it. I do live and learn. Maybe some don’t like what I learn, but they are the ones helping me learn!

              Adam loves women. Can’t wait till he gets a bonafide girlfriend. I will be so happy for him. Too bad this site is not the Adam loving site, but the cheryl hating site for about 5 of you now. Don’t think that is a consensus. There are about 400-500 posters on this site. one can only hope there are more good than evil. I still have hope. I know of a couople of people who just might like to join the hating gang. Wonder when they will appear out of nowhere, for no reason but to post more hate at me, to make them feel bigger about themselves. Funny how that never works.

          • cheryl 334 says:

            I am wondering, and have been for quite a while who in Canada might be emailing people on this site with their hate for me. I may not say anything, but I KNOW exactly WHO the obviously troubled person is. I continue to be as observant as always.

            • If you are talking abut me Cheryl, you are way off base. You have done this all by yourself. I have introduced nothing to any others about you off site. However, I do think a lot of your posts are far too personal to be on this Adam site and should be handled privately.

              • AdamAddict says:

                Hey,Terry!You still here?I thought you will be busy handling your old friends?You can’t get away from Adam not even a minute,huh?LOL!! 🙂

              • cheryl 334 says:

                hAVING A CONCIOUS problem? Must be I have not even thought of U. And as far as your thoughts of what I post, I don’t much care about, either. The new ‘gang-banging’ followers on this site need to take a close look into the mirror. I have nothing to say to you, So, kindly keep me out of your paranoria.

              • cheryl 334 says:


                • cheryl 334 says:

                  correction…………….Not needing anymore problems from tdhe older crowd, if you know what I mean! hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • cheryl 334 says:

                OMG! Life is sooo interesting!!!!! YLou never know who you’ll meet in you way up the mountain to see ADAM!!! He brings us in touch with people we never would have been involved with! Opens one’s eys up wide! You are a Rock-God, Adam, and I will be forever your biggest fan! Unless we count Jeanette who is turning into a ‘groupie’, herself!!! She may leave her job one day and suddenly you may see she is employed by your people!!! Hahaha!!!!

  27. I love Adam. I love his album cover. I love his two releases. He makes me friggin’ excited to see him again in person. I will follow him anywhere and buy anything he puts out. He is my favorite singer of all time.

  28. ‘when and where will the tour be – where can tickets be purchased?
    Hot Night at the AMA – can’t wait to SEE HIM!

  29. cheryl 334 says:

    DANA………………….Thank you for finally bering FAIR to me. I appreciate that very much. it is always good to know one will be treated fairly. Life can get pretty hard and hurtful when people do not play the game of life with fairness to all in mind. I now will apologize to you, for being so hard on you. I have respect for you and this site, once again. Not that bothered anyone if I didn’t, but, just want to apologize and say thank you for deleting the other hateful posts to me. Awesome of you.


  30. So happy today, got my CD with photo book. Love, love, love, love it! PERFECT!!! Thanks Adam!

  31. ADAM is amazing! I just adore him more and more when I see him interviewed….I just want to reach out, grab him, and hug him, and tell him how much he is loved by all of us! I want him to know that we share in his happiness, and that we all support him in his journey.

  32. littlegreensnake says:

    This man is so totally delightful and scrumptious that I just want to eat him up. My only dilemma is whether to start at the top or the bottom.

    Glamb #402

  33. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    lol. lol. lol

  34. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Held Adam’s cd in my hand today at the cd store. It’s due out tomorrow so I cant buy it till then. It was so good seeing it here in New Zealand. I love his spacesuit look on the rear cover. It really fits into the scene it is set in.
    He must be so excited too with the AMA’s coming up. Ground control to Major Adam, started counting engines on. Take your iced coffee pill and put your helmut on…… phissssshhhhhh.

  35. Therese and Lisa, thank you very much, that helps! It´s going to be a loooong night. My biological clock is not going to be happy.
    I love this Billboard interview, Adam is so charming. I even put it in Facebook, so that my ( ignorant) friends there would know him better . I have shared some other Adam stuff, like TFM video and the album stream there, they must think that this granny has lost her mind.

  36. I love adam, want to be at his first concert, money no object