Behind the Scenes: “Music Again”

How many times have you listened to “Music Again?”  A hundred…a thousand or more times?  Adam is now telling all the behind the scenes scoop for each track on the album.  Watch for future installments!  Dana, Glamb #6


  1. Love it, thank you.

    • Just watched the 3 part Oprah interview and WWFM performance, it is all fabulous, Oprah really loves him. He was so articulate and intelligent. His Mum was in the audience looking very proud. Sue and Jessica were wonderful. I cannnot wait to read their version of their day.

      Read quite a few comments on other sites and the general opinion is very poitive, people saying they are now new fans of Adam and some that went away for bit are now really keen again. The CD will take off now for sure. Love our boy and am very happy for himl

      Goodness know when we will get to see this particular episode of Oprah over here in NZ but Dianne, Lisa and I will be watching out for it for sure.

      Apparently Susan Boyle didnt get much interview time, this is because she is very fragile and not comfortable in an interview situation, but she did sing nicely, not exciting like Adam a different performer atogether, but I wish her the best . The songs on her CD are old favourites for many, but Adams CD is fresh and new and all his own.

      • Jan, Dianne just old me she saw the Oprah episode so check with her on where/

        • Sorry meant to say ‘told’ me, somewhere online I think.

          • Merci Dana for posting up tonite an thout I’d visite apres seeing our beau Adam on Oprah today..Agree with above glambs Adam was so very humble,sweet,charmant,witty,honest an can tell he enjoie being on her show..ther was sense of comfort an repoire between them.Seeing tape even in shops he’s gracious to his fans even if shopping to mange..bless him.An can tell Oprah is a grande fan as well.How lovli too for Sue an her daughtre..Id be over moon et etoile an possible besoin some cpr if thet close to Adam.One day pray to see his concert.An thet health will permitte,..i’ll finde way as an old Diana Ross songe goes..Aint no Montain High enough,aint no rivre wide enough to keep me from …Adam.So til then I’ll just be forevre gretful to lovli tribute Adam glambs site,twittre,youtube an othre sources till then..Look forward to hering more from Sue’s very memoirable day with l’ange d’musique,prince of heartes..of course..Adam..J’etaime toujours..Lisette Mariexoxo!!

            • Oh anothre additon..forgot to mention Adam toi performances of 2 songes(an one posted on twittre non having aired on tv..toi voix as always was celestial,powerful,passionate,velvettoned,gentle an emotiones felte from toi thet always moves me to tears feling yu have been thru broken heartes..May thes be best year for yu monamie tresbeau spiritually,emotionally,prosperitie an bring yu all thet yur hearte desires..know yu’re adored by so many people here in U.S.,every parte of lemonde,from babes to grandparentes an every age,races, always will reman best artiste/vocaliste of millenium an beyond into starlit,moonlit ..making me adore musique always will..j’etaime pour une vie..lifeteme.Pardon to go on!Luv to all glambs an bisous for Adam..(p.s ma birthday an yurs plz know are only day Aquarian beau amie!!!..J’etaime Lisettexoxo!!

          • Thanks Theresa, I think Dianne will have seen the Oprah show on line, as I did.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Adam Lambert 24/7 News. There are five clips to watch Jan. They are all awesome, I have just been back to watch them again. He is perfection in every possible way.

      • Did anyone else noticed that the keyboard was not the girl that has been there but it looked like a blond dude? Did I see this right?

        • Yes! I noticed! I even tweeted Adam about it early in the wee hours this morning…I wonder if Lisa just couldn’t make it?? That would be something to have missed Oprah. Or does he have a new keyboardist? Maybe he will give us his answer soon??

          • earlzagurl4u says:

            Oh geez,,Adam brings out so many emotions in me,,& I’m already overly emotional anyway,,I cry when I’m happy, sad, excited, etc., Adam brought tears on Oprah,,the fact he gets lonely, because he looked so beautiful, the way he presses his lips together, the way he shops, the way he surprised Jessica & Sue,,the way he gets so excited meeting his fave celebs, the way he sings,, the way he dances, how much he loves his fans, the fact he’s so happy, I could go on but I’m sure everyone gets my drift,,sometimes I just shake my head in astonishment,,I simply love this man,,BTW, I read a tweet that Lisa had started playing in Ke$ha’s band,,don’t know how true that is,,the guy playing keyboard on Oprah is Zach,,I would’ve thought Lisa would be bound to a contract, idk, anyway, Adam’s anniversary is today 1-20, he auditioned a year ago, or rather The Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce landed on earth,,Peace, Light, Love to all and to Adam,,

            • Earl, thanks for the reminder of Adams anniv. Wow a whole year ago today, gives me goosebumps. Where his whole life began to change 🙂

              • It has been so fascinating to witness his journey and then experiece our own journey along side with him and with each other.
                We are all part of the magical plan as we can’t now not imagine our lives without him bringing us so much beauty and joy and he would not be where he is now without the undying love and support of his fans.
                I never really truly felt the meaning of the word die-hard till I became a fan of Adam.

                • Irena!
                  How true and beautiful your post is.. Yes it is beyond fasinating to me how this Man a year ago started to bring JOY and LIFE back to me!! It is MAGICAL! I always felt like it was magical or supernatural. At least for me it is. I don’t swoon over people. I don’t obsess. But I remember that day like yesterday, when ADAM came on to sing and I was mesmerized!!

                  Adams AURA captivated me and I Surrendered to the MAGIC and I LIKE IT, I LIKE IT!!

                  He pretty much had me at HELLO!

          • During the Oprah taping Monte tweeted that Lisa had a prior commitment to perform with Ke$ha. I had seen Kesha on Ellen and thought the keyboardist was Lisa, but wasn’t sure until I saw Monte’s tweet.

      • Did you notice that Oprah was siniging along with ‘What Do You Want From Me ‘ and also singing along with “If I Had You” .. she clearly has heard his songs more than once !

        • ianaleah, I did notice Oprah groovin right along, was good to see 🙂 her having fun!

          • Yea Guys, I wrote earlier how Oprah Very rarely ever hugs or touches a guest and she COULD NOT KEEP HER HANDS AND ARMS OFF HIM! Oprah was lit up like a girl with a CRUSH! She is in LOVE with ADAM too for sure!!
            She laughed at all his comments and then seeing her dance and sing!! That was too cool.
            This was the first time they met and she was sooo Happy to be with him, she was Beaming, & she knew the words to the songs. She has been diggin on him since IDOL..

            I LOVE it!! I hope this helps his cd sales too.

            I find it so amazing that EVERYONE, EVERYONE, EVERYONE (even the haters) that interview or has him on their show – even David Letterman is so captivated by Adams Charms and how it just shows on their faces & in their voices…. They can not hide their ATTRACTION FOR HIM.
            Reactions are from pure blushing giddy swooning to giggily nervousness, to long speachless gaze at his amazing beauty, to genuine respect and appreciation of his talent pouring out compliments..

            This has been the best entertainment, watching people FALL IN LOVE with ADAM!!

            I bet if Bill O’Riely meets Adam in Person, he too will Be Put under Adams SPELL OF LOVE!! I would LOVE to see it!! Bill doesn’t deserve to feel this happy!

            • Oprah, gave Adam a very nice compliment: He is DELIGHTFUL! Just like she thought he would be 🙂

            • Summer, I think you said that so well, put under his Spell Of Love.

            • Summer, You SAID it ALL !!!

              I had VERY nice sleep last nite and woke up fresh and happy
              after watching ADAM on Oprah. Thanks ADAM (and Oprah)!
              Ahhhh…what a good feeeeeeeeeeeling !

    • Hey Glambs! Does anyone know how many albums Adam has sold in total? I saw his sales were up last week but the number was less than 20,000 units. I think he is close to 400,000 or more?

      • Marie/Toronto says:

        He is over 400,000, but still under 500,000 (gold). Hopefully, the Oprah appearance will boost sales up over the gold mark!

        • On sales, last figure I saw he was 500 copies short of going gold. Some info seems to indicate that RCA has to request the certification and that there is some cost involved. I have never tried to follow chart numbers so I may be confused but this is what I last heard.

          • Worldwide he sold 499 500 copies, but for Gold they count only North America sales. and he sold 445 000. But after Oprah his sales will just jump up. I have no doubt about it…
            And don’t forget to buy his album before January, 28 – his birthday!!!!

    • Thank you for the video I had not seen it. I love all the extra videos of Adam!!

      • Summer, how’s it going? Hope all is well for you. Havent seen you post for a while.

        • Hey Mary

          Yes Too Busy. My company Prescriptives, closed down world wide and we just finished closing yesterday. I moved to another comapany and start tommorrow. I’m just real tired and too much to do.
          But< I still put myself to sleep with Adams cd and hope I can keep Playing his cd at new Job.

          My LOVE will never die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Summer……..good luck in your new job. Loved Prescriptives; sorry to see them go. Nothing is forever, is it?………except ADAM!

          • Well good luck with your new job! My love either, your die hard expression above was sooo true!

            Here’s to sleeping with Adam, or uhum, I mean putting yourself to sleep with Adams CD and having sweet, sexy dreams………………..

            • Thanks for the well wishes!! I need it!

              Yes Mary, Sleeping with Adam will be a Sweet Sexxxy Dream I won’t want to wake up from!

  2. Thank you, Dana!
    Did not see this video before. Very nice!
    Adam is adorable as always!

  3. ADAM on Oprah today was FANTASTIC….he looked gorgeous is in his “clean-cut” Elvis hair….gorgeous brown leather jacket…yummy! Millions of people watch Oprah, and I’m sure ADAM will have millions of more new fans after seeing him today….his usual charming, funny, talented self….it was PERFECT !!!!


    P.S. Lots of my girlfriends called me today to tell ME they saw ADAM on Oprah and they loved him….(they were not really fans before, just HEAR ME TALKING ABOUT HIM CONSTANTLY) !!! I’m SO HAPPY they saw him and NOW LOVE HIM TOO !!!!

    • Dee, word has it he picked up 3000 more followers on Twitter after the airing of Oprah!

      Yes, and Adam, we love being a part of your World 🙂

    • Dee…..I had 2 of my girlfriends call me after they saw ADAM on Oprah! They just loved him, and said they want to buy his CD now. Everything they said, we’ve all known for the last year…since we saw him for the very first time! I’m so proud to be an ADAM fan!

  4. I bought a Big Screen tv yesterday and got to see Adam life like & surround sound! Was SO exciting! He is SO charismatic, articulate, sexy,talented, honest and real, incredibly BEAUTIFUL inside & out! I could go on forever! Just can’t get enough of my GLITTER ANGEL! He makes my life SO HAPPY!

  5. Thanks for the video; thought I’d seen them all. Below is the link to Adam’s “If I Had You” performance on Oprah that wasn’t shown on air. I love the way Oprah sang along to both songs. While she would only go all out on the chorus, it was obvious the audience knew all the lyrics to both the songs. I love AL fans. And how happy did Leila look?

    • Thanks jnellie , This is cool ! I love it !! They should air this on TV !! Hope Adam will sing this more often !!

  6. mmagiemay says:

    Loooved Adam on Oprah. What the heck, I love Adam no matter what he does. Wish I could have been there.

    “Music Again” is one of my favorite songs on the album, FYE. Heard it hundreds of times. the Lyric, “Put your little hand in mine, and Look into my eyes, Baby, eyes” just sends me off! I love it and I love the lyrics. They’re fun and they’re awesome. And I can feel how much fun it would be to sing this with an audience. Go Adam!!!

    Thanks for this scoop on the song. Anxiously waiting for the rest!

  7. Evette #419 says:

    ADAM is SO inspiring. I can’t believe the changes in my life since I found him. Thank you ADAM!

  8. LOVE IT !!LOVE IT !!! LOVE IT !!! he is soooooooooo AWESOME !!!! I have watch Idol for year’s , and I have like some of the Idol’s, BUT I must say, I have never felt this way about any of them,omg…omg… he is just THE BEST EVER at everything he does…. HE IS THE NICEST PERSON !!!! and his music is moving up the chart’s,THANK’S OPRAH !!!! AND THE FAN’S IN THE AUDIENCE !!! WOW !!! YOU WERE GREAT !!!ALL ADAM FAN’S ARE GREAT !!!!

  9. Marie/Toronto says:

    Random Request:

    Dreamsound or anyone who operates the site, could you please provide the links to two(2) posts/threads from November? One, I’m in myself, it was a piece on GlambsOntario’s dinner at Milestones and 2012 movie. The second post was the one that had the video of the AMA performance. It’s impossible to find that vid anywhere else!

    I’d like to bookmark these posts. Thanks so much!

  10. hello,there.adam on amzon is #6.he jumped to 200% a bet scared because kris have 4 appearence.the1 is national anthem for football,so hes album sales go big.keep voting on vh1 top20 countdown,mtv for wwfm and fuse for fye mv,for both for top1.

    i wish fan request wwfm on your radio station.

  11. i wsh fye single and his ausum mv become no.1 around the world.specially in europe and asia like:japan.

  12. k. morgan says:

    When I checked…someone posted his sales are like less than 500 from gold…I got a cd for my friend for her bd….that is a good way to do it everyone….know someone who has a bd…valentines is coming…get someone a cd to dance too…they will love it…trust me….

  13. Love Adam. He is totally amazing. Everyone who has him on their show is taken with him. I was so happy for his mom. How proud are we…think how proud she is. Love you Adam!!!

    • She is always great to see on TV, beaming with happiness. Did everyone pick up on the fact that Adam is now paying for her to live in LA so she can be close and help out etc? I think that is just the coollest thing.

      • YES I Love how His Mom is just bursting with Pride and Joy and dancing to her Sons Singing!!
        I remember my proud days with my Son’s Star Football career..

        Liela must be Floating so high she may never come down. Adam helping his Mom and taking her everywhere with him says a lot to me about his character.. and where is golden heart is! Family!! He is just a pure sweet loving gift form GOD!!

        More to LOVE about him! AAAHHH!

      • Irena, tutu, Summer oh hell everyone, here is a great radio interview Adam did a few weeks ago, speaking of his Mom. listen to all the good things he says about her. Loves to hang with her etc.
        The link will go thru moderation and then u will have it.

  14. adam lambert wwfm music video will be on itunes (jan/26). keep voting.

    if you go to vh1 website on left side of page you can download wwfm ,you can see it there.

  15. I loved it when Oprah told him how he is paving the way for people to be who they are,and he went Yay!

  16. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Oh MASTER ADAM ! Thank you for being part of my world!
    I loved his interview w/ Oprah, she was great w/ MASTER ADAM. I loved the part about how he came about visioning his dream, to the universe! oh yea! he frkn nailed it on his songs,
    What an amazing man! I am so glad to be part of his world too. Just wish I was a little bit closer like in his bed! LOL! Love that man! & his makeup looked great!

    • kimber, oh you and your wishes!!!! I hear ya girl….. where is our little magic genie when we need one???
      in his bed, in his car, in his pants, in his ear, LOL Little genie grant us our wishes>>>>>

    • Just when I really need a good Laugh— I read your post Kimber LMAO!!!!!!! You always always get me everytime!!

      Yes I know he was trying hard to be so serious about how we can change our lives through positive imagery– this is true I hear, even for Olympians winning………. BUT ALL I could vision was Adam in My BED and MY ARMS Entwined with me forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With his voluminous, voluptuous, soft Kissable LIPS all over meh!

      OK Adam — Positive Imagery

  17. I actually am listening to music again because of Adam. I have heard more music in the past year than the previous 25 years combined. And I am happier than ever. And that is because of Adam Lambert.

    • Thats me too Martha.

    • gran4adam says:

      Me too, Martha. I have bought CDs for Lady Gaga, Alecia Keyes and more…anything Adam talks about I listen to…Muse, Kings of Leon etc. AND, I like it all. I loved the interview with Oprah!

      • Me too!!!!
        I bought Kesha, Lady Gaga, Muse, Pink… He made me listen to the music again!!!!!
        And BTW check Scarlett Cherry, his friend from Zodiak Shaw!!! She is amazing!!!!! She is not on iTunes but she has her site. I downloaded her on iPod…. and can’t get enough…
        BUT I hope I don’t need to say… that nobody can compete with Adam…. He is the best!!!!

    • And I thought I was the only one! There are more of you! Hello! The same thing happened to me. I used to love music — got my real kicks in the late 60’s and 70’s — but drifted away from music over the years. Once I became a die-hard Adam fan and went to the Idol Tour concert last summer in Albany NY, I started listening to the radio more, buying CDs from all different sorts of artists and just generally feeling so uplifted by music again. Now, I really look forward to my commute to and from work and which CD I’ll be listening to in the car. Of course, I probably listened to FYE more than any of them. 😉 It’s just so great to be inspired and charged up by music again.

  18. Oh yeh, Adam I love you so much because you are inspiring!!! “Music Again” is a fun song to listen to. Great lyrics & beat to dance and sing along with. When he sings ” Put your little hand in mine and look into my eyes baby eyes” aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh makes one feel soooo good!!!!!
    These little behind the scenes scoop for each track are gonna be Awesome. Luv to hear Adam’s thoughts.

  19. How do you get an Adam shirt? Would sure love one. Thanks so much to Oprah…the show was number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Adam

  20. So cooool! Thanks for doing this for us, Adam!! Love any and all things you want to say.

  21. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Here are the most recent numbers for airplay from mjsbigblog. As you can see, Adam is getting far, far, far, less airplay than the rest, yet he is doing quite well. That says a lot for Adam and his appeal. On the other hand, I’m beginning to understand how so many of us feel that there is a conspiracy against Adam. I mean why the minimal airplay; it makes no sense. See the numbers below:

    Airplay before recurrents are removed (increase in audience impressions)
    No. 11 – Kelly Clarkson (-4.0 million) – lw 11
    No. 50 – Kris Allen (+1.4 million) – lw 51
    No. 87 – Daughty (+1.1 million) – lw 88
    No. 100 – Adam Lambert (+0.7 million) – lw 109

    Does anyone want to doublecheck this. Am I misunderstanding these numbers?

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Elizabeth, Lisai and I are in New Zealand and Lisa is away at the moment on a short holiday with her son (also named Adam), she sent me a text this morning to say one of our radio stations that plays Adam’s songs had just played Fever. That is great, that they are playing one of Adam’s songs that has not even been released as a single – yet. Hope he does release that one as a single, in fact I think every song is so good he could release them all as singles.

      • Dianne….I am beginning to think I may have to move to NZ. You seem to be more ‘in-tune’ over there. I still havn’t heard Adam being played on our radio stations. I have the radio station on that plays ‘todays’ songs (I used to listen to the one that only played 60’s & 70’s music) but… yet…no Adam (sad).

        We are still getting repeat episodes of Oprah but I am happy to say I saw Adam/Oprah on line….and how was that…as they say in Oz “bloody fantastic!!!” and Adam singing WYWFM left me totally speechless. It was superb…brilliant….heavenly.

        Yes !!! he has brought so much joy into our lives. I can’t say life was dull before Adam (well, it was slightly)….but now it is exciting !!!!!

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  22. Ima Ramorah says:

    The record company said 700k albums had been sent out to retailers THAT is what they base the award on. If this is the case Adam is past the Gold (500k) and on his way to Platinum (1 mill.)

    There are some stations who won’t play Adam no matter how many times you request it.
    There’s lotz of play for Kris & Kelly on country and soft rock stations. Daughtry is everywhere.

  23. music again is one of my favorites although the song is not as catchy as FYE and if i had you. i like all the songs though.

  24. Just listened to Adam again on…..this is so fun!! It’s like he’s talking to us with music!! LOve IT!! He said that an interviewer asked him recently what would be his theme song…..he said Sex On Fire, by Kings of Leon and then played it. OK – settle down, that’s what he said……..He is SO cool!!! (or should I say, SO HOT!!) There are two more nights of this and I wouldn’t be ANYWHERE else. I know it was recorded a couple of weeks ago but ……….SO WHAT!! It’s ADAMMMMMMMMMMM and music he loves! Hey, he also said he was headed out after the show to have Thai Food – “Need some coconut curry in my belly” … (my new fav food). UIMA,babe

  25. I love Music Again and thanks, Adam, for posting your perspective on the song. I used to be a journalist, focusing as much as possible on music when I could, and I would have asked Adam for a track-by-track review of each fabulous song — in lieu of the same old tired questions and topics (AMAs, sexual orientation, etc.) It’s all about the music!!!

    Adam is the most amazing singer, performer, person — gorgeous, sexy man I have ever seen or heard. He also has that amazing childlike magic and wonder I hope he never loses. Usually people like him don’t, and being a fellow Aquarian I “get” him! He’s truly one of a kind.

    Also, I know somewhat what Sue and Jess experienced on Oprah as I met him in the autograph line after the Grand Rapids, MI show. There I was, middle-aged with an aqua boa, Adam tank top and eyeliner I hadn’t worn in years — oh, forgot to mentiion the glitter in my hair!1 He’s brought out the youth and magic I knew was still in me. And meeting him in person — WOW!!!!! It is just amazing the way he looks into your eyes and listens, making you feel like the most special person there. His sweetness and kindness shines out of his soul. Thank you Adam for the gift that is you, for the wonderful memories and for the dreams yet to be realized for both of us!!!! I pray that God protects and strengthens you as you continue on your amazing — er, Adamazing — journey!!! Love, Light and Peace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ….

  26. PenguinBB says:

    Thank you. Music Again is one of my favorite.


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