Be a Good Glamb!

*** Updated:  Illinois Glamb Group and Ontario Canada Glamb Group Now Online!  See links below!  And groups for Wisconsin and Louisiana coming soon! ***

(An older pic, but I still love it!)

If you have gotten your Glamb Number here, and are working on your project for Adam’s birthday…then the next thing you can do to be a “Good Glamb,” is join your local team!  The Texas group is already having loads of fun getting to know each other and making plans to meet on Adam’s solo tour!  A few other group leaders have uploaded their personal Adam photos and video clips.  Several new teams have come online in the last few days. So, don’t be left out.  Either join a group below, or email me at to start a new group in another area.  Visit this page for details, and I’ll get you setup!


  • Illinois – Leader:  Sue, Glamb #10
  • Ohio – Leader:  Sandy, Glamb #380
  • Michigan – Leader:  Judy, Glamb #386
  • New Jersey – Leader: Dee, Glamb #458
  • Texas – Leader:  Peaches, Glamb #387

Beyond the U.S.A. and Abroad:

  • Denmark – Leader:  Anette, Glamb #377
  • New Zealand – Leader: Lisa, Glamb #352
  • Ontario Canada – Leaders:  Jane, Glamb #20 and Jamie, Glamb #472
  • UK – Leader:  Toni, Glamb #391

Hopefully, BC Canada, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Louisiana will be online shortly.  If you volunteered for one of these areas and have not accepted the invitation from Yahoo to join both the moderator and your area team group, don’t delay!  Your invitation will expire!  We need to move relatively quickly so my queue of incoming groups doesn’t start to backup.   And in some cases, others have also volunteered to lead some of these same areas, and I don’t want to keep them waiting too long.  If you have changed your mind or I have overlooked you, please let me know!

Overall, I really appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm!  A special thank you goes to the ladies who have already volunteered to lead and moderate their groups.  Thanks for pressing forward, even if you were unsure about the technology challenges!  Now that’s dedication to Adam and his fans!

Dana {CatEyes}, Glamb #6


  1. HI GUYS

    • AdamAddict says:

      All Adam need to do is tweet saying “Hey,my album is out,go buy” and the Cd will sell like hot cakes!No need promotion at all!LOL! No names for the CD,no cover for the CD,no leaking song,when the album out,everybody will rush to buy it.The Power of Adam 😀

    • OFRA thank you for that clip. First time I had heard about blocking the phone lines. No wonder I couldn’t get through on finale night. Busy all 3 hours I tried. Oh well. Cheaters never win and Winners never cheat.

      • Evette #419 says:

        I just pre-ordered my copy last night. This is so exciting! I’m really happy for ADAM.

    • lisette here..didnon reciv thes thred..founde by accidente..upset but nonmattre will joine anothre group soon as finger heals..finde difficile to keep up..but one thing certain i’ll be there for Adam’s solotours an non maladie au injurie will keep me from thes lovli beau artiste with a face,hearte,soul tres angelique an voix thet noone can ever duplicate..only one Adam Lambert dans l’monde..legende for millenium,prince of heartes, m’angel thet has seen me thru many trying temes thru illness,personal loss always a rai of lit,thru his superbe gifte in singe,danse,entertain,an toche within le couer of every person,child,every generation,nationalitie,race,religions,both sexes here in us,internationale everywhere!j’etaime thes beau l’ luv to all glambs always…Lisette in Nv!xoxoxo..I’ll order many copies for frends an famille too!xoxox

  2. lovemyadam says:

    Hello all,
    Chicago should be up and running soon!! Dana, love that picture so much that it’s my phone background!! Love it…
    XO…Sue…glamb #10

    • lovemyadam says:

      THE ILLINOIS GROUP IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!! Come join me and let’s get this party started! Looking forward to all the fun things coming our way…

  3. Hi, I’ve joined the Ohio Group, Not sure how to access all the goodies ?? When I click on Ohio above
    it brings me to some min. info and then not sure where to go from there.
    Thanks for any help.

    • It all depends on what your group moderator has done to “spruce up” the group info. For right now, there just may be a “members” list.


      • Dana, thanks for the info. Okay I will be patient. This sounds like it will be alot of fun once its gets
        all started up.

  4. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Mary C. Click on join this group… Little blue box on the right saying Join this group. That should take you to a join up page. Hope that helps

    • Well I did join the group. But I cant get into any other info, a page pulls up, stating, comments,
      7 pics posted etc. Then I cant get into anything. I joined the other day and set up the yahoo account.

  5. Helen/Canada says:

    Absolutely love this picture of Adam, thank you.

    I’d love to join a group in the Toronto/Hamilton area if anyone can start it up. I would love to, but my time is so limited now, I just can’t.

  6. AdamAddict says:

    I have a question,where is Cheryl Norman??!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes, where is Cheryl, I haven’t seen her name pop up in quite awhile now.

      Cheryl, where are you?????????????????????????????????

      Come on girl, you know you want to be part of all this excitement.

  7. AdamRocks! says:

    Thanks Dana! That picture is one of my absolute FAVORITES!!! ~SWOON~

    Cindy in MS

  8. puteri abdul says:

    oh my…. glamb number ? do all of us need to have one ?
    help…. I do not have a number…..

  9. Lee/Saline says:

    I just became a member of the Michigan fan group. It’s a bit confusing. I hope I’ll remember to look at my Yahoo account. I don’t remember to look at Adam’s Twitter account as it is. Now one more thing.