Meet The Glambs Fan Club Leaders

I know that many of you have been wondering just who we all are at Glambs Central. Contrary to what some of you might think, we do not work full-time for We are fans, like you, who volunteer our spare time. This article is about the current authors and administrators. Let me first say thanks to Fernando (Dreamsound) who owns and runs this site…without him the rest of us wouldn’t be here.

So, in their own words, here are your Glambs Authors and Administrators:

Carol, Glamb #2

Hi! I’m Carol Hagey, an author on this fan site. You may know me as cmhagey. In my non-Adam time, I’m a wife and mother of a 19-year old son and a full-time independent consultant for a kitchen tools company. You know, the one that makes CHEF tools that PAMPER you? (We’re not allowed to put the company name on other web sites. Legal stuff.) I’m 49+2 (just can’t bear to type that number!) and I got involved with the Glambs’ fan site after Lila introduced me to Fernando at the Idol Finale Watching Party that she and I planned for San Diego. I met Lila at Adam’s Homecoming a few weeks earlier, and our resulting friendship has been a wonderful bonus from this whole experience. Prior to then, I thought I was starting to lose touch with reality considering how much time I was spending on Adam and the Idol forums, and not on my business. Can any of you relate??

As a writer, I try not to just repeat the same information you can read on all the other sites, but to give you original material to think about. I’ve been writing professionally my entire adult life, but nothing has been more exciting to write about than Adam. I was totally into New Wave music, even before it was coined that. A friend introduced me to David Bowie’s music in ’73 and since then I’ve always been more on the ‘edge.’ Music has always been at my core. I’ve watched American Idol every year, and have even spent a few hours here and there voting for other contestants (Clay, Michael Johns, Constantino). Enter Adam. From that first audition when I watched him sing Bohemian Rhapsody, I was hooked. Like many of you, I’ve never experienced an “addiction” to any performer before. Thank you to all of you readers who are claiming this to be the best Adam Lambert site, and especially to the other wonderful ladies who work so tirelessly to make it that way. I hope we’ll get to meet in person someday. I have no idea where any of this is taking me, but I’m glad I’ve got you along for the ride!


Lila, Glamb #3

My name is Lila, and although I am a Southern California native, I have been living in San Diego since 1998. I’m a 40 something mom and love alternative music so I fell in love with Adam after watching Ring of Fire. I usually only watch American Idol on FF>> (just to watch Simon nail people to the wall), so I really wasn’t paying much attention before that.

I got involved with being a Glamb in 2009 when Carol and I put together the viewing party at Seau’s here in San Diego for the finale. Now I help with back end support including the Facebook page and Twitter account. 

I can’t wait to see what Adam does next!


In your comments, feel free to respond to our introductions, or if you want, please introduce yourself. I know many of you have already gotten to know each other well, but this is your chance to introduce yourself formally, so go for it!

~~Your Glambs Fan Club Leaders


  1. It’s great to learn about the wonderful people that make this amazing site happen!
    I’ve been going to site for a few months, but only recently started posting comments. Everyone here is so warm and friendly, I felt very welcomed. I’m one of Adam’s upper-teenage fans. But I’m not an average teenybopper. I shun the likes of most Disney stars and the Jonas Brothers, who have almost no talent compared to some out there like Adam. It used to annoy me when people got obsessed with a celebrity, but then Adam came along, and I was irreversibly addicted and became obsessed with him myself. So I can’t say anything anymore. 🙂
    I was blown away by his talent from the auditions. I’m also a performer in both theatre and music, so when Paula mentioned that Adam was in Wicked, my favorite musical, I was like “Yep. Already love him.” His amazing voice reassured me that I liked him for the right reasons. I loved his bravery and passion for what he does. He took Ring of Fire, a song that I originally HATED, and made me love it.
    He’s completely changed my life, and those who don’t know him like we do may be scornful, but I know that he’s influenced my life in the present and the future. He’s given me confidence through his positive attitude, bold performances, and fabulous style. He’s changed who I am for the better.

    • It is several months later and I still feel the same way as all other Adam fans. I want to thank all the Glams Fan Club Leaders for keeping us updated with everything Adam. It is the first thing I check when I turn on my computer and hope I can contunie to do so for years. You have done a fantastic job of reporting and picture taking and I have cherished every minute. I went to two summer tour shows (Charlotte and Greensboro) and saw Adam in the autograph line in Charlotte. He is as beautiful in person and he is on tv. Thank you again for your time and energy keeping us updated. Sherin ( I am 62 and love Adam like a teenager.)

      • Sherin, I am 64 and a half! My daughter’s just look at me with those deer in the headlights stares. “Mom?” Well, actually they too are now fans, and three grandchildren comin up.

        Adam’s talent and his great courage in expressing it for all of us to hear and see … of being who you are, and giving it all you got, makes me feel young again, … like a teenager! I hear ya’ hummin’

        Adam I think will age gracefully as I truly believe his heart is in a good direction, his talent is as brilliant as his jewels, and passion to deliver and dazzale? It is out of the park and into the trees!!!

        Best wishes to all Adam fans regardless of age, and congratulations on having such marvelous taste.


    • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

      Fernando, If you see this, You are good looking too! Sherry K from. North Little rock, Arkansas!

  2. The first thing that I thought after reading the intros was what does the -milw- in “milwadamfan” stand for? I’m from Wisconsin, so I immediately jumped to the probably incorrect assumption that it must stand for Milwaukee? Any chance you’re a fellow Wisconsin Glamb?!? Second thought was, how could I get involved, if at all, in contributing to this or the website? I spend so much time on the computer with my own personal Adam addiction, that it would be nice to put it to better use and be able to share with others that way you ladies have done. Thanks for all that you do and for all the information you provide!!

    • Hi Rebecca! Yes, the “Milw” is for Milwaukee. Are you going to any of the concerts? I’m going to Milwaukee, Madison, and Grand Rapids.

      I haven’t heard anything about the sites looking for additional volunteers, but if they do I’m they will do a shout out.

      • So far I’ve been to GMA and I’m going to the Milwaukee show, but I am hoping to work my schedule out to make it to Madison. I live in the Dells, so I can’t imagine knowing Adam is doing a concert less than an hour away from me and not being there!!

      • iluvadam4ever says:

        You should all give yourselves a pat on the back for creating and maintaining such a wonderful site about Adam. I feel like you all understand how much of a positive impact he has had on our lives. Kudos for all of you! Are any of you or anyone you know going to the Cleveland Aug 23 show?? I would love to meet and share stories with you.

        • I am in Milwaukee and I Love Adam!!! I’ll be at the consert on 08/28/09. Can we meet somehow? Will there be meet and greet after the concert? Will Adam be there?

      • JosieNurse says:


        I responded to another link you started about going to the Grand Rapids Concert but I don’t have an email address for you….so unless you are reading that link you might miss my comment.

        I would be interested in hearing of any activities before or after the Concert. Let me know if you would like more contact information for me other than the email that is provided in this reply link.

  3. Carol, Dana (CatEyes), Marie, Jeanette, and Lila, Kelly, Courtney, and Linda, thank you so much for all that you do and have done in creating, maintaining, and nurturing this site to celebrate the extraordinary man Adam Lambert, his life and his music. You have all gone out of your way sacrificially to keep this site alive and current for Adam’s many fans, and to present a warm, accessible, and usable format so that all of us can navigate around easily and enjoy Adam and each other to the fullest. I have greatly enjoyed reading your comments interspersed among our many posts, and the header topics created by many of you, especially Jeanette and Carol, and the club leaders on the road. I truly mean it when I say that I find this site to be the best ‘Adam Lambert website on the internet’; you have all managed to create a space that is like a real home to all of us who seem to have a true affinity for each other, and a similar approach to our love of Adam Lambert. You have made it so that each of us can come in the door, hang up our hats and coats, find a good seat, settle down, and talk away endlessly and happily with each other about our favorite subject, and meet each other and get to know each other in the bargain. I thank you all for that, it is no small sacrifice to juggle all that you do, especially with children and all your other responsibilities, and still maintain this website to the high standard you have achieved from the beginning until now. When I first went looking for somewhere to connect with Adam Lambert, I found your site almost at the beginning of my search, and once I found it, I realized almost immediately the quality of writing and committment I was looking for, and I cut everything else loose, and stayed right here. I’ve now been writing here for quite some time, at least as long as some of the first threads, and I am happy to report that your site continues to grow in quality and popularity as time goes by, right along with Adam, as he continues to rise to the heights of international superstardom. I hope that as the days go by, and as more and more is added to the site, that you will find all your dreams and wishes for this site and yourselves fulfilled, and all your goals achieved.

    Since you invited us all to make ‘formal introductions’ I will say that I am Lorrin, also known as Glamb #102, AdamssAngel on Twitter, and 0seraph on YouTube. I live in Northern California in a old-fashioned farming town with beautiful Victorian and Italianate homes. I’m a garden/landscape artist, sometime writer and singer, and former bookstore manager in this town, and also in our capitol city of Sacramento. As a married woman, I and my husband owned and operated an antique business in Old Folsom, California, for a number of years, and later, we created and ran a gardening/landscape business in Northern Alabama, which was very successful. I am a bibliophile and Anglophile, with a huge interest in world culture, religion, music, and art. I surround myself with green, love gardening (can’t do much of it anymore), and my backyard looks like an English park. I am very spiritual, and very open-minded at the same time. I am a certified spiritual counselor. My interests range from the most minute of earthly things to the vast ranges of the cosmos. I am highly eclectic, diverse, and aware of the world around me. I am the mother of four beautiful sons, three living, two in Alaska and one in the great old beach town of Santa Cruz, California. My youngest son is a beautiful gay man, the same age as Adam Lambert. I first became interested and connected to Adam when I read that he was the gay son of a single Mom, and from then, I was inextricably linked forever with him and his family, because I identified so deeply with Leila’s experience. As an artist and singer, I was attracted to Adam’s beauty, physical stature, image, and vocal mastery, immediately. I recognize in the most unreserved and unqualified way that Adam Lambert is the artist of this generation, perhaps of all generations. He would be as beautiful in old Vienna, in Elizabethan England, in the France of the Sun King, or in the court of Kublai Kahn as he is in modern America. I think Adam Lambert is set to be placed on a pinnacle for male beauty and vocal virtuosity that rivals any man in the world. I hope, in my small way, to help to get him there, with my love and with my words. So, I thank you all: Jeanette, Carol, Dana, Marie, Dreamsound, and all the selfless gals and guys on the road reporting back, for providing this forum for us all to do the same! May all of your hard work be rewarded back to you a hundred times over, and thanks so much for this opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful dream as the world-wide family of Glambs!

    • Lamberkitten says:

      Lorrin. I have seen your posts here and am sure dotted elsewhere around the internet relating to Adam. Reading details here about your life and outlook is wonderful. That you have lost a son is heartbreaking and you have my love. I am mother of two boys myself – one of which is musical and talented, also Aquarian like Adam, and also has his beautiful spirit, but my similarity with Leila ends there! I am a Globert #501 from the UK, will be flying to Rhode Island in September to see the AI gig. My life as know it ended, and started, at ROF! What has Adam done to us all? Thank you to all the lovely sounding people who run this site, it is touching to hear about your lives and interests. Thank you all.

      • Lorrin,
        Thank you for sharing your story. I have enjoyed your posts; you always have something insightful to add to whatever discussion is going on. Looking forward to seeing you on here!

        • Thank you for your kind comment, Linda. I, too, have also enjoyed reading your posts just as much. I also look forward to seeing more of you here as the days go by with our Adam. Love to you from out West!

      • Lisette here..Lamberkitten welcome an lovli seeing anothre lovli glamb from UK!Ah what part..I av mentione having a frend in Cardiffe/S.Wales if yu scroll down further,call Joshua Jones..perhaps yu’ve hearde his musique..sad he gave up due to illness of cystic fibrosis an now is active in his CFtrust fund/an charitable causes..He reminds me so much of Adam,all accept he had mal fortune between illness an a mal manager,to longe post.Neverless He had sucess in Uk with”Seize the Day” his voix is more instyle of Elton,playin piano..but he’s very beau resembles bit like Leo DiCaprio,canfind his cd on amazon,but he as no desire to pursue anylongre..domage.I support his cf charitie having loss parentes to terminal cancer.An am an Aquarian like Adam,yes,but nevre can compare to his multitalentes..just as an amateur singre(for myself due to illhealth).An so why j’adore Adam with tout ma couer an soul!
        Blessings for yu an all on thes lovli tribute page..Take care Luv an hugs xoxoxoLisette!

      • sylverine says:

        Hi Lamberkitten, good to see that you are still going to the Rhode Island concert. I have extravagantly decided to go to 2 – that one and the last show in Manchester as well! In for a penny…… and traveling so far, I thought I have to make it really worthwhile. Hope to see you there!

        I will introduce myself properly here soon, for now, got to run….

        • Hi Sylverine, arent you in S Africa?

          I have also added a second cncert, and am flying east. Why after seeing Adam right here only 10 minutes’ drive from my home? Because I can!! fortunately!! And found a lovely fellow Glamb to go with, in the eastern USA.

      • Thank you Lamberkitten, for your very kind words, especially about my son. As you can see, I love all things English, and I’m fascinated to see you are from the UK. I agree with you so much when you say ‘what has Adam done to us all’? After I’ve written one of these posts, later on during the evening I wonder what in the world am I doing writing as if my life depended on it, for and about this one young man? The effect he has on others is extraordinary. We don’t just like him, we are all in love with him and want to know everything about him. And we want him to KNOW of our love for him, we are all collectively our Romeo to his Juliet, and we are all poised forever outside his window, endlessly declaring our love for him. You were captured when you saw Ring of Fire, I only caught a glimpse of him near the end of one of his AI songs, I can’t remember which one, and I KNEW this man was the next world star. I think we are now all on the journey of a lifetime with a burning comet. Thank you, Lamberkitten, I am glad to be travelling with you, and with as you say, all the other ‘lovely sounding people’ on this site.

    • CAROLE BERGMAN says:

      Hi Lorrin,
      I loved reading your reply to all our “WONDERFUL GLAM AUTHORS” and also reading about you and your family!!!!
      I live in Tulsa OK… a retired R.N. and now work as a Teacher’s Assistant in the Preschool at Holland Hall Prepartory School…the “BEST” private school in Ok!!!!
      I was an “ADAM DIEHARD” after I saw him perform “BLACK OR WHITE” on the first performance for all the “HOPEFUL” IDOL contestants……ADAM was, on that night, and every performance after that the only “TRUE STAR”!!!!!! All the judges knew it…..somehow parts of America did not, but the loss has not slowed Adam down…..”ADAM ISTHESTAR” and he did not need to win A.I……He has been the “STAR” of the tour!!!!!! Even fans who “THOUGHT THEY LIKED OTHER PERFORMERS”
      have said……”WITHOUT A DOUBT ADAM STOLE THE SHOW”…….all of us could have told them that!!!!
      I also have a question for you……I have been trying to get my “GLAMB #”…..I subscribe to the newsletter….I made a POST around the end of July about not having tickets to see Adam when he cane to the BOK Center in Tulsa…plus, I have posted a lot of times before this….under TIGERBAIT18 or just CAROLE…..I cannot find anyone to help me figure out what I need to do that I’m not doing.
      I would really appreciate you telling me what to do….”I REALLY, REALLY WANT A GLAMB #”!!!!!

      P.S. One final thing I would love to add… of my very “BEST FRIENDS” here in Tulsa is gay….I
      adore him and we do so many fun things together….share thoughts, books we’ve read, we are both “100% PET LOVERS…..especially dogs”, love to go on fun walks, etc, etc……in other words, we really enjoy each other’s company……my life would be so diminished without him in my life…..”THANK

      • Carole, THANK you for your wonderful ‘hello’! It’s always such a joy to meet other new people on this site! You sound like a very upbeat person and extremely enthusiastic fan of Adam Lambert! In keeping with my ‘English’ roots, I am believe it or not, extremely interested in private schools, and I see that Holland Hall of Tulsa is a beautiful school with a rich tradition. (I also admit here to being an Episcopalian, shock), and I see that your school has that background. I hope you enjoy your work with the preschoolers there, I worked for a number of years with Head Start Migrant children here in California years ago, and I just loved working with the little ones. And you were an RN, Jeanette noticed that many of the Adam fans reporting back on this thread were in the caregiving professions, or related work. That is fascinating. Of course, I and everyone else on this site completely and wholeheartedly agree with all your words of praise for Adam Lambert, he is the ‘raison d’etre’ for our being here! Like you, we all agree, especially me, that Adam Lambert is the ONLY STAR of American Idol, and the brightest new star of this generation. I look forward to tracking the shining arc of his meteoric career!

        About the Glamb #…if you have not yet signed up for a Glamb # do this: First, type in ‘Glamb number’ in the search bar at the top of the Home page, and it will take you to a page which has all the threads with ‘Glamb’ in the title. Scroll to the bottom, and you will see the ‘Sign Up For Your Glamb #’ instructions; OR, go up to the slideshow photos at the top of the Home page. Scroll over the right or left side of the moving photos and you will see an arrow appear. Click on that arrow and the pictures will progress forward or backward. As you click on the arrow, you will soon come to one of the photos with Adam’s raised fist on a whitish/silver background with the word ‘Glambs’ in aqua blue. Click directly on that photo, and you will be taken immediately to the same page with the sign-up for Glamb #s. Follow all the directions at the top of the instruction page, it will tell you exactly what to do. If you have already signed up, and have been waiting a while for your number, just go back to the sign-up page and post a little note there. You will soon be hearing from the leaders, and you will get your new Glamb #. I hope that is clear enough!

        Carole, I’m so glad to have met you, and I look forward to ‘Glamberizing’ with you in the future, and I just hope you have a wonderful time here with all of us here on this extremely Adam-friendly website! I’ll look back here to see if you were successful in getting your Glamb #. Again, so good to hear from you and love from Northern California!

    • adaminsatiable says:

      I am a twitter newbie who has spent a lot of time on Adamofficial site but I am so excited to discover your site (because you followed me on twitter)which is authored by such talented and amazing women. I own a amall costume apparel company in a southwest suburb of Minneapolis and am attending the St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Madison concerts. I have a second row ticket for Minneapolis and am going alone so it would be nice to hang out with other fans there.
      I was also blown away by Adam and have followed every video and scrap of info since he auditioned with “Bohemian Rhapsodey”. I have not had such an obsession since “Bowie”. I am so obessed with Adam that I listen to every Rickey Tv cellcast and drive my employees crazy with every Adam news tidbit. Adam has put new fire in my life and and made me improve my skills on the computer and twitter in order to feed my cravings. He also makes me more positive and saved me from depression after losing my husband to cancer this year. I also have a son
      the same age (as Adam) who had a severe stroke last year but is getting slowly better..
      Anyhoo, as a costume designer I am making a wonderful rhinestone hand dyed shirt for Adam
      and am hoping to be able to go backstage in Mpls to present it. I am working on some publicity
      angles to hopefully get a Backstage pass to do this. If anyone has any contacts or ideas to help me with this I would appreciate it very much. Glad to meet you all and I promise you will hear lots more from me in the future.

      • So good to hear from you, adaminsatiable, and whether or not you were replying to me or another post, I want to tell you how glad we are to have you here with us. I wanted you to know that I understand your loss and I deeply sympathize with you in it. I understand, too, the sorrows of a mother and son, having lost one of my beautiful boys at the age of 5. Many of us here on this site are dealing with ongoing health issues, and many of us, too, were there at the beginning of Rock and Roll, so we all have so much in common! When Adam appeared on the scene and in all of our lives, I think we all experienced that incredible shot of rejuvenation he brings with him wherever he goes. I am so glad his joy has helped you in all that has happened in your life this year. Your gifts as a costume designer sound so fabulously interesting…perhaps before you give the rhinestone-studded, tie-dyed shirt to Adam, you can take a picture of it, and send it to Jeanette here, and we can all see it and exclaim with delight over it with you! I will go, but I just wanted to let you know how welcome you are, and we look forward to hearing more and more from you! Oh, and if you would like to follow me on Twitter, my username there is AdamssAngel and I am listed. Hope to see you there!

  4. Wow!!! Awesome folks, you authors and behind the scenes people are! Awkward wording, but I’m sure you get it!

    I’m a 67 yr old retired career teacher with a plethora of teaching experiences all over Canada, including Mohawk kids on a large reserve, a big psychiatric hospital and young offenders. I live in Vancouver now and have lightly followed Idol for a few years, as in, nothing else going on… but I did see Adam’s first audition and thought “What a voice!” I must have missed the occasion of the “I’m not skerd” expression, but would like to know when it was.

    I had him pegged as a cutie right away and enjoyed his first two competition moments, but when Ring of Fire ended I was on Cloud 9!! What a voice, what a sexy guy, and how smart to put a totally different twist on it! I was hooked!!

    • Hey Theresa, the reference to “I’m not skerd” is from his first audition. When he walks in Randy says “don’t be skerd” and Adam replies, “I’m not skerd”. You can view it at the link below, just go down to ‘Adam’s Audition’ Bohemian Raphsody to view the video.

      • Thanks Nell, I did see it a couple of times but missed that interchange w Randy… if you look again you will notice that the women judges seem a little besotted already, and as Adam runs down the street three young girls are gazing in fascination at him!! And so it had started……..

    • Lisette here..Lovli to meet all wonderful gals an fellow teamleaders an originator/owner of Adam’s very best tribute/fansites an as I have thout shold be “official one for sure”.An such talente,intelligente,creative people with many talentes in arts,entertainment,cuisine,astrologistes(ah is a passion of mine as well),designers,musicians:entepreneurs it seems lot of yu are..Thenks for such wonderful introductions Jeanette,Carol,Dana(catseyes),Marie, dreamsounde without yu ther’d be no original Adam site..blessings to all!An seeing he’s a musician in biographie in his author’s page..bonwishes for yu too. An do hope Adam can see all yur lovli contributions for his estraordinaire gift as a vocaliste/artiste an also being a humanitarian..having seen him on telethon too for charitable boncauses..He’s singing from 10 commandments “Is anbody Listening”,from early age display his charm,intelligence, compassionate nature an his celestial voix!
      An thenks too for lovli articles,details of evry part of Adam’s musique journey from American Idol show til present AI tour,media interviews,videos/photos an so much more..thenks so much!
      An I’m never in such categories of above authors/teamleaders vaste talente/careers.Im thirtysomething,single gal, of Italian,french heritage,reside in southwest Nevada>I held diffarente careers,being in arts..brief teme taught chorus to grade school students,an some with handicaps,partial hearing belive thet ther impairmentes didnot mattre.Sadly gave up due to health/illness /nodules on throat/thyroid so loss of soprano vocalranges,gave up.Now adore artistes as cried when I hearde him first singing on Idol..wishing best ever for him.In high schol an college intereste in musique,art an singing from early ages in church,then in sideline handpainted fabrique on lady’s casualwear on smal scale in craftshops an at faires,mainly for plasur ( be starving artiste as Im perfetionist an spend much time on one outfit!)Briefly work in Italien’/francais pastryshop baking as was in ma famille),an in papa’s Italian restaurante,cooking an greeting guests..We sold it when relocate to s.west.Now due to fibromyalgia assiste part time,sistre in her realty business..still adore musique an art best of all..So why I adore Adam an so into astrology too,an aquarian an frends always call me diffarante,never conservative ..gathre why he inspires me to go on such passione for art/danse an musique..tresbeau he is! Blessings an luv always Adam an wish best things in life to all! Vive bon,danse,chante,mange an celebrate Adam’s talentes! Luv an bisous Lisette!

      • So sweet, dear Lisette! Sorry for your daily pain but you keep such an upbeat attitude. Brava, ma petite!!

        • Lisette ..theresa ma belle merci per toi reply! An gathre I av lot of inspiratione now whenever I visite thes lovli tribute page an all beautful glamb gals as yu too!I so wishe to see Adam an as I av mentione unsure chanse will come to be..Know in ma hearte thet it will not be longe before Adam has a magnificente solo concert tour..An yu know what..Id adore to meet yu an othre’s here..If way to av a meeting place/Adam convention ..what yu thinq?..Just a reve..or mabe can occur, flyin to central point,hire van/’bus as one mentione on anothre thread..Cheryl,Lorrin,Ingrid an anyone else (of glambs). Well to meet on west coast(for future solo one Theresa.)..Who know when Adam will contemplate thes,given CDs an othre ventures.We shall just keep tune in here for updates,twetters,an such! hugs an luv..Keep adoring Adam l’meilleur vocaliste/artiste of millenium an yers to come! Blessings to all! xoxoAn yes thinq I feel less pain an discomfort here,rathre then seein l’boob tube (TV),ma papa use to call when we’d sit for heures insted of studie(in schol)!

          • Dear Lisette, please go out to front page, the ENTITLEMENT thread. I left a little post for you there. Sending you love and peace tonight from next door..

            • Lisette here..bonjour agan glambs place to feel swept away by Adam’s musique an lovli people thet add joie an affections! .Lorrin merci an as I revisite older yur note: re: entitlement thread..grande hugs as always tres refine will see now.Just reading above gals feel like a walk in an Italian/french jardin,evrytime one enter always discover it’s tranquilitie,beauty an paths unseen(as in thes posts)An notice thet yu own antique business..anothre similaritie between,ma cousine has one in Hamptons for yers countrygear specialize in victorian an Italian antique from Venice an in home has English style
              jardin lot of topiaries,fleurs an gazebo with fountain.Alway enjoie summre ther vicine l’mers too.An cousine as well was artiste,recall one of reason how I commence to paint! An being in desert miss greenery haveroses/lavende,an topiarie among succulents an palms.Astrology passione,art,musique most genres an spiritualitie sont vital in ma life..thinq we’ve discuss othre thread..pardon to go on..An see many othre gals too share same intereste..Nous favorite artiste with voix an face angelique…ah oui who else Adam….mmmmoi bisous for him! Luv to all Lisettexoxo

  5. Thank you so much for being there. Anything as lovely as this takes a lot of work. Your energy and dedication is so awesome, and not often acknowledged. I haven’t commented before but I follow you. Remember for everyone of us you hear from there are thousands who agree but just nod. You all have commented and said EXACTLY what i feel that I leave it you and just nod or laugh or smile.

    Just one of the multitude of things that has charmed me so much about Adam is he alway thanked the musicians after he performed or gave them credit for their work and arrangements. And he continues to do so on tour.

    So take a round of applause you so richly deserve – from us that support you and wish you the hugs and kisses from Adam you deserve.

    Oh, btw JJ Abrams and Tom Cruise are writing the script for next MI. Can we find someone that knows someone that can ask them to put Adam in that movie. Never too early to get him started on that part of his career. Won’t start shooting for at least a year. Just a thought.

  6. Thank you ladies for everything that you contribute to this site, and the time and energy that you put into it. I always find myself coming back here to get the most up-to-date and heart-felt tidbits on Adam.

    I’m 45, married, have two wonderful boys 17 and 19, and live in the ‘burbs just outside of Vancouver, Canada. I’m a Special Education Assistant and work specifically with hearing impaired kids. Since I get the summer off, I have a lot of time to feed my Adam obsession and this site is the first place I come to.

    Adam caught my attention with his first audition, but I think ‘Ring of Fire’ was the performance that had me sit up and say OMG I absolutely love EVERYTHING about this guy, and the obsession grew from there… I went to my first-ever AI concert just to see Adam (but have taken a liking to a couple of the other Idols after seeing them live).

    My friends and family laughed at my obsession, so I have gone into the Adam Lambert closet (no pun intended)…. I’ve stopped working him into every conversation; I slink into a dark room to listen to my ‘Adam’ playlist and watch his videos (note to self: change playlist name in case someone checks ipod), and I clear the history on my computer after each Adam fix.

    All kidding aside, thanks again for your dedication and the creativity you show with your personal writings which keep us going in the dry periods.

  7. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    I’m Glamb #352 and just want to thank you guys for the time and effort you have put into giving us insight and connection with beautiful Adam. Ever time I see Adam I wonder at the fact that he grows more beautiful all the time. Is it my aging eyes – I dont think so. He has an inner beauty that floors you yet has you just wanting more. I literally put my life on hold every day while I surf the net and look for more of him.

    I am the mother of a 26 year old, and a 12 year old (Adam). My poor son gets confused as to which Adam I am referring to as I speak of Adam so much. Inevitably our conversation comes around to the Adam…. He was singing Born to be Wild at school when one of his classmates said that Adam Lambert sings that song. To which my Adam started to sing it just like Adam. His classmate thought he was strange…. I just laughed. That’s the effect of Adam on our household.

    I work as a Apple Mac Technician in a school, a wedding videographer, and in the past whizzed around a warehouse driving the forklift as a storeperson. I’m going to be 50 soon and feel like I’m a teen.

    I’m not a concert screamer even though I’ve been to 4 Queen concerts, been 2 feet away from the incredible Freddie Mercury, and was pushed and shoved into Elton John when he came to Sydney for the premiere of Tommy. I was horrified for both our sakes and I was ony a teen. How would I react to being in close proximity to Adam.. well hopefully dignified enough that I could find words to have a conversation, eye to eye, and maybe a hug, an autograph and a photo. The ultimate dream.

    Hopefully by the time he travels to New Zealand and comes to Christchurch he will still be accesable for that.

    I also want to thank you guys for giving me he opportunity to make new friends as I have met one Christchurch lady who I can hang out with and discuss all things Adam. If anyone else reads this who is in Christchurch or anywhere in New Zealand I was thinking of creating a way we could be in contact on this side of the globe. There cant be just 2 of us over here. Not sure how to do it but always up to learning new tasks, keeps me young.

    Cheers for all your hard work.

    • Maybe one day, if Adam doesnt get to NZ , you and some of your fellow Kiwis can make a group holiday to N America. You are always welcome at my place in Vancouver, and we shall find an Adam concert if he doesn’t come here..

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        Thankyou Teresa,

        I will certainly try to be somewhere he is one day to see him live. I hope you wont mind that I have an Australian accent as I’m really an Aussie living in Christchurch (14 years now.)

        I will most certainly keep you in mind when I finally get over that way…. I am eager to meet with more people who love him too.


  8. So good to hear a little about some of the wonderful people that make this possible. Thanks to each of you for all you. As with everyone else here Adams music and delightful spirit has change my life. There is so much to look forward to in his journey.

  9. Hi guys,

    Gosh you guys do an awesome job. I’m not a writer but appreciate beautiful write ups when I come across one. A first time poster but been lurking in the background for as long as this site has been up, cos this site definitely comes tops in first hand information with regards to everything that retates to Adam. Well done guys

  10. Lisettehere..just notice Lisa..lovi to see somone from down under too in New Zealand..splendide as Ingrid is from S.Africa,some from Israel,Chile,UK,US,so let’s keep more lovli fans from arounde l’monde come bienvenue an celebrate Adam Lambert ..for he has same appeal as thet of Michel Jackson who was trasured everywhere in so many exotique countries..thes shows his estraordinaire gifte to toche within heartes an souls bit like a United Natione Musique conventione here!Bon auguri bello contare(anchio benevenuto now Italiani..Am going to see if my Italian cugini join! Bongiorno,bonmatin,bonjour..any language welcome here! Baci ,bisous tanti affetione Lisettexoxo

  11. Just want to say THANKS .. 2009 will always be the “summer of Adam” for me … Never had an addiction like this before – what a ride!

  12. Musicalgal says:

    Thank you to all. I could never do any of this or view any of your articles without this web site. I’m not computer savvy enough. Bless you and thanks you all. I’m sure there are many others out there like me. Thanks from Musicalgal.

  13. Hi Theresa/canada,
    The expression ” I’m not skerd!” is from the first audition in San Francisco. When Adam enters the room, Randy tells him:”Don’t be skerd.” And Adam answers:”I’m not skerd.”

  14. Jane Parker says:

    Thank you ladies a million times for all the hard work and creativity that you bring to keep this site going!! It is the best one out there!! Adam should be proud to have such distinguished knowledge and pure genuine talent working for him and promoting him, simply out of love and adoration of him.

    AND Thank you Dreamsound for our orgin!!

  15. Thanks for all your hard work pn this site – the wide range of talents and life experiences you all have I am sure contribute to how well you keep things running around here! I love the fact that you all have done so much and still continue to do a veriety of things but are all drawn together by that one common thread we all share, our love of Adam and his music. I am a 45 (almost) Leo mom living the the burbs outside Philadelphia (can’t wait till my Philly concert) I have a 21 and 18 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. Music has always been a part of my life and Adam is only one of about 4 performers I have gone stark crazy about over the years (Bon Jovi being another big one – so I tell my husband – over 25 years, if you even them out, that’s only about one serious crush every six years, so get over it!) A little off topic, but I was upset reading Adam’s twitters this morning- they came fast and furious from him which is out of character – apparently a lot of fans are giving him serious grief about not doing the after show greets. I hope people realize he owes of nothing but a great concert -with his hectic schedule and large part in the show, I would rather him be safe and healthy than burn out before he even starts. When you buy a ticket, it is for the concert, nothing else. If you are lucky enought to get backstage passes, that’s a differernt story. OK, I will get off my sopabox – again, thanks for all you put into this site!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      I CAN’T BELIEVE that people are sending Adam negative tweets about him not coming out to sign autographs!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

      Cindy in MS

      • AdamAddict says:

        Yes,we understand,Cindy! Grrr!! Go to the latest post and let it all out,my dear friend!!

  16. Ladies, thank you for all the hard work, creative writing and keeping this site the most up-to-date Adam fan site! I am from Singapore and being so far away, this really helps me to keep tab on all that is happening to Adam. I am just waiting for the day when he will come here to perform! Good job and keep up the good work!

  17. To all of you, a HUGE Thank you!!!!!

  18. AdamAddict says:

    Wow,it’s like meeting with VIPs! Awesome! You guys did a great job! Well done! But do you think you guys can add more icons? And the awaiting moderation thing,maybe can be quicker? just suggestion,you guys can ignore me! Thanks for this great websites.I have to keep my adoration to Adam in my chest if I don’t have you guys! Glambs family are my 2nd family! 😀

  19. DANA MARTIN says:


  20. TexasWannaHold'Em says:

    Ladies, thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into making this such a fantastic, quality site. I’m almost 48 + 2 (I loved Carol’s way of discussing age!), live in Dallas, TX, have three teenagers, and have been married for 25 years. In all that time, I have never been as crazy (some would say obsessed) with a celebrity/performer. What is it about HIM? He’s mesmerizing, unbelievably talented, and so much wiser than his years. I too feel that I’m a better person after witnessing his humility, acceptance, and strength. Adam is such a special person in so many different ways – I find myself praying that he will continue to be smart, safe, and enjoy the ride he is embarking on. Again, thank you for making this wonderful “home” for us all!

  21. Hi guys, thank you for introducing yourselves. I think you do an outstanding job keeping us all updated with Adam Lambert news. I live in London and depend solely on this site to get all the news, none of the other Adam Lambert sites have as much information. I followed Adam’s career right from the first audition, right through the AI days, and thanks to you, up to present day. If there is anything I can do to help I will be very happy, please carry on with the excellent job.

  22. I just checked the results of the TCA…Yes, I know, I should’ve waited, but I loooove spoilers. Anyway, I’m not going to give away the results for the questions about Adam, but if you want to know just google TCA awards 09, and it’s come up…

  23. First, a GREAT BIG Thank You to all of the authors and everyone behind the scences for this TERRIFIC site. It brings me hours of pleasure to discover all things Adam and to hear from others that are as addicted as I am. Thank you to all of the “responders”, you all have given me so many links to video’s, tweets and pictures that I would not have found otherwise.
    As for me, I’m a 52 year old Neonatal ICU Nurse in TX. I have two children, ages 19(son) and 22(duaghter) and they both think I’ve “lost it” in my Adam Obsession. I was at the Dallas concert and had a wonderful view of Adam. He is indescribable in person. The energy and love that radiates from him is amazing, not to mention the talent!!! We waited outside for almost two hours to get his autogragh, he was one person away from signing my copy of RS, and his handler made him go inside. Sooooo close and yet sooooo far. But to see him that close will be with me forever.
    I can’t wait to see the superstar that Adam will become and I wish him all the luck and love he can stand.

    Adamaholic Cindy

  24. AdamRocks! says:

    Wow! It’s SO nice to learn more about all of you. . . thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do on this site. . . it’s one of my very favorite places on the web. . . everybody involved is appreciated more than they’ll ever know. I noticed Adam at his audition, and he had me wrapped around his finger when I heard that “rock scream.” I remember posting on my Facebook page way back then that he reminded me of Ted Neeley from Jesus Christ Superstar, and come to find out, when he was younger he had asked his voice teacher if she could teach him to sound like the singers from JCS! My admiration and adoration of this otherworldly, mega-talented young man grew week by week, until I found myself counting the days to Tuesday. . . and of course his breathtaking beauty, inside and out, has swept me off my feet! I have fallen head over heels, and it feels WONDERFUL!

    I’m 46, and originally from Baltimore, where I worked for over 20 years as a secretary in the Mayor’s Office and for a Circuit Court Judge (VERY interesting and educational). I’m married, with four kids–17, 16, 13 and 4–and live in a small town in southern Mississippi. . . when my youngest was born, I became a stay-at-home mom, which has allowed me to spend more time researching and writing my novel. . . a “period romance,” my favorite genre. . . it’s really just a hobby, but it’s something I love doing.

    When I was younger, I had two brain tumors, which set me back just a little. . . I was left with hearing loss, balance problems, and some facial paralysis. As a result, I’ve become more shy in social situations, and in a strange way, Adam has inspired me–at 46!–with his bravery in being himself, even though he’s considered out of the mainstream. . . he has reinforced in me that no matter how different I may look, it’s OK. . . this is me!

    I never finished college, dropping out when I became pregnant with my oldest, but next year, when my four-year-old goes to school, I’ll be going back too. . . I’m so excited! I like to think of myself as a late bloomer. . . better late than never!

    Again, THANK YOU for this amazing place where we can all come together to celebrate the extraordinary, astounding, exquisite, awe-inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon that is Adam Lambert.

    Cindy in MS

    • AdamAddict says:

      Wow,Cindy,I didn’t know your life was that hmmm hard,can I say that? You got pregnant in college.Your son is 17 and now U 46 so U got him when U 29?Why R U still in college at that age? Just asking,not trying to make fun.I never go to college or University! So there,U way smarter than me! And the brain tumor…2 brain tumors!OMG! So,is it completely gone now?My god! You are a strong woman,aren’t you? And the best part,you said you writing novel? Do U planning to publish it? I’ll buy if U publish it.I don’t like read books make me want to go to sleep.Yeah it’s like kryptonite to me.It can kill me,that’s why I don’t go to University or college. But novels,I read some.The thickest is LOTR! But if U publish your novel,I promise I’ll buy! Make the male character look like Adam,please.Tall,handsome,blue eyes,dark dye hair! lol!! Oh please say U going to publish it! 🙂

    • Cindy, you go girl! It took me 8 years while raising two boys and teaching full time to get my B of Educ degree, commuting 70 miles and even living away from home for part of it… we women can do anything, remember?

    • Marie Glamb#9 says:

      Yes, Cindy! I felt that Adam Lambert-Ted Neeley connection too! Awesome! Jesus Christ Superstar was and still is a favorite, and every time I hear Adam’s “rock scream,” my heart just leaps and soars! LOVE IT!


  25. Adamxtasy says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever posted here on this site. I spend waaaaay too much time on the Adam sites and can’t even keep track anymore. My life has changed….since Adam. I have become the very people I used to loath…..the crazed, obcessed fan of a “celebrity”. All the things I used to proclaim as interests or hobbies…..hardly matter any more….I spend all my free time reading about, looking at, or listening to Adam. My heart is literally fluttering and I hardly recognize myself. How can one man do that to someone?
    I do get emails from this site and this topic of introductions touched my heart this morning.
    Reading what you all do, your descriptions of your lives, has filled my heart and I feel like we are “soul sisters”. I don’t even “know” you, yet all the things you are “into” I am also interested in and flourish in. I feel connected with every one of you, including all of you who have “replied”. You have each touched my heart in some way.
    Adam is indescribable……we all try….but there are not enough beautiful words in the English language to adequately describe him. He does things to me that could be called Ecstasy….It is not good to live in a state of ecstasy 24-7… renders me useless and paralyzed…..I understand the word “addiction” now like never before.
    Peaches, your maturity is far beyond your years. Jeanette and Rebecca — is there a way to PM you. I am not on facebook etc but do have email. I am also in Milwaukee area and feel “very alone” with my Adam love.
    A big thank you to all of the Glambs Fan Club Leaders, for your time and expertise….for a place to come and feel at home and gush about our “LOVE” in an atmosphere of safety and respect.
    Now ….a little about me. Just got my nursing license back after taking refresher classes and being home with my 3 kids for over 20 years. That sounds boring to many people (being home)….but I am a gemini…on the go…. and being home has given me the time to experience the beauty of the world ….and be OVERWHELMED by it. I did a lot of volunteer work –probably more than I should have; everything from PTA vice president, to Sunday school teacher to hurricaine Katrina relief. I have a beautiful perrenial garden and love being outside. This garden is pathetic this year because of ADAM by the way!! I walk 3-4 miles at least 4 days a week and been doing this for 25 years come September. I love Adam, MUSIC, PEOPLE, art in any medium, summer, sailing, swimming, beaches, forests, the french language (lisette–you cheer me reading your posts–my mom was born in france), architecture, bible study, maps, world atlases, road atlases, the movies like Chocolat, and Little Miss Sunshine, Napoleon Dynamite, Goodbye Mr. Chips, Sound of Music and so many more. I love life and everything about it….even the hard times….look what they made Adam into !!! I believe God has blessed us with millions of gifts everyday….if we learn to “see” detail and in the “little things” in life. We are all searching for the big thrills but thats why the world is unhappy and unsatisfied most of the time…..its all in the details….the little things. And when a person like Adam has a “million little things” about him….that my friends is ECSTASY.
    I love Adams appreciation of all types of music and that he “connects fully”…. “body and soul” with his theatre performances and for that matter–ALL of his performances.
    After seeing this -this morning….I want to get a glamb # and become official……can you help me?

    • Thanks for the compliment. 🙂 Funny how you said your garden has been suffering because of Adam, I can relate, he takes up so much of my time I hardly do any of the things I used to. He’s my new hobby. 🙂
      I’m not sure how to get a glamb number, though I’d like to…I’m sure someone soon will come along with instructions…

      • Lisette here..First luv to all tresbelle new ones welcom Adamxstacy merci beaucoup for plasur to meet yu!Aw hugs an so yur mama is francais,where in France?My famille is actual more Italian by blood,but being relatives reside in french area of Switzerand(Lugano where language is actual blend of several language).Residing in U.S most of life.Lovli to see yu’re one of few healthcare/nurses an active for charitable cause..something close to ma hearte..After loss of parentes to terminal cancer(papa/pancretic) an mama /nonhodgkins lymphoma nothing seeme to mattre as far as monetary things..both within 3 mos passe away,ner breakdown..Turn to spiritualite an hospice priest for becom very closer to my faith,as well as ner death esperience from car accidente..So I do charitie work with St.Jude/children hospitol/cancerresearch,cystic fibrosis(aving a lovli frend in Cardiffe who suffres from Joshua Jones a once promising vocaliste,composer sad to give up due to his illhealth..Such talente,an he climb Kilamanjaro dans Africa raise 100,000. in pounds..beauhearte as Adam.on my utuve channel under Lisette28 one can see.Sad his managre play him dirty an took his royaltie aftre a release of his lovli CD(Seize the Day)available still on Amazon an Townsend in(UK).Pardon to go on..last wek was his anniversaire in early espectancy is max.40 yers.I keep ntoche via email..looks like his dreame was crushed,yet still does local UK events an even for Prince Wills Princess Diana’s charities for children..I av seen on utube beau Adam as well on Chabad charitie site..such a beau soul..An reminds me thet he has a humanitarian soul as well.Thout I’d share seeing yur post above.I know what yu mean re: neglecting things,ma jardin lavande/an roses/palms have wilted,also due to desert 100plus temps!Take care an keep visiting thes lovli site..Always welcome new Adam’s glambs, now ecstacy too..what othre adjective..Thinq he’s m’angel ..who has help me heal from parentes loss an othre health issues!Blessing monbeau an all lovli people here! Luv Lisettexoxo

    • Carol Hagey, author says:

      Hi Adamxtasy,
      Welcome to our site. We are so glad to have you! To get a Glamb #, to to the Search This Website box up top. Type in Get a Glamb Number. It will take you to all articles with Glamb in the title. Scroll to the bottom – the directions are in the 2nd to last article. You’ve already done #1 and #2 of the 3 things, so just follow the directions for #3 and you’ll get your Glamb #. Welcome to the freshest of all the Adam Lambert Groups!
      Please feel free to post to any articles. We learn more about what the fans want from the comments they post

      • Carol Hagey, author says:

        I meant GO to the “Search This Website” . . . !

      • Lisette here..Ah Carol thenks so I av skip steps an gathre why still have non recive official glamb numbre..An I av been posting here from commence.An agree it’s best Adam Lambert group,tribute page an thinq stil can be known as “Official one for sure!Im actual takin lunch break in office,an finde thes page very enlightening knowing l’authors behind scenes an so many lovli gals/fellow glambs who adore Adam’s artistry..he has toched an change ma life an people aronde l’monde..all thenks to AI for recognizing his estraordinaire many non just as a vocaliste,artiste,humanitarian,an very genial,funny,kind,charmant an beau inward/outward..thet’s a rare combinatione..vraimente angelique(but a petit bit naughty thet so adore!..Luv to all ..blessings Lisettexoxo!

    • Adamxtasy, email me at

  26. I have so much appreciation for you ladies that keep this site going and the owner. I always
    wondered who you were and it is so thoughtful of each of you to take the time to express yourself
    with all of us fans. I too never thought I would be captivated by a singer/entertainer as I am with
    Adam. Never have in the past. He definitely has the “It” factor and has stolen my heart.
    I am also a nurse in florida specializing in cardiac. Most of the time after watching his videos
    or just seeing him speak in an interview, I need CPR. ha I saw him at the Tampa concert and
    could not speak for days from all the screaming I did. I am totally mesmerized by him and
    there isnt a thing I can do about it. Just want more and more.

    Once again, thank you as I enjoy this site. Take care of your hearts.

  27. i love you all. Thank you for this wonderful website and all the work you do. Adam is worth it as an individual and artist. Adam is expanding hearts and minds by simply being himself and because of his talent, he is reaching multi millions of people.And as strange of this might sound, Adam’s singing tones is healing; it is no wonder so many people feel good listening to him sing. it Good energy is good energy. What is needed is what you provide, a place where we can come to, to stay connected. You are all doing far far far more good than you realize. Thanks again.

  28. Hi everybody. I am so impressed with this ADAM site, that I’d like to be as active as you all will let me! First of all, I’d like to be a Glambert, and have a Glamb # (it will probably be #1,000,000,000). Secondly, is there a fan club for ADAM in the Detroit area or SE Mich area? If not, I’d like to become involved in starting one for him. If there is, how to I contact the group? I truly believe in ADAM, and we are seeing an icon shooting to the stars like no one else has (except for Elvis)! I have never been so excited about a performer until ADAM. He is just magical and has captured my heart.

    I have been active at another fan site for ADAM also…just can’t get enough of him!!! I want to share these feelings/thoughts with others who feel the same way. I just soak up all the info that I can about him.

    I’d love to help out in any way that I can here, including moderating, “welcoming committee” to new members, etc. Please let me know
    whatever it is.

    Talk to you all soon….

  29. LibraLamb7 says:

    I don’t know what more I can add to what everyone else has said already…except a MILLION THANKS for this site! I have to get my chores done every day before I allow myself to open my ADAM LAMBERT email from you or nothing else gets done all day! Playing the sound tracks keep me company & I find myself dancing around to house & singing along…Happiness!

    Being of the 59+1 generation, I’ve lived thru the whole Rock ‘n Roll era. Seen a lot of the greats in concert. The “summer of love” in ’69 opened up my life to a new world, though being born & raised in New Orleans, I was no stranger to “dressin’ up & dancin’ in the streets”. That’s just in our blood down here on the “South Coast”. Once I met & married my sweet husband, things calmed down (a bit!). We were both working geologist/geophysicist/oceanographers who loved all things of this miraculous planet we inhabit. We got up close & personal with Mother Nature in ’05 as we survived Hurricane Katrina in our home in Bay St. Louis MS with our kitties. Could only watch & pray as 10-ft storm surge waters ripped away the treasures of our lifetimes (photos, books, music, art, family heirlooms, etc). But we were blessed to still have each other, so we adapted & moved on. We had a great life together for 28 years, but I lost him to multiple myeloma last year. That was a true tragedy that nothing can prepare one for.

    I’d just been going through the motions of life until….ADAM auditioned on AI & I came alive again. I was enthralled at first note out of his beautiful lips. Have had a full blown addiction ever since. My friends & family think I’ve gone round the bend. My dear sister did snag me my copy of RS, so she at least is glad I’ve found someone to lighten my heart & get me dancing again.

    Can’t wait for Adam’s album to be released so I can add to my growing collection of Adam Lambert music. I hungrily seek out & devour all interviews, pix, videos of this most amazing & special being. I hope he makes New Orleans a stop on his own concert tour so I can see him in person…He’ll feel right at home in the “Big Easy”, I’m sure.

    His parents have reason to be SO proud of their son. You can tell Adam’s been “raised right”. There’s not a rude, selfish or “diva” bone in his glorious body! He’s been more than generous with his time & talent ,& you can tell he loves & appreciates his fans. Those who complain that he doesn’t give more of himself at the after-concert “meet & greets” are immature, rude whiners who haven’t learned to deal with life’s little disappointments. Just look at that lovely rendition of “Starlight” he gave to the world on GMA last week…THAT was him showing his love for his fans….And we are here for him…Adam’s Army.

    Enough of my ramblings. I don’t usually post, chat, etc & am just allowing all this pent up stuff to pour out indiscriminately…Sorry…But I’m so grateful to know ya’ll are out there obsessing as much as I am…I may be crazy, but I’m apparently crazy in good company!

    Candace from New Orleans

  30. Thanks to everyone who has replied thus far…you guys bring me to tears.

    Is it just me, or is there an inordinate number of fans here who by profession are in healthcare, teaching, or otherwise a caregiver? Does that say something about us or Adam or both of us?

    • Don’t forget us folks in the liberal and fine arts, who love to write, paint, draw, dance, and sing! I’m sure I’ve seen quite a few of those folks on this site too! ;:-)

    • cheryl norman says:

      JEANETTE, I had not realized that! You’re so spot on, there!! We are ‘care’ givers in one way or the other, which tells me, we are all really ‘good’ people!

  31. crazyforadam says:

    Hi All:

    My name is Marilyn, am 67 years old, Cabanadian, retired and now single. I have only this past week found this site and already think it is the best. Thanks so much to the authors for introducing themselves. In this age of no privacy, it is brave of you to talk about yourselves so freely. You all seem like such fascinating people, and it would be wonderful to meet you all some day.

    I too have become mesmerized by this otherworldly person we know as Adam Lambert, and am so looking forward to following his career in the future. A Change is Gonna Come is playing on my IPod as I write this. As for the present, I am eagerly anticipating attending the Hamilton, Ontario concert on Friday, followed by the one in Rochester on Saturday. I have NEVER done this before, but I am prevailing upon a journalist friend to see if he can get me into the Meet and Greet for one purpose only — to meet Adam in person. I doubt very much if such an opportunity will arise after this, as he will be much too big a star. I’m not suggesting that he will forget his fans, but I don’t think he will be able to keep up with the numbers. If I am lucky enough to get to the M&G, I hope I can have enough self-control not to be a gibbering idiot.

    As for me, I am a retired Zoo Keeper, having worked at the Toronto Zoo for many years. I’ve done research in Borneo, Gibraltar and Central America on monkeys and sea turtles, have published in professional journals, and have had a deep love of music all my life. I used to play piano and classical guitar, am currently trying to learn the native American flute, and also organized a two-week music festival competition for youth in voice, instrument and drama for several years. I am old enough to have been part of the hippie movement, Beatlemania and Queen (still my favourite band) and Elvis, but never have I been swept away as I have whenever I listen to Adam. Like jnellie, I am in the Adam Lambert closet and try not to talk about him every time I’m with a friend or family. They all think I’m very strange to be so obsessed at my age. And so it helps considerably to go on this website to see that I’m not alone by any means.

    During the mid 2,000’s I worked part -time as an usher at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto and was fortunate to be able to watch concert greats such as Elton John, Billy Joel, Barbara Streisand, Josh Groban, Eric Clapton, etc. etc. etc. and as great as all of these artists are, I just can’t wait to see an Adam Lambert concert where we get to feast on his glory for an entire concert.

    For the past 2 years I’ve been travelling around North America in my RV and have spent the past two winters in Arizona and California. If it were possible, I’d move there as I love the southwest.

    • Hi fellow Canadian Marilyn! I am also 67 an moved to Vancouver 10 yrs ago when I retired. You have also had an interesting career. As Jeanette says above we seem to be a bright ambitious bunch with a bit of the ‘caregiver’ tendences..thus we are attracted to an original and bright young man.

      Queen is also my fave band of all time! And I adore RVing and Arizona… how about that?

      Enjoy your concerts and maybe one day we Glambs can congregate in Toronto when Adam comes to perform!

  32. cheryl norman says:

    Hello to all Glambs.! Congratulations to all of our Leaders, you’ve done an extroidinary job here!! Putting it mildly!!!You all can see what my name is. I am 61, going on 16! I was married 10 yrs, Got divorced. Have 2 grown children. My son is 40, my daughter 37. Both well-accomplished adults in their own right! My son has ‘given me’ 4 grandbabies. Farrah, 2-1/2, Grant 6-3/4, Julia 8-2/3, and Moriah 9-4/5! As you can tell. I am severely ‘family oriented’, almost to a fault!!

    I was a stay at home mom when I was married, working very rarely as a secretary to the businessmen in my city. After my divorce, I worked in the ‘economic expansion’ area of the city, doing everything possible in the business field. Was diagnosed w/rheumatoid arthritis at age 32, and was already totally disabled. Not
    able to feed, clothe myself, drive, walk, etc. Finally, after years of medical help from the most fantastic doctors I could ver have hoped for, I became more independent, and was able to open a child care business of my own for the people living near my plat. I still had a mortgage, big house, lots of lawn work, and my children and I worked together to make it thru till they started college. I was extremely busy with my own bus. and my 2 kids into every sport, cheerleading, etc from elementary sch thru h.s. and I NEVER missed a game either one of them were in. I also worked as a volunteer at their schools, was a ‘minister’ of teaching at my huge church, also tutored a few mentally handcapped kids at our church for years. To say that my home was the ‘go to’ house for the school kids is really an understatement! But, that is all I’ll say on the subject of my family and family life which has always been the #1 priority in my life.

    As I’ve said often on this site. I was obsessed by age 9 w/Elvis, saw him in concert in 1977. Love most all music, but never have been swept off my feet by anyone like Adam did!! I drove my son crazy after seeing Adam when he did the ‘group’ song, and only knew his first name. Didn’t have a computer. Swore I could never operate one! But my son bought me one and told my about youtube, and how I could find out more about Adam on that site. I went nuts!! Just lilke you all did!!! I am not one to casually get crazy over this or that singer.But, I knew Adam was different!! Way different!! I learned to maneuver myself arond the web and stumbeled onto this site. I didn’t know how to go back to it, but, finally figured it out, and it was the people on this site who have helped me the most learning as much as I do now about the computer and the web! THANK YOU ALL SOOOO LMUCH!! LOVE AND HUGS TO YOU!!!

    Eventually, I guess I becaqme a serious fan, and joined the Glambs and got my number!!! My kids and grandkids are still in a bit of shock!! I’ve made fans of my grandkids, and my grown kids! As far as astrology goes, I am a Taurean., with moon in Scorpio, from what I’m understanding! I learned, so far that I am a ‘fixed’ sign w/2 fire signs and am very well rounded. I’m still waitilng for the rest of my chart from Theresa/Canada!! I caqn be stubborn, am def. loyal, love comfort, family, do not like change, very generous, fearless, a good communicator, and action person. Just to say a bit about that!!! And I plead ‘guilty’ to all of that!

    Some of you may know me by my ‘rants’ and ‘raves’ on lthis site! I love humor,and can’t help but partake in it as often as possible! Ha! I think I’m a fair person and strive to always be fair and courteous, but sometimes eludes me. I don’t ‘edit’ my posts for a very specific reason, and hope whoever reads my posts doesn’t hold it against me!! I’m an Adam fan forever, and thank him for making his music as he does, in his unique and awesome way. I have loved music and used music to help me get through many hard years. Never have I seen the likes of Adam. I love him from afar, am infatuated, obsessed and obsessive about him. I am going to see him in concert in Gd Rapids in Sept. and am skeerd I’ll be even worse after that, as far as knowing that I may not get another chance in life!! To me there is no life without music!

    Note, I attended college, but didn’t finish. Studies included philospphy, psychology, and Eng writing.

    • Lisette here..ah Carol how lovli seeing yur post an such interessant life many things too we av in common.As having fibromyalgia as yu know(i av posted on pants thread reply do see)!Merci for yur concerne always caring.!An I have same issue with arthritis in knees/an joint aches thet leave me feling like truck mow over,anothre reason only work part teme,plus new concerne over thyroid/nodule aving scans,3 months,an gave up teaching chorus to children several yers ago..before parentes sadly diagnose with cancer,an aving to tend to home hospice(papa),as siblings work fulteme..made me closre to them an cherish them even more,strengthen ma faith in God as yu nevre to let monetary an material things take stop smel roses as such.An seein papa work 30 yer in fed.govt QA control back east,an famille business aftre of restaurante/bakerie..took toll..he did adore it,his 3 children,granchildrenI(brothre’s I av nevre marrie..still awaiting monsieur right,mal d’couer etc.So lose myself in musique,art an since May on Idol, Adam monbeau has toche places in hearte as no othre artiste/vocaliste ever..An as yu adored Elvis,Michel Jackson,Englebert,(gathre from aving oldre siblings 14 plus senior an mama hav vast array of genres that I have in musique collection.An seein Adam can singe anything from broadway,softballads,glamrock,pop,danse/disco ,even operatic notes in 10 commandments,Wicked sort of blende as does popera diva Sara Brightman who can sing both pop an opera..Thes I av seen in Adam..sorry am going on agan..Lisette yu’re writing a novel,but so difficile to stop singin his we all seeme to share same sentimentes here!Thenks agan to all who made possible authors/teamleadres an dreamsound’s he who withoute can never existe..Where ar yu now dreamsounde do visite sometime..gathrer yu’re busy with own musique careere..Bonwishes an blessings to all! Keep a songe in all yur heartes..An know Adam will be here for many yers to come..legend an angel d’musique an heartes!J’etaime Lisettexoxo

      • cheryl norman says:

        LISETTE, Look at your post from the start. You say ‘Carol’. Are you responding to me? Or a ‘Carol’?

        peace-cheryl n.

  33. Hi Ladies,

    Thank you for an awesome site, I really don’t know what I did before Adam came into our lives! He continues to amaze me with his incredible stage presence and wonderful vocals. I too have never been addicted to anyone, let alone a pop idol (!) but I just love this guy. I asked for a Glambert number way back in May but never found my name on the list – does this mean I must take one now (:( sad coz I wanted a number that indicated I was one of the first!)

    Keep up the good, work and please ask Adam to come to Singapore soon. Lady Gaga is always here – perhaps he will come with her next time 🙂 !!

  34. Hi
    Krissie from Seattle here. Luckily I am Glamb #200 so that I can remember the number!

    I just turned 60 on July 25th. I am a five-planet Leo. When I saw Adam in Tacoma he wished me a happy birthday and signed my ticket with the same. It was thrilling. I’ve seen hundreds of singers, met several, no one compares to our little sweetie.

    I have a Leo daughter and five grandchildren. My Gina sent Mama to the concert for a present. I told Adam he was my present and his killer smile and beautiful blue eye shadow on those eyes I will never forget. Pretty nice. During the show I stood on my chair when Adam came on stage and I am amazed at how loudly I screamed. Surprised even myself.

    I also sing with a band called The Raretones. We have been together for 35 years. I can’t believe it! Aren’t we having fun?!!!

    • Ooh, KrissieE, too COOL….I was just thinking today how fun it would be when we all get together (that is, if we all CAN get together) to try some harmony. We will have FUN with you there! I’ll sing lead. (Just kidding, but I meant it!)

  35. Hey Dana, I too have a Sun Sign Scorpio and and a Rising Sign Virgo, but my Moon sign is Aries, just like Adam!

    • Not sure if we would get along really well, or drive each other crazy in real life!! Probably a little of both!

  36. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Oh, just figured out the subscription so am good to go on that!



    FROM MILA3, GLAMB #157

  38. Jeanette, Carol, Dana, Marie, Dreamsound and anyone else involved in the development of this brilliant website. You would have noticed that I often comment (the Peanut Gallery) rather than initiate a particular topic and the reason for this should now become evident.

    I am a management consultant who specialises in the field of Organisational Design and Development. After having to commute to other cities, often every week (leave Sundays and return Fridays) I found that I wasn’t enjoying it as much any longer, probably due to burnout. I have also had a number of executive coaching clients – enough about that. Nowadays I still do some consulting as well some freebie work for non-profit organisations and focus on culture-shift/fit issues – people are my thing. I am also helping my husband who wants to extend his business focus. I am a very good listener and observer and often just enjoy reading everyone’s posts and commenting here and there. I NOW HAVE A LIFE and I am enjoying all the things I missed out on … and indeed, I have missed out on a lot. I have a zest for life and live it to the fullest – well nowadays!

    I am married to Henry (whom I call Horry), who is seventeen years older than me but still as sexy as ever and the love of my life. We have one son, Clayton (called Clay or Buddy) who is 27 years old and the love of our life. Despite the demands of my work, I have always tried to be actively involved in his life – sport (5 different sports), debating, public speaking, community work, etc and although I encouraged him to develop all aspects of his being, I sometimes used to wish that this child would not have so many interests and offer all and sundry lifts home after sport trials. Many a time he had met these boys (from other schools) for the first time. Today, I don’t regret it! He is a free spirit with a wonderful sense of humour, very grounded (we made sure that he is and remains that way) and shares my affinity for people. I shared his philosophy on another thread. “Sh$%*@ happens, so I make sure I always carry three-ply toilet paper.”

    To all you wonderful people who made this website possible and contribute (Glambs) to its success, thank you for your wonderful gift! All you have to remember about me is that I am just plain ole Ingrid, who enjoys and learns from all of you, even when our opinions differ.

    Jeanette,given your background, are you an investigative journalist? Anne Rule is one of my favourite authors, but that is another conversation for another time. Love and Peace from the Rainbow Nation!

  39. Hey you guys – you should put something on your site about the Adam Lambert Eye or Hours pendants being sold at Penny Royal Silver is hand making the pure silver pendants, and they have Adams signature on the back. The profit is going to the charity Musicares. They are only being made and sold for ONE WEEK and then Adams original design will be retired forever… He donated his original drawing he made when he got the Eye of Hours tattoo on his wrist, when he made the top 36. The Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection. Anyway, check it out… only a few days left to get one! And it’s for a good cause….. BTW… LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!

  40. JosieNurse says:

    Thank you ALLLLL for providing such a fantastic fansite for us all to indulge our thoughts, obcessions and overall excitement about Adam.

    I am wife of a retired US Marine Corps Officer, registered nurse, former CIA employee, free-lance writer, former graphic design business owner, retired pharamaceutical sales specialists and have currently returned to nursing as a part-time/PRN oncology nurse. I have two grown children and one
    husband of 35 years.

    All 3 are about ready to have me mentally examined for possible committed as they have NEVER seen me acting so crazy about an entertainer, screaming at rock concerts and holding frequent open dialogue with complete strangers all over the internet and possibly in person if I can arrange it !!! (They say I watch too much Crime TV and think everyone is a potential “Ted Bundy” murderer) !

    I agree with everyone that I am obcessed with this young man and spending WAAAAAYYYYY too much time on the internet and fansites. But…. in my youth, I was a guitar playing, folk singer who would have loved an opportunity like American Idol provides. And, I am so enjoying the crop of talent produced by the show – expecially Season 8’s # 2 man.

    Now, I am re-living the experience of “youth” again and I feel like I’ve gotten in on the ground floor of the rocket ride that is to come with this UNBELIEVABLE, MULTI-FACITED TALENT known as Adam Lambert.!! “Batten down the hatches” and keep the credit card balences manageable because I’m gonna be spending some money going to see his shows and buy his “stuff” !!

    Anywhay …. what the hell …. I’m sure having fun being a “senior groupie” !! Ha Ha !!
    JosieNurse Glamb # 397

  41. The password that you gave me when I registered doesn’t work. Please send me a new password so I can try it out. Thanks.
    SueAnn C….the famous Mary C’s sister.

  42. i meet adam Lambert wen the idols came to Pittsburgh Pa. here r some pics i took of adam, n my poster my mom n i made that he signed on the bottom… , , , , hope u like them…

  43. Hi, Just wondering! Are we going to start using passwords for the forums now??

    Thanks; Sherry K

  44. Hi

    I think Adams version of Mad World is the best yet. So I made a video for the track. Please take a look, and if you like it, feel free to add / link it here. 🙂

  45. Hi there!

    Just wanted to let you know that we have a nice story about Adam Lambert on today’s PopSugar Rush! There’s some behind-the-scenes footage from the Idol tour as well as steamy pics from his Details magazine shoot!

    Feel free to repost if you think your readers would enjoy seeing it!


    Embed code:


    PopSugar Rush Host/Producer

  46. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Hello authors and dreamsound! Better late than never, I came upon this thread and read your stories. I applaud all of you for being the courageous and talented people that you are. First of all, I want to thank you for this site. It has been a blessing for me as ADAM has been. I am a Sagittarius and was born on winter solstice. For now, I am a mother of a beautiful little girl, who is 5.3 at 10 yrs of age. She is very sweet and loving which she gets from me lol. I have a BA in criminal justice but have no further interest in pursuing any career from it. The area may have proven to be too much of a challenge for my personality. So I just live day to day raising my daughter to be the best human being she can be, to be kind to others, which I probably have not proved too much here. But I will learn from my mistakes and I apologize for disrespecting any who were offended by any uncalled remarks I have made.
    The reasoning for my willingness to be open is just that. I am an honest person and with this site, I truly felt I could open up to everyone and sometimes I say things I don’t mean but I lack confidence to back up w/ explanation. I ask all of you for forgiveness as I have come to forgive myself and to ask my Lord above for forgiveness as well. I do not attend church but I do believe. That’s where my husband comes in. I have spent most of my life as a loner until I was 32. One night, I had been down w/o work and no one to comfort me. So I prayed real hard, so hard I felt God coming into my life. I prayed that God would bring someone into my life because I was so alone and desparate. And I believe he did. My husband and I are so different like night and day, but we grew from coworkers to friends to roommates to lovers to parents and to being husband and wife. I married a gravedigger in a funeral home on memorial day by a blind man, which we were his first couple to marry. I love my husband as my friend and mate for eternal life. Been together for 14 yrs.
    I want to take this time to let you all know this has been the best support group, fan group, therapy session, I have ever witnessed. And it’s all because of ADAM LAMBERT. My only connection with him is my heart. The passion and conviction when he sings literally makes my heart ache with so much love. No matter how attractive I know he is, his voice reaches into my heart. I have never voted for an idol, never been so blown away by someone that could actually sing a song and makes it believeable,and never loved a man like I love ADAM. Yes he is a star and I know I’ll never meet the man, coming from a small town and living in lower income status. But ADAM sure does put a smile on my face every day. Thank you everyone for this site and I am so proud to be an ADAM fan and a GLAMB!!!!! Thank you ADAM and thank you GLAMBS!!!! PLL to everyone!!!!

  47. Been trying to get a glam number for a while. I thought I followed all the rules, but still haven’t
    gotten one. How do I check or find out for sure.

  48. Thanks for a great website, however, there seems to be an issue of Glamb numbers that isn’t being addressed. There a many members who have followed the “protocol” and we are still waiting for numbers to no avail. I am hoping that someone in the upper echelon will read this and perhaps respond to this issue. I know, I for one, have followed the protocol twice now, and I am still not in receipt of a number. Is there a problem with back load? Is it a problem with semantics? Please, please, communicate with the members!! I would love to donate to the site, but I will not do so until I get my number at this point.

  49. what if i wanted to send you some adam info & photos that you somehow missed?

    how would i contact you?

  50. An interesting article with some points I had not thought of previously. I will send friends your way. The blog is great addition to the blogging community.

  51. Oh, at last I think I have fround a fan site that is intellegent, kind, mature that truly loves Adam. I am so tired of getting on blogs and find nothing but hate and childish bable. I want to share my excitement with others and hear what you have to say.. I never thought we would ever see an entertainer the likes of Elvis.
    I was 13 when he came out, living in Texas and people had such a fit over the way he danced and moved, said he couldn’t sing and guys just hated him! They said he was vulgar and a bad infulence on our kids. Sounds familuar. At 13 I didn’t understand what they were talking about but Elvis had IT. So does Adam. The talent, looks, (he really does look like Elvis) personality, style, manners, and maturity beyond his years. I am excited to see him be so popular and I feel his music will be edgy, confusing but always truly Adam.
    My husband and I went to the concert tour at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. I thought it would be fun and my husband wanted to go. When that man stepped out on stage we all jumped up and screamed! including my husband! I was shaking like a kid. What a ride he took us on and there will be many more to come…

  52. Thanksgiving Morning.
    Almost the first thing every morning, I check to see what you bring to us from Adam…Thank you for being right there, on time, every time. I am one of the many early followers, Glamb 41, and just fell in love with Adam’s persona from the very beginning. This summer I was diagnosed with cancer, and at first it was extremely scary, but as I walked it along, I went from jumping off a bridge to treatment and doing well. I will survive. What makes me laugh and brings me joy is your fabulous website about Adam. Sometimes I cry because he is so authentic and honest. He plays, he learns, he is polite and so talented…and respectful of that talent and those around him. I doubt that I would have the time during all these treatments, chemo and radiation, to surf the Net and find the latest news and videos and then be able to read what other Adam fans are saying, thinking, feeling…you work hard to bring us the whole picture. Your efforts mean so much to me, start my day off perfectly and help me through my own healing process. Thank you very, very much. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving.

  53. We had Adam Lambert in studio today and he did a hilarious impression of Susan Boyle!

  54. Hey! How do we send you links to post? I found this one with lots of great pics of his day in London today, 3/25. I don’t know your policy on posting links but these pics are too yummy not to share!

  55. Dear Adam Lambert

  56. charlotte says:

    Hi, My friend and I want to know if any meet and greet parties have been planned for Adam’s Costa Mesa concert in July? I went to the one Lila held in Feb. in Indio and had a blast. Please keep me informed. Thanks, Charlotte

  57. Margie - Glamb #559 says:

    I have tried ……….. unsuccessfully ………. MANY MANY times to retrieve my password for this site, to no avail. I have typed in the link sent to me for my password, and every time, it comes back as an error. What else can I do??????? HELP!!!!!

    Margie, Glamb #559

  58. Hey,
    So I was searching for Adam Lambert fan pages online and ran across your website.
    I work for MuchMusic and we are airing a “My Date With: Adam Lambert” special on Thursday, November 18 at 10 p.m.
    I was wondering if you would be able to post one of the promo spots on your website to have more people aware of the special on MuchMusic?
    They are linked below:

    15-second promo spot

    30-second promo spot

    I would appreciate it GREATLY! if you would do this (of course, only if you are interested. Don’t feel obliged to do it)!
    If you could let me know either way that would also be appreciated (and if you post the promo before you get back to me can you please send a link with it as well)

  59. Adam is going to be in Philly in almost a week on December 8th! Philly’s Mix 106.1 is giving away a pair of tickets AND passes to MEET Adam! Enter NOW!

    If you could possibly post this on your site it would be a HUGE help! Thanks so much!

    – Autumn

  60. I’m glad we agree about this. I understand every afternoon and just stopping by to say kudos!!

  61. Hey! I periodically have some new contests and such having to do with Adam, I am an intern from a Philly radio station and I was looking for an email address to contact one of the site owners so I could possibly share updates with if you may want to post them on your site =] thanks so much! And also we’re having a contest now:

    So I would LOVE to have something from Adam that NO ONE else does wouldn’t you?! Philly’s Mix 106.1 is giving away a exclusive Adam Lamber IPad! All you have to do to enter is “like” Mix 106.1 on Facebook at for a special link to win. The more fans to “like” the more the link will be posted! Good luck everyone!!

    So if you could possibly post it it would be a HUGE help, thank you!

    – Autumn

  62. hello adam i love you i need you

  63. 900K Adam Lambert Fans Crash Charity Event Website from Tweet (1 hour ago) [Event Hosted by Chelsea Clinton & Kristen Bell]

    At 1pm EST, over 900K Adam Lambert fans Glam’d (aka crashed) the charity event website for the Friendfactor launch event hosted by Chelsea Clinton and Kristen Bell.

    Adam tweeted about a charity event launch party for Friendfactor, a next-generation gay rights organization that combines the power of technology and friends—straight and gay—to achieve full legal freedoms for gay and transgender Americans, faster.

    The event page ( was for the May 3rd launch party event, hosted by Chelsea Clinton, Kristen Bell, Andy Cohen, Ken Mehlman, and Miss New York, where Friendfactor will be unveiling an innovative new online tool, called a Friend-setter page. Friend-setter pages are game-changing tools that make it easier for straight people to help their gay friends win the freedom to marry in New York. To get early access to how it works, you can visit: Director, Justin Baer noted “Our servers got Glam’ed, but we are back in action and appreciate Adam’s support.” The server and event page are now back up and live! Here is the event page

  64. Have you posted this?

    Adam Lambert Nominated for Two MTV O Music Awards! Vote Today!
    Listen up Adam fans! It’s your time to vote for Adam to win both of his incredible nominations for the MTV O Music Awards, a new award show event that celebrates the migration of music into the digital space. Adam is nominated for Must Follow Artist on Twitter and Fan Army FTW – let’s get Adam to win both awards! Vote