Appearance at SAG Awards

He’s seriously everywhere these days, hanging out in Toronto, Canada now where he is doing some promo for his album! Just before he left the country, there was one more appearance that the twitter page of IdolTracker clued us in to: The SAG Awards are the Screen Actors Guild Awards, one more of these TV […]

Red Carpet ‘Coorespondant’ at Grammys!

It might have been a hint already, seeing as Adam was featured in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, in which he commented on some of the Grammy nominees (obviously flailing over Lady Gaga and Beyonce again): And on Ryan’s radio show, Adam already gave away that it was ‘very likely’ that he would do […]

Adam on Ryan Seacrest

Last friday, Adam went to the Kiis-fm studios to make an appearance on Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show ‘On Air With Ryan Seacrest’! He called in to the show before, just after he released the For Your Entertainment single; and now Ryan felt it was about time to invite him again for a longer interview! One of […]

Leila Lambert speaks

Woman’s Day interviewed Adam’s mom, Leila. She’s always seemed like such a classy and sweet lady, and this interview only reinforces that impression! Articulate, well-spoken (just like both of her lovely sons), and sharing a bunch of childhood memories with us. (Link: here) An American Idol Mom WD talks to Adam Lambert’s #1 fan—his mom, […]

‘You Know Adam’s Made It When..’ Part 2!

To kick off the New Year, some more cute, funny, or flattering news surrounding Adam. Take for example the promo Fox used in Asia, with For Your Entertainment as the background music. Remember that one? Good. We got another! This time actually aimed at an American audience, as FYE is used again in the promo […]

Adam videos New Year’s Eve

“It’s hard to imagine any Idol going through a crazier 2009 than Adam Lambert, whose year was filled with enough highs and lows to fill an entire season of Fantasia’s reality show. But the man always kept his cool. And he certainly looked cool last night on the red carpet of Gridlock NYE, the 5,000-capacity […]

Adam’s not a babysitter..

But the kids love him nonetheless!!! Great video. Hope Adam will get to see this and realize that he has such a wide range of fans!

Adam enjoying the spa

Gossip websites Celebrity and caught Adam going to the Ole Henriksen Skin Care in Los Angeles last sunday. Accompanying him was his best friend, Danielle. They spent the day being pampered and just relaxing! Good thing Adam is keeping his pre-idol friends close and is finally relaxing after a hectic and crazy year. […]

Adam fan killed – update!

Sad, sad story. Terri Sanvicente, also known as glitteraquarius on twitter, died on Christmas eve. The mother of three was beaten to death by her children’s father – while the children and a babysitter overheard the whole scene. For the newsarticle, go here. Terri was a big fan of Adam, and her twitterpage was filled […]

FOX TV Promo

[ad] This is great! Every time you happen to be watching Fox, keep your eyes open for their NEW promo! Set to a very familiar song.. For Your Entertainment! It looks really, really nice and totally goes with the lyrics of the song! So, this will expand the song’s awareness by a ton, maybe it […]