Attention! This Is For Everyone Still Going to Adam’s Concerts – Read This!

Short and sweet – check with the box office to make sure of the start time of the show. Our show last night at Costa Mesa Fairgrounds started 30 minutes early. My good friend Glenda told me that the San Francisco show started 30 minutes early too. Fortunately I was at the box office yesterday early, getting some other information and the lady nicely told me they had just been notified 20 minutes earlier about the change.

The reason for this? Originally Allison Iraheta wasn’t scheduled to open for Adam during the second half of the Glam Nation Tour. Evidently the fans really called for her to be on the bill, so she’s rocking the opening, along with powerhouse guitarist Orianthi. Glenda said she heard this was for all the California concerts, but be sure and check with your box office or plan on arriving early if you can’t get confirmation.

~ Carol ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Yes, we walked into the San Fran venue at 8:02pm and Alison was already rocking out on stage! Concerts usually start late, so we were really surprised it was already going!

    • i read that there is a noise ordinance in Costa Mesa, so with the addition of Allison, they had to start the show early so the concert would end prior to the cut off time for the noise ordinance there.

  2. I heard Allison was on for all the rest of the tour.

  3. Nana #1 says:

    I am so excited…I finally got tickets for Adams concert at the King Center in Melbourne, Florida!! I tried to get better seats (I’m still trying)…but at least I’m IN!! I can’t wait to get all “glammed up” and have a blast. Is anyone else going there…will you be “meeting” each other? Does anyone know if there will be a meet and greet before or after the concert? If so…where will it be and when?

    Hugs to All,

    Nana #1 (Glam #488)

    • Julie Z says:

      Hey Nana #1,

      do you live in FL? I am from West Palm Beach and planning to attend the Melbourne concert. Maybe we can meet up. I am meeting a group there for dinner too. Maybe you would like to join us?

      Julie Z

      • Nana #1 says:

        Hi Julie Z

        Yes, I live just outside of Orlando. I will be going with my sister. She loves Adams voice,but is not “obssessed” with him and has not been following his “journey” like the rest of us. I think that seeing him perform live (and in a very different way from his IDOL days) may just “blow her mind”..LOL
        It would be fun to meet with you and the other glams…I can’t give you a definite yes right now, because I am still working on a package deal through the hotel and I don’t know how that works. But if you would like my e-mail address you can fill me in on all the details of where and when to meet. Thank you so much for inviting me to join you…hope to see/meet you there!!


        Nana #1 (Glam #488)

      • I live in S Florida and am going to the Hard Rock concert in Hollywood FL and I have STILL not heard if any Glamberts are going. I have asked and no one answered me!!

        • Nana #1 says:

          Hi Robin,

          I really wanted to go to both concerts (Melbourne and Hollywood), but I can’t this time around. I am just happy I can go to one of them. (Melbourne). Don’t discourage..just keep on posting that you would like to meet up with others. There may be some who are just trying to work out the details before sending out the invitation…hang in there and best of luck!! Get “Glammed Up” and have a great time at the concert!!


          Nana #1 (Glamb #488)

        • marlene says:

          iam going to the hard rock i was at the first concert in wilks barr pennsylvania I am anxious to see all the changes. he is the best if this is your first u will be in for an amazing evening

    • Going to the hardrock show in hollywood , fl. My back yard practically. With my roommate who likes Adam and Allison like I do. We actually got to say hi to Allison at one of the idol concerts by their bus. I am so excited and have great seats. That is a great location to have a concert. The whole plaza is amazing and then the casino. I am going to spend the whole day there and sleep the whole day after. Can’t wait. I am so glad he added this spot. I would of had to have traveled. This location you park, and walk a short distance and there are shops, outdoor dining, comedy clubs, dancing clubs, and outdoor bands all within the same giant facility. The concert hall is squeezed in there and you can walk a short distance to that too. For you glamberts out there I pick this location for anyone still looking to see him or go to another one of his shows.

  4. AdamAddictGirl says:

    I have to be honest, that’s too bad! I saw Adam with Orianthi and Alison, and although I’ve liked Allison in the past, she screamed her way through her enitre show and was way too hyper. I was glad when her stint was over so I could get to Adam. Having Allison and Orianthi before Adam’s show created an annoying and frustrating wait to see ADAM!! Just sayin’!

    • buffy522 says:

      I agree. I was at San Fran night two and was surprised how early it started. Maybe even on Idol, the judges complained of her screaming. You could not understand one word. And Orianthi was the same. I could not wait for her set to be over. Not just for Adam, but because it was excruciating. When Adam came on, bliss. He shows you can sing rock/pop and the audience can understand the words! Toward the end, on Music Again, it seemed they turned up the sound and it was too loud. Then everything starts vibrating and not in a good way. But he was so precious and overcame all!!!

      • genagirl says:

        LOL! My sister and I thought it was just us! We couldn’t understand a word she sang when we saw her in KCMO. Adam, on the other hand, was pitch perfect, clear and beautiful! Better than he sounds on the CD!!!!!

  5. I totally agree with you AdamAddictGirl. Allison just screams, and it is not pleasant listening. Adam needs to sit in the audience and hear the noise while she is up there. I know she has a good voice, but on tour she’s so manic that it gets uncomfortable watching her. It’s almost painful. She is just going full at the top of her lungs, and any voice quality that might have been there, is totally lost. Sorry Allison fans, but someone needs to say something. Maybe this is a venue issue. I’ve seen two of the concerts (three more to go), and after the first one, I just skip Allison’s part. Orianthi was not at either of the concerts I attended. I think Adam needs someone else opening for him that sets the stage better than annoying artists. I wish the best for Allison. Maybe hearing impaired people enjoy it, but my hearing is good. It was horrible.

  6. I had read somewhere that Orianthi cancelled out of the the rest of the GlamNation Tour and Allison was taking her place. Is that not true? I was looking forward to seeing both of them.

    • Kat Spahr says:

      Haven’t heard any changes to the Vegas show. . .Orianthe is still listed, but no sign of Allison. .

  7. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I don’t know. I think Allison has so much talent. I haven’t had a chance to see the concert yet, but I hope she’s performing at the kind of high standard you’d expect . I’m puzzled to hear any different. I think her songs are great. Love the girl power she generates and I hope she stays on the tour so I get to see her. I have so much more respect for Adam that he is willing to give her an opportunity like this and its not just about money but about the relationship as well and also nurturing the talent Allison has. Of course, Adam, well, he’s the greatest and seeing him in a live show will be the high point of my life. I’ve got my ticket in my purse and I take it out and kiss it every once in a while–the great day is coming soon, can’t wait!1 Rhode Island I’ll be there!

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      I saw Allison at the Seattle show and I was thrilled to be able to see and hear her in person….She was my “second favorite” that season so was thinking it was great that Adam chose her as an opening act…He is just so sweet to do that….My impression of her was this….She gave it everything she had and then some…was a little “loud” but the venue was too small for the sound system, a common problem for that venue…(I was approx 5th row center, GA, really close to the stage, so could see her quite well, , including her false eyelash that was falling onto her cheek-because of the sauna-like conditions??) and I thought she was usually understandable, although I did notice that her voice seemed strained and somewhat hoarse in a few places… and maybe the band overpowered her a little bit…It’s possible that because I was so close, I was reading her lips, who knows!!! She is thinner than during Idol and I thought she looked very pretty….And here’s my other thought…I was so excited and on Cloud 9 to know that Adam was next, it could have been Donald Duck opening for him and I would have been happy (my own little euphoric maybe I wasn’t paying attention…)…Not comparing Allison to DD of course, i just didn’t think she was as bad as some have said…..In fact I enjoyed her set and and wish her well….Her talent is immense and she should do well, this is such a great opportunity for her…This is all just my recollection of last weeks performance and JMHO…, for what its worth… 🙂 Others have reported sound issues with Adam’s set as well, so could all be related….

      So cute that you take out your ticket and kiss it, just don’t wear out the bar code!!!! And have a fabulous time, and it WILL be a high point for sure…

  8. Good to know, will be going to the San Diego concert, if I get my ticket tomorrow, so will plan on being there early!
    Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  9. Saw the re-run of Oprah with Adam on today, so cute.
    Loved the part when Oprah said, “you were delightful as I
    knew you would be ” and also Sue flailing haha
    He is scheduled to be on at the end of August – is this a new
    show? I guess he would be one of the first guests of the season
    (same thing for Ellen..)

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      I also watched the show again yesterday and concentrated more this time [must have had it on while trying to do something else last time] It was GREAT…I will never get over how relaxed and genuine and classy he is. I don’t even need to talk about how great he looked.
      Oprah’s new season doesn’t start till September and it’s her last season. Adam in August must be a repeat of one of the others again. I feel certain she WILL have him on sometime during her final season.
      Sue, if you read this, I just want to say that I did not see the clip with you and your lovely daughter last time and it was a HOOT! Your running in circles and flailing is exactly what I think most of us would have done and MORE controlled and sane than many of us!
      Can’t wait for the updates of the last 2 shows and parties!

  10. Tina Glamb#654 says:

    I don’t live in California, but I’m gonna call tomorrow and check on the Indy show just in case. Thanks for the heads up. Also, thanks for the reminder about Adam being on Oprah. I don’t watch her, but I sure did today, and then taped it when they re-ran it the next hour! Now I have the Ellen and Oprah on tape. The ONLY talk show I watch is Ellen unless I know in advance that Adam is gonna be on some other show. He is so BEAUTIFUL!!! I FINALLY joined myspace, but I can only check it when I go to the library. Adam is my #3 in the top 7, cause I put my daughter and her ol’ lady first and second. I’m on there under Tina Fields…I’m not sure how the location will show up though. I put “I’m from Dayton, I just live in Richmond” So, if you can find it, hit me up!! The countdown is on for August 31st Indy show!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!! WOOO-HOOO!!! 🙂


  11. Oh, wow, so the lady whose with her daughter on the Oprah show is Sue from this forum?

    OMG! I didn’t know that. I loved that part. I caught the rerun again because I just think Adam looks absolutely stunning in that particular show.

    Sue, how did you get selected to be on Oprah and most of all, how did you get selected to meet Adam…you lucky lucky lady!

  12. We went to the Costa Mesa show last night. We didn’t realize it started early (no one said) so we only heard one Allison song. We heard all of Orianthi and to be truthful, yes, she can play the guitar, but her set was horrible. Couldn’t understand a word. And loud! Have mercy. But when she was done, there was a 50 minute wait until Adam came on. They changed the stage in about 10 minutes and then we jus sat, and I know a lot of people around us were very angry at this, and it took a lot of the enthusiasm away. Adam was wonderful, but to wait from 7:45 when we arrived to 9:40 or so, was ridiculous.

  13. MizuJosh says:

    I am very happy I got to the theater early! The stadium wasn’t very full at ALL for Allison; probably 1 out of 5 people were there. However, Allison ROCKED the show last night. Orianthi… was a little difficult to understand, and there wasn’t a whole ton of singing with her. After about halfway through her set, I wanted it to be over.

    And then there was the 50-minute wait for Adam. Let me tell you, it was well worth it. Adam was spectacular! Sleepwalker was my absolute favorite of all of the charts he sang. I have no other words to describe it.

    • Just wondering why no posting from LA shows? Hope everything all right with Sue. Will agree that Allison could tone it down a bit. The sound system so loud, difficult to hear her words at all. She is very talented and sounds a great deal like Janis Joplin, when she’s on and you can hear her. Hope the lack of posting is due to everyone being too busy and nothing wrong.

  14. mahailia says:

    I am going to Lubbock TX next week, and Houston in Sept. Don’t know if Orianthi will be there, but I think Alison will be there for the rest of the tour. I have heard almost everyone say that they couldn’t understand either of them! Funny that Adam sounds so great and no one can hear the first two acts.
    Hey, anyone here going to Houston? We are having a huge pre-concert party at the Hard Rock Cafe, which is right next to the Hobby Center for Performing Arts. It’s going to be a blast, could yall help me get the word out? If you want to come, e-mail me at and follow GNTAKEOVER on twitter.
    Thanks, guys!

    • You said it better than I did. It’s not a criticism about Aliison or Orthani, it’s a simple fact that you can’t hear their vocals. The sound system or whatever, needs to be checked. Adam comes across clear, hearing every word. Go figure.

  15. Hey, all you lucky people who get to or got to go to the Glamnation concert, I would sit through Tiny Tim and Wierd Al Yankovich to hear Adam and never, never complain. You all are soooooo lucky!

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      THAT is great and makes so much sense to those of us who just sit here and dream…

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      That is true dedication!!!! Had to laugh at the thought..!!!


    • I understand from your perspective but really if you would be there you would understand. Beside the unintelligible wall of sound, their performances are almost one dimensial and the difference being that Adam is taking us all into the fifth dimension!!! There is just no comparision.

  16. I have one more juggestion for those still heading for the concerts. Make sure you have a pair or two of ear plugs handy. You will need them for the Orianthi indefinitely! And have fun! We went to 3 shows and to us the Orianthi’s set was the time to use the bathroom, buy the t-shirts, etc. If you do it during other breaks, all of these activities become more difficult because of the crowds everywhere. Good luck! Enjoy! As to our adventure, it’s not over as we’ll see Adam again in September in IL.

  17. Oh thankyou so much… I had to hold my ears…. the reverberation was aweful when Allison’s band came on …. it went right up the floor into your MOUTH. and you were ready to puke!!!
    and yes you couldn’t hear a damn thing she was singing… too bad for her cause she has an ok voice. and yes she is spastic… I also thought it was EXTREMELY annoying to have to go through that to finally hear Adam.
    What is wrong with her and her band … I mean don’t they listen to what it sounds like??.oh and by the way I was sitting there in the 11th row wondering why there were so many emply seats. Well when they started coming in AFTER ALLISON AND ORIANTHI I knew and I’ll tell you for a fact I am NOT going to sit through that again… I will come and take my seat when his concert starts. –not theirs.

  18. I was at the Costa Mesa show last night and I had heard that Allison started early the night before but I still took my chances and got there at eight. She was done and when Orianthi played I couldn’t wait for her to finish.I ‘m just not into the loud guitar thing.IAdam definately leaves you wanting more, thank god i have tickets for Vegas! I can see why so many people buy for multiple shows,you just can’t get enough of that guy! I’m addicted!

  19. Magiclady says:

    Loved Adam last night! and I really liked Orianthi! But back to Adam.

    I had been watching the videos online to get ready for the show last night, but they don’t compare to the real thing. So much energy feeding back and forth! and OMG, those laceup pants in person, are a site to behold!

    • Can’t speak for others, but I would have enjoyed the ‘girls’ much more if they toned it down about ten notches. May all these posts will give them a heads up. I agree the wait for Adam is long. I didn’t mind, as they play music and its relaxing–my daughter complained a lot about the wait, and simply said Mom, I’m not obsessed like you. Once Adam comes on stage you are on your feet and dancing, and moving to his beat the entire show. Such an adrelin rush like none other. He and his entire show are amazing. My legs hurt for a couple of days to remind me how much fun it was, even for my daughter, who forgot about the wait. He is magical!! I guess you can’t have a voice and face like that and not be stupendous. I wish I could go to other shows, but Hopefully, I will plan next year better, do a vacation around a couple more shows than the one closest to home. Have a friend who says she would love to see Adam. Doesn’t seem possible this is his first year out of Idol, can’t remember a time when an artist has come on so strong and and made his fans feel like he’s been here a long time. Suppose we all feel much the same.

  20. Although the opening are always part of concerts, I thought Orianthi played way too many songs, and even though it got the crowd sort of pumped up, it died down in the slow stage change! However, the audience got pumped right up when Adam came out! 🙂

  21. Courtney says:

    Thanks. Planning on going to Dallas show. SO GLAD THEY ANNOUNCED HE IS PREFORMING HERE! I was so sa before now I can’t wait.

  22. juliette says:

    Well this is definitely off topics, but lately with all the the talk about who will be replacing Simon on
    Idol and the rest of the judges, they are forgetting one important thing, “the contestants”. They are the nucleus of the show. Like Adam has said,’ after awhile you forget about the judges and it is all about the contestants.
    Well after Adam, tell me who can top that?
    Many of usia swore off Idol because of the dissapointing, unfair and biais outcome of the show
    when Adam becamethe second runner-up. We lost trust and waved our hands off and thought “What is the point! It is all fixed” How can a star like Adam lose when compared to the others.
    Many people like myself turned to American Idol that year because of Adam. I could not wait for the following week. I could not get enough of him.. Many people felt the same way. Was it because of the judges? Hell no.!
    Adam set the bar that year and has he been treated fairly the show would have kept his
    popularity regardless of who are the judges.
    We hated the prejudices, this show was supposed to be about music and singing.
    I don’t believe it can be revived. It is my opinion that they need to take a break and in a few years
    bring it back in some other forms
    We will forget and forgive because our Adam is and will remian a big star..

    Lt’s face it,it is a love story! We need time to mend our broken hearths.
    I know he has overcomed the negatives and he is flying high. With that beautiful voice he will
    have a long career in any fields he chooses. But it will take time before our trust is restored in
    American Idols.
    There were other contestants that were eliminated but no one had an impact
    like Adam did and the way he was treated.
    Adam is doing what he loves, but American Idol has lost in a big way that year. It is KARMA1

  23. adamfan says:

    I agree with everything you said, Juliette. It is Karma. It’s time for Idol to fold!
    Lots of us were physically ill when Adam didn’t win.
    I still blame the AT&T scandal tho for the skewed results tho…

  24. Is there any kind of fan gathering for Vegas? maybe the party will be in the line we wait in all day LOL!

  25. Carol, you gave us an address in this site, where we could write to Adam. So, I used the address and wrote to Adam, and enclosed 6 pictures. That’s how much I love him, because I haven’t even written a letter for ages now. So, I don’t know where it is now. Has anybody of you at 19 Entertainment seen it ? A picture of my 4 sons was also included there.

    Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!

  26. beaglewoman #611 says:

    For anyone attending Clowes Hall Aug. 31, concert is still scheduled to start at 8 pm. I’ll check again shortly before the date but that is the latest from Clowes Hall.

    Anyone interested in a pre-party at a nearby restaurant? Aristrocrat Pub at 52nd and College before the show? Unfortunately, there isn’t anything within spitting distance of the venue but this place is less than 2 miles away. If you want to scope the menu it’s Nice atmosphere and outdoor seating if the weather is good – likely to be hot since it’s been that way since June here….

    Looking forward to yet another spectacular show!!!