Attention Glambs – Keep Voting for Adam Lambert’s “If I Had You” in San Diego Radio Sophie’s Challenge!

Attention Glambs – San Diego’s Radio Sophie 103.7 has a challenge every night, where they ask listeners to vote on 2 new songs not currently in their rotation. The winner comes back nightly until defeated. Last night was the debut of Adam Lambert’s If I Had You, and it won against 6-night champion Bob Schneider’s 40 Dog! I’m sure if the winner stays on long enough, the song will be put into regular rotation.

The challenge is in the 9 PM hour, but you can vote online RIGHT NOW!! I’m not “encouraging” those outside San Diego to participate, but I know you’re free to do whatever you want. We don’t want him disqualified if a massive amount of votes come in that could not be from San Diego listeners, so please everyone vote with caution! Remember what happened with WWFM? Check back every morning to see if he won, and keep voting.

***Right now he’s ahead of Speakers by Days Difference 76% – 24%. Let’s keep him on. He’s already moved up from 73% – 27% in the last 10 minutes!

**UPDATE – He won Friday’s vote 83.5% – 16.5%! Let’s keep him champ for a LONG time! Then IIHY will certainly be played regularly!! Check back Monday, and each day following to cast your vote.

Vote here for Adam!

If you know of similar opportunities elsewhere in the country, please comment below and we’ll make sure it gets posted also.

For other San Diego stations, call here to request If I Had You:
Channel 933 – (619) 570-1933
Star 94.1 – (619) 570-1941

Love ya!
~ Carol – Glamb #7 ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. I listen to XM 20 (not sure what sirius channel it is, but its the Hits 1 station) almost all day long and they have slowed down playing WWFM in the last week and I haven’t heard IIHY yet. Not sure what the deal is, but I’ve requested it a few times (but only once a day…lol) and it’s not being played. Maybe they need more requests?

  2. Hi Carol I just voted for Adam on Sophie. In fact my husband and i helped to determine the playlists for some of the local radio stations last week, including Star and Sophie. Are you from San Diego?

  3. PaulaGlam says:

    EVERYBODY you need to read this link that I just found about Adam, it seams that our boy today is among the 10 most talked people on the net WOW!!! I am living history in the music world and I am LOVING IT.
    GOOOOO ADAM we love you so much!!!!

  4. LvAdam says:

    z 100 has affiliates all over the country so I have been making my requests there twice a day. I would love to hear it on the radio. such a fun song!

    • I just found alink for Billboard where they list the top 24 AI contenstants. Adam is still far down the list – based on albums, tracks bought (i.e. I tunes) and radio plays. So anything we can do to get more radio plays will help – he definitely should be in the top 5!

  5. Daffyd says:

    Sorry don’t live close to San Diego-wish I could vote. Did vote in Time for all the good that did. Would someone please explain that whole concept to me. Did vote on Top 20. How many more weeks to left until the actual 20 weeks thing? Oh well I try to vote daily when possible. Also…..been reading today about Gaga’s appearance on A1. Sorry to have missed it after reading how angry she is. Watched it on You Tube. Must say (yes I must) that the performance was about as family friendly as the Linda Lovelace movie they’re gona do soon. I don’t supposed shed’ll be tarred and feathered as Adam was. Actually, the feathers would look good on him. Anyway just sayin….love the double standards we show to the rest of the world.

    • retrogrrrl says:

      Hey Daffyd I was thinking the same thing when watching GaGa’s performance on Idol the other night, ie: what if Adam were doing this? You know he’d be crucified for it, and that was supposedly the “edited” version? Wow. Double standard is right.

  6. It’s all good. Nothing can stop Adam from becoming the huge star he’s destined to be. There is a double standard and our young man is here to change all that. HE is full of love which will conquer the hate that is out there. Things will change because of Adam’s love and the love of all his fans for him!!!

  7. I live in Baltimore and I have been requesting If I Had You everyday and they have not played it. Today I actually talked to the dj and he told me they were not playing that yet!! How do you get them to start playing it?

    • Robin,, I think they don’t play the single until it’s officially released as a single. I don’t remember the release date – it may have already passed, but just keep calling! aloha, Holly

  8. glamaus says:

    ‘Double standards’ right down the line! Too many homophobic people out there and the industry
    perspective that is geared to image to increase the dollar sign!……ADAM is breaking down
    barriers everywhere and it’s about time someone had the courage and guts to do it!!!!!
    Plus, check out the Christina Aguilera music video ‘Beautiful’ 2002 (written by Linda Perry by the way). I’m totally surprised the US were able to cope after viewing this out the box and amazingly professional video……but it does again come back to ADAM fighting the system!…and if anyone can do it…. he will!!!!!!

  9. I still LOVE the FYE video…it just has everything the mustc, the fashion
    Adam being naughty and nice…watch it all the time..just notice Monte, Tommy, Longeau and Lisa in the background at end….must have been snake…LOL

  10. I like the song!!! but I love “SLEEPWALKER” !!!! can’t wait to see video for it !!!!!

  11. I vote for “If I Had You ” 1,ooo,ooo,ooo times. Luv u Adam, Rita & Donna

  12. Hoot Owl says:

    My wife and I voted for Adam on our local Sophie station here in San Diego, but the broadcast station DJ said that Adam did NOT win on Friday, even though the numbers on Sohie”s website clearly show that our dude is kicking major booty every day, and has NOT LOST YET. Just weird, or is there more to it than that? Anybody else know anything about this? Thought other Glamb-oriented folks get to know about this…mixup? Your thoughts and so forth, please.

  13. Hoot Owl says:

    UPDATE FOR SOPHIE RADIO CHALLENGE- Well, whatever the mixup was late last week seems to have been corrected. The broadcast DJ on Friday evening said that Adam had not won the challenge, even though the online vote results showed he had. Now, however, the broadcast results and the online results are matching up as they should- with our main man winning! As of last night, Adam was still the champion, and as I write this, in the mid-to-late afternoon, he is once again winning today, by 99%. Not Too Bad ! Have a great day, folks, and keep on voting- my wife and I certainly will!

  14. Hoot Owl says:

    UPDATE- As of Friday, May 15, around 5pm, Adam is WAY ahead, people! Lookin’ good!

  15. Hoot Owl says:

    UPDATE- Well, our guy kicked booty again, against a song by Muse; interesting, because Adam sang ‘Starlight’, a song by Muse, to great effect during the AI tour. Adam also has a Muse song, ‘Soaked’, on his album. The beat goes on!

  16. Hoot Owl says:

    UPDATE- Adam crushed Daughtry. Next!

  17. Hoot Owl says:

    UPDATE- Looks like Sophie “Retired” IIHY from the challenge, but have yet to put it on rotation; even so, now WWFM is in much stronger rotation than in the past on this station- so it goes. Not a bad idea to keed requesting IIHY on Sophie and other stations; it will be easier to get him on the playlists after his video breaks IMO. BTW, it seems our Adam is in Sophie’s Hall of Champions, because he won 10 times! Pat yourselves on the back, voters, we’re doing the Shiny One proud! Hoot Owl out . . .