Are you in the loop to celebrate Adam’s success?

…with your local Glamb family?

Several groups have some wonderful get-togethers planned in their area — and it’s not too late to join.  I’m linking them in below, so if you haven’t joined them, now would be a great time to get in the loop and find out all the details for upcoming Adam-adventures!

  • Ontario, Canada
    • Friday, November 13th – Dinner at Milestone’s, followed by the 7:10 P.M. showing of 2012 at the Cineplex Odeon
  • Wisconsin
    • Sunday, November 15th – Ridge Theatre in New Berlin at 4:00 P.M. for 2012, and dinner to follow the movie
  • Washington
    • Sunday, November 22nd – 2012 followed by an AMA party
  • Alabama
    • Friday, November 13th – 2012

I’m also hoping more local leaders will step up in the near future…just check out this page to see if the job is right for you.

A few other reminders:

Thanks for helping Glambs International be THE BEST fansite on the web!

Dana, Glamb #6


  1. Kelly Craig says:

    I am disappointed that Texas cannot do this. I have tried to get a group together with no results. I know a lot are far away but there are groups in areas that could do it. I am dying for someone to get with and celebrate the release and the movie!… I haz a sad LOL If there are any in Houston or Austin or Lubbock or any area, try to get together… We need to unite! LOL

    • I agree Kelly…we have the most members and the most difficulty organizing because of the geography. I plan to contact Peaches (our mod), and see if we can fix this for the future. I have some ideas.


      • Dana, we’re not in the list as yet. There is myself and one other Glamb so far, but two “Glambs-in waiting’ who are coming to the film 2012 with us on Nov. 22 in the afternoon, followed by dinner, then rushing home to see the AMAs, three of us together as we are neighbours.

        We are going to a large arena-styled cinema complex and wish to wait for the mobs to finish the first week. We just might get up and cheer for Adam at the end. I’d love to hear other Glambs’ experiences at 2012, whether they ‘dress up’ or clap or cheer or scream etc..

        Glambs from Vancouver please go to and then GlambsBC and let us know you are available, the more the merrier!!

        Terry aka Talex42 on twitter

    • Kelly,

      I am in Fort Worth, Tx and would love to be part of the Texas group.
      My Glamb # 469. If you need email or phone let me know.


    • I live in houston,would love to link with. A fan group to celebrate adam events and esp when he starts touring.hope mature group

  2. if anyone in Kentucky wants to get a GLAMB group going i would love that! i am only 14 so don’t think that i would be the best leader for the project, but i really want to join a group!!! sorry for sounding selfish 🙁 but i really hope there are more GLAMBS here in Kentucky! thanks 🙂

    • Oh, Jillian, welcome, welcome… get some of your girlfriends to come on over too!! I hope you do join a group if it gets started.

      As a younger listener, what do you think of Adam’s more electronic sound?


      • thanks guys! i will definatly recommend this site to some of my friends! also, i rly like adams electric sound, it took me a little bit to get used to it but now i have to listen to it like everyday!!!!

    • Jillian welcome to our site. Love to have you teens on board with us. Its fun.

  3. New England, anyone?????????

  4. hi, guys;p maybe i missed it from the previous entries but adam’s up for another award – people’s choice award for favorite breakout music artist. found this link on the official website: Time for our man to get another one=) i try to vote every 15mins. once you get to the page, choose the favorite breakout music artist link below – the page comes up initially w/ the favorite movie actor category

    • You can go straight to the Adam page with this link:

      Glamb #6

      • I just voted twice more in a few seconds by clicking on each of these links, one after the other.

      • Found a way to just keep voting for Adam over and over. Click on his picture, click the arrow to move to next page so the vote counts, then hit the previous page arrow and click on his picture again…..repeat as many times as you can !! You don’t have to go through the whole ballot just to get back to Adam to vote for him repeatedly.
        Mary D.

        • Thanks Adamxtasy, will do. Come on people you know what to do……………..

          • Or, use the little curved arrow at the top to refresh, it still takes a few seconds though.

            • Lisette here..sorri not online much due to soo out of toche.May inquire voting for? on Adam’s site au twitter..argh I av miss many threads seems since last visiting.An seeing entire new songs/additions are superbe,an makes one wish to danse..reflections bit of 80s,Michel Jackson yet Adam’s own distinctive style an voix..tresbeau,sensual,powerful an sweet.Also if one buys instores inlieu of online..can possible find bonus songes…au just on Adam’s official?I’lll be sad if thet’s so,nevre ordre from web as having esperience id-theft in passe.So feel blesse to be a glambs gal an have been since l’commence..thenks to dreamsound an all lovli fans/teamleaders thet post an keep updates..Grande hugs an many blessings..luv to j’etaime toujours..l’ange d’musique of course..Adam!..Lisette Marie in Nv!xoxo

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        This link is great, Dana, & then using the “refresh” button after every vote really speeds up voting again & again…which I just did & am going back to vote more & more!!!


      • Thanks Dana, Oh Adam come on kid, we’re pulling for you.

  5. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    I’m sure that there are more kiwis out there as well…. living in New Zealand that is… I am in Christchurch and so is Dianne and we regularly get together to disuss all things Adam… Come on you people there must be more of you… I know we have the same problem as in the states… not as big but 2 islands and spread out alot….

  6. Is there a Glamb group in Oregon? I would love to talk to someone here. This is a terrific site by the way!! Always first with the best Adam news. Also don’t forget to vote for peoples choice award.

  7. Germany, anyone? LoL .. /cry
    Off topic, I love this pic of him. =]

  8. Glam # 537
    – any Essex gals in England want to meet up???
    I feel sure we will see Adam in the UK very very soon , in the meantime plz bombard your local radio stations for requests to hear Adam’s music xx K

  9. Where in ontario are you going to be and when? I would love more info.

    • Yes, I meant to leave an earlier note to make that clearer. (Ontario is a HUGE province. The theatre is in the west end of Toronto – Kipling and Queensway. We’re meeting at Milestones right next door at 4:30 then catching the 7:20 movie. Rossana – where are you? – you haven’t joined the group yet. If you can come tonight – great! Call me on my cell 416-566-jane to confirm! That goes for anyone else as well!

      Glamb #20

  10. You can power vote clicking refresh after your vote.

  11. Hi everybody!
    Just found out that there is Adam’s interview in The Wall Street magazine. Very good one.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I LOVE IT,Vera!Thanks for posting it here.Love every interview of him.He such an honest and kind person.LOVE HIM! <3

    • Gala…that was a good interview..with some different insights! Gotta love ADAM….he’s just so honest with his answers!

  12. I have enlarged the above picture and caption and posted it my office door. From now until the CD is released anyone who needs a report, infor or anything else for that matter must sign and show their support for Adam.

  13. As Florida Group Leader, we are needing members, please join us. We have not planned events due to the small number of Glambs that have joined and the fact that we are spread from Tallahassee to West Palm. As numbers grow, we hope to have more opportunities to come together. We especially hope to gather for several concert dates throughout the state. So sign up today, the URL above will take you there.

  14. 1950sRocker says:

    To Vote For Adam – You can go straight to the Adam page with this link:
    when just keep usings “Next” and “Previous” catagory arrows to keep going back and forth to vote continuously after the check mark appears. KEEP VOTING!!!

  15. Glamb#532 I would like to get involved in or start a SW suburban Chicago group.Does one exist so I can join? I would love to get together with other Adam lovers.! Barbie

  16. littlegreensnake says:

    Just voted a bunch of times for our boy.

  17. I applied for Glam # month or so ago and don’t know what I did wrong. Have been “speaking my mind” for months and really want to get hooked up so when tour starts I can have more fun by maybe meeting up with others. Not sure what I did wrong

    • Hi Carrie,

      Did you post a comment on this page – If so, you need to go back to that page and look for your comment. Your Glamb # should be inserted into your comment.

      If you did not do this, you need to go to that page (and that page only) and follow the directions. Basically you need to post a comment with your first name, screen name, and location. Wait 48 hours, then go back and look for your comment. Serene, who is in charge of memberships, should have inserted your number into your comment. You will not receive any email or notification – it is up to you to go back and look for your comment.

      Good luck!

  18. I am trying to join the Ohio group. I went and joined again, hope it works. I seem to have problem
    with the login portion of this site? Dont know if that has to do with the clubs or not. I get a message saying wrong user name when I login on the forum page. I put in my email and I’m supposed to get an email with a new password, havent heard yet. I can still post, so I guess thats the main thing.

  19. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Imma votin’!!!

  20. Maybe I missed the posting on this site but there is another fabulous interview in Rolling Stone magazine, with links to some childhood pictures that I had not seen before.
    Go to the RS homepage and find it under Q&A Adam Lambert.

  21. Patricia (rose1) says:

    I’m in Fort Myers and tried to get a group together at H-2 for the AI finale. I’m trying again. Anyone else in Fort Myers interested in getting tother to watch AMA or some other Adam function?