Are You Adam Lambert’s Glamb?

***Updated with new Glamb Group for New Jersey!*** You must be if you are reading this post! And all good Glambs know their stuff, so here are a few updates for you:

  • We have 5 official area Glamb teams just waiting for you to join in on the local fun once Adam’s album and solo tour arrive.  Click on each link to join them in Yahoo groups.  They are:
    • Ohio – Moderated by Sandy, Glamb #380
    • Texas – Moderated by Peaches, Glamb #387
    • New Jersey – Moderated by Dee, Glamb #458
    • UK – Moderated by Toni, Glamb #391
    • Denmark – Moderated by Anette, Glamb #377
  • If you would like to start a local group in your state or country, just email me at with your name, location, & Glamb number.  I will do all the setup for you…and you will be on your way to the fun stuff ahead!  See this page for more details.
  • Also, don’t forget about our surprise project for Adam’s birthday.  The project was somewhat on the backburner while the tour was occupying our time.  But since we have a little lull between now and the album release, it’s a good time to work on posters and photos which can still be mailed to by October 15th, 2009.  Click here for the original post from a few months ago with all the details on what you need to do to participate.

Everything else you need to know to be a “Glamb In the Know” can be found on our sister site’s homepage,

Have fun!

Dana {CatEyes}, Glamb #6


  1. Hey everyone, thought you might like to see the latest in RS. speaking of Adams debut!

    • Thank you, Mary
      Sounds very very exciting!!!
      Strut – Depeche Mode-meets-Queen self-empowerment anthem!!!!! LOVE it! Depeche Mode and Queen are my favourites!!!!


      • Lisette here..bonmatin all glambs ..agan thenks Jeanette for keeping us informed of latest updates regarde beau Adam..Ah an adore Adam’s eyes..always l’window to le soul..his as I av say is very lit an colour is like edge of meditarenean sea outlined with black rim thet is natural from above,even sans eyeliner..Blessed also from his parentes..both beautiful inward an outward..merci for giving us Adam who has toched within heartes everywhere,aronde l’monde an has given me hope,tranquilitie,serenitie,healing from personal loss an feeling joie even in temes of sadness an pain..merci pour toi gifte Adam!!Ah well thes is a lovli idea to have diffarante fan groups in our house of glambs.I only wishe was computre savvy to post linqs an such,or I’d commence one here in s.west..But also given health issues know one needes lot of energie physical to run..So gathre I’ll support our lovli glambs as it’s like famille now after so many monthes joining here from commence..Thenks also to dreamsounde who without him..ther’d never be thes wonderful place to share an celebrate l’wonder,magique an amour thet Adam Lambert has given to all agan for me has been a rai d’lit in ma vie..Benedictions always for all and nous angel d’chansons! J’etaime tojours…Lisettexoxoxo!!

        • NEWS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          OMG WHAT A GREAT NEWS TO OUR BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CANT WAIT TO THE CD!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Oh, those eyes. . . ~sigh~

    Cindy in MS

    • I KNOW! 🙂

      • I think I want to enlarge the eyes photo and paste it on my ceiling.Everytime I open my eyes every morning…I mean every afternoon, I’ll see that gorgeous electrifying eyes first! Then ,the whole day will be just great ~sigh~ 🙂

        • There is only one problem, if I do that I will never leave my bedroom, they will never see at work, I will just be staring into those beautiful big eyes.

    • Lisette here..bonmatin..oui I mentione thes above..Adam’s yeux sont tresbeau..crystal aqua like l’mers an mirror of soul..illuminate lit as if he were an ange d’ who thru his musique,an celestial voix brings such serenitie,an his aura too is very brit too..Pardon gathre seeing thes as Im very spiritual an having ner death esperience feling thet ther are ange in guise of pour moi..Adam has thes qualitie..J’adore him!Soo agree with othrer gals here Cindi,Dana,Emili,Lorrin,Cheryl,Toni,Mary C,Jane,Theresa,Silvana,Sherry,Sue, sureli all lovli glambs feel thes too!Luv to all Lisettexoxo

  3. Hey, girls!
    I hate this “awaiting moderation” staff!! It takes half a day to post it… (though I understand it is necessary). The link to this video you will get probably tomorrow. But I want you to get adamized before going to bed tonight!

    Print: Adam Lambert – Giggles and Gasms in Youtube and ENJOY!

  4. Hey Sandy, I just joined your Ohio team in Yahoo. Let me know of anything you’d like me to do.

    • Mary…I don’t see a pending member approval for Ohio…which makes me think your membership join didn’t work. Please check…and try again if needed. We want you!!

  5. Thanks to everyone who already joined a group…WOW! I see that your memberships are “pending,” but I’m going to let the new moderators approve you…because they need the practice!

    But I won’t leave you hanging too long! If you aren’t approved by Sunday afternoon, I’ll take care of you.

    Dana {CatEyes}
    Glamb #6

  6. TexasWannaHold'Em says:

    Dana, thanks so much for thinking of this! I’m so excited to be part of the Texas group!!!

  7. Just approved six GlambsTexas members. Keep it up, guys! 😀

  8. Do you have GLAMB in Canada? I want to join so bad..

  9. Please let me know if you have Adam Lambert Glamb in Canada. How I can be a member?

    • There is no one to lead a group in Canada yet… 🙁

      • CatEyes,
        What are you supposed to do as a group leader?

        • It actually will vary from group to group depending on the energy level of the moderators and members.

          It can be as simple as just approving members to the group and moderating members…to much more complicated stuff like organizing fan meet/greet events, making and posting posters for concerts, getting involved with radio stations, or setting up local events to help promote.

          And, two people can co-moderate if you are compatible with each other!!


    • Emy,
      Lets create a group! What part of Canada are you from? I am from GTA… I live in Oakville

      • That’s so good idea. I lived up north, and Oakville is about 6 hours drive from my small town of New Liskeard, Ontario. I really don’t have problems in traveling. I work during the week and off on the weekends. Gala, let us find out all the information what he have to do and we create a group in Canada. And I’ll bet CatEyes and the rest of the members will help us.

  10. Hey guys,
    Who is Twitter savvy?
    The #adamstorm is the trens #3. They are talking about making it number 1 to support Adam… What I am supposed to do? Just to post a comment on Twitter using #adamstorm? Who can tell me ?

    BTW, news about Adam:
    The #AdamStorm is really REALLY here! Adam Lambert is winning polls all over the internet! From MSNBC entertainment to the Rolling Stone polls, he’s murdering all the competition that are releasing a CD this Fall. First, take a look at the results so far on the MSN Entertainment

    According to MSN Entertainment to the poll: Which artist’s new album are you looking forward to the most? 44.5% answered Adam Lambert!!!!! Others have 5-7% including Madonna, Carrie Underwood, Eminem… WOW
    Great blog, by the way
    Looks like they watch every step of Adam…. LOL

    • I participated in some of the #AdamStorm trending tonight from the GlambsFansite twitter account. Pretty much all you do is tweet with #AdamLambert somewhere in your wording. And try to mention the October single and/or the November album drop date in your post.

      Good luck! It was kinda fun. I picked up a lot of new followers by doing this.

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Dana(Cateyes)..I nevre knew ther was a twittre for glambs?So what is l’nom specific..I’d like to joine ther?Mine is LisetteAngel so be plasur to see yu ther too!An far as numbre an Adam’s nom..dont understand?Is thes diffarante then using @symbol when tweeting to Adam or othre frends?Thenks an apreciate if yu can reply.Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo!

        • Lisette,

          There are 2 twitters for Glambs. The first is adamlambertidol. That twitter account sends a tweet when a new blog post has been made here by an author. The second one is GlambsFansite. I just do generic fansite tweets from that one.

          The @ symbol on twitter is when you want to send a tweet to a certain person. For example, @adamlambert somewhere in the message would send the tweet to Adam.

          The # symbol is just for a phrase. The # symbol is when people want to trend a topic. Last night it was about #AdamStorm and everyone was including the drop dates for the single/album in their tweets.

          Glamb #6

  11. I’m in Maryland and want to join a group! Help!

    • Tracy, where in Maryland are you? I’m in Mississippi now, but I was born and grew up in Baltimore.

      Cindy in MS

      • I’m about 40 min from Baltimore…Cecil County. Went to the AI concert in Baltimore (First Mariner)… Adam was AWESOME!

  12. I guess the closest group for me to join is New Jersey…where exactly are you guys??

    • New states are coming online all the time. If you wait just a little while, we may have a volunteer to lead a Maryland group and then you could join the one for your state.


  13. Glambertcraze says:

    Glamb #358 here – am I just not getting Adams last Tweet or is he giving us a riddle?? Does someone know what he is talking about. Big Easy is the Jam. ??????????????????????????

    • Just a thought, but I think ADAM uses alot of “slang” words when he describes something. N.O. is known for it’s music…so he could mean alot of music jammin. Or he could mean that as a huge compliment…like it’s great. Don’t you wish we could personally just ask HIM???? LOL

  14. CatEyes….I want to start a group in my MI area…sent an email with my info. This is a great idea and can’t wait to get one started!

    I just pre-ordered a couple of ADAM’s new cd…through
    For now they are just calling it “TBD”. No hint of the title yet!

    Let’s go gang….let’s make it a “gold record” for ADAM!

  15. my name is kathy robidoux, i would love to be a GLAMBERT!! anything that makes me feel closer to him in some way!!ADAM literally saved my life, but, i have to tell him somehow before i could tell others, but, it`s true!!
    i could make an excellent leader too, i manage people, without offending their hearts in any way! i recieve direction well, and am clear about giving it out!i live in carson city nevada, not far from reno. so i don`t know what you have for me? but, let`s try shall we?thank you very much…..kathy

  16. I visit all sites about Adam Lambert but I favorited this site and visit it the most. I do not have a Glambs number but I could identify with most of the Glambs because of my age and passionate love for Adam’s music. I am 55 yo and live near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This past weekend, I attended a reunion with my highschool classmates from the Philippines. The reunion was held in San Diego, CA at a hotel along Penasquitos Drive near Mt. Carmel High School where Adam Lambert graduated.. After the reunion, my friends drove me there and I took some pictures.of the school. I learned that two of my classmates were also Adam Lambert admirers. One is from Jersey City and the other one is from San Francisco, CA.
    I would like to join a group composed of Filipinos from all over the world!

  17. I would like to join agroup in texas

  18. i would like to join in texas

  19. Wow, Can’t wait for the Details Magazine to come out