Are We Insane? This Person Thinks So!

You know, I never thought there was anything wrong with our sharing of our love for Adam. I still don’t. But there are people out there who disagree. Some person who calls himself or herself (don’t know, don’t care – at least I have the balls to put my name to my articles) “Topidol” and arrogantly describes his blog as “the most hot and anoited blog in all the interweb” posted this article about my Flash Forward “Is It or Isn’t It?” article. I hate to give air time to haters, but this person rather ticked me off. I put a comment on her article, and I know some of the other Glambs have already commented as well. Please add your two cents if you feel inclined to do so.

Here’s the llink.

First we’re called a “cult,” and now we’re “insane.” This person Topidol also tells us to “shut up.” I’m not going to go on and on defending myself, our website, the Glambs, or Adam. I don’t feel I need to, and I’m sure you guys will all agree with me. I’ll only say that we have fun sharing our love for Adam, and we don’t hurt anyone in the process. I just feel it’s terribly sad when bloggers, or reporters, or whatever this person calls herself, resorts to hatred and negativity (or “snarky” as they call it so they can avoid thinking of themselves as “haters”) in order to get readers. What happened to being creative? As I said in my comment to him, I guess that’s too much work.

And lest I sound bitter, I’m not! Thanks for the publicity, Topidol! I’m sure your article will benefit us more than it will you.

As always, let me know what YOU think!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Don’t let this guy get to you. You are doing EXACTLY what he wants you to do. Don’t let him win. He’s probably got a bodypart the size of a cocktail frank and he’s jealous of our Adam.



      • Don’t worry, guys, I’m not losing any sleep over Topidol and her evil twin Idoltard. You’re right – they’re not worth expending any more energy on.

        • Life is about being kind to people and enjoying yourself. We certainly do enjoy ourselves without any negative impact on anyone. Adam deserves any attention and praise he gets and I’m sure he loves knowing we are crazy for him and his talent. All the nay sayers are missing out on the beginning of something awesome……….Adam’s career and life. An

        • Way to go Jeanette. I knew you wouldnt . You spoke your grounds and now moving on.
          Peace out.

          • People (and I use the term loosely!) have nothing better to do than to try to agitate others who have positives in their lives.
            Think of this idiot as someone who is sitting in their little abode, no friends, no social life, and lurking on sites because they have nothing in their life. They look for places to go to drop negativity into a “happy place”. Afterall, we can’t see them, so they give themselves a user name, but are still anonymous! Really brave of them, isn’t it!!!!!!!!

            We’ll just all enjoy each other, and our love for ADAM. Pity the poor people who don’t have what we have!

            • leilani aloha says:

              U are absolutely right!!!

              Hip Hip Hurray!!!
              Love & Peace to all

              Can’t wait to hear Adam’s new CD!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

        • This is the LAST time I go to that site. I said I would quit, then stupid me went over there and wrote some more. I promise I am done. My blood pressure can not take it. But here is the last thing I wrote. Probably won’t get a reply, for there is none.

          Let me get this straight, you can’t wait till Adam fans go buy 100 copies of his Album, so you then can make a point that he won’t outsell The Beatles? Ok, you say your an Adam fan, maybe not as “insane” as others you say, but if you were any kinf of Adam fan, why would you want to prove a point like that? Did someone steal your crayons as a kid? Your bike? Why would you want to be rude and crude and even be happy about making a point like that? If that is someone’s dream, why should it matter to you? That is what I don’t get, why should any of this matter to any of you who do not care about Adam? Why does it bother you so much about how his fans act? If it didn’t bother you then you would not be writing about it, making fun of it, talking about it. I just don’t get why it matters?

          That is the last thing I wrote over there and I promise it will be the last. Its like a sick drug, I don’t want any of it but find myself drawn to go there. I am not shaking myself, and I will NOT go there.

          Love to all my Glamb sisters. #451

        • Was just going to buy few of the CD’s day they come out, but wanted to add to press on how anticipated it is, so went and ordered 2 on Amazon. Biggest issue is where to have them shipped since I don’t know if will be with daughter or son’s family for Thanksgiving, so had one shipped to each place, 2 different states, and then will buy one the morning it comes out. Have to cover all my bases since I am such a transient person that I never know where I’ll be from one month until the next. Was married to a musician until he died in an accident, so learned that “home” is where you are, not an address. This whole thing is so exciting !!!

      • Lisette here..ah so sorry for thes person..non mattre we here on glambs luv what yu av done an we share all our affections,adoration an av come to make frenships as yu have in meeting some at AIsummertour..Thes person soundes hurtful an insecure.Wel agan I av non recived thes founde it by visiting homepage upon last article Carol send..Plese see if I av fallen off list of glambs when sending..Merci beaucoup Jeanette.Now on subject above agree an thinq thes will give glambs attention an Adam by chanse wil realize how many fans av joined here,plus av seen summerconcerts an meeting him..So who ever thes negetive person thinq stems from jealousie..As all passe articles thet yu av posted an othre glambs leadres/an frendes are done in a positive an very eloquant way..Perhaps thet’s what they’re resentful of?
        I’ll send yu some angels too m’amie..take care an know we here on glambs enjoie all yur articles,news,linqs to videos/articles,photos are done from l’hearte to share with likeminded people here in thes wonderful Adam tribute page..Sure Adam will apreciate thes site,an visites even if we’re unaware..Have faith Jeanette..Blessings an Luv Lisette!

    • don’t worry, be happy. everything will be ok. love adam all the time.

    • just another thought. does anyone else think it’s kinda funny that all these people talk about is adam? i mean all of their negativity centers on adam. it’s all they think about, it’s all they blog about, adam, adam,adam. kind of makes you think that they are obsessed with him too, but just can’t admit it to themselves. too bad, cause they’re missing out on some good stuff.

    • hey jeanette, according to the news, adam’s untitled, unheard new cd is #2 in new music. who’s insane now? let those negative idiots stew in that news. and that’s just the beginning. everything is going to be all right, we know that adam has the goods and can deliver straight to our hearts.

    • wow i can’t believe that!!!!! what a stupid person

  2. That person is soo screwed up! He/she needs something more to do with their own pathetic life than bad-mouth fansites.

  3. Wow! thank you for this!!! You are officially amazing!

  4. Idiots are a dime a dozon, and this one may go cheaper.His real name is Stupidol, least I think so, LOL.

    • You got it, Michael!!

      Here is my post on his site, my first and last,

      “First of all, we are a group of international fans and supporters of Adam. Secondly we are run by a devoted group of well educated and intelligent volunteeers. And thirdly we admire Adam for the great all-round person he is. We think his talent is superb and we are not shy abut saying so, but we are not crazed.

      WE do not waste time on negativity and no ‘bashing’ of any kind is allowed on our site. People all around the world can like/dislike anyone they wish to. No one is being forced to follow Adam or buy his music.

      What is the/your problem? There have been followers and fansites for every sort of entertainer over the years. The only difference now is that with technology we are able to communicate more easily. Kate’s second paragraph says it all.


      ENUF SAID!

  5. donna wiederhold says:

    there always have been, and there will always be those who need to tear others down to feel better about themselves. Otherwise this person does not even have a reason to bring the subject up. I was raised, worry about your own backyard, not what somene else is doing. If the world would follow this motto, i might be a lot better place/

    • Donna, I agree completely! It’s so sad that some people resort to putting down other people to feel better about themselves. . . this is one of my favorite quotes. . . it’s just like your motto, but worded differently::

      “If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have paradise in a few years.”–Bertrand Russell

      Cindy in MS

      • Oh Cindy, that is so much like Adam’s favourite quote by Jimi Hendrix:

        “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

        Peace – out.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hey Terry, I was just going to reply to Cindy’s post with that quote! Lucky I scrolled down, I don’t always do that! I’m not even going to look at that site. I just have no patience for people like that and besides I get really, really pissed. I’m trying to stay “tranquil”. Peace out to you too! Now, I have to go take a chill pill AdamAddict because just the thought of that idiot is really annoying me!

  6. How does he know that I wear glitter panties??? Hmmm that’s an idea Jeanette.. glitter Glambert Panties!

  7. Way to Go Jeanette !!!! when I saw that he had dragged your whole comments over to his page just so he could slam it , I felt so much rage for this person.. Pathetic is his name ! nuff said.

  8. Lambertfan57 says:

    Way to go, Jeanette! I belong to another fan site, but followed you over here to say that you are amazing! Thanks for setting IdiotIdol as I call him straight! Adam Rules! 🙂

    • Hi Lambertfan! Thanks for your support. I felt Topidol was slamming all Adam fans, not just us, so I’m glad you stopped by to comment!

      • That article and some of the comments are outrageous. I put my 2 cents worth in. I am happy you stood up for youself. ANd the group.

  9. guys, I LOVE you, but accept FREE speech. I don’t think this person was as bitchin’ as you say— just cool it. you’re only validating their point, really, I read the article and they said they weren’t targetting all of us…

    If you expect tolerance of Adam, you need to give that back. Even in cases in which you disagree with it. It’ll show you’re more mature — instead of all grouping together to target some stupid blog no one cares about anyway,
    Enough with the childishness.

    • He/she (whatever) targeted me pretty specifically by publishing my entire article – don’t know how much more personal she could have made it. I thought I was pretty restrained in my response.

      I am a very laid back person, as those who know me will tell you. But I won’t lie down and let someone bash me publicly without saying *something* in return. I don’t think that’s childishness – I think it’s called standing up for myself.

      • I was unaware… :\ fair ‘enuff. My main point was to rise above it, but w/e, its fine. I don’t support hate 😀 I just know hate breeds hate.. and its obvious whose the HBIC of teh blogs.. xP talleho

      • OHHHH!!!!!!

        We read different blogs!!! Nevermind. The blog you’re referring to is different to the one I saw by the same person, and in THAT blog they weren’t targetting you personally
        Lol sorry

      • I agree Jeanette. That person kinda dragged you into it by publishing your article. It wasn’t like you went there looking for a fight. I commend you on standing up for yourself without being nasty about it. That is why I am here, a member of your group and why I remain one. Your honest, kind, loving, and just one great person. Keep being you no matter what others might say. You stay true to yourself and you can never go wrong.

        Love ya Glamb sister……..

        Glamb #451

  10. Topidol might have to call millions of people insane after Adam’s CD comes out and takes over the world. I’m not letting him bother me, he is definitely not having the FUN we are!

  11. TopIdol is a girl not a guy. Yeah I don’t understand either why she has to wasting her times to slamming/dissing people that hasn’t done anything to her. However, one time she was in Boston concert (I think), she twitted something so bad about Adam and everybody twittered her and calling her names, such as homophobic, etc. Peeps in mjsblog so mad and we started called her homophobic, etc. There’s another woman called Idoltard (she’s even meaner). She informed this TopIdol that peeps in mjsblog were slamming her and it shocked her that peeps in mjsblog slamming her all night. Funny right, that how she didn’t feel bad to say bad things about us and Adam but when we said the same thing to her, it surprised her. HAHA

  12. Anyway fellow Adam fans, I just want to give you all an FYI that people in AO is trying to help the sales of Adam single/album. There’s a thread over there that called FAIRY CAVE – ALL ABOUT ADAM – UPDATED. If you want to check it out and see what’s their up to, you don’t have to join them but I’d like to spread the spirit of their movement. I think if we, Adam fans, can do this together we can move things for Adam. Thank you all.

  13. OMG, topidol must need some news to keep the site of hers interesting. What better way to get
    the interest up than to mention Adam. Adam knows MadWorld is not his song etc.
    Its unfortuante all of the negativity her and her people have to throw out there.
    In reading what they were saying, my heart was going out to Adam just thinking what he might think
    reading those comments. Then again, he arose just fine (never had a doubt) when those fools
    were picketing at 2 of the idol tour concerts. I choose to totally igonore those ignoramuses @ topidol. Adam is our idol, we love Adam and they are just going to have to live with it!!!!!!!!!
    Cuz we AINT GOING NOWHERE…………………

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Oh Mary
      I can’t even go over there and look. I honestly can’t take it when I read that stuff. I get so pissed my blood pressure goes up 100 points! And I feel so bad for Adam I just want to hug him and of course he’s not here to hug–boo hoo! Thanks to all of you who went to the dark side and managed to post a reply. I need another one of my chill pills AdamAddict. My blood pressure is going up just thinking about it.

    • NO Mary we are NOT going anywheres. What I don’t understand, why are WE fans of Adam called crazy and over zealous when we defend him? I just don’t understand that at all. Adam is family to us all here, and wouldn’t you protect and stand up for your family?

      • Trish, sometimes crazy etc, is just a slang word used to label people. Dont let it bother you, cuz
        we rock and especially Rock fo Adammmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  14. cheryl norman says:

    Yeah, I HAD to reply to this blog!!! This is where I can really shine! Twas fun!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Oh Cheryl, you GO GIRL!!! I can just imagine what you said. Way to go. I’m so proud of you!

    • lisette here..I av non seen thes blog au recived thes post..but I’l finde way an leave comment too even if days late..Hope yu’re fine an feling well.Fibromyalgia is waring going for bloodtests al 9am..I’l finde thes linq somhow..Hugs Lisette!

    • I said earlier to myself that I won’t bother go reading this Topidol garbage but I would now go look just to read your response Cheryl Normal. Even before reading your piece, I’m sure you could put that woman in her right place!

      Jeanette, I am ONE with all the Glambs in defending you. I’ve always admired you for standing -up not only for yourself but for all the Glambs who love Adam Lambert.

  15. NH Glambert says:

    Jeanette….like I said this morning on her blog when I saw it on her page….She’s always like this…….it’s her gimmick ….either that or she’s incredibly angry at everything……whatever.

    I think we can all think of pundits on TV that make intentionally inflammatory remarks —not because they necessarily believe their political position, but to get their ratings to go up. That’s what she does. It’s a personna they create with no real integrity or conviction. Be sad for this person. She is pathetic and OH SOOOO desparate for attention.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      NH Glambert
      I don’t and won’t feel sad for this person. Everyone chooses the path in life they want to follow. She obviously has chosen one which lacks integrity, compassion and tolerance. So be it for her. She deserves the negativity that comes her way.

  16. Sue Gargano says:


    My posts are usually found on Adam’s Official SIte. But after reading that insane article, by that retard, I felt I should let you know that I support you all the way and commend you for the remarkable work you have been doing on this site. Keep in mind that that’s the opinion of only one person, a seriously disturbed one. No one but no one talks bad about Adam and gets away with it. Adam has an army behind him, I hope everyone out there (Adam haters) get it!!!! GET THAT ALBUM OUT THERE ADAM, WE WILL LET IT REACH THE TOP IN NO TIME!

  17. Jeanette, thank you for standing up for the Glambs and all of Adam’s true fans. I admit that I did go over to the other blog to see what the fuss was about but couldn’t stomach much of it. i too wonder why some people get such pleasure in putting down others and their interests instead of develi=oping some of their own and doing some good in the world.

    • I went over there too. I used my name Trish on my replies. I had to leave after posting about 4 replies because I was slipping to their level and I didn’t like that feeling. I felt dirty and mean once I left that place……… I came here to feel clean and loved again. Thanks sisters!

  18. I am so ticked off that I hit “send” before I had finished editing my comments above! Anyway, you get the idea! Let’s just have our own fun and ignore these creeps!

    Glamb #20 (And PROUD of it!!!)

  19. Jeanette, Topidol is a girl, she is on Twitter, called I think @greenmelinda, seems quite young – and a well known snark. She follows the idols pretty religiously, strangely enough, but seems to be more of a Kris fan. Isn’t that impressed with Adam, and calls him Madam usually. She is also a pal of the woman who writes the Idletard blog – which is much much worse than Topidol.

    That said, she is not so much against Adam as she is horrified by what she calls insane and obsessional behavior of his most rabid fans. She feels that too much of it could actually turn Adam into a joke in the public’s eye. A bit like the bad name Clay Aiken’s fans (Claymates) have. She certainly has a point I think, when looking at the comments left by people on the Rolling Stone article about Slash. It’s not about Adam, and even though I’m a big Adam fan, I do find all that shouty fangirling a bit much. Not necessarily when it’s on dedicated fansites like this one, but general sites about somebody else, yes.

    Anyway, don’t take it personally, latching onto these things is how her blog works – and she wants our reactions to make it all buzz. I’ve just read the comments, probably a lot of them from you guys, and most have managed to be quite wise and restrained in response! I especially like this one quoted below though (I’ve edited it a little lol):

    Urgh, I know what you mean. However, I was a fan before I started seeing all this, so I just kinda roll my eyes… Its the “I’ma 5– something woman…” comments thats are getting to me. At the same time, there’s the extreme opposite. Poor dude has really got to prove himself now, or he’s gonna get eaten alive.

    To EXTREME glamberts:
    If he is that amazing, you DON’T have to spam every f****** adam-lambert-related website, because people will realise that if that is the case (I think it is, just let the man release a f****** album first)

    Have a little faith in him and stop shoving shit down people’s throats about your personal life stories… No one invited that, really, except in (some cases). It’ll put people off him, and that would suckfoyou. Yeah? :\ and I love the guy, but let ‘im breathe.”

    • *blushing* I’ve never been quoted before…
      And there wasn’t any malicious intent behind my comment, I could see both sides of the arguments and came to that conclusion. I am an Adam fan, but I’m realistic about how (dim) people who don’t know about him are, and I know how quick people are to judge… :/ BAHBAH I need cereal

  20. NH Glambert says:

    I would like to say that I think Topidol is (and very thinly veiled) NOT a fan of Adam’s in any way shape or form. If she pretends to be more horrified by his fan’s response than anything else, that would be the thinly veiled part.

    Perhaps she feels it’s just politically incorrect to object to say what she really objects to…..

  21. NH Glambert says:

    No offense sylverine,but her comment in the blog response was “I thought his performance in Boston was forgettable” and calling him “Madam” on a regular basis. I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but I would call that being “against Adam”.

    • Hmmm no offense taken, but I think anyone is entitled to find a performance forgettable if they want to, and ‘Madam’ is just part of the snark. I think it’s over-reaching to say that if someone is not impressed by a performer, that they are ‘against’ him. That’s fanwar talk – black & white, if you’re not with us you’re against us, etc. Do you think that anyone who doesn’t like Adam is ‘wrong’?

      BTW there’s an interesting book about snark, called Snark – naturally – by David Denby. Worth checking out. Seems to be a particularly American trend:

      Product Description
      What is snark? You recognize it when you see it — a tone of teasing, snide, undermining abuse, nasty and knowing, that is spreading like pinkeye through the media and threatening to take over how Americans converse with each other and what they can count on as true. Snark attempts to steal someone’s mojo, erase her cool, annihilate her effectiveness. In this sharp and witty polemic, New Yorker critic and bestselling author David Denby takes on the snarkers, naming the nine principles of snark — the standard techniques its practitioners use to poison their arrows. Snarkers like to think they are deploying wit, but mostly they are exposing the seethe and snarl of an unhappy country, releasing bad feeling but little laughter.

      • Sylverine,
        Nothing is wrong with liking or disliking Adam. Everybody are entitled to their own opinion. Yes, she can think that his performance was forgettable… It’s up to her. We don’t agree but it’s our opinion. Calling Adam Madam… Sorry, but I think it is offensive b/c she tries to put some meaning in that word… but I won’t talk about it.
        What I want to say is that the whole situation for me looks like somebody came to the private party and started mocking the guests, calling them insane and telling them to shut up! This site is for Adam’s fans…It is our site and our party! And what we are talking about is our business… We do not need her opinion… She is not invited!!!!
        Thank you for publicity though, TopIdol…

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Personally, I DO think that anyone who doesn’t like Adam is WRONG and I don’t apologize for that. This is his fan site and we are here to enjoy him and each other and to have FUN. We don’t want anything negative or against Adam here, so if you want to partake in that you should go elsewhere. We’re not really interested in “the other side’s opinion”. As Gala said, this is a private party for Adam FANS. The only opinion we have is that Adam is FANTASTIC. Period. End of story. Anything other than that I don’t want to hear.

          • Hoorah for you Helen. YOu said it just like I thought it! Way to go girl!

            • NH Glambert says:

              Thank you, Helen, Trish and Gala. it’s not about for or “against”. I used the word against because I was quoting sylverine. It’s about being insulting. That’s obvious. And when you call a man “madam” you are clearly offering up a gender-based or homophobic comment. No two ways about it. Sympathizing with the other side just doesn’t cut it on this forum.

          • Lisette here..bonmatin seeing above glambs an Helen agree thet if ther’s any negative posts on thes page..then thet person truly shold non be on glambs site ..which is a tribute page to an adored artiste,vocaliste an humanitarian..An for those who wishe to av negative au disparaging remarques shold thinq twice.An thes page is to celebrate an share with lovli frends Adam’s musique an all positive lit he has added since thet first day on American Idol.He is recognized by accomplishe artistes an all who av performed an even mentored him on thet show..singe his praises..So agan any darkness shal nevre rule over all l’kindness,good will an affections meant an espressed everyday on glambs international page here..Blessings to all an let’s forget thes very negative person..Sureli Adam can see ther’s lot of amour,an very loyal fans well as frends.People with humanitie,intergritie,intelligence,class,compassion an even accomplished in musique,art,writing books,entrepeneurs.Noone who is immature,negative an here to cast au throw stones..just adoration,elation,respect an luv for nous ange..Adam Lambert! blessings to forgive thes person..As Adam had done for his protesters..recalling his tweet thet message was clearly to define tolerance,hope,peace an luv..thes is what Adam has conveyed from l’ thet is what glambs is all abotet too! Luv Lisettexoxo

      • I am sorry but I took offense when she called Adam Madam. It would be like calling Kris vanilla. Or some other offense name. You can not like someone without degrading them.

  22. i love adam lambert-all the way-i like that man.

  23. puteri abdul says:

    seriously, I don’t give a heck of what people wants to say…. because I only need one person to say it’s ok if I want to go “ga ga ” to adam, and that is my husband…. Infact he likes my “new found adoration ” as he says that for these past few months, he feels like he has found a “new younger and vibrant me” that he has been missing for these past few years ……

    oh, and jeanette,
    I have trying to contact you through the email address given but twice I have failed….. It is either my pc, or I am a total failure in IT….. I have a yahoo address and my pc doesn’t seem want to sent mails to the .org email….. help !

    • puteri, so right you are. My hubby will tell people right away, when they make a comment to me about how I have this new found glow, feeling better etc, He will tell them “its Adam’
      Oh then I have to tell him thats its him tooooooooooo. he he

  24. As a famous man recently said when being called evil, “God hates hate!” and I’m sure he meant in any way, shape or form, so that pretty much covers it for me. And, as the song goes, “let it go if you don’t care for it!” (or something close to that, you get the idea) and than of course, there is, “stupid is as stupid does” and there will ALWAYS be people who must steal other people’s “light” in order to shine. So have compassion for this poor soul that has no light of her own to shine and you know that Adam would just laugh and smile, shrug his shoulders and say…”let it go!” He would not waste a moment on negitive energy and neither should we! And that is just one of the reason we all support and love him and why his light shines so bright! Ask Adam, what is love? and he’ll tell you it’s bright, joyful, crazy, loud, soft, funny, warm, sometimes sad, miraculous, deep, nuts, irresponsible, romantic, and sought by every creature on earth! So share the love and never mind those that refuse to except it. They have no idea of what they are missing! Cheers !

    • Alyeska2, Cheers!!!

      Peace and Love Adam…….

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Thank you Alyeska2 for calming me down and setting me back on the right path! LOL!
        I probably should have read your post before I posted mine above, but I don’t care, that’s how I felt! LOL!!

    • Alyeska2, I came back and read this comment again. Just love it. You wrote this like you’re a per. friend of Adams”. ??????

      Viva La Vida playing now on radio. OOOOhhhhhhhhh the memory!

  25. i the finest form of retribution you can take is true integrity. it has to be from the heart lived in your daily life , that people who know you already KNOW tha you are not going to respond in kind to that level of rubbish. that`s all the time it should get 5 seconds… boom….done! then just keep living your joyful, happy , life! don`t be robbed honey!!

  26. cheryl norman says:

    For what my 2 cents is worth, I have a thing or two to say. First, Adam’s CD is going to blow the world away. He doesn’t need anybody to be crusading that information for him. No idiot like the one on that blog is going to hurt Adam. She/he is just not that powerful. Who cares what they say? Not me.

    Secondly Adam is the future. Enough with any more attention to some fool who wants to be important at the expense of criticizing Adam. That’s just stupid to me. They are just showing ignorance. Plain and simple! Anyone who says anything negative about Adam’s talent immediately shows their stupidity. Just think about it. Does Adam need defending from someone like this? Or anybody for that matter? I say no. If he had seen any of those comments, he would have immediately removed himself from reading such bologna. It’s nuts, crazy, ridiculous! Doesn’t deserve any more attention. Period. Anyway, that’s my take.

  27. I feel that if we want to praise Adam thats our choice if no one likes it tough. Adams the best. His looks music everything about him is great. This person most likely is jealous.We all have the greatest person in the world to be proud of and admire. So I dont care what this person thinks. Adam your the most in my book.

  28. Jeanette and all the glambs-
    Since the beginnings of time the power of music has touched the souls of man {and woman!} There is no need to explain why this is so. Music fills our lives from birth to the grave and I can’t imagine a world devoid of it. Once in a while, a person comes along who transcends the power of this gift of music and brings it to places that only God can know. Last night I was watching IMMORTAL BELOVED, an account of Beethoven’s life and music. Listening to Ode to Joy, lifted my spirits -yet again, to a place of indescribable ecstacy! These modern times ,artists like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Elton John–and anyone else you may want to mention, thrill us in a way that makes life more beautiful and enriched. Adam Lambert brings me to a place of peace and joy-just listening to his amazing voice. Each evening this past week, I listen to The Prayer {thanks to a very special glamb} and I feel a peace and joy right before I drift off to slumber….Adam has reminded me of the power of love just by being who he is and sharing his music with the world—and if that’s crazy–then I am one lucky ,crazy woman! Jeanette et al– we need not defend our collective treasure. No fan anywhere- of anyone needs to justify the magic that touches their hearts when music calls to them. I feel honored to be a part of all of you. Lorraine

  29. Dear ,Jeanette! I am with you! But, please, don’t be too upset about this article! She ( and i don’t know why,but i’m sure it’ she) just crying out for attention, as all those haters do, who makes up all those crazy stories about “Adam- diva” and “crazy” Glamberts! No one cares about this bs! And we are not crazy, i personally don’t see anything wrong with admiring someone’s INCREDIBLE TALENT and sharing your love with others! Even though this was a very personal attack ,just do what Adam would: look at it with the smile and send her some love! She’ll be conquered!! Only love can defeat hate! Here is the comment i left her:
    This is very ignorant article! Please do some research and stop hating! There are so many wonderful things in this world that you can be doing , instead of writhing hateful , hurtful, lame articles,that no one cares about! Do something good! I ll be truly happy for you ! Remember: Life is too short! Don’t waste your time)))))))))))))))

    Much love to you ))))
    “insane” GLAMB 351 …….lol….

    RUSSIAN GLAMB # 351……not insane…….hahaha…….well…….maybe a little……lol

  30. And remember you are not alone!!!! There are hundreds thousands of us, different races,ages, gender, preferences, etc,etc,ets…………. Are we all insane? I don’t think so! We got your back,sis!))))
    Much love to you!)))))

  31. “Love overcomes hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is love. :)”- Amazing human being Adam Lambert
    We learn from the best!)))

  32. Jeanette/ May I also add I feel that you were pointed out in this article and I loved your response. It is a sad day when we are not at liberty to say what we want, I just love it when people say ” if you had said it this way and not done this this way”, you talk about control and just how smart they think they are. This why I like this site, we can be smart, funny, loving or anything we want to be, no one judges us. This is why I will remain a “GLAMB” and always a very loyal fan of Adam’s.
    I also didn’t like what “smuar” (?) said about Adam’s fan only giving to Adam’s choice of Charities
    because we hope for a M&G and with the hope that Adam was watching who gave, something like that, and then she laid into us. I only wish that she had said which Charity she worked for, because
    I would not give a cent to any place that she worked for. When I give money to a Charity, I don’t expect anything in return other then the feeling it gives me to be able to help in some small way.
    I won’t be going back to TopIdol, someone said it above, it is a Darkside site, I don’t want that in my life, after trying to sleep tonight,,,well ,,I just might have to go back, just to add my 2-cents..Hahaha…

  33. Speaking of charities, a few short months ago Adam was having difficulty digging up his month’s rent for a one room bachelor apartment in Hollywood. How many artists do we know who have not yet really fully launched their careers, who would start a charity and target kids like himself in schools which do not have the funding for the arts? It’s rare for any wealthy artist under 30 to consider philanthrope as yet. He likely will have many charities and good works done in his name over his lifetime. Just give him time.

  34. I’ve never understood why people would waste their precious time and energy on negativity?! Doesn’t make you feel good, just a total waste! So don’t do the same by responding in kind, just simply ignore this person and keep spreading the ADAMLOVE!

  35. So what if we are insanely supportive of Adam. What’s wrong with that ? I am happy to be insanely involved in everything about Adam. We are his dieahard fans, that what’s fans do.. Did anyone get hurt in the process ? NOOOO.. Peace “}

  36. NH Glambert says:

    Hey head over to Amazon and pre-order your ADAM cd. He’s in the #2 spot on the charts. Let’s get him to #1!! I know I can’t post a url so just google “amazon music charts” and the search will provide it!!!!

  37. No time for haters.

  38. Ignore those who are too blind to see Adam’s talents and feel sorry that they are missing out on the fun. When he is the world-wide superstar that we know he is going to become, they will be very lonely. We will be dancing, singing and laughing.

    • Yes!!! Lisa!!!!…I’m gonna be w/YOU….DANCING, SINGING & LAUGHING…to ADAM LAMBERT!!!!

      As Adam would say…”Chill, man, it’s not that deep”….Peace, love & light ….But, on the other hand…Let’s sic Cheryl on the mean, bitter hater, “StupidIdol” or whatever she calls herself, & watch the fur fly!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I refused to go to the dark side Candace, but I think I read in a post that Cheryl did. I would have loved to read that! I bet she gave it to them! But you are right, we will be celebrating, dancing, singing and laughing! What will they be doing–spewing their hate! Ha, not a tough decision for me on which path to follow! Peace and love.

  39. earlzagurl4u says:

    Ladies: I just wanted to mention that since 1-20-09 Adam has been in my thoughts my every waking moment. I had the pleasure of experiencing the Lambert Love in Indianapolis. Oh, what a night ! I am a bit surprised that I actually have not dream of Adam more vividly. I have had dreams where I knew he was present but never saw his face: until last night. The dream was short but I knew something was wrong. There was a bunch of different people trying to break down the door where he and I were. I think some were rabid fans {{not “us” who just want to talk to him, hug him or tell him of our devotion} but so-called fans who really wanted a piece of him, {ie. hair, clothing, whatever} also the paparazzi with there w/ jumbotron cameras flashing non-stop. In my dream I went over to where he was sitting {at that point I felt as if I had been protecting Adam all his life} and touched him on the left side of his face and stroked his arm and I said, “Don’t go out there.” I knew he wanted to please his “fans” but I encouraged him not to,,He said “I won’t”. and that was the end of my dream. Ladies, I know this is wordy and rambling but I wanted to share this with someone. My family thinks I am “insane”. But I know you, “My Glamily” will understand. {{HUGGLES}} Light, Love, Peace to our Beautiful Adam.

    • NH Glambert says:

      Not insane at all. Some might say you had an out of body experience and actually communicated with him. If it seemed “real” vs a dream, that might have been the case. (JMO, I don’t mean to offend anyone who doesn’t buy into a metaphysical explanation).

  40. earlzagurl4u says:

    ,,P.S. I know the above was a bit off topic,,I say to the haters: They just “don’t get it” and and I feel sympathy for those who have no light or love or peace in their lives,,

  41. He’s a douche. We shouldn’t listen to him. Anyone who writes a blog like that obviously has no life. He’s probably miserable.

  42. I wouldn’t even have bothered to respond at all. Too much energy spent on trying to change a mind that is set in concrete. There’s no record to set straight. We are who we are….NEXT!

    • Anne, I like that-” You can’t change a mind set in concrete”, if you don’t mind, I’ll be using that one!

  43. About the “Flash Forward” I don’t think it’s Adam. But some people might think it’s Adam bcs that will be super cool! I wanna to believe it’s Adam!LOL! And if they think we are insane,nuts,mad,mental illness,crazy about Adam, WELL HELL YEAH I AM! SOOOO WHAAAAAT??!! Who cares about what they think?It’s not the first time we’ve been call crazy! My whole family think I’m crazy,LOL!My own family!! Haha!Do I care?? NOPE! I’m still happy.And now I should care what they think??!! Hmm,nah I DON’T THINK SO!! I’M CRAZY FOR ADAAAAAAM,YEAH DEAL WITH IT,B****!! Hahaha,don’t cure me,I’M JUST FINE!! LOL!! Jeanette don’t waste your time with them,that dude is boring and we’re fun!Don’t get too close to him/her, might contagious! Yippie,let’s glue rhinestones to our eyelids! 🙂

    • Helen/Canada says:

      You’re wonderful AdamAddict. I love the rhinestone idea, hmmmm………

    • Evette #419 says:

      You go girl!

    • AdamAddict….

      I’m with you….everyone thinks I’ve LOST IT too…..I don’t care what they think either….I LOVE ADAM and no one’s gonna stop me!!!

      Pass me some of those rhinestones !!!!

      Glamb #458

  44. how long does it take to get that number? I want one too. lol

  45. If this is insanity, then go right ahead & put me in the rubber room as long as I can take my videos & Adam’s new CD in there with me. Some people have nothing better to do than tear other people down. How pathetic is that?! But unfortunately there are a lot of people like this person. Ignore him/her. Not worth the trouble. Adam is about positive energy & love & respect & integrity. I thank God every day for Adam Lambert and for all the wonderful people I have met because of him.

  46. I really dont think we should waste our finger movement on this person who posted that article, However, I do want to say they had no need to bash anyone. People who talk hate need to take a good look in the mirror and ask themselves what is making them be mean and cruel to others for no reason. I think the man in the film does look like Adam. But in reality i seriously doubt if it is. He was probably doing Idol when that was filmed. But dont we have fun wondering and speculating? Dont we have fun anticipating Adams newest songs,albums etc?? I know I sure do!!! not going to let what that jerk said upset me..I have better things to do,like have fun and smile 🙂 Life is good and Adam only makes it better!!

  47. Hi Guys,

    Adam will be fine, but we won’t, if we don’t develop a group sense of humor. We are not crazy we are Fans and fans do all the things we do. Look back a couple of months to Michael Jackson’s fans.. infact look at people who say they will wait in line for three days to see the movie of Jackson’s rehearsal for last tour. Think the late Elvis making more money now than when he was alive..Think anyone who is loved and admired for their talent.. We can be a fan without becoming fanatic..We don’t want to become intolerant of conflicting view points.I think Adam is great but if someone disagrees ,like my daughter,that is their right. I’m not going to judge her ,she has a right to have her own feelings and opinions. Adam will be fine,but will we be fine?

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Melody, you are right, if someone has a different opinion that is their right. I personally just don’t want it on THIS site. We are here to admire, love and fantasize about Adam. We’re here to have FUN about Adam. Like Candace said, quoting Adam, “it ain’t that deep man”. If people want to have a discussion on anything other than a positve viewpoint of Adam, they should go to a different site. I’m sure there’s plenty out there.

    • Yes everyone is allowed to disagree or even hate if they must. BUT not on here. This site is for the LOVE we share of ADAM, for ADAM! There is also the right NOT to have to listen to negativity and hatred. That is why I love this site. Jeanette and others do not like that kind of stuff here and I am so happy they don’t. Peaceful……………that is the way to go.

  48. Jane Parker says:

    Go girls!! Tell it like it is and then let’s just


  49. Lamberkitten says:

    Guilty. Us Adam fans are a little insane and I found the comments on this blog quite hilarious – sorry if any Adam fans are offended by the blog. I can’t take any of it seriously or personally – perhaps if I had been targeted specifically it may be different – but the fan war amuses me and it just feeds my Adam obsession and fills the current Adam news void. Favourite insult: Wackberts! (and I quote “For the love of sanity, someone save us all from the Wackberts” LOL hilarious! I dunno why, it just cracked me up.

  50. I want to add one more thing… because we are such Adam supporters, people will look at our web site .. just as Adam ‘s fame can make him a target our group can be a target.. That’s a bit of fame for you. Now what to do with it..positivity is probably how to deal .

  51. all i can say to topidol is don’t be jealous!! to bad no one pays attention to you.

  52. It has been suggested to me, and I agree, that we all cease posting comments on that other blog. They’ve had their 15 minutes of fame.


    • Thank you, totally agree!!!

      • Ok done! I replied before I scrolled down to find YOUR comment Jeanette. I will no longer waste time on that awful other subject.

        Rock on Adam and Adam fans……….Rock on!


  53. I personally guffawed all the way through TopIdol’s ridiculous article – I especially liked the reference to “glitter panties”. Hee hee. Sure, TopIdol is bit of a twit, but who cares, really?

    We should step back and have a good giggle, even at ourselves. Come on, Jeanette, that “Flash Forward” post had no logical basis in fact but it was great fun speculating on that silly topic. We all had fun. We’re here to have fun and we make no apologies.

    Here’s to the Glambs! Long live the Glambs!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I laugh at myself everyday and I’m having a great time here on this site. But, are they laughing with us or at us? I think the latter, that’s the difference. People should just leave us alone, we’re not doing any harm to anyone, we’re just enjoying Adam! And we’re doing it on our site, we’re not invading their territory or trying to convert anyone, so just leave us alone.

  54. LALALAMBRIT says:

    I’m confused, if this blogger dislikes Adam/adam fans that much then why dedicate so much time to writing about it.?

    There is no such thing as bad publicity!

    And in the words of my Mum “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all”


  55. adamsmydogsname says:

    All I have to say is what I wrote to Idoltard:

    WOW! You sure got a run for your money on Adam’s glittery coat tails. Good for you – you figured out how to get your lame blog out there! Are you done yet or do you need to hang on to those coat tails to massage your ego a little longer? I hope Adam sees this ridiculous blog….he probably could use a little comic relief!

  56. Guess what, I did sleep on what would be my response to “The Charity Lady”, it is not worth it going back to their site. This is where I want to be, there are so many of you that makes me laugh outloud, my neighbors are thinking that I have someone here!
    We are a happy group, sssooo happy for Adam, I can’t wait to get to Amazon to order Adam’s single, already ordered his Nov. album and I plan on being in the store when” It” comes out, I have a feeling that the wait will be long because of the demand!

  57. Nice interviews. Adam such a doll!

    I know everyone wants to be the girl getting the hugs, who wouldnt??

    • 2nd video Adam tells Astra she smells good and takes another whiff of her neck. Ooohhh ,
      Adam…..he says maybe he’ll get that scent for his mom , so sweet he isssssss

      • Evette #419 says:

        Mary, thanx for the vids and getting us back on track!

        • Evette, your welcome. Dont you just love how Adam gets so tickled mentioning his
          album. Soo cute…….. All is life he’s waited for this and now its here almost!
          Love to you Adam.

      • That was sweet. Adam is so ADAM! If anyone ever says to you, “Your so Adam” that is the highest compliment you can EVER receive if you ask me!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Oh so cute Mary. Lucky, lucky girls. Adam always notices when someone smells good. That’s not the first time he has told an interviewer she smells good! ~sigh~ I can only dream!



  58. When we feel love for something, we feel joy, we feel peaceful; feeling at ease, feeling happiness-seems to me it is wise, sane, logical to feel love.Expressing that love puts good vibrations out into the universe. Perhaps, as said:”When Peter talks about Paul, you learn all about Peter”. Since we all affect each other, may Topidol have a speedy recovery from his insane choice for the negative.

  59. My new mantra is WWAD….”What Would ADAM Do” I remember awhile back some female named Marilyn was bashing ADAM, both on his Twitter and in general.
    He very calmly made a short to the point comment back, then said something to the effect he doesn’t respond to negativity/haters. He believes in forgiveness and says that hate has no place in his life.

    So I think that ADAM would just shrug his shoulders, smile, and “walk away” from people like this. Maybe I’ll make a bracelet with WWAD on it……

  60. i don’t get it. there are superfans for just about any celebrity around. i think that these negative people just don’t have anything else to do, are prob. very lonely, and this is a way to get attention. IT IS OK TO LOVE WHO YOU LOVE WITHOUT APOLOGIZING OR GIVING A REASON FOR THAT LOVE!!! this love we have for adam is just about the purest there is and it gives us such pleasure and contentment to experience it in our collective way ( very satisfying to be linked with all of the adam lovers) and in our own very personal way. i know that i can’t give anyone permission to do anything, but , really, LOVING ADAM IS WONDERFUL,FANTASTIC, AND THE RIGHT THING TO DO. IT’S OK. DON’T STOP.

  61. Jeanette, I hope that you are so much feeling better about the outrageous and ridiculous attacks of these two denizens of the negative blogsphere. I went over to the site and read the comments, including yours and Terry’s in particular, which were well-reasoned, dignified, and perfectly to the point, and realized as I got near the end of the page, that the response from the attackers was always the same: they had no intention of either validating what you were saying, nor were they EVER going to give credence to, or one scintilla of notice to the person they consider a ‘nobody’, Adam Lambert. At first, I wanted to leave a blasting response, but then I realized that no matter what I said, especially if I said it in the most air-tight and best-written way possible, it wouldn’t matter, my comments would be ripped to shreds within minutes by that writer. They are one of those people who live to tear at and destroy any and all comers, with the most un-reasoned attacks possible, merely for the sake of asserting their (supposed) power over other people. With them, no one can ever win. So, I decided to completely ignore them. Within days, their words and attitudes will be hidden under a cloud of dust as Adam moves through town and takes over the music and entertainment world with his own personal stamp of kingship. If any detractors remain after that, they will look utterly ridiculous. Adam has crested the pre-sales line-up and already captured the title of #1 Mover and Shaker in the business without anyone even so much as leaking a tiny portion of his new songs or album for anyone to hear. That’s the power of Adam Lambert. That’s the man we’re following. And just to cheer everyone up, here are two pictures of the most beautiful man in the universe. These two photos are from his trip to the Big Easy, and take a look at him NOW! Do you think maybe someone ELSE could star in those fabulous pirate movies in the future? Or any other kind of movie, for that matter. What a handsome guy! I know it will do everyone’s heart good to see these pictures. Let us not lose heart or worry anymore over our Adam, he’s going to blow down the doors and shake the house down when he finally gets to town! We are going to be so happy for him, and so proud! Take a look at these great pictures, fellow Glambs:

    • Silvana/Argentina says:


      I so totally agree with you. Nothing that anyone can say will change the way these people think, and it gets more hurtfull by the minute.

      Really these pictures warm our hearts. He is so beautiful, and I usually don’t like moustaches nor beards, but anything on him looks great.

      Thank you for the pictures,

    • Thank you for the recent pics! I hadn’t seen these. Very Adamlicious!

    • I just LOVED those pics! I love the facial hair! I wish he would leave that on. I didn’t know he could be more handsome, but DANG if he ain’t! This woman is in lust!!!! I mean love! 😉

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Wow Lorrin, that’s a different look for him, very swashbuckleresk! (is that a word, LOL). Although he looks absolutely gorgeous, I prefer him without the facial hair. I hope he doesn’t keep it. Someone asked him during an interview if he would ever grow facial hair and he laughed and said, no, it grows in the wrong colour!

    • OMG Lorrin, I saw these over on the newest post and guessed out loud if they were taken in New Orleans and sure enough they were. You could almost tell by the background and the
      wristbands from a club they were in.
      Thanks to you my dear.
      I love love love his new look. Aahhhhhhhhhh Adam

    • Oh Lorrin, I keep going back to this picture. His new look and oh how it looks good.
      So close to the girl, oh she was lovin that closeness………
      Oh Adam..

  62. i just stop reading the bad stuff. you can go down the crapper when you get caught up in the hateful spewing of some people. don’t give them power, ignore them, don’t go to their links, don’t reply to their mean postings. no audience, no feedback, they don’t exist. yay!

  63. Evette #419 says:

    I was going to post a comment to this “reporters” site, but all I really want to know is where does all the anger come from? Like ADAM don’t like ADAM its your choice but to have so much hate in your heart……that’s sad!!

  64. You know there were many of us that had the same thoughts about Flash Forward before we all talked about it. I know I did. I had even did a rewind that night and still thought it was Adam especially at the very end and this is so like the “Lost” producers to do something like this. As for the person who posted the the article ridiculing us well…To bad them them. They only wish that they could have the Love we all have for Adam. To bad for them to have to put people down.

    Mary in MT.

  65. I like your articles, and look forward to the information you share with us about Adam. Most of us that read your articles do so because of our love for Adam. I think people that object, shouldn’t read it. I do not want you to change what you are able to share with us about Adam. I for one, am happy to read what you write for us.Keep on reporting the information for us about ADAM LAMBERT.

  66. Frankly my dear I dont give a rats ass what anybody thinks of me, I will not give anyone the satisfaction of bringing me down, I love Adam and no Adam hater will ever turn me against him. Anyone critisizing us is an Adam hater like that idot from the Star Ledger who wrote a review on Newark concert, therefore, they can all kiss Adam’s ass.

  67. Not only are you people insane, but you are ridiculously obsessed and invested in a TV contest runner-up. I mean sweet Jesus, I feel like I’m back in junior high with a bunch of simpering 13-year old girls drooling over Lance Bass posters because he’s OMG SO HAWT AND TALENTED. Yeah, clearly that worked out well for them. But whatever, since Adam is the next coming of the Beatles, Elvis AND Michael Jackson, right? *rolleyes*. Please get ahold of yourselves.

    • FYI


      are who they are and what they are today because of the degree of “insanity” they created with their art… Have you not seeing a Beatles concert? Or a Michael Jackson appearance? Or an Elvis interview???

      Your resentment is delicious :-))

      Your puzzlement puts a smile on my face, because I know something you don’t… and by the way, welcome to the site. Stick around and who knows, you might just end up having a good time.

      And… don’t forget to buy Adam’s album… even if just to prove us wrong.

      THANK YOU!

    • KO's smiling says:

      Can we delete Kristal’s comment above? I don’t think this is the place for it.

    • Why are you here? Hell I am surprised you had the nerve to say the crap you did. Roll your eyes all you want too. You need to go to a site where your negativity is welcomed.

    • why do you care so much about what we think? how about you go get a life.

  68. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    Some people are jackasses!! boooo!!

  69. Hi guys, I know that what I will write now may be taken the wrong way but I would like to say first and foremost that I AM AN ADAM FAN!

    For those who remember, I exploded on this website in a very controversial light when I posted an opinion that some of the comments here are over the top and put enormous pressure on Adam who is YET TO RELEASE HIS FIRST ALBUM.

    My comments were NOT met well…

    I hope and I think we managed to clear the air at the time because at the end of the day WE WERE ON THE SAME SIDE!

    BUT… and this is a BIG BUT… :-)) no pun intended…

    We should NOT get all defensive every time somebody posts something negative about Adam. We should NOT be so sensitive. And we should NOT expect everybody to think like US. This is arrogant at the least.

    Now, these two “people” that reacted to Jeanette’s article are just two brats – rude, immature, shortsighted and HYPOCRITICAL… They don’t want to like Adam, because this will make them stand out of the crowd…

    But mark my word, they will buy his album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they would probably like it, but they would not admit it, BECAUSE THEY WILL WANT TO BE ORIGINAL!!!

    And you know what… they won’t be the only ones…


    We have to let ADAM LAMBERT prove them wrong through his music and through his success and through his longevity… No matter how loud we shout “Adam is a legend, an icon, a phenomenon”, at the moment this is all it is – A CRY! We don’t have the solid proof that this indeed is the case.

    In time… we could feel SO PROUD because we discovered something and believed in SOMEBODY truly special, who will transcend prejudices and hatred and who, through his art, will be making a difference in people’s lives all over the world, year after year after year, for ever and ever…

    But this time has not come yet.

    We should take a deep breath, we should be patient, we should BELIEVE THAT THIS WILL HAPPEN…


    ADAM, I love you!

    I love you guys too.

    I know in my heart that we are taking part in something unique, something that hasn’t be around for some time… Let’s enjoy it, let us not allow any negativity to throw us off balance.



  70. It was the winter of 2009 when a cloud of insanity descended upon the world.

    One morning, thousands of people woke up with their nails painted black and they eyes covered in smudged coal makeup. They tried to wipe the nail polish off, they tried to remove the makeup.. but it was all in vain… they were marked forever…

    They walked the streets, people looking at them, people pointing at them, but they couldn’t hide – the grip of the insanity was too strong.

    I was one of them, I was scared, I thought I was losing my mind.

    Then one night I looked in the mirror and saw my reflection smiling back at me. It asked me to close my eyes and see what is in my heart.

    And I did… And I saw…

    There was love, there was music. There was beauty, there was good. There was laughter, there was happiness.

    If that was insane, I thought myself lucky!

    I opened my eyes and looked at my reflection again. Behind me I saw legions…

    If I was insane, I was not alone…

  71. Bellelinda says:

    UK4ADAM..I loved what you said about Adam and the happiness he has brought to you. He is indee a special person in all ways…appearance, voice, im

  72. Bellelinda says:

    UK4ADAM….sorry for the interruption caused by my bandaged finger accidentally hitting the computer keyboard…I cut it today Ouch!
    Anyway as I was saying …Adam is amazing in many ways: knock out good looks, a voice with an amazing sound & out-of-sight range, unlimited imagination & creativity, courage to do and say what is right and take the consequences come what may, consideration for others, self-control when needed, great vision and a solid faith in himself and his ideas, self-confidence and respectfulness in all situations, great socialization skills–people love him for his lack of arrogance. He is an example to all of what one can achieve if they keep their eye on the prize and never stop preparing for the day when opportunity presents itself.
    I could go on and on but you know what I mean and so does everyone else reading this. His idea for us to all donate to was perfect. Now so many school children will have what they need for their classes in the Arts because of Adam’s unselfishness and the monies generously donated by his fans. Can’t wait for his 1st tour…hope it comes somewhat near our area…I say “our area” because my husband is a great fan of Adam also. We both went to the AI Tour Concert to see him and we thought he was even better in person than on American Idol.
    Elvis and Michael are sadly gone and much missed, and the world is now ready for a new super star and we believe Adam will be that person.