Are We a “Cult”?


***UPDATED WITH PHOTO*** I had to post this photo – it is soooo yummy! Does anyone know where/when this photo is from???

Many of you have already seen the USA Today article by Brain Mansfield in which he asks, “will Lambert become the international superstar that judge Simon Cowell predicted? Or will he wind up merely being the object of an obsessively devoted cult following?” Here’s a link to the article in case you haven’t yet seen it.

I looked up “cult” in Merriam-Webster, and it defines the word as “a usually small group of people characterized by devotion to a person, idea, object, movement or work.” I personally see Adam’s appeal as going far beyond “cult” status. We’ve all seen examples both online and in person of fans ranging in age from babies, young children, teens, to us older folks. Adam’s fans come from both genders, people from all over the world, from both conservative and liberal leanings, and people of all occupations and backgrounds. This to me doesn’t fit the definition of cult. Or if we are a cult, well, then we’re the biggest cult on the planet!

Another article was just posted that discusses Adam’s upcoming album and his appeal. We all know that since the tour ended, Adam has feverishly been traveling the country working on his new album. He’s also been tweeting about it quite a bit. This new article by Jim Cantiello of MTV sums it all up quite nicely. It’s a bonus for us that Mr. Cantiello sings Adam’s praises in the process, without the speculation that Adam is just a flash-in-the-pan who appeals to no one except a few obsessed fanatics. You can read the article here.

What do you think about these two articles? Are we a cult?

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. cheryl norman says:

    We may have started out as a “cult”, but we have progressed too far to be merely considered a “cult” any longer. We are fans of Adam. Not just of his looks, not just of his thinking, not just of his inccredible voice, and not just of his extreme senuality and sex appeal, but of the entire package. And what a package it is!

    I don’t think anyone in this world has any idea of Adam’s greatness as a performer, personality, entertainer, singer, personality, or of his before, unknown, knowledge of music. How to perform music and lend his story-telling with the iconic genius of making each song into a moment as if looking into a peek-hole of somewne who shows his heart unabashidly with each song.

    These people who call themselves ‘experts’ are about to be taken to ‘school’ by Adam Lambert! They don’t know it yet as this has never happened before, but it is coming! Believe me, the story on the genius of Adam Lambert has not even begun. He will send shock waves across the globe very soon. Look-out world, you’re about to be Adamized! Enjoy!

    • Glambertcraze says:

      Glam#358 here
      Right on Cheryl. I too believe we haven’t seen anything yet.
      I tweeted Adam in response to his “Its a dream come true to be working with the best song writers,producers in the world.
      My response was I bet their dream is to work with a talent like yours. It sounds like a match made in heaven.

      Its making me crazy having to wait, but I am glad Adam is at least letting us get a little info on what he is doing. It does make it a little easier.

      And yes MTV is a much better comment on our Adam
      love you guys

    • Hey, Cheryl!!
      Loved these “waves across the globe!” Looking forward to swimming!… LOL
      You are absolutely right! YES, we fans have been Adamized already! Now the world, it is your turn!

    • I don’t think we are a cult. We are just devoted to Adam’s talent and as a person. I don’t worship Adam, I adore and love him though.

      I just finished watching that TV show FASTFORWARD, wasn’t Adam’s song Mad World suppose to be the theme for that show? I didn’t see or hear it anywheres, did I miss it?

      TO JEANETTE: I received my CD package from you today and I hopped in my truck and jammed out for over an hour. Thank you so much. I have email to you and I also sent you something special in the mail. Thank you again.

    • Outstanding, Cheryl! I love your statement that Adam is going to ‘take the ‘experts’ to school’, oh yes. Yes, the story of Adam Lambert has not even yet begun, his genius is so great. Someone of his caliber comes along only once in an era, and he IS that person for this era…..get ready to live in breathless anticipation for protracted lengths of time, for all that Adam Lambert is about to be and do is ready to be revealed to the waiting world!

    • Cheryl Everything you said I think and believe too. WOW Adam is going to blow everyones mind and leave their mouths hanging wide open! He is without a doubt the most TALENTED SINGER AND PERFORMER TO DATE, EXCITING, UNIQUE, ALLURING, MESMERIZING, SEXUAL, ENTHRALLING AND HAS ALL OF US COMPLETLY SPELLBOUND!!!!

      How can one person go from singing so sweet from his soul that tears fall down your face, to singing his ass off so powerful that you feel your heart coming out of your chest or sing and move so sexual that he CAN SET YOU ON FIRE, YOU KNOW WHERE! Where did this MAN come from!!! How is it that he claims to be gay, yet can reach deep into a womens soul and stir sexual disire for him??? WOW!! This has never happened to me before!!
      I feel like I’m under a spell!! I can’t break free!! I love Adam for so many things.

      Yes, first his talent and singing is INCREDIBLE. Undeniable, even if you don’t like his style of music. I can’t get enough of his singing to me. BUT, if “ONE” and “If I can’t have you” and “I just love you” were played ont the radio right now, Adam would shoot to number 1 with all ages. He will and has won over all the decades/ages. I know Adam has a very special gift to give the world and he TRIUMPH OVER ALL!! And everyone who truly knows Adam has said he is the sweetest most humble man. Kris had said Adam is Rediculously kind and nice! That’s the cherry on top!! The FULL PACKAGE!! OXOX Adam!

      • Summer, Yes I know exactly where Adam can set us on fire. Way to put it in writing. Love how you
        said ” reach into a womans soul and stir up the sexual desire.
        I love “One” a sure favorite!

      • Penny Curtis says:

        SO TRUE..

    • Lisette here..bonmatin all glambs an agan reciving thes thread in wee heures (friday)so missing to responde sooner.Cheryl lovli to see yu here..missed yu!Thenks Jeanette too for anothre article an beau photo of Adam here! An agree Cheryl thet ‘esperts’ may not always be such..If Adam has any cult following..mama mia it may be an epidemic then aronde l’monde then.Thes is this interviewer’s thouts.It’s apparente thet from Adam’s first stepping before all judges on American Idol in his superbe rehearsal,an being magic of international satellite thes was commence of a legende being born.So thinq “cult” has sometemes negative meaning,an in passe histoire for those thet followed contraversial an very strange inviduals seen in hippie genertion when drug culture was ther was a warped person as Charles Manson(who’s mental imbalance caused teenagers following him in a “cult” an sadly causing few followers to commit acts of violence/killing etc.Then ther’s cult following of Waco texas with many committing suicide,or a cult following of some heavy metal groups,au rappers thet promote violence an contraversial lyriques.This is non Adam Lambert who’s estraordinaire an diverse abilitie to sing any musique genre was ther from early in his childhood an teen yers..Seeing all passe theatre credites,LA theatre productions aftre highschool plays,touring with production of Hair an LA cast of Wicked,film role as Joshua in 10 commandments,American Idol season 8,AItour every performance across US Adam had most applause an adoration.An seeing he compose songes from teme of Zodiac venue an future CD will soon reveal..I thinq he is genius as Cheryl says..He wil be inspirationes for any upcoming artiste an be here for many decades an generations in companie of legendes too as Elvis,Beatles,Sinatra an Michel Jackson..all were distinctive in ther styles,made an impact on all ages,sold infinite records/tv an concert venues.An now Adam Lambert in his artistry as vocaliste,danseur an actor..An ther’ll be no duplicating his voice or style by anyone to follow him..Stande aside all ther’s Adam an noone can ever compare to his talentes as an artiste,reman humble,kindehearted,a humanitarian an apreciative to all his fans,frends an famille! J’espere angels garde over him along the way to a splendide ride into starlit,moonlit an etoile..touching all our heartes here on glambs an millions aronde l’monde. Many blessings always for Adam! ..Luv to all glambs always Lisettexoxo

    • Spot on cheryl. We haven’t seen it all yet! When you think of Adam’s performances on Idol then how different that was to the concert it is amazing. Wait until he has his own music and his own video’s ( they will be something) and his own concert. I think he has a lot more surprises in store for us and I can hardly wait.

    • my only problem with being in this cult is HOW WILL I KEEP UP? i spend hours each day reading, watching, listening , and following anything adam. and i want more,more,more. just got my eye of horus pendant and will not take it off. so, i’m wrapping this cult thing around me like a nice, soft , beautiful adam blanket and snuggling down. school me baby.

    • The moment he sang “If I can’t have you” on American Idol something happened inside of me.
      It was the opening of the floodgates of emotions held back for way too long. If he could sing like that, so raw, so honest in front of so many people why was I holding on to feelings out of shame, I wondered. The holding on of these feelings has created disease in my body which I am now releasing through listening to his voice and to use it in my practice as a Nia teacher where we dance to his music.
      I am am forever grateful to be part of this mindboggling journey.

      • Irena, Yes Something happened inside me also, when I heard Adam sing Ring of fire. He pulled me into this world of emotions, and woke me up too. I have just got divorced after a long dead marriage, and had so many changes in my life. I lost so many friends and family. I shut down to cope with it. As crazy as it sounds, I came alive more and more every time I saw him and heard this Man sing. I didn’t know what was happening but I couldn’t stop it. I was getting HAPPY for the first time in years! I couldn’t imagine ever being wtih a another man, no trust. I was dead. He woke up my passion again, and blew out the cobwebs. I feel sexy again and have hope for my future with someone.
        ALL HIS CHOICE OF SONGS HAD SOO MUCH MEANING TO ME TOO. All the songs fit to my life to, what I was going through or needed to change. It is like he puts his heart and soul on a platter for US to HAVE and gives himself to US, uninhibitated, RAW, TRUE, with LOVE to US. He is so giving in his voice and performance. I just feel love from him. Is this crazy? I sound a bit ,but I’m being honest. You can clearly see Adam puts every ounce of effort into his singing and performance, without arrogance, but with true love for US. He just wants to make US HAPPY! Keep Making me HAPPY ADAM!!! OX

    • Penny Curtis says:

      Hi Cheryl, My name is Penny. I was wondering if you could have Jeanette contact me? I was wondering about getting a c.d from her, that she was talking about. I cant email people from my p.c, but i can reply to them if they e-mail me. Thanks

  2. Good choice of topic, Jeanette! It popped up while I was on the previous thread.

    And a hello to you, Miss Cheryl! Hugs!

    I agree with both of you. Sure it is cultlike in that we are so devoted, but surely not in size! In fact it has been my personal observation that the audience (what we are able to see of it in vids) during the tour seemed to increase in male presence as well over time!

    We will know in two ways. When his cd comes out and when his own tour runs. Some of the previous audiences were due to general Idol interest but next time it will be for Adam alone!!

    Already each of has has met someone or knows someone who either didn’t like him or was so so in their feelings. Yet once they got to see him perform or heard some of his less pop songs like “Is Anybody Listening?” or “Brigadoon” found that they had to admit, the lad’s got a voice and he sure can put on a show!

    It might start out to be ‘just us’ , the couple of hundred thousand (based on twitter) who love him but he will prove himself over time. It might take a year but that will be the latest IMO for him to become a household word and a world musical icon.

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Theresa..some of Adam’s best performances seen come from his theatre performances as yu av even before American Idol Adam had thes rare talente,just American Idol finale gave him notoriete thet he deserved!Wel on twitter agree ther’s couple hundred thousand,but sure ther’s far more who dont owne computer to discovere his twittre site..but thru seeing his superbe appearances on satellite tv as I mentione internationale Adam has toched heartes far surpassing thes total on twittre..An with everyday ther’s more people tuning in an discovering Adam’s gifte in musique,his artistry as vocaliste/actor/entertaineur who seemes more acessible still,displays graciousnes,humilitie,warmth,charmant,sensualitie,wit,class,an kindness even to his worse critiques au few adversaries with rightwing opinions..Adam displays maturitie,compassion an willness to forgive..In his tweets saying in passe ..Luv knows no colour,no orientation,knows no hate..all is luv(sorry may not be exact words as its been while since last seeing it.But whatever interview be in radio,media,tv Adam remans all the for this he’s toched so many heartes! Now soon to be release of his magnifque CD an film debut..thes is just commence of many yers to see Adam Lambert as Legende of millenium,prince of angel d’musique..Merci pour l’gift Adam monamie tresbeau!!! blessings an luv Lisettexoxo

  3. I believe that Adam will become the international SuperStar that Simon predicted months ago.
    Adam definately has the IT factor to take him where he has dreamed of going. Rock Star, singing
    sensation you name it. He has it. His voice alone with all the different ranges he sings is magic.
    The world is waiting for someone new and fresh and hot and not afraid to bring it on like Adam.
    He has worldwide fans who love and support him. I wouldnt call us a cult, we are devoted yes but
    the magnitude of all of us put together is beyond cult-ness….
    Look at all the opportunities that have been put before him already. I already consider him a Super
    Star. When November rolls around and his debut album pops, Simons prediction will ring true.
    From what I hear, his album is predicted to be the most exciting release in years.
    I love to see interviews of Adam just ecstatic over whats being created on his debut!
    He wants the world to get up and dance and feel so good and I know we will do just that!
    Thank you Adam for all your hard work and dedication thats gotten you where you are today.

    • Well said,Mary C! Agree 100 % 🙂 There, I don’t have to copy your post and paste in mine! LOL!

      • Lisette here..agree too with Mary C superbe post an second evrything yu av mentioned regarding beau Adam…We will all danse an celebrate all his passe accomplishments,concerts,interviews,an his future ones as his spectacular cd,films an eventual solotour..An wishe Adam best of everything to come,bonhealth,prosperitie,sucess,an amour too..He does deserve thes as he’s given so much in his performances onstage..An in every interview,interacting with interviewers an fans with such affection,kindness an only Adam can be..bless thes beau l’homme always!! J’etaime luv to all here on glambs!..Lisettexoxo

      • Mary C, I also agree with you, you have said it all, so glad we were with Adam from the beginning, we know what he can do. When Adam sang AI “A Long Time Coming” I think he was thinking about how long he had worked on becoming a” Rock Star” and that he was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, he sang that song with such feelings, it took him a minute to compose himself before the Judges started making comments.
        If this is a cult,,,hhmmm,,,I think I like it!!!!

    • Yes Mary… I agree with you absolutely…We love Adam and admire him so much. I don’t like the word “cult”.

  4. Ditto, Mary C, how’s the downloading coming along?

    • Terry, thanks for asking. I havent gotten any dowloads done yet. I am busy with work and family and everything else. Hopefully sometime this weekend I will make an attempt. I just cant quit
      posting to download either. Its too much fun.

  5. i read an article yesterday reporting that adams cd was in the top percentage of albums anticipated by many well known singers and people in the music industry, they are all waiting, like us waiting waiting waiting hurry up november.!!!!

    • Here’s another question…do you all think that the hype is *too much* and will end up hurting Adam? That expectations might be so unrealistically high that there would be no way Adam’s album, no matter HOW good, will meet those expectations?

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Fascinating question Jeanette. It has happened to other artists, movies, etc. in the past. I think it puts a lot of pressure on Adam too! We’ll just wait and see what happens. I know the fans will love it. Hopefully the critics, music biz will give it a fair critique. You know how some people just love to tear people down.

        • Has he disappointed us so far? No, take for example the AI tour, concert after concert he managed to suprise us with something extra, no matter how many times we watched the performaces we never get bored, we still view them with the same enthusiasm. I think that now that Adam will be free to do his own thing, we will be suprised continually. We will get fantastic vocals, great inteerpretations, he changes his looks so often, he has us hooked, he will never disappoint us. Obviously ther will be the few that would love to make unjustified critisisms, they tried it before and did not succeed to bring him down, and most certainly will not succeed to do that now. If you recall the AI shows, when Adam performed ‘Wild Cherry’s – Play that Funky Music’, Simon Cowel told him that this will not make him as popular as last week but “it does’nt matter with you now”,, he meant that Adam is here to stay, his popularity can only rise.

          • Lisette here..thenks agan Jeanette for anothre question ..I agree with Toni I dont thinq it will an nevre be disappointed with every show reinvention of his styles,appearance an being so very diffarante then othre Idol contestants..When he was supose to av disco,he selecte to do a gentle ballad,on country week..he had thet erotique,egyptian style of an old Johnny Cash transform old disco song from Sat.NiteFever to a tender an toching ballad,an ovations from Smoky in “Tracts of My tears”..Never disappointing,even toching thos who may av been conservative to be mersmerized,adamized with future performances to end of finale..Then on summer tour seeing so many glambs here paid to see many concerts..dont thinq many artistes caused thes type of devotion an adoratione in shorte teme! An I thinq as mentione on many postes..Thes is just commence of many more doors to open speciale when in film role of Zodiac movie..Thinq lot of buzz will be in hollywood for many famous directors an producers to thinq of Adam for future films in same lite as many accomplished actors..I can see Martin Scorcese,Quentin Tarantino,an othres having intereste aftre thes debut. An so I’ll reman positive an hope Adam will have continued sucess both in musique an acting career..I truly can see thes will be so! An keep sending him I feel he has been thes in ma losing parentes..Adam has given me so much joie,inner peace,inspiration,positive an healing in health an comfortes in sadness..An always feeling his musique soothes l’soul an his estraordinaire talente,beauface,celeste voice has done this for people everywhere now!
            J’adore Adam..hugs an luv to all Lisettexoxo

          • Adam did not dissapoint us so far.. Who said that he dissapoint us ?

      • Jeanette, there is that risk when something is overhyped but Adam has proven time and again that he can take any song from any decade and any genre and make it his own, and do it well.

        I just hope these wellknown writers, producers etc… don’t turn them into something too ‘poppy’ or electro. I have done some research into every name Adam has dropped on twitter or interviews, whether he just likes their music or is working with them. I started by reading their bio if there is one, including their accomplishments, then went in and listened to or watched their vids. Most are quite good, especially work done with those artists whom we already know have done well. Some of the music is also so studio-driven which works with those with weak or lousy voices but Adam needs to show his vocals and his style.

        WE know he likes lots of ‘input’ and hopefully they will let him be the ultimate judge of his own work. WE know we will love it for sure!!

      • Re: “the hype is too much”…

        Good point, Jeanette!
        That is exactly what I am thinking recently while reading the rapturous comments of Adam’s fans… And I agree with what they say… Love Adam! Will love and buy whatever he sings!
        But I want other people who do not know Adam start loving him after the album release.
        Though they say: the higher expectations, the bitter disappointment… Please, DO NOT misinterpret me! We, Adam’s fans, love him! It’s not necessary to prove that Adam is The SUPERSTAR to us. We know that! We knew it from the very beginning when we saw Adam at his audition! We KNEW it that very moment!
        But I am afraid a little bit that other people who don’t know Adam yet, are reading these articles and thinking: Hmm.. He must be good, this guy… And after another article: He is definitely good! And after the next: He is 100% great!… And the expectations are so high now… And after the release he would say: Oh, I expected more from this guy… He is good but after all these articles I expected more….
        And here I am talking not about Adam’s fans but people who do not know him as we do.
        I should confess (and please, please, do not kill me for this confession, my Glamb sisters and brothers…) Something like that happened to me by the end of the AI show… During the whole show Adam made us anticipate more and more with every of his performances. And after WLL which is proved to be his BEST performance (who dare to argue with that statement..LOL) his next two songs (Crying and One) did not do such a great impact on me and I am pretty sure by that very reason: my expectations were higher…The next song Change is Gonna Come though was one of the best (for me personally my second favourite after WLL).
        That is why I would prefer the media to tune it down a little bit… WE fans know what’s gonna happen… But there are a lot of other people…
        Just 60 days and 30 minutes (thank you countdown timer ! -Great idea!!!) left!!!

        It is just my opinion… I do not a claim that I am 100% right… May be not right at all… Just an opinion…

        • Gala, I know exactly what you’re talking about regarding the week of Crying and One. . . I absolutely LOVE them now (the studio versions that I listen to over and over), but that week didn’t have the same impact on me as all of the others did either. But of course it was still head and shoulders above EVERYBODY ELSE on the show EVER!!! 🙂

          Cindy in MS

          • Helen/Canada says:

            I agree with you Gala and Cindy. For Crying, I thought at the time there’s too much background noise, they’re trying to drown out Adam’s voice. I later read an article that they did have some technical problems with the background singers and music with that song. For “One’, I think the problem is it was just too short, not enough time to showcase his beautiful vocals. I absolutely love both studio versions.

            • I agree with all of you about the AI shows vers’ the studio versions.
              My absolute favorite ballad of Adams is “One” I play it on my ipod soo loud.
              His voice is magnificent singing that song. On AI they only could sing for what?
              a minute and a half. Had to pick out the best parts and go with it. Then the acoustics in the theatre they said were awful. ” Cryin” is another fav. of mine too. All of his studio versions are so much better than the AI performances.
              Even” No Boundaries”, he belted that out. With all those words in that song, he
              is just spectacular. Kris’s version was painful, but not Adams. He pulled it
              off with no problems. Like Randy said, ” he can sing the phone book”

              • Dianne Hill says:

                I am a huge U2 fan. I have every single album of theirs and heaps of DVDs. When I first heard Adam sing One I liked it, but had to admit that it was quite different to U2, but then I watched/listened to it (as with all of Adam’s songs) over and over, then I got to download the studio version, and the magic just came out of nowhere. When I next heard U2’s version on the radio, I thought they are doing it wrong, that is not how Adam does it. I had to check myself then, it is their song, not Adam’s, but oh, I just adore Adam singing it. I also love him singing Crying and you know the song that Gokey sang Dream On, well Adam would have nailed it to the floor – the scream I mean. Don’t know what Danny was thinking really, of all the Aerosmith songs he could have sung, he picked that one, for crying out loud.

                I understand where you are all coming from with regard to the hype, but I am doing by bit by getting Adam out there to people that may not have heard of him, I have made countless CDs for friends and even my daughter who would never usually watch American Idol saw my clips of Adam and after only watching two songs she was sold and wanted to see the rest. I know that Adam won’t disappoint us. He will astound and amaze us.

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  OMG Dianne, wasn’t that absolutely painful, when Gokey tried to belt out that last note!!! I actually felt sorry for him (after I stopped laughing). I thought the same thing, Adam would have frickin’ NAILED it.!

                • I think perhaps Gokey took Dream On so that Adam couldn’t get it — he would have nailed it so totally that he probably would have won AI, as he should have in any case.

                  Alternatively, perhaps Adam didn’t take Dream On since it would have been such an obvious choice for his vocal range. His whole season was based on not being typecast.

                  Ditto on One — I have that CD and listened to it numerous times — but I love Adam’s version so much.

          • I must be in the small percentile on this, I loved ONE and CRYING from when he first performed it. Especially One. I have watched that episode again and again. I loved it!

        • GALA.. I love your message and to a small degree, I agree. I know exactly what you are saying about excepting great things from Adam each week on AL.. I also didn’t get goose bumps when he sang ” Crying” I loved it only because it was Adam.. My favorite is A Change is going to come.. That put goose bumps on my goose bumps.. Also Gala, lol I love how you ended your comments by covering your butt… just in case.. lol just saying……. hugs to you..

        • cheryl norman says:

          GALA, You know what? If he sang thoses two songs first, they could not compare with WLL. Just different type of songs. Plus, I have never been a huge fan of Bono or that song. The song ‘Crying’ wasn’t a favorite cuz I don’t particularly like Aero. When he sang that song, he seemed to be too ‘whiney’ to me. To me he’s was always a Mick Jagger ‘wannnabe’.

          But, take the song, “I Feel Good”, glorious! Awesome! Gorgeous!

          Then, “Ring of Fire”, sesxy, sensual, spiritual, beautiful!

          Black or White was wonderful, loved it!

          But I also loved the one he did not release : I Just Love You”! Love that song. and “mad World”, beautiful! And others, so we’ll have our favorites on the CD. No doubt about it. But, Gala, because you didn’t like the two you mentioned, I just don’t think you would have liked them as much as some others, no matter when you heard them. They are just not the type of song you like, and me neither. But would rather Adam sing any song rather than the original singer!

          • Cheryl – the song is actually titled “Feeling Good” – not “I Feel Good” – that’s a different song (James Brown).

            Speaking of “Feeling Good” – so many of you have commented on liking the studio versions better than the show versions, and for the most part I sort of agree, but I have to say – “Feeling Good” is a major exception!!

            When you watch Adam stop, part way down the stairs, and hear him growl out the word “GOOOD!!!”, with a devilish smile on his face, then compare that to the studio version, where he just sings the word “good” like it’s just another word in the song – – I just sit here going “no.. no.. NO!” and wish I could suggest that he redo the studio version!!!

            They record the studio versions the day before they perform them on the show, and I think that’s a mistake!

            Rock on Adam! (And I love Neil’s description of his brother, “the glittery alien from the planet Fierce!” There’s a man who knows and loves his brother!

      • Good question? I love all the hype. Ea time I read something about Adams album it
        just triggers the adreneline even more. What he has coming out on his album will turn to
        GOLD……. People of all generations love classic rock music and to put a new
        electronic dance funk beat to it. Oh man, its gotta be bad and sick ( meaning in the best
        form of course)! He also mentioned some ballads on it as well. Good mix of
        music sounds like to me. The media always seems to over do the hype. Adam has
        shown time and time again he will prevail and in his very own way.
        Rock On !

      • I heard Adam, in an interview, voice the same thought, but it is a two-edged sword. The expectations and anticipation are great for him, but can anyone live up to the hype? If anyone can, it is Adam. We all just have to go out and support the CD, his concerts, and everything he does. There will always be the “anti” crowd, but I honestly don’t think it would be possible for Adam to make a bad or boring album. Yes, he is working with lots of producers, but he also knows who he is and what he wants to do, so I’m thinking he won’t let us be disappointed. By the way, PLEASE make sure we are given updates on any TV appearances in the future. I live in fear that I will miss one. Thanks, Jeanette, for giving us a “home base” for our information and comraderie. It is what I need every morning before the day begins.

        • Carrie, I feel the same way about Adam’s choices of songs, he will choose them like he did during AI and he did vrey well and didn’t disapoint us. Just have to love that guy!!!

      • Penny Curtis says:

        Hi Jeanette, I would really love to get a c.d package from you, i am not very good on the computer, so i have a hard time trying to get the stuff i want. I love everything you put on here and want to say thank-you for all your work so that i can have my ADAM fix everyday. Adam is so addicting, his voice, his LOOKS, his sex appeal, I cannot get enough of this beautiful man.

  6. If we are a cult then as Jeanetter said it is made up of most of the world population. Never in history before apart from Elvis has an artist created so much interest. He is so diferent then any other artist, his unique performance, his vocal range, his ability to sing a very soft mellow tune and follow it up a true rock sound full of electifying energy that arouses a spontaneous enthusiasm of energy from the audience of all age groups. He is humble, supportive to other artist, considerate, respectful, a very genuine man. His popularity is continually increasing, this is proved by the many posts on the internet, people interested in his single and album, people wanting more and more of Adam. I predict that his album and single will be an international smash hit. What we have seen of Adam is only a small sample of his incredible talent, we will see his greatness on his solo tour and for many years to come. Adam Lambert you are the greatest and most talented artist I have seen for quite a few years.

  7. In that USA Today article, the writer said: “Either way, his debut should be one of the most fascinating albums – and music stories – of the season.” It’s obvious he realizes Adam’s gift and his potential. He thinks album’s gonna be great.. He didn’t mean nothing wrong when he said “cult”.

    • Perhaps you’re right, Alen, but the word “cult” does have quite a few negative connotations associated with it. Any use of the word carries those connotations with it.

      • Hey Jeanette. Thank you so much for this “brain work”… Great topics for discussion – cult and hype media discussion.
        Working on the cult now… Very very interesting topic… Thank you Jeanette and this media guy who brought it out… whatever his name is…

      • Lisette here..thenks Jeanette if yu see above post I may av say too much in regarde to thes just made me recall passe histoire as I av always studie current events in schol(not actual living thru thes teme period..but if yu see above yu’ll know what I refer to..Take care an saying bonmatin an sweetdrems for me..on here way too many heures..from 3am..lord is now daylit..Adam monbeau,seemes I lose track of thenkfull I worque from home (part teme for sistre/realtor or be in troble for sure)..Adam stirs passione in ma hearte an so difficile to leave thes lovli fanpage of many beautiful people who share same emotions..Blessings an luv til later on in day! Lisette ..sleepless in l’desert!xoxo

  8. just found the link to above mentioned article. apparently this ricky guy hasnt said nice things in the past about adam. so this is a turn around another convert maybe. http://www.ricky/?=23193. the thread mentions strut.

    • Apparently Kris has blocked Ricky from his twitter.

      • Who is this Ricky? Is it
        Jan, you link doesn’t work. It shows some “Raven” restaurant… ???

        • yeh sorry i am new to this game, i managed to get it thru this link, but i originally got it by googling adam lambert 24th sept, try that, yes i think it was good luck gala

      • Hi Terry,
        I used to have this Rickey guy on my Twitter too But I blocked him because he is tweeting non-stop I was tired and seek of him… May be Kris did it for the same reason? BTW, how you know that Kris blocked him?

    • I don’t like that Ricky.Org. He really doesn’t like Adam and I read the nasty comments from people and I couldn’t take it anymore. It just pissed me off so much I had to hit something. Now my hand hurts. 🙁

      • This article was sent to me from Sherry.I thought I don’t want to paste here bcs it’s not about Adam but since we are talking about Rickey dude, so what the heck!I think for a newcomer who just released his single need something positive comment.I f not good,better don’t say anything bcs this is just his opinion alone but he made it in public. He can ruin that newcomer ! He better don’t do that to Adam. Adam is worried enough,worry that his fans don’t get what we expect.We keep saying that album is gonna be sick,well that’s bcs Adam said that album is gonna be sick. Now the time is almost come,Adam must really worry and skerd! Afraid we disappointed??I really doubt that,all I need is to hear his voice again.He can sing merry christmas songs and I still gonna buy that! 🙂

        • Thanks for posting the link to the article AdamAddict. I recall when Kris was announced the winner of AI all his fans were all hyped up, all saying that he will attract all the best music producers, all the best song writers, now that the album does not sound as if it is that good, they are finding excuses that all the best music producers and song writers were commisioned for Adam because it was thouht he was going to win. What a whole lot of rubbish, we all knew that at the end Kris would win and we all know the reason why. People need to realise that Adam is a very talented, very imaginative, a born performer, has his own ideas, knows how he wants things to be done. Adam also has thsi fantastic voice, he has the range, just look at what he has done so far. He was restricted in AI, look at him in Zodiac, he was not restricted, what a performace, full of power and vocal acrobatics. His album will be better, it may not be a ‘complete Adam interpretation’, but next time it will be all his own. Look at how many people in the industry are using his name to gain attention, why would they use him for the 2012 movie if they din’t think he has so much popularity. Who is Ricky anyway, I value the opinion of Brian May and other legendary artist who know what they are talking about. These people make me mad.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            OMG what a frickin’ joke that article is! Obviously a Kris fan and needs to have an excuse for a disaster of an album by the sounds of it. I really don’t like Kris’ single at all. I wanted to like it and listened many times to give it a chance, but just do not like it. I’m sure the diehard Kris fans will buy the CD–all of Arkansas?? There is no comparison between Adam and Kris talent wise. Any song that Adam sings, he sings magnificently and even Kris admitted that he cannot “outsing Adam.” You’re right, I will listen to what people like Brian May and Meatloaf say, but not to this jerk. Sorry, I even read the article.

          • Toni – For anyone to suggest that Kris didn’t get to work with the top producers because they were all contracted to work with Adam is outright nonsense!

            It seems to me that I read there are a couple producers who’ve worked with both of them, and a couple who worked with both Kris and Allison.

            I also recall reading that RedOne contacted 19E before the show was even over and told them that, win or lose, he wanted to work with Adam.

            RE: Zodiac – I am SO looking forward to the release of their filmed documentary, The Zodiac Show: Metamorphosis! The videos I’ve seen of it on youtube are fantastic! It will be great to see a whole show from start to finish!

            RE: 2012 – let’s all PRAY that they DON’T release Adam’s single before they release the movie!! Pre-releasing his single would make it INELIGIBLE for an Oscar nomination! and I would SO love to see Adam’s song nominated – which would mean he would perform AT the Academy Awards next Spring! 🙂

  9. cheryl norman says:

    JEANETTE, I believe with all my heart and soul, that Adam’s album will hit the public like a hurricane in The French Quarter, No one will know what to think, or how to act because they will be caught so off guard ! I don’t think anythink will deter this ‘freshman’ album from doing what it is destined to do! I have NO fear whatsoever! Adam will begin to be known for what he truly was born to do, That is SING. And the likes of him have never been seen before today,k not in the capacity and to the extreme this world has ever seen. He is gonna blow away all the ‘stuffed shirts’, all the ‘nay-sayers’, all the ‘Clay’ lovers, and any one else elft who has sever doubted his potential. It will be heard on the radio for all to judge for themsellves, and anyone wanting to show their ignorance and say he is other than what he is, will take the risks of fools gone before. Drop that album, and there will be ‘no waiting’ to hear the praises of the world’s music greats coming to Adam’s side to offer what mere words will seem hollow to hear. Adam is the greatest talent in this world. and tshere will be no denying it after his album i out for the whole world. Billions of people are the audiance. We mere millions can’t be wrong. Kick ass, Adam!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes I agree with you 100% Cheryl. When it is a bit closer to Adam’s singles being released in America (still don’t know whether they will be released here yet in Christchurch, New Zealnad) I plan on contacting every radio station and asking them to play Adam’s songs, if they don’t I won’t be listening to them. I am only going to listen to a station that Plays Adam’s songs. Same with our local music TV channel (no we are backward here, we don’t have MTV unless you pay for cable) I will be contacting them to beg them to play Adam’s video clips, OMFG, I can’t wait to see what Adam is going to do for his first video.

      I don’t think we are a cult either, but if that is the label they want to give us, then I am very happy to be part of Adam’s cult, I have said it before, I will follow Adam to the ends of the earth and anywhere he wants to go is fine with me.

  10. How can you overhype Adam? Every week on Idol he produced. Every week he was better or at least as great as the week before. The finale was the best finale of any variety show I have ever seen on television. It was an “event” like no other. Adam is at the beginning of a career that will explode all over this world. Can’t you feel it? I have seen only a few worldwide stars in my lifetime, Elvis, the Beatles, and Michael Jackson.

    Adam is NOW. It is his turn. He was born for this time to be our icon. I am just grateful that he is such a gracious, kind, loving man. They say money and fame can’t really change people. If you are a jerk when you are nothing, you will be a jerk when you have everything. We all know that Adam is an incredibly kind, loving, honest, compassionate human being. I think we are all in for a good time from someone that everyone can get behind.

    It is the waiting that is hard. We begin to question our judgment. But I knew the minute I laid eyes on him when he walked around the corner to audition on Idol that he was the one. I saw his future in my mind’s eye. It is Adam.

    • Wonderful post Irish1139! Do you live in Ireland? I spent three weeks traveling around Ireland 20 years ago, and it was one of the best times of my life. 🙂

      Cindy in MS

    • It was the best finale. Not only because of ADAM, but what ADAM did. I strongly believe Kiss and Queen came on that show ONLY because of ADAM. Those two are my most favorite Rock Bands from my teen years.

    • WoW, irish1139!

      “It is the waiting that is hard. We begin to question our judgment. But I knew the minute I laid eyes on him when he walked around the corner to audition on Idol that he was the one. I saw his future in my mind’s eye. It is Adam.”

      I am just blown away by how succinctly and beautifully you put it. I thought it too, but you said it – and so well. Thank you. It is so strange to worry over someone that you haven’t actually met but I do worry over Adam and want him to have the best. Adam’ s talent, good sense and hard work will achieve that for him – and we will be there to say ” see – see – I told you so!”

      • Mila 3, That is very interesting that you had instinct about Adam before you heard him sing,
        I wish that I had your gift of insight, I knew after I heard him sing, but everyone knew then..
        Have you always had this insight?

    • irish1139. Totally agree with you, thanks for all you’ve said. I believe the AI finale was at its
      finest because of Adam. No other of the past finales could even compare with season 8.
      Me too, when he walked around tht corner to audition, oh give me chills.

  11. We, as fans of Adam Lambert, may be both ‘obsessive’ and ‘devoted’, but we do not possess the marginalized behavior or beliefs of cult groups. First of all, the ‘leader’ of our group is not a cult leader per se, but an entertainer, and as the leader or central figure of all his fan groups, he does not exercise any authority whatsoever over his followers, as would be the case in a true cult. We freely come together to love him, share our devotion to him and find people who share our love and interest in him, but we are not manipulated to do so, nor are we influenced in any way to stay in any kind of unhealthy relationship to the group. We are all simply free and autonomous individuals who happen to love Adam Lambert and everything about him, and we have managed to find a group of people meeting online who think and feel as we do. There is nothing weird, quasi-religious, ritualistic, esoteric, or strange in what we think, do, or say here on this site, as there would be in a true ‘cult’. We are simply people who have elected to come together to share something we all hold in common: our love of Adam Lambert and the joy he brings to our lives.

    As far as Adam going on to becoming a world-wide superstar and music icon or, instead, becoming sidelined to the demeaning role as the darling of a fan-group cult, the matter has already been decided. Anyone viewing Adam’s triumphant march across the country from coast to coast and into the upper reaches of both ends of Canada cannot help but see, feel, and hear the tremendous reception Adam received in every single city he visited. Without any doubt, Adam WAS the American Idol show this year, and at least 95% of the fans attending those concerts would have loved it if the whole concert had been nothing but Adam. In the history of Rock and Roll, no one has ever received a reception that pounded the walls with such thundering and screaming noise BEFORE an album of his own had been released, except Adam Lambert. The thing that blase reporters and commentators fail to see is that Adam Lambert HIMSELF is the reason people are coming to see him, it is who he is as a PERSON they are wanting to see and experience as he strides on to that stage. Coupled together with his enormous musical talent, energy, charm, and vibrant charisma, he is an INCOMPARABLE presence on the world scene. He has already crossed all boundaries to capture the hearts, minds, attention, interest, and total devotion of everyone of all ages who has seen him. Just listen to the thunderous cacophony of sound as it rains down on him and on each and every audience as they scream, yell, and shout for ‘A – D – A – M !’ In every city, from western Canada, down the West Coast of the United States, across the great West and Midwest, to the Deep South, up the Eastern Seaboard, all the way to Western Canada, and down again to the Northern U.S., the wild, ecstatic, overwhelming response remains the same. Adam has ALREADY captured innumerable fans of all age groups and both genders in North America, AND the love and interest of all other areas and nations of the world as well. He has left behind in the far distance the notion that he is merely the obscure entertainment phenomenon of a freakish ‘cult’. We all know that if Adam decided to get up on stage and ‘sing the phone book’, we would all hang on every word. In the coming year, there is no artist everyone wants more to see than Adam Lambert, and no singles or album are more eagerly anticipated than his. Even if he makes some stylistic ‘mistakes’ in his choices on the coming album, we will still look ahead to the next thing he does, and the next. Remember Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson….WHATEVER they sang or DID was charged with that something ‘extra’, and their fans could not get enough of them. Without even having an album to his name, Adam is ALREADY in that position; his is already a phenomenal success, and what’s more, ADAM LAMBERT IS ALREADY A LEGEND. As I have said before on a number of different websites, ‘NOTHING ANYONE CAN SAY OR DO’ can alter the fact that Adam Lambert is the supreme star of the millenium and the musical icon of the age…..when the lights go up and he takes the stage, his own stage this time, the next part of music history will begin. So get ready devoted fans, it will be like nothing you have ever heard, felt, or seen!

    • Beautifully, Lorrin, absolutely beautiful. You have captured the wide scope and depth of his talent and why his fans love him like we do. People who read your comment will “get it” about Adam, because you have made sound arguments that will turn out to be right!!

      • Thank you so much, Julie, I appreciate your comments deeply….and I believe them to be true. Adam Lambert is on a fast-track to a stratospheric realm few ever attain. And personally, I believe that he knows it, too. As Cheryl said, ‘Hurricane Adam’ is just over the horizon, and will soon be upon us, the wind is picking up, lightning is flashing in the distance, thunder is rolling overhead, and Adam Lambert is coming to town! Get ready, because the Storm King is about to unleash his fire over the world!

        • Lorrin, Bravo, so well said. I personally believe that ” he know its, too.” That is just
          another feature of Adam we love. His utmost CONFIDENCE. He sings it, struts it, talks it,
          he just has IT.
          Confidence is a very sexy quality in both male and females.
          Then he has all his sweetness, and goodness wrapped up all together too.

          • That is lovely, Mary C., and so very true…confidence, sexiness, goodness and sweetness, all rolled into one….an Adam Lambert Confection..

        • Lorrin, once again you have managed to put everything about Adam so well, Adam is here to stay, and stay for a very long time, you are absolutely correct when you say he is already a legend. People love Adam for who he is, I cannot think of another artist with the same charisma, same mesmorizing performances, his sweetness, his manliness, his everything. If some people are short sighted to see what we see then they are really missing out, it is their loss.

          • Thank you, Toni, yes, Adam already IS a legend. “He is the man who met his future before it happened”, because he is already world-famous just for being himself. Anything else he can add to that, his music, his albums, movies, are all just icing on the already ultra-delicious cake who is Adam Lambert. Just prop him up there on a chair onstage, that’s enough for me. Let’s all sit around with Adam and talk in a restaurant, sounds great to me. Let’s go visit Adam and his Mom and eat stuff in his kitchen with him and chat with Leila for awhile, allright, let’s go! No matter what he does or where he goes, we are going to follow. And that snowball of Mother Theresa’s Critical Mass is gathering thousands upon thousands more of devoted Adam fans as it rolls across the world, and there will be no stopping it now!

            So, here is my one test to see if Adam will be a superstar or not. Just imagine this: NEWSFLASH – Adam Lambert has disappeared from the music scene and is no longer making albums; an industry spokesman said today that Adam Lambert will no longer be promoted by his company and he is being dropped from the roster of new young artists……WHAT! WHAT! – I DON’T THINK SO! It is preposterous to even think such a thing. But that is what it would take for Adam to ‘drop out’ of the music scene and become a ‘cult favorite’. This is NOT going to happen, in fact, it is just the opposite of what IS happening! Have no fear dear friends, Adam Lambert is on his way to megastardom, one huge chunk at a time, laying down the road in front of him as he goes! People, he is better than anyone else who has ever come before him – so how can you stop the runaway train that is Adam Lambert?

    • Hi Lorrin,
      while being busy writing my “opus” below I missed your post!
      Beautifully said! WOW! What a writer you are!!!
      Absolutely agree with you on the “cult leader”… We made our choice to come together because of our love to Adam!

      • Gala, you DID write a ‘magnum opus’ and it IS an excellent post, very well-researched, thought out, and written….and you had some points I didn’t include in my article…we came to the exact same conclusion using slightly different words and terms…our ‘sight unseen’ collaboration only strengthens the truth of our words!

    • cheryl norman says:

      LORRIN, Those were my exact words!!!! You got to the site first, tho, so I will give you all credit! But, swear, we think in thesame way, and we use the same adjectives! Go- little GlowGlambFlamingFingers! You are so correct-O!

      • Glad to oblige, my friend, can’t exactly have them calling us a ‘cult’, that would never do! Love from your adjective-ridden Pussywillow Flaming Glambfingers….”Ipso facto pactum serva”, which means, ‘keep the faith and serve ’em up on a platter’!

        • cheryl norman says:

          LORRIN YE SPEAK THE TRUTH. YOUR SPECIAL TALENT COMPARES TO NO ONE HERE!! YOU, TOO, MY DEAR FLAMINGGLAMBFINGERS, ARE IN A LEAGUE OF YOUR OWN! Just don’t forget which one of us Adam loves the most!! It is ME, of course. but like I told you before, we will accommodate you with visitations of not only His Serene Hotness, but also His Serene Buldg, which needs it’s won special place due to it’s humongouos size!

          • Thank you, thank you, my dear Cheryl, but just one thing I need to mention….Adam loves ME best, we’re building a house together here in California (he loves the weather here, of course, who wouldn’t?), and his ‘Serene Hotness’ and his ‘Serene Buldg’ (I assume you meant ‘Serene Bulldog’) will remain here with ME.

            Just thought I would make that clear, before anything else got out of hand..

            Love, Princess Pussywillow
            (Oh, and I’m the official ‘Mrs. Lambert’ — nothing else could ever sound as fabulous and as classy as ‘Lorrin Lambert’, so don’t even try)..

            • cheryl norman says:







            • Well my middle name is Lynne so Lynne Lambert sounds pretty damn good to me!!!! If I can’t have the “orginal” Adam then Lorrin make sure you have a carbon copy of him for me. I gotta have one or the other………… I am dying here. 😉

              • Oh you girls. LOL, did I not tell you I’m already getting calls at work
                asking for Mrs. Lambert????????

                Adam baby come on now, lets go homeeeeeeeeeee.
                French silk is awaiting us.

                • Cheryl, you WOULD have to go mention that ‘thing’ you’ve got going about the illusion that you and Adam are married! NOW look what you’ve started! I can’t even be glamorous, gorgeous, glittering “LORRIN LAMBERT” anymore without these dames horning in on my life! Cheryl, you can FORGET that thing about the person who married us being an ‘imposter’, how dare you! Everyone knows that was the Captain of the Starship Enterprise who did the ceremony, and as we all know, captains of their own vessels can do whatever they d@*mn well please! So everything is totally LEGIT! Just FACE IT, we got there ahead of you…, about you other two ladies,….Trish, you may be Adam’s cousin, ‘Lynne Lambert’. And Mary C., as for you, you may come over now and then to visit and bring your French effing Silk ice cream…..Now, I hope that suits everybody…I’m sure it won’t, but I don’t care…love to all you Glambs tonight…

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    Lorrin, Lorrin, Lorrin!!!! That ‘so called captain’ was a actor!!! Lorrin, now, take your meds!!! Really! You are just a bit confused, in a few yrs it will all make sense to you!

                    No, Mary C cannot come over with the pie!!! I have a better pie for Adam. His favorite!!! So, Mary, you can have ‘Eber’ or Adam’s brother. Adam is taken. ladies! We’ve already got some ‘buns’ in the oven, have some dignity! Tsk! Really!

                    We’ll have everyone over soon for some cards. Then maybe if Adam wins, he’ll sing for you. Now, you feel better? God,, I hope so! Trish, my middle mane is also Lynn.So you score no points for having that as your middle name. If you 3 can handle it, I’ll let you all cook for us. Now that’s about as genereous as I can bes right now!

                    • Cheryl dear,

                      That ‘actor’ person you mentioned is actually the REAL leader of the Western World, so too bad for you there…

                      I actually DID somewhat agree with you on what to do with Mary C.,…that thing about her having Eber instead of Adam is a pretty good idea….but pay no attention to her about the other thing, Mary C., those ‘buns’ in the oven are entirely delusional..

                      And Trish, my middle MANE is ‘Lee’, my other manes are Lorrin and Lambert, so Cheryl, you can butt out…That’s “LORRIN LEE LAMBERT” ladies, make no mistake, I was BORN for this job!

    • Brava Lorrin!!! ~standing ovation~ 🙂

      Cindy in MS

    • Lorrin,
      I love your post–as always your words are eloquent and poetic, and you are the one who is able to hone in on the feelings of this group. That is your gift! Thank you so much for that!

      As for me, I’m giving up arguing for my perspective–just going to love it! Adam does not need or want our defenses or justifications. He just wants to live in the joy of the process. So that is what I’m choosing to do.

      Some folks in my family, particularly men, say that Adam is a flash in the pan–and will end up being no more than a lounge singer. At first I was angry, then realized that anger could only come from a fear that they might be right. Otherwise I would just laugh and say, “Just watch and see!”

      So now I’m doing neither. I’m seeing it as a win-win. If Adam is a superstar, that will be fun and fabulous. If he is a flash in the pan, then I will be able to get closer to him. And he’ll move on to the next opportunity that is being laid out for him like a red carpet.

      Adam is not attached to any option–leaves himself open to all kinds of options, the first of which is trying it out as a recording artist. I personally believe that he will be huge, but I’m not going to be attached to that just so I can say “I told you so”. I’m going to enjoy it all–the whole process!

      I love Adam’s energy because he is me–he has passion in his life and lives in the moment. He doesn’t need anything outside of him to tell him who he is. He knows who he is. That is what I’m loving about him and about ME. He is such an inspiration to me to stay in the joy of the moment.

      I’m eagerly anticipating Adam’s single and his album and all his adventures while thoroughly enjoying his journey right now. Doesn’t matter to me what the peanut gallery says. All of it is inconsequential to my enjoyment of Adam and his process.

      • Mary S, I LOVE this! Your whole post is a fresh, wholesome, refreshing, wide open-minded, fully laid-back way of looking at the whole thing. If Adam becomes a superstar, great, if he becomes a lounge singer, even better, we can get closer to him, and we will enjoy every step of the process as he develops it, no matter which road he takes.

        (But personally, I’m going to entertain the notion that the ‘guys’ were a wee tad bit jealous of our beautiful Adam and wanted to cut that young whippersnapper down to size – unfortunately for them, Adam is already way too oversized even now to be cut down! But I’ll keep an open mind.)

        Thanks for your very thoughtful, heartfelt post, Mary, and for sharing the inspiration Adam has given you! I enjoyed your insights immensely.

  12. yes lorrin i am with you. adam has heaps of charisma. but most of all he can actully sing without any embelishments, so imagine the album with all that professional help etc, wooooow.

    • Yes, Jan, it will be so ‘out of this world’ and so indescribably good, we won’t be able to take it all in, and once we’ve heard all the singles and the album, we’ll only be wanting more….we’ll never be able to get enough of Adam..

  13. ~CULT~
    When I read this article I didn’t like this “cult” word. For me it has a negative connotation, sounds a little bit offensive for us fans and sort of connected with religion… But soon I forgot about it. There is a lot of other exciting news about Adam. No time and desire to remember this piquing.
    After Jeanette brought this out (Thanks again, Jeanette) I did my own researches. I agree with Jeanette that we are not small group of people. So we do not fall under this definition of “cult”. There are hundreds of thousands of us. We are not even couple of hundreds (according to Twitter)… Check Facebook… more than 344000 fans… I know a few Adam lovers who are not on Twitter or Facebook. They are busy with work and families but they are huge Adam’s fans. I am absolutely sure that Adam will sell 1 million records first week… I can bet…
    Well, another definition of “cult” is obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing. Are we obsessed? Oh, yes. We are obsessed, devoted, addicted, adamized, glamorized… you can continue… Is it faddish? I don’t think so. It lasts for 8 months already. I mean our obsession. I don’t know about you but for me it is a looooooong period of time. I could fall in love at least twice… LOL But I am still loving Adam. We all are… So we do not fall under this definition either…
    And then I found another article which gives the modern definition of cult: A cult, by modern standards, is any group that incorporates mind control to deceive, influence and govern its follower. Every cult includes the following elements:
    A totalitarian control over the lifestyle and time of its members – Many cults tend to dictate exactly what its followers should read, eat, how and with whom they should spend their time, and even what they should do in off hours.
    ~ Yes, our lifestyle is pretty much the same I should admit… LOL… We spend our time sitting in front of the computer and reading any piece of information about Adam but that what WE CHOOSE to do… It’s our choice!
    Second, a charismatic, self-appointed leader with complete authority. One very clear identifying element dealing with the leader of a cult is that the leader will always focus the attention and veneration of the members upon himself. At the heart of a cult usually lies a very self-centered and self-seeking person.
    ~ Does it sound like Adam? Charismatic – YES! Self-centered and self-seeking –NO! FAR FAR from it!
    Third, a focus on withholding truth from non-members – Many cults teach their followers to be completely open and truthful within the group, while at the same time they are encouraged to be secretive and evasive when questioned by people outside of the group.
    ~ “ withholding truth” ?…. When I read this I started laughing because I can see my sister (and some of my friends – not Adam-lovers) rolling her eyes every time I am talking about Adam… “Being secretive”??? No, we all want to talk about him with anybody… and we do. I wish I COULD do it whenever I can but sometimes I DO need to withhold myself… LOL … Some people don’t get it…. yet…
    Well, to round up I would like to give advice to the author of this article whatever his name is: “Using the word make sure you know its meaning!” Seriously…

    • Vera and Lorrin and everyone – great comments!!! We are definitely not “kool-aid drinkers” led astray by some self-appointed authority figure. We are NOT a cult!!!

      • So true, Jeanette, we are NOT a cult! And the one thing we love and admire most about Adam is his loving nature, which reaches out to touch and connect with everyone around him. He is all about doing good, not leading people down some kooky ‘garden path’. That is actually the first time I’ve heard anyone in the entertainment media speculate that a new star’s devoted fans might be ‘cult’ followers — perhaps there is an inkling somewhere that Adam is truly an ‘exceptional’ personality with such powerful charisma and influence that he seems otherworldly at times….and they would be right, he is…but that does not mean he is some nefarious leader of misled, overzealous fans. If anything, Adam’s touch is ‘light’, not ‘heavy’, he ‘suggests’ but does not ‘command’, and you can see all the way into the depths of those glorious blue eyes, to that place of love within him. I remember thinking back a few months ago that Adam is almost too nice to be a ‘rock star’, he is not a true rebel, he is instead a true lover…..he has the power to open people up to each other, not close them off to each other. His presence here among us, I believe, will have a great influence on the way people treat each other and think about each other for years to come, for Adam Lambert’s real mission is to love and unite people together in their commonalities, not their differences. Unlike a ‘cult leader’ who always seeks to divide people, to manipulate people’s minds and to dominate and rule over people for his own gain, Adam Lambert’s whole purpose in life is to draw people together in love, uniting rather than dividing, creating rather than destroying, loving rather than hating. We can gather near him in safety and peace because he, too, is a ‘seeker’ of all that is good, and we love him for it. A cult leader he will never be, nor will we ever be cult followers, but lovers of all the good things in life we will be, and proud to declare it!

    • Gala, I had to smile when you mentioned your sister. Thank God my sister is all about Adam too.
      We have all these conversations about him all the time. Now, my co workers, not sure if they roll
      their eyes, but I tend to go overboard about Adam at times. They see how happy and excited I am
      and laugh. They are either laughing at me or for me. (happiness) Dont really care.
      All I know is I Love Adam L and want the whole world to know.

  14. Oh Jeanette, The above picture is very Yummy. Maybe looks like his Tshirt could say “Bowie” on
    it. I’ve not seen that photo before. But u just want to eat him up, his cute ole self.

  15. they can name, names or call us what ever they want. all i know is that we all LOVE Adam so much, that’s all….shame on them


    • Thank you Adamfan1, you are so kind to say this…..but I simply couldn’t let anyone get away with calling us a ‘cult’, and I had to lay it out there so there could be no ‘ifs’, ‘ands’, or ‘buts’ about it!

      • Yes, Lorrin, no one will take us for a “Cult” after ready your post. We just love everything about Adam!

  17. the legends like beatles, elvis presley, freddie mercury, michael jackson has the same kind of critics during their rise to stardom. some people were trying to pull them down but these artists and with the number of multitude of fans managed to bring them to the highest peak that no any other artists have achieved. i believe that if you have the it factor you have it. and ADAM HAS IT!

    • AMEN, perllee, this is the absolute truth! Adam has ‘IT’ and nothing and no one can change that one undeniable fact, and once unleashed, it cannot be stopped!

  18. I went to the Chicago show and saw Adam after the show at the barracades this is the outfit he had on then (at least I’m pretty sure!) I’m not sure the picture was taken on that day, but I know I saw the outfit then. I was hard to take my eyes off of his beautiful face, though, so he could have been wearing a paper bag!
    Too bad if they think we’re a cult–when our Adam is an international superstar, they’ll all wish they had joined our “cult” from the beginning!

    • So true, linlivalex, and I’ll be standing right in line there with you, receiving their congratulations after Adam’s albums and songs have debuted, and passing out black nail polish, rhinestone belts and glittery fake eyelashes along with the gorgeous blue robes we’re all gonna wear!…..just kidding…

  19. Bonnie Wyneken says:

    I was thinking we were a cult of sorts, but after reading this string (we are a thoughtful and introspective bunch, aren’t we?) – I’ve changed my mind. There will always be a hard core of us who are more obsessed than the population at large. We don’t just love him; we are actually in love with him. It’s not romantic one-on-one love, but it’s definitely consuming. So glad to be sharing it all en masse. It’s too much to carry alone. I’d go nuts thinking all these Adam thoughts by myself. My head would explode.

  20. I don’t belong to this “CULT” group. I belong to the group that knows where real talent is. That is ADAM LAMBERT. I watched AI, season after season and never once fascinated with anyone of them. When Adam Lambert came to the picture, it changed a lot on me. I just can’t wait for his performance week after week. I followed his AI tour sat in the computer at 5:00 A.M to watched the recap. I lived UP NORTH, ONTARIO, CANADA the only thing that i can get an access to Adam Lambert is to go on your site ’cause i know i will get all your information about him. Your site makes my day. Sometimes it frustrate me a lot that i can’t talk to anybody about Adam Lambert’s talent here in our small boring town. But when i go to your site that changes everything. I never followed any AI winner or runner-up before, but now i even makes lots of comments about him through the computer. My love and admiration for Adam Lambert will live with me for a long, long, long time. I drove 18 hours when AI was in Hamilton, Ontario. It’s a long drive for a 20 minutes of Adam Lambert but it’s ALL WORTH IT. IT’S OUR DEDICATION TO ADAM LAMBERT THAT WILL MAKE HIS DREAM COME TRUE. He deserves to reach his goal because his a true performer and lots and lots of talent.

    • Emy, you feel exactly like I do. I live in a small town in Texas and I have NOONE to talk about my love of Adam with. I dared mention Adam to one of my sisters and she told me I needed help. She then went on my facebook site and I have so many things about Adam on there and everyone I know thinks I am weird or have an unhealthy obbession of Adam. I had two tickets to the Dallas AI concert but when my hubby got called out of town I had to sell my tickets. My hubby did not want me driving to such a big city by myself. I was so heartbroken. If I did not have this site to come too, to talk about Adam to people who UNDERSTAND, and feel the same way I do, I would go crazy.

      • Now I know i am not alone. Trish, good thing there’s this technology (computer) we can get the updates and news about Adam. I would go crazy if I don’t turn on my computer for a day to look for Adam Lambert latest news.

  21. That is ridiculous! This is the downside of fame…the stupid media. They are always lurking around trying to get noticed by writing things that cause controversy.

    Were The Beatle fans a cult? Elvis’s fans? Madonna’s fans? DMB’s fans? Does anyone remember how the Dead-heads behaved? I know some Dead fans who are professionals married with children and all they can talk about are the days they followed The Dead around going to concerts all summer. They talk about Gerry Garcia like he is a god!

    It’s been a long time since a talented electric performer hit the stage like Adam Lambert and so people from all ages are being affected by him. The media is desperately trying to think up something to write about Adam so their name can get linked with his but this cult-thing is lame.

    Ignore it because It’s negative and inflammatory. There is always someone waiting to burst someone else’s bubble. Brian Mansfield is clueless.

  22. I don’t want to be part of a “cult”, the word has negative connotations and nothing about Adam or his fans should be viewed negatively. The other fans that I have connected with through this and other fansites are all very positive thinking, warm and loving people. I don’t think any of us were out there looking for something to fulfill any kind of emotional need. Adam came as a complete surprise to us. He has even seemed to be surprised and even embarrassed by the love and attention that he has received. To be a cult, I think there has to be a cult leader and that is not Adam. He is just a beautiful, wonderful, warm, extremely talented young man that we all seem to connect with. He has no agenda other than making the best music that he can, being the best performer that he can be and he does this with an ease and grace that makes us all feel like he deserves to be successful. We love Adam for our own reasons and he makes us see that we don’t have to change who we are in order to be accepted. So those who call us a cult are just using the only term they know, I see it as being closer to the hippie movement in the 60s. It is a new lifestyle of love and acceptance.

  23. Evette #419 says:

    No, we are not a cult. We are a group of great people doing great things! Can somebody PLLLEEEAASSSSEEEEEEEEE help me!! I am totally computer challenged but I finally got the nerve up today to sign up for Twitter. I’m sooooooo stupid. Can somebody PLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSEEEE
    explain to me how I use it to follow ADAM?

    • Evette, sign in to your page and then “find people’ and type in adamlambert all one word and it is him. You will know because he has well over 190 000 followers. If you click on who HE is following you will find several other idols and other performers , friends of his etc.. That is all you have to do each time. By clicking on the boldface name of each tweeter, their home page will come up.

      Good Luck!

      Or just to see if he has tweeted and save time without you signing in,

      You can tweet him but you must be signed in. Drag the mouse to the right of his last post and a little reverse arrow will appear, click on it and type away!!

      • Evette #419 says:

        Sorry its taken me so long to respond. I’ve been working and other unimportant stuff! Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for your directions. I NEVER would have figured any of that out myself. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but you gave good directions so I’m hoping I’ll be okay. Thanks again!


  24. Evette #419 says:

    oh, I forgot……thank you!

  25. I’m changing the topic but did anyone see the youtube of Kris and Adam singing an acoustic version of “Maybe I’m Crazy”? Maybe this is old news but just got wind of it today.

    I have no idea where or when this took place but it’s really interesting. They are sitting on stools and Kris is playing the guitar. Looks like a nightclub setting.

    Kris leads the song but when Adam takes it over, it soars!

    • Kate, this took place at the Ford Day mini-concert held on Sept. 18th. See the various Ford Day articles for more information on this great event.

  26. Hey guys, can anyone help me? I love the you tube of Zodiac with the beginning intro of Adam talking about the “flames” coming out of his head..I saved what I thought was the www, but when I called it up, it was something else…can anybody help me?

  27. I think Adam is going to have both a cult-like following (like us) as well as wide-spread appeal. Wouldn’t you agree Elvis was like that, too?

  28. I can’t add more to the very eloquent comments above. Adam wins people over on his own merits, with not just his angelic voice and sizzling performances, but with his sincere and unassuming personality. I have to share a funny experience I had last evening because I think only my fellow Glamberts will really appreciate this fully. I arrived home from work to find a message on my machine from a friend. One of the things she said was “You asked me [in a recent email] if I was a fan of Adam Lambert. I am; I liked him during American Idol and I would love to see him if he goes on tour, so let me know.” I didn’t have time to return her call then because I had scheduled a business phone call for a few minutes later. The woman I was going to talk with is a lovely middle-aged woman, but at times someone who seems a bit conservative and out of the loop as far as “pop” culture, television, etc. go. This is largely due to her demanding job and very odd work hours. As soon as we started the call, she said “May I ask you a question? What’s the name of that American Idol contestant you told me about?….the one you went to see?” I said without hesitation “Adam Lambert”. She exclaimed “THAT’S THE ONE!” and proceeded to gush at me over the next 15 minutes about how she was at her niece’s house and noticed a photograph of a very handsome young man on a bookshelf and asked who he was. Well, of course, it was Ours Truly, and the niece turned out to be big fan. She introduced my associate to Adam in all his glory, in the form of every photo, YouTube performance and interview she could pull out of her collection. This woman could not say enough about him and even managed to get in an “innuendo” or two, if you know what I mean. “He’s really something!” “He’s so special!” “I would love to see him!” Of course, I was like a shaken bottle of soda she had just taken the cap off, and I was bubbling and babbling equally. We were Sisters in Adam! Two new Glamberts in one evening, and within 10 minutes of each other. I love that we are all so happy to share him. We benefit and he benefits. Maybe love does make the world go ’round, at least in the Age of Adam! Love to you all.


    I’ve been without my computer for just about a month…very slooow repair process was done to it, plus I went out of town to visit a friend for about a week so that my withdrawal wouldn’t hurt so much!!!! lol

    Jeanette…I’ll give you a call to thank you for the great surprises that I got in the mail when I got back!

    To all my new friends that I met in GR, I hope you didn’t forget about me!

    Cult, fan, follower, groupie, glamb…whatever….count me in….I love ADAM,
    and am proud to be a member of all those, and any other obsession regarding ADAM!!! 🙂

  30. OMGOMG Adam Lambert 24/7 News and Updates just leaked that Adam’s first single could be out next week! Found out on Adam’s facebook page.

  31. Cult??? ok…but it’s our little cult and we’re not giving it up..Yah, baby. Even though the dictionary def. is pretty tame, most people assume that being in some kind of cult is damaging and people stop functioning and don’t live in the real world when “culting”. Personally, I have never functioned better since Adam has become my favorite diversion, anticipation and joy….he is a ready-made, sure-shot, guaranteeeeed ear to ear, smile, EVERYday….talk about seratonin shots!!! Love you Adam and we are going to buy that album, one person at a time and there are multitudes of us.

  32. Eowyn_of_Rohan says:

    Don’t kill me for being flippant – this really is a great discussion!
    But, I don’t know if it’s a cult or not.
    All I know is that
    <3 🙂

  33. Cult, shmult. Yeah, we are a cult, if cult means worldwide adoration and acclaim! His talent knows ‘no bounderies’ (pardon my choice of words) and crosses all lines and genders. Adam Lambert’s following will redefine the word.

  34. I don’t belong to a “CULT” clan. It makes me so mad that people called us different names about our admiration to Adam Lambert. I am an AVID FAN OF ADAM LAMBERT. Each one of us has different stories to tell what Adam Lambert did to our lives. I for one has a strange story. I am originally from the Philippines and I moved to Canada 20 years ago. I lived in a small, small town UP NORTH CANADA. I haven’t been home (PHILIPPINES) for 14 years because of my son was young then and money is not cooperating either. Then this year i finally saved quite a bit of money to travel to the Philippines. And here comes Adam Lambert came to my life. I followed all steps of the way to this young man. His first audition, top 36, top 13, top 19 and etc. I watched all the recap of his tour. And then the scheduled tour to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It’s about 18 hours drive from where I lived. And I said to myself ” I had to go”. Going to Hamilton, Ontario it will cost me a lot of money, my gas my hotel and food. And I made a crazy decision. I used my saved-up money to travel to the Philippines and went to see him in Hamilton. My son and husband thought i was crazy. It didn’t bothered me what they said. I only live once and living once is to be an avid fan of Adam Lambert, I will lived with that. The impact that this guy gave me is so different. You can feel his honesty when he talks and his sincerity. In Hamilton the 20minutes of Adam Lambert is so worth it, that having a jet lag for 28 hours on the plane going to the Philippines.

    • Bravo, Emy!! I do hope you will still be able to manage a trip home and another one to Adam’s tour performance. You must be up in N Ontario or Que? Poor you!

      • Oh yes, UP, UP, Northern Ontario. My neighbors are moose, bear and raccoons. That’s why Adam Lambert gave me something different views in life. Just watching him sing and smile that’ brighten-up my days.

    • Wow Emy!
      What a story!!! But you are right, Adam is worth it!!

  35. Greetings:

    I just awakened and was still a bit sleepy, but desided to turn on my H / P. To my surprise what was on the screen but a cool pic of Adam Lambrert. and pazzazz I was fully awake, with tongue hanging out and all. Pant, Pant, sorry, but Adam just really does it for me. My made to order man – he is, He Is, HE IS, IS, IS ! He’s a darling and powerful gathering of smoldering love, Love, LOVE – I wonder at his sense of style and the way he expresses himself in picking out outfits of clothing – I would love to help him undress and try them on. Those dreamy blue eyes that tear up when he is singing ballods or when something happens that pleases him. And, of course, there’s that little bit dirty, flirty smile – which is to die for. He can sure shake those hips and dances sooooo sexy, and I turn into Jello. For such a big Dude he sure has sensual dance moves – plus, he is so limber – an interesting thought ! He is one of a kind, what a beautiful specimine of a MAN – he is real. Yoooo WHoooo Adam, I’m over here, big Guy ! Please someone bring me your towel — I’m sweating something awful.

    What was that about Adam’s fans being a CULT – surely you jest !! Maybe an ARMY might have a better fit.. lambert, Lambert , LAMBERT, — lambert,, Lambert, LAMBERT —- nah, Nah, NAH, NAH —nah, Nah, NAH, NAH — hey, Hey, HEY — OUR GUY !!


    Kisses !!!
    Adam’s Absolute Fan, Sharie K

  36. Greetings again,

    Sorry – I forgot to comment about Adam’s picture above. My opinion — this is a picture of a younger Adam – still just a “babe in arms” you might say…..but, even then he has muuuucho sex appeal – couldn’t you just HUG him ! Adam HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE FOREVER HUGABLE. Some people have it and some people don’t – TAKE MY WORD FOR IT —



    Always love to both IDOLS
    Sharie K

  37. If we are cult,Adam is our leader and I say drink the Koolaid and enjoy! I love Adam.He could be my friend,my son,my fantasy lover.Forever a follower,friend and admirer.Like Paula,a fan forever.

  38. I thank everyone for sharing ADAM….I live in Vegas in a 55+ community and no way could I mention how I run to the computer just to see photos, read your comments and articles about this beautiful, articulate young man that we have enbraced as OURS. Usually when an artist “breaks thru” there are people popping up from the past with some negative things to say…not with our boy. Everyone seems to love him and respects his talent. And Tina ditto to your comments…plus .I think ICONIC is where he’s headed.

  39. Here’s a video a girl was nice enough to do for me to my favorite Goldfrapp song that fits Adam LIKE a GLOVE!! It will make you want HIM to fit you like a GLOVE TOO!!! This shows everything sexy about Adam there is. I can’t believe how she starts out with ALL my favorite Adam moves to just the right parts of the song, and then it just gets hotttter from there!

  40. LambertsLabelle says:

    I dont care how people call us,I just know we have here an amazing young man with the talent of the Milenium and a personality which just pulls you over .He s an old ,wise soul in a damned hot package and theres not one day I learn something about life from this man whos half as old as me.
    Thanks to Adam Lambert I met people all over the world.Everything I haver to say is written before so I just say :thank you Adam for NOT compomising and NOT selling you out and being who you are .Its more than just fantastic music you bring to this world!
    Glambert united!!