Appearance at SAG Awards

He’s seriously everywhere these days, hanging out in Toronto, Canada now where he is doing some promo for his album! Just before he left the country, there was one more appearance that the twitter page of IdolTracker clued us in to:


The SAG Awards are the Screen Actors Guild Awards, one more of these TV and movie awards shows. When Laura Saltman from Access Hollywood asked Adam why exactly he showed up, he just responded with a big smile ‘I got invited, and thought why not? I’m just here to hang out!’ And hang out he did, guess with who?


Yup. Justin Timberlake. And now there are rumors floating around that Justin wants to write a song for Adam, according to this LA Times article: “at the People Magazine-sponsored after party, […] (Adam) was spotted early on chatting with Justin Timberlake. In fact, the two hit it off so well, JT offered to write a song for Adam! Naturally, we asked Adam about this little exchange, to which he responded: “I would loooove that,” and crossed his fingers with eyes to the sky. (We crossed our toes in solidarity, not that he noticed).

Adam didn’t stay at the party for long since it took mere minutes for a line of fans to form, some of them famous (Chris Colfer from “Glee,” Maulik Pancholy from “Weeds” and “30 Rock”), others simply adoring “Idol” voters, all hoping for their own tête-à-tête. Next up for Adam: a special birthday performance for new judge Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show this Tuesday.”

Good to hear that Adam is out and about, and networking with the Hollywood A-listers! And even better to hear that they support him as well, obviously. Plus, another appearance on Ellen this Tuesday, where he will be performing ‘Strut’!

Watch Adam give interviews on the red carpet here (fashionably late, as usual – he explained that he just rushed out of a sunglasses photoshoot); with Laura Saltman from Access Hollywood and Giuliana Rancic from E! News:


  1. Adam looking ever so Hot at the Sag awards, what a surprise. I love how he keeps himself in the Hollywood scene. He is the hot topic on the Red Carpet for sure. He struts so model perfect, so many calling his name as the camera lights keep flashing.
    Love how Laura S. asked him why she couldnt have been his date and he says “Dont know, ask my publicist” so adorable as he laughs….

    Adam & Justin colaborating,,, Adam has brought Sexy Back, for sure 🙂

  2. ADAM commands everywhere he goes! This all seems so easy for him! ADAM is a true
    professional (plus he makes everyone invisible!)

    • AdamAddict says:

      And some idiots said Adam looks desperate for attention,he was everywhere!WTF?He was invited coz people wants to see him!We are desperate for him!Some people are born stupid,I guess 🙁

      • Deerocker says:

        Haters . . . who needs ’em???? Adam is adored by everyone!!! 🙂

        • It’s so weird that the haters just pick out adam for their negativity. Los Angeles IS the place to be out and about. Attention IS what celebrity is about. Desperation has nothing to do with it (unless you are heidi montag). Being out and being seen is the currency of celebrity. There would be no notoriety if no one knew who you were. DUH. Why do you think there are agents, managers, publicists, the list goes on, for these people? To get you, the public with the money, to NOTICE them. God, the ignorance and unworldliness of some people. So, to end this tirade, Adam is doing the celebrity thing, and thank goodness for that, cause without Adam, his beautiful face, beautiful voice and inner beauty, i would have to kill myself.

  3. Geez! Don’t you just love that man! He is soooo coool! Hope he comes to the DC area at some point. Forget Paris Adam–COME HERE!

  4. He mentioned his latest video. Has anyone heard if he is going to make videos for any of his other songs. I have only heard him sing FYE and WYWFM. It seems like all the other songs are just forgotten.

    • Brian, he has mentioned he would love to make a MV for every track, if financially possible.
      Dont forget Time For Miracles MV!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Brian, it all depends on when the singles are released. The record companies don’t release them all at the same time. It is usally every couple of months isn’t it? Plus Adam said when he sang If I Had You on Oprah that he would love to make a video for that and I am guessing that that may be his next single. Plus we have seen him sing Music Again on The Early Show, I would love that to be a single and Fever then there is Soaked. He has so many songs on this album that would be fantastic singles. Let’s hope he goes for them all.

    • ALL the other songs Forgotten??? He is JUST getting started!!

      He has done more then ANY other NEW singing artist ever has in this short amount of time..

      His CD has ONLY been out for 2 MONTHS!!!

      The HONOR Of Closing the AMAs, 2 Music Videos, GOLD CD, all the appearances everywhere, Barbara Walters “Most fasinating Person” ~~~~ The List goes on~~~

      Plus, ALL the amazing talent behind all the songs written on the CD will not fade away. Too much Talent. I never get sick of listening to it.

  5. Hey Guys,
    Adam on Ellen tomorrow…is that a re-run or new performance???

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      I heard it is new — supposed to sing Strut I read somewhere!! One of my all time faves from the album. My #1 fave, though, is If I Had You!!!

  6. Adam’s career is really starting to take off (like all of US knew it would) I am glad that he is being taken seriously and people like Justin are taking notice of his amazing gift! It is only a matter of time until he is everywhere! It’s what we have all been waiting for! Adam’s journey is rev ving up and is ready to take off! Cannot wait till Ellen tomorrow! She must really like Adam to have him on again but of course that is no surprise! He is so so likable and easy to talk to and never ever boring!! I adore this man! GO ADAM!

  7. Thanks Della D….I would have watched it anyway but hope it’s “Strut” would LOVE to see him do that song. I’ve seen him do “If I Had You”. Of course we will love anything he does!!!

    • This is STRAIGHT from ADAM’s TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      adamlambert Happy Birthday Ellen!!! I will be on her show today singing and droppin it to STRUT! Tune in! 3pm (pst)

      about 2 hours ago from Echofon
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  8. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Let me look up Flaunt Magazine. And when is it coming out. Oh, Adam is so gorgeous, sooo gorgeous!!!!!

  9. AdamAddict says:

    If Justin really compose a song for Adam,I say go for it.Justin still in the biz coz of a reason.He’s talented.When I heard he sang Hallelujah the other day,I thought too bad he sang with another dude(although the other dude also very good) I just imagine if he sang with Adam.I think I can be statue for the whole 5 minutes.
    Everyone seems to be want to coloborate with Adam and this everyone not just everyone,they are SOMEONE!Imma so happy for Adam.Yippie!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey,you guys know that all GLEE cast were there?Do you guys know that Adam actually audition for GLEE 6 months before he auditioned A.I?Do you guys know that they called Adam and say no to Adam coz Adam looks too old for the character?Do you guys know that two male lead were same age with Adam?Do you guys know that how lucky are we coz they too stupid to take Adam coz if they say yes,we won’t have Adam’s CD now,we won’t meet each other,our life will be simply boring….unless we meet in GLEE fanclub or something.LOL!And do guys know that an ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain?hahah 😛

    • AA, OMG, a Glee fanclub. I’d say we are pretty damm lucky Adam did not make the Glee cast!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      AA, you crack me up every time girl. We are so lucky that the producers of Glee don’t know s**t about age, because I would absolutely hate it if I didn’t know you and all the other Glambs, especially my special Glamily. My life would indeed be boring without Adam and you in it. I am still laughing about the Ostrich, LOL.

    • I am so happy he didn’t make Glee. Then there would be no AI, no CD, no tour………..:)

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Me too…sooooooooo glad the Glee people said no to Adam…so we have Ai tour, CD, International Tour…So happy. He is TOO talented to be just one member of a large cast.

      You always make me laugh Emili….ostrich’s eye….

      Love to you sis,

    • Emili….Just think, if ADAM had signed on to Glee, we wouldn’t be seeing ADAM everywhere in all his appearances. I’m sure he would have been restricted to what he could do, so we are so lucky that he didn’t get the role!!!! It would be nice for him to have a guest appearance on one of their shows.

      As usual, you put a smile on my face~~:)

    • Thanks for reminding me that. I have to give a big thanks to Glee director for being “stupid” – Talents should be selected first. Well, That’s very true !! We are so damn LUCKY !! But it’s fate ! It was …MEANT to be that way, God has saved a better path for ADAM (but anyone who rise so fast should face with lots of obstacle as well, it’s life!! there are JEALOUS people everywhere !! I bet many of us in this Glamb family have gone through life alot and you all have seen that in life or may be experienced it yourself. The only hope that ADAM will always be ADAM with strong will and positive attitude,soon he will be recognized by the majoirity worldwide then no one will dare to try to demean or defame him. We , our fans, have to stay strong and support ADAM . I bet Adam’s haters are “everywhere”. they also read “all” ADAM’s fan website and pretend ADAM ‘s fans just like on YouTube. BE CAREFUL when you say anything about ADAM. They will use it to post on the media and said ….”See, even adam’s fans hate him” blah blah…. Just like we should never say anything bad about our own family to outsiders and we are always around to lift them up when a family member fall.) Never stab our own idol. Just like “never stab your own love “. Ahh….I have seen his picture at SAG….it kills me “one more time” and i cannot stop looking for more of ADAM !! ADAM is like “coffee” , i have to drink coffee 3, 4 times a day otherwise i could not do anything….same her ADAM is more than caffeine to me !!

      • Judy Lushman says:

        ha ha good comparison Libraglam. Adam compared to coffee. I love it! Let’s see … Adam or coffee? I’d pick Adam anyday

    • AA
      YOu Are so great!!! LOL!!!

      This is because all the Planets Lined up Perfectly twhen GOD gave ADAM to the WORLD, so we would ALL BE HAPPY AND FILLED WITH JOY FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE BORING LIFE FOR US now that Adam is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!

      GLEE?? PAALEEESSE!! What a JOKE that would be!! Ridiculous, Ludicrous, Absurd!!! HAHAHA

      Adam is a SUPERSTAR!!!!!

    • WORD!!!!!!

  10. Hello everyone,
    Would some of you ladies start a campaign “One More FYE” for Adam’s birthday please? Before it too late? All of us love to see his album to go GOLD one his birthday, right? My problem is my English is kind of limited (even though my love for Adam in unlimited). Thanks in advance.

  11. Sorry I meant “…to see his album to go GOLD on his birthday,…”

  12. JT and Adam ??!! OMG, OMG, OMG … My biggest crushes of all time !! If ever Justin writes a song for Adam, it would be .. it would be .. Ok ppl, help me out, I can’t find the words 🙂 !!
    I’m so freakin’ happy, I’ve always dreamed of those two babes separately, now my fantasies are one and the same (sigh) ….

  13. AdamAddict says:


  14. Adam is GOLD, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a saweet Birthday this will be for him,, All Glittery and Gold, oh soooo happy, I cant stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Album sales have reached the GOLD 🙂

    🙂 ADAM I LOVE YOU……………………………….




    • Adam is on Ellen 3 PM Pacific Standard Time, so check your local TV listings! He confirmed on Twitter he is singing Strut for Ellen’s birthday!!

  16. please vote for vh1 top20 for wwfm ,make it no.1 for his birthday.some people sais vote only for adam,some said fill the whole grid.

  17. I am thinking that I am so happy I found some more Adam! I am so glad that he is everywhere. He is amazing and I can’t get enough of him! I am surprised I didn’t wear out his CD yet.

  18. It was posted on another site that you just fill in the one grid for vh1 top20. Also Adam’s CD has gone gold great news.

  19. You may now that Adam arrived in Toronto Canada las night and went right to bed.. He was up very early to do several radio interviews. The two best were CHUM FM and Virgin radio… he was moe laidback, relaxed and able to chat more freely..

    His appearance at the Muchmusic studio on street level with the crowd of screaming younger fans was excellent, he was so charming and our Jamie the teen wizard at editing on Youtube, was in the audience and got to present her album to him and receive a big hug.. Bravo for her!

    Some of our Glambs were able to get downtown and may have a report for you later on.

    I dont want to post the links in case our site authors want to do a report, if not I will tomorrow or Wed.

  20. Adam on Toronto’s Virgin radio this morning:

    • AdamRocks! says:

      What a great radio interview! I loved that it was videotaped.

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Thanks! So refreshing to find an interview with a difference! ADAM as ADAM……loved it!

    • KO's smiling says:

      LOVE that interview… from the comments it seems to be starting a Tommy/Adam rumor, though. Thank you so much for posting it! Keep us informed about what our boy is up to up there! 🙂

    • Thx Terry, Adam is a dream! Could listen to these allll day. Love the word comparisons and him
      talking about soulmate, just the fact that he thinks of others for not getting into a serious relationship right now, says so much about his character.

      • Yes, I so agree with you.
        I said this before in another post, I believe he is the true measure of a Man.
        He is such a sexual being, such a Hunk of Burning Love and to decide to be solo because he knows emotionally he can’t give enough to a serious relationship at this point makes me respect him immensely. Many “Men” should be getting this message…..
        Feeling such Love for him.

    • That interview was great! You know what bothers me so much? That people new to Adam think he is full of himself! WHAT? If they had been following Adam from the beginning like most of us here have, they would NOT say that. Since when is confidence considered egotisc?

    • Thanks for posting I Heard this and I DO NOT like this girl interviewer.

      She so rude and threw so many stabs at Adam throughout the interview. From saying his “most memorable” thing for Adam was the AMAs, asking if Justin came on to him, that he could change him. is he back with his boyfriend, what type of guy do you like, are you rich yet????

      She is a BIOTCH in my book. I saw that Adam was uncomfortable with her. The first time I saw this in Adam. But he stayed classy and answered her ridiculous intrusive, personal questions. I wish he would have just said “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS” MORE. He said it once, when she asked if he Kissed his date. What a BIOTCH!!

      Then the ending when they asked waht he liked in a guy!! WTF! I hated this one and felt very bad for Adam being put through this.

  21. Come to Italy Adam”!!!!!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee! <3

    • Vale, get the Red Wine ready 🙂

      • Si! Remember Adam loves Chianti!

        Ahhhh, I can completely envision him rocking the Mediterranean countries, well actually all of Europe really.

        • Gosh I am still catching up and finally watch this short video.
          Adam in PARIS……I think he will fall in love with Europe so much he might want to move there….., the beauty, the artistry, the clothes, the old energy resonating with the past.
          Paris will be a dream for him and it will be a reality soon so he will be living the dream within the dream.
          Of course he will be very wealthy in the future so he can have homes in several places around the world…..such richness.

          • Irena….please dont’ wish that, i dont want ADAM to leave US….he belongs to us and US forever….i am so selfish. :-)))

  22. I just love that so many celebrities want to be friends with Adam…….because Adam is so approachable, so polite, so friendly, so charming, so funny and ever so talented….. then, who isn’t completely dazzled by his appearance !!! Sorry, can never stop gushing over him.

    Also….what great news…Adam collaborating with JT? . Adam in Ellen tomorrow. FYE GOING GOLD.
    YEAH !!!

    Love, Yvonne (Australia0

    • Yvonne, YaY for sure. Dont stop gushing, ever! I’m not a celebrity, I sure do wanna be his friend* even if he was broke and lived in his studio apt. I’d still be his friend.

  23. k. morgan says:

    as he said before…publicity is the key to sales…therefore being visible is a must

  24. Hooray for ADAM!!! We all knew a year ago what ADAM was capable of doing and that ADAM would be a huge star! I am so proud to be an ADAM fan. Congratulations ADAM on your CD going gold!!!
    I’d love to see ADAM on either Oprah or Ellen being presented his gold CD…what a thrill it would be to share that with him. Or maybe AI could have him on to present it to him…since that’s where it “all started”!

    • I am so happy that his album turned Gold in his birthday week, it’s the Golden Alignment….

      Just this weekend I gave the CD as a gift to another friend, she just sighed when she open the package and said “Look at those lips”. Later we went out for dinner and we got in the “Girl Car” and rocked out to the CD. My husband got to the restaurant in his own car, poor guy, we didn’t give him a choice!
      On Friday afternoon I had 4 beautiful teenagers in my car who were so happy I am an Adam fan myself cause I want to play it as loud as possible as well!!!!! They were singing their little hearts out and the whole car was just thumping with excitement.
      It is just thrilling how much Joy he gives us!

      • Irena, you made me smile 🙂 I can picture you all jammin down the road…………… Adam.
        “Girl Car” haha. Your friend had a great comment, lips…………………….

      • That is a great story!! I love it!

  25. This is STRAIGHT from ADAM’s TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    adamlambert Happy Birthday Ellen!!! I will be on her show today singing and droppin it to STRUT! Tune in! 3pm (pst)

    about 2 hours ago from Echofon
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  26. Don’t forget WWFM music video available on I tunes now! Just downloaded mine.

  27. OH MY GOODNESS! Just got done watching Adam sing Strut on Ellen!!! I am hyperventilating!!!!! Somebody help me!!!! That is the BEST I have ever seen him look and sound!!!! WOW!!!! YOU KILLED IT ADAM!!!!!! Loved it!!!! Think I better go take my blood pressure now!!!!

    • Just finished watching Ellen too. Adam gorgeous as usual!!!
      Ellen beaming as usual!! The whole band looked and sounded great.
      They stated that Nivea (cream co.) would donate $1000 for anytime a guest
      kissed someone and Adam and Ellen kissed twice. I bet
      everyone in the audience was hoping he would come over to
      kiss all of them too!! Just think of all the money they could raise, not
      to mention the blood pressure!!.. but I guess there wasn’t time…

      • adamfan
        I thought for sure that Ellen was going to set up a line for “Kisses from Adam” to get money!!

    • AHHH….you speak my language !! me too!! i checked it out before going to work this morning ! GEE… i could not do anything at work today !! and kept sneaking to the internet to watch it!! AHhhhh …i can’t wait to go to his concert !!

  28. Is that some reddish hair I see near Adam’s neck in the videos above? Wouldn’t that get tongues wagging if Adam went back to his natural hair color? Hmmmm – I wonder how he’d look.

  29. AdamAddict says:

    Adam in V Man mag….OMG!!Pls post that quick,I need ….tampon ASAP,HURRRRRYYYY,nosebleed over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~faint~

  30. Bellelinda says:

    Adam is definitely the most together entertainer that I have ever seen.
    For a newcomer on the “star scene” he has the poise of a seasoned veteran. His stage presence magical and his interviewing skills fantastic!
    From the first second that I saw Adam on the AI audition I was blow away and it has been ever increasing enjoyment ever since.
    How this man was not discovered long long ago is a mystery to me.

    Adam is like a peach that has been left on the tree untouched until it has reached perfection both inside and outside. The AMA Awards Show was a small blemish on the skin of the peach that was quickly removed and immediately forgotten due to the overwhelming pleasure experienced while consuming the perfect peach.

    This is where the comparison ends. The peach is gone forever but Adam will be around for a long time to come and we can all continue to enjoy him over and over again, in the years to come.