Another Perfect Picture Adam Lambert

Thank you Lila for finding this for us!! This is apparently from a little ways back, but it was something that I hadn’t seen before so I figured we should share it with you guys. The picture is another gorgeous one, but I don’t know what magazine this was from… obviously something in Australia. Thanks again, Lila. I appreciate it!






  1. It’s DNA, “Australia’s Best Selling Magazine for Gay Men” –

    But wow, it’s fun.

  2. Awesome picture and great interview.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. EternalGlamNation says:

    What happened to our countdown timer? It seems that we have many, many exciting events to be counting down!


  4. woah ,thanks it !

  5. hey their friend always looking good 4 sure you do one love from my heart to urs

  6. IDOLize says:

    way back yes we’re over the GAY shock factor already….. Glamnation pics and news please….. for those of us who cant get there :-((

  7. It’s a great picture of him—they all are really, but I dunno, I don’t like it so much when he looks bored and angry like any standard issue runway model….

  8. buffy522 says:

    Thanks, funny how we say “oh that picture is old” and it’s from last year! We are so used to new pics,looks, and interviews from Adam, that we are almost spoiled. I glanced at a National Enquirer, with headlines saying “Who’s Gay and Who’s not”. It’s such BS that I didn’t read it, but did note that Adam was not mentioned. It was so the right thing for him to do (honesty early) or like he said, it would be drama forever.

  9. cheryl 334 says:

    Totally sexy! That ‘pouty’ looks is def. an Elvis look. Adam does it as well as Elvis, if not better. I love this pic. I love the black & white pics. They allow Adam’s personality to project beyond the costuming. He is hot whether he is posing for a pic or just ‘captured’ by a photog!

    Peace-Love-Light-Joy-Happiness 4 Adam………..

  10. Glambert4196 says:

    I love the picture and I love him. But I don’t understand the whole dating Kesha thing. It doesn’t make sense to me. He is a gay man so… I don’t know. It’s confusing to me. He should just say they are friends mackin’ on each other and not he would date her… I think.