And The Winner’s Are…

A) Deb Dellacava
B) Cyndi Gnos
C) Kelsey Rusk
Your magazine’s are on their way…
Thank you to everybody that joined up, we hope you are enjoying it!
I must say, it is nice to be able to put faces to some of the names.
Make sure you guys go on there often and make some comments, add photos, or just check it out!!!


P/S Have I mentioned lately that I love my Glamily? Well, if not, I do… muahhhh.


  1. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    Thank you, AGAIN, so much! I’m so thrilled to have won one of these mags. I never win ANYTHING so to win something with ADAM is triply SWEET!!!

  2. Penny F says:

    Thanks for giving us the push to join with that lovely “carrot”! And thanks for the great job all you pioneers do on this website.

    Sue, is there some way to connect with you directly? I would love some input on something that has been on my mind.


  3. WOW , Sue, what a dedication you have for Adam and us. Well, I may not have won any, but simply looking at Adam’s picture in this magazine, satisfies me. He is a compleat artist – the various elements in art are here in this picture. I can almost feel the sheen, glossiness and softness of the feathers, as I seemingly run my fingers through them. The feathers catches the sun’s rays and turn rainbow in color. The feathers frame , and seem to embrace him with it’s softness…….. that gives him comfort. The feathers in a wing span of a mother hen or a mother bird give him refuge……. from the rain,…… from the cold,….. and from predators , …. it enfolds him with love.
    I want to be a feather to Adam…….. Do you want to be too ?
    Sure, he’ll run his fingers through you. HA -ha-ha !

  4. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    i feel like a terrible glambert but were should i have signed up at? i would love to see glamily faces!