And mooore success!

Time for all Adam fans to start cheering again! It is the end of the week, meaning that the updated sales numbers for last week are released. After Adam sold 198,466 in his first week (#3), 50,999 in his second week (#22), and about 46,000 in his third week (#30).. he closes off his first month with an amazing 37% increase compared to last week and leaps up three places in the sales ranking, to #27!

Total sales for this week got a boost because of the holiday season, and probably his appearances on So You Think You Can Dance and Chelsea Lately paid off.. and this reflects in a total sales of 62,623 albums, breaking the 350,000 barrier in his cumulative total while reaching a total sales number of 358,088 for his first month!!!

This surely exceeds expectations and it looks like Adam’s heading towards Gold status in his second month (for which total sales of 500,000 are needed) and might have a good shot of going platinum in the long run! Especially now that he is still appearing on Jay Leno tonight, and since his single is finally taking off, the album can be reasonably expected to keep selling well! 🙂

Speaking about the single.. tweeted about a sneak preview to its updated rankings (available on thursday), and guess who they mentioned as one of their biggest gainers?

“Chart Highlights offers a sneak peek at a select group of Billboard charts every Monday. Find out the top songs, Greatest Gainers and debuts on the surveys listed below.” The picture accompanying this article?

The news it brings us?

Pop Songs
*** No. 1 *** “Replay” Iyaz
Greatest Gainer No. 2 “TiK ToK” Ke$ha
Debut No. 35 “Whataya Want From Me” Adam Lambert (pictured above, right)
Debut No. 38 “In My Head” Jason Derulo
Debut No. 39 “Smile” Uncle Kracker

ADAM IS DEBUTING IN THE BILLBOARD RANKINGS AT NUMBER 35! After the holiday freeze, Adam will definitely get more and more airplay and might have a good shot at doing really well with this single! Internationally, FYE is also getting more and more attention, so once Adam starts doing some promotion overseas he’ll most likely find that his style and music will appeal to many across the globe.

So its good news all around just before Christmas! A video coming up, album and single both doing amazingly well.. What more can we ask for? 🙂 Oh, probably a good show on Leno tonight will be nice, too!


  1. First comment…
    I’m so proud of Adam. I’m from Brazil and i am waiting for his debut here.


    • Hi Frank, Hola/Hello to you and Brazilian Glambs!

      • ElianeBrasil says:

        Oi/Hi Theresa. I’m a Glamb #577, just today. I’m from Brasil too and a receive e-mails ever. Just to know: We say, Oi/Hello. (oi: OE).
        GLAMB # 577

        • Oi Frank & Eliane ….We are also still waiting here in Australia for The Adam “storm’…but with these fantastic sales figures…..we won’t have to wait much longer !!!

          Love, Yvonne (Australia)

          • All you overseas fans look out………….Adam will be over promoting, so happy for you and
            for Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These sales reports are just fantastic, WOW!

            • Here in Honduras I have been asking for Adam’s songs on radio as much as I can!!! Radios keep asking what the ppl want to hear sooo my job is to introduce Adam here jejeje. I have noticed that they play the top songs of billboard and itunes so im going to pursue on this, wish me luck!

  2. To make all those sales in the first month, that is quite something, is a big achievement, it just goes to show how much people love him, appreciate his music, his artistry, his performances. Wait till Adam begins his tour, and especially his internationla tour, as we expected he is going to be phenomenal all over the world.

    • Canada is finalliy playing his vid of FYE, however late at night!

      • Marie/Toronto says:

        At around supper time today I was watching MuchMusic’s MOD, and they played the video. It was ranked #1. (for those of you that don’t know, that’s Canada’s version of MTV’s Total Request Live)….

  3. Congratulations Adam! So Proud!

  4. That is SO awesome!!!! I was just looking at the album sales numbers on Hits Daily Double and was so happy to see he had a nice sales increase over the prior week ( 2 weeks actually)!!! I’m also thrilled with WWFM debuting at #35! That is so great!!!! Let’s hope it just keeps going higher!!!

  5. Just read on Gossip Candy that there is a STRONG POSSIBILITY that NYE at Gridlock will be livestreamed…don’t have all the details …more to follow. Also, I keep emailing the OPRAH show for a Adam and Oprah birthday celebration…no response, but if you have a minute please swamp her with our request.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Hey Carolelee! That’s terrific news, We have2 spend our NYE w/ MASTER ADAM! Oh I can’t wait! Oh shoot! I just looked at the calender, I freakin work!!!!! AARgghg!!!! on NYE! That stinks!!!! Oh I just love my freakin job! NOT! Maybe his mini concert can be youtubed.

  6. i just watched Adam on Jay Leno and I can’t imagine his perforance not shooting up his record sales. What an awesome performance! Adam just gets better and better every time I see him. He is an amazing singer and so cute!

  7. Ok first he did freakin amazin on sales. I dot know what we were worried about. An second I watched jay leno and man first he looked FREAKIN SEXY!!!!!!!! and in the interview he was so loose and funny and HOT!!! Anyway an i watche him sing. Amazing. Each time I hear him sing it I almost cry like he is singing to me. Maybe it’s because I can relate to the lyrics I don’t know. But he wa amazing I think he will hit the gold mark for his record and if it hits platinum you can count on me screaming. Man I love him. Love u Adam. Good luck next year

    (ps forgive my spelling. Still love y’all though)

  8. trebmal aka zsuzsi says:

    Hello everyone thank you for that amazingly accurate and detailed update on our BB or Adam who just performed on Leno tonight Dec 21st and it was absolutely spectacular with immaculate vocals he is such a star and appears to bea gentle decent human being. I just am so excited i have never ever been a groupie i guess now I am a grandma but i love rock and roll!!!!!! Now I am someone who daily obsesses about i; IS MY ADAM safe. is he doing well, is his cd doing well , is the press crucifying him again and on and on. I always believed he will be fine and more then fine but still i am shocked at my continous monitoring of The Adam Lambert son to be an epic star the world does not have a clue what his show / tour will be like- i would do just about anything to be in LA ON NEW YEARS EVE BUT NO CAN DO ANYWAY I HAVE NO WAY TO KNOW HOW TO MONITOR HIS CD SAlES BUT AM I EVER ENCOURAGED NOT SURPRISED BUT REALLY HAPPY WITH THE NUMBERS-THANK YOU WHOEVER WROTE THE DETAILS YOU ROCK VCITORIA CANADA

  9. AdamRocks! says:


    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  10. Glamb#453…..Adam was amazing tonight on the Jay Leno show…I think leno was a good show for Adam to go on cause Jay loves Adam….The skit was cute with the misiltoe….Jay made Adam comfortable……Thank you Jay for showing how great you and Adam can talk….I loved it……

  11. I am moping because I had standby ticket #7 to Leno tonight…and didn’t get in. Boo hoo. Thank God I got in to the Conan show last week – at least that offers some solace.

  12. Adam was soooooooooooooo awesome on leno picture perfect, hair stunning GORGEOUS. Can u love the man anymore HE just gets better & better everytime I see HIM LOVE U ADAM MORE & MORE W/ EACH PERFORMANCE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  13. things are only going to get better and bigger when the CD goes world wide
    Congrats Adam

  14. Yeah, ADAM! Off to buy a few more Christmas presents… Adam’s CD, of course! I don’t want to be accused of being a half-fan! A-shopping I will go, a-shopping I will go…

  15. I was a teenage Elvis groupie. I have the same feeling about Adam’s soaring success that I had about Elvis way back then, when he first got started. Adam is going to rule the music world and change it forever…

  16. hi, everyone.lesson up ,the top 20 countdown for fye for 2009 was at no.16.but the new top20 countdown start at 12, keep voting for fye and wwfm music video on vh1 and on z100 new artist as well.i got info from this website. check it out all adam info and update is there.

  17. I am still curious about the presales – where were they counted in? I keep going back to the amazing numbers of us who put in our orders before the thing was even named or a single song was listed? It is hard to imagine that there is anyone out there who has not heard the whole album but I know they DO exist. Just think what will happen when FEVER or SOAKED or BROKEN OPEN or LOADED SMILE or IF I HAD YOU or SLEEPWALKER get sneaked out on the single release circuit.

  18. I just came back from a weekend in Las Vegas. I was beginning to get depressed that there was no sight or sound of Adam anywhere on the radio or clubs until we got out of the cab at the Palms Casino.
    There was FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT blasting on the speakers. It made my weekend.

  19. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    I told my husband this morning that I havnt been in love with anyone like this since Elvis! He didnt think it was too funny for some reason IDK!

  20. Adam’s marketing people and Adam are smart. Appear on major talk shows, show everyone the true wonderfully nice Adam, a real person, and then showcase his talent…As time goes other singles will be released from his album….His cd is number one download on Itunes…his FYE video is number 8 on Vevo and moving up….I am voting for him on VH1 and hopefully others are…Radio stations will come around…I have requested him twice…not heard him yet but the station I requested him on I do not listen to a lot because they play a loop of top ten pop songs (boring) and don’t give much time to anything else. I am a classic rock girl but I love his cd. It is definitely not boring and he is so talented and gorgeous and sweet…doing fantastic in only one month’s time and leaving other Idols in the dust…Paula was right…he will be iconic….

  21. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    How long does he have to reach this gold or platinum mark? MASTER ADAM is doing very well & I am so happy for him. Can’t wait for the ne mv!

  22. dharmalati says:

    I’m sooooo happpyyyy to hear this great news… !!!

  23. we are waiting the debut of adam lambert here in australia… By the way i love the jay leno show last night…its adam lambert…. i cant wait for my cd record which my friend in usa send it to me..