American Idols Best Mentor EVER-Adam Lambert **Updated W/Pic**


May I just say how PROUD I am of OUR American Idol, Adam Lambert? Last night went way beyond what I had imagined him doing on that show. As they were showing the clip leading in, did anyone else tear up when you heard the first notes of his song???

First of all, he was visually stunning, as always. The hair is one of my favorite styles on him, although if I had to name one I didn’t like I probably couldn’t. Was it just me, or did they give him a whole lotta face time?

Secondly, he was truly humbled by being chosen for this role which just shows how un-diva-ish he really is. He understood that although he is just starting out, he was THE go-to guy after being in that spot just a year ago. As WE all know, he was the one doing that EXACT same thing with the people he was competing against last year. It was only fitting that they allowed him to do it out in front of the cameras, for all to see his genuine, creative, and beautiful side. Not that he even owns an ugly side.

Lastly, watching the few Idols that actually listened to his advice was awesome, especially Tim. I think that there were only a few that decided to listen to him, and Tim was the one that nailed it. Tim isn’t the greatest of singers to start with, but look what happens when you take someone with God-given talent and know-how, and combine him with a young and eager listener that is willing to learn… I thought it was great to see. I know Adam enjoyed Big Mike, and Lee was fantastic too, I thought. Watching Katie with him… how cute was that? She came out and sassed up the place!

Plus, the best part? TONIGHT!!! I am very thankful for TWO days in a row of Mr. Adam Lambert. I am off to get some stuff done so that I can clear my schedule for it…




  1. delibel (Nederland) says:

    This is amazing Adam is realy connect whit the guys.He is so sweet and honest

    Thank you so much for upload this


    • lovemyadam says:

      And a HUGE hug back to you and all in Holland!! You are welcome, thank you for coming on our site.


  2. Talk about brightening up my day! When those first notes played and Adam hit the screen, tears came to my eyes, what a perfect way to end the day. He was such a sight for sore eyes and he nailed everything he said about the contestants, too bad they all didnt heed his advice.
    So looking forward to tonight to once again hear him sing on an idol stage, this was most definately the highlight of this seasons Idol.

    • lovemyadam says:

      It was perfect, wasn’t it? Last night was the highlight, until tonight of course!!


    • I agree with everything you just said?? Adam gave solid advice to everyone of them, but I think nerves just got the better of most of them. If Shiobahn had listened to Adam, her performance would have been spot on.

    • I was too awestruck for tears! It’s so amazing to see and hear how he changes up the songs, and the lasers were cool, but the fog kept that beautiful face out of sight too much! Of course, the best part of the mentoring session was seeing Adam. Overall, the current contestants did NOT seem to take his advice to heart, when the producers probably had him on to wake up these contestants. I think it is a shame that Katy was the one who really tried to step it up but was eliminated. Past experience shows that the most votes of all come from preteen girls, so the girls are less likely to succeed. I wish that AI would go to limited votes per phone. Then we’d really know who America loves, and Adam would have won last year. But, I still say, the “silver medal” really did him more good than winning – we still got to see him every week, and he is not tied so much to theshow like the winner is. He was so gracious about thanking AI for his current success. What a lovely an!

  3. Seriously, what is up with Seacrest? He’s either being very annoying, or speaking without thinking. It’s hard to watch Idol this season because he’s out of control, like a troll on steroids. Thank god Adam is such a gracious human being.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Not only is he gracious, but such a cutie too!!! Beautiful on the inside AND out, very rare these days.


      • glamitup says:

        Ryan just cracks me up and makes me smile! I think he is secretly in love with Adam and got all giddy!! lol “please sing What do you want from me” !!!! He’s so cute just like Adam. Two people who are having a good time and not taking themselves to seriously. Adam was awesome but I just kept wanting him to kick everyone off stage and just start singing! Aww tonight !!!! Can’t wait!

        • Wouldn’t that be something, all the money in the world ( 45 million for the next three years of AI) but he can’t have him……..

        • Libraglam says:

          That is exactly what i thought too. Ryan is just in love with ADAM just like all of us. I would do the same silly thing if ADAM is around !! hahahaha…….

        • I read some things about how Ryan acted before I watched the show. I thought he was going to be staggering around the stage making a complete idiot of himself. Ryan was the same as usual to me, I like Ryan, although, he does say things sometimes (especially to Simon) which makes for an uncomfortable situation. But, I still like Ryan. I totally enjoy Adam, he is an unbelievable entertainer, if he is this good now, can you imagine him in 5 years?!

  4. FirstFan says:

    Adam was so amazing. He’s such a kind and giving soul. Unfortunately, not even his thoughtful suggestions were enough to save this sorry lot. Sure they can “sing,” but they really seem unable to grasp the concept of “performing.” I think most of them are just not comfortable on stage and are not easily directed to move out of their comfort zones. Some day they’ll look back and think, “I should have listened to Adam!”

    That said, how big a jacka** is Seacrest? I cannot believe his “talented tongue” comment. When are people going to move away from the sexual innuendo and just let Adam be the amazing artist he is?

    I also noticed all the strong handshakes between Adam and the contestants. How unfortunate that when all the other mentors get to chest bump/hug the contestants, Adam has to stand back and “shake hands like a man” so as not to upset anybody with a gay man hugging another man. I wonder if the producers imposed that or what.

    Well, I am sooooooooooo ready for tonight, I can barely contain myself! Bring it, Baby.

    Thanks, Sue, for all your hard work in keeping us immersed in our Daily Adamfirmation. We know it’s a labor of love, but we also know it is quite time consuming. All our love!

    • lovemyadam says:

      FirstFan, you are welcome!! It is definitely time well spent… all my love back at ya!!


  5. Chinese fan says:

    Adam, your mentoring job was amazing.
    Obviously, good advice dose not promise great performance,…hehe, maybe, you should be their musical tutor, they need such push every day.

  6. buffy522 says:

    It was a great night! It just shows again how Adam was really the best and the reason people watched last year. Perfect choice as a mentor. Thought he looked a little disheveled in the shirt area and a little too much eye shadow for this venue (God knows), but I am being hypercritical as an obsessed fan. I thought he looked AMAZING in Vegas. Great look, great vibe, everyone agreeing that he was spot on. Ryan is acting crazy this year. Like he’s the star. I think he will be okay though, he is a professional. And I have to disagree with Sue about Tim taking the advice. He did not go falsetto. But everyone seemed happy. Momma Lambert looked fab as well.

    • lovemyadam says:

      It was an awesome night all around, I agree!!


      P/S Just re-watched Tim, and he did not go falsetto on the end sentence but he did on the second to last one. Granted it wasn’t anywhere near Adams, so it really doesn’t matter, lol.

  7. buffy522 says:

    Oh and I noticed the hand shaking and Crystal fist bumping. I think he goes where the other person goes. If they move in, he hugs, if they put a hand out, shake. Polite actually. Frightened group in general. Oh, I wish they would let us in on the whole interview, rehearsal, etc!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      I agree, he follows their lead. Makes me want to yell, “HUG HIM PEOPLE!!”.


      • glamitup says:

        Hahahaha We would have all knocked him plum over to get the hug! I love us!!!

        • sun-n-stars says:

          I agree with what all of you have said but to put another perspective on it, maybe the contestants were intimidated or daunted by his presence. He has become a megastar and they were probably so in awe of him that they were holding back. Who knows? Siobvan (sp) was smiling all over herself when she got to sit beside him in the audience. I hear young teenage straight boys who love “Whataya Want From Me”. They love the song but then are afraid to really like it after they hear that Adam is the person singing it. It’s crazy! I live in a very southern “redneck” area and it is very difficult to get young people to get over stigmatizing people. Of course, much of this is learned in the family home. I could write an essay but I won’t. I was mesmerized as always by Adam. I would love to meet him one day just like all those who haven’t. One more thing, my sister came to our home just to watch my face during both AI shows. She cracks up because she has never seen me so obsessed with anyone – ever! Thanks Sue for everything as always!

          • earlzagurl4u says:

            sun-n-stars,,it coulda been me writing what you wrote, I’m from the redneck/ bible-belt region of the usa as well. When someone asks me or tells me Adam’s orientation I go: *gasp* “You don’t say?” “Thank you for enlightening me on that matter but it doesn’t affect the way he has mad vocals and charismatic stage presence!” Some ppl are so close-minded they have cobwebs for brains. Sometimes I tell ’em I don’t care if he sleeps with pigs, as long as he keeps singing goosebumps, flutterbys in the tummy, heart melting, brain frying, etc. way that he does! {Maybe we *could* write a book!} PLL

  8. Thank You SOOOOOO Much!!! I loved these mentoring sessions. Really had meat in them;p I love his honesty (especially the one with Andrew…hahaha) and the advice given was so helpful whether the contestants chose to use it or not=)

  9. Thank you Sue, you’re fantastic! Never belonged to a fan site before–throughly enjoying this. Adam is A MAN OF OUR TIMES. He’s got the “it” factor that comes along very seldom. Did a great job mentoring. His presence is felt strongly even when he is being low key…oposed to Seascrest who is off the chart. Never thought him an Adam fan since he never mentions him on his news show. only regret that Adam wasn’t singing Elvis’ songs. That would have been mind blowing. Is it just me or is Adam a “Mama’s Boy”. Good for him, so are my boys.

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      Adam definitely loves and respects his mom and I find that SO appealing. Part of his appeal.

      • I agree. Wonderful mother – son relationship.
        Leila must have given birth to him when she was 12 as she
        doesn’t look a day over 40! haha

    • Supposedly a man that is good to his mother will be go to all women. It true cause Adam is so good to his girl friends. Most women fall in love with after meeting him. I’m already in love with him and haven’t even met him in person. What the heck is going to happen once I see him LIVE!! Mercy..

  10. Adam was great last night. He gave amazing advice to the contestants, but I don’t think many of them listened. Maybe it’s because it’s hard to compare anyone else to him. I have a hard time enjoying them this year when all I want to listen to is Adam. He was so sweet and nice on American Idol last night, too. I wish he could be on there every week.

  11. i didnt like adam mentor tonight.hes tuneit down i want risk taker,cool,fun adam back.stupid producer choose elvis week,they could choose something else to show real adam,rocker sexy dangrous adam.whats wrong with contestents dont lesson to adam?

    i hope he come up with diffrent style like(sytyd)style in wwfm on american idol.

    • Are you kidding? Adam is the best mentor in 9 seasons..Are you sure you’re an Adam fan?

  12. gran 4 adam says:

    Sooo professional, polished, glamorous, funny and kind. Will save the vid just for his look after Ryan’s tongue comment. I think maybe Idol may fade soon but Adam could stand in for Ryan anytime or take over. He’s on to better things and I wish him huge success every day. Just keep some of it local Adam!

  13. Peggy Glamb#543 says:

    Best 2 nights with Adam on American Idol and I think he did wonderful…He is a very talented guy and his performance tonight was great….
    Going to see him 2 times in June….Should be a blast….my 2 daughters and myself…..

  14. ianaleah says:

    Adam helped other contestants with their songs last season, 12 weeks unofficial mentor experience just from the generosity of his spirit.

  15. Thank you thank you so much for putting up this clip as my cable has been out the last two days and I for sure was not a happy camper to be around. Your Awesome

  16. Go online and read the LA Times article from this morning (Wed., 4/14). The reporter thinks Adam should replace Simon as a judge, that’s how good he was as a mentor! It would take a lot of time out of his own career, but we’d get to see him at least twice a week for 4 months!

  17. mandytwo says:

    First of all I would like to thank Sue for all her hard work and keeping us happy with all the good things about ADAM. I watched both shows and ADAM was the best mentor I have ever seen and I have been watching AI since season 1. His performance was sooooo good and he looked amazing. I a sooo looking forward to seeing him in person(one day). I envy those of you that have had the opportunity to go to one of his concerts. I think he is the only Idol that ever thanked AI for giving him the opportunity to perform and saying he owes it all to AI. Once again THANKS SUE!!!!

  18. cheryl 334 says:

    Great pic of Mom!!!! I was surprised that Ryan talked to his own Mom so much and did not even say ‘hello’ to Adam’s Mom!!!! Ryan, get with the program!!! haha!!

    I agree that idol gave him a lot of ‘face time’ with the came ra!!! They should have, too, b/c Adam brought in a lot of people that had not been around since last yr. He boosted their ratings so much and that was much needed!

    He is a CLASS ACT. I think all should be ‘honored’ to have seen Adam on TV! Things will be changing soon, and he will be too ‘big’ for the little screen!!! How lucky we are to bes in on the ‘ground floor’ of his amazing superstardom career!!! Rock-God, and ICON!