American Idol Top 8 Group Performance: ‘Can’t get you Out of my Head” (By Kylie Minogue)

YES!!! They finally went back to the real singing group performances. It doesn’t matter if is not that great… IT IS A SINGING COMPETITION! Is our second chance to compare and contrast each singer. You can see why they were lip synching for the past few weeks. Apparently this group couldn’t pull it together before. How does it make Adam look? What do you think of this performance? Comment below.

Top 8 Group – Cant Get You Out Of My Head – Adam Lambert; Top 8


  1. So this one wasn’t lip-synched? I thought they all were. Well, either way, it was a good performance, and Adam was fantastic, of course. =) He’s definitely the best singer, so he shines in any group performance. I love how charismatic he is, as well, with all the kicks and stuff that he did to the camera. =)

  2. DarkShadowsAbove says:

    Wow… you can really tell with the live performances that a lot of people are out of tune. Also, the group just doesn’t mesh well, vocally. Adam was on perfect pitch, as was Allison, but the rest of them wavered so much that it’s actually hard for me to listen to this one.

    • I agree, it was painful to hear – I almost hit mute! Adam was wonderful, but he’s used to harmonizing, which clearly the othrs aren’t!

  3. That group number really wasn’t good. That song isn’t easy to sing. But what can say, Adam sounded like he was the only one in tune. I think matt,alison and lil all have nice voices. But Adam is just in a different league all together. The guy is Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the if not the most talented singers to ever come out of American Idol.

  4. not so good? horrible would be more accurate. Michael Selzak (EW) made a good point when he wondered whose idea was it, to let Adam sing the line: “there is a dark secret in me” …

  5. poor song choice for a group performance

  6. Adam and Allison were also the only ones able to move to the beat as well. i’m an Adam fan, but I give huge props to Allison. Amazing talent for a 16 yo, no less!

  7. yeah i agree…adam n allison,they sang well…others, i lost them….final 2!

  8. Adam was awesome! I loved it when he gave the camera the boot and swayed back and forth to the music. He’s so much fun to watch!!!

    • JoeyLoveAdam says:

      oh the boot… right, mandy? lol

      but seriously.. weird group song.. as simon would have said: IT WAS EXCRUCIATINGLY BAD, A FORGETTABLE AND INDULGENT RUBBISH!!!

  9. omg sexy beast adam

  10. The song choice was bad. Adam did a GREAT job. So did Allison who started off the song well. Only Matt and Lil got the other solo portions, Matt was okay, but Lil? Oh my, I think most of us will know if you’ve watched the performance. The rest didnt get any solo parts, so I guess its rather hard to do a comparison. =)

  11. BettyLavender says:

    Adam rocked. I sorry to say that all the others sucked. He is head and shoulders above the others. Rock on Adam!!!

  12. Wilhelmina says:

    That was horrible but Adam and Allison were great :]]. Especially Adam :DD. The camera loves him and so do I <3

  13. The only thing the “live” singing of the group proves is that Adam and Allison are the only real singers here. Both look comfortable on stage and at least they can MOVE. These kids don’t know how to dance! Adam<3

  14. That was painful. It was painful Weds night and it’s painful now. lol

    Lil couldn’t keep up with the music, Matt (who’s in my top 5) looked so uncomfortable, Danny just looked silly, Scott, Kris and Anoop couldn’t dance their way out of a paper bag…oh…miserable.

    Adam (drool) and Allison (my 2 pics for the finals!!) were the only 2 who looked comfortable up there and actually could sing the dang song! Adam had said in an early interview that his singing and performing is not something he’s concerned with, it’s working the camera because he’s not done that before. Well, put another notch in his belt ‘cuz he obviously has NO issue working the camera! There’s nothing this guy can’t do, is there?

    I didn’t catch the irony of his line until someone mentioned it above. funny. Who knows, maybe he wanted to sing that line. 😉 My sister thinks he’ll have Allison out at the gay dance clubs when this all over! lol

    Rock on Allison and Adam!!!!

  15. AdamLambertfan says:

    Everyone beside Allison and Adam should remain the lipsinging – thing . One male voices in the group was totally shit (I have no idea who), it shouldn’t even be possible! It was terrible, annoying and tragic. This only shows the great difference between Adam and the other participants, VERY clearly. Props to Allison too 😉

  16. DarkShadowsAbove says:

    From the vocal tone, it’s Danny who’s crazily off-pitch. Poor guy, but I can’t say I didn’t expect it. The guy may be a good singer when he’s on melody, but he can’t harmonize his way out of a paper bag.

  17. They keep picking really stupid song choices for the group songs.

    Adam- can do pop but really can do everything.
    Allison- pop/rock. like Kelly Clarkson.
    Kris- kind of a jazzy pop.
    Scott, Danny, Anoop- adult contemporary (sorry Anoop. You are NOT usher- like material)
    Matt- adult contemporary/ r&b
    Lil rounds- R&b

    So why do they do bubble gum pop stuff like Kylie Minogue when somewhat two but mainly only singer can do her songs?!?! Are the producers tryin to embarass them?

  18. I’m sorry but i think this was lip-synched too!
    Look at the beginnig when Allison starts singing that she puts away her microphone but the sound of her voice is still there

  19. Adam and Allison were great, especially Adam of course ;D Even though Allison has been in the bottom 3 twice, I think she could still end up being in the final. For 16 she’s amazing!
    I didn’t even know the rest were lip-synced but I didn’t really pay that much attention so who knows. This one definitely didn’t look like it was though Carlos 😛
    I agree, the rest was kinda brutal.

  20. Awful…I could totally live without the group sings anyway, but…yesh!!! That really stunk. Thank goodness we at least had Adam to watch and listen to…argh…I never thought I’d say it, but maybe there is something to be said for lip-syncing. I really mostly hate the elimination shows, because I don’t care about the majority of performers they have, and watching Ryan terrorize the contestants just ticks me off. These guys and girls deserve more respect than that. IMO

  21. Are they really lip-synched???? i could never tell. well maybe a few times…but i think Adam sounds just as good live. the others kinda failed though.
    anyways. Adam is amazing and the most gorgeous person ever. he’ll win..for sure.


  23. Kathleen says:

    Adam was amazing as always and Allison is the only one who can even come close to being in second place to him…the others are fillers around Adam.

  24. i liked how they put Adam and Kris at the end. but my favorite group performance ever is the one where they danced during Disco week elimination night. love it!

  25. I remember when Kylie Minogue performed in Manchester England that she was struckby a flu. She really had to cut it short as she couldn’t perform with feeling ill. She just loves all her admirers that she didn’t want to turn them down.