American Idol Top 8 Ford Commercial:’Circus’ by Britney Spears

– ACTION ADAM! – Watch the behind the scenes and ‘the real thing.’ This is by far the best Adam Lambert’s Ford commercial, anyone disagrees? Dressing up, make up and very theatrical which is right up Adam’s alley. The music goes well with the video and everyone looks great.

Top 8 Ford Commercial – Adam Lambert; Top 8


  1. I am so happy that Adam got to play dress up!!! And it’s funny cuz he had just done the explanation the night before about how when he was little that was what he spent so much of his time doing. (“not soccer” — loved his laugh after he said that!!) Adam, I will play dress up with you anytime, anywhere! Haha! Love you 🙂

  2. um interesting not my fav but oh well

  3. Does the director have the same haircut as Adam?

  4. As I have noted on many other posts about this video…Adam Lambert + Shane Drake is the absolute perfect combination. For those not familar with Mr. Drake, he is the director responsible for most of Paramore and Panic at the Disco’s videos. When Adam gets signed he needs to insure that he works with Shane.

    I’d also like to thank 19E for getting some balls and letting Adam let his freak flag fly and even garner himself a little drag-baby prodigy in Allison. Everything about the treatment and staging was absolutely perfect. It didn’t scare people, in fact it made them happy. I just wish that they could have shot the full length video, not as a car commercial and left Anoop, Lil and Scott back at the mansion. I’m not a Gokey fan but even Danny owned the costuming, the make-up and put his “wizard” on right down to his red satin glasses.

  5. Briannaa says:

    I think that Adam brought the most charisma to this.. like all the other contestants looked dead, he was working it!
    And yeah I was so happy he got to do this theatrical stuff it’s his ‘schtick’ =]
    and that’s awesome I didn’t know that Shane directed for PATD!! their like my favorite band ever!!

  6. Adam has become my favorite, but Gokey caught my eye from day one. Thing is, Adam has stepped up and Gokey is stagnant. I loved this video because it made him step out of his comfort zone. If he would do this kind of thing more often it could really be a battle between Adam and Gokey. Can you imagine how much better Adam would have to become if he had a real fight on his hands?

  7. adamlover says:

    ok did you guess watch last nights show i wanted matt to go home

  8. Adam, I think you will be the winner of AI 8, goddess knows I spend enough time voting every Tues. night to get you there! You deserve to win as you are hands-down the best one up there right now. I am an old lady yet I am a huge fan!! I can’t wait to buy your music outright!!

  9. Britney Spears is the only 1 whose albums are 100% amazing! Evry track is fantastic not just singles!