American Idol Top 10 on Larry King Live (Video)

Ryan Seacrest interviews the Top 10 on Larry King Live. They look back on their journey on American Idol and Ryan ask questions like: ‘Not to cross any lines but… was there any in-mansion romance?’

Another interesting line at the beginning was Danny Gokey saying that the judges complimenting Adam so much actually hurt him because people wanted to the other contestant a chance.

Allison is awesome, she makes me laugh everytime 🙂





Random thought, Adam at 2:34 looked like a vampire :p. But you don’t wanna continue my rambling so be sure to share your thoughts about this interview on the comments below.


  1. awww, he didn’t ask adam anything!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Yeah,maybe Adam was tired when he got interviewed all day long. Ryan just let him rest for a while. My eyes was on Adam all the time. He so gorgeous!!
      Scott is funny,Dancing with star and chocolate cake thing!LOL!!

      • Are you following Adam’s whereabouts? Well can you post it here. Well this site is one of my favorite for me to be updated of what’s the latest about Adam

      • Adam is so gorgeous, but me and my mom were just staring at him no one else. He seemed very sober, i wanna know why. Allison was funny, lol, gotta love her! IDK but Allison and Adam weren’t clicking as much in the interview.

        • AtIslander says:

          I so agree with you about Adam and Allison, I wonder if it’s in response to so many Adison vids on you tube and all the talk about their finale night ‘togetherness’. Seeing them not even really looking at each other on this interview made me really think that something is going on with these two! hmmmm.
          Allison was touchy with Danny though and I do think she’s a touchy person anyway. Danny bothers me somehow. I see he was quick to say on the Monday night LKL, that he’d like to do a duet with Allison!

          Regardless of all of this, this group really seems to like each other a lot. More so than any other Idol season. And Adam and Kris really seem to genuinely like each other.

    • Adam Lambert was a star from day one. Of course Idol wanted him to promote. Kara really wanted him to record that stupid song. Poor Kris. Danny (Nasty) G.
      turned his family,fan base and high tech revenge on Adam. He makes me ill. I can’t look at him. Kris and Adam will be just fine. Kris will find a song worthy of him and Adam can sing the phone book and I will buy them all up.

  2. Karin Bates says:

    danny is a douche bag

    • i really didn’t like his comments it was silly .. like if the judges praised him that mean cuz he is that good dahh cuz the judges never complement anyone without meaning their words.. i didn’t like his comments he is always with Philosophy i used to like him but not any more. but i liked kris answer to danny’s when he said u r jerk heheheh:)

    • I totally agree and he’s so full of himself !!!!

    • hey

      i agree with Jory about this

      • AdamAddict says:

        Danny should say “I really don’t know,man” when Ryan asked him “who do think going to win?” I’m sure that’s what Adam will say if it’s Danny vs Kris in finale because Adam is a smart guy.And Danny,opposites Adam!

  3. it is not adam’s fault if the judges were completing him that much. what they said were based on adam’s, if not excellent, good performance. If Danny wants to receive compliments same as Adam, then he should work hard and outperform Adam. They should be thankful to Adam because he brings out the best of them.

    • dido.
      Danny needs to work on his interviewing skills and image because he has no idea of how he comes off to people. he just seemed bitter during that interview.
      Allison was adorable as usual and so much fun to see being interviewed. SO CUTE!!
      Adam looked gorgeous as usual, in the white jacket from the finale.
      Matt made me smile when he talked about seeing a security guard rooting for his idol save!
      Kris made me laugh when he said “you jerk” to Danny after he predicted Kris the winner.
      all of them, with maybe the exception of Danny, are great people and fun to watch!

      • totally agree. he is so hot probably even in his undies

      • Is allison and Adam going to do a song ? I hope so.
        When interviewed she comes off adorable.
        Like Adam, she and Kris are likeable.
        That Danny G man looks sneaky and under handed. I think he did some damage to Adam in terms of vote exchange and slander. Maybe promoting fear in those who may have been on the fence about Adam’s alteritive look. I am an older/white lady and I loved Adam. More importantly, I am an honest person and I am not into treating a person wrong because he isn’t just like me. The man is beautiful and OMG he can sing. I am waiting to see this kid act. My grand daughters have his pic all over their walls. Oh yeah I BOUGHT THEM. WE HAVE ORDERED THE ADAM LAMBERT P J ‘S AS WELL 🙂
        I want this man to do the best he can. He has worked at his craft. No one has given him anything. He has paid his dues.

      • I agree Danny is a jerk! OMG! Everyone this year was likeable and you wanted them to do well. Then there was Nasty attitude Danny G.
        I loved Adam and Allison together. They just straight up rocked.
        I really liked Krs but Adam was the real singer and looker. The song Kara wrote should have been re-thought before making an A I put that crap out on the market. Adam may have been able to sing it/ if anyone could. Poor lil Khris.

        • wait wait wait
          Danny G never did insult Adam
          He said the the judges complimenting Adam might have harmed Adam’s chances of getting more voters
          Which is what many of us thought too
          It is true that many people dislike voting for the one whom the judges (mainly Simon) compliment the most

          I’m a die hard Adam fan, and well I really do not think Danny G did anything wrong here, sorry

  4. love you adammmmm.
    you are the superstar.

  5. Danny is too full of himself. Really sad, the show changed him – for the worse

  6. My thoughts:danny – the less i see him the better,Allison was great fun;) Adam of course gorgeous and……..i dont remember the others xD
    You should put up the part where only Adam and Kris are interviewed…and the one with Poula

  7. I have been looking forward with this interview. I know it will happen. This is the first time I saw Adam being interviewed after the devastating result night. It is just inspiring to see him again

  8. Guys, I just want to share this. Last night, I just really want to to see again the performance of Adam in AI since the audition up to the last one that he performed together with the rock group Queen’s. I just can’t hide my emotions by looking back on the way he performs, how he touches everyone from his rendition, how he rock the centerstage and how we always have butterflies in our stomach everytime he performs. I will be missing the days that I am always looking forward on his next perfomance in american idol. AI has not gotten my interest since there is really nothing interested among the contestant with this season until I saw Adam. I can still remember that night when he serenated us with his own version of tracks of my tears. He looks so good like I was even imagining that he has a resemblance with Leonardo DeCaprio. Because of that I i started to watch the show every week. Well I’ve been watching it in its past seasons then. I started to learn about Adam. Until I learned about this site. I’ve been collecting his photo’s and even some of his videos that I downloaded on my mobile phone so that I could see it every now and then. I’ve been expecting a lot. I know in my heart that he will really win. I have been keeping myself on track with any updates about him. Well, when it was announced that he was lost(BTW, I FILED A LEAVE ON MY WORK JUST TO WATCH THE FINAL), I just can’t help but diappoint on the outcome. I am open into the idea that he might not win the title given the circumstances, but I am not really ready for it or even accept it. I am so thankful with this site for teaching how to accept the fact that he was defeated. I have been inspired with your comments and I know that there is a brighter carrer that is ahead on him. Guys please come to see this site:
    I just hope you will feel what I felt when I was reviewing his performance.

    • njorker says:

      OMG, Arne! I’ve been dying to find videos of all of Adam’s performances but I can’t buy them on iTunes because I’m not from the US. I’ve checked your site and it’s amazing how all the videos are there. Please help me…how can I download them on my iPod? I’m desperate! I need to hear/see Adam everyday, even if it’s just on my iPod!! Thanks.

  9. Where is the part where only Kris and Adam are being interviewed?? I Kinda wanna see that…

  10. I hate danny because of what he said!! he needs to shut up sometimes!!

  11. Isabella says:

    it must have been soooo much fun being allison alone with the boys in that house!
    A bit sad that Adam didn’t say anything, he’s so charming when he speaks his mind.

  12. Isabella says:

    Allison cracks me up^^

  13. AdamIsOurAI says:

    To Dreamsound,

    I wanted you to know that I love this site. I have been on the “official website” and I think it is horrible. You post so many wonderful pictures and videos of Adam, I find it extremely hard to do my work during the day because I can’t stop looking and reading. So easy to follow and keep up. I agree wtih Arne, please keep us as informed as possible about what Adam is doing. I already feel like I am having withdrawals, and I frantically search things so I can see what he is doing and saying.

    Ironically, I am a 49 y/o mother of a 13 y/o son, and I have never had an entertainer affect me so profoundly as Adam. There are so many things I would say to him. Being a Christian, I pray for so many awesome things for him. He has truly been given a gift that could affect millions of people around the world, so I wish him the ultimate best in using his gitt. Actually, he has many more gifts besides his talent – male beauty, graciousness, etc. etc. I am looking forward to being able to enjoy him in the spotlight for many years to come.

    • MyBoyAdam says:

      Oh geez, this is me too exactly except I’m 49 with 3 kids! How funny! Dreamsound you are terrific as are all the people who make this site work! You do Adam justice daily. Thank you so much!

      • Tuesgone62 says:

        YES! Dreamsound is The best. TY for helping out with our Idol withdrawal

        • I’m a 57 y/o grandma, and too have never been affected by an Idol contestant as much as Adam. He revitalized the show. Having Adam withdrawal! Can’t wait for a CD, or better yet, live show DVD release!

  14. RockChickDigsAdam says:

    I watched the whole thing last night, and Adam is the second person interviewed, after Kris. He said he had a “stress attack” during Tuesday’s rehearsals, getting used to the new venue (stage, sound, etc.) and rehearsing three songs, and had to “talk himself down.” He again reiterated that he wanted to stay in the competition as long as possible, and feels he accomplished his goals. He said he had “no comment” on Bikini girl’s singing ability! Overall, I enjoyed the show and listening to what everyone had to say, except for Danny, of course. I’m so glad that if someone had to win other than Adam (a travesty, of course!), I’m glad it was someone like Kris, who acknowledges Adam’s unique voice and superstar qualities.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I’m also glad that it’s Kris rather than Danny. At least Kris is a modest guy! But of course I’ll be happier if it’s Adam!

      • CatEyes says:


        • Tuesgone62 says:

          Ditto here, too

        • I would have died if it would have been that creep danny.
          I just know he turned his votes against adam.
          I also think there was some kind of other tech cheating going own.
          Maybe from both Danny and Kris’s camps.
          I also, think kris had an idea of what was going on in his camp, and was dreading it was true. It was all over his face.
          Danny talked for kris like they were in on it together.
          Kris needs to distance himself from that sick twist.
          The cheaqting Needs to be looked into.
          They screwd over the americans that placed honest votes.
          It is very possible to get the truth.They need to do so.

  15. Looks like it will be replayed again tonight, so hopefully they will not change the schedule and we can see the whole interview

  16. adam lambert suuuuper fan! says:

    its funny cuz iwas waiting during the whole interview for adam ….. but i guess he was tired! i love you adam … you to allison and matt!

    god bless

  17. I didnt like what Danny said about Kris winning because it hurt Adam to be praised early on?
    I liked him in earlier stage but got captivated with Adams performance. Well, he shouldnt have said that in Larry King. Kris looked astounded beside him.
    Well it was good that Kris and Adam landed in the final 2. ANd yes Adam lost, then, he will be great!!

  18. Hey guys! keep downloading No boundaries by Adam on ITUNES cause right now is in position #16 and it should be higher!! wouldnt it be cool if his single was #1 and not kris allen’s?:)

    • That would be sooo cool;) people just dont know its released……..Dreamsound could put a post about supporting Adams single it could help with the sales;)

  19. Thanks Eva for the info about what Kris said about Danny “you jerk” after his usual jealous and getting old put down of Adam.

  20. Also I don’t like Michael the last contestant that was interviewed.

    • WORD.I feel like both him and Danny just blab on forever with no class

      • Tuesgone62 says:

        yada yada yada 🙂 agree

        • I agree Danny and Michalel were so tacky.
          They said nothing I wanted to hear.
          Hello, Danny and Michale (you lost. To ADAM and Kris.)
          Does anyone know if Adam has gotting any movie offers?

          • AdamAddict says:

            I wish he get movie offer! I said it before it’s a waste if he just becoming recording artist because he’s so talented guy. Sing,dance,act.Maybe movie like a musical “moulin rouge?”

  21. buc3107 says:

    The result night was a nightmare for me. I couldnt help crying and feeling like it the end of the world. But now Im glad too see Adam again. Theres still a long way for him to go and I will be his fan forever.

  22. Milwadamfan says:

    It was hard watching the “winner announcement moment” over and over again…but I love Adam and Kris being interviewed together. SOOOO glad if Adam had to lose it was to Kris. Yes, Adam did look a little tired (understandably) but still so handsome. Danny has such a huge problem trying to be articulate. Loved it when Kris said “you jerk” to him! Loved the story about Adam’s boots. Hadn’t heard that before. ADAM + KRIS = CLASS. Adam has been gracious as the runner up and Kris as much so as the winner. I’m still heartsick that Adam lost, but it’s hard to hate Kris (and I know Adam wouldn’t want me to.)

    • Tuesgone62 says:

      I think that most of Adams’ fans are cool with Chris being the winner, if Adam had to lose… would have felt much different had it been “that other guy”

  23. poor adam, he did look really tired. he said in like 3 interviews that he always hated getting up early. and i think him and kris pulled an all nighter the night before this show. poor adam

  24. AdamAddict says:

    Danny said “all the compliment can hurt him(Adam)” So,what Adam suppose to do then? Sing sucks so that the judges won’t praise him?
    Adam doesn’t know how to sing sucks like some people,he didn’t trained like that,he was trained to be super awesome!
    You want to hear Adam sing awful,well DREAM ON! LOL!!

    • OMG! Adam could not help but take the praise. He was so himble and sweet and classy.
      He sang so well he made me want to run out and buy that stupid song Kara wrote. Danny is as
      hate filled as any person I have ever seen. As for michale. Who was he anyway?
      Adam-Allison then Kris is how I saw it coming down.I am happy for Kris/ he is a great guy.
      On talent it should have been Adam then Allison and Kris. I also liked Megan. Quirky and cute girl.

  25. RockChickDigsAdam says:

    Did you hear that Clay Aiken dissed Adam on his website’s blog? He wrote: “I couldn’t be happier about the way “AI” ended this year. I only turn the show on once a season… This year, I happened to turn it during the minute that Adam Lambert was singing ‘Ring of Fire’ and, at that moment, thought my ears would bleed. Contrived, awful, and slightly frightening!”
    Aiken admits he never watched any of Kris’s performances, or any other performance by Adam, but still says the voters “got it right.” Excuse me????????????????????? I admit, “Ring of Fire” was shocking, but it was awesome!!! I think it just scared poor little Clay. I liked Clay’s voice during his season on Idol. but I never voted for him and I never bought any of his records, or downloaded any of his songs (unlike ADAM!!!!). I predict Adam will be the biggest superstar AI has ever “graduated,” and will leave Clay eating his dust.

    • I would never buy anything Clay Aiken has done. I have bought all of Adams songs and videos.
      Ring of Fire was so good! I voted like crazy for Adam and have never voted before for anyone on AI. Adam is the best they have ever had on AI.

      • AdamAddict says:

        I already knew about Clay case yesterday. I was so pissed.It was 6am in Malaysia then & I need to go to bed but I had to leave a comment first,bashing Clay as hard as I can and then I can sleep well.

        How dare him? He judge Adam with 1 performance.Please,he’s no better! I watched “Are you smarter than 5th grader” few weeks ago. He was the contestant and I thought he’s funny.Well not anymore,now I think he’s a jerk and asshole!
        I hate him so bad.

        Well,he needs attention and 1 way to do it is go bashing someone really really famous! It really worked! Today he apologized.WTF??!! DROP DEAD,CLAY! If he hated the song that much,why the hell he watched until finished? Because Adam is drop dead gorgeous,and can’t take his eyes away from him,I guess! I LOVE ADAM THE MOST AND I HATE CLAY THE MOST!

    • Clay wish he had Agams chops.

  26. I think all of Clay Aiken’s success has gone to his head. Never liked him much anyway. Adam will be twice the success Clay is!. I have downloaded all Adam’s stuff on itunes. I have never downloaded any other American Idol contestant’s stuff from any other season before. I can’t wait to see Adam in concert during the AI live tour. Hope he is featured as much as Kris, because I am going mainly to see Adam.

  27. YOURSFOREVER says:

    Thanks DreamSound! I missed the interview. This year of AI was the BEST ever. ADAM is the BEST ever on AI and performing artist a have known for 3 decades. I usually voted ones or twice in the 4 finales of AI. For ADAM I voted whole 4 hours!!! He takes my breath away. He oozes so much awesome-stosteron! ENERGY!
    As for Clay complaining about “real unexperienced talent ” vs. ADAM. Let me remind him and others alike thinkers. Think longer and deeper: RUBEN STUDART, CARLY SMITHSON, TAYLOR HICKS they ALL had radio, stage experience prior the competition on AI.

    ADAM ROCK!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      In 1 interview,Kris said he also had experience. Kris has a band and works in clubs! That’s sound experienced to me. The different is that Kris was not in “Wicked”. But Clay who is not Adam’s fan didn’t know anything about Adam or Kris dare to open his mouth and gave that stupid comment!
      Seriously,somebody needs to slap his ugly face! I HATE CLAY!
      Love him or hate him ,people remember back who is Clay ,so his mission accomplished!

      • thank you for bringing that out. I had knowlege of kris’s club job. Kris is a struggling vocalist. He struggles for every note. He looks like he is delivering a child with every note he reaches for. Sad but it is the truth. Now Idol is gonna jam him down the publics mouth. But can he do a full blown concert tour? Maybe on the idol tour they can cover him. There will come a time he has to promote his own music. I can’t see him filling a concert. Maybe in ARK. with his chruch group. They seem to multiply into thousands when they need to acording to the votes they placed.

    • A lot of people even in this season had experience like singing in bars,Allison won a television singing contest,Kris has an album (somehow the media misses that part)

      anyway the point of AI is not to give the unexperienced a shot its to find a worldwide star!!!!!!! I dont want to see a karaoke show I want to see powerful artists with a purpose and vision (a.k.a. Adam)

      • AdamAddict says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Who want to see karaoke contest? I’ll go next year because I’m really good at that! LOL! Stupid Clay!

  28. I watched the whole CNN interview and Ryan interviewed Kris, then Adam and then both of them together. Adam didn’t say much when all the others were brought in like the video above because he had already talked earlier so as being his usual humble, wonderful self, he didn’t say much when the others came on That’s ok. I just stared at him during that time…..I can’t stop saying this, but he’s so gorgeous and hot!! Even tired he’s beautiful.

    • I think he didn’t speak much for fear of they jealous cat like nature of some of the others. Megan said something that made adam glance over but i missed it. did anyone get it? Anoop wouldn’t shut the hell up.

  29. I live in London and I watched the repeats of the final, it is very hard to hear them announce Kris as the winner, but Adam was so graceful, he behaved like a superstar. I still think that Adam should be the winner, nonetheless he is, and always will be a superstar. As for Danny, he was trying to find excuses as to why he stated that Kris will win, he is only bitter because he was eliminated, I would not buy any of his music, never ever go and watch any of his shows, in fact I switched channels when he was singing on the repeat show. I have downloaded all of Adams music from i-tunes. As far as the criticisms that Adam had prior stage appearance, well, they all did. In an interview with Adam, Kris admitted that he also had experience of performing, and as Kris stated, everyone knows about Adam because he was in the cast of Wicked, (as an understudy), and in Adam’s own words, he was in the background. It really makes me angry when once in many years someone unique, very talented, great voice, makes people feel good, has to be criticised by small minded people who lack talent. There are many people all over the world who adore Adam then any of the other contestants or any of the X American Idol winners. ADAM, CARRY ON ROCKING.

    • First thenks Dreamsound for this lovli fanpage such detail,an permittes Adam’s fans to have thoughts an share with one anothre..
      Thenks for posting,yu’re post an graciousness…I av misse thes Larry King interview,,seeing now agree Danny is closeminded regarding Adam an his passe credites in theatre an such,An thet is what had hurt him? See a bit of resentmente.For Adam is always humble, mature et gracious,,genuine warmth for all..Especialmente when Kris won ,An Adam was 2nd, say we’re more a frend than competitor,so lovli!. Adam has class, an a gentle soul..He is adored for his ,charming demeanor,wit, an kindhearte.. An also agree regardes tof credites in theatre,Adam was understudy,.”Idol” then can display,Adam ‘s estraordinaire vocals anpowerful,velvet et angelique tone…Que domange,Adam didn non speak,(have I miss?)
      No mattre he’s already a vocaliste/entertaineur..An can appear on stages aronde l’worlde an in USA, an has respecte of many bands/rtistes..!..Bravo to Adam
      There are several talente contestante..But Adam has estraordinaire gifte to singe any genre an make every songe originale!ock,to pop,jazz,bleus,romantique ballads an artistique touches..stunning!An as Elvis change musique..Adam reaches alll ages an heartes evriwhere..Many blessings to yu Adam,beau inward/outward!..Keep a songe in toi couer tresbeau ! Thenks for making l’monde a better place with yur voice/musique an beautful soul! J’adore et bisous Lisettexoxo

  30. CentiLax says:

    Head pulsing, arms cramping, skin peeling MUST KILL DANNY!! Lol not really but man, Adam tried his best that is why the judges were complimenting Adam. I thought Gokey wasy great but I’m beginning to see a different side-his envy side. Allison was funny and Adam was drop dread gorgeous (I wish he was asked a question). Kris and Matt I ignored.

  31. The Legend says:

    As everyone knows I’m extremely sad about that Adam was not elected Idol.

    What has helped me move on is knowing that it was the number of votes and not the number of voters…and that Kris and Adam are genuine friends and Adam’s in a happy place.

    In video 1, This was just before people started voting last 1:05 Adam gives Kris a kiss on the ear, out of their friendship and he see Kris as cute and lovable…like a little brother..notice how they just keep talking to Paula with their arms around each other…great…

    Video 2..This was late the next day after Kris was announced the winner….probably 10 at night. Towards the end Kris sneaks up on Adam..the hug…great moment..Adam asked Kris…”Are you ok “?

    Have you ever seen two Idol finishers be that cool to each other ?

    • AdamAddict says:

      I already watched it 2 days ago and yes they are adorable! That’s why I’m not so mad now.Adam took it very positively! Very smart and sweet! And Kris, I do like him now!
      I HATE CLAY!!!!!

  32. Hey guys, I have just watched all of thhee AL performances of Adam on and now I am even more angry that he was robbed of the AL title. In all of the performances the audience screamed with delight, I screamed with delight, he creates such an atmosphere that can only be created by someone unique. I don’t think words are enough now, we need to take action, we need to make statement, the only way we can do this is to download Adam’s version of ‘No Boundaries’, lets make it No 1 in the charts, lets show Adam that we are standing by him, lets show the rest of the world that he is a superstar.

    • thanks Toni that you watched it as well. same with me

    • How to download anyway? I am actually thinking about that idea. I just don’t know how. I really like his version. I already downloaded a video of Adam singing that song but not in i tunes. I already memorize it.

      • Hi Arne, if you have not already downloaded i-tunes to your PC then you need to do this first, go to and download iTunes, from there it is quite easy, put the name of the artist, of course Adam Lamber, and then all his songs will appear. All you have to do is select the one you want and purchase. It is very simple. I think it is important that we show our support, it is good to voice our support as well, but actions do have a better effect. We can then show to everyone that Adam is the real WINNER, a World Wide Idol, there is nothing that the small minded people can do to prevent his rithtful success. Artists like Adam only come along once in a blue moon, and I feel priviledged that he is sharing his talent with us.

    • i down loaded the zodeck thingie and i have to say what is the big deal? He is performing. Many big stars did what was avalible to them until they could do what they wanted. He was just wonderful. I saw several pic of him dancing with women and tougne kissing two women. why did they not post that? Brad Pit did a porn with two guys and a woman. Heath leadger did broke back mountain. Give me a break he was doing an under ground rock show. and he did a male theme fest. Artist have rent to pay too.

  33. Can someone help me out with Adam’s shoes?

    In the Larry King Live show, I thought he said that the shoes he wore for Kiss had to be flown in special, because he had two rights and needed a left. The left arrived just before the show, and the shoes were not his idea.

    But on Entertainment Tonight (in a recorded clip), I thought he said that the shoes were his friend’s and that he and the shoes had seen a lot of days together.

    Anyway, this has caused some controversy in our home (yes, we have no lives). So does anyone know what the real deal is with the shoes, and Adam’s comments about them?

    • lamberghini says:

      I heard Adam say (in the Idol Extra interview after the final show) that the elevator boots were his. He was talking about his costume for Kiss (the wings) being from Bob Mackie’s showroom, but that the boots “were mine.” I think I saw him wearing them in the Zodiac show when he performed Crawl Through Fire. I don’t have a life either!

      • schizoidglambert says:

        YEAH the boots r ADAM’s i think their the ZODIAC ones 2….LOL I BET ADAM HAS QUITE A FEW OF ‘EM

  34. Adamworshipper says:

    I miss you Adam!

  35. I liked Danny untill he screamed like an idot . Is that what he thinks rock stars do? Freak.
    I think he gave his fan base to kris. I think when they investigate a little they will find out Kris had some knowlege of it. He had that look of fear when he was called. I think he had so idea of computer programs as well. I am not saying he asked for it or wanting it. I do think he though OMG I am gonna have to take the rap for this cause it will eventually will come out. Adam was the actual
    American favorite.He was the voted winner. He is an honest man and asumed american idol had programs in place to prevent that. Sorry Adam they didn’t.

    • Hi Sherry, I agree with you completely, Adam is America’s favourite, did you see the backstage video just before they were going to announce the winner? Amongst others, Kiss were waiting to hear the winner, when they announced that Kris won there was absolute shock on everyones face, they all looked at each other in disbelief, everyone was so shocked, they all expected Adam to win, even the actual audience in the theatre were shocked. You are right in thinking that something very suspicious took place, it does require a further investigation. As far as Danny is concerned, the comments he made that the judges supported Adam and that is why he lost, well Danny, the judges spoke the truth, they praised Adam because he consistently delivered excellent performances. They also praised other contestants as well when the performance was good. But Danny, the comment you made is the beginning of the end for you and you deserve this. By making those comments you actually told your supporters to give their vote to Kris, well, buy, buy Danny.

  36. Ryan was a nice enough guy to say the truth when he told Adam he was a class act. So is Ryan for being man engough to say to his face. Love you Ryan.

  37. Cheating is a crime. It happened. The show and the Ford company needs to hire investigators and confront the possiblity. It is wrong.Adam was our Idol and he was robed as well as us.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Yes,they were cheating. I think Adamboom1 post somewhere here.She/he got it from A.I blog. They using techonology that can dial every 2 seconds and no busy signal, i think! When I only got 1 vote in that 1 hour. But I don’t know,is it consider crime?
      The winner already announced,there’s nothing else we can do. It’s okay,we all got Adam’s back,right? We’ll be right besides him 🙂

  38. Larry King could look into the cheating issue. It need not be ignored. American Idol and the Ford involment as well. Heads need to roll. This is a crime guys.

  39. BTW Danny himself was complimented a lot by the judges, undeservedly though. Of course Danny doesn’t feel that way because of his “competitive” nature.

  40. Kris is the american idol thats OK Adam Lambert is King yes Danny Elvis sent him the crown from heaven….and you are a jerk we all know how he lost and american idol needs to focus more on the peoples choice instead of the numbers….Kris might have the vote but I am sure if Idol cared to recount Adam had the most people…And I dont see anything similar with Kris and Danny so far Kris is showing a little class for someone who has a title they dont deserve………I am a middle age female who thinks Adam is the most talent to come along in a long time and alot of us feel that way…………..Adam u looked like you where a actual member of Kiss and u had always been there now america u cant touch that……..where as kris could not even sing in Keith league…..


    • I agree that Adam looked like he was sick of the bubble gum questions. He look fed up with worring about possible cat like remarks that may come from the former contestance. Adam has a brillent mind and a lot of musical ideas. The other contestants are on one level and he is so clearly on another.



  44. I almost chocked on my drink when I heard Kris refer to Danny Buzzkill Gokey as “you jerk”. Sweet, never-a-negative-thought Allen has a lot more spunk than I thought.

    • If kris is smart he will stay far away from danny. Many people will get the idea kris asked for his left overs. You know?

  45. schizoidglambert says:


  46. he talked in length with Adam and kris and Paula before that. You can watch the begining of the interview at Rickey’

  47. I cannot stand to watch the comment by that sore loser Danny Gokey. Does he not realize he is just a second rate Taylor Hicks without the dancing? You are supposed to be diplomatic and say “I love both of these guys, etc”. Remember that is what Adam always does – he (and Kris for that matter) remind us why their friendship is more important than competition. Danny Gokey and Clay Aiken are jealous that Adam gets all the attention, is better looking, has a better voice and is a star. Poor Adam: with talen, fame and success comes the haters. He will have to get used to it. I just hope my boy knows that his talent will get him through this and God does not give you anything you can’t handle. With such rare great talent comes responsibility and jealousy from other people. I never trusted that mani[ulative Danny Gokey and now he showed his face. Adam, I will pray for your great success so you can show the world why you are undeniably a rock god!!!

    • i hope adam can deal with asses like danny. He will almost surely have it to do all his life.
      He is after all a triple threat. I hope he will take some acting roles soon.

  48. I love how the blonde girl said Danny Dorkey was the most competitive. In other words the most manipulative. Go away dork, don’t let Adam’s light blind you ftard!

    • Are u talking about Megan? I thought she said something rude. I saw Adam give her a look. She has no right sharing the stage with the likes of Adam. I liked her before that. She ain’t nothing but a tat hoe anyway. here today gone tomorrow Megan.

  49. MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD TO LARRY KING! Go to and let Larry King know how wonderful you think Adam is. Don’t let the Kris fanatical tweens take over the show. Let’s support our idol Adam. I left my comment at:

    But maybe there is another link – dunno. Maybe one of our emails will be read on the show or has it already been taped? Dunno. Anyway, send the emails anyway. Show support to Adam! And tell Gokey what you really think about his lack of tact!

  50. If you want to let Larry King show and Danny Dorkey know what you really think of Danny’s awful blog, then you can leave comments at the following link – a chance to ask Adam a question and tgive Danny Dorkey your two cents:
    Support Adam!

  51. hi all
    I just wanted to thank you dreamsound for this amazing site.. I hope u keep the project running and I really wish you get to be the official fan site cause ur site is way better than all the other adam’s sites.
    that said, the reason I comented is to let very one know that I am from Saudi Arabia and that Adam has a big loving base even this far away from USA.. I even voted for him. I am a 35 years old mom and I have never obsessed or had a crush on any celeberty b4 Adam, but with Adam something strange happened. I am going throug a very difficult time in my life and somehow the existance of Adam and watching him every week just filled me woth so much positive energy.. somehow he inspired me to get back on my feet aftr hating life and wanting to even commit suicide.
    I cant explain how he did.. I dont even understand how.. but for that I love him and he will be forever so close to my heart and wish with all my heart all the best for him in his life.
    I wish one day I could see him and tell him that he saved my life and give him a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

    Also tank u all Adam fans for sharing ur love for Adam with all of s other Adam lovers and make us feel like a part of a special international community

    • Meme an all Adam fans,
      Agree an also thenk Dreamsound for thes wonderful place to share our affectione an thouts regarding estraordinaire vocaliste Adam Lambert who no mattre whet interview has taken place is evre humble,gracious an beyonde any critismes be it fellow contestantes,reporters,an Ryan’s questiones remans a l’homme of intergrite,an kindness towarde evrione!
      We sholde also supporte Adam an write thouts re:Larry King Interviews an hurtful critiques thet Danny made ovre how judges praises cause opposite in Adam’s loss..An it was also for an unfair vote systeme on finale votes for 4 heures..I had an lot of ma famille/frends aving busy signale despite call/texte etc on all 3 lines..An sholde haveinvestigate .
      Nonetheless nomattre seeing the repoire of Adam et Kris ther’s a mutual frenship an commaraderie..An evene aftre Adam loss,he hug Kris an genuinely happy for..Kris as well when hering he hed won was in disbelif an say non thinq Adam is l’winner.So bless them both in future musique careers both deffarante styles..But ther’s a frenship can see will reman!
      An agree all Adam’s fans can continue to follow Adam an his future recordings,CD’s an download to av his songes play on internationale radio as well as USA..Bravo an many blessings to Adam a diverse,magnificente,multitalente,charmant ,tresbeau artistewho has cambian musique an toches heartes as does so mine..He has brought such joie also in ma life
      aftre missing beloved parentes who I loss to feele somehow they sent me an l’worlde Adam Lambert..An oui they here his magnficente voice from heaven.! Bless yu always
      Adam ..sont tresbeau an make l’worlde a bettre place! J’adore et bisous Lisettexxoxoxo

  52. ^^^^ Meme, what a wonderful story. Well, I am in my early thirties too and something happened to me too when I saw Adam singing. I can’t explain it either but he gave me a reason to smile every day. Thank you for sharing your story with us American fans – so nice to see his friends around the world sharing in one great experience – the rising superstardom of the great Adam Lambert! Have a great day and keep supporting Adam! We love him! P.S. You should find a way to write to Adam or to Larry King or to Idol to let them know your story and how Adam helped you. Pretty powerful stuff. Good luck and nice to have you alive so you can enjoy Adam’s music 🙂

    • hey there (bee adam fan)
      thx for comenting 🙂 and you are right I wil try to let my story reach Adam in any way… just to let him know how much he means to all of us..
      and yes ofcourse I plan to support Adam all the way.. EVERY STEP
      wish you all the best my dear

  53. I saw the entire interview on Larry King. Hey anyone have a comment on Adam and Kris’ reaction to Paula’s remark that they had a “Bromance” going on? I thought their giggling and carrying on about it was soooo funny and cute.

    I really enjoyed the interviews of both of those guys and you can see they are true friends. I thought Ryan’s question to Adam about whether the comments on his being gay might have affected the voting was interesting. I also found it more interesting that while Adam responded saying “no” he didn’t think it affected the vote – Kris was shaking his head “yes” he did think it affected the vote.

    This was a great interview and if you have the chance try to catch the whole thing to include Paula’s interview.

  54. What’s with Danny not remembering that he did a Larry King blog? Is the guy too busy being a star?

  55. I Love Adam! The guy is amazing in every way. He actually won on so many levels no matter what the outcome was with AI. Adam is unique in a way that I have not seen before and he is also a very classy guy. I cannot wait to see more of the Adam. He is truly a Rock Star!! I believe he will do great things.

  56. I saw the Larry King show tonight and I still can’t stand Danny. Kris seemed ok. But then again he always was. Adam was a doll as always and very sharp. Megan can come off kinda jealous and rude to other contestance and anoop sucked up the interview. Allison seem to close to danny for my taste. Her voice is ver unlike danny’s. She can scream on pitch. America has opinons about each one and they need to understand that and work on their skills. Just like Adam has. The guy is so together.

  57. Summercandy says:

    hye dreamsound! thank you for this wonderful website! it helps international fans like me who don’t get to watch adam lambert on american channels! will support adam from the other side of the world! Can’t wait for Adam’s album.Rock On Adam!

  58. loveadam4life says:

    What ever you said Danny Gokey
    You are nothing but a LOOSER.LOOSER Hypocrite

    Iloveyou Adam Lambert

    Thank you Dreamsound

  59. Adam Lambert is positive energy personified. Just seeing him is like a moment in the sun.

  60. This is what really happened on American Idol. The stage this season was set for an Adam versus Danny showdown. Adam and Danny were engaged in battle. The trophy lay on the ground. Little Kris walked over and picked up the trophy. Adam threw down his RIVAL Danny, then turned around to see his FRIEND Kris holding the trophy. And Adam was happy.

  61. AdamRocks! says:

    Watching Adam and Kris, you could tell they were TIRED!

  62. Larry king needs to have just Adam on there to talk about how he made it this far and what he plans from here on out.

  63. lamberghini says:

    The site is exquisite and I have enjoyed it so much. (and the official site is really lackluster.) Thank you for all your hard work and I hope it will be recognized by THE MAN himself.

  64. AmazingAdam says:

    Danny Gokey is lame. Even Kris called him ‘you jerk’. Totally could tell, he is such a brown nose and yet people still don’t like him. If you guys got a chance to see their duets (Kris with Dany) on American Idol, it was so obvious that Kris felt so uncomfortable around Dany. But not with Adam.