American Idol Season 8 Top 5 Elimination Night (Poor Adam :( )


  1. FANS of Adams outside of USA you can do something.

    Write to Adam

    Adam Lambert, c/o American Idol, Stage 36/3rd Floor, CBS Studios, 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036

    Show them and him … how loved he really is! do it today!!!!

    • Didi...!?* says:

      Hay guys, i am soo glad to hear that Adam has won, I live in South Africa and the show is’nt that far yet on our screens, we are only at the top 7 now… I absolutely love Adam, he is amazing in what he does, and I really wish all the best to him… Lu Adam… Kiss Kiss…!!

    • Dessi Ivanova says:

      Adam, you are the best and most talented contestant ever been on stage in American Idol. I love each one of your performances. I was shocked when I saw you in the bottom 2 and I was especially shocked by the way Ryan Seacrest put you there. Did America lose its mind or what? How could that be!!!! If Adam Lambert gets voted off I promise I will NEVER watch American Idol again….

      Adam Lambert, you are the most incredible and gorgeous singer American Idol ever had. You are the ultimate fan of this show. I look forward to see your concerts and to buy your albums.

      I am your fan FOREVER! I love you!

    • I am an American living in Arhus, Denmark. I will write to him this week… send postcards.. I wish
      I can vote because many of us living in Europe are loving Adam. The great singer, artist, performer that he is He does not compromise who he is. From the first time I saw him at the audition shows, I was mesmerized by his courage and charisma. …. and of course, that voice..

      I watch the streaming live shows at 2 a.m. on Tuesdays in Denmark and the elimination show at 3 a.m. on Wednesdays. I have never been a fan of anyone like this in my lifetime .. I am in my 40s.. I will be coming back home in the US very soon and my husband and I are looking forward to seeing one of many of Adam Lambert\s concerts in the near future. We are looking forward to it…


  2. I have friends who are scientists and mathematicians. They all tell me it is impossible to go from 45 million to 47 million votes the next week and then have the top two of the contenders drop to the bottom three. All poles on the internet show Adam with close to 75% of the overall vote. It makes no sense.

    Two scenario:

    American Idol is up to something and pulled a very dirty trick on Adam Wednesday night asking him to choose the talent level of his close friends on the show. That was disgusting!

    Everyone loves Allison except we know she isn’t Idol material at her stage in life….she needs to mature. However, she has consistently been in the bottom three and did a really good job on Tuesday. Complacency exists with Kris voters and Adam voters and many have admitted to voting for Allison just so that she would be in the final top four or three.

    So, those people have had a rude awakening and I feel certain that everyone will be back to voting for Kris and Adam as originally this coming week.

    Even so, my friends insist there are shenanigans going on on American Idol merely for the sake of ratings and “drama”. What else can explain the poor taste of what they did with Adam on Wednesday and the results of the voting.

    • fairfax007 says:

      Carol, your article was excellent. I don’t think a writer for Entertainment Weekly could have expressed theirself better. I totally agree with you. Adam doesn’t have to work harder, we the fans have to work harder at getting enough votes in.

  3. Rayzonn says:

    I am a grandmother and i can tell you. I have been thru the years of Motown,Elvie,Rock and roll etc. Adam HAS IT!!! There is no doubt in my mind he will outshine everyone even if he doesnt win.He might actually be better off if you think about it. He wont be under the thumb of American Idol. That said hes certainly the most talented man i have ever seen on american Idol by far. When people judge him about his personal life,they should look at their own. We are who we are and what we are. Bravo for Adam in staying who he is….Hes brilliant

    • Binahlinda says:

      Rayzonn, I am a grandmother too and I totally agree with everything you said. Ditto.
      Adam has class and is savy for his age so he will survive and be a huge star!

      We all know that this is about ratings and numbers. Don’t forget……………..
      MAY is “sweeps” month so FOX is going to do whatever they have to, or want! Sad and just plain
      disgusting what they did to Adam, but hey he is still the best!

    • Hi Rayzonn. I totally agree with you also regarding Adam may do better if he gets voted off early but Adam should win AI. He has been awesome since day one. He has worked hard since he was 10 years old for this moment. He himself has said he has “done stuff” to pay his bills and make it in the business. Not sure if this is why some voters are turned off by him and it shouldn’t matter. What matters is he is in a league of his own. What’s the point of AI if the best performer doesn’t win? I haven’t watched AI since Taylor Hicks won. I have nothing personal against him. He seems like a really nice guy. Just giving my opinion on how great of a singer he is. When you hold Adam up to singers who are currently making mega-millions and are very popular now, it seems ridiculous. I’ve never been this way about any contestant on AI. Adam is so special and he has a sweet, kind and generous spirit. We all just need to vote like hell on Tuesday night. Go Adam!!!!

  4. Zoralovesadam says:

    I watch American Idol just because of Adam Lambert. Doesn’t matter how good the rest of the contestants are, the moment Adam gets on the stage is like the sun starts shining. The rest of the performances look colorless and blurred.
    Adam Lambert being in the bottom 2 was a huge disgrace for that show. I hear rumors American Idol scripted that, in order to gain more votes. Either way – it was humiliating for Adam and unfair to us – his fans.
    I am voting for Adam every week and will not stop doing that until I see him announced as American Idol Season 8 Winner. He deserves that title and has all the potential to earn it – voice, talent, look and devoted fans.
    Adam Lambert IS our next American Idol.

  5. Jeanette says:

    When they put Adam in the bottom two…that had to be fixed by American Idol……there is absolutely no way he belonged in the bottom 2…It was an absolute crime and sin to have him in the bottom 2…I don’t believe it at all!! I think A. I. did it for shock value just to keep things interesting…It’s absolute Bullshit to have it look like he had one of the lowest scores… He clearly has the most talent and the the most AWESOME VOCALS I have ever heard!!! It would be really bad if Adam got eliminated… ADAM is the best of all of them…true some of the others are good singers…but ADAM is not a good singer…ADAM is an awesome talent and artist…No one anywhere in the music industry for a long time has seen anything like him…ADAM is GOLD!!! HE is going to be as big if not bigger than ELVIS…HE can sing anything and with class and style…HE is a true artist form the word go…I lov e him for everything that he is…HE deserves to win…not Danny or Allison…which I believe Danny will probably be up there at the end with Adam….Adam does not belong ever to be in the bottom 2 or 3…He deserves the title and he will make it bigger than anyone else there…He is truly AMAZING AND MAGNIFICENT>>>>>>>HE is already a huge STAR!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think Al producers decided along with Simon that Adam was getting a little to cocky and decided to take him down a peg. When he came down the stairs with that swagger and curled lip the night before I thought he seemed different , not so humble acting. And I have noticed lately that ever since people started saying that he will be bigger than Elvis he has been dressing more like Elvis and did that lip curl at the end. No doubt he will be Big no matter where he places, but I confess, I voted for Danny this week. Adam already has a career , Danny could use a break, he’s great too!

    • Hi Karen. I totally disagree with you regading Adam being cocky. I sensed something was wrong with him after his performance. When Matt gave his interview after the show, we now know what was wrong. Adam was disappointed in his own performance that night. Which is totally crazy because he was as good as he always is. Adam has never been cocky. He was putting himself into the song as an actor to make it believable (which is what most artists do). My other favorites are Danny and Allison but Adam is the most talented (in my opinion) and that’s what AI is about. Voting for the person who deserves to win.

  7. Adam Lambert is the best.. he can sing anything…..even if he dont win (which i doubt), he will still sell lots of records and he will go places


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