American Idol Season 8 Top 4 Elimination Night


  1. Glambertfan says:

    Thanks for posting!

  2. AdamFan52 says:

    Say, does anyone know when Slash gave his standing O? Was it for Adam’s solo or for the duet with Adam and Allison? Since AI mixes up their “scenes” it is hard to tell. Thanks…

  3. Hi I love Adam, 59 year old , for me Adam is best Idol contestant ever. Could you play the entire songs instead of short versions? thanks for this site

  4. adamfan66 says:

    I was so sorry to see Allison go. She is such a great singer and a sweet girl. I’m sure she will go very far in music. My favorite is Adam. He reminds me so much of Elvis when he was young. What a voice.He is a superstar to me already. My friends and I all love him and hopes that he will win American Idol this year. Love you Adam and good luck!

  5. Violet Conley says:

    There is only ONE choice left: Adam Lambert!
    I’m sorry Allison was voted off,Allison and Adam complmented each other!
    Danny & Kris are good guys, but Adam is in a diffferent league


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