American Idol – Season 8 – Group Performances in High Quality (WEEKLY UPDATES)

Watch closely… Adam is the only one that pulls every performance every time whether is real singing or lip synched. Bookmark (CTRL+D) and keep checking back for the latest updates every week. Which is one is your favorite performance and which one was the most horrendous? Comments below.

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Top 7 (II) Group Performance: Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) Lip Synched with Live Choreography

Two important things: 1) Adam is the only one with no glasses, 2) His moves at the end reflect some of his previous moves here :):

and here:

 Ok, back to the video:



Top 7 Group Performance: Maniac (Live Singing)
Much better than last week



Top 8 Group Performance – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Live Singing)
Adam and Allison ROCK, everybody else… not so good. At least they’re actually singing again.




Top 9 Group Performance (Lip Synched… or Lip Unsynched)



Top 10 Group Performance – Motown Medley (Lip Synched)



Top 11 Group Performance – T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (Lip Synched)



Top 13 Group Performance – Michael Jackson Medley
I miss Jorge…



Top 36 Group Performance – Closer (Lip Synched)
I miss Mishavonna…


  1. DarkShadowsAbove says:

    As of 8PM ET, the Top 36 performance of “Closer” is actually the Top 13 Performance… Just so you know, DS.

  2. Can Paula Abdual choreograph all the group performances on the show? Pleeeeasssseeeese?

  3. even though it was lip synched, i really like the “don’t stop believin’ ” performance because i love that song 🙂 but my all time favorite as of late is the one from tonight (the one with a full-on dance number choreographed by none other than Paula!) i think Adam clearly showed he is a triple threat tonight! GO ADAM!

    • triple threat as in: singing, dancing, acting? or singing, dancing, eloquence? or singing, dancing, personality? or singing, dancing, hot looks? or perhaps: hot looks, personality, and dancing? …;-)

  4. adam is simply amazing.
    did anyone notice in the motown medlt at abut 01:57, matt sounded a LOT like justin timberlake?

  5. I can not believe I just wasted 30 minutes of my life just to watch those tiny little snippets of Adam. How horrible was that? No wonder I’ve been fast forwarding through the group acts for the past 8 seasons (I swear I’ve NEVER watchted them before). This just seals the deal that I will NOT go to an AI concert until Adam does one by himself.

  6. uglyduck says:

    at the beginning of the dance, it seems like Adam was saying “Go” to the other as the cue to start the dance… (it’s not important I know, i just like to think that he’s leading and really knows the beat lol)

  7. Hi there! Thanks for featuring my videos on your site. By the way, you missed embedding the correct video for the Top 36 performance of Closer.

  8. Grannee says:

    I love DANCE – Adam is my very favorite person on AI this year. He has “IT” everything!

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