American Idol Makeover – Or the Search for Adam Lambert!

American Idol Season 10 is back starting tonight! Though I’m still pledged to my one-only Adam Lambert, I still look forward to seeing some great entertainment. And I don’t mean the people who can’t sing and need to tell the world they can. The problem this year will be without Simon Cowell spitting out his venom, who will they mouth off to? After giving up what seemed like most of my day/life to Adam when he was competing on Idol (you all remember sitting at your computers and suddenly it’s 7 hours later, right?!?) I vowed before Season 9 started that I would not make one phone call or send one text vote. Little did I know that there wouldn’t be any contestants who even compelled me to do so! And without seeing anyone for Season 10, I make the same vow for this year!

This brings me to an article in our San Diego Union Tribune last Friday by columnist Karla Peterson. She is writing about the “remake” of American Idol. I got so much joy when Adam’s name came up in such complimentary ways. I’ll recap some points in the article, but give you the Adam-mentions in full. Be sure to click the link to read the entire story. Please forgive the delay in writing about this. I couldn’t post this until her article appeared online so I could link you up!

Of course the first points are about the new judges. Have you watched all the appearances of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as they made their way around the talk-show circuit the past week? I loved watching Steven Tyler perform his Run DMC version of Walk This Way with Jimmy Fallon last night! (I’m still dying to know Tyler’s reaction to Adam’s version of Crying. Has anyone ever seen any comments about this??)

Behind the scenes
Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe (So You Think You Can Dance) is back after a two-year break. He’s ruled out the 4-judge format and the use of young mentors, like Miley Cyrus. I’m excited about the addition of producer and record-company executive Jimmy Iovine, as the in-house mentor. We all know J-Lo’s and Tyler’s personalities, but we don’t know about this guy . . . yet! Word is he’s fast-talking and opinionated. He will be pairing the contestants with high-profile producers to enhance their performances. Can’t wait!

From Karla Peterson:
On the stage
None of these resuscitative measures will bring “Idol” back to life if the contestants are a bunch of dead fish, and the producers have instituted some changes that should liven things up a bit.
After the Season 7 success of the guitar-playing David Cook resulted in a rash of shoe-gazing singer/songwriter types, this year’s contestants are being encouraged to put down the instruments and amp up the showmanship. Maybe they should hire Adam Lambert as a consultant. Also, it looks like the musical-genre theme nights may give way to nights devoted to decades of music. On the one hand, that means fewer awkward disco covers, which would be a relief. But the genres did force contestants out of their comfort zones, resulting in such classic “Idol” moments as Fantasia’s version of “Summertime” on movie night and Lambert’s slinky Grand Ole Opry night take on “Ring of Fire.” I hope we won’t be missing out on more of those.
And in an attempt to woo back all those young viewers they lost over the last few seasons, producers have lowered the contestant age limit to 15. Maybe the producers are hoping they’ll find the next Justin Bieber. Or maybe they’re just praying all the screaming will keep us awake.

Click here to read the full article!

Peterson also gave “A Selective Timeline” for vital Idol moments. The best was:
May 20, 2009: San Diego’s Adam Lambert does not win the eighth season of “American Idol,” much to the shock of everyone, including winner Kris Allen. In December of 2010, Lambert is nominated for a Grammy.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  2. Thanks so much for keeping us posted during the drought. I am so happy that Adam’s name is forever stamped on all AI news and commentary. He set the bar so high and it is a thrill to learn that his picture will be among the winners in the intro of AI each night and in the background used for the auditions. He deserves to be there. Did I catch that he will be on The Talk on CBS, 1 p.m. PST? And, of course the Grammys……Thanks to all of you at Dreamsound. Can’t wait to see an email from you, even now that GNT is over.
    Best of 2011 to you all.

    • Does anyone know when he will be on the Talk? I will set my DVR. He would be great with the women on that show sinse they are all pretty cool. Please post the date.
      Glamb 616

  3. I’m sure that many will agree that Idol was ruined for them by Adam losing, there is really no one that can compare! It would take a flippin’ miracle to out do him on that show, if that is what they are hoping for good luck to them!

  4. Hi Idolators, In our book, there will be no one greater than Adam Lambert for any show!!!!! 🙂 :): 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 , Love 4-ever, Rita & Donna

  5. kat23morgan says:

    I think Adam did not ruin the show by not winning…he just made the show really boring now…Why…no one has even come close to his electrifying…creative…over the top performances visually and vocally…Last year there were some talents,,,Crystal…for one…but no comparison…As Adam said…they were all kind of “sleepy” performance wise…Well put…I watched last night and it was refreshing to have J Lo (not a big fan of hers…she has a huge rep of being a diva) and Steven and Randy..The three seemed to mesh well…Although there is no true Simon like honesty…The auditioners…were ok…last guy was the best..young guy…16…Steven as a judge is great…he knows being over the top…edgy…rock like…big performance is key…Thought it was funny that the show choose to open with three straight made it to Hollywood performances…there were less bad singers featured…strategy I believe….to try to get viewers to watch..many got tired of bad singers…wanted more good singers featured…Plus they want to grab back the audience that went away…Again…Idol has lost a lot to me…When Adam lost, obviously unfairly, then Crystal lost last year…I kept thinking what the hech is going on…Adam in an interview said many really good singers never make it to TV auditions because they are weeded out before even getting the TV audition by producers who are trying to get a diverse type of people on TV…meaning many good singers do not even get to first round…He said there were several really good rock singers when he tried out that did not make it for this reasons…and was the reason he choose to sing the songs he sung…to set himself apart from them…interesting…I am basically watching just because I am curious about how new judges will handle this…

  6. BarbaraSJ says:

    The only reason I’m watching right now is because I like to watch the auditions, and partly to see how the new judges do. However, there’s nothing exciting going on. Really rather boring. Sure there are some who can sing really well, but as I watched last night, I couldn’t help but think of season 8. NOW THAT WAS EXCITING!! Why was it so exciting? Because of ADAM LAMBERT!! He brought something to AI that no season before or after has seen or heard! And rather people liked him or not, they watched just to SEE…and HEAR…what he was going to do next. I love to hear him sing — BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME voice! As far as his looks go — GORGEOUS!!! He is no cookie-cutter performer, that’s for sure. As I watched AI last night, I had this feeling like “something’s missing.” Yeah, there was something missing: NO EXCITEMENT, NO ANTICIPATION — NO ADAM LAMBERT!! I wonder if AI will ever have someone as different and special and unique and talented, as Adam. No, there’s only one Adam Lambett! OH and another thing — I miss PAULA AND SIMON!! Also I’m so glad to see you Randy still there. JLo and Tyler are doing well I think. But I sure miss seeing Adam prancing around the AI stage!

  7. I just saw 1st episode of AI last night. It was so boring plus the terrible singing, I fell asleep in front of my TV! I miss Simon and Paula! And of course I dont think we will see another Adam Lambert – ever!

  8. I,too, miss the excitement of seeing Adam on AI His performances were amazing, and always something to look forward to! Thank you for keeping us informed during this break–really miss him.
    I also read the article in the San Diego UT. It maded my day seeing his name mentioned this way!


  10. Hi Carol, I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for keeping us up-dated.Iwas just looking the other day to see if I could find any comments from Steven Tyler regarding Adam Lambert singing “cryin”, but so far, I have not found anything.

    If anyone does, please let us know. I think we all know there will never be anyone like Adam Lambert on American Idol, and we should not even try to compare anyone to him. Having said that, I still think there are others who have talent and should be worthy of the opprtunity to be heard. We can;t expect anyone to have the “whole Package’ alreeady wrapped and ready to go….Adam is one of a kind and we accept that and love that….but we can always lower our standards for others who have true talent without reaching the level of showmanship that our Adam has.

    Love and Hugs to All,

    Nana #1 Glam #488

  11. What can I say? As if Adam owns the American Idol show now because the show will always be compared when he was last in the show.

    Why? Maybe because no one on the show had ever given us those orgasms, and more. Those electrifying heights where we can reach the stars. Well, at least Steven Tyler livens the show now, but can not compare to Adam’s presence. I’ve watched Elvis taped shows and his movie, but he has none of Adam’s edginess…… that cutting edginess, you know like a ninja’s. He has none of Adam’s voice that’s cutting like a sword. Yes, Elvis is sexy. But what a woman wants sometimes is more than just sex. Adam inspires more than just lust, he inspires compassion……… he inspires courage……. he inspires one to go out there and battle. He is man-woman rolled into one – a perfect blend !