American Idol Disco Week Theme

Anticipating Disco Week

Disco is a genre of music from the late 1960s through the 1970s. This style of music has it’s roots in R & B, jazz, and Latin. Disco dances mix funk and soul with traditional dances such as the tango, samba, cha cha, merengue, and mambo. Disco makes us think of dance music, along with guitars, various horns, and/or electric pianos. We think of the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, The Jackson 5, and of course, Saturday Night Fever. Notable styles included Tony Manero polyester suits for the guys, and platform shoes for the ladies. There were popular clubs like Studio 54, strobe lights, the disco ball, and dancing the Hustle. The lyrics are of ten about dancing and having a great time.

American Idol has had disco theme week before. In Season 2, Rickey Smith memorably did ‘Let’s Groove’ by Earth, Wind, and Fire. Other songs chosen that night were: Turn The Beat Around (Vicki Sue Robinson), Knock On Wood (Amii Stewart), Everlasting Love (Carl Carlton), I’m Every Woman (Chaka Khan), Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe (Barry White), It’s Raining Men (The Weather Girls), and Celebration (Kool & the Gang).

On Bee Gees night, also during season 2, songs included Jive Talkin, To Love Somebody, I Just Want to Be Your Everything, Nights on Broadway, Grease (Clay in the red jacket and shoes stand out in memory), Emotion, and How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.

Season 4 had a 1970s Dance Music Theme, where the Idols chose Nights on Broadway (Bee Gees), MacArthur Park (Donna Summer), Everlasting Love (Carl Carlton), Don’t Take Away The Music (Tavaras), I’m Every Woman (Chaka Khan), September (Earth, Wind, and Fire), and Vehicle (The Ides of March).

This week, David Archuleta will be back to sing his new song “A Little Too Not Over You:. Also, Harry Wayne ‘KC’ Casey, Thelma Houston and Freda Payne will sing a medley of their hits “Get Down Tonight,” “Don’t Leave Me this Way” and “Band of Gold.”

But, most importantly, what should Adam sing for disco week? He could go slow, creating yet another special moment, or he could rock the house again being his awesome self. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that whichever route he chooses, he will be amazing. I’m eagerly anticipating watching him dance and go disco on us!!!

What songs do you think Adam should do for disco week, and why?

By LindaK (
Contributing Editor


  1. Adam4Life says:

    Hmmm. Well anything Adam does will be amazing, of course, but I’m hoping for an up-beat dance song so he can show off his high-energy side again. Can’t wait to see what he does!

    • Only Adam says:

      Adam should sing “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” or “How Deep Is Your Love” and slow it down even more.

  2. I would like to hear “Last Dance” by Donna Summer. It starts out slow and sweet then builds to a fun, up-tempo song. It would give Adam an opportunity to showcase his skills at both tender moments and bringing down the house.

    • YES PLEASE — Something, anything, by Donna Summer for Disco night! He should sing Hot Stuff, Dim All the Lights, or Love to Love You Baby (Donna Summer).

  3. On the slow side.. I think he should sing, Too Much Heaven or How Deep is Your Love by the Bee Gees… Reasons by Earth Wind & Fire would be cool..

    On the fast side.. he should sing..,,Making it by David Naughton, Rock the Boat.. ANYTHING<<

    Good luck, Adam… cannot wait for your Disco Performance…

  4. My suggestion is Amii Stewart’s 1979 disco remake of “Light My Fire”. It would be incredible! Here’s the link

    • OMG I watched this video, and while the 70’s video is kinda freaky, I think Adam could totally spice up this song and pull it off in a major way. I mean, since it’s a Door cover, it’s a throwback to his rock roots and all…and I can just picture him totally destroying those high notes…in an amazingly good. way! I really hope this is another week where Adam proves once again that he is the one to beat, because disco week can be so cheesy…hopefully he keeps it real. GO ADAM!!!

  5. A disco version of Knights in White Satin in his own unique way. Giorgio Moroder did a disco version….the music was ok but his singing sucked.

  6. I LOVE the idea of a song that starts slow and builds up. What look would he do for something like that, tho? LOL Watched that link… agree that he would do that incredibly well! I could see him doing White Satin, too. Not so much anything Bee Geeish. But then again it’s Adam so who knows? He could do it all in falsetto again…

    • I think he’d look great in a white satin elvis looking outfit. LOL Can’t you just imagine him doing the high parts in White Satin?

      But, as you said, it’s hard to tell what Adam will do which is what keeps us all hanging on the edge of our seats.

      He has to be the BEST AI contestant ever!

  7. Paula Stapleton says:

    Two good songs come to mind: KC & the Sunshine Band – Shake Your Booty and the other song is by The Sweet – Fox on the run, although its more glam rock than disco. Or, Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive

  8. Oh man I want to hear him do a beegee’s with a glam rock twist to it, he would bring the house down and frankly I think he’s the only contestant EVER that could pull it off

  9. Oh my God — Adam HAS to do “Light My Fire”!!! How could he not? Wow – I’m soo excited now!! i can’t wait to see what he wears and how he wears his hair!!! 🙂

  10. “It’s Raining Men!” Oh please, please, please, Adam, do that song!! LOL.

    I love disco and I think Adam does too. I have a feeling this will be my favorite performance to date.

    • what are you nuts !!

      • if he sings it’s raining men, it will ruin his chances of winning. simon would be very very shocked and disappointed if he chooses this song however, if he tries to make it totally different from the original then it would be a stunning performance. since it’s disco week, i’m hoping he’d choose an upbeat song and turn it into a mellow song like how he played with the song, “believe” by cher

        • You know I really want Adam to sing a Donna Summer song for disco week but I loved what he did with Cher’s Believe so what about Cher’s disco song Take Me Home??

  11. “Relight My Fire” by LuLu

    Go Adam!!!!

  12. bleubelle says:

    I think he needs to blow the roof off and do Lady Marmalade…he could totally pull it off, and it would be amazing. I’d give just about anything to see him in full glitter regalia and spandex. Paula would have to be carried out on a stretcher !

  13. TKATE.s suggestion would be cool.. Light My Fire. Amii Stewart version…

    Looking like John Travolta on Saturday Night Fever.. would be awesome . with slick back hair like in Play That Funky Music.. woo hoo..

    We are all addicted. .. TO ADAM>

  14. Salaam Gray says:

    I’d love to hear him do ‘Knock on Wood’ by Ami Stewart. That would be amazing. Whatever he does, we will love it!

  15. Nobody ever touched the legendary ‘Staying Alive’ yet? Done originally by Bee Gees and sang with high notes falsetto. Sounds like something Adam could pull amazingly. But this also can make it a risky choice. It’s a VERY popular song.

    Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,
    Im a womans man: no time to talk.
    Music loud and women warm,
    Ive been kicked around since I was born.
    And now its all right. its ok.
    And you may look the other way.
    We can try to understand
    The new york times effect on man.

    • In season 4, on Bee Gees night, Lakisha Jones did Stayin’ Alive. I can’t remember if I liked her take on it or not.

  16. As long as he doesn’t do the predictable and John Travolta-ize his look. At this point, that would be what everyone expects. He should maintain his individuality, keep his emo/rocker look while his voice and performancebrings down the house.

  17. OMG, he better do an up tempo song. I’m tired of all of the contestants picking those slow ballads .

  18. No we are ALL NOT ADDICTED TO ADAM!!

  19. Don’t you all mean relight my fire (as song by Dan Hartman and later by Take That with LuLu)?

  20. I don’t know what Adam will sing… But I wish he sing something that unrecognizable then he turn it into Current beat for the 21st century dance song. So far Adam can do anything, I’m sure if Adam goes to this site and read what the fans are requesting he probably have a Good idea.
    On the 2nd note… Adam greatness is absolutely Adore by millions of people all over the Country. His talents is beyond this competition.
    Adam do something soft that will make Simon stand on his feet once again. Something Simon’s favorite, you need him on your side all the time. Voters, audience listen to Simon’s comments. Simons comments is valuable.
    But since Adam is extremely talented he doesn’t have to impress Simon all the time but it helps a great deal 🙂
    Go for something old Adam and turn that song Current that YOU are the only can do that.
    I LOVE YOU ADAM….You are Gifted Kid and so Blessed!!!!!

    Rock them once Again Adam!!! Way to go………..Go get them.

  21. hahaha adam should definitely sing “its raining men” by the weather girls. that would be amazing. and he should wear his platform boots.

  22. I think Adam will do a slower song and bring it down. He is been working hard-soft-hard-soft for the past several weeks.

    He knows how to WORK IT, if you know what I mean xD

  23. Tyggress says:

    I think he should do:

    (She’s a) Brick House
    It’s Raining Men


  24. OK i REALLY REALLY think that ADAM is goin to sind “lets dance” by David Bowie because he said he is his favorite singer.

    OFF TOPIC!: (please dont take it the wrong way and i hope i dont offend anyone i extremely LOVE ADAM) ok SO i was googling David Bowie (bc i didnt know who he was) and i came across that he is bisexual. Maybe David is ADam’s Idol because David is an open bisexual?? soo MAYBE ADam isn’t gay..he is bi
    OMG i hope this is tru because i LOVE him so MUCH and i want to PRETEND to be MRSLAMBERT

  25. First song came to my mind is Do ya think I’m Sexy , but of course he can’t sing that Simon would have a COWell, but I would love to hear and see him sing that. I Think staying alive by the Bee Gees would absolutely fit him. Anything he sings I will definitely think he”s sexy!

  26. i’m just wondering,
    why’s his nickname glambert?

    • His look (guyliner/hair/nail polish)and some previous music/theater performances are very “glam”.
      Last name..Lambert
      Glam+Lambert = Glambert 😉

  27. I think “wake me up beforeyou go -go” by geogre michael is a good choice for adam lambert to sing.large room to adjust or add musical stuff suit himself.and also fit his range anf style well.

  28. I’m hoping that Adam Lambert will sing Don’t Leave Me This Way by Thelma Houston on this week’s Idol. Whatever he sings I’m sure he’ll blow us all away. Another disco song that I’d love to hear him belt out (just because but not for the competition) is I Feel Love by Donna Summer.

    • I think this song is better suited for Lil. She needs redemption this week and if she sings this song, she can at least make Simon choke, hopefully..

      • Hi Jana – don’t you want to hear Adam wrap his chords around these lines:

        Um-hm-hm… aah ah ah…
        Don’t leave me this way
        I can’t survive, can’t stay alive
        Without your love, oh baby
        Don’t leave me this way, no
        I can’t exist, I’ll surely miss your tender kiss
        Don’t leave me this way
        (A broken man with empty hands
        Oh baby please, don’t leave me this way)
        Aaah baby, my heart is full of love and desire for you
        Now come on down and do what you gotta do
        (Now come on girl and do what you gotta do)
        You started this fire down in my soul
        Now can’t you see it’s burning out of control
        Come on (now) satisfy the need in me
        Only your good lovin’ can set me free…

        … !!!

        • Hey.. lyrics sounds good. … I guess we will just see what he sings tomorrow.. can\t wait.. I am sure whatever it is,,, it will be great!!

  29. OMGADAMMMMM says:

    if adam wins it would be as if i won along with him. he is my role model for musical thetare and he deserves everygood comment from simon. it is not suprising if adam becomes famous all over the world just hear his voi and you will be addicted to him. adam i am a huge fan and i would do anything to meet you, but don’t think of me as am obsessed stalker but as a friend. your voice has the power of a million lighning bolts. and any song is good for you.

    -I have all the faith in the whole entire world for you Adam,

  30. Im4adam09 says:

    Dancing Queen. Just a thought. lol

  31. How Deep Is Your Love

  32. I like the Superfreak idea, but I also like That’s The Way I Like It, but he’d have to modify it to show off his range. I think the Bee Gees would show off his range, but David Bowie might be fun too… how about China Girl (although that was from the 80’s)!

    What ever he does it has be be completely original. He can’t do a real disco song just like he can’t do a country song.

  33. It probably does not qualify as disco, but I would love to hear him do Golden Earring’s Radar Love.

  34. How about “I’m Coming Out”…and I want the world to know… LOL

    I love you Adam!!!!

  35. farmboyWI says:

    Would like to hear Adam cover Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover” for disco week.

  36. My bet is on Adam doing Staying Alive – he can be a dead ringer for Travolta in the movie and people can relate the song and look to Disco 🙂

  37. I think Adam should sing.. YOU SEXY THING, by Hot Chocolate..

  38. what about donna summer macarthur park

  39. or Bonnie Tyler’s It’s a heartache or Total eclipse of the heart

  40. i hope adam sings believe by cher for disco theme. i remember watching his 1-minute performance during hollywood week and it blew me away. he made the song so different so mellow and sincere compared to the original up beat version of cher and i thought it was beautiful.

  41. disco week is ADAM week! he can do watever song he’l choose… he’s the greatest performer in the and the HOTTEST GUY in the universe! i hope he isn’t gay or anything but if he is, oh, he’s still freakin hot!

  42. adam’s hot and really GREAT! he can do watever song he chooses very well. btw, im not from the us but i’m his super fan and he’s just so popular hir. he’s so cool! but i wana hir him sing too much heaven though.

  43. “Jive Talkin” BeeGees

  44. madamforadam says:

    I would love to see what Adam could do with Always and Forever by Heatwave. See

    Or something by Chaka Khan like Tell me something Good
    Whatever he sings it will be something GOOD

    Glambert#1160. LOVE ADAM always and forever

  45. I’m guessing Bohemian Rhapsody would not qualify as disco huh? He would rock the hell out of that song. Thats what he sand in the auditions as a matter of fact.

  46. I can definitely hear Adam singing Don’t Leave Me This Way by Thelma Houston. With his vocals he could make this a number one hit for 2009! Every song I hear I can imagine him singing! He is such a phenomenal performer!

  47. Argh…I can’t honestly think of a single disco song I like…that’s the wonder of Adam…when he is done, there will be one disco song I love.

  48. I think Adam would do a great job with Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell. I don’t know if that’s considered disco or not but Adam can do anything and could certainly put a disco edge on it. I can’t wait!!!

  49. Ok so I was reading a lot of your suggestions and they were pretty good, but its raining men would be awkward, since most people think he’s gay…. but i think i have an idea.

    THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL BY ABBA. Its different then anything else he’s done and he could do some crazy stuff with it too.

  50. farmboyWI says:

    How about “Always” by Erasure???

  51. the whole idea is that Adam takes a familiar song and change it ! Like he did with Cher- Believe. or ROF- which was amazing.
    as much as I would love to hear him singing DONNA SUMMER or ITS RANING MEN ( not a good idea- Simon will hate it! and all the homophobic people as well…) I think its better for him to sing something completely unpredictable !!
    But anyway, I trust Adam will make the right decision anyway and will be amazing as always.

  52. THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING; every person on the planet has his/her fingers crossed. Adam has to be very careful and must make THE PERFECT CHOICE because so very much is expected of him. I wouldn’t even begin to know what he should sing because their are too many directions in which he should go. I just hope that he is getting the right professional advice because

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