American Idol Adam Lambert Biography

As described on his older MySpace profile (which is currently in hiatus), his father, a former DJ, exposed Adam to the best music of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. With over 15 years experience and training in professional musical theatre, he consistently delivers commanding, high-energy live performances. His creative turning point was being cast in a six-month European tour of the “Musical Hair “. Adam dove into hippie era history and paralleled with his very own summer of love which completed him with a major spiritual expansion. Adam returned to Hollywood inspired to make his mark as a contemporary musical artist. He began to make appearances as a glam rock soul alter ego in The Zodiac Show at The Henry Fonda Music Box and Club Makeup at the Key Club. He has even performed for audiences at the Burning Man art festival the past two years. After gaining credibility on the club circuit, he landed his breakout theatre role. Opposite Val Kilmer’s Moses, he was cast as Joshua in
The Ten Commandments
at the Kodak
Theatre in 2004. His tour de force performance became a press and crowd favorite with the New York Times calling him the most consistent crowd-wowering and the LA Times stating that his personal sound and style (was) the best. After ‘The Ten Commandments,’ Adam was cast to understudy in the 1st National Broadway Tour of Wicked. While on tour for six months, he began collaborating with Composer/Guitarist Monte Pittman (Madonna, Prong). Today they have written over 20 songs as the alt/pop/rock band THE CITIZEN VEIN. They are currently working with Producer Malcolm Welsford and A&R Worldwide recording a series of songs. Right before American Idol, Adam was appearing at the Pantages Theatre in the LA Company of Wicked, and working with his unsigned band. In possession 
of a high tenor power voice, Adam possibilities are endless. A musical chameleon, he seamlessly maneuvers in and out of pop, rock, R&B, soul, electronic, and adult contemporary genres. Influences include, Freddy Mercury, Robert Plant, Donny Hathaway, Steve Perry. Moreover, Adam has also SELF-produced a growing number of original electro-pop tracks. Lambert looks forward to collaborations leading to a unique new fusion of his personal style and impressive talent.

Now, Adam Lambert is on his way to become the NEXT American Idol!!

Below is Adam Lambert’s Demo Reel:


Also, below is a full version of his audition in San Francisco. The same day I saw this, I decided to building his fansite:



  1. Amanda Mary says:

    Is Adam Lambert a homosexual? …. I sure hope not.

    • I could care less if he is gay! This guy has more talent than anyone I have ever seen on American idol. That is my opinion, but what does it matter if he is gay? We somehow got to move away from that in America (homosexual thing). I bet you hope he isn’t gay because he is so hot, yes he is, a heterosexual saying this. I bet , what you meant to say, you just would like to think he would procreate with someone, to make more little Adams, yea with that talent, I feel the same!

      • I think what Amanda is saying is that she hopes Adam is not gay…not because that matters, but because if he’s gay, she has no chance with him!!! I agree. I’m twice his age and if I could have a chance with him, I would also hope he wasn’t gay, ya know?? He is HOT. Gay or not.

        • Are you serious? Leave it alone. Just ignore the comment. You are no better than her if you’re going to judge her comments.

        • i thouroughly agree, this isnt about offense at all. i want him too!!!! lol. and trust me at my age thats not legal. hes so beautiful.

          idk why people have to get so dang hostile. this is a comment string not a boxing ring.

          i would like him to procreate too. maybe ill end up dating his son one day. NOT although i can hope.

      • Oh please, shut it. Why are you getting agitated by that comment? Really, it isn’t your place to get mad at a comment. Move on already dammit. Somehow YOU need to understand that America is a free country so GET A LIFE.

    • Stevie P says:

      I second your statement, Marlee. I think that Amanda was trying to be politicly correct. If she would have said “Gay”, someone would have been offended by that. The reason she asked, probably, was because he’s a good looking guy and I’m sure the Gay community is wondering or hoping that he is. How is her question any different? He wears eyeliner and styles his hair and wears tight girls jeans… so, metro-sexual or gothish fashion makes it a bit difficult to pinpoint ones sexuality. The question is not a big deal….. geeze.

      • Thank you, Steve. Everyone gets offended by this question asked by a straight person.

      • Juliee (: says:

        Truee. People get offended when you say “gay”. Hes just homosexual.. Im pretty sure hes bi though. He confessed that he was gay about a month ago and then addmitted he was bi sexual like 2 weeks ago on FOX 5. Plus who gives? Hes the most amazing singer and has the most talent i have ever heard from a guy 🙂 I LOVE YOU ADAM EVEN IF YOU ARE BI! (:<3

    • i sure hope not too!! but even if he is, i don’t care he is hot, talented, awesome, and he has the cutest laugh and everything too. haha. i hope he wins!!!

      • all women in the united states and beyond pray he isn’t gay. I read a post today from a friend of a friend who worked in a under ground club. this person said men and women were always all over him. This sorce said he made his choice based on the person. Many nights he just wondered around watching other shows and gathering ideas. Many nights he just went home to go over music. I hate to think he is bi. But it is looking that way. Well whatcha gonna do when you know you have that effect on people.You take up the offer that looks good at the time i guess. i never had that kind of power. if i had/ who knows.

        • Jennifer says:

          I really enjoyed reading your comments about Adam. They gave some real insight beyond the idol screen. I hear you when you mention about having such an effect on people and “what if” you had that kind of power. Interested in hearing more thoughts from you. I love Adam……what a talent!

  2. Even if he is gay amanda mary, does it matter? get over it! it 2009 for God sakes, making someones sexuality a big thing is SO 1965! OKAAAAAY!

    • Woman after Gods, own heart says:

      it is 2009, but here is the deal, My god is still raining in 2009 as he was in 1965, and there are still God fearing people in this world, who will not back down and shut up just becuz the world tells us to!!! I like adam becuz of his talent, and has nothing to do with his sexuality, but as a mother and as a pastor doesnt mean it is right!!!!! Our world is messed up enough without people telling us that we have to get over what is going on in our world and that we have no right to say it is still wrong and Marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman and that is just how it is!!! Plain and Simple, the world tries to keep things complacated. I am praying for him!!!!

      • Sexuality is a complex bio-psycho-social construct of potentially separate thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. One is not simply either “gay” or “straight”. And you’re conflating gender role expectations with sexuality. He’s done theater, for christsake. He’s a fantastic and talented actor and entertainer. Let it go.

  3. ReggiesaurusRex says:

    Who even USES the word ‘homosexual’ anymore? Seriously?

    • dan henning says:

      Me, would lke to use fag, but that is not acceptable. Gay is a state of mind, not a gender.

  4. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Amanda Mary is hoping Adam is not gay because she is into him, not because is is homophobic. Also, people who have knee jerk reactions to homophobic statements, and respond in a juvenile way, only validate the statement. Its best to ignore them when they are made in this type of forum.

  5. Ok well I’m into him so I’d love to know if he was gay or not cuz he is smokin hot.

  6. tessieloveadam says:

    omg he is not gay i promis you that.. and yess nathan your right

  7. Adam is gay. Who cares? Hes damn sexy!

  8. I think he is bi, but of course who the Duck gives A Famn, whether he is gay or not does not affect his talent, he is perfect, he has the liiks, the charisma, the voice, and he is just the perfect candidate for the show. GOOD LUCK ADAM, I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Adam is openly gay but who cares? He is fricken amazing and has my vote all the way!

  10. For what it is worth I think that Adam Lambert, is one of the most talented individuals. The music industry will be astounded at his success.
    I beleive that he will soar to the top and be one of the greatest in History.
    He has a god given talent, that I have not seen in a long time.
    I usually agree with Simon on most of his comments about the contestants, but his dislike of Adams satisfaction, I strongly disagree he was awsome, and could not find the fault that Simon had noted. In fact i get goose bumps when I hear him sing it.
    Adam is very good looking and his personal life should remain his personal life.
    His talent out weighs all other contestants…….

  11. is adam gay i hope not he’s sexy he’s the only reason i watch american idol

  12. OutlandoGirl says:

    Love the written bio, but it desperately needs a good copy editor! When Adam becomes HUGE (via IDOL or not!), tell him I’ll do his editing for free! 🙂

  13. An amazing voice. An amazing young man.

  14. regannistight says:

    I agree with Dee its his personal life and it should stay that way

    In the words of Chris Crocker “LEAVE ADAM ALONE”


    He’s amazing no matter what so it shouldn’t matter about his perferences


  15. EvanescentBliss says:

    Oh come on, people! Who cares if Adam is gay or not?? He is extremely talented and has an amazing voice.

  16. Adam is freakin amazing! I lyk him more because hes gay, dont know y cuz it dnt help a girl much ta fancy a dude dat’d take ur brother over u, bu i dnt care he’s HOT, TALENTED, CONFIDENT & LOVED. Adamz got it made people!! 😉 can’t wait to hear some songs he wrote himself! SEXIEST IDOL EVER!! COME TO IRELAND!! Xox

  17. Adam is freakin amazing! I lyk him more because hes gay, dont know y cuz it dnt help a girl much ta fancy a dude dat’d take ur brother over u, bu i dnt care he’s HOT, TALENTED, CONFIDENT & LOVED. Adamz got it made people!! 😉 can’t wait to hear some songs he wrote himself! SEXIEST IDOL EVER!! COME TO IRELAND!! Xox luv ya adam

  18. Adam Lambert is the best voice we have had in these years, congratulatios!!!!!!! I am a 60 years old lady…I know what I am talking about…..

    • Hey Marisa: I’m so glad to see that another older person is commenting on Adam. I’m also a 60 year old lady and have loved all kinds of music all my life. I think Adam is wonderful! When he came out on stage looking like a young Elvis Presley, I almost died! His voice is unbelieveable and he’s handsome, polite, original, sexy, and different. He can sing any kind of music and always sounds great! He sounds good singing soul music, rock and roll and anything he puts his mind too. I LOVE HIM!! He can be my “boy toy” anytime. lol lol lol


  19. Could you please sing a guns and roses song!!! I just want to hear how close you are to axle… I do believe that you are one that could sing like him, which is not common at all. It is almost like someone that could sing like Roger Daughltry from Zepplin… In other words very few can sing like either of them!!!

  20. Hey Adam Lambert rocks and is frickin amazing at singing!! And hopefully he is not gay, hopefully he’s straight cause he’s so dam sexy, all the way!!!! And I love him a lot, more than words can say!!

  21. He’s got talent. Too bad his personal life is so screwed up. I feel sorry that he is into the gay counter culture movement. Most gay people are desperately unhappy and seeking approval. I wish he could be a more positive role model. I admire his talent, but not his chosen and blatantly permiscuous lifestyle. We’ll see how families vote across America.

  22. Adam’s sexuality shouldn’t affect your opinion on his talent. Period.

  23. I am so in love with him. I don’t care if he’s gay, he’s still a good person (is hot!) and a good singer! He’s already won.

  24. I am a 45 yr old mom and I dont believe that I can actually say that I am ‘obsessed’ with Adam Lambert. Im sure this comment has been written a million times but Im pretty serious. I dont really care much for AMericna Idol I just watch it but never have admired anyone like Adam.
    I do believe that a star is indeed on the way to being truly recognized and praised for being a true artist!!! He also has a beautiful family Im sure this sold roots are what made him somehow humble, sensitive, inspite of knowing he has true talent.

  25. Hey people! Lets drop this talk about his sexuality. Dont get me wrong, I myself am very curious, curious by the day, but hey in this audition clip, someone in youtube commented that he said the words Thank you around 11 times!! Ive seen this maybe around 20 times today and Ive counted 8 at times 9. Aside from his talent, his character is what makes him all the more endearing!!!

  26. I wish people would get over thinking he is gay, what has that got to do with talent or how hot he looks, lets just friggin enjoy looking at him and hearing that awesome voice.

  27. Adam is amazing~! I can’t figure out why people are so obsessed with his sexuality, get over it! I mean come on does it really matter? He is still drop dead gorgeous.

  28. isatatty says:


  29. I am a 76 year old lady and I love Adam.. He can sing anything and that voice is out of this world.
    I wait patiently for Amer. Idol on Tues. & Wed., In fact, it will be coming on in my area at 9:00 tonight and you better believe I will be sitting in front of the T.V. I LOVE ADAM!!!!

  30. I too think Adam is an amazing artist but the gay issue is a problem for me. I cannot see him being an “IDOL” if he is gay. It is a turnoff for me. Look what happened to Clay Aiken after he came out. It all went down hill for him after that.
    Any man who wears makeup and is so metrosexual is not very sexy to me. Why do you think the show has pretty much changed his look when he comes out and performs? I admit when he is looking like a young Elvis he is an extremely gorgeous man who could definitely be the next teenage heartthrob. That look is hot. PERIOD…

    • Clay Aiken did not go downhill after he ‘came out’. He was never the typical Top 40 hit like some of the others. He stars on Broadway!!!! He just picked a different genre. Who people sleep with should be of no concern to anyone other then themselves – and the person they’re sleeping with of course!

    • Give all of us a freaking break Karen. Get over the gay thing and come to the 21st century. It’s people like you that cause problems in this world. Clay Aiken has been successful and didn’t go down hill like you say. What about not only Billy Idol, but Elton John and Rock Hudson, to say a few very successful people who were gay. Do you know about the allegations stating President Obama is not really a U. S. citizen? You might want to be a little more worried about that than whether or not Adam is gay. I personally believe Adam has earned the right to be our next American Idol strictly due to his amazing talent and unbelievably fantastic voice. The added bonus for all of us is that he is extremely good looking and has a very charming personality. I agree with many others who say he is our next Elvis Presley. You go Adam – we love watching and hearing you sing every week on idol and can’t wait to buy your first CD. I don’t think the record company will be able to produce it fast enough to meet the demand of all the Adam fans. ADAM IS THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!

  31. Adam is the next Elvis Presley. Gay or not, who cares. It’s the talent that we pay to see, not the sexual pref. Heck, Billy Idol was gay and made millions, and gave outstanding concert performances and sold millions on his videos and music. Adam will do the same. Who knows, Adam may be bi. That’s a good thing, ladies!!!!!

  32. Getting off the gay topic . . . there’s a lot of coverage all of a sudden saying that Adam has been a professional performer for years – so why is he eligible for American Idol? Any information on this topic? I don’t know what the guide lines are for Idol.

    I think he’s great – very, very talented. And I think he’ll go far with all the show’s publicity, whether he wins or not. But if he has been a paid professional for years, doesn’t he have an unfair advantage over the non-professionals?

    • This has also been going on for months. The rules are simple, if you are not signed or under contract you are eligible to try out. There are no rules regarding how professional you can or can’t be.

      A lot of people don’t even know David Archuleta was in several television shows before Idol since he was a little kid.

  33. Maureen Brown says:

    I was about nine or ten when Elvis Presley first appeared on TV, on the Ed Sullivan Show, and my mom (one of a poor family of twelve musically gifted children from the Eastern Kentucky mountains) went nuts about him. My dad flew into a rage, as was typical of the times, and condemned his soul to everlasting Hell. For my part, I knew I was watching history, and that the man’s name would long be remembered. It was. I have the same feeling watching/listening to Adam: his voice is pure and magical, and he is sweet, beautiful, world-weary yet innocent, and lethally contagious. He is in a different class altogether from other American Idol contestants, all of whom I like and therefore feel sorry for. Adam Lambert is no flash-in-the-pan; he is one for the history books.

    • Charlene says:

      I totally agree with you Maureen. I have never seen a talent like Adam on American Idol. He takes my breath away when I hear and watch him sing. I pumps out the lyrics as easily as you and I breath. I forsee the future of music and the future is Adam Lambert.

  34. I am stunned by the comments from sondra.
    “most gay people are desperately unhappy” Sondra you need to move into the 21st century.
    Most gay people are just people. Most lead happy, fullfilled lives. It is people like Sondra who stereotype gay people as unhappy, downtrodden or perverted.
    Get over it Sondra, educate yourself. Accept people for who and what they are or you are destined to lead an unhappy life.
    Adam Lambert seems perfectly happy to me. Gay or not is no one’s business.

  35. well…he has a good voice and his musics and tunes are like the modern rock…very cool indeed.
    about the make up and all thats his style…..lot of other artist do that as well…make up and tights jeans…
    well i got some frinds who use black nail polish and loves women.. that their style… i think most people are more homophobic than they realise. may be all of us need more time to know him…time will do the talking.

  36. Who cares? He is phenomenally talented! He deserves to win, he outclasses everyone else that I’ve seen perform on American Idol – there is simply no comparison – he is truly a star. Remember to VOTE – make your opinions heard. I have never seen such talent on a show , in order to win though, he will need everyone to vote for him! Have you noticed, he has NEVER given his number to call in to win? He will always be remembered!

  37. If Adam is gay, then I would love to turn into a man who is just his type! Adam is a beauty.

  38. Adam should have won last night. I will never watch American Idol again.

  39. Kris Allen is American Idol
    but Adam Lambert is World Idol ..

    <3 Him 😀

  40. luvUadam says:

    You have another award!!! The Global World Universe Idol award from the people not from multiple free texting. You are my singing hero with your creative astonishing showmanship which comes from within. Congratualtions!!!! Thankyou God for this yet another wonder of wonders!!!! I thank God I’m still around to have seen his creation!!!! We are one rejoicing in good inspirational music!!!!

  41. luvUadam says:

    For me your natural strawberry blonde would be adding an angelic feeling to your songs like “The Prayer”. I love yellow hair like the sun is light. I love your voice in “Brigadoon”, “Cabaret”, and dancing moving your beautiful body!!! :You are what had been waiting to happen universally filling voids. Your know is your destiny and drive no matter criticisms and disapprovals for God has put forth his creation!!!! With Love Forever and a Day!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!

  42. luvUadam says:

    Love U Adam!!! I want to dedicate to you Dan Hill song “Sometimes When We Touch” “I wanna hold you till I die till we both break down and cry I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides” For this is way I feel right now!!! If I can’t have you physically(impossible) please put out your combination DVD and CD to have you through your work. Don’t know why you haven’t put out to Walmart your previous recordings which I read are many enough for more than couple DVDs and CDs. I’ll hold you close through your work which I do now!!! Love YOU Forever and a Day Always!!!! Hugs and Kisses!!!!

  43. AdoreUAdam says:

    Hi Babe Adam!!! If I were Allison I would be holding your waist moving and singing to the beat along with running my hands up your chest and back( “Touching, Loving, Squeezing” Journey},throughout the performance of “Slow Ride” . Your are so fine!!! Wow!!! Love the stripe pants!!! Um!!! Can’t take my eyes off you!!! Love you forever and a day always!!!!

  44. Janus Janis says:

    Lesbian obsessed with Adam Lambert

  45. ATLANTIS says:

    I’ve been reading all these comments, quite interesting, I must say. Personally, I never watched AI, until I happened to run across a clip about Adam Lambert online. So I went and ordered the eight season of AI, just to view and enjoy Adam. Wow. I am 59 years old, but far from dead! Back in the day, the late sixties and seventies, and even the eighties, we had a slew of great artists to chose from, in our listening and viewing pleasure.
    I myself used to be one the infamous Hippies, you know, and ALL that went it… All of us (my favorite High-ons) went to concerts, got buzzed and rock&rolled to our hearts content. Hmm, those were the days, indeed. One NEVER forgets, trust me on this!
    Now, back to Adam Lambert. He IS going to be, without a doubt, as big, if not bigger, then ELVIS and Michael Jackson. This hot, sexy man has it all. Looks, charisma, sex appeal, and an astonishing voice. When I see him with his hair in a Pompadour hairstyle, he looks a lot like Elvis himself. Though Elvis had a *pretty* face, Adam is fortunate enough to have that pretty face, but at the same time has a rugged raw, beauty to call his own.
    It is a real priveledge for me to view a new and awesome Artist such as Adam come into his own, for all the world to see and enjoy.
    And, of course, it goes witout saying that I, and all my girlfriends, are absolutely obsessed AND madly in love with him! Can you all tell? Hehe…………

  46. Further to Atlantis’s comment… I also am not a spring chicken (43yo) and certainly not dead. I guess you can spot talent when you see it… and Adam has IT!! Yes I also have a huge crush on him as an entertainer and can’t wait for more videos to be released … LOVE THE VISUAL.

  47. I think hes a gay 2 but i love him

  48. Cheers mate, bom post!

  49. hi , how are you adam? i love your voice its so beautiful , powerful , confident . when i listen to your voice i remember 1thingits better i say i learn 1 thing to be my self ,you are like that and i learn it from you , this is not important what is your thinking in life becouse this is your life and this is your thinking and u are free,tack care , good luck adam .

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