Janet, AKA songwriter4adam, and I returned to Janet’s home after seeing the show live, and we’ve analyzed the performance and watched it back on big-screen TV over and over. Both of us also viewed all your comments regarding the performance on the previous thread. Both of us formed our opinions before viewing the comments, and sadly, we agree with what the majority of you have said.

We want to shoot the set designer and crucify the choreographer. And did we mention we want to spank Adam? Over and over… Seriously, the performance was disjointed and all wrong right from the start, from the strange Liberace-style piano beginning to Adam’s uncharacteristically angry look at the end. The trip didn’t help, and we hope Adam isn’t hurt, but there were many more serious problems with the performance than the unfortunate trip.

I wasn’t crazy with FYE when I first heard it, but the song quickly grew on me. I loved the sexy lyrics, and the song was catchy and fun. Janet and I agree that the song is poppy and full of kinky fun, and the performance should have reflected this. Adam would have been better served to do a fun, tongue-in-cheek performance with his trademark sexy dance moves than this angry, stilted S&M mish-mash.

Adam never smiled once during the song, and more importantly, never smiled at its conclusion, something he ALWAYS did during his American Idol performances. At the end of this performance, Adam’s eyes and mouth scream anger, and at the very end, Adam almost looks like he’s trying to smile, but instead simply compresses his lips in disgust. We freeze-framed this shot of Adam on the big screen. Neither of us have ever seen this look on Adam.

Now, neither Janet nor I are prudes. But both of us agree that all the crotch-grabbing and the kiss were a total disservice to the performance and the song. The song is sexy and flirtatious – those moves were not. They were alienating. It might have been about sex, but it wasn’t sexy. Hello!!! (That’s Valley Girl talk in case you didn’t know! Hey – I’m learning!)

Now maybe Adam, in his typical “what the hell was that?” fashion was simply trying to be provocative and trying to do the unexpected. But his first performance on national TV of his first original song, one day before the release of his album, is not the time. Hello!!!

After the performance ended, I screamed (this is Adam, after all, in person), but after the screams died away, there was an unexpected, shocked silence in the theater. There was no applause. Ryan ended the show with a lame joke, and people immediately began filing out.

When I asked Janet for her reaction after the show, she told me she needed a few minutes to gather her thoughts. Her first impression was how silent the audience was. It was as though everyone was having a collective WTF moment. In my mind I was trying to defend the performance as provocative, but I couldn’t disagree with what Janet was saying. We were confused, as many of you are, and when we watched the performance again on TV, we realized it was even worse than we first thought.

I want to cry for Adam, and when I’m done spanking him, I want to hug him and tell I love him anyway. It will be OK. Adam may lose casual fans and I’m afraid his album sales will take a hit, but I don’t think this one performance defines Adam, and I hope that none of you will stop supporting Adam because of this literal and figurative “trip-up.”

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5 & songwriter4adam, Glamb #72


  1. Jeanette…. I will love and support ADAM to the end! He had a wonderful interview with AccessHollywood after the show! Watch it….you’ll love it. He looked so handsome and charming, and seemed happy with his performance!

    Thanks for getting back to us so fast!

    • I thought it was soooo good I held my breth…and he is such a good actor the stumble was breath taking and looked like part of the song….how dare anyone say anything bad…it was pure ENTERTAINMENT!

      • Adam made a fool of himself!! I love his voice and don’t care if he’s gay but good grief, he sounded terrible! If you really have true talent you don’t need the shock factor, JUST SING, let that be your statement to the world. I was sick of the women dancers also. I don’t know about any of you but I really don’t want to be forced to focus on anyone’s crotch during a singing performance. I want to hear the gift of music. Where is the class??!!!!

        • Are you serious!!!! It was the sound booth that was off. Plus Adam is very smart. He knows what he is doing. Like adam said if you are offended then hes not for you

          • I thought it was about the music and entertainment. There may have been a Time and place for that performance and neither was appropriate for national TV and his Debut. He shoul have choose a different son anythin .complete error in judgment that will probably close a number of doors of opportunity. I am so saddened . I had to take the picture I had at school down because I do not want to have to talk about it to students or parents because I can not justify this performance. I was sick about it all night Take it back what can I say. Poor management.

            • Renogirl, i totally agree with you. I keep thinking of those theatre kids that Adam visited when he was on AI….what the heck are they and their teachers thinking of Adam now? Not exactly the role model he seemed he wanted to be at the time.
              I couldn’t sleep at all last night after that fiasco….i just felt so terribly sad for the lost opportunity he had… knock the socks off everyone in the country and to prove to all those naysayers that he really was the true winner of AI.
              I still love him, but quietly… friends are appalled and to tell you the truth, i’m embarrassed.
              I hope to god he makes better choices after this.

              • Donna,

                I am with you. I couldn’t sleep that night, and I felt sick all day until I saw fans like you are still supporting him. I’m mostly worried that people didn’t hear his good voice and his album will not sell…. I’m soo sorry for him, but I still support him like you!!!


              • I agree with what y’all are saying. My cheeks were red hot from anger and embarrassment after that excruciating performance. What was Adam thinking? He could have had millions of new fans just by opening up his mouth and singing any old song, but no — he had to go ahead and shock the hell out of everyone into next week. When I saw it was the “Adam Storm” coming in November, little did I know they actually meant a hurricane!

                One of my sons came over after AMA was over, and I was actually embarrassed showing the DVD I recorded of the performance. We were both disgusted with such a vulgar display — one which just so unnecessary. I ended up writing a scathing blog on (which I can’t even enter tonight for some reason) — sort of chastising Adam like I would do if he was one of my sons or grandsons. I had followed him all through Idol, voted repeatedly for him and even got to attend the Tampa concert, so I have a vested interest in Adam’s future. And I actually thought that Adam knew that he had mostly women from ages 8 – 80 who loved him and were sometimes even be embarrassed by being a “regular fan” of Adam’s up until Sunday night. I had just reconnected with a girl I went to high school with and today wrote a letter of apology to her for recommending that she watch Adam on the AMA awards. As I write this, my cheeks are getting hot again. I am just so grieved in my spirit that Adam chose to literally thumb his nose at his fellow artists and the establishment and just decide to go his own way. I truly hope this, too, shall pass but kind of felt he had it coming to him that the GMA concert was canceled for tomorrow morning. I know that I have lost my trust in his level of taste in performing and will probably no longer spend any inordinate amounts of money to fly and attend a live concert.

                • I agree with you 100%. I too took my kids to see the AI concert this past summer…….way to ruin your career before even really getting started Adam. I’m worried for him……even if he’s not. What a waste.

              • and I agree wtih both of you

                I was hoping the appearance on Ellen would help, but the flippant tone of voice and a couple of snarls while singing….where is my beloved Adam? He seems to have disappeared a few weeks before the AMA’s actually…. around the time he hired his band and dancers……when he became rude unkind, and sometimes even vulgar in some interviews.

                Maybe it’s the energy of people around him affecting him….certainly seemed to AMA night!

          • AdamAdmirer says:

            Smart? I don’t think this performance was smart of him. He is alienating so many people. It’s not so much the disgusting moves but we have to say, hay, where is his head? what kind of crap is he trying to push on the American public? I don’t think it is necessary and it is very low end, sorry, I don’t find this entertaining at all.

    • FREAKIN HATED IT!!!! He is throwing his talents down the tube! Are you kidding me, Adam!!! Feedom of speech . . . maybe at some freakish S&M show, but for the public . . . including children and teenagers – sucky! I am an adult and feel that I am pretty open mined BUT darn – really?????? Maybe on a cable show. Enough already. Our nation is going to HELL in a handbag!!!

      • Biatch please!!!!! It was a great performance. My 14yr old even loved it. See closeminded people are a disgrace to the human race. I was negative people would do the world a favor and just kill yourself

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          What?? You have a 14 yr old and your talking like this?? defending this abomination? no wonder the teens today are such a mess, it’s the so-called “open minded” people like you that are promoting this to the future of this country, which is a complete mess, and going down by the second, one can only wonder what will be next, Sodom & Gomorrah! Of course a 14 yr old would love it, he/she doesn’t know the diff. between right and wrong, good or evil, why don’t you try teaching her instead of letting her decide for herself.

        • Are you kidding, I suppose you sneak your children into strip clubs too to see the “open- minded” performances there. Lovely way to raise your kids. I WAS a huge fan of Adam, but if he keeps this up he’ll lose us all sadly. He is so very talented.

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        Kim, YOU ARE 100% right…. to hell in a handbasket thanks to people who think that lack of respect is somehow interpreted as “progress” or “open-mindedness”…. For the first time since Idol, I have to say on this particular issue that I just didn’t “get it”. He certainly didn’t showcase his amazing talent. Rather, he appeared as angry and spiteful and even rude. WHY flip everyone off at the end? What does one gain from that? How is that “entertaining” or “open-minded” or funny? Seems like that was a pretty negative action on his part. I thought after Idol, that Adam would rise above – and surpass the garbage that other entertainers resort to for shock value… he is the one person out there who doesn’t NEED IT !!

    • I think Adam destoryed his career last night and lost a lot of respect from the public. II was an Adam Lambert fan from trhe get go, but I don’t think I will go out and by any of his music after that display on the AMA last night. What a waste of talent. .

      • WHAT!!! We’re going to throw away 9 months of magical entertainment for one questionable performance. The performance was hot, but maybe a bit much for maInstream America.
        I think Adam will continue to outdo himself and prove himself over and over again. I do think he should remember his audience. He made a comment during the tour that most of his fans were 12 & 13. So maybe tone down the overt sexuality a little for those little girls. However their mothers and grandmothers love him too! In that case, go for it!!

        A couple of comments: I listened to the song quite a f ew times because I heard some question of his pitch and I did not hear any “pitchy” notes at all. It did seem that there was problems with the sound. He changed keys a few times, but the notes were all there. (Never heard him off key) If it was truly a fall, it was brilliantly recovered, looked like part of the act. I really don’t think he distroyed his career, he’s got what he wanted, everyone’s talking about him. He trended on Twitter all night.

        The album is pretty amazing! I’ve been listening to it all day and falling more in love with it each time. Don’t deprive yourself of that. Adam will find a perfect nitch for himself and produce better and bigger music. Keep watching him to see what he can do.

        To all you who are embarrased, give him another chance. This was one performance and he was really trying to make a stand out appearance. I think he’s been planning for years what he would do in a break out moment. He’s had so much on his plate this year with the AI competition, the tour, writing and recording the album, promoting himself and planning this event. I may have been all too overwhelming.

        Adam I love you and I think everyone on this site does. We want the best for you so much that we over scrutinize every move. We want you to suceed and be wildly popular with everyone.

        Shock and Awe!! Always Adored!

        • I agree that Adam’s performance was over the top…in a bad way! NOT FOR PRIME TIME! Even what I can see of the just released video on adamofficial looks tame in comparison at least as far as his involvement with his dancers are concerned…but maybe I just haven’t seen it all clearly. I do LOVE his CD and his amazing vocals, but am saddened over fallout from the AMA performance and the GMA cancellation. Well, at least CBS is picking it up instead and it won’t be “For Your Entertainment”.

          He may not want to apologize, but for his fans and his career, I hope he learns from this backlash! The vocals, the music and the backup singers were not good from what I heard and I think Adam’s screaming vocals was either due to nervousness and /or having to concentrate on the shock and awe attempt instead of truly concentrating on the AMAZING vocals. Even the audience reaction was a shock…when it should have been like the standing ovation that Simon Cowell gave him. It’s not too late. I can’t stop loving him for this one mistake. Clearly Adam wants to pull out all the stops in his performances, but there are appropriate and inapropriate times and places in everything anyone does. He didn’t pull this on Idol.

          Also, if you look at his new video of FYE, he also looks angry, so clearly at the AMA’s he wanted to come across this way as “Take the pain, take the pleasure” and the entire song is about sexual dominance, so thus the face to match(though he does smile in both the video and AMA’s). Actually I really love the new video but was disturbed by the AMA’s-just TOO MUCH for all audiences!

    • Here is Adam’ s reply:

      “We were having a good time,” he told MTV News on Tuesday (November 24) about the performance, adding that as soon as he gave the finger he knew he had taken things to another level.

      “Literally, as I did it, I went, ‘Oh god, what am I doing?’ ” he explained. “I was out of body. You know, the finger was to the people that have been criticizing me. The finger was to the people who doubt me. The finger was to the people that were about to censor me. The finger was not to fans or people who support me at all, by any means.

      “The finger was to Out magazine’s editor who wailed into me, people like that,” he continued. “It wasn’t premeditated; it just kind of happened. In the end … it was to prove freedom of expression and to prove I am in control of my situation. I am an artist and I’m here to express myself. My intention wasn’t to upset people.”

      As for his now-infamous kiss with keyboardist Tommy Ratliff, he said that in rehearsal he had only pulled his hair. So Ratliff was expecting something — but not a big, very public kiss.

      “He did not know! No — during rehearsal I grabbed him by the hair and kind of just looked at him,” Lambert said. “He’s straight, but not married. He’s single. I guess he didn’t mind getting kissed in the name of entertainment.”

  2. why did he flip the audience off?
    I mean – he wants to express himself – he needs to accept other peoples reactions – sometimes not agreeing with his.

    p.s. I love Adam and I don’t think it looked that bad on t.v. – worse on small videos.

    • lynn, havent heard his response to the flipping yet? I did not see that on TV, only pics. on a website.
      Dont even know when that happened? That was a mistake if he flipped the finger to the audience.
      He says to lighten it up and have fun, saying FU to the fans is Not cool!

  3. radicalrich says:

    Ok, we went to the review booth for the replay and an examination of the calls made on the field by the homophobic prudes who need glasses and should clean up their own super dirty, magnifying imaginations.
    The 1st dancer’s face was above his belt line and was rubbed on Adam’s stomach and not his crotch, and did not cross the plane. Nobody can help it if the hater’s imaginations crossed the plane.
    Adam didn’t trip and fall either. He had to grab the cane from the dancer positioned below him in mid-roll and that made Adam have to grab it and drop from higher than he might have wanted to, and therefore dropped, rolled and hit the riser a little harder than he probably should have which probably surprised him a bit, but he rolled with the punch from the floor and kept right on going. Nobody around him reacted to it like it wasn’t part of the plan. Plus, he had the cane in one hand, microphone in the other, and couldn’t really use either hand to cushion his dropping roll to make it as gracefully as he would have liked. He could have waited until after the roll to grab the cane and he could have also had a headset microphone, that way he could have used both hands for all sorts of other stuff throughout the performance.
    He came close to a personal foul because I would say that he came pretty close to clocking the blond dancer in the head with the mirrored door but didn’t–and thus good for her cause that might have been a show stopper. But nothing else that happen was. It was all good; all part of the marketing plan. And what a clever marketing plan it is. Just watch Adam’s chagrin of that performance all the way to the bank.
    And he didn’t really grab the hanging dancer’s lady parts, he followed his hand up her leg up and found the leather strap that was hanging between her legs and gave it a sharp tug like he was turning on a light, or turning up the heat as he stated in the lyric.
    As far as the vocals, OK they were a little labored, but that was a lot of work from what I saw. At least he didn’t lip sync the lyrics like many artists we know. How about being happy that he wasn’t drunk or loaded to the gills on drugs. How about the fact that he didn’t plan any secret T-bagging of anybody for clandestine publicity. He was impeccably dressed to the nines, he was genuinely interested and jamming down in his seat to every other singer’s work while in the crowd.
    Another thing, the network and the show itself built up Adam’s performance so very much during the preceding week and all Adam did was deliver what they…I’m just saying.
    And check it out, this was his first performance as a unleashed Idol. His own anticipation, shock and awe over the whole thing had to be such an exciting challenge to him that he wanted to do so well, but he also wanted and needed to do something extra special to break away from the typical cookie cutter Idol image that he tried to do so successfully on Idol, and I think he wanted to kick it up 100 notches instead of just one notch, especially ahead of his first commercial CD release. You can’t buy advertising this good, and the more the story changes hands and grows, the more sales he will enjoy. I will be surprised and highly disappointed if Adam apologizes about any aspect of his performance, and thus he shouldn’t.
    So in the end, all the haters are charged one time out because all the calls on the field were unfounded, untrue and blown way out of proportion just to give credence to each hater’s position that they are unwittingly chained to a changeless time warp to their unshakable prejudices and bigotry, which has sentenced them to perennial unhappiness in this life, while they forever hope and believe that their next life will be better, since they have been forced, so unwillingly, to suffer through this life by not being given enough strength to change the channel on the remote. I’ll petition my Higher Power to give you the quick relief you so obviously deserve and so desperately need. Poor bastards!

    • Re: Radicalrich

      I don’t know where your perch was to view all the things you supposedly saw, but others didn’t have that vantage point. From what thousands of viewers saw in person and on screens…the behaviour was lewd and too much for an audience that included kids. I agree with Jeanette on her assessment of what would have been a great production and still allowed him to shine and be creative. This Zodiac type show isn’t meant for Prime time TV. His vocals were strained with all that activity and there was no continuity in the performance. That’s all it did was leave people feeling uneasy. By the way… who your calling poor bastards!

      • an outsider's opinion says:

        oh, for crying out loud, you people are so agonizingly primitive, it actually strains my eyes to read the crap you write about…
        seriously – the land of free expresion? the country where democracy is a virtue? the same country that prides itself so much for having (finally, after centuries…) a first black president, a change has come… blah, blah blah…
        you – and so many ignorant people who think like you – are really what’s so completely frustrating about america – you like to hear yourselves talk about how “open minded” and “accepting” you are – but – let me tell you – from a foreigners point of view – you people make iran look like it’s leading the french revolution…
        and that ridiculous statement that “the kids are watching?!” have you checked the statistics? do you know how many kids in america have sex before they’re twelve? do you know how many get knocked up before they’re in high school? do you know how many drugs are going around in public (and especially private) schools? believe me – Adam lamber is so NOT your kid’s bad influence… come on mom – wake up, will you? quit being such a hypocrite. just an advice… you know – from an outsiders point of view

      • misyluv7–like the rest of the show was mary poppins cute? there were so many women’s crotches and booties gyrating in my face i thought about calling my gynecologist for an appointment. alicia keys had a golden heart bouncing off of her crotch her entire performance, i couldn’t stop looking at it. rhianna was strapped naked to a table while her breasts were compressed by some evil looking s&m machine. and that’s only 3 acts. white bread america got served up some whole grain bread last night and choked on the extra added nuts. you have to ask yourself-why is it ok for the women to be paraded around in that manner, and not ok for a fully clothed man to present his side of it. it has to do with how you hold yourself in this world, his job as an artist is to make you think about it.

        • This was not the performance that I would have liked Adam to have ( I think it did not highlight his talents in the best way) HOWEVER.. you are correct in saying that women performers strut their stuff in every conceivable way and no one says anything…..BUT a man has to be proper at all times????….Lady Gaga and her girls looked nude and Adam’s dancers were more covered up than Gaga’s were (as far as I could see) and, if you took the spikes off of Adams suit he could wear it anywhere. The person Adam kissed could have been a man or a was hard for me to to tell. As far as the lyrics being offensive rappers have been singing (?) more outrageous and offensive things for years…but their lyrics are okay for us to hear, sing and dance too? People see and hear what they want to…if they want to be offended they will..if they don’t want to be they won’t be…I hope Adam’s next performance is better and that his album’s success is not diminished by this less than perfect rendition of the album’s title song. You are right also in saying that Adam makes a person think…hopefully he will encourage all of us to see more than one side of everything….

          • PS: Has everyone forgotten so soon what Studio 54 was really like? Adam did not invent the dance club scene…

    • Marie/Toronto says:

      You’re not going to find any haters here. Just people who love, but are disappointed in Adam right now. It doesn’t matter where on the belt-line the dancers face was. It was obviously meant to simulate oral sex. Not that I personally care, but why alienate prospective CD buyers this early on?

      Adam is an astonishing talent. I hope that fact doesn’t get lost in the specticale again.

      • Just wanted to say, I hated it, ADAM LAMEBERT sucks, he belongs in a drag show and should have never gotten on idol in the first place. Yes, you will find haters here

    • Well said – I like your perception. We all need to take a step back and accept that Adam isn’t going to conform for fans or for sales. I know we all want him to be loved as much as we love him. We want him to be successful so that we can listen to him on the radio. We want to be able to talk about him without people saying “Who’s that”. We want to protect him. Well, people, he doesn’t need protecting. He doesn’t need mainstream. He doesn’t need radio. Although I think he will get all those things. He’s making a name for himself on his own terms, with his artistic integrity in tact. He wouldn’t be happy doing it any other way. Remember art and success are subjective.

    • Lambertini says:

      I totally agree with everything you said! I hope he doesn’t apologize, either.

      • Lambertini says:

        I was agreeing with radicalrich

      • YOU ARE SENTENCING Adam to an end to his career that is still salvageable at the present time. Wise poeple agree that at the least he woes an apology. Those who think what he did on tv is good, fine, okay, etc. are living in denial. They have their heads in the sand as does Adam.

        Nothing about that performance for the world audiance was good. Absolutely nothing. Don’t try to sweet coat an onion. It cannot be done, and one who tries looks foolish as Adam’s actions were.

      • Dianne Hill says:


        Frizzy can b*****r off, we don’t need the likes of her on this site. This is a site of Adam lovers – usually and the majority still do I hope.

        I loved his performance last night, it was hot, fierce (haven’t we been saying how fierce he is) and as far as I could see the ADAM STORM had arrived in full force. Rock on Adam, I love you baby, you are the best and always will be, you can entertain me until the end of time.

    • well done radicalrich! i saw the livestream and wasn’t offended by it (and I am from a conservatively Catholic country), I believe it was a good performance of the song. The only bummer is the sound coming off his mic, i think the sound engineers were all watching him perform too and forgot they have a job to do!! LoL But the song does not showcase his vocals anyway so I guess it was ok to just jam with whatever is there.

      I still love and admire Adam for doing that, it’s about time he shows us all this. I’m just happy he didn’t dress with a costume, but instead with a glam suit. …And he wore the pompadour because he’s the only one who can rock that one.

      But I do understand all my co-fans here who felt bad about it. Who got disappointed, especially those who have kids who like Adam. Let’s hope the days to come will be all good for you…so far it is all good for me, so I hope you will join me back soon in feeling good for Adam =)

    • Yes! Eloquently stated. Thank you radicalrich. I don’t think Adam will apologize for his performance. His integrity as an artist is intact. He knows where he stands and he knows himself so well. I am hoping Adam will have the chance to read your comment. So many mix emotions floating around, this one deserves recognition. You nailed it radicalrich! Just like what Adam said before in AI, either you Love me or Hate me. And, I Love him.

    • Right on radical rich, hate to break the news to you Jeanette, Glamb #5 & Glamb #72 and anyone else in that opinion, you’re a bunch of old prudes. It’s gotta be your age, man, I’m young and thought it was entertaining and that is what Adam is about along with a great voice, of course. He’s fun, he’s pushing the envelope, he’s himself and if you don’t like who he is, then you’re no fan of his and stop trying to make him who YOU think he should be. Nuff said.


      • Dianne Hill says:

        My children are grown up now, 30 and 29 year olds. When they were children they would never have seen a show like the AMAs because IT IS REALLY NOT A CHILDREN’S SHOW. Honestly, do some of you people really let your children watch shows like that.

        There is nothing wrong with the AMAs or Adam last night, it was a great spectacle, I loved Lady Gaga (mainly thanks to Adam), I am looking at buying her album, she is brilliant and really talented and she sure does push the boundaries just like Adam does. The show is not aimed at children for goodness sake.

        • There was more than one reason that Adam was last, it was an awesome finale to the show and was at a time when children should be in bed! Even if they were watching they shouldn’t understand what was meant by the so called “distasteful acts”, if they did understand what was insinuated that is the parents fault because to understand the insinuations made they must have been exposed to it before. When i was even as young as 7 my parents let me listen to music and watch shows with sexual or rude content but I didn’t know what it meant, only years later did I realise what some of the lyrics meant. Not trying to say that your a bad parent if u expose your children to shows like this but just trying to show my point of view. Hope u don’t take offense.

          I do also realise that the performance may have been a bit too much for mainstream America but perhaps that is not his target audience. Personally I liked it, left me a bit shocked at first, thinking did he actually just do that. But I think that was the affect it was supposed to have. Then I watched it again and he totally just did that LOL! Loved it and will always love Adam! ROCK ON BABE!

    • Adam definitely tripped on stage. He rolled across it and recovered really well. Check out one of the rehearsal videos and you will see he is passed the cane and then poses with it. That was not suppose to happen the other way.

      • Best damn recovery in tv history!! He only dropped one line of lyrics after that and I’m sure very few people even noticed.

  4. Jeanette and I had a fabulous time this weekend. I took her on an “Adam-centric” tour of the hotspots in Hollywood where Adam has performed and partied. That was great fun!

    Then we headed for the AMA’s, and more fun…or was it??? Gulp. Adam, we’ll follow you through thick and thin…but maybe this was a little “sick and sin”. And by the way, if you’ve read Jeanette’s post above, let me clarify, it was MY idea to spank Adam, and I INSIST on first dibs for this most odious chore.

    Because, Adam my dear, “For Your Entertainment”, as we heard it tonight, was, well, not very entertaining. The overall import of the song, as recorded in the studio version, is one of joyful entertainment. Heck, it’s a fun, poppy, dance song that just makes you want to get up and dance. And then, when you listen to the oh-so-nuaghty lyrics, it just creates a nicely kinky counterpoint to the dancey beat.

    But tonight, Adam went off in a completely different direction that I felt was not in service to the song. I didn’t want to hear ANGER all throught the song. No, had I been involved, I would have dressed you in a delightfully leather or PVC outfit, sexy to the core, had you smling through the piece, flirtatiously interacting with the dancers who would have been focused all on you. More to the point, I wouldn’t have deprived the audience of your spontaneously sexy and marvelous dance moves. The song was FUN and so should have been the production.

    Let’s add to the comments about the production, spoken from someone who was a theater major. Everything was gray. Your suit was gray, the stairs were gray, it was a cockamamie set full or bizarre angles and stairs set up to literally trip you at every turn. And uh, did someone in lighting forget to even put a spotlight on you???? Incredible as it might seem, I had a hard time finding you on stage, not just from my nosebleed perch in the back of the theater, but even on the big TV screen. Everything -costumes, set, lighting, all caused you to blend into the background. Some debut. It was definitely not a “stand-out”, both literally and figuratively.

    I love you Adam, but I didn’t love this. I cried on Jeanette’s shoulder tonight.

    • ok, i have to admit i have not listened to any of Adams music. I did how ever love him on idol & my bday was yesterday & a close friend got me his cd. I had not opened it & after this performance on the ama’s i was thinking maybe i should not, & just go return it & get somthing else! I prob will not do it, becouse maybe im a bit curious now that i have read all your posts. I was so freaked out last night that i could barelly watch, i am not a prude either, beleive me i have spent more time in the stip club than anyone,on & off the clock! but please this was just horrific on all levels! It was like a teriible car crash that i just had to somehow watch but still look away!

    • LoveThatLook #559

      I am so sad and disappointed that Adam wasted this world-wide showcase the day before the release of his album. He was handed this marvelous opportunity that very few performers ever get. His career is just starting, and I hope he isn’t committing career suicide by the choices he made last night. The name of the song is For Your Entertainment, and it did not live up to its name by any stretch of the imagination. I have watched all of his previous performances many many times, and I have also watched last night’s performance several times, and this one just doesn’t live up to Adam’s potential to be a major star with a lasting career. He should be concerned at this point with building up his already huge fan base, not thumbing his nose at them and saying, This is me, I’m an artist. Take it or leave it. That is certainly not the way to have a long-lasting love affair with his audience. Like it or not, he has got to realize that he needs to give them what they want. I think most of us want to hear his amazing vocals and see his artistry in a positive way, especially at this point when he is trying to get established. If fans don’t matter, then he might as well have remained in Wicked and Zodiac. I thought he wanted a successful solo career, and he wasyon the right track towards this goal.until AMA last night. I am not alone in this……I just heard the ladies on the Today Show discussing the show, and all of them said he doesn’t need this, not with his unbelievable talent.

      I am still a huge Adam fan, but I want to have him around to enjoy for years. I hope he will give his career a chance..

      • You all need to relax & trust the Adam you fall in love with knows what he is doing…we were warned…

        So hot
        Out the box
        Can we pick up the pace?
        Turn it up,
        Heat it up
        I need to be entertained
        Push the limit
        Are you with it?
        Baby, don’t be afraid
        I’ma hurt ‘ya real good, baby

        Let’s go
        It’s my show
        Baby, do what I say
        Don’t trip off the glitz
        That I’m gonna display
        I told ya
        I’ma hold ya down until you’re amazed
        Give it to ya ’til you’re screaming my name

        No escaping when I start
        Once I’m in I own your heart
        There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm
        So hold on until it’s over

        Oh, do you know what you got into?
        Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?
        ‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you
        I’m here for you entertainment

        Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
        ‘Ya thought an angel swept you off ya feet
        But I’m about to turn up the heat
        I’m here for your entertainment

        It’s alright
        You’ll be fine
        Baby, I’m in control
        Take the pain
        Take the pleasure
        I’m the master of both
        Close your eyes
        Not your mind
        Let me into your soul
        I’ma work it ’til you’re totally blown

        No escaping when I start
        Once I’m in I own your heart
        There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm
        So hold on until it’s over

        Oh, do you know what you got into?
        Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?
        ‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you
        I’m here for you entertainment

        Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
        ‘Ya thought an angel swept ya off your feet
        Well I’m about to turn up the heat
        I’m here for your entertainment

        Oh oh… mmmm
        Oh oh… Oh entertainment…
        I’m here for your entertainment…

        Do you like what you see?
        Let me entertain ‘ya tell you screeaaam

        Oh, do you know what you got into?
        Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?
        ‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you
        I’m here for you entertainment

        Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet (bet ya thought)
        ‘Ya thought an angel swept ya off your feet
        Well I’m about to turn up the heat (turn up the heat)
        I’m here for your entertainment

        It is really not that deep… love him & trust his know exactly what he is doing!

        • Don’t insult our intelligence, here. That is the poorest excuse why this thing was so horrible. To give it a new ‘look’ will not undo what Adam did. You cannot dress it up and make it pretty with any words. It is what it is. A disaster.

          • AdamAdmirer says:

            Agree with Cheryl, The lyrics are the last thing we need to see, it isn’t making it any better.

      • TheKate1945 says:

        This is EXACTLY what I wanted to say Margie. Totally agree. Hope he can overcome this one – with his talent – he should, but the timing couldn’t have been worse. Or maybe it was a touch of self sabotage.

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        Margie said it best. The best entertainers care about their fans – best example was MJ, he claims has inspired him, but I don’t see it – not in the direction he looks like he is going.

  5. I feel exactly as you do. I was waiting with anticipation for his perfromance for weeks now and I did expect something outrageous (that’s Adam) but what we got was “rude and crude”. I have discussed with dozens of others that love Adam and almost all feel the same way….kind of betrayed. I didn’t care about the kiss…but the blow job was a bit much. I hear that ABC didn’t know he was going to do any of that. Dick Clark Productions may not be too happy. This was a Major Network and they still have to watch out for their viewers. I feel because of all the theatrics his vocals suffered. I didn’t care for the song at all, and if I hadn’t alreadt heard the Album and loved the song, I would never buy it. I know he has to stay true to himself….but his money isn’t buying the CD’s. His last tweet on Twitter a few minutes ago shows that he doesn’t care what we think…he thinks it went well. The Press isn’t giving the greatest reviews. I’m anxious to see the fallout later today. I still love Adam becaise I kniw what his voice is capable of, U’m just disappointed in some of his choices.

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      Yes I too love his voice, but if he doesn’t care about his fans and continues to push his agenda, he will go nowhere. American public will not buy it.

  6. puteri abdul says:

    jeanette, your thoughts and also the others in this site are well respected ..
    but somehow or other, I beg to differ just a bit , and say, adam has done his best and that adam’s best might not just be good enough to some of us … and adam has sizzles his performance, but the fire was just too hot to handle ..
    having said that. allow me to repost my thoughts which I have posted just now, and it was like way down below, so I hope you don’t mind pasting it again..

    to tell the truth, there are things I am totally against about adam’s well being, thoughts , and belief , but to me, I am here because I want to be entertain, I want to find something that can juice up my ordinary everyday life, and adam is it..

    anyway, I went through so many postings, and with the additions of the stuffs I google, I just have to put my hands on my chest in fear that my heart would just drop with all the comments and the thoughts ..
    first of all, let me tell you, I am just a sucker to adam’s pretty face.. so when the moment adam’s face was shown on screen wailing his heart out on to the first note, I was like totally melting like an iceberg that is being drag out on the sahara desert .. not the best vocal from adam as he has been heard better, but still the best from the others that night that some of them even totally put me to sleep ..
    then adam started his drama;
    dragging that chick, check .. saw that in the rehearsal picture ..
    strutting and making sexy movements with his dancer, check .. that also seen..
    dancer on the crotch ….whatever, eeerrr… ok, in shock, but I was giggling away when I saw the move, like a schoolgirl who just had her first blown kiss from a cute guy …
    the falling down, it was so beautifully covered that I thought it was part of the cheography .. thumbs up to adam for beautifying the fall so well, but aawwww .. you poor baby, are you hurt ..
    then the swaying goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and ok, now. I am getting all steamed up, (which if definately not the right time and my darling is at work) so quickly I have to channel my thoughts elsewhere and just concentrate on adam’s performance….. and pow!!!!!!!!!! adam kisses his bassist !! ok, now adam…naughty, naughty .. I told you that bassist was too cute.. and adam just could not resist him .. but being and adam’s fan.. I just let go of that kiss and continue watching adam’s performance in awe till the end while thinking where the heck have you been all this time adam.. because this is what I need to spice up my life !! and adam’s has just sprinkle those glittery spices onto me and say now THAT IS ENTERTAINMENT !!

    and having given my reviews of adam’s AMA performance .. wild, racy, sexy, overboard, too much, too saucy, too whatever ….( just fill on the blanks yourself ).. just rest assure that I enjoyed it and even if I thought it was not adam’s best performance, but it is not his worst, and I accolade him for trying to be different and I say to myself, adam will be adam.. if people thought that his show was waaayyyy too provacative, please think, look ,and google back .. who was adam before this ..
    I know, many people are concern because now adam is selling himself in the mainstream market, but please, we do have to open our minds, and our heart to adam as he is making way in this industry, as I myself has accepted adam as he is because I am way too sick and tired by the so boring entertainers that have been shoved to me all these years..
    I am sorry if my posting is too long but it’s just that after all the hu-ha buzzing on adam’s, I am trying to look things on a more positive site and try not to be too judgemental on adam’s doing.. at whatever cost, I still believe adam has gotten what it takes to take the international entertainment scene..
    so please America….. this is your shining star..
    seriously, I do feel like crying now, even if I am trying my very best to be lighthearted in this situation..
    don’t let one flaw dampened adam’s light ..

    anyway jeanette, thank you for giving us first hand on what happen there ..

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Puteri, I so agree with you. I left my first comment on this performance in the next thread, but I wiil say this here.
      There was not that much surprise about his performance. We’ve seen photos of rehearsal, of dancers in bondage outfits, of his performances pre Idol. This is Adam performing just ONE of his many artistic expressions. Next time he performs, it wiil be in the opposite direction, for sure. As he did always on AI. He likes to provoke, stir, shake things up. Maybe National Prime time TV, wasn’t the mos apporpiate place to do it. I don’t know, I’m not the one to judge him. I know he will never do what we expect him to, he will never conform. I love and admire that in him.
      I understand everyone’s concerns, but for me it was a good performance, far better than many others of last night.
      I say: Go Adam, I love you.

    • lamberghini says:

      I thought it was really funny to read Adam’s brother’s twitter: “The dancing rapist was mighty flashy!” I just have to laugh. Adam has always been Adam. Look at his routine in the club dancing to Kiss and Tell. Look at his performance in the Zodiac Show for A Change Is Gonna Come. They are “fierce”, and even angry performances and Adam is angry about conformity and prejudice and boxes. I think it’s important for us to ask ourselves who we want him to be. Well, obviously, reading these comments, he’s not that, at least not last night. He’s been stressing that he’s “honest to a fault,” that he’s “weird, no eccentric,” that he doesn’t mind shocking, “wants to take risks.” and wants freedom and wants attention. IMO, it wasn’t his best performance. In some ways it was just way too much for him. He wasn’t in control. I think he was nervous. I think the sound was off because his voice is so marvelous, but it reminded me of his Black or White performance–after the photos of him kissing other men came out and he was very worked up, even he called that performance “kind of shouty and pitchy.” I said it before and I’ll say it again, American Idol is just a speck in the rear view mirror of his spaceship. His performance last night isn’t for everyone, and there were moments when I cringed, big time because I was feeling the collective shock and awe. But I have spent the WHOLE LAST YEAR being entertained by him, and that is a gift that allows me to let him do his thing, for better or worse, and to just take it in stride. I’ve checked in with two male heterosexual relatives in their 20’s and they both said they are eager to see what he does next, that the performance will not ruin his career and that his goal was achieved because EVERYONE is talking about it. It will weed out those who would want Adam to conform to their idea of who he should be. Let’s all face it, Adam is a gay man who, judging by the leashes and lashes, thought he might try to bring a little BDSM to prime time. The best judgment to appeal to everyone? Nope. That doesn’t appeal to me. But he’s not conforming to everyone or anyone. Ever. It’s one reason why his brother named him “the glittery alien from planet fierce. However, Adam has enough of a sense of humor to mock himself on SNL. Do we have that much humor?

  7. Sooooooooooo shocked and disapointed~ After such long anticipation for what should have been a terrific debut, the ENTIRE performance fell miserably on its face. I just wanted to cry with sadness and anger. I agree whole heartedly that the choreographer needs to find another job and not one in the entertainment industry.

    Adam could have sat alone on a stool singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and would have been a million times sexier than the disaster that appered on the AMA last night.

    I’m a true Glamb thru and thru, but I’m sorry Adam, your performance was truely painful.

  8. OMG. You guys are so shy and prissy. TV is worse, True Blood (TV programme) is worse, Madonna’s shows and Ozzy Osborne – bat biting are worse. This is ENTERTAINMENT. Yes he did sound gravely and looked exhausted in the end, but who wouldn’t after running a marathon AND singing too. He planned to shock and did. Us Downunder enjoyed it.


      He is not well-known for doing these exact things on stage. The 95% of people who turned in the see the AMAs were not expecting to see this. We were ‘sucker punched’ along with an awful lot of angry parents who watched this show with their kids. Kids always watch the AMAs. That has now changed. We cannot trust the status quo anymore.

      • I’m sorry, but people keep talking about kids watching and angry parents. My question is why arn’t any parents angry about the scantily clad women gyrating around? Why is that ok for them to watch? I am open minded, and I love Adam. But if I had kids, they wouldn’t be watching any music awards show without me knowing about the performing artist and having some idea of what to expect. And they’d have to be of a certain age to watch it. I don’t think any music award shows are kid friendly anymore. Well, maybe the Country Music Awards, and I’m not really a country music fan. I have to wonder if these angry parents have any idea what their kids are doing when they’re not around. I work in retail, and have come across MANY parents buys mature rated games for their 6 year olds. Some, but not many, changed their minds when I told them what was in the game. My point is, scantily clad women and violence are ok, but this is a problem?

        • I couldn’t help wondering why America’s darling Carrie Underwood had women dancing around her in her underwear.And who wants to hear Emminem getting bleeped out over and over.Adam did not surprise me. I was upset by his disdain and the look on his face.It was definitely a fu_k you and I understood it but I did not like it. Non the less I love Adam and don’t think we will see this again. I just don’t want him to do anything else that will keep him off TV.Maybe he can learn from Ellen DeGeneres and be don’t make your life about being gay. It is one part of him,not the whole package.I agree with him that he is not a babysitter and parents should have previewed the entire show before letting their kids watch.By the way,listen to his CD loud in your car-it is like having your own personal concert.I would have loved to have seen a zodiac show production.He has made me listen to music again and I appreciate it and love him for it.

  9. Honestly I seen so much better from Adam but everyone has their moments. I honestly don’t think the performance was that bad I mean really all those negative & cruel comments towards him??? No some of it wasn’t appropiate for live tv but I mean give him a chance , don’t let one perfomance determine everything. Adam is such a straight forward guy & he is expressing himself which most people are afraid to because of this such reason. Of course lambert cares about what his fan thinks it was never his intention to offend anyone! He himself explains every song on his album is a whole different level of energy! Not everyone is going to like him but for us fans that do love him & his music let’s keep supporting our idol & get past the performance & look beyond. Tmrw is a new day get over it (:

  10. definitely not his best performance – the audio sucked… jeez this is the AMAs for God’s sake! Anyway I’m still getting his album=) Everything came a little too early for Adam… I just wonder how he’ll address this performance on his coming interviews…

  11. I was disappointed with the performance because he did not showcase his vocals. I did see him this summer on tour and watched every city performance over and over on YouTube . He was sexy, and I loved everything he sang.
    I wish he would have chosen a different song on the show tonight. Didn’t like the performance at all.
    There was too much fog or maybe from the lights something and you couldn’t see it very clearly. There wasn’t any lights on him and I had a hard time following him. I still adore him but I won’t be showing my grandson (7yrs) the taped performance. I’ve actually watched it 6X to see if it would grow on me. Love you Adam, your smile, your voice and you!, just not this performance. Sorry, And I’m a Glambert and have your pictures plastered all over my computer and have all of your music on my Ipod, including your new album which I downloaded tonight!

    • Agree. Really bad production quality. I also don’t think the performance is justified by other bad performances! The “others do it” doesn’t work for me, I’m just as critical of any talented artist (male, female, gay, whatever) who spends more effort on image than on the core music. Adam didn’t look like he was having any fun. I’m hanging in, but this made it hard.

  12. Jeanette:

    I agree with your comments 100%. I am still in shock. All my expectations dashed. So disappointed.


  13. cheryl 334 says:

    SONGWRITER………………………..I do not disagree with one word. I couldn’t have asid it better than you. Your article hit every point that I believe.

    Of course, I am not going to walk away from being Adam’s biggest fan. I love everythilng about him. Not everything he did, but, that was just ONE HUGE MISTAKE. Not one of many. He will get another chance, but he better think hard and long before he gives his ‘explanation’ of what he did and why he did it. He just cannot stand on the fact that “I;, an artist”, now. Wanting a career as an ‘Artist” is one that his public will determine. the word, “artist’ does not have that many benefits! Certainly not the benefit of telling your fans and public that you do not give a damn what they like or how they feel, when he knows from idol and the tour and all the messages tht we are supporting him in every way that we can. Not all will support him in this type of performance! I will continue to be his biggest fan until he decides that he wants to be too shocking and not be about the ‘MUSIC”!!!!! HELLO???? One moment he says it’s not that deep, it’s all about the music. The next minute, the music only counts when there are sexual inuendos that I do not want to see, and will not pay to see. He maybe have stayed in the Wicked and Zodiac shows if all he wanted to do to fulfill his dream was doing the same thing only on national tv. Bad, bad, judgement. We will soon know what was supposed to be in that performance, and what Adam may have just decided to do when in the heat of the moment in his ‘ARTISTRY”! Yikes! No! I did not want to see Zodiac or Wicked. I only wanted to see Adam use that awesome voice, see his awesome face, and let him entertain me. I ended up with so much ain for him. I couldn’t help but cry for him. I lost sleep for him. I am afraid fro him. I want to do the same as you, spank his ass hard, and then hug him and tell him it will be okay. I tweeted him and told him to get up stand up and it will be okay. To take responsibility, laugh at the tumble and say he was so nervous, and let it go. But, Adam has a stubborn streak a mile deep and he showed us that streak tonite. Not a good look for national tv Adam. Yes, the pics that are all over the net clearly show a big problem. I do not think Adam was proud of that. I would be disappointed and shocked if he really was proud. I think we know him well enough to know he was not happy. Hell, he did not want “Black or White” to be re aired as he was not happy with his vocals. And his vocals tonite were the worse I have ever heard him. Even tho he was better than 95% of the other performers. He even put Eminim to shame. That’s not a good thing. Eminem did not even grab his crotch as badly as Adam grabbed the girl’s crotch and roughed up the guy in his crotch, and kissed a straight guy who was not supposed to be kissed. He was simply out of control in every way. He acted like a horney maniac. To end on those words, is not good. I will end by professing my love, and support for Adam, and hope he gets some therapy for himself. He def needs someone to help him with his emotional outlets and understanding at what happened. For God’s sake, his mother was right there. No, this was NOT what Adam wanted to come out and do. I don’t believe that.

    • OMG! Adam needs therapy??? PLEASE!!! I think this is getting a little ridiculous. Dreamsound, Jeanette, Dana, and everyone else who works behind the scenes: I appreciate SO MUCH what you’ve done with this site. . . you guys are the best! I’m just getting to the point where I can’t keep coming here and reading this nonsense.

      Sad Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • AdamAddict says:

        Adam needs what?Who say Adam needs therapy?You are right,Cindy!This is ridiculous and nonsense!!!!!!

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          Let’s face it, he is confused, this performance and how he tried to defend it in the interview proves that his career decisions are way off.

          • AdamRocks! says:

            Maybe for you and who you want Adam to be.

            Cindy in MS
            Glamb #37

            • AdamAdmirer says:

              It’s not just me AdamRocks, wake up.

              • The therapy comment was a little strong, but Adam does need to evaluate. It’s like he doesn’t know how to say no. Horrible, cheesy movie song lyrics, photo shoots that, well, are pretty, but IDK, what was that about? pose with naked woman, Oh, OK why not? more shock value? and then this. As I’ve said previously, I’m hanging in. Love ya, Adam, but could we get back to the music?

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I agree with you Cindy and you also Emili, Adam doesn’t need therapy, that is one of the most pathetic things I have ever heard.

        I can’t understand how people think it is okay for kids to be sitting up watching a show like the AMAs in the first place and as Adamfan68 said why is okay for these kids to be watching scantily clad woman do their thing and not for Adam to do his thing.

        Therapy – really, give me a break. It seems like half the people on this site that think Adam’s career is doomed after one performance are the ones that need therapy.

  14. Regarding the fall, If it was accidental, I feel so sad that this had to happen, but he is such a professional that it was covered so well that people aren’t sure if it was part of the show or not.
    That being said…..He is human…I will support him and buy his CD today even though I too was disappointed in that one performance.
    I don’t think his amazing voice was highlighted last night…..And in my older (mom-like) opinion, I was a little uncomfortable watching the performance.
    I still think he is amazing and always will……..jahs376

  15. love all the music on FYE. did not like the AMA performance. cant wait for my CD to come today. just keep singing Adam love to hear you sing.

  16. His performance was forced and blatant. You’re right about his smile. It was an “angry” performance where all his others were truly “entertaining”. He always looked like he was having fun. It left me feeling disgusted and repulsed — and I’m pretty liberal! He has always had class in his performances and this one failed – big time! It was just low class material – not star material. I wonder what his Mom thinks — can you imagine???

  17. I, too am so disappointed. Waited up with my 11 year old daughter to see that? After the performance, we as well could not say a word. My husband looked at us both and asked, “Was it worth the wait?” We answered, “NO!” He could’ve been so much better. I cant believe in my heart of hearts he can go and watch the video and be happy with it. We love Adam and will always, but please who ever influenced him to do that, get out of his career and let him be himself.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more…whoever is making Adam’s career choices should get out before they destroy everything he has worked so hard to achieve. This was not a good 1st major TV appearance for Adam…he should be past the Zodiac Club’s “shockaholic style” and be moving onward and upward. In addition, we could not even hear Adam’s voice for a large part of the performance.. my husband, who has been a big Adam fan since American Idol, actually laughed at the AMA performance. We were both very disappointed and are eagerly awaiting Adam’s next performance and his vindication as a major new shining star.

  18. Lambertini says:

    He was nervous- he fell on national TV (or was it intentional) there was so much pressure on him-what do you expect? Yes it was racy- FOR KIDS – we are adults. What about when Madonna kissed Britney? Or Madonna practically masturbated onstage on the MTV awards for Like A Virgin? Lighten up & give poor Adam some slack. I feel bad that his vocals weren’t up to his normal par- but it’s hard to dance & sing at the same time. They should have rehearsed more & not had him do so much choreography- but I still love him the same & I actually feel bad for him for all the negative press he is getting.

    • Thank you! Sure it wasn’t as stellar as it could have been but come on people! I’d like to see one of you go out on stage and try to not look like a complete joke. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it either.

  19. Agree with this article 100%. Wasn’t the time or place for this performance. Save it for the tour.

  20. AdamsDarling says:


  21. Sandy, I agree with you completely. That’s the first thing that went through my mind during my sleepless night of tossing and turning, “What does his mom think of his performance?”
    I finally convinced my son to become a fan of Adam, and now this…I still love Adam, but I am so disappointed in him right now. And yes, he looked angry, not at all like the Adam from other performances. I missed hearing his beautiful voice and seeing him smile. Most of all I feel bad, because this is going to hurt him. But I also believe he will learn from this.

  22. Thanks for your comments, Jeanette and Janet. I was looking forward to your thoughts as you were there and might have had a different vantage point. I too did not care for this performance because it didn`t feature Adam`s fabulous vocals but was just too busy and distracting (or something – I am still trying to figure it out!) However, I still definitely consider myself a fan – I LOVE Adam and it’s gonna take alot more than one mistake and a less than stellar performance to make me turn away – that thought never even occurred to me!

    I got FYE from iTunes right at midnight and have transferred it to my Blackberry so I am looking forward to the walk to work this morning so I can listen to every song again! (That is if i can ever pull myself away from the computer trying to read everything Adam to actually go and have a shower!) I still have faith in Adam and love him. He IS an entertainer and what true entertainer has never had a bit of controversy in their lives???!!!

    My thoughts are with you, Adam. Everybody`s talking about you and that`s a good thing, right!??? Keep making music! Love you!


    Glamb #20

  23. Hey everybody that was the Adam we know and love His performance was great I don’t know how anybody can put him down if they do as u all have your not a TRUE ADAM FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I am so disappointed with his performance. He is comparing himself to the shock value of madonna, Lady Gaga, Alice Cooper etc. These are entertainers that have earned it. He is still new to the scene and should be careful because people are going to start not watching him and turning off the readio when his songs com on. I am worried about his career. At first his song is not the great but in support of him I will buy the CD and go to his concerts.

    I am hoping he does not get too cocky when he is being interviewed, that would just turn me right off.

    • dharmalati says:


  25. I agree with most of the above posts. On the day before his album comes out, it seemed like such a poor decision to alienate anyone. It makes me sad that Adam doesn’t always realize that less can be more. He is one of the most talented and beautiful people on this earth, and he doesn’t have to try so hard to “entertain” people. A hot leather outfit and his gorgeous smile can win over the world!!! Let’s hope that he gets many more opportunites to show his extraordinary talent!!!!


    • I agree emy. This was totally and completely unnecessary and sad, sad, sad. What a waste of talent.

      • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

        I know, I’m disappointed too. And this morning, it slowly dawned on me (no pun intended, really! 🙂 ) that maybe he doesn’t want this mom of three to be his fan. Do you think this was a message to all of us AI supporters? It’ll take more than that to get rid of me! I so hope that Adam doesn’t choose the road of shock entertainment over quality, inspiring and fun performances. I realize now from reading other posts that my sadness was not because of the OTT theatrics, but because he didn’t sing to his ability and didn’t perform in a way that was fun and entertaining. Where was that cute smile he always graced us with after being naughty that said, “Can you believe I just did that?” I hope he remembers that we all loved his tour performances because they were well-executed (I really don’t think this problem was his fault last night – too much ambition and too little time to prepare), a little promiscuous and alot of FUN! I hope he can find the balance between provocative and entertaining. He totally had it during the AI Tour this past summer. BTW, I still love him and his talent. Can’t wait for Wednesday!

        • aw Glamb #47 says:

          dear Texas,

          i hope you’re not right…i’m a besotted and relatively young mom of 3, too, and i’m just so disappointed that he’s taking this rather vulgar road and FU attitude. keep it fun and flirty, not agressive and angry. i can’t help but think his own mom must have been cringing inside :-/

    • lamberghini says:

      Take a look at how Adam saw it.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Way to go Adam, good interview. Love how he gets his point across, don’t see why he has to explain though and I am so glad he didn’t apologise, because he has absolutely nothing to apologise for. Everyone is dissing him for ONE SONG. Only ONE SONG, for goodness sake you all need to get this in perspective and he put on a fabulous performance, I am not easily shocked by anything these days and Adam entertained me (as he promised he would), he certainly didn’t shock me. Everyone needs to go and look at the Zodiac Club performances, this was mild. Love you Adam.

  27. Wow I can’t believe his fans think this was unlike him or a bad performance!!!
    What an EPIC performance!!! Adam just spat in the face of whimpy Americans! I’ve never seen him look sexier!!
    Duhhh his performance was theatrical!!! He never fails to break all boundries.

    Its so funny how everyone’s like “oh that was inappropriate”. Inappropriate for who??? Stop being whimps, that was sooo sexy and amazing!

    Thanks for really putting on a great show Adam 🙂

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Wish I had seen your post Kate, before I just posted mine above. You are so right, the performance was electric, amazing and sexy and oh so hot. Loved everything about it.

  28. Everyone should watch the performance on youtube again. It just gets better and better everytime I watch it!

    Was no one listening??? His vocals were AMAZING!!!

  29. Everyone needs to watch this

    Because clearly all the scardy cats didn’t get it!

    EPIC PERFORMANCE ADAM! Thanks for making me laugh and smile!

    I hate how if a woman did that it would be sexy! Get over yourselves people. WELL DONE ADAM!

    • Not the place to show this So, no people will not get it. poor judgment I am sad no one stopped him from this decision to do it on national tv. I do not say fuck in my class room because it is not the place but I do want to express my self So What the Fuck was he thinking

  30. Well, he is young and they are giving him enough rope to do his thing but I hope he doesn’t hang his career with it. His Voice is what got people to pay attention (to him) all over the world and I like his ethos of wanting to be a real artist but this wasn’t artistic it was like a drive by shooting.

    Now, maybe it’s just that I am a mom and felt that protective mom-thing and wanted him to just kill the huge TV audience with that Voice?But that did not happen because his voice was not his focus because he was trying too hard to pull off his stage creation and get some cred in front of the musical glitterati in the audience. I do think they would have applauded had he focused on his vocal prowess which has no peer in the biz right now.

    Maybe there are fans out there who really think that his stage show last night was awesome and didn’t care if his voice sounded un-Adam-like. Time will tell if he lost some but then gained some fans last night on the balance sheet.

    It was a risk and he seems to need that I guess because AI was just too tame for him. The performance pendulum will no doubt be swinging back and forth until he finds what it takes to be comfortable and confident that he is a certified talent and maybe he will realize that all he has to do is open his mouth and sing to melt people and sell CD’s.

    I did feel that the audience yawn was a little bit embarrassing though after the over-the-top announcements about his act. So many other artist got huge responses and most of them were just ok, and none of them have the voice he has. That was the real shame for me, is that he blended into the mural of musical so-so’s instead of using his gift of Voice to shock and awe.

    Raw talent is so rare. Stage cheese is too common. He has a rare talent but it’s up to him to decide how to best parlay that talent into a long career. Competing with the ladies like Madonna or Lady GaGa who have used shock-and-awe staging to get people’s attention is because they never had singing voices with octaves that made peoples hearts stop beating when they sang. He owns that kind of spine tingling voice that most of those girl-singers would kill for!!

    Oh well, one good or bad show doesn’t make a career but now it’s all over the web so, it will be fodder for jokes, etc. and that is really unfortunate since the CD is out today.

  31. I had a feeling that his performance wasn’t going to be excepted well by watching the rehersal videos. Who were the people helping him with this perduction and why was the sound, lighting and all the things involved with this performance done the way they were. I agree it was a shock value thing and was glad to hear Adam’s after the show interview with Access. I was disappointed but will still be a fan and hope this performance doesn’t hurt his career. One thing for sure it certainly will be remenbered and talked about for a long time. Adam was not the same cookie cutter performer like all the rest were, What about Janet Jackson’s grabbing of her crotch so many times durning her performance? Michael did this all the time along with bumps and grinds. Adam was right in the fact that if a female would have done any of these actions ( which they have before) nothing would have been said. Besides if ABC or any of the network people have anything to say…they all knew what Adam was going to do…they built his performance up as eye popping and let him do it. I Love you Adam and stay who you are… This is one grandma who anxiously awaits to see you perform and thank God for you being different…..

  32. what happened to his beautiful voice? Did he forget to sing?Maybe it was the sound system? he can do what he wants but we have to hear his beautiful voice or it just doesn’t add up….

  33. Was not his best performance but still a fan and hopefully one not so good performance shouldn’t run his career. All he had to do is just stand there and sing and that would have been Great. He didn’t need all that other stuff going on around him. I blame some of this on his management.

  34. I love Adam, but this just didn’t look or sound good. Forget everything else, just listen to it. I just wanted to see him “sing his face off”. All of his fans know that he is over the top. Too bad it was on such a huge stage.

  35. AdamRocks! says:

    This is similar to my post from the previous thread:

    I loved it! The way he began the song was great. . . and how he changed the way he sang “don’t be afraid.” It wasn’t his best performance (I’m sure he was nervous, with all the hype and pressure, and his first major performance, who wouldn’t be?), but it was what he wanted to do. . . he wanted over-the-top theatrics, dancers, crazy costumes. . . he wanted to take risks, push the envelope, shock. And I think he accomplished that. . . hehe. Some are complaining about the in-your-face sexuality of the performance. . . the way some of us talk on here about Adam and sex (me included), what he did was tame! And others are worried about the mainstream accepting him. . . I don’t think HE’S worried about that.

    LOVED how, before he kissed his bass player, he sang, “can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?”. . . YOU GO ADAM!!! And I can’t help feeling that some people (the haters, mostly) are outraged by the sexuality of the performance BECAUSE HE’S GAY!!!

    Adam is one of the bravest people I know!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    P.S. Reading SOME of these comments, I had to ask myself, am I still on It’s very interesting to me that In my internet cruising, I haven’t heard any outrage about Eminem’s F-bomb-filled, hate and killing and violence-filled performance.

    • Glamb #470 Becky says:

      To AdamRocks, You have GREAT points…as I totally agree about the hip-hop and the terrible things they say and sing about….I think what is happening here is that everyone wanted Adam to turn the world upside-down – I love all his theatrics and his costumes and make-up and on and on…but where was his voice and why nervous now?! We’ll never really know…but your points are GREAT and VERY GOOD!

      We LOVE Adam – we just wanted him to fly with “jet” wings and the people complaining about the sexuality things would have found something else to complain about…it is “today”….

      and to tell you the truth, I think whoever said the crowd was still in shock about Taylor Swift, was right – I was blown away – I think everything combined caused the quiet ending……

    • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

      My opinion of Adam’s performance last night has nothing to do with him being gay. I knew he was gay the morning after he sang “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” because I googled him on the web and found the famous pictures. Didn’t matter to me then, doesn’t matter to me now. What matters to me now is how he failed to share his talent AND he was disrespectful. I really could have handled the kissing/groping, etc. – I totally expected it based on the song lyrics – but he seemed angry and disrespectful. I’m sorry, but flipping off your peers, most of whom have alot more cred than Adam, is incredibly disrespectful. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM BEING GAY. Also, I have never been a fan of Eminem and am not invested in his musical career. I couldn’t care less what he does in his performances. I’m tired of people trying to make themselves feel better about Adam’s performance last night by bringing up other questionable performances. We all know Adam was capable of so much more – THAT’S why we are disappointed.

      Texas – Glamb #118

      • Hello. . . some of us liked the performance. I like what Kimber said: ADAM is theatrical, over the top, daring, fierce, controversial, he was brilliant! His voice was theatrical, he was playing a character of a devious sexual mastermind who was inviting you to let him entertain you. Thanks Kimber! 🙂

        Please don’t say that I’m trying to make myself feel better about his performance. The sound could’ve been better. . . even Adam admitted that. . . I can’t believe I have to defend the fact that I really liked it.

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

          I’m not asking anyone to defend the fact that they liked it. In fact, I hope more people liked it than didn’t! I want huge acceptance and love for Adam! My comment was in response to an earlier post saying most people who didn’t like the performance based their opinion on his being gay, which couldn’t be further from the truth for me.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Cindy
          I don’t know if you read my comments last night. I posted right after the show and to sum it up, I basically said that I was shocked and confused. I didn’t know what to think. All these things were going through my mind, like Adam’s cd is coming out tomorrow, is this too in your face for mainstream America, is it going to ruin his dreams of a big career after all his hard work and so on and so on. I’m not a prude and the sexuality didn’t bother me as such, what bothered me is that it was on prime time tv, not at the zodiac club and was that the best way to showcase his amazing talent.
          After sleeping on it and considerable thought, I guess what really bothered me is that it didn’t seem like Adam. No matter how sensational he was on AI or the tour he always looked like he was having fun and enjoying himself and no matter what the song, there was always that big beautiful smile at the end. To me, FYE is a fun, campy, want to make you dance type of song. I didn’t think the performance reflected that. To me, it was dark and Adam seemed angry when he was singing it and angry afterwards. A side of Adam that we haven’t seen before, I think that was part of my confusion. I just wasn’t used to seeming Adam like that.
          I also didn’t think his vocals were up to par, maybe it was the sound system as some have said.
          I love him so much and I was looking forward to the performance so everyone else could see what I saw in him, his incredible talent, his beautiful smile, that warm, loving personality and none of that came across in his performance for me. I was worried that this would turn people off who didn’t know him and affect his record sales which could in turn affect his career. We all want him to tour and that is based on how well his cd sells. If it doesn’t sell, there will be no tour. That was my concern about the performance last night, not so much about the boundaries and sexuality, etc. but how and why he chose to showcase it last night.
          Oh well, we’ll see I guess if this will affect him at all, maybe it will just blow over.
          I am a fan and will continue to be a fan. He is an incredible talent and an incredible man.
          You don’t have to defend the fact that you liked it. I wished last night that I felt like you, I would have been in a better place! But I’m ok with it now. As I said, just a little worried about his future.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Cindy, it is like Adam said in that interview, the double standards thing. Why do we think sexy is so bad, but killing, violence and hate filled songs are okay. Really weird if you ask me.

      The part that you put in just before he kissed Tommy “can you handle what I’m about to do” was one of my favourite parts of the performance and the look on his face as he was just about to kiss him, so fierce, so damn sexy. I Loved it.

      I, like you, especially this thread, had to actually check that I was on the right site and hadn’t stumbled on one of those hate sites. It is incredible how people can turn so quickly over ONE BLOODY SONG. A song about sex I might add. Can you imagine what a joke it would have turned out to be if it had only been Adam on the stage. Come on you people, get real for god’s sake.

      Love and hugs to you Cindy.

  36. first I must say!!! omg…omg…omg….I’am in SHOCK, but I don’t think ADAMS performance was what silence the audience…to me it seemed that the audience was upset ,when Ryan said “Taylor Swift
    won “artist of the year”?????I think ADAM should have done is number first!!! cRaZy!!!!

  37. The performance content was not surprising or shocking. He was dressed beautifully. It just didnt quite gel. His voice wasnt 100 percent or just missing some kind of Adam appeal. I was dissapointed. But still an Adam Fan.

  38. Glamb #470 Becky says:

    EXtremely disappointed and spent hours on phone with other disappointed ADAM fans after show. It WAS a train-wreck! What was he thinking! LIVE on AMA the day before his debut album!! His hair was terrible, wrong suit, his voice was poor – too much screaming – the song was slow – TOO much going on! Where was his beautiful voice and fantastic dancing and having fun and like Jeanette said – WHERE WAS THE SMILE! He knew it was a train wreck. This will hurt him for awhile – he will keep a lot of fans, but he needed the fans that would look past the album cover – this sealed the door of never looking past. He would have been better off doing 2012 song and showing his extraordinary vocal talent and brought the house down. I was embarrassed, hurt and very disappointed.

  39. I liked his performance,and I don’t understand why your being so down on him ? You guys have been talking about the man’s bulge and your fantastizing like a bunch of dirty old women for along time now. His performance was not as bad as say J Lo with her dancers in short shorts and the pelvic thrust, or was that Janet ? So he kissed some one, big deal ! Most of you have turned om him like a pack of rapid dogs. Check your selves. His Album is awesome and will still do wonderful disspite the turn coats Adam Lambert is still my Idol, And Rocks

    • Amen. I love the way you put that “……fantasizing like a bunch of dirty old women…..” it is so right on and then these same women are bitching about how they thought his performance was out of line and not like “They” would like to see it.

    • KO's smiling says:

      I think you meant Shakira.

    • Good comment and right on! I’ve seriously been embarred by some of the comments and fantasies posted on this site. I could hardly believe some of the statements made by these “dirty old women”., As I said above, don’t give up on Adam, he’s still the beautiful man with an amazing voice and talent that most of us can only fantasize about. And his album is fantastic!!
      Go Get It!!!

      Adam is THE American Idol they’ve looked for since it’s inception! Show over.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Man5tyl I do agree with you except for one thing – enough of the dirty old women. Pulease, I am 56 and don’t consider myself old. I am a woman of mature years and yes, I may have a dirty mind where Adam is concerned, I have already confessed to being a pervert before, but I am only a pervert where Adam is concerned and I don’t want any cure for that thank you very much, I absolutely adore Adam and everything he does including his performance at the AMAs.

      I know there seems to be a lot of haters on this site right now, but I do agree, I cannot understand how some of them for months (myself included) can go on about THE BULGE and then get all upset because he does a few shennanagins on stage (as he put it in his interview).

      Adam is my ROCK GOD and will always be my rock god.

  40. sun-n-stars says:

    I wasn’t going to post anything today as I am still in shock and trying to collect my senses. Adam could have just sat in a chair, sang and looked so very handsome and we would have all been thrilled. He wanted this and now he has it. Controversy, hype, publicity, shock, an in your face performance. He didn’t have to do this but he chose to do so and now he has to live with it. You couldn’t hear the song very well but you could definitely see the over the top performance. Adam is so talented. Yes, women performers are getting away with performing very sexual moves on stage and yes possibly he could be discriminated against being male and performing this way. But, the issue is that he has not established himself as an artist in comparison to Madonna, Shakira, or male artists like Prince and others who have had performances of this magnitude in the past. If it had been 5 years from now, nothing would probably have been said but this was his first performance to the world and it did not do him justice. We are dedicated followers but there are lots of people out there who do not have a clue who Adam Lambert is. We meet them all of the time. They will now know who he is. With Adam being the upbeat person that he is, hopefully he will learn from the mistakes (choreography included) and grow. He will need to learn to take his fans criticisms along with their adoration. He still has fans who love and support him no matter how much shock they may be experiencing at the moment.

  41. That was brave but…
    I agree with the ” his first performance on national TV of his first original song, one day before the release of his album, is not the time” line. Adam always emphasizes that he is here to entertain, but whom? Himself mostly? I’d call this performance self-indulgent.

  42. After I watched the performance I was like..OOOOK….I wasn’t sure what to think. I needed to re watch it again several times.It was provocative ,I get that,I don’t mind it,but the lights,the make up (too orange),and the choreography weren’t very good.Overall he looked very nervous,overwhelmed and a little bit arrogant (the kiss gave me that impression ).I never really liked this song, it’ s difficult to sing live, it’s the album my least favorite,I could never really understand why they pick FYE for the first single.All the other songs are beautiful it’s impossible going wrong with any of them.
    I love Adam,I always will.I bought two copies of the CD and I’ll always support him.I just feel like a very critic mother who want the best for his child….but hey!..everybody is talking about it today

  43. That was brave but…
    I agree with the ” his first performance on national TV of his first original song, one day before the release of his album, is not the time” line. Adam always emphasizes that he is here to entertain, but whom? Himself mostly? I’d call this performance self-indulgent. Well, he chose his path.

  44. ADAM LAMEBERT deserves nothing for the vile, grotesque, totally non entertaining, WTF, performance last night. Maybe it is not for everyone but what was it? A gay dude running around, falling, screaming, dressed like a fool? I listened to the entire performance and cannot tell you one word in that song. I watched the performance and only saw some gay dude with a mic who wants to show the world that he is a freakin drag queen and a screamer. That was not art, that was just bad.
    ADAM LAMEBERT, your aweful and I hope to see you working in a Wal Mart one day soon.

    • who are you ???????Never saw you on this site before and hope to never see you again. I doubt Adam goes to Walmart but I’m sure you do.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      For god’s sake are you still here. I saw your post above and it was as bad as this one. Go away, you are not wanted on this site. Once again someone that says how much they don’t like someone but seem to spend a lot of time watching what they are doing.

      Just do us all a favour and go away.

  45. To quote Simon…………..this was self-indulgent rubbish…and it makes me mad and sad that he did it on this *stage* he could have gained so many fans….instead he’s lost several.
    I am disappointed in Adam…he is better than that

  46. This is just one performance that he probably dissapointed lots of people…but you know what, I love him and I will support him all the way…I’m a big fan and I will not turn my back on him just for what happened last night….

  47. I wonder if he is letting the “american nonacceptance” of gays that he has been subjected to get to him and that came out in his performance? He always says he’s here to sing, and not to promote a cause. Yet, last night he seemed to be promoting a cause – “freedom of expression” – but it was TOO MUCH> 🙁 It’s kinda like he pulled a “ring of fire”way too soon before people were ready for it again. People stood up in the audience before he came out, as if having previous respect and anticipation, but then he does that and quiets everyone. I too paused the picture of him at the end, and have NEVER seen that look on his face. It WAS one of disgust it seemed??? And I don’t get the flipping off at the end either. We want to see a smiiiile. I’m a die-hard Adam fan, but feel so disappointed and surprised, I don’t know how to process this or what to think.

  48. mdegraffen says:

    I’m also disappointed. You’ve got a room full of the movers and shakers in the music industry, and you flip them off? Not cool. I didn’t mind the Cold Hearted Snake routine so much, although I was like “Where’s Paula?”. The whole thing was a big, old, hot mess.

  49. annoynomous says:

    To heck with everything said…Adam will bring back his smile and do his songs right….this song was racy and he went with it…My adult children is having a hard time with it cause they thought he acted angry….Hope he hasn’t got the bighead and comes down to earth a bit, my daughter said…Don’t give up on him yet….I hope his sales goes great with his cd….Mine and 2 more should be coming in…..Have a happy day….

  50. It is A Time For Miracles……………………please sing that Wednesday morning!

    I am still speechless, feel sorry for adam, hope the little trip was just that not a we all fall down!

  51. People are wrong. Asia, Europe, Japan and everywhere else in the world , except America, are much more open minded than America. My husband and I are Asian, we came to this country 30 yrs ago and we are shocked to see how America is so so closed-minded. We laughed and share this with all of our Asian friends (now also in the 50+) They thought so. I , later, share this with all my European in America and they also think the same. They think America is hypocrite and not true to themselves. I then had a Japanese roomate. She was telling me the same. Now 20 years later, last nite, i thought people (esp in this year 2009) changed but I found people are raised to be not true to themselves. GO ABROAD, and see how people in the world live true to themselves. They keep their culture, respect the older people, and their superior but they know how to appreciate ARTS, MUSIC, and expressive about it. I am writing it , not to bash anyone, but to tell you all the truth that America should travel more to other countries and learn the good things about how to live and enjoy life. I am not speaking for anyone but it was based on what i see and learned. ADAM has travelled around the world and had open eyes on how people live and think. The entertainment last nite is FABULOUS , EXCELLENT JOB, ADAM. AMERICA NEED TO BE SHOCKED more, they need to change the way they live. No wonder people have too much stress and have much more cancer disease than any other countries. LOVE ADAM !!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t need these closed minded fans. You got so many others in America who think like me and billion of people around the world. !!! it’s time to teach people a lesson to accept and live true to themselves !! GO ADAM GO

  52. mdegraffen says:

    I have to agree that the performance was self-indulgent. My comments have nothing to do with him being gay. I worked in the airline industry for over 20 years and straight men were the exception and not the rule. I’m that rare Texan – a liberal. His performance was just not good.

  53. melinda glam 482 says:

    Well if Adams plan was to get people talking he certainly accomplished that. I was soooo looking forward to seeing him live on the AMA awards, and starting off a brilliant career. I have heard him mention in several interviews that he is thrilled about his mass appeal from many generations. I can’t beleive he would think this kind of preformance would help that appeal. I also heard him say this preformance would be hot and sexy. This was raunchy at best. I think my mouth was dropped open through most of the song, which also sounded not nearly as good as on his CD which I happen to love. I felt really bad with the trip up. I am hoping that it was part of the choreography.
    I watched the preformance 3 times hoping I would feel better about it, cause I really love this guy, but I only felt disheartened and embarassed for him and me each time. I am looking forward to his Letterman and Ellen appearance. I know he will be singing other songs, and maybe will explain more about all this. I am really curious from Jeanette whether those were some boos I heard at the end, and very limited clapping.

  54. Well said. I feel scared and worried about Adam today. I don’t want him to feel hurt or to feel bad. I don’t like to think the performance will hurt CD sales but it might. And yes, I too, want to crucify the choreographer and costume designer. I just want the universe to fill Adam with love today.He is not his experiences and I love him.

  55. AdamAddict says:

    OMG,how many thread we talk about this?But same as many of you.I was in twitter with helen,Dianne,Jaberone,Puteri.When Adam starts performing we stop tweetering and pay attention to Adam.After finished,I was WTF moment,if you called it that.LOL!!What…what…did he…he just…I think…LOL!!Confused!!My 1st thought,his vocal not that good.

    So,WHO HERE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS PERFORMANCE?COZ HELL YES I WILL!!!WHY??!!Coz how many times we can see Adam perform not that good?I say like NEVER,NONE,NADA,ZERO!!I think this is my 1st time I saw it.If I didn’t watch it,I won’t believe it.For those who 1st time watching him coz got recomended by friends,I think they not going to be fans!I suggest you guys can borrow your A.I DVD to them.They will love him if they know how versatiles,how awesome he actually is.

    I do want to cry like some of you.Feeling bad for him.Like he pushing to hard.Pressure and all.How many celebrities in red carpet said they want to see Adam?Many,right?and like A.I or any other shows after that,Adam got to warm up his voice.This time,Adam sat in the crowds then when the time come,he changed and start singing.When I sing for karaoke,for one hour beginning,I was super sucks.Then later,my voice getting higher,sing better coz it warm up,I guess…still sucks tho!LOL!But you know what I meant,right?

    It’s okay,he still have plenty show to prove what he can do.People will see what he can do.Maybe we should’t worry so much.If some of his fans stop being fans coz of this,they are not true fans.But I just thought that when someone stop being his fan,they also maybe someone start being his fan.For all true fans,let’s have fun with Adam.he going to surprise us lots more. 🙂

    • Emili….I got kicked off twitter for too many updates just after ADAM’s performance, so I couldn’t say anything for almost 2 hours!!!! So frustrating! I think I sent you a DM…the only way I could talk to you! I was glad you were there too!

    • Hi AdamAddict. Your remark about Adam maybe not being warmed up enough is interesting. I wasn’t that interested in any of the other groups that much so I kept my binoculars focused on Adam in the audience for a large part of the concert. He didn’t leave the audience until hour 3, so he may not have been warmed up enough vocally or physically for the performance, and that might have contributed to the raggedness of his vocals.

  56. You all need to relax & trust the Adam you fall in love with knows what he is doing…we were warned…

    So hot
    Out the box
    Can we pick up the pace?
    Turn it up,
    Heat it up
    I need to be entertained
    Push the limit
    Are you with it?
    Baby, don’t be afraid
    I’ma hurt ‘ya real good, baby

    Let’s go
    It’s my show
    Baby, do what I say
    Don’t trip off the glitz
    That I’m gonna display
    I told ya
    I’ma hold ya down until you’re amazed
    Give it to ya ’til you’re screaming my name

    No escaping when I start
    Once I’m in I own your heart
    There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm
    So hold on until it’s over

    Oh, do you know what you got into?
    Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?
    ‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you
    I’m here for you entertainment

    Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
    ‘Ya thought an angel swept you off ya feet
    But I’m about to turn up the heat
    I’m here for your entertainment

    It’s alright
    You’ll be fine
    Baby, I’m in control
    Take the pain
    Take the pleasure
    I’m the master of both
    Close your eyes
    Not your mind
    Let me into your soul
    I’ma work it ’til you’re totally blown

    No escaping when I start
    Once I’m in I own your heart
    There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm
    So hold on until it’s over

    Oh, do you know what you got into?
    Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?
    ‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you
    I’m here for you entertainment

    Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
    ‘Ya thought an angel swept ya off your feet
    Well I’m about to turn up the heat
    I’m here for your entertainment

    Oh oh… mmmm
    Oh oh… Oh entertainment…
    I’m here for your entertainment…

    Do you like what you see?
    Let me entertain ‘ya tell you screeaaam

    Oh, do you know what you got into?
    Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?
    ‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you
    I’m here for you entertainment

    Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet (bet ya thought)
    ‘Ya thought an angel swept ya off your feet
    Well I’m about to turn up the heat (turn up the heat)
    I’m here for your entertainment

    It is really not that deep… love him & trust his know exactly what he is doing!

  57. Hi Janet and Jeanette….the expression you could not quite make out at the end of Adam’s AMA performance is when Adam flips off the audience, (there are pics of Adam doing this with that expression at the end of the song, the station went close up on him so that his gesture is not seen) if anyone can tell me why he did that I am intersted to know???

  58. If Adam were to say something that is a hint of an apology, a “oh, I didn’t tmean to go so over the top, I was so full of adreneline” or ‘wow, I just saw the video, and I did THAT?” or even ‘OOPS.” then I would say aww, poor Adam. but no, he is saying i don’t care if people buy my album. “It’s about the music. I’m creating art, and if they like it, they’ll buy it, and if they don’t, they don’t. It really doesn’t matter to me.”
    Okay, Adam, I feel so much better now, knowing you don’t care. Gee, I thought you did. Is he turning into a dick, or what? Why so cocky, Adam? Was it the whole OUT controversial stuff over the last two weeks? Why did you seem to change over night from a great performer with a great, magnetic personality to a horrible performer with a horrible attitude also? Adn WHY would you give the audience the finger at a live performance?? Not enough clapping for you or what? Please explain tha tone! So if he doesn’t care, perhaps we shouldn’t care so much. I Love Adam and have since Bohemian Rhapsody, and I agree with all of you, I feel betrayed, disappointed, and even a little sad for me that the music I thought I found and was giving me a little ‘music happiness and fun’ might not be so happy and fun after all.

  59. Adamsdelicious says:

    I too was a bit dumbfounded once the whole performance was over. Wasn’t sure what to think or say, so thanks to TiVo, I watched it again & again & again. The vocals were awful, something we have NEVER & I mean NEVER heard from Adam, before, during, or after AI (I went to the AI concert). I was expecting ‘shock’, sex, gyrating hips, humping some kind of stick…I wasn’t expecting a simulated blow job, what looked like him sticking his fingers inside a female (although when watched back, we saw he pulled the belt that was in between her legs) or the man on man kiss (although, I thought it was HOT…). I had my husband watch it this morning, since he fell asleep & he said it wasn’t as bad as he had expected from all the hype. He also said that the acoustics were horrible & that the dancers weren’t great…..Either way, I’m still not completely sold on the performance (mind you I couldn’t sleep a wink last nite after watching – that’s gotta say something :OD) but I LOVE, & I mean LOVE Adam Lambert and all he represents. He is sweet, humble, sexy, sensual & very smart…..

    I just hope this doesn’t hurt his records sales &/or the start of what should be an AMAZING & long lasting career….

  60. I am one of Adams biggest fans. I could not wait for this show and I preordered the cd. Even though he is one of the most talented singers I have ever known, he really blew his debut on the amas. I was so disappinted. I thought Adam had class, because of the way he dresses and presents himself. He is very gracious and open in interviews, but the performance at the ama was totally tasteless. I don’t care if he is gay. Thats not the point. It was inappropriate for television. I taped it for my young nephew. Now, I will be erasing it. I am sure this will hurt his cd sales. It defintely was career suicide. Too bad, he will already have to work on his comeback like Britney Spears.

  61. Carol Sheets says:

    When Adam was first on american idol, I said, “he is going to be the winner”. I couldn’t believe his beautiful voice and it seemed to just come natural. When he didn’t win, I thought it was so unfortunate. I felt like he lost because of his sexual preferences, which is soooo wrong. I have a nephew that is gay and they need to be treated equal. He was definately the better of the two (Chris). But, after watching AMA last night, I was and am so ashamed. He was down right disgusting with the oral sex, whipping, and the big smooch on one of the guys. This was all uncalled for and has made me lose all respet for him, regardless of how well he sings. I will NOT allow my grandkids to listen to his music or watch his videos. It is not something that should have been shown on tv either. Heterosexual singers don’t go humping others of the opposite sex or smooching them on stage, so why Adam did you think it was ok? I was watching with my mother and grandson and i was truly embarassed. And I’m no prude, but it was way over the top. He should never be allowed to perform on tv again unless it is screened first. It’s not too late to turn your style around, Adam. Would love to see you like you were in american idol.

    • Heterosexual singers don’t go humping others of the opposite sex or smooching them on stage,

      Uh, yes they do!! Didn’t you watch the rest of the show?

  62. He’s got everyone doing exactly what he wanted 🙂

  63. I remember writing on this blog right after we saw Adam in Portland, OR on the AI tour, that he was going to lose middle-age women and others if he continued down this road of smut. I said that I asked him via Twitter to keep it classy not trashy…. got a pretty scathing comeback from Jeanette about …… what some think is trashy others view as sexy…. each to his own, etc…. or something to that kind of rubbish. Tasteless is tasteless, no matter how you try to defend it. I am glad Jeanette saw the “light” last night. I was appalled and embarrassed for Adam. I, too, noticed the small applause, then silence. He really alienated a lot of people with that in your face crap! It will hurt him a lot and it will take some doing to recover from it. Then, for him to basically blow it off and come across as too arrogant to care how it looked to some, is a travesty. He has been way too pampered since AI and it has gone to his head.
    As Simon would probably say, “That was over indulgent rubbish”.

  64. I am almost 50 years old, so i guess he does not care about pleasing most people in this age group.
    I have absolutely adored watching Adam on stage- he is so exciting and magical. Being in love with
    his magical voice, I stayed up to watch him last night- (late for me!) Anyway, I feel sure an extreme
    sense of disappointment. True, he does not aim to please everyone with his music or his performance,
    but I felt as if I had been slapped. Where was his charisma, his charm, his pitch-perfect voice and his
    sense of judgment?

  65. The feedback across the board seems negative, USAToday’s poll at last count was 82% voted that it was over the top. DUH! We all knew this!

    Everyone’s entitled to express themselves about how they feel about his performance. People who love him are disappointed, as individuals, we’re entitled to that, but now it just all feels like people love Adam but under certain conditions, sad… Whatever happened to unconditional love?

    Reading all the negative stuff on the net and conversations with people throughout the day.. I just remind myself of what Adam has stated in his interview with Access Hollywood. I thought his vocal performance was meh, the worst I’ve ever heard him. But his stage performance kicked butt! And this is coming from a TOTALLY straight male!

    “I’m not an artist that does things for every single person.”

    “If it made you uncomfortable, maybe I’m not for you”

    As I stated above 🙂 We are all doing exactly what he wants us to do 🙂 We’re all talking about him, wether we love him or hate him, we’re all talking 🙂

  66. waveridergal says:

    Totally disturbing and soooooooooooo disappointing. I hope this performance won’t kick Adam’s career to the curb. We’ll see. In addidtion, Lady Gaga’s performance was horrible, violent with the breaking glass etc. and Rhiana’s wasn’t any better. All three depicted anger , adversity and crude sex.
    Sorry Adam…….but you blew it.

    • Good lord, did we all lose our sense of ART?!?! Sure it’s subjective, as with ANY form of Art.
      I thought her performance was brilliant! Did you really expect anything less of her? Are you not sick of the typical “cookie cutter” performances?

      Have you heard about the beating Rhiana got from Chris Brown? I’d think I’d be a little angry too! 🙂 just saying.

  67. I adore Adam, I really do……but last night’s performance left me disappointed. It wasn’t the simulated oral sex or kiss or crotch grabbing that offended me, it was the fact that it the whole thing was soooo poorly executed. It’s one thing to shock people, but you have to make sure you DAZZLE them as well!

    His vocals were way off & he came across as cold, violent & detached from his “props”.
    His performances of “Whole lotta Love” & his Bowie medleys on tour were waaaaay sexier than last nights debacle, cos he looked like he was having fun & we were too. To top it off, in his interview later he kind of had the attitude of “Oh, well – it’s not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea”, and I swear if he uses the phrase “apples & oranges” again I’ll frickin scream!. AAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHH!!

    Anyway, off to buy my copy of his CD – have invested enough time & energy on Adam to not give up on him just yet. You haven’t lost this fan with one bad performance, but you have lost a little of your sparkle. (IMHO, ladies)

  68. Good lord, did we all lose our sense of ART?!?! Sure it’s subjective, as with ANY form of Art.

  69. Hi guys. First, I would like to make some quick notes:

    1. Adam fell. Not only did he fall, the poor guy could have been killed if he’d fallen off the platform. Thank God it wasn’t serious. In fact, he recovered beautifully, although dropped some word, I understand. When you hear that “thunk” of the mic hitting the platform, that is a dead giveaway it wasn’t planned.

    2. I was sitting way in the back and did not see Adam give the “finger” to the audience. It also was not broadcast in the studio on the big screen monitors, nor was it in the West Coast feed of the show we saw back at home that night. So, all we saw and knew about was the angry look on his face. The Adam we know has always lapsed into a pleasant smile after each performance, no matter how intense the performance itself was. Honestly, we thought Adam was angry with himself, not angry with the audience. Now I know that he gave the “finger”, which I guess could have been seen in the first hundred rows, I don’t know what to think. What do you think was going through his mind?

    3. Anyone who remarked here or implied that Jeanette and I are “old prudes” is way off the mark and personally, I don’t care for the insult at all. Our article was not about the sexual antics of Adam in this performance, it was a measured review of the performance itself. We think that the performance was under par and did not showcase Adam’s unique talents the way that he deserves to be showcased.

    • He admitted today via Twitter, he was pitchy.

    • So when did you and Jeanette become experts on showcasing Adam’s talent? How arrogant you’ve both become thinking you know what’s best for Adam.

      • Mary, I have not appreciated your remarks on this post. Just like everyone here, I do feel I have the right to express my opinion. In my case, I do believe that my formal training in dance and music since the age of 5, my theater degree from an Ivy League college, my M.B.A. and my 30 years experience in the entertainment business, including working on major ABC-TV shows, including some Dick Clark productions, gives me a insider’s view on the topic. Therefore, I expressed myself accordingly. But I don’t think there’s any arrogance whatsoever in either my point of view or Jeanette’s.

        There are many articulate and fascinating posters on this site. I enjoy the many points of view… and perhaps so should you.

        • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

          Songwriter, I’m sorry if some of the posters have been insulting to you and possibly the others that make this site happen. This site is the first thing I check in the morning with my first cup of coffee and the last thing I look over before going to bed! Thanks so much for the time and effort you guys put into it. As fans, we are all entitled to our opinions, but we need to remember the rules of sportsmanship – some of these posters need to be ejected from the game! Let’s all share our opinions with a little more respect for others. For those leaving comments who are obviously haters and only here to stir us all up, let’s ignore them. They’re only having fun if we let them! As for me, still a little disappointed with the AMA performance, but feeling better about it already. I am absolutely confident that Adam will blow our socks off (in a good way!) with his performances on Wednesday. I have to admit that I’m proud of his confidence. He’s always been an inspiration to me 🙂

        • Obviously, you don’t think I have the right to express my opinion unless it agrees with you. At least I’m secure in my thoughts and opinions that I don’t have to list my “resume” to defend them like you do. Whatever dude. Bottom line, you’re not a true Adam fan. I am. I love who he is and what he does and his performance on the AMAs was awesome. I’m not constantly criticizing him like you and a bunch of other so-called experts. Don’t worry, I will no longer contribute to this negative fansite. It’s all yours along with your fellow fag hags.

        • There was no arrogance songwriter4adam. Your article nit the nail on the head, and has been really helpful to me with my broken heart.

  70. I’m very curious to see if his performance divides his fans against each other, I hope not, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  71. I was at the show and have watched the recording at home. Starting out it was good but the trip really messed up his vocals if you listen closely after the fall. I thought he recovered well but it was upsetting. The performance was over the top, not something I would have wished for his 1st big show. I know I posted that it was great in another area but with time to reflect and watch repeats, I think it was too much for the general viewing audience and I wasn’t pleased to see Adam project himself like this. Part of his appeal is his endearing smile and playful attitude. I think a tongue in cheek attitude with this song would have been much better and sexier.

  72. When I first heard Adam, I thought, “Holy Cow – Freddie mercury” Now that guy managed to shock, but he also had a huge fan base before he got that far..

    Last nights show, was awful. I never watch award shows, people crying over little statues isnt my kind of thing – so I watched and waited, and was plenty disappointed.

    He didn’t sing, he screamed, no sexy sideways glances, only anger.

    I’m not a prude, but would you let your children watch that back? Didn’t think so.

    • I must agree with you. I thought it was about the music and entertaining people. He was not entertaining only shock value. What for Where were his managers and friends His mother??? Why would they let him crusifiy himself like this. God I am sad and Mad. WTF

  73. Hey radicalrich! I second…third, fourth and so on!!!

    C’mon diehard Glamberts!! This is so predictable!! You all wanted a picture of your Idol the way you wanted it, creating a god in your minds! This incredible guy called ADAM GLAMBERT is an artist and will always be a true artist to his bones! He did justice to his music, to this song and nothing else. It is simply defining FUN to its every letter!! And pleeeasssee..don’t be all that hypocrite and naive.

    C’mon moms, grandmothers there! These gyrating, sexual intonations had all been seen by your children and grandchildren in all the AI tours he did…there is actually nothing new, only this time he had a marvelous talented back up team onstage who went lose and danced with incredible flexibility power and grace!! They are all at their best, and those free moves, those multiple jumps, those numerous turns and unsynchronized moves made the whole execution fantastically interpreted in the whole performance! It was avantgarde at its best! Dark as it is, the choreography should have been that way, or else it would have turned out to be so TRYING HARD!

    And guys, give Adam a break! He was dressed that night to impress!!! He was so handsome, so good looking!! He was not naked, showing cleavages, legs and all!! He was dressed so appropriately!!

    Calling the real fans of Adam Lambert! Take pride!! Support his music!! Have fun, laugh hard! Life is tooshort to take everything seriously!!! Let us all move on.

    Congratulations to the whole team of Mr. Adam Lambert at the AMA!…so when is the next gig?

  74. JosieNurse says:

    Sorry, but I agree with those who were disappointed with Adam’s performance.

    It seemed to me that the song was in a lower key than he recorded in on the album and I thought he was pitchy and struggled with the tune throughout.

    I thought the sexual bullshit that went on on that stage was absolutely disgusting. I’m no prude and have no problem with suggestiveness or sex-portrayed in a song….but when someone has a talent like Adam, he needs to focus on HIS voice and THE song.

    And don’t give me that crap about “artistic freedom and integrety” that he is babbeling about.
    He, or the people who advise him made a very very poor choice of how to portray his talent – on national TV – on the eve of his album. I’ll bet it will cost them.

    Adam……either sing the damn song, or perform sex acts for us on the stage. I know you’re good at one, and I suspect your good at the other…..
    BUT, I’m only interested in your fantastic musical/vocal talent, thank you very much.

    I’m still crazy about you, but you have certainly fallen a few notches in my opinion after last night.


  75. I just bought my 7th” For Your Entertainment “album.. does that tell you anything. Plan to gift them to loved ones. I e mail letters in praise of Adam constantly. It’s called being a fan. I think Adam Lambert is a great talent with a superb voice. I also think his voice wasn’t as perfect pitched and glorious as we have all become used to. However I don’t even remember the dancers because I was so riveted by Adam’s charisma and tremendous stage presence. He lit up that stage & everyone else just evaporated.I’m used to the sexuality,I grew up with the sexiest entertainers.
    I sat still for about ten minutes after the broadcast and thought .. Adam is bigger than life .. he would take up any sized stage. Even though his vocals were a bit off,Adam was very much ON.Adam is a STAR let’s not forget that.

  76. I had been a very big fan. Still think he has a great voice. But after his performance on ama, I deleted all his songs I had dowloaded and will never purchase anything of his again. I FEEL DEEPLY SAD FOR HIS POOR PARENTS.

  77. Hey everyone – maybe he is a swinging pendulum so that he can see and learn where the / his limits are, and hopefully he will come back to center again – where we love him so much. It must be an incredible stressful experience being thrown in fame like that – with so many expectations, etc. Who reacts to stress in a positive way? I know he tries to stay centered, but he’s human.

    • Glambertgirl1 says:

      I agree with you MW. I think it is overwhelming what he has had to deal with as well as the pressure of a huge award show with such huge names in the industry. If it were me, I would be extremely nervous and feel pressure to excel next to them all. I was at the AMAs and I felt like some of the stuff he threw in which was unplanned was also probably due to a little bit of stress and panic since it wasnt going the way he planned. I feel very bad for him and all the negative comments and press. I really wanted his record to do well. I have it and it is really good. My fear is that people will not see past the AMAs and will only judge him on that. I think he is a good guy who is struggling right now and doesnt realize that for TV there are things you really have to be careful with. Hopefully, future performances will be an option for him and that they will have a more positive outcome.

  78. what will he do next ???????lol

  79. Why would he give us the finger at the end of the performance?

  80. I think I have the wrong site.. Is this an Adam lambert Fan site. Boy talk about lack of loyalty . One not so great night and you’re all over him. He didn’t give you the finger ..

    If you don’t like Adam why don’t you just stop complaining and go else where. Positive critiques are fine but nasty negativity doesn’t belong here.

  81. In my opinion the singing sucked. the songs lyrics were fine and I didn’t mind the performance but I think with the talent we all know he has and we know how good he is he could have had a better performance .Hope to see him again and show case his true talent.

  82. melinda glam#482 says:

    Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice….. not going to happen. I can’t wait to see him in concert, and get the finger at the end. haha

  83. Here is my take on the performance:
    First of all, I don’t personally know Adam. But, seeing him up there was like seeing a close friend. It was a proud moment. I felt like I saw him through everything that led up to this point.
    I noticed his singing was a bit off, not by much. Which was fine. He IS human and is allowed to sound less than perfect…once in a while. haha. I think he was nervous too. At the end, his eyes looked watery. I couldn’t tell if it was a bittersweet sad-happy, or if he was upset over the fall or whatever-I wanted to hug him.
    The whole POINT of Adam’s performance was to be “shocking”- I mean, at every commercial break it was all “The performance you will be talking about tomorrow”- I knew something was going to happen. (I also had a gut feeling that there was going to be a backlash too.) Then I went online directly after and read what people had to say…people disliking the kiss, dancing, what have you. I remember the whole Madonna/Britney kiss thing that happened a while ago. Is it because Adam’s a guy and that’s why everyone became disgusted?
    The dancing and whatnot was “graphic.” But, I’ve seen countless videos of chicks with their entire butt jiggling out, humping guys and no one seems to care. It pretty much looks like they are doing it but with clothes on. Once again-is it because Adam is a guy and not a chick which is why people are making a fuss?
    I also wondered-Why is it that tv shows will feature scenes of murder and killing, complete with blood and what have you, but sex is taboo? Who makes up these rules? Why is it okay for kids to watch violence, but Adam Lambert rubbing a guy’s face in his crotch is too terrible? Also- most lyrics I have heard to rap songs are WAY WORSE than ANYTHING Adam did onstage last night!
    Everyone heard the lyrics to his song-they are obviously about sex. So why is everyone so uptight to have the song made up in visual form? DID YOU NOT READ HIS ROLLING STONE ARTICLE??? Why is what he did onstage such a SHOCK to everyone?
    The only good thing to come out of this is maybe the loss of a few annoying fans will make his live show better for me when I go to see him. Less annoyance. And I don’t see how this can hurt album sales-most of the people who wanted his album already preordered it months ago. Either way, everyone is going to complain about something.
    Even if I didn’t like Adam’s music-I would still support him. He is the kind of person who does what he wants, goes for his dreams, and doesn’t conform. Good for him. But if he was a CHICK, no one would give half a crap about what just happened last night.

    I would also like to add that the only thing I was really concerned with after the whole thing was whether or not he was okay about the fall that happened.

  84. I have to admit I was too nervous to enjoy Adam’s show cause I love him so much and have so much high expectation. I expected him to sing better than in the album and the crew dance better than what I saw from “so you think you can dance” , and yes that is actually a bit unrealistic. After I got over my silliness , I found myself enjoying the set much better, not only the show but all the reviews and pictures and Niel’s joke about ” Ninja roll” and so on., I also like FYE better than before. Adam sure have achieve his goal of entertaining us, or at least, me.

    By the way, there is one thing got me confused . Since sex is some thing most of us do on a regular basis, we can explain it to a 4 years old how is perfectly normal for grown ups, what’s the big deal to stimulate it on TV close to 11pm, if having sex is just normal thing we do, what about BJ and same sex kisses or gay sex. I strongly against showing violence or coarse language, these are not part of happy live, but sex are! Worry about your kids copying it? just tell them Mr. Lambert worked very hard at music theater when he was young and still working hard today, he has a very successful career, lost his virginity at 21, always has protection and never stop searching for love. I just can’t understand how it is so terrible about that performance. After all, it’s a free show to watch, if you don’t like it, find sth else to entertain yourself.

  85. I was worried about Alicia Keys loosing a boob out her jacket, and was troubled by Kate Hudson constantly pulling on her silver, slinky number so as not to loose hers too. Rhianna’s video was disturbing, and Gaga with her burning piano and broken glass…geez. I was already a wreck 😉 and then came Adam. I was one of the lucky ones (?) who got to witness the whole thing (unedited) in my living room on widescreen TV.

    I couldn’t fall asleep last night after Adam’s performance…just tossed and turned for hours. I was shocked, disturbed, and quite angry at myself that I was losing sleep over the whole performance. Work was early this morning, so I had no opportunities to rewatch and analyze…had I seen what I really thought I saw? Had I heard what I thought I heard?

    So today, I had to check myself. I resorted to Perez TV to rewatch Adam’s performance since all the other copies have been pulled already.

    In Randy Jackson’s words, “that was a little pitchy, dawg.” On top of a bad sound system, Adam further sacrified his vocals for the theatrics. I personally didn’t care for the bizarre beginning to the song either.

    But………I expected subtlety with the other elements? Here is where I really had to reflect. Even though I’ve listened to FYE hundreds of times, last night’s performance was the first time I had a visual to go along with the words. And honestly, it all fit. Adam performed the literal interpretation of the lyrics, and it might not have been until last night that people realized what this song is REALLY about! Raunchy, ultra-lewd, and in-your-face sex (no pun intended!)

    So take it or leave it.

    I think Adam is going to have many facets to his performances…just when you think you have him figured out, he is going to do something to turn your world upside down.


    • Hi Dana. Thanks for all your great posts and all the hard work you do.

      I had lunch with “Gala” today and told her my point of view about Adam’s performance. Please allow me to summarize it here, as it dovetails with your remarks.

      Adam chose to ACT the ANGRY LYRICS of the song as his way to “change up” the performance. But a song is the SUM TOTAL of all its components – lyrics, music, recording. If you listen to the SONG and do not pay attention to the lyrics per se, you hear a bouncy, dancey pop song. Then, when you juxtapose the lyrics, you get a kind of “whoa” response. But it’s all still cool.

      The performance on on the AMA’s did not do justice to the song taken as a sum of its parts, though. At least, that’s my opinion.

      Adding to this, please allow me to remark that Adam did not write this song – it’s not his song, it’s not an expression of his inner whatever. In fact, Adam has publicly said he is “not into S&M”, so this is not some inner artistic expression we are seeing. Yeah, it’s probably just the shock value.

  86. Hmm, I can understand that Adam isn’t for everyone, but I’ve been thinking about why there are so many “fans” here who are ‘shocked and/or disappointed” by this performance and have come to the conclusion that some people have perhaps not wanted to see the “real” Adam before tonight because in their own minds, they have created their own “Ideal” version of Adam, whatever that might be? He has never professed to be any kind of role model or anything other than what he showed us tonight. I looved it despite the few glitches( the trip, and the spectacular recovery, the less than perfect vocals) and saw nothing to be shocked or disappointed by. Adam was just being Adam. He looked stunning and the set was great, so were the band and the dancers and it was certainly entertaining, pushed some buttons and generated lots of discussion, as usual!

    • Actual, true fans of Adam knew what was coming! If this surprised anyone I ask you-“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF THIS TIME??” hahah

    • It is not really the performance but when he decide to express himself. The timeing was off and yes the performance was off too much in one performance not great vocally. Not great dancing and not great costumes. OK it sucked I did love Adams costume. But the joy and drama was so angry and mean looking. Not really entertaining. Too forced. too much overload. Love Adam but this was his debut WTF

    • not a class act Should have kept his audience in mind. A bit Self center and sef servin too bad. My husband was embarassed for him. He seem way too defensive hope this doesn’t close too many doors for him. I am sik about it.

  87. PeaceLoveAdam! says:

    Completely agree!! I love Adam but what he performed last night was not my cup of tea…..disliked all the very sexy sex moves and thought the make out was VERY over done…..-sigh-

    LOVE Adam though I worry!!!

    • Holy Crap you idiots. First off, you women who are out there talking about “Adam” as if he knew or cared who the hell you were are in need of some seriours medical treatment. There are two reason’s for this the first is that he sucks and cannot sing for ters. second is that he likes boys and again could not give a crap about you. Oh my gosh he tweted that he was pitchy….like no kidding? All of you on this site listen up: His songwriters said it sucked, the fans who were there live got up and left at the end without an applaud, Adam sucked on some straight guys face which I am pretty sure would be sexual assault if he were to press charges, American is in an uproar about this worthless, screamer dragqueen who has all these women swoon over a gay dude for being totally obsene and rude to the viewers by presuming that we give a crap about his gayness and needed to run around like a psychotic gay S&M freak when we all thought we were going to hear a song. Now, ladies go find a man, put down the pudding, turn off the horrible LAMEBERT CD and go sit in a bar and talk to a guy that is not wearing makeup. now Gay guys, like him if you want but becuase your gay and he’s gay does not mean that music should ever become an extension of your gayness. It was inappropriate and portray’s that gay community in a poor light. Protest this as you would inequality.
      ADAM LAMEBERT, you suck, drag queen’s all over america will sign up for your lessons so please spare us your pathetic notion that we give a crap about you and your gayness.

      • Umm…yeah.
        So, it’s okay for a straight person to kiss someone in a “straight song” but it isn’t right for a gay person to kiss someone in a “gay song?”
        I’m pretty sure we all know what his sexual preference is, so I’m guessing you don’t have to state it for us. And-I’m pretty sure he cares about his fans to some extent. Even the most bitter asinine performer is going to give someone of a sh*t about their fans-that is the reason why they are anywhere to begin with. Even if they don’t show it, and constantly thank them (which, if you read anything, Adam DOES thank fans countless times), they still care.

  88. As LA resident, working not too far from the Nokia theater, I actually had an option to go get tickets, I think it was in September. Due to budget constrains I couldn’t afford the front-line tickets available to the general public (way behind the musicians) and since I figured I won’t be able to see “my boy” close and personal, I better save some money for the real deal, i.e. tour. Oh boy… I knew what the lyrics were about; then when on Sunday Adam was shooting his FYE video down the street at the hotel and the images leaked on the internet, I knew what to expect from the performance. I was ok with it, I was looking forward to it and we even joked around the house what would Adam do now? I know he was going for the Berlin, mid-1930’s look and all that and given the rest of the crappy performances I figured his would be the best. Bold – yes. Over-the-top – yes. Campy? Certainly. What killed it for me was the seeming lack of control – and he is always in control. Did the fall hurt him, did he dislocate a shoulder, break a rib? He’s probably bruised in certain places although he’ll be the last person to admit it. The sound mixing/editing was terrible. I’ve been to the Nokia few times already and the sound is always superb, but that depends on the technicians. What he was getting in his monitor was not what we were getting on TV. Was he sabotaged? Did someone pull off the proverbial banana peel? Did he mix some drinks before which he wasn’t supposed to mix? I can pull my collection of Euro-pop-S/M videos going back to the mid-80s from artist who have sold million of records and it was always done with style. What bothers me is the difference between the rehearsals on Thursday/Friday and Sunday night. What happened? Ok, the kiss was a “in-the-moment” thing and I can live with that. Heck, no one is going to admit it but secretly, everybody has the still image by now and looking at it and imaging what would it feel like to be the keyboard player and yes, I would love to trade places with him any given day. Breaking the performance down element by element – neither one ALONE would have generated that kind of negative publicity (well, the kiss maybe, but that’s Adam). It’s the sum total of issues which exploded at the end. The issue is that something went wrong between Friday and Sunday and here we are, the day after. I was unable to sleep all night, tossing and turning. Work has been a blur for me today (still in office as I write this), didn’t even want to look on the internet until the afternoon. Too much pain. Adam was off – I don’t know how to express it. Forget his sweetness – if you look at the snippets of the FYE video shoot, he is doing the exact same thing, but it looks and feels totally different. It feels somehow natural, classy; he has this satisfied glow in his eyes, the smirk on his face. He’s stretching like a gazelle, looking you straight in the eyes. Last night I only felt anger, rage, pain? Aggressiveness? Revolt? FU? Was this whole thing aimed at something, somebody? There was no pleasure. No satisfaction from the performance. Only carnal, heart-breaking pain. Did he finally crack from all the pressure? Did he have a bad day prior to the event? If you rewind your DVRs and watch back, from the beginning of the show, you’ll see that he was nervous. Knowing the end as I do now, he seemed a total wreck before he even got to the stage. He was not in control of himself, otherwise we’d be having a different conversation. My personal opinion is that something threw him off and he took it out in earnest and then he felt better; but we didn’t. And now back to the sound: if I could get a hold of the technicians in the sound booth, who are supposed to watch the levels of the feeds both internally (Nokia hall: surround sound, artist’s monitor) and externally (TV Feed, etc,) I don’t know what I would do to them. Probably fire them. You can always blame the technology and last night the external feed was atrocious to say the least. Somehow they managed to limp along with the bad sound until the very end, when it was Adam’s turn. I guess they must have been off the clock and left the grease monkey to play with the boards and wreck total havoc with Adam’s sound.
    My personal aftermath: whew, that was a lot and thank you for allowing me to take it off my chest. With tears in my eyes I went ahead and got two more copies of the CD, you know, holiday gifts and just to have them handy. And something inside me keeps thinking that after whatever he was on wore off on the way to the airport, he probably realized that he f**ed up big time. Yeah, we all have those moments. Done something in the spur of the moment and then kicking ourselves behind for doing it; just the rest of us have never done it in front of millions of people of all walks and believes and comfort levels. And we ALL know why there were millions of people watching, now don’t we? And finally to the man himself: No apology necessary, I get you, I dig you, I adore you and love you and want to hug you and give you a cup of strong chamomile tea with some honey; I’ll even add some vodka for taste! Go gorgeous! Go knock ’em dead with a feather on Letterman. Go break their hearts in NY on Wednesday, sweep the pieces and throw them to the wind. But please be in control. I now know what you look and feel like when you are out of it and I want me kinky, sexy Adam-in-charge back.

    • My thoughts exactly:
      “Last night I only felt anger, rage, pain? Aggressiveness? Revolt? FU? Was this whole thing aimed at something, somebody? There was no pleasure. No satisfaction from the performance. Only carnal, heart-breaking pain. Did he finally crack from all the pressure? Did he have a bad day prior to the event? If you rewind your DVRs and watch back, from the beginning of the show, you’ll see that he was nervous. Knowing the end as I do now, he seemed a total wreck before he even got to the stage. He was not in control of himself, otherwise we’d be having a different conversation. My personal opinion is that something threw him off and he took it out in earnest and then he felt better; but we didn’t.”

    • Lil, thank you so much for this post.

      During the AMA’s, I remarked to Jeanette how incredibly great the sound system was, and I further remarked that is was so much better than what people said they heard on the AI tour. In short, I said the reason for how good it was is that it was for national TV and they would have the best of the best in terms of sound engineers working on the show.

      Green Day, for example, sounded exquisite! All the sound was good…except for Adam. However, I don’t think it’s in the best interest of this forum to get into the technical details of what went wrong. But it is undeniable that Adam did not sound nearly as good as the other performers.

  89. Oh my gosh Adam just tweeted: He said he’s sorry for being a worthless hack screamer.

  90. Jeanette and Songwriter, interesting posts. His performance was to much for me last night. To many sexual actions. Yes, this is coming from me, horny ole me. I missed his smile. Even though the actions agreed with the lyrics, I would have loved to have seen his famous smile while trying to please his partners. The technical difficulties coming thru the TV didnt help. Hope the sound live was carried out better. Adam loves to shock, he shocked me and from what I’m hearing him say, his mission was accomplished. He’s smart, already changing things up for the upcoming Letterman show. He will continue to rise, the sales will go up and the majority of people will be watching with their eyes wide open to see what he will do next. I feel much better today after watching his Access H interview. He lightened it up for me. Ima a sucker for that devilsh laugh and am drawn into him. He was born to be wild and wild he is, so lets see what his next move wll be.
    Were any of you able to see him on the Red Carpet or anywhere else around the theatre? He was looking very handsome when he arrived in the black suit. Looked like a million bucks!
    love and peace

    • Hi, Mary C., not to be confused with “Mary”! We had a great spot to see the Red Carpet, but they were closing the doors for the audience at 4 PM PST, so we had to abandon the Red Carpet in order to get in line for the show. So, sadly, we did not see Adam on the Red Carpet.

      • Songwriter, darn! Yeh from the (livestream pre show) Adam was one of the last ones to be interviewed before the show started.

  91. Ok here goes. I am in love with Adam Lambert but…….. I was left with the feeling that maybe the Adam Lambert I love was the one he created on American Idol and that maybe that Adam on idol was not the real Adam. I was so into his performance on the AMA when it first started. Loved the entry into the song and I could live with the guy on the leash but then came the oral sex part!! I stayed up and watched with my daughter of all people and we were both just speechless! When I hear that he doesn’t care if we like it or not, it just makes me sad. I want Adam to care if I like him ! The thing is, Adam’s singing can stand on it’s own without the gimics. Madonna and Britney need the gimics because they are lacking in the singing dept. as are many of the current artists, but Adam blows them all away with his awesome vocals. I don’t know who finds that crap to be art. Art is Adam unplugged singing Tracks of My Tears or semi racy singing Ring of Fire! Adam has the potential to have longevity in this business long after the Gaga’s are gone! I think Adam needs to think about that and I think he needs to think about his overall fans! I am NOT at all a prude but I was just embarrassed watching that. Saying that, I can’t wait to go to Walmart tomorrow to get the cd! I still love Adam Lambert but………….. don’t let us down again Adam!! Keep the raunchy sex at home!!!! You can still grind and all but come on! Enough is enough!

    • melinda glam#482 says:

      Love what you had to say. AMEN AMEN AMEN

    • Right. I also think that he held back A LOT on Idol, some on the tour too, and now he’s full force and not holding back whatsoever. His prerogative is to push buttons and challenge belief systems and boundaries, which is a cool incentive I think, but he does that via shocking people in his performances. And that takes away from my enjoyment because it’s a completely different energy.

      He always says that he’s not out to push a political movement or cause, but last night he definitely was – he had an aggressive, FU agenda. I think the pressure and stress and all the questions and harassment about sexuality is pissing him off. Fine Adam, kiss whomever you want in your performances and promote sexuality between men because I love it and the thought of it is sexy, but do it in a way that is tasteful and not so crass. I’d be more than happy to watch then, believe me.

  92. …so Adam begins and sounds strained and nervous, and proceeds with screechy vocals, apparently concerned more with choreography and timing. I completely expected controversial content since after all the song itself not only suggests it, it demands it. I was not at all shocked but must admit, I felt a bit weird, with my mother siting across from me. I wondered what her feelings were so I asked. Here reply came as a ” no…didn’t like it…no…the voice was terrible… like most the others”. “He is a beautiful boy with a great voice… it would have been better if he stood still and let the dancers do all that stuff around him.” Did you think it was vulgar?(i asked) ” Not my style but no different than all the others… and not nearly as bad as singing about drugs and killing and how much money they have.” ” He reminded me of Elvis….my sister and I giggled and turned away when he shook his hips….same thing now.” So him kissing the man didn’t bother you? What if your grandkids were watching?(I asked). ” In this day and age the kiss means nothing…he is an artist on stage…there are worse things on the street and even at home, when your brother and Sue fight and curse like sailors in front of Mark and Jenny…now THAT is a bad example.”
    Just thought I’d share that. She easily put things into perspective.

  93. melinda glam#482 says:

    So his next song on GMA is What do you want from me…. I am starting to think he really has a plan……. Listen to the lirics of this song… including… just don’t give up, I’m working it out, don’t be afraid. don’t give in, I won’t let you down, Keep coming around, thanks for loving me, I think you could love me,
    Adam I do love you, and I hope I am right…… He keeps saying in the song ,(I WON’T LET YOU DOWN)… What do you want from me? I’m a freak, but thanks for loving me.

  94. I’m not shocked by Adam’s performance as much as many of you here are; actually I was disappointed. I loved the opening of the song, Adam’s vocals were great and so was the background piano. The set design was not bad (I loved the mirror door), but it could have been better. I was a little surprised by the whole face-to-crotch thing, it was a little more provocative than whatever we’ve seen on AMA before; but still it made sense because before it Adam was treating him as a slave on a leash. Quite unlike the rest of the performance: it was just a series of detached sexy moves which had no “flow” between them. I mean, one moment Adam was singing, the next moment he was groping the pole dancer, and the next moment he was kissing a guy!! It was all a desperate attempt at being sexy which was totally not because of lack of the “flow”. Quite unlike the Madonna, Britney and Chrisina kiss, where it was a wedding and the groom kissed the bride. It completely made sense (while shocking at first). But what about Adam’s kiss?!

    And it was the damn tripping and falling and that’s the point I think everything went down to hell! I think Adam, despite handling the fall quite professionally – thumbs up to that, got frustrated or something and it completely showed in the way of his singing. He seemed to be thinking about the tripping. I play the piano and whenever I make a mistake while playing in front of people, it just bugs me till the end of the piece and sometimes it even leads to more mistakes! I guess this is what happened to Adam. But then it was the choreographer’s fault which kept Adam so busy with going up and down and around the stage instead of focusing a little more on his singing! And what about the so-called dancers?! Since when is that called a “dance”?! It was horrible; they just touched and groped each other, this is completely different from “a sexy dance”. Actually all of this reminded me of another great singer, Christina Aguilera, and her “Stripped” and “Dirrty” era. She was also criticized A LOT for her videos and on-stage actings back then (which I loved by the way), but still her performances had the “flow” I talked about earlier. And just look at any live performance of “Dirrty”: the dancers, as well as Christina, are provocative and sexy, but they do this by coherent dance moves, not unrelated sex moves! And the ending could not be any more terrible: what was with all the scratched screaming?! What’s wrong with the ending of the recorded FYE?!

    I just hope that Adam clears up this mess by shooting an awesome sexy video (like those of Lady Gaga), and this time with real choreography!

  95. I’ll still suport Adam. I love his music his voice is amazing. I liked the performance. Adam will allways be tops in my book. Love Ya Adam.

  96. mdegraffen says:

    Everyone is talking about Adam on TV. The problem is that no one is talking about his music. The music got lost in the theatrics, and that is a damn shame. To those who make the point that Britney and Madonna kissed each other on air, and that homoerotic scenes have been shown previously on TV, remember that the venues, such as True Blood and the MTV Awards, were on cable and not on mainstream broadcast TV. I hope this doesn’t turn into another Nipplegate. What about the music? That should have been center stage.

  97. I find it amazing that all this is being said about his performance yet no one mentions Janet Jackson and her reach through the male dancer and grab him by the crotch and hold on thing while she sings…Very very hypocritical to give Adam a hard time for performing in the same manner as many past artist and present artist…What is it because Janet is the sister of Michael? That she is heterosexual and Adam is Gay? I think so….Otherwise no flak would have been made…I think Adam was brilliant in his interview following…He is talented …he is edgy…he is a performer…plus he is learning…all will be good…

    • Yes. Someone brought that up about Janet’s crotch grabbing. Like I said, if Adam was female, no one would care.

  98. OH NO! I just got an email from Access Hollywood saying that Good Morning America has cancelled Adam’s performance tomorrow. Here comes the backlash!

  99. I feel so sad 🙁

  100. ABC are going to regret this, especially now because CBS have picked him up for that morning and will get a ton of ratings!!

    Adam wouldn’t do a raunchy performance on a morning show! How dumb are they! Hes a decent human being who knows whats right and wrong!

    Many raunchy controversial things have happened in performances on award shows, mainly by women! Adam has every right to do whatever they are allowed to do!

    Screw ABC, I’ll be watching CBS that morning… say good bye to your ratings ABC!

  101. ABC received THOUSANDS of complaints about the AMAs….lets see if they talk about the amount of complaints they’re going to get by canceling good morning America for Adam!!!

    Leave a voicemail complaint to @ABC: 1-818-460-7477, press 1, then 2, then 1, then extension 466

  102. Oh, he’s going to be on CBS? Must set DVR!

  103. Jeanette,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a well-written, thought out article. You sum up my feelings perfectly and I have been sharing your article with others to help express my thoughts on Adam’s performance. I appreciate your honesty, especially from the perspective who was actually at the show.

    Your paragraph on Adam’s not smiling resonated with me the most. Adam’s smile is so genuine and real, so his cold, hard look at the end of that performance just chilled me to the bone.

    I am feeling a bit ostracized right now after expressing my opinion on another Adam community I’ve been part of for months, so I think I will join yours instead 🙂


  104. I adored Adam’s performance…
    In a way he was showing off his sexuality and I’m proud of him…
    He sounded good,maybe not as good as always, but at least average.
    The trip was a minor mishap.Who really gives a fuck?
    The S/D (or face to crotch) move was quite hilarious IMO xD
    And the kiss was just pure awesome…
    People are generally shocked by behaviour such as this…but I’m not.
    I adore artists like Jeffree Star and Blood On The Dance Floor that are incredibly sexual and show it off in everything they do so I love this…
    He’s shoving himself into people’s faces and rocking it.

  105. I have read that it looks like ABC will not be fined by the FCC for the performance, but cancelled because they were afraid they would get a fine if his morning performance was the least bit like the AMAs.

  106. I just have to express my feelings on this. I am a big fan of Adam. I followed him weekly on AI wondering what he was going to do each week. Only went to see the AI tour, because of him. Bought the Rolling Stones and Details mag with him in it. That said, I was so disappointed in his AMAs performance. I don’t care about his personal life other than hoping he would meet the right guy someday. I’m not a Christian fanatic and certainly not a homophobe, but that AMA performance was too much and the people at my office feel the same. Why can’t it just be about the singing. He is such a fantastic singer, who just happens to be gay. So what. Is he only going to be known as the singer who likes to shock. I’m not even sure he will be taken seriously. His voice was not even good that night. At the time, I thought maybe he is performing sick. Maybe he has the flu, but no he was just a guy on a mission to shock. With all those famous people in the audience and perfoming that night, I just have to ask why. Don’t think he is the guy I thought he was. Damn, what a talented guy he is. He says he admires David Bowie, well I am still a fan of David Bowie and yes he was OTT — but, he did everything with class. Go back and study Bowie’s career or better yet go have a visit with him.

    • Trisha…you said it perfectly and these are my feelings as well. I’ve been a big fan as well these last nine months…went to the tour…he was so sweet to me in the autograph line after the concert. But that sweetness and humility went out the window Sunday night…both during the performance and after. His angry look and flipping off the audience is just not the Adam I have come to love (not to mention all the vulgar shenanigans during the performance). And his statements later about his maybe not being “your cup of tea” is going to alienate a lot of fans.

      I did a radio interview today where he came off better and said he didn’t mean to alienate or offend his fans.

  107. I intend for this to be just a short comment to one I saw on earlier today, but did not take the time to respond to at the time. It was to the effect that: The kiss was not rehearsed, Adam did not push a guy’s face in his crotch, Adam did not fondle a girl dancer between her legs — and that’s when I knew I was in the presence of an idiot and logged off. The gist of all those statements was that Adam the person was not responsible for what Adam the singer “performed” in relation to the lyrics of the song!!! Excuse me??? So I guess if the “lyrics” gave Adam permission to have sex with a male or female on stage, he would do it??? But whose name is on the album cover, and who sang and approved every song in the album — so that the cohesive feeling of the album was Adam himself at the center? I’m hoping that it was just a delusional fan whose post I had the misfortune to read; however, I am reminded while reading other posts above how Adam has changed his story from saying his fall was planned to saying the kiss was unrehearsed — that he was having an adrenaline rush. Is this the same Adam who surreptitiously lifted his black shirt during “Ring of Fire” — does anyone here think that was an unplanned move? Kara DioGuardia herself told Adam that he was a strategist — that he planned everything down to the smallest detail in his performances. No, I don’t think he was “high on life” at the AMA Awards — I think he was just too full of Adam and not thinking about the millions of fans who cared and supported him all the way for almost a year now. I for one am anxious to hear what Adam has to say on David Letterman’s show tomorrow night and perhaps read some of the other interviews to see if Adam has finally come off of his high horse — as we use to say in the dinosaur age when I was a teenager! I hope he has a little balm he can soothe on to our very hurt feelings and tender sensibilities. No, I am not a prude — but I’m not ready to watch porno on a network awards show either.

  108. I don’t know what I’m thinking except that this is so “Madonnaesque” . . . he is trying to be shocking and all he is doing is looking ridiculous. Mind you I don’t admire any woman making a fool out of herself either; since when was entertaining pumping and grinding? If I want to see that, I can go to any site on the www that serves up sexuality. Come on – what this tells me is that Adam feels he cannot entertain with his talent and that he has to have some element of shock value to capture an audience. It’s just plain dated.

  109. I was only watching the AMA to see Adam sing and couldn’t watch his performace as it was just too much for me. I felt he was only going for the shock value instead of showcasing his amazing voice. I won’t give up on him yet and I hope he figures out that he doesn’t need the shock value for audiences to enjoy him, only his presence and his voice. Here’s hoping he learned something from that evening.