AMA Rehearsal and Interviews before his performance

Yeah, about a week too late but there are some cool videos and interviews that couldn’t be left out from this site. At least you got to see the rehearsal photos in a previous post. Sorry if any of this has been posted here before.

AMA Red Carpet

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    • Does anyone noticed that since the AMAs Adam’s single for your entertainment no longer appears on Billboard charts, neither hot 100 or digital songs, NOTHING!!!! and before he was like in # 70 and then dropped out :s and kris just went straight up to #41 position! WTH!!! Ive been checking every day hopefully for a change but nothing, i am getting anxious….

      • checked billboard 200 and adam’s non offciial album Take one is on #70 AS A DEBUT?!!! whattttttttt that is so not ethical, is ppl actually buying that album instead of FYE?

        • Jla43, I think a lot of people do not know the details about the Take One CD, so they love Adam and
          are buying it. His FYE CD is selling well locally here! YAY!

      • Yes…but I have a feeling that FYE was never really pushed as a single in the U.S. I think we will see WWFM on the charts soon, as the “official” single for radio airplay. I hope…

  1. I know this is not kosher and I do apologize, since I have already posted this article back on the Larry Flick Interview thread. But as I was finishing up my post, I realized that new threads had been added, so, since my remarks are appropriate to the AMA performance and all that came after, I will also post my remarks here. I was incommunicado through the whole Thanksgiving weekend, so I too, am a bit late in catching up. Since my post is a ‘rallying cry’ for Adam Lambert, I truly wanted all of you to read it and share in it with me. Here is that post:

    From the AMA performance to the interviews with Larry Flick, this entire week, from Monday to Monday, has been a time of intense emotional upheaval and involvement with our darling Adam. It seems that nothing that Adam does can ever be done by halves, and that whatever he does is either an incredible triumph or a devastating disappointment for someone. Controversy surrounds him like lightning around a Tesla Coil, and the filaments of iron surrounding Adam’s magnetic presence are either magnetized or polarized to the last degree wherever he goes. From the horrible moment when he lost the AI crown, to last Monday’s fall from network grace, Adam has lived through a series of painful highs and lows, which has only served to make him stronger, more aware, and wiser than many of his contemporaries. As the smoke began to settle from the AMA performance, and every journalistic and media voice in the country emerged to comment on the content and meaning of Adam’s performance, I confess I was very afraid for him, afraid that he had completely killed his career from the start, in an industry that is very unforgiving, and where there are few second chances given. I was also extremely worried about his peers sitting out in the audience, many who may not ever take a second glance at him after having been subjected to such a confusing performance and unfortunate ending to that performance. And then something happened to me, I began to see Adam for the person he actually is, through his own eyes, and I realized that he was only trying to make an interpretation and a statement to let the world know that he was unleashed and unrestrained, ready to make his own style of ‘entertainment’. Instead of feeling personally let-down, I began to feel extremely protective of him, and willing to take on the world to defend him. I also began to realize that Adam, in his own guileless and supremely honest way, was simply being himself on that AMA stage, and was bringing the male homoerotic view of the sexually-charged dance ensemble review before a world audience. And because our country is archly-conservative in the public marketplace, (and hides a multitude of secret sins behind-the-scenes), Adam’s performance was a terrible shock to the good citizens of our immensely hypocritical nation. Adam had as much right to bring this kind of performance to the AMA stage as any of the other bigger names who shared the stage with him. The only difference in their performances and his was that Adam broke the last taboo, and brought his interpretation of sexuality to his audience with a male-on-male connotation, something that is still not acceptable in the United States. How that will all finally play out, remains to be seen.

    When Adam performed ‘Whataya Want From Me’ on the Early Show at CBS, I responded in every spectrum of emotion. As he was introduced with the words, “We’ll let Adam do what he does best, sing”, he looked down at the announcer with the most adorable smile and fleeting emotions on his own face, and then launched into the song with the most exquisite note he has ever sung, “Hey….”, and then, “slow it down, whataya want from me, whataya want from me”, and then he sang, “Yeah, I’m afraid”, and when I heard that phrase I couldn’t stop the tears, thinking about all the fears and anxieties we have had about him, this beautiful child we have all fallen so hopelessly in love with, thinking that he, too, must be afraid. Looking at his pale, beautifully-constructed face, so open, so vulnerable to the world looking at us all with such honesty, I felt such an overwhelming sense of fierce protectiveness for him, and thought, how many others could stand in that place and sing with such perfection and such heart not knowing whether their whole lives and career were on the line with every note they sang? By the time Adam got to “Just don’t give up….please don’t give in, I won’t let you down….need a second to breathe, just keep coming around”, I was yelling out loud, “We won’t give up,….we’ll never give in,….and we’ll always keep coming around!” Then when he sang, “baby you’re beautiful, and it’s nothing wrong with you, it’s me, I’m a freak”, I was sorrowing for the boy that was and still is, inside of him, who didn’t fall in love until he was 21. Every move he made, every gesture, were full of his enormous physical and emotional power, and I thought, how could anyone not see his stupendous beauty and talent? Here is someone standing before us now who is so undeniably near the ideal in human perfection in attractiveness, in physical and spiritual beauty, and the world around him is so stonily hard and menacing because he dares to express his vibrant homosexuality? Haven’t we all applauded and screamed for all the talented artists over the years who dared to do the same, flaunting convention, with their heterosexuality? When Adam’s mother was brought up on that stage, I knew that a silent plea was being broadcast from this tiny woman on behalf of her glorious son to the whole world, “Please, don’t judge him by that one performance, he has so much to give, give him that chance, and don’t destroy all that he is and all that he has worked for”….did anyone else see the oh-so-obvious parallels between Elvis Presley and Adam Lambert, both men who brought their adored mothers into their public lives? And then, finally, Adam explains at the end the meanings of ‘For Your Entertainment’ and ‘Whataya Want From Me’, saying that ‘Whataya Want From Me’ was about “vulnerability, and HOPE, and trust”, and as he said the word “Hope”, he opened his eyes wide with that emotion and looked up at all of us with that momentary silent pleading……I say,who can resist such a man?

    When I finally saw the Flick interviews with Adam, I was so encouraged, because I saw the way in which those who love and support Adam in the entertainment business were coming to his aid, giving him every opportunity and all the time in the world to explain his position and intention in a very public way. I loved Larry Flick’s easy and competent manner, his articulate questions and slightly flirtatious friendliness, but most of all, his obvious love for Adam. I found Larry’s first questions about what Adam sees when he takes off all the make-up and is alone in his room, to be very poignant, and shows his deep sympathy and understanding for the young man across from him. The ’sheeting’ remarks were very revealing also, but when Adam began to show how anyone could become a ‘bullfighter’ by shaking out the sheet, I saw for just an instant, the powerful movements of the master entertainer that Adam truly is. And he has never been so beautiful, his eyes wide with that characteristic innocent look, or narrowed with that scorching heat and merriment, looking away for a few moments so that his perfect profile is revealed, then listening intently to Larry, and blazing a hole in the glass between them with his intense and searing glance. And then describing the futility of the poor souls caught in an endless round of emptiness and addiction, looking for ’something’, for ‘fulfillment’, for ’something to fill that emptiness’, in the song ‘Soaked’, truly, Adam is a beautiful, highly charged, fascinating, and complex individual, who has only begun to reveal to all those who love him the many facets of his captivating persona. Long ago, I said there would ‘never be an end’ to all that Adam will pull out of his magician’s black hat to beguile and captivate his audience. Now that we have come this far with him, there is no going back. We have all come through a dense jungle of confusion and pain for and with our beloved and charismatic Adam, and we have a long road ahead with him still to go. Despite all that has happened and is still happening around him, I believe that Adam Lambert has a huge and successful future ahead of him. He too, will join the pantheon of music demi-gods, and will become one of the brightest stars in the entertainment firmament, and despite all the hatred, deliberate misunderstanding, and malice directed at him at the present moment, one day in a brighter future, he will be called one of the most beloved people who ever lived. May the name of Adam Lambert live forever..

    • Lorrin, you’ve managed to sum up so beautifully much of what I’ve been thinking and feeling. I hope that those who have left this site, find their way back to read this. It would definitely help them work through whatever conflicting feelings they have at this point. I wish this could be published somewhere for all to see. Thank you-

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      as always you have written a beautiful post. Your wording is amazing.
      I wholeheartedly hope that your words can become a bridge that will bring back TO ADAM, all the people that in this last week had doubted him, bashed him, been disappointed in him.
      In my case I’ve “come through a dense jungle of confusion and pain” in reading the majority of the comments in this site, for the past week. And even avoided coming back, it was too hurtful.
      I don’t want to start an argument, or anything, because I believe we have to move forward from all this, but I found nothing wrong in his performance. He has been always controversial, maybe more tuned down on Ai. The media was not that negative towards him, not everybody was shocked by his performance. I underant the need that we have to protect him from anything that can harm him, but Adam is a grown man and knows how to play the game. He has been doing that for a long time. Surely some day he’ll make some mistake (not this one for me, at least), he is just a human being, but will know how to overcome it, because of his inmense talent, strenght, character and charisma.
      I hope his fans will always love and support him, while he is being himself, and entertaining us in his own terms. I know I will.

    • Thank you Lorrin for sharing these beautiful insightful words.

      How can you resists this man, exactly my feelings. People resist because they might have to look inside themselves and might not like what they see or feel.
      Having no secrets, the way Adam lives is very unusual and confrontational. I have learned the hard way in my own life that feeling shame about my feelings has done great harm to my body. Right now Adam is my guiding light as I journey deep inside myself, facing my own demons, digging for the the truth.
      Like you said, there is no going back as far as I am concerned. This man inspires me on many levels and I am going with him all the way, thru the dark and the light, thru high and low. It will be brutal, it will be enlightening and beautiful, it will be joyful, it will be crazy, it will be everything life has to offer if you if look fully in the face.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thank you very much for your beautiful words of our beautiful ADAM! He will definitely be the star of the show. Most fascinating people for B. Walters, that’s quite an accomplishment for someone who just came out into the world in less than a year. Walters I think recognizes his magic, along w/ Joel ? from Soup, he likes the ADAM, & the lead anchor of Showbiz Tonight what’s his name?, likes him too, damn I’m bad at this. Not that Brooke ?, she acts like she can’t remember how she made her baby. SEX! OH ! I can’t say that shame on me! That’s a disgusting word( just being sarcastic ya’ll). But that’s how she acted!
      Lorrin you realy touch my heart when you write. Admired your writing for a long time, I wish I could write as well as illeck, Silvana, & Irena, thankyou!

    • Lorrin, I believe this is one of your most beautiful and poignant posts yet. I continually marvel at how wonderfully you express your views and echo the thoughts and feelings of your fellow Glambs, more masterfully than many of us can. You’ve brought tears to my eyes, much as listening to “Soaked” for the first time did this morning on my drive in to work.

      I continually wonder how and why so many of us are completely taken with this man, how it’s always much more than the fact that he’s physically beautiful and hot or has an amazingly stellar voice. It’s always been more than the sum of the parts with Adam. He has no qualms about being utterly himself, being completely in the moment, being honest and open about his past and his aspirations — and sharing this journey with any of us who chose to ride along with him. So many of us are unaccustomed to this type of baring of the soul and willingness to publicly experiment and make mistakes and grow . Every day the news is full of people who haven’t achieved much other than managing to attain their “15 minutes” of fame, or more often, notoriety. I feel we as a people have become numb and desensitized and SO tired of the constant barrage of stupidity and being talked down to. Adam is such a breath of fresh air — the perfect blend of idealism and life experience and daring and joy….yes, JOY………someone who still gets off on life and isn’t afraid to shout that to the world.

      We loyal fans have been privileged to ride the crest of his first wave since Idol. Others may catch another wave, some will get out of the water because it’s too rough. I think this was just the first wave and we all, maybe including Adam himself, are feeling a little bit anti-climactic, wondering what’s next. The tour is over, the CD is out, we’ve all had an emotionally draining couple of weeks since the AMA performance, and now we all, most of all Adam, want more.

      When I opened the CD insert this AM to look at the words to some of the songs, I noticed Adam’s full sheet of thanks to various people. I was amazed and impressed that he acknowledged and thanked so many people and that he found the time to say something special to each one of them. Adam is clearly not content with being a “personality”. No, he wants to be the best person he can be and bring joy and inspiration to as many of us as possible. If he has to expose his human frailties as he makes his journey, he seems more than willing to do that.

      In a time when everything seems to take longer and be more complicated and when we feel bound by endless miles of red tape everywhere we turn, Adam’s words “It isn’t that complicated” really ring true and can change our perspective. Maybe nothing really is that complicated, maybe we’ve just all let it become too complicated. Adam seems to have one foot planted in the Age of Aquarius and the other rooted soundly in the everyday practical world. He’s managed, somehow, to make sense of both and let one enrich the other. The way Adam replied to an interviewer’s question about what he would do if the world were ending tomorrow (a la 2012) was very telling — (I paraphrase) — “have a big party with my family and close friends and some good wine.” He wouldn’t fly to the moon or travel to Katmandu or climb Everest or scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef — he’d simply be with the people he loves and have a good time. I’m not using this to prove that Adam is superficial, but rather, that while he truly believes he can move or inspire or turn people on, at the end of the day, for him, and for all of us, no matter what we do or accomplish, it’s just about being with loved ones and enjoying life. We’ve gotten so busy, some of us forget to do that or forget that we are supposed to do that. Whatever someone’s religious or political persuasion, it’s important to remember that all this beauty is there to enjoy, not to deny ourselves, to use and foster, not to abuse. Adam is a wake up call that we have permission to enjoy our senses and everything that’s around us.

      Thanks again Lorrin, and Irena and Allegan and everyone else, for your beautiful and inspiring words.

    • Wow… I dunno what to say… you got me there, Lorrin… felt the same way… it’s really nice to have this venue… it gets tiring explaining to people the context of that AMA performance… they just watched on youtube that moment when he kissed Tommy and the crotch play with the male dancer— arrgh, the injustice of it all… good thing album sales are great=)

    • “Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones, in the right order, you can nudge the world a little.” – Tom Stoppard


      You have definitely ‘nudged’ me and I am sure anyone who reads your post. You have a wonderful way of expressing that which many of us feel and experience, yet cannot put in words. I think you captured this past week to a tee – thank you.


    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Oh, YES Lorrin!!!! We can always rely on you to distill our deepest heart feelings into glorious words….There’s really nothing more I can add. You’ve summed up this past week so beautifully…I hope now we & Adam can move forward…building & growing…making gorgeous MUSIC…full of HOPE & JOY…

      Thank you, Lorrin…and to my fellow Glambs here who “get it” & find themselves with me on this fascinating journey with our ADAM. He IS PURE LIGHT, LOVE, & JOY!!!!!

    • Lorrin, beautifully written as always! I am late to the game, been gone for 2 weeks with no TV nor computer…………..I was so sad I missed all of the debut of his CD, the AMA thing, and the GMA thing. Trying to catch up. What I don’t understand, why is it OK for Lady Gaga to dress or should we say undress and do the crazy things she does, or any of them do, and nothing is said? We all remember the Janet Jackson Superbowl incident? Well it did take a while for the networks to forgive or atleast forget that. I hope it doesn’t take as long for ABC to forget, not forgive for Adam really didn’t do nothing wrong. The man at his crotch was a little too much for me BUT…………I love how he was on Ellen and I hope it all dies down. Did ya see his thing in People Mag? In the music section he had a rating on his CD and the person wrote that was it any surprise that Adam’s Cd is doing better than Kris’s? We here know it isn’t, wonder what the Kris people think? Well I am going through all the blogs here to catch up so catch ya later……….

  2. Lorrin,


    I could not stop with my tears while I was reading your post.
    How many really beautiful words you wrote here.
    So true the fear every ADAM’s loyal fan felt about the AMA’s performance and how proud of ADAM every one of us are deeply inside.
    I have no doubts every fan of ADAM want to take him in their arms and protect him of every simple criticism and every person that don’t like him or give him a chance to express himself in his own and gifted way.
    The parallels between ELVIS and ADAM are so many: all the criticism, all the persecution, the real and incontrovertible talent, the legion of loyal fans, their huge love for their beloved mothers going public, the generosity and the total beauty inside and out; and the list must go on and on.
    There are so many things about ADAM that we could remain here talking and writing and reading for a life long.


    Evelize – GLAMB#80

  3. Sandra Haxton says:

    I too, after he fell, became so frightened for him, afraid he lost his chance to impress the wolrd. But then came the morning shows and the fabulous interviews where we say the “little boy” again and I knew then the world would start to see what we see, the absooooooooooolutely perfect being!!! I will never give up on him!!!!!!! Now he says he will focus on just the music, with his own style I;m sure!!! This counrty just needs to remember that our ancestors came to America to have the freedom to be different!!!!
    LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I thought that recovery “ninja roll” he did, someone like Jackie Chan or Jet Li might have seen it & give ADAM a part in an action movie!!! YEAH!! I love Chan & LI, they’re my action heroes, ADAM is my #1 HERO of all time!!!!

      • Kimber…when Adam tripped, my heart skipped a beat but after the roll I thought….. “oh!….that wasn’t a trip….. must have been part of the act”. He certainly executed it well…..many kudos to Adam.

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  4. First, kudos to you for your amazing ability to write and express yourself. Is this your platform in life? Are you a writer by profession? I recall that a few people have made that claim, and don’t know if you are one of them. WOW. Thank you.

    Second, you have articulated some of the points with a clarity that touches our hearts.

    I didn’t even notice the individual things in Adam’s performance that got the attention of the critics. I saw the kiss, of course, and didn’t process whether he kissed a male or female–didn’t even occur to me. I briefly wondered why in the heck he thought a “roll” would be cool and then thought maybe it was a fall and he shows yet again, his amazing ability to “go with the the flow” by incorporating it into his performance. My favorite performances and songs will probably never be to the extreme. I look at Lady Gaga and just don’t get Adam’s or anyone’s fascination with her, but so be it.

    Adam is unique. He is an exceptional entertainer. He explores life, himself, his talents. He finds his own way. I believe that anything that anyone does that is in alignment with who they truly are will ultimately work out in this vibrational universe. Adam is already regrouping.

    I did feel sadness and disappointment because he was poised to take a giant leap into more hearts and minds and his actions have caused some people to put up defenses and close the door. My son is gay and was leaving on a trip. I left a number of CDs, including Adam’s new album, for him to take on the trip if he chose to. He took everything except Adam’s album.

    I didn’t know that charts like Top 100 albums, etc., existed. I never looked at one before Adam. Now, I check them often, sometimes multiple times throughout a day and I see him dropping. My hope is that after Ellen’s show today, he will start moving back up the charts.

    Whatever happens, he is a STAR and an amazing talent–and I’m a fan and I hope he is around for a long time to entertain us. He is so intelligent and so intuitive, if anyone can get through this, it is Adam.


  5. littlegreensnake says:

    Lorrin, thank you for your ability to express what so many of us are feeling, but who lack the ability to articulate so eloquently. Kudos, my Glamb friend.

    On a little side note. Did anyone else watch the The 25TH Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Special on Sunday night? Smokey Robinson performed Tracks of My Tears in the same slow soulful way that Adam did on Idol. How’s that for a compliment for our boy? The writer and performer of a song liking his version so much that he chose to perform it that way in a huge venue.

    Forever Adam’s in Glambdom,
    Glamb #402

  6. Oh Adam, watching his rehearsals and then seeing how he got soooo carried away with the live
    performance truly makes me smile now. Cant help but love the guy! ABC/Disney are reviewing the
    policiy as to how artists live shows reflect their rehearsals, Things happen for a reason!……..
    love and peace

  7. Judysdancin says:

    Anybody watch the view today? Elisabeth asked Rod Stewart what he thought of Adam Lambert’s performance and he said he didn’t see it. So she told him about it and she said to Rod so what do you think? He said “hey it’s rock n roll” and the audience applauded a bunch!! I screamed out (all by myself) YEAH!!! By the way Lorrin, you are able to put into words what so many of us are thinking and feeling! You too are amazingly talented!

    • Sorry I missed that…but I have to say, Elisabeth keeps me from watching The View sometimes because her views typically swing in the oppositve direction of mine…

      Have always been a fan of Rod…yes, it is rock ‘n roll!


    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thank you so much for that information about the View!! I’m clapping my hands with glee. What a great answer Rod and I’m glad the audience applauded. I don’t watch the View anymore because of Elisabeth. She makes me want to shoot the TV and I don’t even believe in guns! LOL!
      Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. te_amo_adam Glamb #75 says:

    hey glambs, I haven’t left simply because I know Adam is a talent to be reckoned with! We saw, or rather heard, what he is capable of singing. That in itself keeps me coming back… I know there are a lot of people who still want to work with him and who recognize his talent. Sometimes you just have to be patient. He obviosly got carried away in the moment and has been heavily influenced by Madonna. Madonna almost committed career suicide at the MTV awards, singing Like a Virgin, when she was just starting out. Her manager was in complete shock when she was rolling around on the floor and her shoe fell off. But she was able to get her fans,…. and Adam will too! Keep it positive!!!

  9. Just watched Adam on Ellen. He sang Whataya Want From Me. This is the 3rd time he’s sung this song post-AMAs…wish he could have chosen another song from his album. Wanted to see him sing Soaked or another ballad. Does anyone know what he’s going to be doing before he goes on tour in the spring (if he actually goes on tour)? That’s a long time away….hope to see him on another show(s) before he tours. By the way, Lady Gaga makes me gag, gag, gag!!!!

  10. Judysdancin says:

    Hey cateyes, I think it’s funny cuz I am a conservative Republican, so I watch the view cuz of Elisabeth, but when it comes to talent,all political feelings melt away! I love and adore this kid’s talent! I think I will have an Adam Lambert section in my dance recital this year!

  11. Have just watched Ellen DeGeneres and straight after that, The View. Adam was pure perfection on Ellen’s show. You could feel the radiation of love, respect and admiration emanating from Ellen & the audience. His interview was once again thoughtful, intelligent, humorous & inspiring……and, as always immaculately dressed. At the end he sang WYWFM and I found my self, as usual, in tears…..tears of joy.

    JUDYDANCIN…….Yeah!!! had the same reaction when I heard Rod Stewart’s comment to the blond’s question re: Adam’s performance……and if I may also add when she described Adam’s performance (on th AMA’s) ….Rod said “There’s nothing wrong with that….”

    It’s all good.

    GLAMAUS…..Did you see my question re: Adam’s CD in your previous post (with comment to me).

  12. Lorrin…I have been sitting here, literally crying as I read your post, and can’t seem to stop the tears!
    You brought out all the emotion that I’ve been feeling for the past week and a half or so. I didn’t realize just how much I have worried about ADAM’s feelings….my love for him wants to protect him from everyone who has attacked his performance or even his sexuality. I know ADAM is a strong man who knows where he wants to go with his career, and who undoubtedly will go even farther than he realizes. My dedication to him has NEVER faltered, and it never will. ADAM is a winner in so many ways…voice, looks, charm, talent, humor — I could go on and on! Everytime I see him, whether singing from his CD, interview (like the 5 questions), or explaining about his performance…..I love him all the more! I’m proud to be an ADAM fan and proud to be a Glamb!

    Now, I’ll get up off my couch and throw away the pile of tissue that I’ve used tonite! And, I feel better now! Thanks Lorrin!!! 🙂

  13. Thanks Lorrin for your beautiful words. Your insight was such a refreshing cool drink of water to the rest of us thirsting for a way to wrap our minds around what happened at the AMAs. I can’t stop loving the man – he’s captured my heart and I’m helpless to resist. But I was trying so hard to understand how he could just ruin his chance to debut his album and talent on that show! Your perspective helped so much. Thanks again.


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