Album and Radio Airplay Chart Updates

I just don’t get the feeling that “For Your Entertainment” (FYE) as a single was purposefully advertised for radio airplay by Adam’s record management.  This is pure speculation on my part, but I think the airplay it did get was happenstance rather than from necessary, planned, and aggressive marketing to a significant number of stations.  So, the single charts are a little like a rollercoaster now because FYE is semi-hanging-in- there while “Whataya Want From Me” (WWFM) is simultaneously starting to chart.

First, the news from Billboard for the week through Dec. 12:

  • FYE (the album) debuted at #3 on Billboard 200 as a top selling album across all genres
  • FYE (the album) debuted at #5 on downloaded Digital Albums across all genres
  • FYE (the single) re-entered the Hot 100 Chart at #61
  • FYE (the single) ranked #35 on downloaded Digital Songs across all genres

An interesting side note here is that the Hot 100 Chart is a list of most popular songs across all genres ranked by radio airplay audience impressions, sales data, and online streaming activity as measured by Nielsen BDS.

There are no appearances on the MediaBase Top 50 charts for FYE, but the separate Nielsen BDS Top 40 chart shows WWFM as a most added radio track through Dec. 12.  The 17 stations that have recently added WWFM are:

CKEY – Niagara Falls, ON Canada
KDWB – Richfield, Minnesota
KFRH – Las Vegas, Nevada
KHKS – Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas  
KHTT – Muskogee, Oklahoma
KIIS – San Antonio, Texas
KKPN – Rockport, Texas 
KSAS – Caldwell, Idaho
KSPW – Sparta, Missouri
KUDD – Roy, Utah
KZMG – New Plymouth, Idaho 
Sirius XM Hits 1
WHBQ – Germantown, Tennessee
WSSX – Charleston, South Carolina
WXKB – Cape Coral, Florida
WXSS –  Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
WXXX – South Burlington, Vermont

So the safest bet is to request what you are hearing…and it may be different depending on where you live.  However, if none of these stations are in your area, one way you can legitimately help is to request “Whataya Want From Me” at OpenHouseParty which is aired nationally on Saturday and Sunday evenings.  John Garabedian interviewed Adam last weekend, and they are regularly playing this release.  Here is the contact info:

Listen Online Stations that Broadcast the Show:
Make a Request for WWFM:

Dana, Glamb #610


  1. adammlamberttlovee says:

    I haven’t heard any of Adam’s music on the radio either. Sucks, buttt, we can try to get it on tv
    VH1 officially has Adam Lambert’s video for “For Your Entertainment” as one of the choices in the video countdown! I’ve already voted about 20 times putting him as number 1.
    Let’s all vote him to the top!



      • I keep voting all the time!!!
        You can do it numerous times!
        Please, vote for Adam!

        • I put vh.1 on my speed dial….after voting #1 hit RANK EM IN (top left) and you’ll go right back to voting….easy…I also did 50 votes in minimal time.

      • thank u for the link, im right on it!!!

      • I finally got through to KISS FM in Milwaukee, and asked for FYE to be played. The DJ said “WHAT? I repeated ADAM LAMBERT — FYE and he said I don’t think thats in the list. I said WHY? He said he will check. I can’t understand this SNUBBING of Adam!! How can so many people including famous singers/ producers love Adam and his songs are not getting AIRTIME?? We all need to complain loud and clear about this!! Call / email your stations and keep voting and on VH1.

    • patricia m says:


  2. Dana this will be a super thread as we are all kind of thrashing around re. hearing Adams singles or seeing his videos.


    I will tell my friends here as well.

    Giving positive feed back to your station after hearing Adam is better than bugging them after your first couple of polite requests.

  3. Two weeks ago WWFM was featured on new music Friday on ChumFM in Toronto, Ontario & since then they’ve played it periodically (they usually announce on Twitter before they play it too! :D)

    Just thought I’d share for our Ontario/CDN Glambs out there 🙂

    Glamb #563

    • Marie/Toronto says:

      I don’t think any of the Toronto stations have played TFM or FYE, but I HAVE heard WWFM on a few different stations, 104.5CHUMFM being one of them.

      The other day I was at the dentist, having my teeth cleaned, and as the hygenist was painfully scraping along my gum line with that sharp pick, I suddenly hear ADAM! Made me forget the torture!

  4. Radio stations in NYC are playing FYE…..all of friends tell me every time they hear it on the radio they think of ME because I’m such a huge fan of ADAM !!! Pretty funny !!!! (and I’m talking 50 and 60 year old women friends) !!!!

  5. Iwas at the mall yesterday and stopped in SUBWAY to get some lunch.Music was playing as usual and I wasn’t paying any attention when suddenly a familiar song came on.It was WDYWFM.I just wanted everyone to be quiet because I never heard his music outside before.True I have three albums.But I was so excited that they were playing it out.

  6. Dianne Hill says:

    Two of our main radio stations here in Christchurch, New Zealand are playing FYE, however I have not heard Time for Miracles. They could be playing it though because I only really listen to the radio in the mornings when I am getting ready for work. Also our music TV channel has played FYE, again I have not seen TFM which is a bummer, I really thought they (the radio and TV) would be all over that one. However, I am just happy that they are playing Adam’s songs at all. I have also heard Kris Allen’s song but have not heard Allison’s.

  7. AdamRocks! says:

    Here is the link to vote for FYE on the VH1 top 20. . .at first I thought you couldn’t vote until Monday, but he’s already on the list. . . YAY!!!!!!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • Hey everyone, start voting…….put Adam on top!! The movement from the “far right” have their sights on Adam and we need to put him on top! He is their new focus on the “gay agenda” they have made up as their cause………..

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      THANX CINDY…just voted, and added the link to my toolbar….ADAM & ABC, front page on AOL…the comments not the best we could hope for, but many for him. He is definitely in the news…but he is so newsworthy…thanx again for the link…in time all will be well….HE IS OUR NEW KING OF ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Well Adam is back front and center. My AOL homepage he is right on top for the ABC discrimination fiasco. Seems that everyone sees ABC for what they are……
        Wrote ABC to complain about Kimmel cancellation. Did anyone ever see the Kimmel fu….g
        Ben Afflect skit??? What about the daytime soap contents. That was fine with ABC but not Adam after following J. Jackson and Lady GaGa…..go figure. Need to email ABC with complaints…….Need to get our voices heard. Email and complain. Adam deserves better.

        • k. morgan says:

          I emailed ABC and I emailed Ryan Seacrest who is the producer of the ABC Rockin New Years Eve, which Adam was suppose to be on but got canceled…Told both they are guilty of discrimination…Told Ryan he should be ashamed since he knows Adam from Idol and I thought Ryan was more open to entertainment and stars being able to express themselves…I have actually emailed a lot of people in re to this…I have also requested any song from his cd to G105, local radio station and DJ actually said she thought he was being treated unfairly but was not sure they had his cd…Go figure…where are the stations coming from…Adam has a huge fan base…

    • Cindy, I cannot access VH1 and I am sure it is because we are not in the States. Have other folks living elsewhere had the same problelm? I only viewed it the first day before it was removed.

      • Terry,
        I will send you the link I am using for voting!!!
        I am voting for two days now

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Gala, please send it to me too. I can’t access it either!

          • Helen, i too am not in the states, I am emailing you from Australia…am trying to get people downunder to show an interest in adam, however, he is still yet to be discovered down here, so I have no-one to talk to about him. I too have followed his career from the beginning and find him mesmerising. Wendy, maryborough, australia.

            • lourdes stone says:

              hi wendy, i am from australia too, like you i keep going back to music stores inquiring about adam’s cd. they know who he is but no idea when the cd will come out. i think sony should do something about this. i ordered my hard copy from amazon and waited for almost a month, i downloaded it to from itunes again it took so long to get to itunes too. what are the handlers doing to promote adam cd overseas? he is such a talented singer and the world should know about him.

  8. Good news to the glambs. As of yesterday TFM is # 10 on the list of top Music Videos in Asia !
    A Korean All Female group is # 1.
    In our local station, FYE was just added to their playlist to the delight of the female DJs….they sound so relieve that they can now play the song on the air. I’m sooo happy !

    • Thank you for the information. Back in the beginning of November, While I was purchasing air tickets at a travel agency in Tokyo and the background music was Adam’s TFM. I was so excited and my son smiled to me and said “I am so happy for you.” Funny thing is since I am back to the States, I have never once heard TFM or any of Adam’s songs on radio. Pretty puzzled.
      Could “being gay” cause the low sale of his music? Clay Aiken sold big in the beginning, but not so great after coming out. Even if it is true, I still think it’s great for Adam to debut as gay. It’s no life to live in closet. Plenty of entertainers like Adam in Japan, and they are all well recognized as long as they are good. I am so confident that Adam will sell well in Asia. Go, Adam!
      By the way, I did not get to see his AMA performance, Lucky or unlucky?

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I read that Adam is being marketed overseas, not so much in the US. That may be why it’s being played in Europe/Asia and not so much here?
        I haven’t heard any of his music on the radio where I live.

  9. I live in Las Vegas and after reading this I listened to KFRH and at first i was disapointed to only hear Kris Allen but after about 20 minutes sure enough they played WWFM!! YAY! My new favorite radio station!

  10. The album is very powerful! The songs reach deep inside and surface various deep emotions. There is no way this isn’t going to catch on and Adam will be up there with Queen in his own time. As long as he consistently proves himself and keeps putting out quality songs and packs each albumn with the spicy variety he has put into this one, he’s going to float to the top like a cork; and it’s hard to keep a cork under water for long.

    • I agree with you, the album is so emotional! I tear up thinking about some of the struggles Adam has been through, then I ‘m happy thinking about the fun journey he will be on. Especially love Pick you up, and WWFM. What an epic album, hope he does reach the top. Queen was my fav!

    • SCOTT….


      • Hear, hear!




    • Scott….I like what you wrote…you made me very happy. THANK YOU

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Scott, I agree, nice post. I love every son and also can feel this very deep emotion transmitting through Adams voice in some of the songs.. I am brought to tears.

      I put my self to sleep at night with Broken open…… This song is so emotional for me. Adam WROTE THIS SONG TOO. That tells me so much about this emotional person he is. I have never ever been or felt safe with anyone to break open to pieces with and know they will hold me safe in their arms. I can’t imagine this. But when Adam sings this it is so real………. How is that.

      I feel that these words could actually be coming from Gods mouth….. Because God is the only one you can really trust with every emotion and not be judged.

  11. Gina Glamb#552 says:

    WWFM definitely playing here in ny on radio. Looking forward to this week of Adam on tv. Barbara Walters 12-9, The View 12-10 and Larry King 12-10. Very curious to see how the ladies are with Adam in person!

  12. Thanks so much for the info on the Radio stations. I can’t believe there is actually one in Wisconsin on there! YAY! I will be contacting them, and putting that channel on my car radio.

  13. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Hi, folks, I live in Connecticut and I’m still not hearing FYE or WWFM on any radio station. I’m waiting and hoping that it eventually happens. FYE, the entire album, is very radio playable. That’s what it was intended for. So I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the songs on the album will eventually filter into the airwaves. Once it does, it will catch on.

  14. Stephanie says:

    Another Stephanie from Philadelphia.

    Philadelphia is almost always last on the list to pick up any AI product. I’ve seen it happen with Clay Aiken (not that his last two albums where spectacular). However, 19E, etc. don’t market their graduates. Everyone knows payola is what is needed to get the music playing.

  15. I agree with the above posts about VH1. The FYE video needs to be played on TV. It’s most likely a younger viewer audience and this can help Adam.

    It took me awhile to figure out how to vote. Go to Then go to Music, Top 20 count down and hit VOTE. Then scroll down to Adams FYE video and drag it up to the number one box and hit Submit. You can do this as many times as you want.

    You can also watch the video and see how many times it’s been watched and the comments are all very positive.

    I had not been to this (sister) MTV web site VH1 before Adam. But I have seen the count down on TV and they are the most popular songs out there.

    I think this is the best way we can get involved and push Adam to the top. I predict FYE (the single) will make a come back because of the terrific video.

    P.S. I think you have to log in before you can vote. At first I did not want to do this. But it was easy. All they ask for is your email address and your name. I just put my initials for my name.

    • We must all buy the video on iTunes! That is where Adam outshines all of them – even during Idol….people want to WATCH him perform and that video is excellent! I think it goes on sale on 12/15.

  16. AdamCanSing says:

    Just started hearing WDYWFM on WSPK in Poughkeepsie, New York …first time was Friday, checked to see if my CD was in and then when I realized it was the radio – I was crying and screaming in my car through the whole song!

  17. In the first week of release, Adam came in third at 198,000 CD’s sold. Susan Boyle was number 1 with $701,000. Andrea Bocelli was number 2 I believe.

    • Sorry, I meant 701,000 CD’s sold for Boyle, not 701,000 dollars. Wish we could edit our posts for these typos!

      • I think Susan Boyle is a one trick pony. Her back story got those sales for her. Adam on the other hand will out do her is due time. I guess what I am saying is that I dismiss Susan Boyle ranking #1 in sales.

        • Itsme…agree with you. Susan Boyle is a novelty. Besides, she’s had a lot of promotion and recognition (well, she has here in Australia)….. can’t see her going the distance !!!!????

          Love, Yvonne (Australia)

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            You know it wouldn’t hurt people who listen to Boyles, to listen to ADAM. His music would do a lot more for them, like uh, say, their sex drive. Cause ADAM is so HOT & SEXY sounding! He really does have a sexy voice, I love his “Loaded Smile”!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Saw an album review by a music critic. Adam’s cd received 3 1/2 stars out of 4, Susan Boyle received 2 stars.
              I agree I think her sales are a reflection of the publicity surrounding her and her unexpected performance from the TV show. I’ve seen a lot of other reviews of her cd that weren’t all that good. Say her music lacks depth and connection to the song. You know how people rally for the underdog–don’t think it will last. I too, was moved by her performance on the show, but wasn’t that impressed with subsequent performances.

      • Hey Songwriter, good to see you! Mmmmmwah

  18. Have not heard Adam’s single on the UK radios but I was at an event yesterday and they were playing FYE, it seems that lots of people have bought the single and album in the UK, this was a big event.

  19. I live in MN and I listen to KDWB. I have heard the song several times :0) Adam is also currently in Mpls for Jingle Ball! I am so BUMMED that they did not announce who the host was until 3 days before the event. Tickets have been sold out for many, many weeks. &)&_*(* so disappointed I will miss him. I did attend the AI tour. I saw him from afar there. I waited for autographs. 8 of the 10 came out to sign. Adam and Anoop did not come out. We were chanting for Adam by the end of the time however, the bus had already left. Guess I am just destined to not see him close or meet him. Maybe when he goes on his own tour!!

  20. Just voted about 50 times on VH1 for Adam, come on everyone lets get our Adam on the top 20 and make him #1 !!!! Love ya Adam!!!

  21. Thank you for the link and voting tips for the Top 20 vids on VH-1.Let’s get our well deserving Planet Fierce # 1 on the Earthlink. Only 1 as deserving as he with all of his accomplishments and surrmounted climb to the summit is worth crowning as the King of Rock Gods. He”s earned passage on The Ten Commandments,; this should be a meteorlike blaze in the trail. God Speed , Adam. You have captured our hearts, opened up our minds with your artistry, theatrical prose and costumes that would place second to none next to Lady GaGa’s glam gawkers. Of all your beauty, one remains astoundingly aesthetic- your vocals ranging on a scale of their own. We Glamberts adore you and will hold you up high, that is our promise to you!

  22. Diana Butcher says:

    The problem is FYE was effectively “killed” after the AMA show. I think no one wanted to touch it after all the controversy. In fact, I have not seem Adam perform it on any show since. I think that the record company very quickly decided to substitute another song from the album to squelch the controversy as quickly as possible. Even though that song was supposed to be the single, it was “tainted” as far as the record company was concerned. You will note that the two songs that Adam has been performing — “Whatdaya Want From Me” and one other one are very quiet and subdued, compared to FYE. This quick change to another song has caused the delay in seeing Adam’s songs climb the charts as quickly as eveyone thought they would.

    After some really heavy-handed treatment, its good to see that ABC is lightening up a bit on Adam. Its due to the pressure that they are receiving from gay rights groups that see Adam’s treatment as prejudicial and very unfair. Its hard to see an incredible talent like Adam being practically destroyed even before his so promising career can get going. I was really unhappy that he was cut from the New Year’s Eve show on ABC. Since ABC is pulling back a bit on their treatment of Adam, hopefully he will be added back to the New Year’s Eve show.

    It was just a situation of a young, eager talent trying to make a big splash before a national audience. The only thing that I would say is that as a stage performer, Adam should have known the cardinal rule – that what you do in rehearsal, you must do in performance. He strayed away from that rule and unfortunately had to suffer the consequences. He has even admitted as much when he said that he kind of got carried away, did things in performance that were not in the rehearsal and forgot that he was performing for a much wider audience than that in the theater that night.

    I am confident that he will pull out of this. He’s not only talented, but is a smart young man who has an incredible budding talent. He now knows how he will proceed and will do better in the future.

  23. Lisa Smith says:

    This is helpful info Dana! Thanks so much. I have heard FYE played here on occasion. I am going to make alot more requests for it, & WWFM. He deserves to be played!!

  24. I haven’t heard any of Adam’s music on my radio since his album was released! What’s up?! this is the hottest album out there right now! C’mon Philly, let’s throw Adam a bone. He frickin rocks!!!

  25. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Don’t listen to the radio just ADAM’s cd. I don’t want to put myself thru that kind of torture to listen to ADAM’s one or two songs that may or may not be played. I’ve got 3 cds & plan on buying a few more for my collection. ADAM is all I need!!!

  26. totally agree with you, kimber!! i also would rather just listen to his cd. i’m fed up with calling the radio stations and getting all manner of excuses. they just keep playing the same old songs over and over and it IS torture,plus a big waste of time! all we need is ADAM!!!

  27. I REALLY don’t understand. Are the radio staions boycotting him too? They weren’t playing his songs before the AMAs so what’s up? Totally weird and unfair.


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