Adopt a Glamb!

The name of our club, after all, is Glambs International, so I feel it’s only right that we try to help our international friends as much as possible. As one way to do this, I’d like to start an “adoption program” whereby a Glamb in the U.S. agrees to “adopt” a foreign counterpart for the purpose of mailing copies of magazines that may be either unavailable where they live or outrageously priced. I’m talking about magazines like Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Elle and any other magazine that may have a major Adam article/photo spread.

If you’re interested, here are the instructions. First, if you live in the U.S. and are willing to adopt someone, please post a new comment (as opposed to a reply comment) below stating your intention and how many Glambs you are willing to adopt. Then, if you are an international Glamb and want to be adopted, please reply to the comment of the U.S. Glamb. That will be the partnership.

If someone else has already replied ahead of you, please wait until someone else offers to adopt. I leave it to the “partners” to work out payment for reimbursing the sender for magazine and shipping costs. Seems to me that PayPal would be a great way to go for this.

I don’t want anyone giving their email addresses out publicly (you will get spammed), so if you decide to participate in this program, whether you’re the adopter or adoptee, please email me at and I will hook the partners up with each other. Just make sure in your email to me that it’s clear who your partner is.

I don’t know how well this will work out, but I feel it’s worth a try! If you have any questions or foresee any major problems with this idea, please let me know. I will start things going with my comment below.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. This is Jeanette, and as a fan club leader, I’m willing to adopt 3 international Glambs who would be able to reimburse me in US dollars via PayPal. If you want to be adopted, please reply directly to this comment. I will take the first 3 who respond.

    Would the next US Glamb willing to adopt someone please post with a brand new comment so as not to be confused with my “partnerships.”

    Thanks, everyone, and let’s all please make this work!

    • puteri abdul says:


      I am so touched by what you are initiating…..
      please…. I would be grateful if you could adopt me….
      I am from malaysia and if there is any magazines that is out with adam in it, just alert me, so I can send you money and when you get the money then only you mail it to me…..
      I hope that is fair enough…..

      again jeanette, thank you for all your help ……….

      • Would be happy to adopt you! Please email me at with your mailing address.

        I can still adopt 2 more people!

        • hi jeanette would love to be your adopted glam, let me know if you are still available and what i should do next, i am in new zealand.

        • puteri abdul says:

          dear jeanette,

          I seem to have problem in sending you emails by the address given….
          It’s either my pc. or I am just a total failure in IT……

        • Hi Jeanette
          Are you looking for a poor wee Glambert living in Southern Spain? I am well trained and only having problems when I see a beautfull young man singing his heart out on my Internet….. when he comes on I tend to go a little mad, loose all concept of being a “grown up” and just go a little CRAZY but apart from that I promise I will be a good adoptee…. xx Thanks Lynne




      • Hey Ofra!

        This is just a “Friends Network” to make sure that everyone around the world who wants a copy of a magazine that Adam appears in is able to get one. We’re trying to get Glambs partnered up so the international people have someone to mail them magazines. We have lots of US volunteers already on the thread…if you’re able to get magazines with no problem, then you don’t need to do anything, but if you have a hard time getting magazines, then feel free to ask to be “adopted.”



          • I checked my local Barnes & Noble a couple of days ago, and they still had the September issues on the shelf. I have to think the new issue will be in stores any day! Will check again tonite on my way home.



              • I read somewhere that it is the December issue of Elle that will have the photo spread of Adam, Kris and Allison.


    • Hi Jeanette, please adopt me, I live in London, not all stores stock US magazines, they will not even reserve any copies. Please, please, adopt me, I can even deposit money in an acccount so that you can access it and use it for purchasing the magazine.

    • Hi Jeanette,

      I am a serious Adam Fan living in Durban South Africa really wanting to be adopted.
      Please adopt me.

      Take care

      Loving Adam Lambert


      • Hi Shirley! I am a Capetonian Glamb and I always get an adrenalin rush when I see a South African Glamb. Hang in there, these Glambs are awesome and I am sure that you will be adopted! Lotsaluv to you and pleaaaaaaaaase, spread the ‘Adam & Glamb’ word in Durbs! Mmmmmmmmmwah, Ingrid

        I am going to need your help getting the radio stations in Durban to showcase Adam’s music once his cd is released. Are you in???

  2. i wanna be adopted aha! 🙂
    i live in the US =P


  3. Jennifer*bicegirl75* says:

    I will adopt as many that are willing to to reimburse me in US dollars via PayPal. My email address is, you can email me directly as I may forget to check this. Also, you will have to let me know what you want, and I will do my best to get it. I am also willing to send CD’s overseas once Adams CD comes out (again as long as you can reimburse me in US dollas via paypal. I will also send stuff on Kris Allen.

    You only have to reimburse me the exact amount of the item plus shipping, nothing additional for my time ;0)

    Again you can email me at

  4. This is Cindy, and I’m willing to adopt an international Glamb. . . in addition to my adopted sister Emili (Emili, if someone else has already adopted you, that’s OK! :-)). . . we can work out any payments by email.

    Cindy in MS

    • You rock,Cindy!Hee hee,As you know I have no shame at all!LOL!If you don’t want me, I will keep bugging you until you take me in.LOL! I’m 32 Malaysian sweet girl who have “Inuyasha” and another manga puzzle hang on my wall! Yes manga puzzle hang on my wall! Yes 32!LOL!But those frames will get down very soon,replacing with Adam’s drawing.I thought being more matured, that’s why I plan to change with Adam’s drawing with gold dust written “My Adam” and there will love and star shape,maybe with pink dust??!!LOL!
      If stranger come in my room, they will think it’s a teenager room or probably 8 yr old girl.With pink Marie the cat carpet and purple soft feather chair and cat pillow,cow,pillow,horse pillow and all animal pillow just show much I care to animals.Have 15(I think) cats but all in my sister’s room!15,hmmm(show how much I care,haha!)Thanks Cindy!Mwah!FYI, I get my RS bcs of her!She so sweet isn’t she?You guys want her now,huh?Well too late,buddy,Cindy is mine!! 🙂

      • LOL. . . Emili, you are such a sweetheart!!! ~hugs and kisses from Mississippi~

        Cindy in MS

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        if everything goes well……………..I’ll be your little sister……….. not because of age or size, because I’m the second adopted. …..HOW ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I’m thrilled with this possibility.

        Love you,

        • Emili and Silvana, we’re family!!! 🙂 YAY!

          Cindy in MS

          • Emili and Silvana,

            Don’t forget to email me at so I can get you hooked up with Cindy!

            • Silvana need to do that,I already hooked Cindy long time ago.Poor Cindy,she’s stuck with me forever!LOL!I already have Cindy twitter,FB,and email.And also her address!!!Hmm,imagine that!If she got myspace and blog, I’ll follow her too!LOL!I’m like a stalker!haha!Don’t get me wrong here,I just want to keep in touch with my good friend and love to know more about her not because I’m busybody or anything!~shaking head~

              Then,Silvana if you don’t mind,when Cindy have your email, can I ask from her?Then I can be your stalker too!You skerd??!!Hey,we are sister,come on!Big sis taking care of little sis!Little sis pay all my expenses!!What??!!That’s my little blood sister do!Doesn’t work that way?Ok, I’ll pay my own then,LOL! Mwah 😀

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                of course you can ask her for my email. I’ll love to keep in touch via email. I don’t have twitter nor Facebook. Victoria, my daughter, has FB, we can manage through her for pictures.

                About paying expenses………… BIG sister (that’s YOU) pays for ALL expenses…………LOL don’t worry………………

                But there IS a problem…what are WE going to do about ADAM…when we do all that fighting upon HIM…WHO wins?????????????? Little sister…..big sister….or mama??????????????

                We’ll have to figure that out…..HAHAHAHAHA

                Love you,

  5. This is Vera, Glamb#26, and I’m willing to adopt an international Glamb too…

  6. Silvana/Argentina says:


    Thank you for this great idea which contemplates the needs and wishes of the intenational fans.

    As you know I live in Argentina and would have to post as a reply to you or to AdmRocks, but I’m not sure if I might be eligible for adoption, that’s why I’m writting in a new comment.

    I would love to participate in this, of course depending if someone would adopt me, because I have no chance to get magazines nor the single, nor CD in my country (we are falling from the world, not just geographically), but I have some concerns. First: I haven’t applied for a Glamb’s number so I’m not a Glamb. Secondly, i don’t know what is PayPal, I don’t believe it’s available in my country, but money could be sent through Western Union, if that would be OK.

    If you would be so kind as to answer me these questions, then I would reply to an USA Glamb’s comment (as you indicated to be the procedure) .

    Thank you again,

    • Silvana! I’d be happy to adopt you! 🙂 As long as you don’t mind being Emili’s sister. . . you see, she’s a vampire, but then so am I. . . bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! We could work out any payments by email. . . I’ll send Jeanette my email addy, and she can match us up! As Ingrid says, Mwah! 🙂

      Cindy in MS

    • I’m posting this a second time, because the first time it said awaiting moderation. . . not sure why:

      Silvana! I’d be happy to adopt you! As long as you don’t mind being Emili’s sister. . . you see, she’s a vampire, but then so am I. . . bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! We could work out any payments by email. . . I’ll send Jeanette my email addy, and she can match us up! As Ingrid says, Mwah! 🙂

      Cindy in MS

      • Silvana/Argentina says:


        Cindy, thank you soooooooooooooo much for this. I would LOVE to be your adopted daughter (hahahaha) and Emili’s sister. Love your both.

        I had posted Jeanette with some doubts I had regarding the procedure (as I have no Glamb number). But if this is Ok I would love to do it. Tomorrow morning I’m going to the Post Office to see if there are no problems with me receiving the magazines at home. they are always changing the way things are done, here. If there is any problem I’ll let you know inmediately so you could be free to adopt someone else.

        Regarding the payments, when Jeanette matches us up we’ll work that out.

        Once again, thank you so much,

        Love you, mwah!!!!!!

        • Cindy,
          You didn’t paste any link but you still need to wait for moderation?I think that’s because you put more than 1 icon!~nodding~ “Mommy,just 1 icon allowed,mommy!! Where’s my little sister Silvana, I want to play barbie doll with her.I comb Barbie’s hair and I let her watch me!” LOL! This is fun!! 😛

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            Big sis,

            read my post above….I don’t want to play Barbie doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How about Adam Doll????????????????????

            Who goes first??????????? OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy I’m sorry…………….you go first……….I’ll go last, I’m little sis

            What a happy family……………..

            • You killing me,LOL!! Mommy go play with daddy! Screw that Barbie doll,Adam doll that we want!Daddy,mommy we want Adam doll!! We promise we share. So, no cloth for our Adam doll,deal??!!Hahaha! Big sis got to play 4 days a week, little sis play 3 days a week! Gosh, the whole family need to see shrink! LOL! 😛

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                I can settle for three days a week, I’m not greedy…….Adam doll full size………… Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like that…….Yes, please, please, please mommy and daddy……………….

                Where’s mommy……………..she left us???????????? maybe we are too sick…………………. need a shrink……………………

                Love you, sis

                • I leave for just a little while and you two are already fighting? I’ll have none of that! Go to your rooms! ~locks bedroom doors behind Emili and Silvana~ No more fighting over Adam! I’ll let you two out when he leaves! ~evil laugh~

                  Cindy in MS

                  • Silvana/Argentina says:

                    see…I told she was up to somethibg…she’ll leave us out……

                    Please mommy…I’ll behave…I want Adam…..when you finish…….

                    PS: this will be fun

    • Nikka/Argentina says:

      Hola Silvana,
      Soy Veronica (o Nikka) de Buenos Aires Argentina. Aunque no lo creas podemos tener una cuenta PayPal!!!!!!
      Compré un download en mp3 desde y para pagar directamente me crearon la cuenta. Desde ya, tenes que tener una tarjeta de credito,,,
      Got the same feeling as you…that we are living on the boundaries of the world!! Hope to keep in touch!!
      When I find someone to adopt me…if u want we can get in touch via Jeanette…


      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        Hi Nikka,
        happy to meet yoy. It’s better, if you don’t mind, to write in English. We started writing in Spanish here with Marisa, also Argentinian, but it’s better for everyone to keep it in English, so we there’s no need for translations, though it’s kind of strange.
        I don’t have credit card, long story. But I would love to get in touch with you, here I’m, selfishly thinking, so maybe we could order via Amazon Adam’s CD, because Sony Argentina (who owns RCA) says is not releasing it.
        We’ll see how we can manage.

        • Nikka/Argentina says:

          hey Silvana! English is ok for me….Of course it would not be any problem to get it the album from Amazon for both of us!! So it’ll be cool to get in touch..

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            I’d be grateful if we can buy through amazon, together. I’m sending an email to Jeanette asking for your email. If you could tell her you are Ok with her giving it to me, we can get in touch.


  7. Hi, Jeanette!

    I am willing to adopt an international Glamb. I haven’t applied for a Glamb number, but follow the website every day. I’m located in Tallahassee, FL.

    Linda Pettis aka tallygal

  8. Hi guys,
    It’s me Sue…Glamb#10. Jeannette, great idea! I would love to adopt 3 people as well! Let me know…XO

    • Lovemyadam I am getting lost here! It is not hard from me believe you me, just watched Adam doing his Bowie thingie xxxx Are you looking for a poor wee Glambert living in Southern Spain? I am well trained and only having problems when I see a beautfull young man singing his heart out on my Internet….. when he comes on I tend to go a little mad, loose all concept of being a “grown up” and just go a little CRAZY but apart from that I promise I will be a good adoptee…. xx Thanks Lynne

    • Nikka/Argentina says:

      Hi Sue!!!
      Would u adopt a glambie from Argentina??? BTW I’m Nikka, live in Buenos Aires and would loooove to be adopted!!
      Already have a paypal account so think would not be any problem with the paymentes…Anything to get stuff refering to our Adam!!!
      Can’t wait to have his album in my hands!!
      Hope u say yes!!


  9. Hello my fellow Glambs. Heck yeh, I would be glad to adopt an intl. Glamb.

    Glamb #335

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Mary, its the “tongue lady” here, all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand. Will you please adopt me. Please, pretty please, I promise not to go on about the “tongue” all the time. I will be good.

      I love this idea of Jeanette’s, just brilliant.

      Dianne Glamb #356

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I will be willing to adopt also. I live in Canada but we get all the US magazines. They cost a little more because of the $ conversion, but more than willing to help out.

      • Dianne, You got it girl. I would love to adopt you. You can even go on about the tongue
        too. You know I love to talk about the tongue!!!!!!! and the lips, etc. Haa.

        Great Idea of Jeanettes. I will let her know you are mine.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Thank you so much Mary, it is wonderful to become a part of your family, just heaven.

          • Dianne, u r so welcome. I will email Jeanette tomorrow and we can get this set up.
            Let the tongues begin. Haaa

            • Hi Mary C! I have’nt been around for a while but it is good see nothing has changed – still in the tongue business. You in the tongue business and AA in the bulge business!

  10. KO's smiling says:

    Hi all,

    I’ll adopt a Glamb! I lived abroad for a while and know how frustrating it can be to not be able to get what you want. Respond if I can help!

    Glamb # 452

  11. I will adopt one Glam. Glamb #451

  12. I am in Canada but would be happy to provide magazines, cd’s etc to a person who does not get them in her/his country. They tend to arrive on the store shelves a little later than the US here though.

    Let me know if you want a ‘granny’ ha ha!

  13. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Hi girls,

    I’ve already found an adoptive family, but I’d really like to say that ALL OF YOU ARE AWESOME, offering your help to all of us that live abroad and can’t access so easily to magazines, Cds, etc.

    You rock,
    Love Silvana

  14. This is such a fantastic idea.

    I’m not a Glamb but would be delighted to join.

    I am from the UK and would would really love to be adopted if someone would be kind enough. I recently went to the US and caught two of the shows – FABULOUS.

    Thank you

    Sharon 🙂

    • Hi Sharon,
      Would you like to be adopted by Gala?
      BTW, what cities did you go for the shows in US?

      • Hey, Sharon
        Forget to mention. Please e-mail Jeanette and she will hook us up. She has my e-mail address already…

    • Spike, Amazon UK will take pre orders for Adams album soon…. yes, which concerts did you see? I was at the Van. and the Grand Rapids ones.

  15. Jeannette, love your website, have been visiting daily for many months now!! I’m a member -but how do I get a Glamb#? Also, I really want to know if there is a Canadian Glamb club? Appreciate any feedback, thanks a bunch.


    • Not so far, Share, but there are a few Glambs in the Toronto area. I am in Vancouver. Gala and Jane 416 are Cdn also.

    • Hi, Share. Yes, there are some Canadians here. My comment is below. I love in Toronto. Where are you?

      Glamb #20

      • O Yeaaaah!! There are some other Cdn girls who love Adam out there! I’ve been feeling so alone, heehee. I’m out west in Calgary. We need to start a Canadian fan club or something! email me at if you want to chat more! thanks.

    • Hi Share!

      To get a Glamb # go to this article: and follow the instructions there. Basically you need to post a comment on the thread there giving your first name, screen name, and location. Then wait 48 and go back to the thread and find your comment. Serene, who is in charge of memberships, should have inserted your Glamb # right into the comment. Please remember that you won’t get an email or any notification – it is up to you to go back and look up your comment.

      Good luck – if you have any problems, contact Serene at

  16. Announcement: Heretofore Ingrid from S Africa is my adopted kid.. hugs, little Glamb!

    I will also make and mail cds for any Canadians who are tech deprived. Dvds will come later when I learn how.

    • Mother T, yippee, I no longer motherless! Thanks, you’ve already proven to be an awesome Mom! May this adoption come to a continuation – I a ‘little Glamb! Lotsaluv and hugs and mmmmmmmmmmwah!


    • Adam was born under the sign of Aquarius which is an air (communication, rational) sign. It’s interesting, as many of the birthyear qualities are the same as some of his signs.

      It will be fun to see how many aspects of his astrological birthchart are the same.

  18. For those of you still wanting a Glamb #, you can check out our “sister” website for links on everything you need to become a Glamb and be “in the know” about our current projects:

  19. I would also be willing to adopt a Glamb!

    You just need to be the first to reply to this comment and be able to reimburse me for cost and postage via PayPal…

    Glamb #6

  20. Dear Fellow Glambs,

    This notice is to inform you that your loyal Backwoods of Mississippi Chapter of the Glambs (LibraLamb7 and AdamRocks!) met today at 1300 hours, and drafted Resolution No. 69 (heehee) which says that Adam Lambert is the most GORGEOUS, SEXY, TALENTED, SEXY, KIND, SEXY, LOVING, (AND DID WE MENTION SEXY?) man who ever walked the face of the earth! 🙂

    It was SO nice to meet Candace! She’s a lovely, wonderful lady who’s had a very interesting life, (and she was wearing her Eye of Horus necklace!). She grew up in New Orleans, and tells me that I HAVE to go to Mardi Gras! She’s corrupting sweet little me! lol 😉

    Cindy in MS

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hi mom,

      You’l love Mardi Gras. I’m so happy for you.

      • Thank you Silvana. . . you’re such a good daughter. . . now Emili, on the other hand, she’s beyond hope!!! lol

        Just kidding, my vampire daughter from the future! MWAH!!!

        Cindy in MS

        • Cindy, yes we all know about your delinquent daughter, but then we wouldn’t want her any other way!

  21. somebody adopt me!!! Im from Honduras, im guessing the only glamb from central america so far, so IM A CATCH lol….

  22. I would also be interested in adopting a little sister, a big sister, a mother or grandmother (well, that’s not very likely since I am 56 years old myself!! (Any 80 or 100 year old Adam fans on this Glamb site??? I wouldn’t be surprised actually – his appeal is far reaching and crosses so many generations and nationalities as we know.)

    I live in Toronto, Canada but we get all the major US magazines here. (I wish you had included us Canadians as possible adoptive siblings and parents, Jeanette – we feel like we are poor country cousins now! Always misunderstood (it does NOT snow here 11 months of the year!!) and forgotten (until we beat you at all the hockey or you need our oil or water!) LOL!!!

    I’d be fine with any repayment plan – PayPal (which I thought was pretty international), Western Union (not sure how that one works exactly) or bank draft.


    Glamb #20

    • Yes Jane,
      Absolutely agree with you!!!!
      Why such a discrimination!!! We, Canadians, are legally capable to take care of our adopted International Glambs!!! LOL!!!
      Glamb #26 from Canada

  23. BTW, I didn’t want to appear sexist as I know that there have been a few men on this site from time to time. Any brothers who are looking to be adopted, let me know! 😉


  24. Don’t forget…in order to be adopted, you have to REPLY to a comment where someone is offering to adopt. If you start a new comment instead, it won’t be clear who you are linked up with.

    Hope that made sense.

    Glamb #6

  25. Kelly Craig says:

    I will adopt two! First two that respond who have NOT already responded to someone else to keep the confusion at bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m Glam#383 from Cape Town, South Africa – please can I get “adopted”
      Thanks 🙂

      • Gail, have you ‘met’ Ingrid from Cape Town on this site?

        • Hi Theresa
          No I haven’t – how do I do that?
          Also I still need to get adopted!
          Love Gail

          • I will tell her to say ‘hi’ on this site.

          • Gail, if I will be mailing to Ingrid, I could also mail cd’s to you if you cannot get them there. I won’t be able to afford the new album ‘times’ 6 but I can burn cd’s for you. I hope Ingrid gets to know you. I emailed her.

            You can contact me at adison42@hotmail.. I dont mind the spam ha ha

            Terry, Vancouver

          • Hi Gail, my Capetonian Glamb sista! I am so excited to have Glamb family in Cape Town. I live in Durbanville. Let me know in which neck of the woods you are. At the moment I am burning the midnight oil (work) but it would be great if we can meet some time.

            Gail, once Adam’s cd is released, we need to pester our local radio stations to showcase Adam’s music. A trip to once of his solo concerts in the future would also be a great idea!

            Lotsaluv and mmmmmmmmmwah

      • Gail – are you still looking to be adopted? I am still looking for a connection and would be happy to help out so you get Adam’s CD and other goodies as soon as possible. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. If you are interested, write to Jeanette and she will give you my Email address.

        P.S. I was in your gorgeous city in 2001 – loved it!

        Glamb #20

        • Hi Jane416! Couldn’t help but to eavesdrop. Were you in our beautiful city of Cape Town. I am a proud Capetonian and I am delighted that you think our city is gorgeous. By the way, I think so too! I live in Durbanville, which is not in the City Centre but closer to the winelands. Hugs, Ingrid

          • Hi Ingrid. YES – I loved Cape Town – gorgeous city! I spent almost 3 weeks in SA in 2001. I am back here on this post a week later checking out where my possible adopted sister got to. I have written to Gail (Gail123 above) at the address Jeanette sent me but it came back as undeliverable. If you have been in contact with her by chance, please tell her to get in touch if she is still looking to be adopted. Thank you!


            Glamb 20

      • GAIL! Where are you – I have been trying to reach you about getting adopted but your Email address keeps coming back undeliverable. Please get in touch if you still want to get adopted by me! Hope you are OK!

        Glamb #20

    • Hi there? If you’re still looking to adopt someone, I would love to be adopted 🙂 I looked for the US Rolling Stone over here in the south island of New Zealand but only found get the Australian version. It would be cool to get to know a North American Glamb!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Hi Marina, what part of the South Island are you from. I am from Christchurch. It is lovely to meet up with a fellow Kiwi, there are a few of us that come to this site, but there must be more surely.

        I have been adopted by Mary C, so I am not wanting to be adopted by Kelly, thanks, just wanted to say “Hi” to Marina, write back and let us know what part of New Zealand you are in. Cheers.

        • Hi Dianne,
          Can I ask you why Kiwi… Does it mean New Zealander?

          • Dianne Hill says:

            A Kiwi is the native bird of New Zealand, funny little thing that does not fly and has a long narrow beak. Most New Zealanders use the nickname “Kiwi”, it just refers to us all really.

        • Hi Dianne. I am further south in Dunedin. I reckon there are quite a few Adam fans here in NZ! Hope he can make it here to perform one day. Thanks for saying Hi! It’s neat to know there are other Kiwi glamberts out there.

      • welcome marina i am also in nz hamilton in nth island

      • Hi Marina,
        I will be happy to adopt you! I live in Canada, but I bought everything I wanted…
        I am not sure if I will be able to find Rolling Stones It is sold out… But any new magazines or CDs I can buy for you.
        You can e-mail Jeanette and she will hook us up. She has y e-mail already.
        PS Your name sounds Eastern European? Are you from there originally?

        • Hi there. Thanks for adopting me! I think the idea is great. I will email Jeanette soon. Where abouts do you live in Canada? I haven’t been there but had a lovely Canadian at my work a couple of years back – she lived in the Milton area.
          I suppose Marina is a bit of a universal name. I’m not Eastern European tho. I have mainly Scottish/English/Irish heritage. Marina means ‘of the sea’ & my Dad liked fishing!
          Wishing you a week full of awesome Adam music!

          • OMG OMG OMG
            Milton area? I live in Oakville and Milton is 5-10 minutes from me… I know this town quite well. Small world…
            Happy we are related now! LOL…
            Have a great week too!

  26. I’m willing to adopt one person, but I must say that until my computer is running normal, I can’t guarantee anything. I will try cuz I can imagine how frustrating it would be not to be able to get ADAM articles, etc.
    I’d love to have a growing family in the future! lol

  27. Hi to fellow Adam fanatics….I would love to adopt an International Fan….I’m a 60-yr old (but act and feel like a 20-yr old since Adam took over my life)….lol….be the first to reply to this post and I’ll be happy to share Adam experiences with you, send you mags, CD’s, etc…..let’s get together !!!

    I don’t have a Glamb # yet either, but I’m still trying !!!

    • I hope I can an adopt someone…..I’m waiting…

      I now have a GLAMB #…..mine is 458!!! Hooray!!!!

      Dee (Adamlicious)
      Wayne, NJ

  28. Evette #419 says:

    I am willing to adopt one International Glamb. I will do my best to get you what you need.

    • Evette #419 says:

      Nobody wants to be adopted by me? I feel so rejected 🙁 Not really I’m just glad : ) everyone is getting what they need!

  29. i am glambert #2352 and i would love to adopt an adam lambert pal internationally..

  30. Hey guys !!
    I just wanted to say that this glamb adoption thing is a stroke of genius. It’s so cool to have glamberts helping each other .. thank you for coming up with the idea, although i’m not gonna be part of it (I’m only 16) .. Adam has the best fans ever !!

    • nice to know there are fans from other countries who have just posted on this page. yes the idea is genius though i wont ask to be adopted because i have a sister in salt lake city utah who can provide for me. friendships growing here,wish us all happy!

  31. Okay folks, I’m all adopted up but there are people above on this site who will take a ‘kid’ or two…

  32. Nikka/Argentina says:

    PLZ HELP!!! Can’t get my replies posted…they’re awaiting moderation..anyone knows why could it be? thx!!

  33. Hi,

    We have a large selection of US magazines available in Helsinki, Finland, even though they come here with a small delay. I would very much appreciate you always letting us know when an article on Adam is published in a magazine in the US so I know which issue to buy. Thank you!

    The adoption idea is just great!

  34. Jeanette, this is a brilliant idea! Wow, nothing can top this idea! Mega-hugs and love and mmmmmmwah!

  35. Hey guys, is there anyone who is still available to adopt a little Russian in the UK?? :)) I was a bit lost in this loooong list of comments :)))

    • Hi Ninok,

      I would be happy to “adopt” you….Hopefully Jeanette will get us “hooked up”….with personal email addresses….so we can correspond.

      Jeanette, can you help us?


  36. OhSweetOne says:

    I Love All Things Adam. He is the BOMB!!! I hope he reaches for the stars and shines as brightly as the Diamond he is. Hugs to all Adam Fans out there. Hugs to you Adam.

  37. OhSweetOne says:

    Hoping I get a GLAM # soon. Hugs to all out there old or young.

  38. OhSweetOne says:

    Forgot to write my name which is MaryLou my screen name is OhSweetOne I am from Montana U.S.A