Adams Wish for His Tour Costume Designer


Adam Lambert is ready take his over-the-top performance all over the world to promote his album, For Your Entertainment. And as the image-conscious “Idol” runner-up plans a tour for later this year, one big question remains: Who will design his stage outfits?
Thanks to Jocelyn Vena, and with reporting by Tim Kash who are both from MTV, for letting us in on this:

At the G-Star Raw show during New York Fashion Week, Lambert did dish to MTV News that he already has a designer in mind. “Oh, wow, I think Gareth Pugh is really, really talented,” he said of the English designer whose goth-chic designs could be a perfect fit for the glam rocker. “It’s kind of futuristic and cutting edge.”

Lambert added that he loves how Pugh always does the unexpected, not unlike Lambert himself. “He uses materials that aren’t typical for fabrics,” he explained. “He uses a lot of metal and spikes and nails and things like that. It might not be the most comfortable outfit in the world, but it’s so striking.”

Given his love for avant-garde fashions, it comes as no surprise that Lambert has only one rule when it comes to his style: There are no rules. “I hate the term, ‘Oh, I couldn’t ever pull that off,’ ” he said. “I let that go when I was about 20. I try to aim to pull anything off that comes my way.”



  1. He really does have a great sense of fashion and knows what he’s talking about!!! He should be on the front row at every runway show………especially in Paris!!!!

  2. He is a fashion icon. I’m sure whatever outfits he choses for his tour will be amazing! He always looks edgy and classy all at the same time.

  3. Princessshakeitup says:

    OK, what happened to the post about the Habitat for Humanity/Ricky Martin Haiti fund raiser!?

  4. Can’t wait to see!! He can pull off a lot…..


  5. So STRIKING….that would be the key words here…Adam knows how exactly to be STRIKING…the most beautiful person on the planet right now ( boys or girls)…BEAUTIFUL…Adamazing !!!!

  6. Leave it to Adam and it be GORGEOUS!!!

  7. Samantha Rosalie Cannon says:

    Wait has he anouced when he is going on tour.

  8. Hope the suspense is kept and will build up for his concerts. The materials of his attires should not be flammable, ‘coz many would burn. He’d be sizzling hot on stage, and is even blamed for global warming. It’s however good that he’ll melt the icy hearts, and set them on fire, even post-Valentines. But whatever he’ll wear, he’ll be great, because his songs dresses him up and our imaginations. Not only can he be fire, but also a storm, a tornado and a volcanic eruption with some of his fiery and explosive renditions. Yess, lava flows with all of nature’s fury and fervor, as Adam give his all. And it’ll be 2010, not 2012 when this cataclysm occurs. And the world waits with baited breath. . . . .

  9. bated breath . . . . . . .


  11. Greetings Glamberts, I live in the Washington D.C. area and have yet to hear a single song by Adam Lambert on the radio. I also have satelite radio in my car and have not heard a peep from any station. I’m a shy fan and have not written anything as of yet. I don’t even have a Glam number thingy like the rest of you, however, I found it odd that others are hearing his music on the frequencies out there but somehow I am not. So here I am coming out of the shadows to get some answers from more well informed beloved fans. It has been an interesting journey watching Adam on American Idol to seeing him on other programs and viewing his performances all over the net. I don’t feel that anyone should worship idols to the point of putting them first in ones life over God, however, Adam shines like a diamond in this rough world and I thank God for the gifts given to Adam in that he can share them with us and bring joy to our hearts. He is truely a treasure to hold onto. I pray for his continued success and wellbeing. Kat~