Adams View on Johnny Weir

Apparently it takes an Adam interview to clear up the Johnny Weir controversy…really? Nah, not really. It IS a match made in heaven though, just thinking of Adams vocals paired with Johnny’s skating abilities. That is something i’d LOVE to see… maybe a little Whataya Want From Me is in order…



  1. Despise the American Idol this year…Only one guy is good and that is the blonde with long hair that plays the guitar…he did a good job..Don’t bang it like Allen

  2. I think Adam and Johnny would be hot. But I think they are too much alike and might not work. But they both have tough skin to put up with bullshit. Hmmm who knows. But HOT!!!!!!

  3. I was watching some of the excerpts from Johnny Weir’s reality show “Be Good Johnny Weir” and Johnny seems so bright and intelligent and also he has such a sense of humor it cracks me up. And I also think Johnny is willing to follow his artistic sensibility no matter what. although the paradox is he has a very strong minded and controlling coach, so the two sometimes clash, apparently. Anyway, they are both young, both willing to defy the establishment, both immensely hard working at their craft; they’d probably enjoy each other’s company just because they seem like soulmates to me. Just an observation for what it is worth.

    • I’ve been watching “Be Good Johnny Weir” too! I’m really enjoying it. It’s on a few times a week on the Sundance Channel, if anyone’s curious. They’re telling the story of how Johnny got to where he is.The scenes with his best friend Paris (a male Paris!) in the bathtub, where Johnny’s wearing a blond wig and interviewing Paris in a Russian accent about Johnny are hysterical! It’ spans a few years with all the ups and downs. It’s very current, seeing as how he just competed in the Olympics, against his “arch-rival” – the guy who won the gold this year! Sorry, I can’t remember his name. They’ve been competeing against each other for years. Sundance runs commercials for upcoming shows, and I’m sure many of us will get a kick out of the coming summer show “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys!” Can we think of anyone who this reminds us of??!!!!!

      • I just remembered his archrival’s name – Evan Lysacek. But the controversy about Johnny right now is that he likes to wear fur, and he’s taking heat from animal rights groups.

        • Check these great videos out. In 2009 he did an exhibition in Japan to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. Check out the crowd reaction – they’re screaming like it was Adam in concert! Check especially the reaction to his “muffin” at 2:50.

          Now check out a 2010 exhibition of mostly the same routine in front of a US audience. It gets a pretty different reaction from the audience! Check the silence at 2:58 when he shows us his “muffin”! In japan they were screaming!

          I think I love this guy too! Love how strong he is in himself.

          • Thanks for posting these. I was amazed @ how comparatively silent the US crowd was. It’s kind of scary really.

            • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

              Yeah, this is what I was trying to talk about with that video re the alien coming to earth to see if there is any intelligent life there–it truly is a question when it comes to some areas of the earth!

  4. I think Adam could talk about the phone book and would still be interesting and amazing to listen to.
    Adam is such a joy to listen to whether he is entertaining us or talking.

  5. Ditto Darlene, whether Adam is singing or talking.

  6. They are both such exciting, accomplished artists.