Adams Two Cents on Chris Golightly

If you have heard anything at all about American Idol this season, it has probably been the disqualification of Chris Golightly. I am not getting into that whole situation, but I figured you’d like to hear Adams opinion, so here it is:

Adam Lambert, for one, can relate. Last year, he had to contend with unreleased music that a former associate wanted to put to market “The way the entertainment industry works is the minute you get any notoriety, people want to capitalize on it,” he said. “It can be really difficult because those things are sometimes out of your control and, like it or not, people can be sneaky or kind of heartless in trying to get something from you once you get to a certain point.” But Lambert is careful to point out that when it comes to situations like Golightly’s, the facts can be convoluted and the stakes only complicate matters.”This guy who got disqualified feels screwed, but it’s not 19’s fault; they’re just trying to be fair,” Lambert said. “Sometimes these things are just out of your control and business is business.”

Thank you Adam…



  1. GLAMB#577 ElianeBrasil says:

    I believe he is right. Business is business.
    Beijos/ kisses

  2. I read an article in the L.A. Times that stated Golightly DID in fact have a contractual release, as he said, and that he just couldn’t find it within X hours of demand and that it was later provided. (within 48 hours) So I find the attitude that “business is business” a little curious in this situation, as 19 might have subjected themselves to action. I certainly hope this young man gets a good entertainment/contract lawyer and manages to get a settlement that will compensate him for his losses, financial and otherwise, and hopefully make him whole by reinstating him on the show. It’s become, in addition to a singing show, a musical instrument playing show, a personality show, and a “Here’s the backstory of this person” type show. Clearly as an orphan, Golightley’s back story is as compelling as any, and now 19 looks like the big bad wolf. They were not being “fair” without giving him the chance to come clean and that happened.

  3. Touchy subject….But we wondered what happened to him at the end of AI last week. This year
    has lacked luster, and we have’nt been dedicated at all, but this guy seems to have been the talent
    that caught our attention.

  4. Adam’s “former associates” did release his recordings with the WANT song even here in the Philippines, in our province. Since I already have his other albums (the first was a compilation of his songs sung in the American Idol), I bought the one with the WANT song out of curiosity. Well, just like what Adam said, they were below par to the songs in his FYE album. To me, it seems like Adam is singing INCOGNITO here, didn’t have his real or true personality out. But his big, prominent picture in his IDOL moments was the cover of the CD. They capitalized on him, and maybe Adam haven’t even earned from it. The songs sounded like drafts, and shouldn’t have been for distribution. These are DESPERATE TIMES indeed! ! !

  5. Francess40 says:

    I love WANT just like I love the old UTube vids of intimate songs that are too low key for now. They’re history but history that I like to listen to. Now I understand why the release was a problem for him during Idol. I bought everything itunes offered and now I want to get a copy of the International CD with Voodoo on it. Does anyone know if that’s available yet?