Adam’s Thoughts: I promise you will laugh ;)


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  1. hahhahaha did u do this? xD it’s fuckin hilariosu man!!
    loved it 🙂

  2. AdamAddict says:

    Very very funny! I chocked while I’m drinking. I think water came out from my nose a bit! Painful!!!

  3. adamfanatic says:

    way 2 funny!! it’s like the person hu made this vid crept inside adam’s mind……… my fav is the pants 1! way 2 hilarious!! i wonder if adam saw this??? hmmm…………

  4. It’s funny!

  5. ItsAnewDawn says:

    OMG One of the funniest things I’ve seen and lots of hot Adam pics too. Thanks for finding this DS!!

  6. Very funny and I actually believe those comments.

  7. bornundersaturn says:

    I could look at him all day long……………

  8. adamtherockgod says:

    I had to play this video twice cos the first time I was like just looking at Adam. The replay is when I really read the captions. Ha..ha..ha.. i laughed until I choked. Compliments to the person who put this together.

  9. Aww….I don’t see captions, what I am doing wrong?
    Can someone PLEASE help??

  10. adamfan66 says:

    I love this video. He is so good looking. I can hardly wait for tuesday to hear him sing again. My friends and I love him.

  11. pinkyakabb says:


    not that was funny!!!

  12. I really needed to see this video. I laughed so hard that I choked on my Diet Dr. Pepper. I like the clip when Adam was opening the boxes and the other guys on couch sleeping. That was too too funny. Great job. I will think about this video every time I get worried tomorrow.

  13. lol – i LOVE Kris’ response at 1.50 – “you do? that’s pretty sick, man”.
    And Adam’s right, he does look ridiculous in that jacket.