Adam’s “Thank You” to His Fans

No, Adam, thank you!!!

Here’s the video of Adam thanking his fans for their support of his DonorsChoose charity challenge. For those of you who haven’t yet seen it yet, it shows off Adam’s “new look.” Some of you have already been weighing in on whether or not you like the look.

I don’t dislike the look – it makes him look a little devilish – but if I had to choose, I think I prefer his clean look better.

What do you think?

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. omg he looks terrible, what has he done to himself?

      IM SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I totally agree! I also thought of his new look as “Drake” look.. I hope he will get over it sooner rather than later…
        But despite of anything – LOVE ADAM!!!!

        • Love Adam no matter what and he is soo sweet in the video, always like the hair down or up as long as it stays dark it doesnt matter but never liked the facial hair!! He’s done this look before it just isnt him!!!

          • Don;t like the new look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • hey i2455!!!!! it may be………. differant from the old look but he’s still hot no matter what!!!!! ?brandy

          • glam #

            One of my favorite pictures is a younger adam with a little facial hair, but not crazy about this look. THAT BEING SAID, he is adorable no matter what. Don’t forget girls, none of us would appreciate being told what “look” we should wear, so lets just keep supporting him no matter what. I’m sure we’ll see 100 versions of Adam in the next few years.

            • I agree, but I still like the shaved Adam better. But Love is Love, ……i am a granny too who adores Mr Adam Lambert any way I can have him.

            • Absolutely, Carrie … Good point about someone telling US what our look should be. Anyway, who ever said Adam would stay in a time warp to look exactly the way he did when his fans first saw him and found him fabulous?!? I’m seeing posts from some “fair-weather friends” here, as I did when ‘fans’ criticized the kind of music said to be on his debut CD ~ Face it, people: You’ve embraced an edgy, individualistic, chameleon-like human being, which is part of what you loved about him … What makes fans think they should have a say in what their ‘herol’ does? That’s confusing our elected officials with our voluntary performers! Don’t get ‘cold feet’ now!

        • Come on guys, I’m a 68 year old granny who loves Adam, He is hot no matter what look he choose’s

          • Cathie Bair says:

            I am 65 and I agree he is hot no matter….I think it will take time to get used to….the innocent little boy look is my favorite! I did not like the blonde hair from his college days because his beautiful eyes got lost!

          • 68 year old granny….you go girl! LOL! Love your taste in men! I also love him anyway he prefers to look!…I’m a 54 year old new granny! My first and only grandson was born on August 19th.

          • MadamLamb says:

            I’m a granny on 59, and I also love Adam, no matter if he’s “hairy” or not! It’s his voice, first of all, and his good smile that makes him ADAM!

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      i agree with SecretlyGay and OFRA, i prefer his other look, the one that makes him look almost 10 years younger, he looks like a pirate…maybe johnny depp- love his acting but not his look. :'(

      • adamtastic1877 says:

        and buy love his acting not his look, i meant johnny depp

        • Don’t worry guys,he will definetely change back bcs he loves changes! Next image probably take our breath away so get ready!! Make sure your oxygen tank is full,LOL! I dislike guys with mustache and beard too.I guess lots women have same taste with me. 🙂 Clean shave looks fresh ~nodding~ and younger ~nodding again~ mwah to all!



            • Thanks Ofra, for that piece. I have to agree with the first comment on that site.
              “Adam is to much for that”” Please Adam sing and entertain on your world wide tour
              for us………… First things first.

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                Mary C.

                I totally agree. “First things first”.

                He has so much on his agenda that a movie would be tooooooooo much now. Besides I rather have him in a musical, as Moulin Rouge, and not Pirates. I believe he would shine at his most.


              • Lisette here,bonmatin glambs an thenks Jeanette for sharing thes video with us..Not online much due to illhealth,but had to see l’angel of musique to take away pain..Aw agree abit Mary an othre glambs j’prefer Adam with clean babeface look..but nonmattre lui etes tresbeau..Perhaps is for reason..I cant imagaine he’ll keep thes look,an mabe ther’s some project au film he mabe in..I’ve heard rumours for Pirates of Caribbean..Wil non beliv til comes from a tweet,bubble tweet au Adam on video..As Adam’ is a l’homme of mystere only teme will tell!Hugs an luv to all…J’adore Adam an glambs amies..Lisettexoxo

                • AdamAddict says:

                  Well sorry guys but I think Adam looks good as a pirate!!Just me??!! Hmm, but he does! Better without all that but …he does! I also can imagine he play pirates really good because he’s a good actor,DUH! LOL! But if he has clean fresh look and play something like Ewan in Moulin Rouge…singing and all ~sigh~ no words can describe that <3 🙂

    • Maybe this was temporary camouflage so he could more easily enjoy walking around New Orleans undetected???

    • Gorgeous! Fantastic! Love it. Finally, he looks like a man!

    • I can’t believe this response. ILOVE his new look. It is totally HOT.

    • He looks totally hot!

  2. I love, love, LOVE it!!! I think he looks like one sexy, devilish, sex-on-fire HUNK! But then, I love all his looks–even the fat blonde high school kid. Adam’s presence is who he is–and that is so powerful it’s turning on the planet!

    • Mary … I agree with you 100%.. Adam looks sexy as hell !! I’m sure he will change his look over and over again.. It really doesn’t matter what that man does or how he wears his hair or where!!!! He is hot, hot, hot.. Everything he wears is sexy.. clothes love him… cameras love him.. we love him..

      • Agree with you Mary S and Admfan1, Adam is so Sexy and Hot with or w/o facial hair. Hair
        slicked back, combed to the front. OMG whatever look he takes on, cant get enough!
        I love how he changes himself up, Never a Dull Moment with that man.

      • He’s too pretty.A bit of facial hair can’t ruin that pretty face! I still prefer him clean shave tho but this one is not bad either.Just like I said before as long it’s not like Magnum PI.That’s too thick,I don’t like it.And pleeeease,I hope he will never ever keep it like The wizard of Gandalf! (LOTR)Yikes!LOL! He can make whatever change he wants,but please not thaaaat! If he really gonna do that to tease us, I think I’ll send him “Veet” for christmas gift!LOL! But still looooove Adam! <3 Super hot!Grrr!!

        • Lisette here..bonmatin all glambs..merci Emili for lovli note.I’m having bout with fibromyalgia,an othre health issues..Wel do agree Adam nonmattre what colour hair,softtresses on his face,slickback (Elvis look),or little facial hair..his features sont tresbeau..thet is gift from above an his parentes..Sure as I av say above perhaps is for some future role in film?Only teme will let us know!..Ah funny well yu know Adam althout silly I’d adore to see him in a series like Magnum..with thos shorts,belvistas,azure bleu beaches an wearing some lovli shorts,an tropical shirts,would complemente his estraordinaire looks..silly now..back to realitie..Perhaps thet Pirate’s role..Id adore to here him with a British accent too..never minde thet’s just ma thouts..Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

    • I like it too. But after seeing Adam audition tape, I LOVE that look. Completely clean. I love how long his hair was and how he did it. That is the Adam I fell in love with.

      • I remember when Adam came back the week after Ring of Fire–all clean-shaven and totally boy-next-door. I felt like he had sold out–that they had gotten to him. Little did I know that he was on top the game–always! He knows how to make a positive out of a negative. He knows how to make lemonade from lemons. He does it by focusing on the positive and then going with his gut. The man’s a genius.

        Now I would never want to pigeon-hole him into any one look or style. He’s way too flamboyant and creative for that. That’s what makes him a superstar–always staying true to himself.

        I say, “You go, Adam!!” And I will follow….

        • AdamAddict says:

          Wait for me,Mary C, I’m want to follow too.Right besides you…right besides Adam is better.LOL!Adam in the middle.We both right besides him 🙂

      • Oh Trish, his audition tape look is so handsome and hot. Longer hair etc. Yummy!
        wow look how far he has come. Oh Adammmmmmmmmmmm

    • Well said, Mary S, “Adam’s presence is what he is”, spot on!

  3. Oh my god, he is soooo hot! I love his various looks. He looks handsome. So good to see him once again! So pleased his career is taking off….can’t wait for some new music though!
    Thanks for the post!

  4. I love, love, love his look! Love the beard! Love the mustache! Love the liners. Love he brushed up hair. I LOVE HIM!!!!

  5. I’m still hung up on how he looked in his performance of “Ring of Fire.” That to me is the best. The sexiest. I can’t (yet) see Adam as a pirate no matter how much hair he grows. My boy is too sweet. I will make sure to take a few pictures of Adam with me on Mon., Oct. 5th when I go into the hospital for a hip replacement. Wish me luck. Adam’s face will take my pain away. I have found that to be true all spring and summer as I sat at my computer watching Adam and reading what my fellow Glambs have had to say. What pain? But the minute I left the computer,back it came. Thanks Glambs for all your posts!
    Lee, Glamb #76




      • Sending lots of good luck wishes your way Lee! I hope everything goes smoothly, and you’re feeling better in no time at all.

        Love, Peace and ADAM! 🙂

        Cindy in MS

      • Ofra, Chill my sweet one. Helen, where are your pills?????

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hey Mary
          I need my chill pills, lol! Lee just reminded me of Adam’s Ring of Fire look! I’m ~melting~

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Seems like there’s a bit of red in Adam’s moustache in the above video. What do you think?

            • Yeh, I think it looks lighter than his head of hair, but then again the mustache isnt that thick.

              When and if he does shave soon, I would like to see the goutee go first and lets see what
              he looks like with the mustache only???????????

              I’m sure still very sexy and hot.

    • Lee, Best of luck to you on your hospital stay, with Adam by your side you will go thru it all with
      flying colors……… Take care.

    • Hi Lee,

      I’m with you…Ring of Fire is one of my favorite looks too…hot and sexy and a little naughty!
      Good luck with your hip replacement….I’m SURE pics of our dear sweet Adam will help! He’ll make your pain go away. My girlfriend had her hip replaced a few months ago and she never felt better!
      Good luck….

      Glamb #458

    • Adam Lambert boosts endorphins. It’s a physical fact many of us here can attest to. 🙂

      Good luck, Lee. Time to heal—then, you’ll feel so much better afterwards. I like the idea—take LOTS of pictures with you! And if certain nurses/doctors have been sadly Adam-deprived, you can show them what they’ve been missing!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Lee, I’m with you. I love his Ring of Fire look. OMG he was so sexy. Also, like Satisfaction. What he did with his mouth–OMG
      Good luck with your surgery. We’ll all be sending you positive vibes and Adam is great therapy.
      Take care.

      • The Best of Luck to You Lee/ Saline,
        Thinking ahead for your recovery is the way to go, whenever I get down I always play a video of Adam and watch and listen to his singing, always works for me. The positive thoughts are coming your way. Also being you have to have this done it is good that it is now, because you will be up and around when Adam’s tour comes around!!! Adam’s picture with you, what a great idea, sharing him with everyone around you, what a good thing you are doing because you know how Adam makes us feel!

        • Oh, by the way, on Adam’s current looks, I’m sorry but, I don’t think that Adam
          could have a “not so good looking day”. I would love anything that guy does, well, maybe if he shaved his head, then I MIGHT be put off a bit, but, then he would still have those eyes and that voice…….Adam without hair…WOW…what a terrible thought !!!!! I so love that hair…………..

    • Lisette here..Aw Lee plese feel bettre an know yu’ll be in ma thouts an prayres..Av lot of reste an know thes Adam tributepage will help yu in healing process apres surgerie..Adam an his musique is best remedie for what ailes an has been a rai of lit in ma life too!An yes his face,beaucouer an voix will also be far bettre then any pain meds..I soo agree lovli amie! Blessings an luv Lisettexoxo!

    • Good luck, Lee, and hope you have a nice comfy special pillow or chair so you can enjoy Adam while recuperating.

  6. TBH, it makes him look like a kid with false facial hair but the message is sweet! ;o) xxx

  7. i like this look he looks masculine…. i am thinking he needs this kind of looks when promoting the song for the film 2012.

  8. is it Clark Gable?
    Is it Erroll Flynn?
    is it Johnny Depp as a pirate?
    is it the most beautiful man on earth?
    it is ADAM……….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. TexasWannaHoldHim says:

    Initially, I didn’t like the new look at all, but it’s kind of growin’ on me (like the hair on Adam’s face!). Face it, he’s hot no matter what look he’s goin’ for!

  10. I’m not liking the pirate look.
    He looks amazing without all that hair!!
    But it’s okay as long as the cd is good, he could grow a santa beard for all I care xD

  11. MadworldGlamb says:

    Oh my god…when I first saw it i spit my pepsi out….so shocking……I really dont like beards…..
    I love adam….but please get rid of that..

  12. Canadian Fan says:

    I hate it. It has me looking at his chin, instead of his gorgeous eyes. Good thing it’s an easy fix. Shave it off Adam Pulease

  13. The hairy face isn’t all that bad. He’s probably getting ready for winter. LOL. But I must say he looks more like his brother when he wears his hair back like that. I prefer his hair down with the bang look.

    • Getting ready for winter???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • He keep facial hair and we talked about it for days!LOL! What he’s gonna do next?Spray tan??!! Ohh, 0_o hmm sound good to me! We will talking about it for weeks if that happen!Tall,dark, blue eyes hunky gorgeous guy!! I think we gonna talk about it for years!! Screw that,we already plan to talk about him for the rest of our lives!LOL! dark or no dark,hair or without hair, we already hooked with this guy <3

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Ya Gala, you know how cold it gets in LA! Maybe we should fly there to keep him warm!!!! ha, ha. Who’s game?


    • kimber, haahaa good one. Wish I’d thought of that.

      • Oh the great Mary C! It is an honor to meet you! I am new to the sight and never have been so excited to be part of something so great! ADAM is my first and last, that is, my American Idol. I just recieved my mail from Jeanette and have been e-mailing her. Have been sharing my feelings about ADAM with a journal for the past couple of months, but I think my husband finally accepted the fact that he comes second to ADAM HA!HA! , so he hooked me up with an e-mail! I went to the Dallas show July 23rd and I enjoyed ADAM’s performance very much! But I know ADAM could perform longer, like, all night! Okay, just wanted to let all of you GLAMBS know I am so happy to be here with you, instead of just reading off of my phone. Thanks for replying Mary C!

        • Hi Kimber,
          Welcome to Glambville!!
          We are always happy to greet new Adamlovers!!!
          I am sure you’ll great time here!
          PS Did you get your Glamb#?

        • Hi Kimber,
          Welcome to Glambville!!
          We are always happy to greet new Adamlovers!!!
          I am sure you’ll great time here!
          PS Did you get your Glamb#?

        • Kimber, welcome girl. I have to say Adam will be my last idol too. I have watched in
          the past, but never has any of those idols affected me like he has. You know exactly
          what I mean and everyone else here on the site does too. He just has that whole special being about himself. About your husband, I hear ya on that one, ha ha.
          Our men have to accept, cuz it just aint going away. They may as well join us and enjoy
          the fun and all the good that comes out of feeling good w/Adam. You know the ole saying when Mama’s happy everyone is happy!!!! So, glad you got to
          go to one of the tour concerts, you’ll probably never forget that night!!
          Good man your hubby, hooking you up with an email…. We are happy that you are here with us too.

        • Welcome, Kimber, you will find that thanks to Adam, most of us ‘women of a certain age’ have branched out in out tech skills in our searches for ever more of Adam.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Welcome Kimber to the world of Adam love! Looking forward to posting with you. It’s all good here!

  15. I like the new look… It’s a “bad guy” look. It looks great on him

  16. You know, I’m wondering…perhaps he’s changed his look because he’s about to star in something specific coming up which requires that look….having said that, I do like him clean-shaven, because his eyes and hair are more pronounced when he has less facial hair….but I also have to say that I love Adam’s highly ‘experimental’ nature, it makes him endlessly fascinating..

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Lorrin merci for all tweets..still unwell an on here less.An know yu too are non feling well..plese take care an have wel deserved reste.Adam etes tresbeau non mattre but confess j’adore a cleanshaven face..An as I av posted on twittre well thinq yu’ve seen..but sureli Adam has recived infinite tweets.An seeing rumours oui is for a role..perhaps Pirates film?..we’ll see!He does enjoie to av a sense of between flashforward an now thes look,who knows what offers’ Adam has been given!!J’espere a future film on silver screen as I av say earlier threads..An can see in filmes even with accomplishe actors,Leo,Matt,Brad,Josh he’ll be next generation to sell out cinemas!!All agree here?! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

    • I got to agree with you there Lorrin. I love how Adam is always changing things up. We will just begin to get use to this look and he will change it up again. No matter what he does with his hair, his clothes or whatever, he is still sexy. All of his fans are not going to like every look that he has. Personally, I did not like the Zodiac look “A change is gonna come,” but his vocals were crazy during that performance. Adam is brilliant. He knows that to keep his fans interested, it is important to keep evolving and changing. However, I don’t know how Adam could get any better. I must say, this new look is a real devilish one for Adam, delicious and devilish.

    • I thought the same thing Lorrin. For instance, for the video of Time for Miracles perhaps? Or maybe just as was earlier said, to look less ‘adamesque’ while out in public. It does totally change his face though. Even his eyes look different, not the smudgy smokey guyliner, but more sharp and pronounced, don’t like it as much.

  17. This puzzles me. If his natural hair color is blonde, how is his beard growing in black? Or do you think he’s just dying it or something?

    • Good Question!! Didnt even think about that!! Don’t like the facial hair it takes away from his naturally handson facial features and direct attetion away from those mezmerizing eyes!! and he was meant to be dark haired!! Hope he never goes back to blonde!! Tall, Dark and Handsome = ADAM!!!

    • Adamtastic1877 says:

      Oh my gosh I was pondering over that too! Haha

    • It’s NOT Kathryn, he has to dye it and he already said once it is a pain to have to do that. It grows in blondish.

  18. Glambertcraze says:

    Maybe this is Adam trying out different disguises.
    I like the idea that Lorrin had that he will be doing something that would require him to have this look.
    I like the orginal best, but this is okay for a change.

  19. OH!!! And just to let everyone know, I just checked the Amazon Music Bestseller list and ADAM IS NUMBER 1!!!!!!! 🙂

  20. i don’t like his hair like that, i like it so much better with his bangs in his face. &i also like him so much better without that facial hair. so i’m not diggin’ the new look. adam, please shave! (:

    but…i still think he’s hot!! hahahha.

  21. There must be a good reason for Adam’a new look, as Lorrin said it could for for a new project, or, for disguise. He still looks good but I prefer him with a clean look, I am not keen on this look, I hope once his album is out he shaves it off.

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Toni Iav read some articles unsure if just rumours so let’s await an see..possible future film”?..I can non imagaine thes look will reman..see above posts..I must go..anothre doctor/labs visit an l’vampires awaiting to take some blood (for blood panel,an lung infection)Blessings to all an keep adoring l’angel of musique …Adam beau inward,outward an always a voix toche within one’s hearte!! Luv to all Lisettexoxo

  22. Gross,hate it,looks like crap. Shave!

    • tinaaa, Helen, help <,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Not me….. I am not helping you, Mary…. I don’t like this look either…. Shave, Adam, please……..

        • Gala , you toooo??? I love his look either way, but also love how he changes it up.

          Rock on Adam.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          I don’t like the look either Gala, although Adam is always gorgeous to me. I think Mary is asking me for my “chill pills” because tina was freaking out about his new look!!

          Don’t worry tina, it’s probably temporary. You know how Adam likes to change things up!

          • Got it… I thought she wanted you to agree that new look is good! Don’t like it but love Adam anyway!!!! He is gorgeous now matter what!!!

          • Yeh, Helen, thats what I was wanting you to share your “chill pills” I know we all have our
            opinions, just wanted some calmness thrown out.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I am with you Gala. I have never liked moustaches or beards, I especially hate the unshaven look, they always look like they need a shower. Now I know Adam does not look like that, but I have tried to like it, really I have, but oh I do so love him clean shaven, especially when he sticks that gorgeous tongue of his out. I love his hair though, even with the mo and the goatee, he is still incredibly gorgeous. Sorry Mary C.

          • Oh Dianne, no need to apologize, paleez, thats your thoughts. But remember the
            tongue still works the same whether Adam is hairy or not!!!!!!!!!! hahaha
            So I know that makes you feel better!

  23. Adam is just playing with his looks. Let him be, ladies. It’s the incredible voice that I’ve fallen in love with. Besides that, everything else is considered playfull. It’s Adam alright. Remember the Michelin outfit?

  24. Hi all, regards Adamsnew look, not a fan of facial hair, but I am sure Adam knows what he is doing, and as someone else said he does like to play around with different looks, my very fav that drew me to him, after the obvious, his great voice. was his spikey little boy look. We will just go with the flow, and wait and se what comes next. I have been on to my music shop here in Hamilton. NZ AND FINALLY THE RELEASE DATE HAS REACHED THEM November 24th, same as everywhere else, so I have put my orders in. The guy in the shop whos name just happens to be Adam. must think I am slightly obsessive, he is wrong of course I am majorly obsessive, so I will just patiently wait now.

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Hi Jan that’s good to know that his cd is releasing here in NZ on 24th November. I’ll go order it today from my store in Christchurch. I’ll let Dianne know too.

      As for the goatee and mo, love it. Gives him a rakish look. I love all his looks except the Michelin man look. If no one else wants him looking like this with goatee and mo I’ll have him…. 1st dibs.

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        Hey Jan,

        Which music store did you go to. the CD store here in Christchurch doesn’t have it listed…. I’ve left my name with them but dont really trust that. I know that Dianne will be wanting to order it as well.


      • Lisa, haha ha. I’ll take him too with the goatee.

        • ps, I’ll even take the Michelon Man. We know whats under there.?????????

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Hey Girls, just because we don’t like the look, it doesn’t mean we’re letting you have him!!! Share and share alike, remember girls.

    • Hi Jan,
      Are you from Hamilton, Canada?

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Gala, she’s from Hamilton, NZ!

        • thanks helen,
          You know everything!!!!! i am impressed!! when are we going to NO?????

          • Helen/Canada says:

            We have to get an Adam alert–maybe from Google??? and go when he’s there!!! Then we could casually follow him everywhere he goes, ha, ha–that’s not stalking, it’s just being in the same place as him, that’s all, hee, hee!

    • happy to see him again ! thanks for posting , you’re doing a great job

  25. Hate it, hate it, hate it! I was hoping he could influence Drake to look less scruffy, but it’s working the opposite way.

  26. Wow, that is different! What a fun, ever-changing guy he is! I wonder also if he has to dye the whiskers to match his dark hair. I remember once in an interview he mentioned he probably would never grow a mustache like Freddie Mercury’s because it would be the wrong color! We know he is beautiful no matter what; facial hair or whatever! Keep posting videos Adam, we just want to know you are still out there even when we can’t see you on tour! Waiting for album, waiting for album, waiting for album………..

  27. I personally love it. My husband has almost the exact same facial hair and it’s sexy! He’s six feet six and nice and tall just like Adam. But come on ladies don’t you think he’s gonna morph that look like crazy. Hang on for that fun crazy ride!

  28. DEE (ADAMLICIOUS) GLAMB #458 says:

    I don’t care for the facial hair either….but he looks HOT no matter what look he has. I think he just likes to play with his fans….he always says he likes to change things up, likes to stand out in a crowd, keep everyone guessing….I think he gets a real kick out of this stuff….that’s what I love about him….ALWAYS something different, but still HOT and SEXY !!!

  29. Not only does he have facial hair, in one interview he was talking about his tattoo and said he was going to get them up his arm!!!! He said a “friend” had several and he liked them. I love Adam the way he was!!!

    • I hope he don’t get a bunch of Tattoos up and down his arm. His body is too perfect to mar it with that. Maybe one tattoo, a sexy one but please not many.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Adam said he would like some more tats up his arm, but he said he would only get ones that meant something special to him.

  30. Hi! I think Adam is just enjoying his time off, and letting his whiskers grow a bit! I bet he will be clean shaven again before the big album push in November. Can’t wait!

  31. Love the shirt! The guy in the shirt is cool too!!

  32. Okay! I can’t resist, but who is in favor of hair on the chest? I know ADAM has hair on his chest, but I wonder what hair removal procedure he uses, because there were times when I did not see hair on that gorgeous chest. And I know cause I’m always looking!

    • I too notice it come and goes. I like a little hair on the chest but I know he does trim up either way he is sexy BUT All I do know is the facial hair has to go!!!

    • Me, me !!! I like chest hair!!!! But not facial….brrrrr

    • kimber, ha, u r right up there with me and my magnifying glass. Closer the better..

    • Adamtastic1877 says:

      Haha I agree with gala here brr xD!

      • C’mon ya’ll! Let’s not be selfish. We are here for ADAM and what ADAM likes we should like. If he likes his facial hair then we should be more supportive just like his mother is. Anyways, it does make him more seductive-looking. I won’t say, but I do dream of ADAM, a lot!!! ADAM is a beautiful man with a beautiful heart and GOD chose him to have this most beautiful voice ever! I posted my album titles on pt 2, since this is more current I’d like to share. Journey of Dreams, this is ADAM’s journey to his dream coming true. And, Realm of Seduction, the music world is his kingdom now and he is seducing us all with his voice. Well? Still waiting on my GLAMB# CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!

  33. I imagine your cd cover: With moustache and in the michelin suit !!! (noooooooooooo), anyway, your talent and beauty are absolut great always.

  34. I’m relatively new to the Adam obsession and of course my boyfriend thinks I’m nuts but I don’t care. I saw him in Newark, watched him sing Bowie and that was the end of my real life and the beginning of my Youtube existence.

    Please, please get here November.

    • Welcome Jassie!!! I’m new too!! This is the best site ever and the GLAMBS are the best and so fun! They are excellent role models for us newbies. I understand your craze for ADAM cause I think I’m obsessed but in the best way ever! What are your favorite performances? Did you go to an ADAM concert? My fav performances are ROF, Feeling Good, A Change is Gonna Come, and WLL, and well they’re all my favorite! I went to the Dallas concert and I had a good time. I haven’t shared my complete experience because well, it didn’t turn out the way I expected it to. I’m passed it though. wecome! Let’s have some fun!!!!!!!

      • WOW, Kimber
        I know you are talking to Jassie, but these are MY favourite performances…Only I would put it in this order WLL Change is Gonna Come, Feeling Good and ROF!!!!! And then Starlight Recently i added “Is anybody listening” from Ten Commandments and I love it too….

  35. Y, YYYYYY??????????????????????? hes still sexy but way mor sexy without the beird

  36. A little like Dave Navarro there!!!! It’s all good.

    • Mary! I kept thinking to myself, “Who does he look like?” And that’s it…Dave Navarro! I used to watch that other music reality show he was on, RockStar…or something.

      The problem is, not exactly sure that is a compliment??!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Exactly, what I was thinking ladies. I knew he reminded me of someone with this look and that’s it! Hope it’s a temporary thing.

    • Mary,
      I agree, that’s who he looks like here….he reminded me of someone…and Dave Navarro is it! Adam looks HOT no matter what, but I still like him clean-shaven!

      Glamb #458

    • Mary, are you Mary D??

  37. I think it’s just being Adam, he wants to show the world his versatility even in his look. I don’t think there’s anything permanent for Adam, he will continue to try everything, and that’s what I love about Adam, his boldness.

    His message was his appreciation for everyone who continue to support of what he believes in, it’s not if he looks good or not. As for me, he looks gorgeous no matter what, how can he not be when he has a genuine heart.

    You are fab Adam!

  38. Hate the pirate look.

    However, through the years, I’ve found it’s necessary to let men go through their stupid facial hair phases. I don’t think this look will last. Think of it as a phase. Can’t wait for the return of our clean-shaven uberbabe.

  39. Dear fellow Glambs – I have already posted these comments on the ‘Adam’s On Top Of Madonna’ thread page, but I also want to post them here, as they probably will be noticed more quickly. This is my announcement that I am going to submit a manuscript of my writings to Rolling Stone Magazine, but it is also a request to all of you, so I do hope you will read it. If you need to contact me, please use the GMail address provided below. Thanks so much to all of you! Here’s the post:

    I want to thank all of you for your kind remarks to me about my recent post on the ‘Adam’s On Top Of Madonna’ thread page; and then my most heartfelt thanks go to all of you who have been so kind to give me such encouraging words on all of these threads on all the days past. And now I want to ask all of you something, if you would be so kind. I have almost finished editing, printing, collating, and finishing my articles to submit to Rolling Stone Magazine. All of the things I will submit to them are my own comments written on these pages, and will give them a very complete idea of the range of promotional writing I can do for Adam Lambert as an older fan. I have also printed up a number of comments that all of you, my fellow Glambs, have written to me in response to the things I have written here on all of these threads. I have NOT included your names on any of these comments you made to me. I will introduce the comments by saying ‘A writer from (a specific country) says’, or something very similar. The comments pertain only to the way you feel about my writing, and nothing else. I am going to submit some of the comments you have made about me to Rolling Stone as a way to let them know that many people, from many walks of life, and from many countries, would enjoy reading what I have to say. IF YOU DO NOT want your comments included in my manuscript, please let me know at this email address:, and I will immediately and without question, remove your comments if they happen to be in my notes. I will also submit the same request to Jeanette, as leader of our Glambs group. Again, I thank you all so much for your warm and wonderful response to my writing, and I will let you know if anything transpires from my little venture. If this doesn’t work, I have a few other things I hope to try. We older fans have a mighty voice in the world and we are backing a phenomenal young man and supremely talented singer and performer. I want my voice to be heard on his behalf if at all possible. Thanks again to all of you, my dear fellow Glambs….I’ll probably come back on top of my shield, but at least I went out to the batlle trying! I hope you will wish me well!

    • Lorrin, Lorrin, I wish you the best of luck on this RS venture. I dont know how or why they could
      possibly turn your offer to write and promote Adam down. You have such a gift for writing, just as
      Adam has such a gift for speaking, singing etc. You do need to put your gift to good use and
      writing articles about your beautiful expressions of Adam may just be your calling right now!
      You go girl!

      I’m going to throw my Karma your way and hope all this goes exactly how you want it to go.

      I have no objection to you using any of my comments, name or whatever you choose. I’ll support you.
      Oh good lord, some of My comments??? RS may need an X rating with a few of them.
      Its All Good and Fun
      Mary C

      • You are all such a bunch of great friends, thank you so much! Upon further consideration and after some great advice, I’ve decided that I will not use the extra comments of the Glambs after all, I’ll just let the writing I’ve done stand on its own. Using too many endorsements can create an overkill to the original work, so I’ll head in there on my own merits. But all of you are so sweet to get behind me, and your comments are precious, what a group of great people you are! Well, I’m almost ready to dive in, we’ll see what awaits as I begin this venture….maybe not a whole lot, but I’m still going to give it a try! Love to all of you Glambs!

      • Mary your comments will go just nice in RS. Anything goes in this magazine. Lorrin, I am so excited for you. I hope they approve of your request to promote and write about our boy, Adam. Good luck

    • Silvana/Argentina says:


      AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know how I’ve always felt about your writings, your way with words. I’m so excited that you are submitting your pieces to RS. I’m sure they will publish them, and find some interesting way to do it.

      What I really long for, is Adam reading them. Of course, all the rest of the world too. Fans will love it and feel that their own thoughts and sentiments are expressed in each of your words, and for the ones that still are not Adam Fans….well….I’m sure they will discover him in your words full of your love for him….and fall in love with him right away.

      All the best to you in this “little venture”,

      • Mary C., dear famous Glamb, I will take that karma, thank you so much, it has worked for you always in some very tight spots…and Silvana, thank you, also, for you kind and thoughtful words…it is actually my one and only wish in all of this that Adam read something I have written…that would be my ultimate wish, for him to know he is loved that much by all of us, thank you, dear Glambs..

    • This is a good sign! GO FOR IT FELLOW GLAMB!!!!! ADAM ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I am so excited for you. You know how you have always touched me with your writing. You know exactly how I am feeling and manage to capture those feelings in such beautifully written works of art. BRAVO, you go girl! Adam is such an eloquent and articulate speaker himself, he deserves to have someone such as yourself representing him with your beautiful writings. Oh, Lorrin, I so hope he gets to read your writing one day soon. I know it will amaze and thrill him to no end. I am so proud of you I can’t even say enough. Just love you girl. Best of luck with this endeavour and anything else you choose to do. I would love to be able to purchase a book of your writings. I support you all the way Lorrin. I’ve never written anything, noteworthy, but feel free to choose anything I’ve written. Good luck Lorrin.

      • Helen, if every writer had a backer like you, there would be no one left unpublished. You are such a sweetheart, thank you so much for your loving thoughts and encouragement to me, I won’t forget them as I go forward…love you, my friend..

    • Good luck to you, Lorrin!
      I know you’ll come back WITH your shield, not on top of it!!!!!
      Go girl, go!!!

  40. Lorrin! I am THRILLED to hear that you are going to be submitting your writing to RS!! You KNOW that I am a huge fan of your work. I have mentioned many times to you that you should be writing a book, magazine articles or blog about our Adam. Your words have made me laugh, think about things from a different perspective and/or moved me to tears. Feel free to use my name, location, anything. I fully support you in this venture and wish you the VERY best for much success!

    It would be THRILLING to see the Glambs mentioned in RS – the more people that know about us – and Adam – the better. And, of course, your eloquent way with words will certainly have everyone who reads them fall madly in love with Adam as we all have!

    You GO, Girl!!!


    Glamb #20

    • Jane, you have given me a huge boost..thank you SO much for your kind comments, and your whole-hearted support. I will go forth on my own brave quest hoping for victory! Thanks for your great comments and your great big bold ‘Glamb #20’ endorsement! Love you, Jane!

      • Lorrin, I wish you the best of luck, I have always found your writing so interesting! The way you have with words make me wish that I had paid better attention in my English classes. with my background in raising so many kids and being married to a true German for over 20 years my English has lost a lot. I am truly the person that says “Throw the cow over the fence some hay”, I really have to watch it when it comes to typing on this site, espically when I want to write a response to writers on these post like you that is so gifted with the PEN and WORDS. If by chance you would use any of my post, haha, plaese correct my English, first!!
        I think you would be a plus for Adam, showing what his Fans think of him and how loyal we are.
        Perhapes you should be the “ONE” to write Adam’s story from start to present!

        • lee M., have no fear, I too am always trying to untangle my sentence structure, because, believe it or not, I am always wanting to say something in the MOST complicated way, and I have to constantly go back and simplify my wording! And one of the things I’m always doing with my syntax is ‘throwing that cow over the fence’ before the hay! Thanks for your great comments!

      • MWAAAHHH!

  41. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Ok I just saw this over at AdamOfficial. It’s worth keeping an eye out for this… It might just be that only old fans (meaning already established fans) will be the only ones to understand the significance of a deluxe edition. We’ll get more than any new fans, and why shouldn’t we who have followed, stood by and loved Adam have extra benefits….

    Pre-Order Available Now! Special Deluxe Edition Coming Soon…
    OCTOBER 1, 2009, 11:13 am
    Visit to pre-order Adam’s new album! In the meantime, keep an eye on for details about an exclusive Special Deluxe Edition coming soon! Make sure you’re signed up to Adam’s Newsletter to be the first to hear about the upcoming release and all other things Adam!

    • Thanks Lisa for the news. I’ve been signed up to Adams official for a long time now.
      Deluxe Edition comin soon, oh how special that will be.

      • AdamAddict says:

        That’s sound special than special! 😛

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Mary, I’ve been signed up to Adam official for a long time also. Do you get a lot of emails from them? Seems to me I haven’t received anything recently. I wonder if it still means you’re signed up. I don’t really go there a lot now. This site keeps me so busy, I hardly have time!

  42. Wow, that new look is, um… ‘interesting’…..

    Very George Michael.

  43. Evette #419 says:

    It doesn’t matter to me what is on ADAM’s face only what is in his heart. He does’t even want credit for contributions to donars choice he only wants to help the kids. How can someone be so freaking perfect?!?!?!?!

  44. Evette #419 says:

    That of course is DonorsChoose. You have to excuse me I just woke up. Waking up to ADAM is the ONLY way to start the day!!

  45. adamismyangel says:

    Hi guys! I LOVE his new look!! I think he looks HOT!!!!! I love him no matter what though. He’s my true idol always!!!!


  47. OMG…new look…it is a little facial hair….I LOVE it btw, but there doesn’t HAVE to be a reason guys….he is the SWEETEST!!!

  48. Adam spinning his web of sheer brillance yet again! When you think you’ve figured out Adam
    ..go figure again!!!!!!!! That’s what makes him the most diverse, glorious, ingenious guy to hit
    this planet!! Adam will blaze no matter how he appears because he is a master of excellance
    with endless talent straight from the core which makes he totally unique! ‘ROCK ON’ ADAM
    Thanks for time spent with you… was awesome…….!

  49. Hinerau M Dochartaigh says:

    Naaahh he still looks good, reminds me a bit of George Michael in his Faith days….

  50. Whatever the “Look” ..I just like to Look!

  51. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    Anroin said it best!!! and I wouldnt care if he just crawled out of a swamp,he is perfect!

  52. nikka/argentina says:


  53. east tenn girl says:

    As usual, I love his eyes. But, well, I really don’t like the facial hair on our pretty boy. I hope it is just him chillin’ after a busy summer of tours.

  54. Looks good….must of dyed the hair…my brother is blonde and gets red beards…Just as long as he doesn’t change his hair to light…Love his facial hair….tho’ I prefer he has the clean shaven look….just as long as his voice is great that is the main stream….and he keeps poping up now and then so we can get a glimpse of him……Glamb#453
    I check the fan page every morning….

  55. It takes away from his good looks. Not sophisticated any more. If he were smart, he’d get rid of this look prompto!!!!.

  56. Well he sure knows how to keep his fans interested,, well done. He is unbelievably handsome and for some reason it looks better when he’s talking. Kind of looks like Dave Navarro.
    I too prefer the emo tour look but Adam is Adam.

  57. Elizabeth Richter says:

    I think this new look emphasizes the intelligent, sophisticated Adam which is very much a part of who the guy is. Perhaps he’s taking it on because he’s doing all this work with his album and he’s working with all these bright producers and songwriters–probably fits in who who he’s spending time with now. But as some have said, part of Adams persona is that he keeps on changing and shifting his image and he’ll keep on with it. So those who don’t like his look now, just wait a minute…

  58. funny my husband has a mustache and I hate it but on Adam it looks kinda sexy… go figure

  59. I LOVE this look..He looks VERY sexy. Hes had this look before and i loved it then. Just part of our ever changing Adam,which i am looking forward to watching,in the coming years. He has stated he likes to change his look,clothes etc so I am gona go with the flow and love him no matter what he looks like. Hes is just simply HOT!!!

  60. GaGa4Adam says:

    He’s beautiful whatever he does with his hair but I do prefer the hair down and his face clean shaven. Right now he looks so of like Dave Navarro. Dave’s cute but we don’t need two of ’em.

    Will I please get a Glamb # now, please please? I’ve tried for months. I just read that you have to make sure to post a reply on an article like this one here. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    • GaGa, please read!

      No, to get a Glamb # you have to post on a special article. You must go to and post a comment on the thread on that page. Follow the instructions in the article – basically in your comment you need to put your first name, screen name, and location. Then wait 48 hours and after that time go back to the thread and find your comment. Serene should have inserted your Glamb # into your comment. You will not receive an email or any other notification, so it is up to you to go back and look for your comment and #.

      Good luck!

  61. earlzagurl4u says:

    Hey Ladies: Here’s my 2 cents: I think Adam is one of those rare performers who doesn’t need all the over the top dressing to stand out to be brilliant, but who loves to do that anyway. I love both versions, the dressed down and the dressed up {shaven or not} both have their place and Adam is spectacular at choosing what is right at the time. Adam has a lot of styles and is amazingly gorgeous but honestly it is his phenomenal talent that sets him apart. He has a voice from heaven and such a stage presence that it blows your mind. He can hold an audience in the palm of his hand in complete awe.{But right now I can’t seem to take my eyes off the pic Jeanette posted the other day: Our Beautiful Boy in Blue,,it’s my BG.}

  62. SmackYrLips says:

    He always looks good – It just make him look older than he is.

  63. Adamtastic1877 says:

    Jeez I hate that look so much I’m too scared to even watch the video :s

    maybe I should try to get used to the look. Who knows how long it’s gonna be there? Should I watch it?if I don’t will I be missing anything???

  64. Adamtastic1877 says:

    K so I watched it, he’s so sweet! I just focused more on his eyes than his chin ( but everytime I slipped up I started laughing) and it’s true, unlike some ppl above believe, you CAN see past the facial hair and see that it’s still our same old sexy boy, AND it IS possible yo get lost in his eyes 🙂

  65. Bellelinda says:

    Adam please shave……………….You are attractive no matter what look you create BUT why hide that fabulous face under hair? My husband has a beautiful face also and last year he decided to try all stages of the “hairy look”. Each stage was worse than the one before and turned a really handsome man into looking like a mug shot. If you’ve got “IT” why hide it under fur?

  66. love him no matter what but this is not his best look. it hides his great face distracts from his awesome smile.

  67. Patrice80 says:

    I don’t like this unshaven look at all. It gives him a hard look. I like a softer look on him, a more glamorous look. Love the softer hair style, beautiful clean face with eyes accented with liner. Also love his glamorous stage look with glitter, rhinestones and feathers. He is so beautiful like that. This new look is plain and totally NOT our Adam. I wouldn’t look twice at him like this if I passed him on the street. Why would he want to look like a hairy beast? Maybe Drake likes it better, and he is trying to please him. Hope he gets over this look real soon and comes back to his gorgeous, magnificent self we all fell in love with.

  68. i love that look is very very handsom¡¡¡¡¡

  69. Canadian Fan says:

    Eeewwwww. Just went back & looked at it again, and saw a hint of David Navarro!! Anyone else see it? Please get rid of it Adam.

  70. Adam looks hotter than hot; it’s a very mischievous, naughty, sexy look; and let’s face it, Adam isthe sexiest man on the planet. No matter what he does to himself, he is the epitome of manliness – and I love him inany look he’s tried. We can’t say that the man is boring – never a dull minute with the sexiest man alive!!

  71. Glam # ( sill waiting!)

    I love Adam..but definately prefer his “Elvis look” over any other. No I don’t like this facial hair on him…BUT I love him no matter what!!! He’s our boy!!!!

  72. KailuaGirl1966 says:

    Makes him look like a “club kid” again……Adam would be sexy and handsome/beautiful no matter what!!! One reason we love him is because he is a chameleon. Prefer clean shaven look.

  73. Love his new look! Was honored to donate to in his name – great cause.

  74. Glamb #470 Becky says:

    ooohhh – not likin the facial hair, as he is so handsome – he doesn’t need the hair. Not a good look.

  75. I don’t like the facial hair. It doesn’t seem to go with the eye makeup. I think he should go with one or the other. But he likes to have fun with his look…..
    Anyone watch Flashforward tonight????? The lady who played D. Gibbons is Stephnie Weir and she used to be on the show Mad TV. Adam sings “Mad World” …coincidence??????

  76. Adam Is just great looking no matter how much makeup. No matter about the facial hair. I personally like his gorgeous face clean shaven. But, When one is as talented as Adam they like to change their look around many times. That is just another one of his talents. I can’t wait for his CD to come out. ADAM YOU ARE GREAT, TALENTED AS ALL GET OUT. AND YOUR FAN BASE IS JUST HUGE!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! KEEP ROCKING BABY! SHERRY

  77. It’s only natural that he play with different looks….that’s part of what we love about Adam, his sense of adventure about himself! That being said, one thing I really liked during the AI season was that he was the only male I know of in a long time that did NOT grow facial hair during the season. I like see every detail of his face and not have it hidden by hair.

  78. lorraine #440 says:

    Oh no! I;m having trouble posting my comment!!

  79. Adam, SHAVE NOW. Quick.

  80. My Hubby has a mustache and goatee, and I actually like love it on him. But that look on Adam does not favor him, and there is too much eyeliner all around they eye for an everyday makeup. OK for performing maybe. Besides, what is he using to make it black…Remember he is sort of a blonde/red head. Don’t get me wrong, I love this guy, and I am almost old enough to be his grandma.
    I have nothing against long hair, crazy hair, facial hair…it just does not look good on everyone.

  81. Well, I absolutely looooove the new look. It makes him look mysterious & devilish!!!!

  82. I like it, makes him look very Rock and Roll and more mature. Not that I don’t also love the boyish Adam to bits. I’m sure the facial hair won’t last too long though, it requires heavy maintenance especially if you have to coulour as well! 😉 I’ve noticed that a lot of guys try out the facial hair thing when they approach 30, especially the “pretty” ones.They probably want to be taken more seriously as men rather than boys? Two cases in point on my favs list : Johnny Depp and Ville Valo.

  83. JosieNurse says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Now that that stupid “Wall” has died….maybe I’ll have some time to “talk.”

    I’m not crazy with this new facial hair style. Of course he is a handsome man regardless of WHAT he does to himself – but I much prefer the clean shaven look. But, as someone above stated, he is so creative that I think we can count on him trying many styles at different times.
    That’s just part of his charm.

    I hope this tendancy to change his face/hair style is an indicator that he will also NOT be classed into one type/style of music.

    Adam has the talent and “pipes” to sing music ranging from hard rock to Broadway show tunes. If his managers are smart, he will put out multiple albums/singles every year to appeal to his diverse audience.

    Not many current singers can compare with his range!!

    • Hey, Josie, it’s good to see you back here…isn’t that something about the TwitterWall! That thing came crashing down…better now than during the fierce voting for Adam over that ‘other person’. Have you ever checked out the people Adam himself follows? Very fascinating. I’ve picked up on some of his very interesting friends and I’m following them, too. I’ve found some incredibly interesting people doing that on other followers lists as well…I’ve even ended up following the Dalai Lama, and he is also following me, how amazing! I’ve also had a look into a world I would not have known about unless I was following artists, new styles, and the way the new young chic crowd really thinks. It has been a fascinating look into the real Adam Lambert…anyway, aside from all of that, it’s so good to see you here again, and I hope you’ll be with us lots more as we head into the coming Season of Mystery which Adam is creating all around him…love you..

  84. Hi to all of you! I would like to ask a question.
    Have any of you, or how many of you have pre-bought ADAMS album that is coming out? Does anyone know any of the songs that might be on it? I know I don’t get on here and talk all of the time like the rest of you! And I am sorry about that. I love to read all of the posts! But my husband is not working. I am sure many other people have this same problem. Sorry to say he hogs the computer all of the time!! If I could afford it, I would get me another computer for myself!! LOL! Thanks to all of the GLAMBS FOR EVERYTHING! Sherry K GLAMB #445

    • Sherry, all we know is that the cd will be a ‘mix’ of rock, with a nod to classic rock and dance tunes, and happy songs, a few ballads.. nothing ‘heavy’ he said.

      • Hi Teresa! Sounds like it will be good. i think I will go ahead and order it!! I know he is singing a song for the movie 2012! Cool isn’t it?
        I guess our ADAM has been a very busy guy.
        Take care and have a GREAT week end!

  85. This look really reminds me of a Duke on movies 😀 hope he considers shaving whatever the things are on his pretty face 🙂

  86. Love Adam. HATE the new look. It reminds me of Drake, too. (I was hoping Drake would clean up and start wearing something besides a t-shirt when out with Adam, and now this…) A beard and mustache looks really strange and creepy with guyliner. This look is a real turn off to me. Turns my stomach. Goes from HOT to TURN-OFF. I Still love Adam as a person. 🙁

  87. Please shave it off or don’t wear the guyliner with it, Adam.

  88. I don’t mind what Adam looks like. I walk into the music store every day and ask for the Adam Lambert album and then I have convulsions of pleasure when they look him up just for me!