Adam’s Single – It’s Official!


Adam just tweeted this:

Debut single is called “For Your Entertainment” get ready to shake yo asses to this song. It’ll make ya dance for sure. 🙂

Seems everyone is speculating on which song will be Adam’s single. I never bought into the Pink song rumor…I’m sure Adam sang the hell out of it, but I couldn’t see a Pink reject being Adam’s single. So, here’s my take on what I think the single will be. Adam tweeted this about 2 hours ago (late Wednesday morning CT):

Thanks guys! 🙂 Well here’s some more album info for you guys! The upcoming single was produced by Dr Luke!!

OK, so if the single is produced by Dr. Luke, wouldn’t it be “Entertainment”? Makes sense to me, since it will be the “title track” of the album. Here’s what Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo! Music had to say when she heard and reviewed the song:

“Entertainment” – The default title track and statement of intent, masterminded by Dr. Luke (Katy Perry) and Claude Kelly (Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson), Adam opens this one up, Rocky Horror-meets-Robbie Williams-style, with the audacious declaration: “I’m here for your entertainment!” And he ain’t kidding. This is an ultra-caffeinated party-starter (imagine if Mika, Sam Sparro, and Kevin Rudolf had a threesome that resulted in the conception of a glittery alien baby…if you dare), and it’s just begging to be remixed by everyone from Calvin Harris to the Neptunes to Justice–even though it sounds like a shiz-hawt remix already, as is.

Has anyone else heard anything to either confirm or deny this? As usual, we will wait for an official announcement, but all this waiting, waiting, waiting really invites speculation.

If they would only tell us WHEN the single is due to drop!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. It was confirmed that the single will be released Monday, November 2, 2009.

    • the single is…. FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT. That’s what I thought it was gonna be when the Album was titled the same.

    • Adam just tweed a 3:00pm 10/27 the following

      Debut single is called “For Your Entertainment” get ready to shake yo asses to this song. It’ll make ya dance for sure. 🙂

      about 12:00 noon on 10/27
      I also wrote on four songs on the album. “Strut”, “Aftermath” “Broken Open” and “Down the Rabbit Hole” (iTunes bonus track)

      There is also a song called “Soaked” written by Muse! Also a tune called “Music Again” written by Justin Hawkins of the Darkness!

      Sophie Glamb# 418

      • OMG
        Just listened SOAKED OMG!!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I keep listening and listening… LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Thank you Sophie!

        • Gala for some reason I’m not able to get into the Lady Gaga thread. its taking to long.

          so here is link for the radio interview:

        • AdamRocks! says:

          OH.MY.GOD!!! I can’t stop listening either. . . and it gets better each time! This song is hauntingly beautiful. . . can you just imagine Adam singing this???


          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

        • Helen/Canada says:

          My heart is pounding!!!! Do you mean you heard Adam sing Soaked from his CD?????Where??????????? Please clarify this. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, I NEED TO HEAR THAT SONG? WHERE IS IT???????/

          • Helen/Canada says:

            OK, looked further down the thread. I get it now, I’m calm now (take a deep breath Helen), it was Muse singing the song, not Adam. Wow, I nearly had a heart attack!
            Where are my chill pills? I think Emili took them all!

        • Gala,

          Please tell me. Where/how did you listen to this song?

          Is there a link for the songs on the CD or did you recently receive a copy of the song that you purchased on I-Tunes?

          I would love to hear it. and if there’s way to hear other songs prior to when the album actually goes on sale, I would really love to know about that.

          I have listened to “For Your Entertainment” and” Time for Miracles.”

          I really love both of them but even though FYE is definitely a very “hot song” and showcases Adam’s versatility, I think that TFM is going to be a classic that is sure to be covered by others but like the commercial will be copied but never duplicated or improved.

          It is an amazing song.

          Thanks so much,



      • L Parker of : Reality Rocks Yahoo Music Blog listened to and review 3 of the songs on Adam’s CD and it was praise praise praise, wonderful magnificant. She wrote that after the official 3 review, she listened to all the tracks and the entire album is fantastic and more praise praise praise. Adam was born with the talent to be an internationa star.

    • Here’s a leak ed audio track fragment of “soaked” by Muse

      sophie Glamb# 418

    • okay. More leak about the “soak” by Muse.

      Here’s the demo by Muse. I’m sure Adam will do much better on the vocale for this song.

      SOAKED will be on Adam’s album and you can listen to MUSE’s version now! It sounds amazing!

      Sophie Glamb# 418

      • Can you hear the strains of Ring of Fire in this melody?? Adam will do it justice!!

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        I’m hearing lots of strings on this Muse version…Maybe this is the song tha Adam tweeted about having a string orchestra for? Can’t wait to hear Adam’s vocals on this…gonna be AMAZING!!!

  2. OMG!!!! CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!! I knew that I loved NOVEMBER for some reason!!!

    • GLAMBS, don’t forget the twitter party on November 2nd to celebrate Adam’s single.

      • Toni,
        Please remind us again on November 1….
        I can forget… Too busy lately…..

        OMG Still listening SOAKED………. I am in love with this song!!! And it’s not even Adam singing….
        When I hear Adam I will faint for sure…………..

        • Gala girl, get a grip, if you are fainted on the floor, you cant dance and sing along and enjoy. LOL

  3. earlzagurl4u says:

    Octobert is almost over!!!!!!can’t wait for NOVEMBERT!! Adam, bring it on BB!!

    • earlz, what a great term for November, as this coming month will definitely be Adam’s month. He will be on GMA again, the AMAs, and it’s rumoured, even Ellen. I wouldn’t be surprised to also see him on other talk shows as most entertainers make the circuit before a book, a film or an album. And the way albums tend to release singles, one after another, Adam should be very much in the public eye for the next year! By then his name will be household and even ‘legion’ as his world appeal will also increase rapidly. With cyberspace, jet travel etc our world is ever smaller and he has what it takes to appeal to world cultures.

    • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

      I just saw the MJ movie “This is it”. His sold out shows would have been quite fabulous. I went to see the 2012 video and was disappointed. It was a short cut of the movie ( not Adams Video) Adam sang a few lines like the first intro to the movie…but no Adam on the screen. I so wanted to see him on the big screen Chris 481

      • Same here Lady C, This is it was fabulous! Can see why Adams loved Michael so.
        But was disappointed the preview did not include TFM MV…… Hearing him sing while preview played was awesome coming out into the theatre.

        Adams shows will have so much production in them too, Oh he will have the best concerts!

  4. puteri abdul says:

    ok, monday 2nd, in states, which means, 3rd tuesday in malaysia…
    oh my, even another day of waiting is making me sitting on the edge ….
    but call me bias I don’t care…
    even if the song sounds like twinkle twnkle little star, but sung by adam lambert, I will still call it awesome…

    adam seems to be doing a lot of tweeting today…
    giving us infos on his songs and singles…
    good for you adam….
    just remember, the more people criticizes you, the more 10 times additional people will come out and support you ….

    luv adam… and luv the glambs !!!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Look at his album cover next to the cover of 2012. I think it looks pretty cool, don’t ya think? ADAM’s cover makes 2012 look good. And if you put his cover next to Kris’s and Allison’s covers, it all looks like a rainbow of colors. Those 3 were meant to have a special bond. ADAM just makes everyone look good.

      • puteri abdul says:

        kimber, I am quiet lost here, but 2012 have a cover ?
        sorry, stupid me, but I can’t recall seeing the cover …

        kris and allison, yes, that I saw…
        not actually in favor or allison’s, but I thought kris cover was kinda of cool, the green looks good ….

  5. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Oh c’mon ADAM put it out now!! We can’t wait! Put it out now I say! No,,,, I was referring to his bulge. LOL!!! yeah, can’t wait for that single. I still need his Details, I guess my patience is being tested. Everything happens for a reason, if I really want that cover mag, then I need to wait. Just like with his music. 26 more days!!!! @#$%^!!!!

  6. Monday, the 2nd cant get here fast enough. So ready to hear Adams dope debut! Oh he wants
    us all to love it so much. Ready so ready to listen and dance to his sounds……….
    Rock on Adam

    • Alright For Your Entertainment : first single, Ready to Dance Yo Asses off People???

      While you’re dancin, picture his gyrations and thrusts and shimmies and shakes and microphone between the legs……………………………

  7. Glambertcraze says:

    You Guys crack me up !!

  8. this from adam……..!!!!!

    adamlambert I also wrote on four songs on the album. “Strut”, “Aftermath” “Broken Open” and “Down the Rabbit Hole” (iTunes bonus track)

    • Admfan1, Down the Rabbit Hole, oh my , cant wait to hear the lyrics……….to that one……….

      • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

        Yea, me too! “Down MY rabbithole” LOL

        • Ha ha!! YOU GUYS!!!!

          I’ve always been a huge Alice in Wonderland fan and at one point Adam said it is one of his fave movies… and Johnny Depp is in it, a winner for sure!

          Now, this Down the Rabbit Hole might also be a mystical magical song about that very ‘wonderland’, or even a little spacey… can hardly wait to hear THIS song!!

  9. Adam’s latest question:

    One of the more in depth responses.

    • Theresa thanks for posting this, I think some people need to view this video, listen to what Adam says, especially the part about wearing the KIss costume, then maybe they will appreciate the album cover a bit more.

      • Toni and Terry , thanks and the part where he feels so powerful, and hopefully people will get into his music, and if they don’t like it ” he don’t care” and hopefully he will entertain the people who like that sort of thing! He finally has arrived, Oh yeh Baby!!!

        • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

          RIGHT ON!!!!!! ADAM has finally arrived!!! It’s about time!!! That was a good ?, cause I saw a relaxed and really deep down emotion ADAM was feeling. I love ADAM so much, I’m going to cry. BTW, ACIGC just started playing. Mary C, was it you or someone else who experienced this? When a true ADAM moment came about, ACIGC would start playing. It’s creepy but good. Like there’s a force here playing with the means of nature… just some sort of force of nature going on? Okay, I now know I am overdosing on ADAM LAMBERT. PS I’m horny too cause WLL is playing and I feel gooood!!!

          • Thanks for the link. I loved when he said, “I finally arrived”. I agree he is here to entertain the world. So, everyone fasten your seatbelt and get down. We are all here for a treat from Adam Lambert and it will be for a very very long time. Thanks Adam.

          • kimber , hahah. yes me and Cheryl will hear a song and know its linked to a meaning!!

            • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

              Well, it’s happened and still happens to me and I am glad we notice these things, cause you know ADAM and us are meant to be.

    • puteri abdul says:

      thank you theresa for bringing this video ….

      fergie loves adam ….
      so many people loves adam …..
      so for haters out there, get real !!
      adam is LLUUURRRVVVED by many ….

  10. If you are not a MJ fan and plan to see This is It solely for Adam’s video, be very careful before committing. There are posts now which say the actual vid may not show, just a movie trailer with Adam’s vocals.

    There’s been no word since MTV’s announcement on Oct 13. Where in heaven is that video anyway? Was it being held back for sale till This is it came out? Why can’t we buy it?

    Is the TFM song even available yet for radio stations?

    • wow.. I was going mainly to see Adam.. I am a mj fan but I REALLY wanted to also see ADAM. now I’m having second thoughts about going. Anyone else seen it yet ?? Let us know .

  11. Adam Lambert Month = NOVEMBERT – I love it!
    Laughing out loud here on my lunch hour – you are the best Adam Fans! Thanks Jeanette for all the Adam Overtime – quite a frenzy lately. And the album is not even out yet.
    Love the Album Cover, Love the Title – It is ALL great!

  12. Thank God Adam’s single is not that Pink-rejected song! 😀
    And OMG! One of the songs on his album is written by Muse!!!!! Yaay

  13. This pic seems to be same day cover photo was taken, look at the makeup??


    Adam just tweeted:
    FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT will be the first single released.. If you haven’t read Lindsay Parker’s blurb on the songs, now is the time to read it as she talks about this song.

  15. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Muse have recorded a demo of what soaked at.

    Not sure if it belongs here so wont be offended if rejected Jeanette… would rather hear Adam anyway

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      great English Lisa…. lol

      What Soaked sounds like I meant to say….

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Okay, what did ADAM do all that time on AI with the songs he chose to sing? HE TWISTED THEM UP AND MADE THEM HIS OWN!!!! “Soaked” may not sound the same at all when ADAM gets through w/ it. I said elsewhere that other artists can throw a song to ADAM and he’ll chew it up and sing it louder, more believeable, more memorable, and more “ADAM”. I like Muse and they’re just like LG you know ’em from the inside first. That was def. a Muse tune. But I’m def. anxious to hear what ADAM is going to do w/ that one. Loved his ROF!!! I hope ADAM has some good love-making tunes. I could sure use the encouragement right now.

    • Hi Lisa, loved the music, very powerful, I cannot wait for Adam’s version, it will really be something.

  16. Glambertcraze says:

    Now if the song would drop already !!! urrrrr

  17. puteri abdul says:

    oh dear…
    no wonder I can’ sleep well last night …
    went to bed at around 3am last night and woke up around 6am ….
    and groggily went to my pc after only about 3 hours of sleep, and walla !!! so much news ….

    this site and adam’s twitter are a-must every morning when I start my day, and what a day today (it’s already thursday morning here guys ) …
    so many twitters from adam and what good news to hear …
    so happy for adam’s single and judging from the tone of adam’s twitter, he is practically excited himself ….
    I am going to push aside all the negatives comments about the incoming cd that I have unfortunately google for the past few days, and psycho mind myself that adam’s album is gonna be great, awesome, and out of this world ….

    go adam !!!
    (ok now I need my coffee…. I can’t hardly open my eyes …)

  18. This makes a lot more sense to be the single debut. Can’t wait to hear all these songs. The CD cover was beautiful it highlights the masculine and the feminine aspect of Adam. Just like each and everyone of us. So clever.

    I never get shock with Adam’s work but so PROUD! His talent are unjustifiable and iconic. I’m not sure if Amazing still an appropriate description for his artistry, it’s out of this world. I think I will use the words FEARLESS GLAMBASTIC instead to chronicle his work. Again, it’s unjustifiable. Oh, how I love this man. 😉 just can’t get enough…

  19. Has anyone heard “time for miracles on the air waves? i listen to xm 20/20,, the morning mash up
    and i havent heard the song yet! i emailed them ,and have been triying to Call them but no answer
    either way! they talk about the movie 2012 but has never said a darn thing about ADAM!!
    I DONT UNDERSTAND?? ITS THE WHAT THE STATION IS ABOUT MUSIC!!. they have been playing that stupid new john mayer song, but not adam .

    • You’ve got a point, Donna. I’ve always wondered how today’s radio works. I was naive enough to think that the djs pick what they want to play but I think now it’s much more complicated and there are some ‘heavy hitters’ in the background such as the record companies’ execs and the station execs and the sponsors, so who knows who controls what? I’d like to know too.

      Anyone out there in Glambland know how radio works these days?

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        I’m clueless about the radio biz, too….Was only listening to local “classic rock” stations before I fell HARD for Adam on AI this past season. Now I don’t even know which local stations to tune to in order to find Adam!!! He’s exposed me to some of the current artists (Muse, Kings of Leon, Lady GaGa et al) & some of it I really enjoy, but not enough of it to want to keep it on all day….What I’d REALLY like to find is a station that’s ALL ADAM…ALLTHE TIME!!!!! That’s what I’m talking about!


        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          I know what u mean!! My life is my daughter and ADAM. I only look for anything ADAM on t.v., I have a dvr&dish but I don’t have radio in my car. I agree, a radio station w/ all ADAM. Just hang in there, his cd will be out soon! Then we can listen to ADAM all day.

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Candy, I’m thinking B97, which comes out of New Orleans, would be out best bet! 🙂

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Ladies – In reply to your questions about radio air play for Adam’s tunes, I posted this on the twitter blog a few days ago talking about this very thing, so I brought it over here: The beginning of it is from an article I read, the rest are my words, saying we should be calling our local stations.
            Here it is:

            Speaking of voting for Time for Miracles, the song has not even been released to radio for airplay or the video released to music channels because it wasn’t actually supposed to premier until tomorrow as part of the prelude to the premier of This is It. However Italian itunes accidentally released it for sale as soon as they received it and a couple of other European itunes followed on seeing this. Therefore US and Canadian itunes released it too and the video that day, without fanfare or promo, to limit the likelihood of illegal downloads that were already appearing left, right and centre as soon as it was released on Italian itunes.

            Time for Miracles has sold what it has sold so far due to word of mouth. It has dropped down in numbers on both the Canadian and US I-tunes, although, I’m not sure, but I think it is doing ok on Amazon (haven’t checked that). We need to be getting in touch with all our local radio stations to give it AIR PLAY. I read that there are 2 stations that are giving it some air play, New 94.1 KTFM in San Antonio and 101.5 The River in Toledo, OH. Even though Adam’s single and cd will be coming out shortly I WANT TFM TO BE #1 ALSO. There is still some talk as to whether it will or will not be on his cd. It’s a good song that showcases Adam’s AMAZING voice and people besides his die-hard fans should get the opportunity to hear it. It will only help Adam. So, please start calling your radio stations and ask them to play it along with his single when it’s released. Wouldn’t it be great for Adam to have 2 No.1 songs out at the same time. Come on ladies, we can do this. We beat that Aiken guy didn’t we?????

  20. This came on up my AOL desktop this morning:|classic|dl6|link3|

    I’m not so happy about either result! Hit the vote keys……

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thanks Mary C! Just voted and saw and I turned the other cheek and walked away with a smile on my face. Do you know why? Since the beginning of my life w/ ADAM LAMBERT, I have always felt a magic, a faith, love, inspiration, and my true God. Never, ever, have I experienced the appreciation of another human being as I have with my daughter and Adam. Here I am, the love I have for these two beings, I am alive and I am happy. Adam, I have been down on my knees praying for him, to be safe, to be happy, and to be loved! I am on vacation and I have not left this pc unless it was for neccessities. When I cry for ADAM, my heart literally hurts cause I’m so overwhelmed w/ love for this man. I know you know what I’m saying and so does everyone else. I’ve said in the beginning, and still saying it, ADAM is magical and we are magical, we know what it takes to be the special people we are, it’s the love in our hearts, that’s magical. love you kimberly. ps P*** ON ‘EM!!!!!

    • Hi Mary, I would’nt worry, we had this type of nonsense when Adam was on American Idol and look at him now, we know how these type of votes work. Adam’s album is going to be a big success, lots of people had negative comments when Madona released her ‘Like a Virgin’ album, the same with David Bowie, and other unique artist, there are more fans of Adam then haters. This is GLAM ROCK, the cover represents the music. Just wait and see how the CDs disappear from the shelves, it will be a massive hit.

  21. Susan/Water says:

    Hey! How do we let someone know if we’ve seen or heard something about Adam please? I was just watching Family Feud and Adam was an answer on one of the game questions!!!! It came on at noon here (US Eastern time) The question was name a famous Adam. While our Adam wasnt number one, he was like number 6 or 7. Adam & Eve was first and Adam Sandler was higher but our Adam was still an answer on Family Feud! I think that’s pretty cool!



  22. Susan, that’s awesome, especially since he still doesnt have a song out etc.. He is making his mark, slowly but surely! When the masses hear that wonderful voice they will be hooked!

    Terry in Vanouver

  23. puteri abdul says:

    just heard the single !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!