Adam’s Secret – Not So Secret to Us!

It’s happened again.  Another article in another rag is claiming that Adam has been acting like a diva.  This time it’s the National Ledger, and in their July 13th article, they quote an unnamed “insider” who states that Adam’s attitude is infuriating the other idols on the tour.  This “new” article is nothing more than a rehash of the National Enquirer article that has been floating around for weeks now, like garbage on a river that refuses to sink.  The National Ledger article adds nothing new, and the source is never named.  No other legitimate news outlet has ever been able to substantiate these rumors.  I hate to even mention these articles, because to me they are not news, but I know many of you get upset when you see this trash.

But yesterday, reporter Meredith Rosser of defended Adam in her article titled “Adam Lambert’s secret: Accusations of warmth, professionalism dog American Idol finalist.”  (Thanks to many of you in your comments for your heads up on this article!)  In her article Ms. Rosser quotes real people who have praised Adam’s attitude from their personal experience with him.  It’s a great story, and it reiterates everything we’ve already known about Adam in our hearts all along.


Read the article here:–Accusations-of-warmth-professionalism-dog-American-Idol-finalist


~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Gari Takes says:

    If they can’t say something nice about their fello man, they shouldnnot say anything at all, but that is not what the media is known for is it?
    I ams sure Adam is not convcerned with the negative remakrs, he is to positive and that is what makes him so special.

  2. ENOUGH of all this shit! and that is what it is..SHIT! If he was such a diva would everyone be rallying to his aid on being hacked! Danny and Adam doing a BubbleTweet together, Matt, Mike, Megan and more all joining in with support…for a diva? I think not. The rumor mills keep churning away when there is nothing nice to say. There is now even a rumor that Adam had signed up for a detox(for what.. too much cuteness, too sexy, straddling a mike stand??) program in Malibu, Yeah! like he doen’t already have enough to do with the tour and working on his album and other personal appearances ect. ect. There will always be those that get great pleasure in trying their hardest to find a reason to bring down someone that is open, honest and admired, it sells! Unfortunately, it sells and make either money or noteriety for those people that choose to try and trash popular people. I’m sure Adam has his faults, we all do, (god, I wish I had some of his faults) but diva is not one of them. So knock it off you creeps and get a life other than trying to trash Adam.

  3. we know all along adam lambert-the greatest- the sweetest guy on earth- hard to explain the ebst the ebst of all; adam dont pay attention those garbage article newspaper they trying to bring you down we all supoported you.m

  4. Eleanor says:

    There are too many haters out there, just jealous A-Holes!!! I dont know Adam(boy,I wish I did), but he seems like a warm,funny likeable guy,I am sick of this Diva crap! Go away Haters,and take a good look at yourselves.

  5. What a bunch of crap. Never again to read anything in the National Ledger. That writer would be so lucky to have one tenth the talent, professionalism – and good person that Adam is.

  6. peaches says:

    Adam’s fans blackball anything or anyone that has something bad to say about him. How can they say this without quoting someone or showing proof? We, the fans, know better than this. He’s been considerate of the fans, judges, fellow contestants, and the press. This has to be an Adam Hater… Nothing more, nothing less.

  7. How about we start an internet boycott of the National Ledger? Everyone blog about it and see how they like the viral criticism!

  8. brokerem says:

    There are those with nothing better to do than to try to tear another down.

    I think Adam and his fans will prevail! I won’t believe anything that is anonymous and cites no other authority or facts. Anyone can make up a story – but at the end of the day that’s all it is…

  9. Why “unnamed insider”??? If they are going to tell all, let them stand up and show their face and give their name so all can see!!!! Why isn’t “unnamed insider” proud to be known?

    Who in in their right mind gives credance to anyone who goes “unnamed”?

    • AdamAddict says:

      There is nobody!That unnamed is a imiginary!They made it up because only Adam story make people want to buy whatever CRAP they’re selling! But what they don’t know we only going to buy good stuff not CRAP! So,they have to try harder I guess! Maybe while we reading all this CRAP,people already start make a web LOL!!National Enquirer or National Ledger or whatever National CRAP,we just destroy them all! Diva my ass,I don’t believe in a sec that CRAP!! 🙂 Bullshit!

  10. ONCE AGAIN, I THINK IT’S THE 3RD OR 4TH TIME I have to say I read all of this a day or so ago, once again thinking everyone else had alread it, so I didn’t mention it.
    Anything Adam Lambert is going to sell papers! He’s just that big now!!! I’m w/the rest of you, in that those ‘unnamed sources’ are a group of un-humans! They just don’t exist!!
    Adam going to ‘rehab’!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! That is actually ‘insulting our intelligences’! I mean……!
    I won’t make a big deal about Gokey here, but I definately don’t like him or trust him! He plays around like he and Adam are OK, then he starts talking about ‘his ….thing about his wife’ can’t think of the word, but he tries to conjer upo some adoration for himself at every given chance, and he ‘dissed’ Adam too many times where he was caught early-on. He and his family. Matt also is too ‘sneaky’ for me! Don’t like or trust him either! Didn’t think much about Sarver until recently when I heard he came to Adam’s rescue, but then read his ‘tweet’ where he said “where I come from, you come out of the closet, you’re dead’, or ‘die’. Anyway, he also said he had lived a pretty sheltered life, and he and Gokey discussed Sarvo’s new Christianity. So……think what you will. He did seem ok, but ‘gay issues’ bring out the evil in a lot of
    ignorant insecure men!……….just sayin’…..! >>>>>> peace-hope-<<<<<<<

  11. In all of the hundreds of feet of footage in both video and photo shoots, not to mention candid stills and interviews of any and every kind, and in public stage performances, has Adam ever been seen to appear to be under the influence of any kind of alcoholic beverage or drug. On the contrary, he is the most gentlemanly, focused, and attentive young man in those circumstance imaginable, and the most articulate. He is probably more on the ball than many of his interviewers. He is so ‘together’ that he can even exhibit a pleasant demeanor when he must be horribly tired, without showing any temper whatsoever. If he is not feeling well as he was in Sacramento, he excuses himself while blowing kisses to his fans, and goes and rests rather than pushing himself. None of his exemplary behavior could ever be faked or pulled off if he was under the influence of an abused substance. I can, however, think of many photographs I have seen lately of certain true ‘divas’ who are in the throes of drug addiction, or are recovering from such an addiction, or who are dead because of such an addiction. I also think, if I am not mistaken, that I have read recently about a male mega-movie star who behaved abominably to a member of the movie crew and to his own family, both times in public. I have read scores of articles about the drug and alcoholic rampages of countless young ‘stars’. Many rock and roll icons make a total life-style out of outrageous public and private behavior. These all have exhibited ‘diva’ behavior, and seem completely unrepentant about it. But not so, Adam. He sits quietly in interviews, his whole body leaning forward in anticipation, ready to answer whatever the interviewer asks. Sometimes,out of sheer graciousness and because he likes a little fun, he allows for extra time, thus giving some interviewers the interview of a lifetime. His rehearsal video showed him at his absolute best, ready to work, confident, full of life, personable, perfectly dressed and completely alive to the moment. How many other young men can you remember that dressed so beautifully or behaved in so adult and professional a manner for anything? ADAM LAMBERT SHOULD BE THE ROLE MODEL FOR ALL OF HOLLYWOOD! No more unlikely diva or substance abuser has ever been found. He is simply NOT those things. Perhaps it is time to find and unmask the perpetrator of these vicious, nasty, attacks and pull THEM out into the open. I am sick to death of hearing about it. I guess we will all just have to go on knowing that Adam will have this mean little monkey still clinging to his back. But I would certainly be happier if that monkey was long gone, and gone yesterday would not be too soon.

    • Well said Lorrin.
      I too have watched many interviews with Adam and he always – I stress ALWAYS is polite, honest, humourous, outgoing, respectful, in awe of his populairy, straight, yes I’ll add gracious too. There are many words to describe him – we could go to the ABC thread with that one. I cant believe that there is such a person as Adam in the world.
      We are blessed to have him.

  12. Lorrin – well said. I believe Adam can take care of himself. There will always be these vicious people out there in the media. The best thing we can do is to ignore them, and not report or repeat anything they say.

  13. Jane416 says:

    Lorrin, once again you have so beautifully put my thoughts into words! Adam has often said that he was teased all the time in his early years and knew that he was different. Although that must be difficult for any kid to take, I do believe that, due in a large part to the stable and loving up-bringing from his parents, that he developed a thick skin and his wonderful , sensible attitude. We have seen for ourselves through AI, countless interviews and comments from those who know and have worked with Adam, that he is one of the most well-adjusted, polite, inclusive, open, thoughtful and generous people around – a fabulous role-model for anyone. I am constantly in awe of him as a human being – and that’s not even beginning to talk about his amazing talent and stunning looks. I am honoured to be living in his time to watch his rise. When such fabulousness happens, there are bound to be those who can’t deal and lash out. Let’s agree that we will no longer report these kind of stories from rags such as NE and NL. They are simply not worthy of our time and attention. That should all be devoted to Adam and those who love and support him!!

    • Absolutely excellent, Jane416, well-written and very insightful!

      • Jane416 says:

        Thanks, Lorrin! I take that as a real compliment from you as I think you are one of the best writers on this site. You always have something great to say and express it so well! Have a great ADAMday!

        • Thank you again, Jane416! I have a sneaking suspicion that our writing styles are very similar, and that’s why your comment caught my eye. We have a similar intonation, word density, use of rhythm, and vocabulary usage. Very interesting and fun.

  14. missmcglambert1982 says:

    You can check out all the vids pre-idol and if Adam was a diva, then it would be there for all to see…he is just as sweet and gracious as he has ever been. He just has this magical quality to switch from demon sex rock god onstage to gentle, funny, gracious sweet Adam offstage. Yes Adam, what a journey it is going to be with you – fasten your seatbelts Glamberts, its going to be a rawky ride!!!!

  15. I have never seen Adam be anything but extremely nice in his interviews. He is gracious to all. I believe Adam know what it is like to be treated cruelly and taunted and to be made to feel bad about oneself by bullies and othe such ignorant people. I think this is why he is so kind. He would not want to treat others as he has been treated. Adam seems to want to uplift people and not take them down.
    The evidence is to the contraire of him evre being a diva… crazy magazines out to make a buck- no mattere who it hurts. Disgusting.

  16. Jane Parker says:

    You all have said it all!
    We know the truth and that is all that matters!
    They are waiting for us to jump, but if we just ignore, and concentrate on supporting Adam like we are doing, they will not continue.

  17. The National Enq. or the National LIAR–has always been a rag that goes after extremely popular celebrities and will print the most outrageous things to get attention and sales. What I can’t figure out is WHO buys this stuff anymore? Seriously, do they have an IQ? Probably not or they are the types of people are have such low self-esteem that they have to read negative things about celebrities because it gives them a thrill or some other really sad charge in their dreary life.

    If you are in the spotlight in showbiz,etc.–you will be a magnet for this crap! Someone told me recently that they (NE-blah) wrote that Obama is having an affair and Michelle is secretly pregnant! So, they will write anything.

    Adam will have to put up with this garbage unfortunately–but it is common knowledge from all corners that he is an Amazing person inside and out. And he is grounded as well as very intelligent as well. (Kudos to his parents!)

    The owner of the Nat’l Lair is an Investment Banker in NYC–Roger Altman who has backed Hillary Clinton with $$$. American Media Inc. publishes this rag so you can contact them here and also not buy any of their magazines as well.

  18. I was thinking the other day while I was googling Adam’s name for more information and not getting any, “How are we going to keep Adam’s name in the news?” Then I wondered about what newspapers could do to get him in the news. Does good news sell? To us, yes, yes, yes. But we don’t have to be reminded of Adam. We think about him more than 24/7. More like 60/60 seconds/minutes. So how to keep his name current? Then I read this article and voila! There it is. It sells. If it (trash) sold before, it will sell again. I don’t really think the “trashy news” will be remembered, but Adam’s name will be. I don’t worry about Adam. As we all know, his actions speak louder than words. I know we are witnessing the birth of a new phenomenom even the world can’t stop. It has a life of its own. You know it, too. It’s Adam Lambert. I will keep thinking positive thoughts for Adam and all the Idols. I love them all like my own kids and grandkids. But I love Adam as… So I’m a cougar. I still have feelings. Okay nuf said. I think I’ll read one of my Rolling Stone magazines again.

  19. rocker-lady says:

    Adam is a class act, he is stylish, sweet, real, talented, a phenomena! Our loss of MJ was so sad, but here we have another sensitive, “different”, phenomenal artist in the making. We need to protect this one from all the papparazzi and slamming his name to try and bring him down, we will not allow that to happen, Thanks to the internet, Twitters, bloggong and ALL the comments we can leave in support. I HATE THE NEGATIVE MEDIA WITH A PASSION! First they build you up, then they break you down. I blame them for MJ’s mental and physical beakdown the last 10 years, wish he moved out of the country for good to stay, and maybe he would have been alive today!
    There are countries that welcome artists with open arms and let them live there lives in peace!

  20. I just read this on “RockStar Weekly”. It’s a Canadian Metal Rock Mag. site, and this reporter wrote:

    As the American Idol tour travels from city to city, there have been reports of Adam’s diva-like conduct. From our experience at the Vancouver media conference and during the meet-and-greet, Adam seemed to have fun, acted very professional and was sincere in every way. He even had some time to joke with Allison Iraheta, chat with the media and sign autographs. If that’s diva-like, then the music world should have more diva’s.

  21. Be sure to go over to today’s July 16, new article. It’s Fox 13’s Utah interview with Adam showing his so-not-diva-like behaviour, he sure has his values in line and his head on straight.

    And for a little something extra, type in KTSO Utah interview with Miichael Sarver, our oil rigger from Texas to hear how he thinks he has changed for the better since Idol started. I am positive he is referring mainly to our Adam!

  22. I mean today’s article on THIS SITE

  23. This is an awesome article, about why we older women and women in general, are so madly attracted to Adam.

  24. renogirl says:

    I think we are all tired of the negative and the hate. Tired of people being self-centered and self-serving. Adam has always been gracious, helping, positive and fun loving. His is hard working and tries to be true to himself. Just take another look at him after each performance from A!. His reaction of joy for Kris when he won. You can see the joy, the commitment, and the care that he has in each performance. He love to perform he enjoyment to sharing with others. Even his Hair dresser. We need Adam and his music. We are Drawn to his Music and Him As A Person. We all need love and acceptance. He takes my breathe away and makes me want to do and be happy. To live and love and feel.

  25. renogirl says:

    Thank You Adam for being! A fan for life. You Color MY WoRlD !!

  26. Adam a Diva? NO WAY! He’s a distinguished gentleman!

  27. The more videos and transcripts that PILE UP, and they are piling up, of Adam being gracious and professional, the less these attacks will mean. Frankly he amazes me, his manner of answering questions is so polished. He seems to REALLY listen, stop and think about his answer, and then say the PERFECT words, not too much, not too little, never sarcastic, always, always positive. I can’t remember any celebrity, ever, with so much natural charm. If there’s anything fake about it, they can just hand him his Oscar right now.

  28. Here’s a direct quote from Idol Michael Sarver, the big Texas oil-rigger regarding Adam and Michael’s own growth on the AI show and tour.

    “Adam would probably be the biggest growth in relationship. It’s no secret that Adam and I are from different worlds and different backgrounds and different lifestyles. And because both of us are very open and very understanding and very loving people, we’ve embraced each other. And I’ve learned all the great, amazing things about him, and he’s learned all the things that hopefully he thinks are great and amazing about me. And I would say that the most growth in a relationship beyond the show would be Adam Lambert. He’s an amazing artist — everyone knows that part. But what they may not know is how great of a person he is behind the scenes, and that’s what I’ve come to learn. So yeah, we’re having a great time.

  29. Mae Krizz says:

    Adam Lambert is a great artist ever and he is professional in handling this kind of issue. I idolize him even more because of that. he is so brave.=))

  30. Sunshine says:

    Heck with the tabloids and rumors/gossip.
    My eyes are transfixed on ‘His Hotness’.

    • Sunshine says:

      Seriously, I’ve given him a new title: ‘His-Hotness’. No need to bow down, just sit back, look and listen. Enjoy…………………..

  31. XxGLAMxX says:

    How could anyone even draw this perception of Adam? He is byfar the most gracious celeb I have seen so far. Screw what they think! LOVE YA 2 SHREDS ADAM <3!!!