Adam’s “Out” For A Full Night At The Young Hollywood Awards

Adam gave his fans a total thrill on the red carpet at the Young Hollywood Awards on Sunday night, June 7, 2009. Not only did he display his best non-diva behavior by obliging all the photographer requests – “over here Adam, over your left shoulder Adam, show us your rings Adam” – but he answered the prayers of thousands of his fans (you know who you are!) by wearing his famous striped pants. He also gave a bonus of pretty much confirming all the gossip by practically declaring his orientation. He never said the words, but from the video on and transcript in, it’s as much out there as ever.

Following is the Hollyscoop transcript. (And yes, they spelled it “their” instead of “they’re!”)

Adam Lambert Opens Up About His Sexual Orientation
American Idol may have come to an end, but everyone is still talking about runner up Adam Lambert. His sexual orientations has been the talk of the town.

Although Adam has not “come out” to the public he has made his preference pretty clear.

Adam attended the 11th Annual Young Hollywood awards on Sunday where Kara DioGuardi presented him with the “Young Hollywood Artist of the Year” award.

When Hollyscoop asked Adam if he was upset about Kara revealing that he’s gay on the View he said, “No I mean their asking the same questions everyone else is asking and Kara was just being honest, she’s a good friend of mine now that we’ve recorded together and I don’t think she did anything wrong.”

So when is Adam gonna come out publicly? Our best bet is on the cover of his Rolling Stone cover. Lambert admitted, “With the Rolling Stone cover I am going to be talking about a lot of things that people have had questions about so…I think that will be nice I think we can move forward and well all look forward to the album together.”

Lambert revealed how excited he was to be on the cover of such a prestigious magazine and about the constant media attention he’s been getting.

“At this point its such a honor that people want to know about me,” he said.

What is it about Adam Lambert and why do we care about him so much? “I don’t know maybe people like the idea of kind of being out there a little bit it’s a little more interesting then trying to fit into a box,” said Lambert.

When asked about his male friend he was spotted holding hands with while leaving a Los Angeles nightclub Adam said, “I’ll take the fifth on that one.”

With his instant fame, every move Lambert makes is being documented by the paparazzi. Lambert joked that the best part of his fame is “the paparazzi following me around and the worst part is the paparazzi following me around.”

It’s definitely a catch 22 but being a newcomer, Adam Lambert is trying to stay calm. No Susan Boyle meltdowns from this singer. “I have not had a meltdown, I had a little vacation in Santa Barbara and now I am ready to fly.”

Indeed he will be flying as he goes on tour for American Idol. He confesses, “The tour is going to be great, I have a five song set I am really looking forward to it, there’s going to be new material that no one’s heard that wasn’t on Idol it will be a good surprise.”

Adam doesn’t want to stop there, he mentioned how he wants to become an international success. “I would love to be around the world, I want to travel share my music I wanna go to Europe I wanna go to Asia, down under I think there’s a big market for some craziness.”

It’s safe to say that Adam is gonna be around for a really long time! It’s just the beginning for this American Idol alum.

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