Adam’s On Top of Madonna . . . in Sales!

We’re all counting down the “seconds, hours, so many days” until we have Adam’s still-untitled debut album in our hot little hands. In fact, you can keep your eye on the ticking countdown time on the right side of this web site to keep up- to-the-moment on the release. But there’s even more news – – now Adam’s beating not only The Beatles, but Madonna too! When Adam was sitting in Madonna’s living room months before Idol started, and he told her he loved her and was intimidated by her, her response was “so love equals intimidation to you?” Well Madonna, in your wildest imagination, did you ever think this young performer would be beating you in ANY category even before his first song had been heard???

Read on for more industry buzz about Adam’s debut album, by NY Post’s MJ Santilli.


September 29, 2009


AMERICAN IDOL” runner- up Adam Lambert is bigger than Madonna and even The Beatles.

Within hours of making his yet-to-be-released album available for pre-order on, a frenzy of ordering drove Lambert’s ranking all the way to No. 2 on the online retailer’s bestsellers list.

That put Lambert ahead of Madonna, The Beatles and world-wide sensation Susan_Boyle.

Lambert’s album won’t be released until Nov. 24. The only CD that out-ranked him yesterday was Barbra Streisand’s first new record in four years.

Sorry for the interruption, Carol here: ADAM IS NOW #1 ON THE SALES!!! 9/29/09 @ 4:17 PM PST.

The sky-rocket sales seem to indicate two things: that “Idol” packs an unprecedented punch in the music business and that Lambert, like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry in past seasons, may quickly overshadow the singer who beat him in the final vote, Kris Allen.

“Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert’s first album won’t be released until Nov. 24.

Remarkably, Lambert’s record company, RCA, did not announce that it was taking pre-release orders. The sales were all propelled by word of mouth.

Lambert and his fellow Top 10 “Idols,” including Allen and 4th-place finisher Allison Iraheta wrapped up their “American Idols Live” tour a few weeks ago.

Fans, left without their daily fix, have been scouring the Internet for news of their “Idol” favorites.

It was during one of these searches, early Sunday morning, when a Lambert fan discovered that Adam’s album was available.

Within hours, word of the album’s availability on Amazon spread across the Internet. The online social networking site, Twitter, lit up with the news. Fans traveled from “Idol” blogs to Lambert fanboards to spread the word to other fans. Soon, the album, which has yet to be named, began climbing up the Amazon Bestsellers List.

By late Sunday afternoon, it hit No. 4. Later that evening, it peaked at No. 2.

Lambert has been working on his album with a slew of industry a-listers including Lady Gaga’s producer RedOne, One Republic’s Ryan Tedder and “Since U Been Gone” hit maker Max Martin.

The album has also made its way onto several critics’ “most anticipated” lists.

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. oh! Adam is so amazing!!!
    I´m very exciteded for his new album!!
    I´m from Brazil!

    • Oi, acolhimento!! I needed to use google for that! Please tell us a bit about yourself. I think we have another Glamb from Brazil.

      • I’m from Brazil too! And loved Adam since the first time I turned on the TV and found that sexy guy singing ring of fire…unforgetable!


  2. frist!!! \o/
    I love him!!!

  3. Good for you girl. I hope it will be available for you. Thanks again for a great write-up. Us fans are really excited, it’s been a great day to say the least. Go Adam!!!

  4. Who won the seasons that Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry were on AI? I don’t remember and I’m too tired to look.

    • Jennifer Hudson was beat by Fantasia. And Chris was beat by Taylor hicks. I get to see Chris Dec. 18th in North Little Rock. Cant wait, I have always been a big Daughtry fan. Not in comparison to Adam but still a fan.

  5. My first thought was ADAM on Top of Jaberone, but then I snapped back to reality. I’m thrilled to see that he’s top sales! We all knew that he could do it! What a guy!

    • jaberone, funny girl. You know I Love those kinds of thoughts!!!!!!!

      Yes, doesnt all this news just give you the goosebumps!!!!!!!

  6. Yes, he is number 1 on Amazon, WOW!

  7. I knew it, I KNEW it, I KNEW IT! ‘Just one look, that’s all it took’….and that ‘one look’ told me that this boy was headed for the Big Time. Madonna, you’re wonderful, but excuse me, we’ve got to get the boy through the line here, thank you….Barbara, you were an icon once upon a time, but excuse us, please, we’re coming through, John, Paul, George, and Ringo, you were the joy of my youth, but there’s this new guy in town, his name’s Adam? Thank you, thank you….there’s your spot, Adam, they’ve made a place for you right there in the middle of the room, and there’s no one else in it, it’s called ‘The Winner’s Circle’, and you’re going to be the first person in history to stand in it without anyone having ever heard a NOTE of what you are going to sing for us….why? Because we all love you so much, and we’ve heard what you can do with a song, any song. Years later, when we have heard you sing all the glorious notes out of your beautiful mouth and seen all the wonderful things you are going to do, we will remember that we stood WITH you right from the very beginning, when sight unseen, and songs yet unheard, you stepped out from the crowd, away from the great superstars of our age, and into that circle of the world’s greatest adulation and praise, alone. They’ve made room for you, Adam, so step forward to take your place, at the HEAD of the line of the great singers of the ages, and in the quiet before the storm, hear the swell of sound as it breaks across the world, “AD-AM AD-AM AD-AM AD-AM!!”

    • Lorrin, you said it beautifully and honestly. How true!

      • Lisette here..bonmatin all thenks for posting regarde Adam’s sucess so agree with Lorrin an othre glambs his artistry shines like britest thet standes out in a moonlit sky..An so he has now surpasse Madonna,Beatles..who next wondre if ever l’king of rock n roll..nevre know..An althout Im a grande fan of Elvis,thinq Adam is more diversified in singing any genre of musique from gentle romantique ballads,to glamrock,danse/disco,jazz,popera even(in ten commandments an theatre productions,vocal inflection/ranges superbe.An this cd to blend infuse all genres..cannon wait to listene to!Adam as judges on Idol an even legendes av say will be next one for our generation an many to follow.Thru magique of satellite,media an internet Adam has been seen aronde l’monde an adored by all ages,from teens,twentysomethings,middleage to grandparentes..even babes seen on youtube.Adam has a magnetism,innocent sensualitie,charm,allure,sweetness,masculinitie,wit,intelligence an a face thet will say always Michelangelo can av painted..Mostly Adam is humble,caring,adores his famille,frends an fans an displays amour thru his celestial voix..always a gift from above..He is blessed in all look forward to seeing Adam for many yers,on manystages an his own solortour..Somehow,someday,somewhere as le chanson of Barbara Streisand..know I’ll see first concert,having been ill!..blessings,luv to all frends,glambs an angel blessings for Adam..j’etaime toujoursxoxoxoLisette .

        • I am with you there Lorrin, no one has heard a note from the new album and yet he is number one, I cannot imagine what is going to happen when his album is actually out on the 24th November. I am so happy for him, he is where he deserved to be, AT THE NUMBER ONE PLACE, no other artist has achieved this.

    • Lorrin, you spoke from the heart and I couldn’t have said it better. I second your entry.
      Thanks. Adam will be the next really really BIG singer/entertainer of this generation.

    • Lorrin… I love the line that you wrote… ” in the quiet before the storm ” … that indeed is where we are right now.. it’s so quiet now.. we’re all waiting.. and waiting.. when the news breaks about the single being ready to be heard, .. the storm will be upon us.. starting out with that trickle of one song before the flood gates open and the real AdamStorm hits.

      • Sorry to go off subject here.. ( as usual ) but does anyone know if ( ChristyLabry ) on twitter is the real mother of Drake ?????? she talks alot about Adam and Drake lately. But Is she really who she says she is ????? She stated that Adam was sweet to Drakes brother and sister and their friends.. BUT I don’t know if she is the real Drake mom.. She also talks about bumping her head on a pole and it was Adams fault.. She said this in a joking way.

        • she has also sent some tweets out to Adam and Drake.. and if I’m reading it right, she told someone that she heard some of the songs of Adams while they were there last weekend.. she tweeted to Drake asking why he wasn’t following her on twitter ? That makes me wonder if she is even really Drakes mom.. the account is only a few weeks old.. Interesting but just wondering is she is for real..

          • I think that is Drake’s mom because the picture in the icon really looks like Drake. She is so lucky- said she’s heard some of Adam’s songs from album. Why can’t they leak just a tidbit to tide us over 🙁

            Also you can buy Adam’s favorite candle on Amazon; it comes up with suggested items… of course I had to get one

          • Sherry,
            I heard that Drake’s mom has twitter account but I never know her username so Imma not sure!People can pretend to be anyone they want in twitter so don’t believe 100%,I think! If one day Drake follows her,then she probably his mom 🙂

            • Didnt someone meet her and Drake at one of the tour concerts in Texas?? Then I read where she has visited this site before. Soo, whoever met her can probably identify the pic to see
              if it is his mom.

    • I am so excited for Adam. There is talk all over the internet that all the hype is getting to him. I think our Adam can take that heat. He was born to be a star and a star he is!

    • Lorrin, this is so beautifully said. You are like the trumpeter, the harbinger, of grand things to come.

      • Songwriter, this is always what I have hoped to be for Adam, in some small way someone who went before him with a bright trumpet sounding his praises, so that others could know the wonderful man who was coming their way….and I just went ahead and said it, – that he was the best performer the world can produce, and I said it LONG before others even knew who he was…and that DOES make me a harbinger of good news. So I thank you so much for catching that, and for saying it so beautifully. I want to thank all of you for your kind remarks to me about my recent post here on this page; and then my most heartfelt thanks go to all of you who have been so kind to give me such encouraging words on all of these threads on all the days past. And now I want to ask all of you something, if you would be so kind. I have almost finished editing, printing, collating, and finishing my articles to submit to Rolling Stone Magazine. All of the things I will submit to them are my own comments written on these pages, and will give them a very complete idea of the range of promotional writing I can do for Adam Lambert as an older fan. I have also printed up a number of comments that all of you, my fellow Glambs, have written to me in response to the things I have written here on all of these threads. I have NOT included your names on any of these comments you made to me. The comments pertain only to the way you feel about my writing, and nothing else. I am going to submit some of the comments you have made about me to Rolling Stone as a way to let them know that many people, from many walks of life, and from many countries, would enjoy reading what I have to say. IF YOU DO NOT want your comments included in my manuscript, please let me know at this email address:, and I will immediately and without question, remove your comments if they happen to be in my notes. I will also submit the same request to Jeanette, as leader of our Glambs group. Again, I thank you all so much for your warm and wonderful response to my writing, and I will let you know if anything transpires from my little venture. If this doesn’t work, I have a few other things I hope to try. We older fans have a mighty voice in the world and we are backing a phenomenal young man and supremely talented singer and performer. I want my voice to be heard on his behalf if at all possible. Thanks again to all of you, my dear fellow Glambs….I’ll probably come back on top of my shield, but at least I went out to the batlle trying! I hope you will wish me well!

        • Godspeed, dear Lorrin.

          • And God Bless you, dear Songwriter..

            • Just in case any of you dear people don’t read the ‘Adam Thanks His Fans’ thread, here is my note to all of you from that page:

              You are all such a bunch of great friends, thank you so much! Upon further consideration and after some great advice, I’ve decided that I will not use the extra comments of the Glambs after all, I’ll just let the writing I’ve done stand on its own. Using too many endorsements can create an overkill to the original work, so I’ll head in there on my own merits. But all of you are so sweet to get behind me, and your comments are precious, what a group of great people you are! Well, I’m almost ready to dive in, we’ll see what awaits as I begin this venture….maybe not a whole lot, but I’m still going to give it a try!

              Thanks so much for all your kind words, you are all wonderful, love to all of you great Glambs!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Hi Lorrin, that’s wonderful. I hope Rollingstone reads everything you have to say and take you on to do promotional writing for Adam. I cannot think of anyone better to represent us older fans (or any fans for that matter) and tell them how we feel about this beautiful talented man. Feel free to use any comment that I may have made, not that there has been many but every little bit helps I hope.

          Dianne, Christchurch, New Zealand, Glamb #356.

        • OH Lorrin, sweetie, what a wonderful venture for you.!! You can do it… you among all of us have the best ability to choose the words and the mood of those words, which many of us just cannot seem to express, but we think and feel the same as you. Very best of luck, go for it, girl!!! And you can use anything of mine, for sure.

        • lorrin..cheramie..lisette here..merci pour tout le notes an tweets..inpain enjoie always such heartfelt an eloquant posts here by yu..Hand hindres writing soo plasur to read many lovli glambs an yur espressive thouts an sentimentes for nous ange Adam..without him ther’d nevre be glambs an agan for dreamsounde(..he was originator of thes site by way if many new glambs are unaware)..So hugs to him too..An if anyone can publish a superbe novel au journal in tribute to Adam is yu yur grammar an words toche within heartes all over here an sure thet Adam will adore them too..An even if ma grammar isnon best,know as Adam is a l’homme of class,exceptance,tolerance,humilitie,charm,intelligence,tresbeau looks,a couer d’or,eyes like 2 aqua marbles outline with noir lined always can say has a face michelangelo can av painted in many artistes today too may painte in museums..I so adore unjour to sketch being amateur artiste..god willing av bonhealth for solotour…thes will be honour to do ..a petit token of thenks for being m’angel when so besoin aftre loss of both parentes to cancer,in personal illness an othre things..Adam is m’rai de all grey clouds an storms vanish..theres infinite soleil,joie,serenitie,an amour hering his voix celestial an one thet will never be duplicated non mattre who tries..Adam is an original artiste..legendary an sont impossible to ever match in l’histoire of musique/an artistes of our teme..benedictions Lorrin,glambs an pour Adam..’l angel d’chansons!
          Jetaime pour toujours monbeau….Lisettexoxoxo

    • Lorrin, Lorrin, I have goosebumps! You are the woman with the golden fingers!!! BRILLIANT!!!!

      Mr Lambert, Sir, the World is your oyster, your playground and yes, we are in awe of you as an artist and a person!

    • Lorrin, you are so right! Adam has now taken his rightful place – #1 thank you very much!!

      This is such WONDERFUL news but probably not unexpected when you consider Adam’s astronomical and growing fan base! The consistent reaction to his powerful, hot performances on AI itself and then the tour, our hunger for news of ANY kind about what and how he is doing are driving us into a frenzy. I love the fact that the CD hasn’t even been finished or named yet, nor has there been any official announcement that it was available for pre-orders and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED JUST THROUGH WORD OF MOUTH! INCREDIBLE!! I am BEYOND excited!!

      Love you, Adam!!!!

      Glamb #20

    • so well said!!!!!

    • Lorrin, you stated that beautifully. Every one of these performers has been great in their time. However, I wonder if it has ever been seen that an unreleased recording artist sits at #1. This speaks volumes for Adam, and rightly so. Can’t get enough of this guy!! AD-AM AD-AM AD-AM !!

    • Lorrin,

      I get goose bumps when I read your comments! You definitely have a way with words! You can describe Adam in such a beautiful way! All my feelings for him, that I don’t know what to make of them, you describe them to a T. He is not like another, he’s in a whole different ballgame. I love to read your comments. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    • awesome picture in words…we knew all along Adam had the talent…titles mean nothing….TALENT is what it takes….he has earned this with his God given talent

    • I couldn’t have said it any better!! What do you guys think is going to happen once the CD is released and everyone does get to hear his music…OMG, it’s going to be a feeding frenzy!!!!!!

    • Lorrin, Well said, love the winners circle for Adam.
      Cheers, cheers.

    • OH HELL YEAH!!!!!

      • Shake the God Given treasures your MAMA gave you, ADAM, we luuuuv the gifts you posess and share with us; we are trully blessed by your immense talents.

    • Lorrin, LOVE your comments, so humorous. :=)))))))))))))))))))))))))) I laughed so much.

  8. He is right where he belongs and that’s the top. You go Adam, you deserve it man. I preordered my copy tonite, can’t wait to hear your beautifull voice.

  9. I absolutely love the countdown clock!!! Great idea.

    ADAM has received so much publicity just today on tv because of his record-breaking sales of his new cd. Fox News Channel, Show Biz Tonight on HLN,
    WXYZ-tv (local ABC Ch 7 in the Detroit area), and Fox TV (local Ch 2 in the Detroit area) are the ones that I’ve seen the stories on. He’s being praised for topping the Beatles, MJ, Madonna. and I believe B Streisand. ADAMStorm rules!!! ADAM rules!!!


    Adam’s new video!!!!!!!!!!!!! Print in You tube
    Adam Lambert Thanks Fans for Supporting Challenge.

    • Yeah, he looks hot !!!

      • I don’t like this look but love you Adam anyway!!

        • I don’t like this look as much either, but hey, it’s still our Adam under there. I’m just wondering….he has this relatively new growth and it’s BLACK!! I was always amazed that he never had the slightest hint of “roots” ever and how he must work so hard to maintain that lovely black hair and eyebrows and now this! Tell me he’s dyeing his facial hair too? If it ever all falls apart for him — and we know it won’t — he can give us by-then-ancient-cougs lessons in hair and makeup.

    • I like Adam’s new look actually! We’ve all seen earlier, pre-Idol pix of him with facial hair and he looks amazing! But , hey! Come on! Adam could put a BAG over his head and still look HOT and do it with class, humour and honesty! I am open to any of his styles and looks – just as long as I SEE (and of course HEAR) him!!

      Glamb #20

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      I watched that new video about 4 times before I heard anything he said. Oh my Gosh – THAT LOOK!!!
      I couldn’t stop looking at him. Adam deserves every success he has. He’s worked hard for it and has amazing talent. The world has yet to see and understand it as we do.
      The fact that he has gone to no. 1 without an album name or any idea of completed music because we love him and just know that he is turning out a sound that will revolutionize the world.
      He tongue ties me.
      He is gorgeous to look at, wonderful to listen to and speaks with intelligence and humour and a voice that would melt ice.
      Heck lets just keep loving him and eventually the word will catch up and we’ll be saying “WE TOLD YOU SO”.

    • Thank you Gala, Oh Adam you are such a natural. Words just flow out of his mouth wonderfully. $ 224,000, you know he is ever so proud.
      What a soul, everything GOOD.

  11. TexasWannaHoldHim says:

    Urrrggghhh!! Just noticed at the bottom of the Amazon online ordering page a little section called “Frequently Purchased Together” – and it suggests buying Kris’ and Susan Boyle’s CD’s in a “bundle” with Adam’s!!! Won’t that Pocket Idol ever stop riding our guy’s coat tails?!

  12. I just found this while looking at the news about Adam on Twitter. This is the link to the Imdb page for the Zodiac Show movie. Take a look:

  13. Wow! He’s first now!!!

  14. Out of topic just for sec. GUYS,U SEE ADAM WITH HAIR FACIAL PICTURES,RIGHT? NOW TIME TO SEE THE VID! After see it again,he’s pretty hot.With that dark thick gorgeous hair,hmm I MEAN HAIR ON TOP OF THAT F****** HEAD !! LOL! Not the other part!!~shaking~ Imagine if he’s in movie like LOTR?He can be the KING OF THE ELF! Waaargh,only the king have dark hair! why there’s only 3 parts in LOTR?Why no 4??!! Cheh!! If there’s 4,screw Frodo,Aragorn and whoever,I can watch Adam for 3 hours straight.He doesn’t have to fight or speak.He can only sit and pose for me.Imma so cool with that.I bet the movie will be box office! haha! But I prefer Adam with bangs and no hair facial. This one is good too as long he doesn’t keep it like Mr.Magnum PI,I think Imma gonna be ok! LOL! 😛
    Mommy,little sis,Imma not too late this time,am I? Yay, I’m useful again 🙂

    • I guess Imma not late but while waiting for moderation,lot’s more already share the same thing. 🙂 and here the article about that donations.Funny thing is the 1st line in that article is “Adam Lambert has some crazy fans.” LOL! I told yer, Adam’s fans are crazy,insane!We have fun ,yes we are so crazy!!


    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      you are right on time as usual. I’ll watch the video at home tonight, I can’t while at work.

      I’m so excited for Adam, and so proud, as a mother would be, truly. His CD is number one, without a name, withour even a leak of his songs.


      THANK YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Gosh,I never thought of that,Silvana!You’re right,no name for the CD yet,no leaking song,all we know is the song gonna be sick!LOL!But the albums sell like hot cakes!! Damn,Adam’s name only can sell.LOL!Amazing! If he become make up or jeans spokeperson,to tell you the truth,I gonna use that brand too.hahaha,hmm love Adam!Hairy or not hairy,we still love him right,Ofra??!!Unless he turns to chewbucca then we need to speak up!LOL!! 🙂


        • Silvana/Argentina says:


          complete out of topic, but I forgot to mention this before. About today’s tsunami and earthquake in South Pacific. I know that it’s not in your area, but I hope that everything’s fine with you and your family. I was wondering if you remember if there was any Indonesian Glamb here at the site. i know that I’ve not read about any Samoan, but Indonesian, maybe. Do you remember?
          I pray for everyone in the afflicted areas.

          Love Silvana

          • I knew about it too in news.Terrifying,huh?Another tsunami hit Indonesia.100 killed.As far as I remember,there’s no Indonesian in Glambs! Hmm,I don’t think so!And there’s storm in Manila,Philipines,Very bad ones 🙁 And yet I still hope for another storm…AdamStorm,but this one just give us the good feeling! I pray for them,let all of them be safe.It’s tragic!Really sad!

            • AdamAddict, Prayers and thoughts are with everyone going thru this terrible
              storm. I heard about the tsunami and earthquakes , immediately hoping no one
              in our Glambhood would be affected. Stay safe.

              I;m hoping for your good feeling storm, Adam. Thats the only storm we all want.

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Yes, we are waiting for this other, wonderful storm, AdamStorm. It’s just starting….it will be great.


            • Emili, I was away, travelling in the USA along the Oregon coast and that is a TSUNAMI WARNING REGION! I thought of you.

              Oh, and I was very very Adam-deprived!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Emili, you just have to concentrate and look at his beautiful eyes, once I can look at his eyes, I can forget about that bit of fluff down by his mouth, hiding his sexy, gorgeous tongue. OK, now I’m all hot and bothered, but you get my drift, just look at the eyes.


  16. OMG! I’ve got tears of joy! People like madonna, bspears, and so on, they just sing songs, but ADAM, now that’s music! Congrats to our ADAM! You are AMAZING!!!!!!! btw, those freckles are GOD made tattoos of glitter and sparkles! I LOVE YOU ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!

  17. puteri abdul says:

    bravo adam’s fans for bringing adam to the top…..

    as an outsider far , far away, one could just hope adam’s album will make its way here in south east asia…..
    waiting in anticipation ……

  18. NUMBER ONE–Not even hearing one note and ADAM is No. 1. BRAVO ADAM, I have always
    loved Barbara S as she has a beautiful voice and range but it is time to step aside as
    Mr. Adam Lambert has arrived. LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY.

  19. I’m a huge fan in Hong Kong and it sucks that we don’t get itunes here and the music stores are not up to date with AI and its contestants. Hope Adam’s album will be available here soon.

  20. Hinerau M Dochartaigh says:

    So where can I buy it folks

  21. hope he stays no 1!! soo happy for ADAM.

  22. Evette #419 says:

    I’m not going to be able to find his album in a regular store on November 24, am I?!?!?!? Does anyone know if the single they said was to be released in October is a cut from the new album or is this a whole differant project?

  23. Fantastic news, but a little scary too. If I were Adam I’d be petrified, this is a such a hell of an expectation to live up to! Let’s hope its soooo Glambulous that all the non-fans, waiting to tear it to pieces, have nothing to work with.

    • they can’t do anything to tear adam. his fans are aware and curious about that. it happened and always will happen to any superstar but they only end up as legends.

  24. AdoringAdam says:

    If you believe in prayer of any kind, pray for Adam. He is going to be so big. It is scary, Karen. What I think is really great is that he has so many true fans that he needs to know that we are with him all the way.

    • AdoringAdam, beautiful thoughts there. Sometimes I think his life is moving sooo fast, it is
      kind of scary. Adam take care.

      • i have the same feelings /worries that you do, but i really believe that he has many, many friends, family and experienced people to look out for him -elton john, slash, everyone he worked with at ai , all of the talented producers he is working with, all of his industry friends, katy perry, lady gaga, they all have his back, they all have had to go through the rocket ride to fame. although, i think adam is going to be bigger than all of them put together. he will create his own way cause he will be the first to experience this wild ride of his. look at all of his firsts–all of his performances on a i, the rolling stone cover,, his pendant, the list goes on. he has been working his whole life for this and now it’s here. can’t wait for the ‘LIFE AND TIMES OF ADAM LAMBERT- THE YOUNG YEARS-‘ we’ll have to wait for the middle years, there is so much more to come.

  25. I don’t like his new look cos the moustache just doesn’t go with the eyeliner. However, hope that it is just temporary cos I read that he kept the new look for his coming movie stint in Pirates of the Carribean 4! Way to go Adam!

  26. Adam is now Number 1 and that is where he is going to stay. I don’t think that anyone can or ever will accomplish what Adam has done – go to Number 1 without having one single released. Adam is someone that we can be extraordinarily proud of, as a singer and performer, and as an exceptional person and humanitarian. UP, UP, AND AWAY ADAM!! – that’s exactly where you’re going. You deserve only wonderful things in your life!!

  27. CONGRATS TO ADAM…..unbelievable and fantastic….we all know he’s NUMBER ONE !!! I think he might be getting a little nervous with all this hype (he is human after all)….I’m going to keep him in my prayers that everything goes the way he wants it….and to keep him grounded….I know he has great parents to support him and lots of close friends who believe in him….

    Glamb #458

    • I’m also getting a little nervous ——-that his concert ticket prices will be beyond reach too soon! As for Adam, I trust that he will stay grounded. He seems to have pretty good common sense

  28. Guys,do you know that during A.I,they need to rehearse in front of the audience before they really perform to them?I thought they rehearsed when the audience still weren’t around.Weird,but I can see the different so I guess they really did rehearsed in front of them??!! Here the vids but it’s not youtube.It’s Vimeo by Adam Bombed.Bit slow,still waiting to finish now but I can see everytime Adam perform live,it’s better then the rehearsed.Adam is awesome everytime!Wow! 🙂

    • At last,I’ve finished it.Took me like 4 times to complete it,the 1st tried,It’s stop half way.But you guys have to check this out.I promise it’s worth it.It’s all Adam!The rest who f****** cares?!!Haha! I’m sorry after I heard Adam said “I wanna flame on my f****** head” that f word sound so sexy!LOL! Adam really versatiles.I told you he can change the song to 10 different styles if he wants too.Born to be wild,ROF…ahh who am I kidding all are great.All the live are better than the rehearsal.Adam is sick,only he can do that.Check it out,swear to god,it’s worth your time.BTW,if U think what the heck I’m talking about,well that’s probably the link above still in moderation! 🙂

      • Thanks, Emili. That was really interesting!

        The different nuances in Adam’s renditions (which we’ve seen over the course of the tour). Also, never really thought about how the audience—especially the movie stars and VIP’s—actually sits through the show twice!

        • Yes, I’ve heard about rehearsal before but I did not know that the audience is there too… Kind of strange, but good for the them… They saw Adam’s performance twice!!!!

    • AdamAddict, this is fantastic….he is just as good and just as dynamic in rehearsals as he is in the final live performances. What an exciting performer he is…..thanks for posting this very interesting video!

  29. Hey, Guys!
    Question to everybody:
    “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”
    Answer first and then read this article….

    • Oh my gosh, Gala, that’s a GREAT one! I won’t reveal the ending….but I have to confess, I didn’t see it coming! Thanks for posting that fun little article!

    • Wow Gala, that was great. Have to say, that wasnt my first answer, but from now on it will be.
      Love it.

  30. earlzagurl4u says:

    Yes!! We knew you could do it Adam!! We are all chomping at your bit,,,yes, I said that,,I can’t believe it either,,to get our hands on that c.d.,,You have been number 1 since Ryan said, “and then there’s Adam Lambert”, and you always will be,,Thank you for taking us on this once in a lifetime journey with you!! IJLY!

  31. I am so happy for Adam, I am sure that he is one happy guy, probably floating a foot off the ground….Yeah!!!! ADAM!!!!!!!
    I an also glad that we backed him for this Charity. This made Adam happy also on how much was collected.!!!!

  32. NH Glambert says:

    ANYONE HEAR ABOUT THIS?? Or have more info???

    “Columbia Pictures has announced that the studio will unveil a two-minute scene from Roland Emmerich’s 2012 on October 1st followed by an extended five-minute scene to be shown on Comcast and”

    The quote is from a site called showhype.

  33. When did Madonna become a psychologist? “So….love equalis intimidation to you?” Um, he made two statements that do not intertwine. Adam intimidated by her status. Adam loved her music. I don’t see the two saying anything about what love means to Adam. And now of course, Adam need not be intimidated by anyone…

    • Well, well, Ladies, ADAM, our glam fame did say to Kris when asked about the bunk preferences….” I LIKE THE TOP”.. who in their wildest imagination .. he predicted his own FATE.. He IS AT THE TOP!!! Way to go ADAMXOX… We luv & support u so much.. Didn’t we all know you’d rise to such heights, so quickly!! mwwwww<3,<3

  34. I pre=ordered and will buy another on from the stores a week later and hopefully a vinyl will be released-I’ll get two of those as well. This kid has gotten me so interested in music again, I have not had my tv turned on -not even for So You Think You Can Dance or news- in months-literally, It’s all new music I am listening to and my old vinyls and shaking my booty around the house. Adam has renewed my inner teenager- he really is a glam rock sex god in my world.I think, as others, that he is the best roci/pop singer ever.Plus, the most fascinating, intelligent, amiable person on the scene.Sweet and sexy too, no one can beat that.

    • You too, Ayleah? I have checked out and listened to every single performer Adam has mentioned, in print, by tweets or orally, I’ve googled every single writer, ;producer etc… who is working with him etc. etc… I’ve even gone back (thanks to youtube) and listened to/watched old Led Zeppelin and Queen tunes… and on and on…

      I also have hardly watched TV, are the new fall series on already??? hmmm… always loved music and have tried to keep up with its evolution via Canada’s version of MTV but Adam is solely responsible for many of us branching out. I have always loved experimental, alternative, world music et al and now thanks to his own tastes, I have discovered many new singers and bands.

  35. leilani aloha says:

    Hey Adamfans:)
    Any of u watch Today show this morning 9/30? at approx 8:50 – 8:55a.m when it went to local news, right after that they showed a video clip of ” where are you today ” & the music playing I heard sounded like our ADAM LAMBERT:):):)
    I called NY Today show & they could Not give me the name of song played?
    They say to watch again , go to, more from top stories, under special series ” where are we today? ” & the scenes today is Hawaiian Paradise.
    Listen to it & tell me I’m hearing Adam’s voice!!!!:):):)

    • NH Glambert says:

      I must be missing something. I see the Hawaiian scene but that only comes up as a photo. The where are we today video was a veggie garden with no vocal music. Help?

  36. OMG! I am so proud of Adam! I hope he can enjoy this. All I can say is facial hair or not, Adam could sing the alphabet and I would still be entranced by his talent. Thank God I got to see him and hear him live. He brings me so much joy. I love the man, the voice, the heart and soul of him.

  37. Just bought 3 copy from Amazon pre-sale. Let’s support Adam. It’s free super shipping over $25 dollar purchase. The extra copy always can be a good Christmas Gift to frends and family~!

  38. Is it November 24 tomorrow?

  39. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Ok I just saw this over at AdamOfficial. It’s worth keeping an eye out for this… It might just be that only old fans (meaning already established fans) will be the only ones to understand the significance of a deluxe edition. We’ll get more than any new fans, and why shouldn’t we who have followed, stood by and loved Adam have extra benefits….

    Pre-Order Available Now! Special Deluxe Edition Coming Soon…
    OCTOBER 1, 2009, 11:13 am
    Visit to pre-order Adam’s new album! In the meantime, keep an eye on for details about an exclusive Special Deluxe Edition coming soon! Make sure you’re signed up to Adam’s Newsletter to be the first to hear about the upcoming release and all other things Adam!

  40. adamismyangel says:

    YAY!!!!!! I’m SO HAPPY & PROUD of our world idol!!!! He belongs in the top spot ALWAYS!!!

  41. Adam has finally made his dream come true!
    Congratulations, Adam! I am very excited.

  42. adamismyangel says:

    Congrats Adam!! You so deserve it!!!!!

  43. Found this clip from showbiz tonight talking about Adam’s #1 spot on Amazon.
    Go Adam! Can’t wait to hear the new music & see some amazing Adam videos!

  44. Adam is amazing. I am so happy to see his pre-order sales have beat so many legendary people. He will meet every expectation and go far beyond what we can even imagine. You so deserve it Adam.